Deputy (2020) s01e09 Episode Script

10-8 Entitlements

1 I'm running for sheriff.
You okay with that? Ah, it's a free world.
If he wants to I've lost my purpose here.
Especially since the accident.
So what are you gonna do about it? I know what I want.
Intelligence Analyst.
Thinking about getting a drink at the bar, if you wanna join me.
Did you just flirt with me? No.
Now that Undersheriff London has announced his candidacy, you should begin to coordinate with him No.
You gonna run? 'Cause I think you should.
It's not that simple.
You want me to spy.
If that means looking out for yourself and that promotion you worked so hard for, yes.
Sheriff's Department! Keep moving.
Damn it! Well, I'm dead.
Shot a hostage.
Destroyed a family.
They'll sue you, the department, and the county.
You'll be put on leave, then fired.
Start a new career working the drive-through.
I didn't know he had a hostage.
You were anticipating, boot.
The whole point of this exercise is to enhance your decision making, cut down reaction time.
You're out here trying to set a new record for murdering civilians.
Think before you shoot.
How about you give me some tips instead of telling me how bad I'm doing? I just did.
Now watch your tone and try to listen.
It might save your life one day.
Reset the course.
Let's go again.
Please state the nature of your emergency.
There's someone in my house.
Please help me.
Stay calm, ma'am.
I'm here with you.
I see you're calling from 2416 Wonderland, is that correct? Yes.
Please hurry.
Dispatching units now.
Two minutes! We gotta go! There's two of them.
Smile for the camera.
Oh, where did you get that? Spoils of war.
Let's bounce.
It's quiet tonight.
I was just thinking the same thing.
I wonder which kind it is.
What do you mean? If it's this the quiet that comes after the storm or or the one before it.
Isn't your Mom coming tomorrow? Could be both.
I think we better assume that the storm isn't gonna pass.
Now, the only quiet we can rightfully expect is up to us.
And the moments we choose.
Like right now? Like this very second.
- London.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Bill? I'm at the West Hollywood home that was burglarized tonight and I'm calling in my favor.
You sure about that? There's plenty more days till the ballot box.
You might wanna keep that powder dry.
I was under the impression that Sheriff Hollister never rested when the safety of LA County was at stake.
Don't get all sanctimonious on me, Jerry.
Your face might get stuck that way.
West Hollywood City Council is up in arms.
Third break-in this week.
This time someone was inside.
So, you're gonna help me out or not? Yeah, I hear you, all right? I'll meet you at the hall, first thing tomorrow.
My, you better get your slicker, cowboy.
I sense a storm coming.
Let's get back to that quiet moment.
Why'd you send home the responding deputies? I thought this was a pressing issue.
They filed their report.
I was hoping we could handle the rest discreetly.
And why would we do that? Bill, these people are influential, not just in the community.
We need to be respectful of their privacy.
And I'm sure it has nothing to do with lining your campaign pockets, right? Not my pockets.
West Hollywood is one of the department's most lucrative contracts and, between you and I, they're considering a change.
We're not the damn Pinkertons, Jerry.
We go where we're needed, not to the highest bidder.
Look, I'll keep my word, but I'm not helping you get elected.
Remember, this is a favor.
- Who are you calling? - Cavalry.
Oh Genevieve? What do you want? My clothes.
First day of Majors.
I can't be late.
Can we please talk? Every time we talk, we fight.
I don't wanna fight.
I love you.
You're my partner.
I need to be able to talk to you.
Then you shouldn't have lied to me.
- I didn't lie! - You told me you were a woman.
And now I hear that's not the whole truth.
Actually you assumed I was a woman, and in what should come as no surprise, I'm a little more complicated than that.
Look, Gen this is me finally living my truth.
Being the most authentic version of myself.
And I need you to understand that.
I do.
I just I just feel like I don't know who you are anymore.
I'm the same person you fell in love with.
I haven't changed.
I'm still me.
