Deputy (2020) s01e08 Episode Script

10-8 Selfless

You and Teresa should consider fostering those kids.
I told 'em they're a part of our family.
What if they always see me as their father's killer instead of looking at me as their dad? I'm running for sheriff.
You want your vote to really count, keep digging on Hollister.
There's a shooter.
I can hear him coming this way.
You! Paula? Paula! - Morning, babe.
- Mmm.
You were up again in the middle of the night.
Yeah, I couldn't sleep.
Yeah, I noticed.
What's going on? Talk to me.
You okay? It's the whole hospital thing, my new boss, the pressure to make budget cuts.
It's just It's getting in my head.
Your brain's full.
It's normal.
You've been through a lot.
All I know is, is before I became sheriff, this house slept better.
Don't do that.
Do what? Try and put all of this on your shoulders.
We work through this together.
That's the deal.
You're right.
I know.
It also means we need to know what you're thinking.
About what? You told me Jerry London asked for your endorsement.
You gonna give it to him? Or do you have your own plans? Babe? Just because I don't put my weight behind Jerry, doesn't mean I have any grand ideas.
I almost believe you.
Believe what? Am I missing out on drama? You wish.
You ready to go? 'Cause we're behind schedule.
Oh, and don't forgot we have that meeting.
Dad, are you coming to that? The first session's gonna be you and your mom but I'm gonna be at the next one.
All right, time's up.
Let's hit the trail.
- I love you.
- I love you.
Te quiero.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What am I missing? We got a new dog.
Her name's Bella.
They found a dog.
Bella is a dumb name.
What? Yeah, they found her running around on our street.
You, uh, sure she didn't have a chip or anything? Nope, no chip, we had her checked out.
No collar.
Can we adopt her, please? That's a pretty big deal, you know.
It's a lot of responsibility.
It means that you love her no matter what.
You sure you're ready for that? Forever is a long time.
It's not just next week.
How about you, Roberto? As long as she's not a Bella.
Oh, what's wrong with Bella? Sheriff Hollister, now that Undersheriff London has announced his candidacy, we think you should begin to coordinate with him No.
Excuse me? Hell no.
Jerry London hasn't been elected yet.
I'm not coordinating with someone who might become the next sheriff.
No one else is running.
It's time to face facts.
London is the future of this department.
He's already presented his policy agenda.
Oh, I know.
I've read it.
Jerry wants to drag this department back to the 1950s, and you're gonna let him do it.
If you have policy priorities you'd care to present We've got a budget deficit, a staffing shortage, and zero community outreach.
Look, I don't have much time left, but I'll be damned if I'm gonna spend those days talking about Jerry London's big plan.
We're not done here, Sheriff.
Oh, I think we are.
When I moved to the tenth floor, I made a commitment to myself, to build a new department from the inside that works for the people, not the politicians.
I always thought voter fraud was a myth.
But you people No way someone pulled the lever for this clown show.
this city, this county, we're at a crossroads.
Do we lead the way or do we get left behind? You seeing this? represents 170 years of history.
Yo, Bishop.
Hey, oh! You all right? What's up? You seein' London's announcement? that I'll be a candidate for sheriff of Los Angeles County.
He's only been planning that for 20 years.
So, how do you feel? Ambivalent.
No, I meant the accident.
You know, how do you, uh, how do you feel? Sorry, yeah.
Uh All right.
I feel good, you know.
Yeah, sounds like it.
So, is, uh Bill his own chauffeur now? It's for the best.
Can't sit behind a wheel my whole life.
I thought you liked being the sheriff's security detail.
I did.
I do.
But, uh ever since the accident You want more.
If that guy had been going any faster, I wouldn't be here.
And when my time does come I just wanna know that I was living my best life.
I know what you mean.
You see, here's the thing about Bill, he will always stand by you.
And I mean always.
He just expects you to make your own choices.
And to live with 'em.
Copy that.
Truth is, we all gotta start thinking about our next move, you know.
You, me, and Bill.
I have the vision and the experience to keep it that way.
I mean, how is London supposed to be the future of this department? Everyone knows he's just gonna pick up where Bradford left off.
Sheriffs come and go.
The job doesn't change.
You know that's not true.
Look at Bill.
Hey, your godfather definitely shook things up.
But there's a reason for structure.
New report Frank-5, in pursuit of suspect last seen on foot.
Lost him south of Florence and Normandie.
Requesting additional unit.
Unit 619 responding.
My partner's in foot pursuit, northbound through the parking garage Century and Hawthorne.
Stop! Come on, man, stop.
Get down on the ground! Harris! Taser! Taser! You can cuff him.
