Descendants: Wicked World (2015) s01e13 Episode Script

Face to Face

Welcome to my wicked world, wicked world Zevon, stop! Well, if it isn't the Evil Isle Twins.
Kapell! Or should I say, the formerly Evil Isle Twins.
Now, that Auradon has made you soft.
I mean not soft like a kitten or something, but-- Well, you know what I mean! You have to stop this, Zevon.
Come down here and talk to us! My, how times have changed! Mal wants to talk to me.
I have to admit.
There was a time when I hung on your every word.
- You two had a thing? - No, no.
He had, like, a crush on me.
Or something.
But not any more.
You totally missed your chance, Mal.
Now, each jewel I add increases my power, and when I've combined them all, this antenna will transmit my spell across all of Auradon! To make everyone evil! Well, we are never gonna let that happen! Twist of hand and twist of fate, Leave the ground and levitate! Can't use the antenna if you can't touch it! You always were the clever one, Mal.
Clever, enchanted and doomed! Evie! Try, but you will never harm her buried under suits of armor.
- Seriously? - What? It was all I could think of! Don't force me to destroy you, Mal.
- Kaslice! - Hey! You don't want to hurt me, Zevon! Come on! We could trade spells and potions all day, but eventually Evie and I will win! - You're bluffing, right? - Oh, yeah.
Give up, Zevon! You're outnumbered.
Wrong again.
I knew I might need backup, so that's why I broke into Geppetto's workshop.
You're gonna stop us with a puppet show? Not quite.
Babbam! Okay, yeah.
I see what you did there.
Who's pulling the strings now? There's too many of them! Evie, we need help! Attack! AKs to the rescue! Oh, here they come
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