I'm just a clearer version of me.
I need time to process this.
so residents needs to be vigilant.
Keep your doors locked, report any strange cars parked outside, and don't walk alone at night.
This goes for the whole county.
Just because they stuck to West Hollywood doesn't mean they won't try new territory.
So everyone needs to be on alert.
We can end this before it gets worse.
Thank you.
That was about as unquiet as you can make something.
Quiet is not the right strategy.
It's gonna be a lot harder for these guys to hit another house now that everyone knows they're out there.
You got a real talent for missing the big picture, Jerry.
Hey, man, how'd it go this morning? Hey.
It went.
"It went"? What does that mean? You do what I told you to do? You anticipate the corners? Yeah.
Yeah, I did.
And I shot the damn hostage.
Oh, man.
What are we gonna do with you? Look, when I say anticipate the corners, I don't mean "come out guns blazing.
" What I mean is you gotta have a picture in your head.
You gotta have the worst-case scenario.
And you need to be prepared for it.
- Does that make sense? - Yeah.
Yeah, I got it.
How'd Minnick react? About how you'd expect.
I have a feeling she's gonna be on me today.
Well, it sounds like you're gonna have plenty to vent about tonight then.
You still wanna go shooting? Yeah, but isn't the range gonna be closed? Who needs a range when we got the back of a pickup and a good arm? If the badge doesn't work for us, who does it work for, man? See you tonight.
Grandma, I love these old pictures of Mom.
Mom, you were so pretty.
"Were"? Your mom's never not had it going on.
It's my favorite! Ah, gracias, mama.
Have you two found inspiration? Oh.
This quinceañera's gonna be awesome.
- Aw.
- Maggie.
You're in good hands, baby.
Tu abuela, she knows how to throw a party.
And if you need proof, just look at those pictures 'cause that was a fun party.
And you, you're in good hands, too, mi vida.
I wanna know how my baby's holding up.
I see what this visit's really about.
You're checking in on me.
I'm checking in on everybody.
Tambien el sheriff.
We're fine! Hey.
You lie to your mother, too? - I plead the fifth.
- I'm not lying.
Wait, what are you lying about? Mm.
Those huevos, they smell delicious.
Yeah, yeah, right.
This isn't over.
No, it isn't, mija.
West Hollywood is where it's at.
Don't get used to it.
We're only here because of elections.
What do you mean? Never mind.
Tell me what you found.
Aight, whoever this was, they avoided the home security cameras long enough to unplug the Wi-Fi, knocked out the entire system.
Smart houses can't save dumb people.
We should run down the suspects and see who matches the M.
Can't be a lot of operators willing to risk that drive.
Outsiders are taking a huge gamble in a community like this.
Hey, it must have been worth it though.
Look at what they took.
Had the homeowner compile a list of everything they stole.
Bunch of electronics, jewelry They took a gun.
Is it supposed to sound like that? I call it "galloping horses.
" It's a good thing.
See, we're doing good.
You've have a healthy kid in there.
I'll see you in a few weeks, okay? Okay.
Thank you.
You heard her.
Healthy kid.
We couldn't ask for a better report.
No, I-I know.
It's just Oh, God, everything that we've been through, I want it to stay that way.
I know.
Me too.
We got this, okay? It's gonna be fine.
I can't wait to show the kids.
I'm showing everybody.
He's got his momma's nose.
How do you know it's a he? That ain't no leg, pal.
No, he, she, doesn't matter.
Doctor said the word, "healthy," that's all I care about.
- Congratulations, brother.
- Thanks.
So I heard you on the news on the way in.
What's popping off in West Hollywood? Series of residential burglaries, high-end.
But last night they stepped it up.
The house wasn't empty.
Homeowner's a mess.
City council wants it solved quick.
So does London.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, what's London got to do with it? He called in a favor.
He's gunning for your job and you're doing him favors? I keep my word.
How can I help? Talk to the homeowner, see what you can learn.