You earned it, buddy.
- You all right? - Yeah.
You take him.
There's no cage in my truck.
All right, you wanna book him or should we? No, let the boot work on his paperwork skills.
A burglary plus a 245 on me.
Whoo! Watch your head.
Dead body! Dead body! Back away from the vehicle.
Why? Dead body.
My friend is dead! Hey, hey.
Take it easy, take it easy.
Show me.
Take me to the body.
We're not gonna leave you here, brother.
Does he have an ID? His name is Dennis Longford.
Blunt force trauma.
No defensive wounds on his hands.
Whoever did this must've surprised him.
What you got there? Evidence.
Hey, Harris, nobody touches that body.
You got it, boss.
Hey, buddy.
What's your name? - I'm Zee.
- Hey, Zee.
My name is Cade.
Can you tell us about your friend in there? - Dennis.
- Denny boy.
- Yeah, Denny boy.
- Yeah.
We're here to make it right.
You can't make that right.
He was gonna protect us.
Look what happens.
They're all around us now.
They're closing in.
Can't you see? Hey, it's okay.
It's okay.
Okay? We're here to help.
Let me ask you a question.
Did, uh Did-did Denny boy use? It's okay, you can tell me.
No, no.
Not much.
Not too much.
Not too much? Detective Ward.
You keep a tent down here? I was trying to find you a new suit, Gao.
You're free to go.
Hey, I'm exactly where I need to be.
I got an ID for you.
Semper Fi.
Decorated Marine.
Purple Heart was in this box.
Probably hid his dope in there.
He may have been battling some demons, but he deserves your respect.
I've just seen this movie too many times, and it's not a happy ending.
What else you got for me? That's it.
How can we help? You deputies call this a perimeter? Get the tape on both sides.
If you wanna help assist us, just keep the scene clean.
Where are my techs? Hey.
You busy? Just with line item nonsense.
I don't know if this stuff's even in English.
Yeah, well, it turns out I never learned how to read.
At least that's what Homicide seems to think.
Detective Gao forgets that we all work for the same sheriff.
You gettin' sidelined? Yeah, I might use stronger language than that.
Is this the 927-D I heard about? Yeah.
He was a Marine.
I found a chip on him.
He and I went to the same meeting.
He was working the program.
I don't have the words, man.
Sometimes there aren't any words.
I'll call you later, all right? Yeah.
Did you want me to hit you with the headlines now, or did you get a chance to You all right, sir? - Yeah, just - Sheriff.
If I could run something by you before the meeting? As we move forward with the transition, it would help the department greatly You are not the department, Jerry.
It would help you.
Never confuse those things.
Bishop, you lead the next meeting.
- Sir? - Where you going? Check on a friend.
To what do we owe the pleasure? I like to get out of the office sometimes.
So I've heard.
We got a suspect? M.
? Just the murder weapon.
Length of pipe.
Thrown over a fence about halfway down the block.
Fast track everything.
This man gets to the front of the line.
Sir, this is not the only body we got in LA.
Well, I'm still the only sheriff, aren't I? So do it.
So, is he taking over this investigation? Nope.
Just keeping it pointed in the right direction.
We're good, Detective.
Talk to me.
I thought I was done seeing soldiers in body bags.
This close to home, anyway.
We'll make it right.
What do we know? Well, the victim was in recovery, but started using again.
So possible drug beef, then? Wouldn't be the first.
Pull all the traffic camera footage.
Could have come from within or from the outside.
This place is three blocks long, man.
When I was on the streets, it was bad.
But this is apocalyptic.
Sixty thousand was the last count.
Eleven thousand in vets alone.
Today we're just solving one murder.
Okay, these encampments are like villages.
Someone here knows something.
Every neighborhood has a drug dealer, this is just another neighborhood, right? Right.
Everything good? Yeah, just wondering why the sheriff's here.
Hold still.
Hey! You got any needles? Anything that's gonna poke me? - This is a bad look.
- Oh.
Oh, and now it got even worse.
I'm gonna guess this is not your Purple Heart.
Come on.
You sold drugs to Dennis.
But you went inside his tent, figured he kept a clean setup, so there's gotta be cash.
Dennis sleeps, and you beat him like a coward.
I took what was owed.
Didn't touch him.
Before or after? I don't know.
- He was sleepin'.
- Sleepin'? His face was smashed in.
And you thought he was sleeping? - No! - So you did hit him? We're running DNA taken from that murder weapon, so I say it doesn't look good for you right about now.
What was I supposed to do? Call someone? Few weeks back, a woman was beaten to death.
Tent just next to mine.
We called the cops, no one came out.
Left us like animals.
Like roadkill.
Dennis was a good dude.
He tried to protect the neighborhood best he could.
From who? From you.
Hey, Ward.
Were you interviewing my suspect? Someone had to.
Well, I just hung up with the crime lab.
Transfer DNA from the murder weapon and the victim's face is being processed.
It'll be back in 24 hours.
Smart money says that guy is our match.
Then I'll talk to him.
Get my confession.
Yeah, there may be other murders connected to this one.
Is that what he told you? Another murder? He was just throwing it at the wall, hoping it sticks.
'Cause you got other, more important things to worry about than another body, right? Gentlemen, you wanna dance, take it outside.
I don't need to, Sheriff.
The facts are on my side.
He's a druggie and a dealer with violent priors.
He's our guy, and the blood will seal the deal.
Just because this case tugs your heart strings doesn't mean it's a damn conspiracy.
You don't know me and you don't know Dennis Longford.
- You only think you do.
- Come on, Cade.
Look, I know this one hits close to home.
But let's keep things in perspective.
This isn't just close to home, Bill.
That could have been me.
You know, I had nights on the street where I wished it was me.
- You understand? - I do, brother.
They're just dumping this case.
Hoping the lab proves 'em right.
So you think they're missing something? I think we all are.
Well, go find out who Dennis Longford really was.
That'll help us find his killer.
Okay, so before we wrap up, does anyone have a burning desire? I do.
My name is Cade, and I'm an alcoholic.
Hi, Cade.
Um, I'm here Well, I'm here because I haven't been to a meeting in a long time.
Thank you.
Been sort of managing it on my own.
And I know You know, sometimes we forget how fragile it all is.
I've built a pretty good life for myself, you know.
I have a beautiful wife who loves me and and now a family.
That just reminds me of how much more I have to lose now.
I use my job as a way to escape, in order to manage my addiction.
You know, I feel safe in burying myself in work.
But now, it's just reminding me of where I came from and how far I had to climb to escape my demons.
You know, I-I lost my sister last time and I say lost because I don't know if she's dead or alive.
We were both on the streets, and, you know I made it.
She didn't.
I've tried to find her but Truth is, I don't know if I want to anymore and risk losing my family all over again.
But I'm gonna make it through today because I have to.
Because we only have today.
One day at a time, right? Yep.
Thank you for letting me share.
Hey, hold up.
Um I'm Cade.
I understand you're Dennis Longford's sponsor.
Yeah, that's right.
What happened? He moved on to something better, I hope.
But I need to know about his life.
Dennis was kind.
Had trouble sharing, but, hell, who doesn't? He kept himself pretty busy though.
Counseling other vets.
Trying to help people get off the streets, and into the program.
He had really strong feelings about how the city turns its back on people.
He had this deep need to protect everyone.
Even if he just met you.
I went to check on him a couple of weeks back.
Landlord said he was gone.
Does he have family? Just this one.
Sheriff Hollister.
Go bother London.
We deserved that today.
It was out of order.
I saw a media report this morning, death at a homeless encampment.
Murder, actually.
I was just down there.
County's got a real problem.
I wouldn't wanna step on anyone's plans, though.
I agree.
It's an epidemic.
At the very least, we need to move them into shelters.
Off the streets.
Any plan has to start with that.
This is a law enforcement institution.
And they're not breaking any laws.
My job is to find out who killed a Marine.
I'm not moving anyone.
Listen I'm putting together a set of sweeping policy proposals that will catch people before they fall into homelessness.
But for the current population, all we have are drastic measures.
And you think I'm a drastic measures kinda guy? Am I wrong? So what do you got? Longford hadn't been on the streets but a couple weeks.
And I find it hard to imagine that he was in that deep with his dealer for the guy to risk killing him.
Go on.
So the dealer tells me that Longford was protecting the neighborhood.
From what? Everybody.
I pulled video from the cameras in the area of the encampment.
There's someone moving in and out of the area around the time of Dennis Longford's death.
Is he tossing the murder weapon there? Could be.
Wearing all black.
Looks like he came to do a job.
Or he's just wearing his uniform.
Check it out.
See if there's any security guards posted up outside businesses near the encampment.
Copy that.
How do you feel about me being here? It's okay.
I know my mom is worried about everything that happened a few weeks ago.
And what exactly happened? I was held hostage at the County Jail.
I volunteer in the medical wing.
They picked you for a reason.
Why do you feel your mother was targeted? Because my dad's the sheriff of Los Angeles County.
And if anybody wants to get to him, they know that the best way to do that is by getting to us.