Also, they seem very familiar with the home security systems.
Could be a lead there.
I'm not really a computer guy.
You know that.
Well, use Bishop.
This is right up her alley.
Keep me posted, all right? All right.
Will do.
See you, Dad.
No time for training wheels.
You're up.
What do you need? Your brain on these West Hollywood burglaries.
They're getting around the home security.
- I need you to figure out how.
- All right.
Most of these cloud-based systems have a back door for law enforcement.
I'll make some calls.
All right.
Hit me up when you find something.
You really think they're pawning $20,000 watches here? Well, they're not gonna put 'em in the front window.
So they're fencing, too.
Keep up, boot.
What a coincidence.
Everything's half off today.
Law enforcement special.
What a coincidence.
Half your inventory is hot.
You seen any of these? Can't say I have.
You didn't really do a thorough check.
Don't make me pull your slips, Sally.
I'd hate to see your license hit a snag with renewal.
If these came through here, shop'd be closed and I'd be in Vegas.
All right, what about any other shops? I'll make some calls for you but I doubt someone outside my network is trying to move those without me knowing.
Okay, well, if you hear something, you give me a call me.
Especially if that gun shows up.
Will do, Deputy.
They just came in like they owned the place.
What was mine was theirs.
I'm sorry you had to go through that.
How you holdin' up? I can't sleep.
I can't be here.
I'm gonna go visit my parents on the East Coast after we're done here.
I don't know if I'll come back.
They wanna take your power away.
Don't let 'em.
I was so scared.
When you hear about people being tied up or hurt inside their own home and you wonder what they went through in their final minutes.
Hey, you're safe now.
And you have a chance to stop this from happening to somebody else.
And I need your help to do that.
- Anything you need.
- Okay.
The last two houses they hit, nobody was home, that's usually planned, obviously, but did they ring your bell or do anything before they came in? No.
Nothing like that.
By the time I heard 'em, they were already inside the house.
Are you normally at home on a night like last night? No.
Are you saying that they would have been watching me? Thank you, Sonya.
Sheriff Hollister.
Thanks for seeing us.
Council Member.
This meeting's long overdue.
Well, your predecessor made time to visit us.
Well, he's not around anymore, is he? Bradford and I, we had our differences, but I respected him.
I sure as hell respect this job, now that I've had my time in the barrel.
Speaking of which, I hear you all might be seeking other arrangements.
Who told you that? Oh, come on, we all know exactly who told him that.
Jerry London asked for our endorsement before Bradford was even in the ground.
- So I take it you didn't offer.
- No.
And that's why we're gonna put our support and our money behind the Sheriff Hollister candidacy.
Oh, slow down now.
I haven't even said I'm running.
Well, let your constituents convince you.
Talk to some of our community activists.
You're a man of the people, right? There's someone in my house.
Stay calm, ma'am.
I see you're calling from 2416 Wonderland, is that correct? Yes.
Please hurry.
2416 Wonderland, is that correct? Yes.
Please hurry.
Smile for the camera.
Smile for the camera.
Smile for the camera, boys.
What's the good word? They're documenting their break-ins.
Taking pictures.
So I ran a keyword search of Flocking, Licks, Come Ups, residential burgs and home invasion lingo.
What I found isn't good.
They've got a spam page detailing their crimes.
Well done, Bishop.
Now send me what you found.
People are following this? I think it's more than that.
I found another account posting pictures, too.
A group out of Bakersfield.
They're competing.
We need to get ahead of these guys, knock 'em off their game.
You know I'm not getting married, right? A quinceañera is much more important, baby.
I mean, it's celebrating you becoming your own woman.
Okay, you're getting intense.
I can't help it.
All right.
Tell me Tell me about your court.
Who's representing you? Um That's Suki.
And Taylor.
Tell me about the boys.
- Julian and Cameron.
- Yes? Grandma, it's not like that, okay? We're uh, just friends, like, since we were kids.