I told you nothing like that is ever gonna happen again.
You can't promise that.
You don't even know half of what I'm going through.
At school, kids either pretend they like me, thinking I can hook them up or they ice me out.
I can't go anywhere without someone breathing down my neck.
Ay, mi hija.
It's like the day Dad became sheriff, our entire world was flipped upside down.
I know exactly how you feel, sweetie.
You know, I used to worry about him walking through the door every night.
And now I just worry about what's gonna come through the door with him.
This neighborhood's turning fast.
Yeah, hopefully for the better.
Yeah, I'm not so sure about that.
Hey, Ward.
I need you to get down here.
Got a possible suspect.
Security guard.
Matches the video.
All right, sit on him.
I'm coming.
Hey, there.
You have a moment? Can I help you, officers? Deputies.
And we're hoping you can.
You have a warrant? Easy, slim.
You watch too much TV.
No, we're here because of all the private security and-and new properties down here.
The County has us making our rounds and checking on registration.
We need to take a look at your Live Scan credentials.
Yeah, sorry about the hassle.
No problem.
Right over here.
You must have a lot of problems with the homeless around here.
Oh, you got no idea, ma'am.
It's a war, you know.
Yeah, and we're all part of it.
Looks good.
It's not easy, you know.
It's like The Walking Dead out there.
Thank you.
Hey, we got a suspect we like.
Any evidence to go on? That's it, bag it.
Yeah, we recovered a DNA sample.
Have Minnick and Joseph run it down to crime lab.
I'll put a rush on it.
Copy that.
So how'd it go today, the counseling? In many ways we weren't prepared.
I mean, this is usually a process.
You You talk to your family, and then you make the choice to run together.
And then everyone's on board.
And prepared for the consequences.
- So - What can I say? I wish it would have been different.
But I can't go back and change the past.
And also, I Feels like I'm starting to make some progress.
I mean, you see it.
Don't you? Mm-hmm.
So does this mean you're gonna run? I don't know.
It means what it means.
It's definitely crossed my mind though.
Bill Hollister doesn't take a long time to think about anything.
Why is this different? 'Cause it's not just about me.
It's about how this job has affected our family.
How's Maggie holding up? Ask her yourself.
Come sit down.
How are you feeling? This job has asked a lot of me.
And your mom.
And you.
More than I ever thought it would.
And I'm sorry for that.
But the truth is, if I didn't think you guys could handle it, I would have said no right on the spot.
And you You've been through more at your age than most ever should.
And not wavered.
You impress the hell out of me, Maggie Hollister.
Thanks, Dad.
You've done a pretty good job, too.
I have? Mm-hmm.
Hey, boss.
Look at this.
I've been looking into Ahern Development, they've blown up in the last four years in a good way.
For them and the real estate market.
A hot yoga studio.
- Of course.
- Yeah.
They got two buildings nearby in their final phases and then the one that we visited.
Right next to the encampment.
Got the lab report.
DNA we pulled from the security guard is a match.
- You want us to go rip him? - No.
- I got it.
- Hey.
Take a breath.
Okay? Take the guard into custody.
Meet us at the station.
Let's roll.
I checked your record.
So have you ever been to court? Couple times.
Pled out.
Yeah, I saw that.
But these charges won't go away.
There's no plea here.
Unless, maybe, you tell me why you did it.
I told you.
I didn't do anything.
But you did.
You beat this man to death.
And that is what the jury's gonna hear in court.
His name is Dennis Longford.
A decorated Marine veteran who survived two tours in Iraq, one in Afghanistan.
And was murdered on the streets of America, by a rent-a-cop.
I don't believe you.
Which part? That isn't me.
Yeah, well, your DNA is telling us a different story.
Life in a concrete box is what's coming for you.
- No.
- Did you see his face before? How about now? Look at him! Look at it! Look at what you did! You killed a homeless veteran.
I need to know why! I needed the money.
I was gonna lose everything.
I didn't know he was somebody.
Everyone is somebody.
Even you.
Now tell me who paid you.
I can't.
Please, I can't tell you that.
It's okay, tell me who paid you.
I dedicate this building to the notion that progress is not a dirty word.
This means a better city for our children.
Neal Ahern.
Welcome to our ribbon cutting.
So what brings you downtown? You saw a threat to your investment.
Excuse me? Who's gonna pay triple market value for a condo if you have to wade through human misery to get to your front door? Is this some sort of joke? I don't have to listen to this.
I built this city.
You wouldn't understand that.
Step aside.
I'll only say it once.
You a quick draw, ese? I didn't think so.
Ahern here paid an underling to murder a homeless man in cold blood.