What about the one you're texting? What's his name? Wyatt.
- Tu novio? - Stop it! Can we talk about something else? Hey.
The break-in crew in West Hollywood is competing with another group in Bakersfield.
And they're posting evidence the entire way.
Can you track 'em? No, I can't get up on their tech.
They're using a laptop with ISP masking.
And they're brazen, millennial tech types, educated, but not hardened crooks.
Well, if they were smart, they'd mix things up a bit.
Hit a different neighborhood.
Yeah, that might jeopardize their canvass strategy.
You know, they found a way to blend in.
This is bigger than we thought, too.
It's two groups competing at once, but I've got at least 11 teams from California, Nevada, and Arizona actively looting over the last year.
Well, if they've got resources, that would explain why they haven't pawned any of the items they stole.
They don't need to.
No, their reward is bragging rights.
Who gets more "likes" and "follows.
" That's the competition that's driving them.
Problem with competition is things start to get out of hand.
Egos get in the way, crimes escalate.
It's only a matter of time before someone uses that gun.
We need an ID now, Bishop.
On it, sir.
West Hollywood has always prided itself on being welcoming to everyone, let's extend that to Sheriff Hollister.
Thank you.
I'm not one for stump speeches.
So, I'd just like to say that my department is proud to serve West Hollywood.
Now, it's been brought to my attention that past sheriffs, who shall remain nameless, have avoided public scrutiny.
So if any of you have any questions, now's your chance.
Zoe Janeczko here.
Neighborhood watch commander.
What can we do to stop the home invaders that are terrorizing the community? Why have they not been caught? Our tax dollars pay your salary, which is not small.
I looked it up.
Well, Zoe, first of all, thank you for your service.
At this very moment, we are out in force setting up check points.
And trust that more than your fair share of resources will be put toward solving these crimes.
But we need to think beyond the scope of our daily lives.
It's just as important that the Sheriff's Department establish relationships in communities that don't have money and influence.
Likewise, folks of higher financial status need to understand that not everyone in a uniform works for them personally.
Trust is earned.
And I will always work for yours.
I hope you feel the same way.
Any other questions? Thank you, Sheriff Hollister.
We are lucky to have you.
Well, that was easy.
Thanks, everyone.
Appreciate it.
You handled that well.
- Thanks, Mayor.
- Hollister.
You and I both know you're the man for the job.
Listen, if you decide to jump in, you have our support.
I hope you do.
Thank you, Mayor.
Thank you.
Pool guy comes twice a week, but never goes inside.
You need to get that? No.
Uh, it's okay.
A little trouble on the home front? You could say that.
Word of advice, get ahead of it.
It's harder to stop something that's been going downhill for too long, trust me.
Believe me, I've been trying to.
She won't let me.
Genevieve, right? Didn't you move from DC for this girl? Yeah.
She's probably worth more than, "trying to.
" We got 'em.
See, the part I still don't understand is how they manage to avoid the interior cameras long enough to unplug the Wi-Fi.
That'd be really difficult to case from the street.
It's 'cause they weren't on the street.
They've been in these houses before.
You got the router, right? What are you You! Shane, what are you doing here? Let's go, let's go, let's go.
I'm calling your parents.
Put your phone down.
Put your phone down! What did you just do? What do you expect me to do? She saw my face! Yeah, but we're not supposed to hurt anybody.
Come on, come on, let's go, let's go! What are you waiting for? Let's go! Looks like they got interrupted.
Shell casings match the stolen gun.
There's no turning back now.
These guys are driven by ego and once they become shooters, all bets are off.
It's about self-preservation.
Wi-Fi is still up.
We should have him on the camera.
How can I help? Hey, what do you need from me to ID a system so we can get through on that backdoor? Take a picture of the back of the router and send it to me.
How'd they get through the checkpoint? I thought the only people allowed in were locals.
It's probably 'cause they live in the neighborhood.
Hey, I got a face.
It looks like the shooter is a teenager.
Cocky and impulsive kid.
This could get a lot worse before it gets better.
You need to ID that kid and his partner now.
Your burglars are wealthy teenagers who just shot one of their own neighbors.
We know Shane Kelley was the shooter.
And based on social media comparisons, we're pretty sure that's his partner, Brendan Mitchell.
I know Brendan.
His father is a partner at one of the biggest law firms in the county.
This is a good family, Bill.
Maybe someone put them up to it.
"Put them up to it"? They didn't steal a six-pack, Jerry.
We're talking about a home invasion.
Attempted murder.
I'm not saying Shane shouldn't be arrested, I'm just saying maybe there's a deal to be cut with Brendan.
He's got his whole life ahead of him.
Give his parents a chance to correct his behavior.
If these weren't the kids of prospective donors, would you be going easy on 'em? We are the people who draw the line, Jerry.
If we don't enforce the laws for everyone, what's the damn point? Why did you have to shoot her, man? Your dad will get us off.
- It was an accident! - Are you high? You pulled out the gun, you aimed it at her, and you pulled the trigger.
- They can't touch us.
- Really? Because they're outside this house.
It is over! I'm not giving up and neither are you! We're becoming legends! Winner takes all.
Clear the house.
Watch your six.
We've got a runner.
He's heading north.
This is David 4 Frank 5.
I'm heading north.
Suspect down.
He's alive.
I can't believe I felt sleep.
Why didn't you wake me? It thought you needed the rest, honey.
Yeah, I haven't been sleeping right lately.
I even found Bill on the sofa a couple of nights because of my tossing and turning.
Tell me, what are your, uh, nightmares about? Mommy.
I didn't say I was having nightmares.
I said that I wasn't sleeping right.
Okay, listen to me.
You're allowed to be affected, mi vida.
No one's gonna hold it against you.
Everything is fine.
You know what? Do you know what I was before being a mother? A woman.
Okay? And I can see it in your eyes, baby, that not everything is okay.
You can lie to your patients, lie your friends.
Hell, you can even lie to Bill, but I birthed you, okay? And I'm waiting for you to be honest with me.
What do you want me to say? That I can't sleep at night because I'm worried about my husband? Or that I'm trying to be strong for my daughter, when right now I don't even know if I could be strong for myself.
Because you're being honest, baby, okay? And it makes you realize you're a human being, and it's okay to be afraid.
Just know that I'm here for you.
Mami, I know.
You've always been there for me, always.
And I love you for it.
Come here.
Ay, my girls.
Yeah, come on, quinceañera.
Listen, I know I haven't been around the last few months but, oh, my God so much has changed around here.
I mean, look at Mags.
I know.
My little baby's not a baby anymore.
I know.
I'm surprised that the sheriff is okay with her having a boyfriend.
Excuse me? What? Maggie! She's at the mall.
She's with her boyfriend.
Well, Bill's gonna kill Wyatt.
Today, LA Sheriff's Deputies arrested two suspects tied to the recent string of home invasions in the hills of West Hollywood.
One suspect was shot.
He was taken to UCLA Medical Center, where he'll undergo surgery.
Some people rob out of desperation.
Some to feed their habit.
These kids in particular had money and status.
Yet still, a hole grew inside of them.
When people who have the most, care the least well, that's a bigger problem.
One that we can't solve.
So it's everybody's responsibility to teach our children what all this means.
And that we're in it together.
Thank you.
Thank you, Sheriff.
I did my part and I'm walking away.
What happens next to this kid is up to you.
Let's take him down to booking.
Hey, Gen.
You avoid my calls all day then you just show up? Thought we could celebrate.
I had a really good first day.
It can't always be on your time and on your terms.
Okay, well, I would like it to be on our terms.
But things have been a little bit chaotic lately.
This is exactly why I didn't tell you sooner.
I was afraid of things turning out like this.