Thinking it would force us to clear the encampments, so people like him can walk unmolested to their $12 juice bars every morning.
The man you had murdered was a decorated Marine.
A Purple Heart.
This is ridiculous.
You've gone completely rogue, Sheriff Hollister.
Well, I'm not the dumb-ass who wired money directly to the murderer.
Even called him twice.
Let this be a reminder, that being rich and being smart are pretty damn far from the same thing.
Turn around.
Don't have too many rides left in this thing, I guess.
What? Why don't you just ask me? Everyone else has.
You gonna run? 'Cause I think you should.
It's not that simple.
Well, maybe it is.
- I'll see you later.
- Yeah.
Sir, I found a number of suspicious deaths likely connected to Ahern.
Where did you find these? Well, I figured a guy like him, it's not his first rodeo.
So I checked with Homicide for any unsolved murders in proximity to Ahern Developments.
These were the ones with the matching M.
- This is good work, Bishop.
- Thank you.
Get these to Cade ASAP.
- Something else? - Yes, sir.
About today, I-I can't stand in for the sheriff of Los Angeles County.
Someone questioning your authority? Of course they are.
I have none.
And more to the point, I've lost my purpose here.
Especially since the accident.
You're right.
So what are you gonna do about it? Sir? You got way too much talent to be sittin' behind a wheel.
And you're too valuable to be taking notes for me in meetings.
And I've been patient enough.
So it's time for you to make a choice, Bishop.
You knew I could do more.
I read your file the first day we met.
I wondered how a national security analyst from DC might end up driving the sheriff of LA County.
So I called your supervisor.
I know what went down.
It doesn't matter.
Everyone deserves a chance to rewrite their story.
You just need to ask yourself, "How can I best serve those around me?" I know what I want.
Well, tell me now.
'Cause I won't ask again.
Intelligence Analyst.
For Majors.
There are no sworn intelligence analysts in Majors.
That's right, sir.
Just like Majors wasn't in the Hall of Justice before you were sheriff.
Get me a proposal.
Have it on my desk Monday.
Copy that.
Sheriff? What you just said, about asking yourself how you can best serve those around you? I think maybe you should take your own advice.
Wild day, huh? Hey, what are you on tonight? I'm, uh, thinking about getting a drink at the bar, if you wanna You wanna join me? Did you just flirt with me? No.
No, I did not flirt with you.
We are friends, why would I flirt with you? - Okay.
- And for the record, if I was trying to flirt with you, you would know.
Oh, really? You would, yes.
'Cause I would hit you with a no-look.
Looks like this, right? Walking down.
I don't see you but you know I see you.
Stop, dimples.
You know what I see? - What? - Why you still single.
- Really? - Good night, boot.
- I wasn't flirting.
- Okay.
- You would know.
- Okay.
You really enjoy playing the part, don't you, Sheriff? So I guess you're not gonna help with this tent city problem.
You ever take a close look at the mural behind me? Not particularly.
Spanish sent 44 people to start this city.
None of 'em look like you or me.
They were even trespassers.
When our people finally got here, wearing 2,000 miles of trail dust, some of 'em had to eat each other in those damn mountains.
I'm familiar with the Donner Party, Sheriff.
Right, I bet you are.
Well, this issue, it's all relative.
I mean, hell, cowboys are born homeless.
Too many of 'em die that way.
So what I'm sitting here asking myself is, uh why? Ahern Development.
You're on the board of that company, are you not? Be very careful now, Sheriff.
I suspect you're about to say something you might regret.
Remember who controls your budget.
And I suspect you might regret asking me to do your dirty work in the first place.
You don't have much time left, Sheriff.
Spend it wisely.
Well, the door swings both ways, pal.
Hey, Ryan.
Hey, Cade.
Didn't think I'd see you again.
Are you okay? Yeah, better.
Better is good.
Hey, listen, I, uh, probably shouldn't be doing this but This belonged to Dennis.
I know he doesn't have a family but I, uh I think you should have it.
Well, I-I don't know if I can.
I mean You're one of the only people who understands what this meant to him.
And you're right, by the way.
He was a protector.
I know people depended on him.
It's why he was killed.
I'm just hoping all this means something in the end.
I'll tell you what.
Why don't you hang around for this meeting and I'll think about it.
Come on.
Hey, Bella.
What are you doing in here? Hi, sweetheart.
She wanted to come see you.
- Tell you something.
- Oh, yeah? She likes you.
Camilla likes you, too.
I'm glad.
What about you? I don't think I'm gonna kill you anymore.
You sure? Yeah.
I wanna stay.
Come here.
You're not going anywhere.
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