I'm a lesbian.
A woman who likes women.
And if you're not a woman, what does that mean for me? For us? Well, I can't tell you what that means for you, but for us, I know that I have to bring my whole self to this relationship.
Where are you going? Calling a ride.
I'm going home.
Quite a stunt you pulled, Sheriff.
I wanna be up-front with you.
About what, now? I talked to your friends over at the West Hollywood City Council.
And? They never had any intention of shopping out our contract.
They just told you that to keep you in check.
There is one candidate they seem very excited about, though.
So, you're running now? Nothing's ever completely off the table, Jerry.
Good night.
Pull! Damn, man.
Drink, bitch.
I think it's safe to say that after today, there's no way Minnick can tank your evals.
Oh, God.
Yeah, but I still wouldn't put it past her.
Dude, you saved her life.
She would've done the same for me.
So what's up with you and that girl? - You guys good? - It didn't really work out.
She wanted me to lock it down.
But, you know, I can't be tamed.
Man, you are so cold for that.
Oh, come on, man.
You really imagine me w-with a wife and a couple of rug rats running around? What about you? Nah.
Nah, I'm good.
Oh, please.
What, man? I'm serious, man.
I-I don't have time for a relationship.
Is that right? You mean to tell me there's not even anyone on your radar right now? There's no one in the picture, but I may have somebody in mind.
Where did you find this? I'd rather not reveal my sources.
But I can assure you every piece of information has been confirmed.
I truly appreciate your efforts.
If I may It's my understanding Sheriff Hollister has no plans of running for reelection.
I don't see how anything in that file can be of use.
I consider this my insurance policy.
Thank you, Deputy Minnick.
What happened? What's wrong? Roberto and Camilla's social worker called.
Their grandmother contacted DCFS.
- Grandmother? - Yeah, she wants to see them.
I contacted a friend in family law, I just We gotta We gotta protect the kids.
We just got them settled.
Hey, it's okay, it's okay.
It's okay, all right? We're gonna figure it out.
Don't worry.
That you were non-binary? I didn't have a term for it but I knew that something about me was different.
But that doesn't change how I feel about you.
I know we can get through this.
But you don't.
I don't know if I can - Pull over.
- Are you sure? - We're on the freeway.
- I will not do this anymore.
Pull over! Just so that we're clear I wanted your acceptance, but I did not need your acceptance.
Hey, Mags.
Hey, Dad.
Mom said you wanted me? Yeah.
I need a favor.
This gelding needs a light touch.
And that ain't me.
You wanna hop on up? Apply some pressure to his side, will ya? Okay.
I've trained horses before.
I know, I just thought you could help out your old man.
You know, when you're training a horse, what we're really doing is forming a partnership.
Aren't we? You're building a trust.
But in order to do that You have to have patience.
And if you're not patient enough You get thrown.
And where are you? What the hell are you doing, Bishop? It's over, Sheriff.
The veil has been lifted! Excuse me, but you're gonna have to help me out here.
Doc took a look.
Wrote a little F on my birth certificate, and ever since that moment the whole world has viewed me as a woman.
Well, aren't you? No.
Sheriff, I'm not.
I'm not a woman, but I'm not a man, either.
Something other than those two.
My gender is non-binary.
And Genevieve couldn't accept that.
I I wasn't who she thought I was.
Why don't you tell me who you are, then? I'm not she or her, or even him, I'm they and them.
Those are my pronouns.
Well, you know that you never have to be anything but yourself with me, right? Thank you.
And I'm gonna be honest, I'm still learning exactly who I am, but for now I've gotta stop being who I'm not.
Well, I might mess up sometimes.
I'll remind you.
Why don't we get off the freeway, huh? So what am I supposed to call you now? Bishop.
Just Bishop.
Just Bishop.
So what now? The world's your oyster.
No masks.
Just Bishop.
You live your truth.
End of the day, it's all we got.
Let me get you home.

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