Designated Survivor (2016) s02e15 Episode Script


1 Previously on "Designated Survivor" You're the greatest thing since sliced bread.
- Really? - Really.
Frost, we need our best and our brightest.
Can I count on you? Of course.
Thank you for everything you've done.
You're welcome, sir.
There's nowhere else I'd rather be.
And I'm tired of giving assurances to get things done.
So, your unauthorized back-channeling's - been going on for quite some time.
- Tom.
You have been standing behind me, undermining my authority.
Your services are no longer required.
No, Aaron.
No, it's not.
What the hell happened? East Hun Chiu just conducted an unannounced missile test over West Hun Chiu, sir.
And the missile landed harmlessly in the South China Sea.
There is nothing harmless about a missile test on the day of a summit.
What the hell was Chairman Kim thinking? Saber-rattling, sir.
Show of might calculated to increase his negotiational leverage at the summit.
Well, he may have just leveraged himself into a war.
Well, the good news is, West Hun Chiu's President Han is reasonable.
She's not gonna stay reasonable staring straight down the barrel of a gun.
West Hun Chiu's staring down more than that, sir.
There's a half a million troops lined up on the East Hun Chiu border.
And 300,000 in West Hun Chiu.
- And what about our troops? - 50,000, sir.
It's part of our mutual-security pact with West Hun Chiu.
They're embedded with the West Hun Chiu forces.
So, we sent them there as advisers.
Now they're in the line of fire? Sitting ducks, sir.
5,000 East Hun Chiu missiles just a few miles away, pointing right at them.
Meaning our troops are now stuck in the middle of the largest concentration of enemy combatants in the world.
All of whom are now on a war footing.
If anyone fires a shot, it crosses through the DMZ.
Are both delegations here? President Han and her team arrived on Monday.
Chairman Kim and his entourage just got in this morning, sir.
Pass the word Summit's been moved up.
I want everybody at Camp David in three hours.
Yes, sir.
East Hun Chiu's official statement is that only Chairman Kim can comment on military maneuvers.
And he's got nothing to say until the summit.
Someone remind me why we allowed a rogue nation to have a consulate here? It was a gesture of peace and goodwill designed to bring East Hun Chiu into the brotherhood of nations.
How's that working out? Not well, sir.
Seth, you're gonna have a busy day.
SETH: Well, it just got busier, Mr.
Simon Day at the "Chronicle" just posted this piece about our confidential internal-ethics review.
Son of a bitch.
- Another leak.
- I'm afraid so, sir.
- How many does that make? - Half a dozen since September.
Someone in this White House is trying to undermine this administration.
Emily, I need you to take care of this.
- I'll find the mole.
- Whatever it takes.
Yes, sir.
Aaron, Marine One within the hour.
On it, sir.
REPORTER: East Hun Chiu's notoriously volatile Chairman Kim took the world by surprise this morning when he launched a missile test off the coast of neighboring West Hun Chiu.
You know why I hate Wednesdays? The unsettling prospect of catastrophic war? - Yep.
- Kin-wo-sa.
There's another reason.
It means "howdy" in the West Hun Chiu dialect, but "potato" in the East Hun Chiu one.
There are 200 words for "potato" in East Hun Chiuese.
Probably 'cause half the population is starving, so they're obsessed with food.
You know they sleep eight to a room? No.
But luckily, you two only have to double up.
Sorry? Given the size of the delegation and the fact that half of Camp David is under renovation, accommodations are tight.
So you boys are bunkies.
I call dibs.
- [CELLPHONE BEEPS] - On what? Everything.
Kendra needs us.
These are your W60-3s.
Is that some type of lubricant? Metaphorically, yes.
I'm trying to smooth things out for you two.
Your relationship-disclosure forms I need them pronto.
I'm sorry.
Can you remind me again why we need to submit these? Because the White House has a non-fraternization policy, which one can only opt out of by filling out a W60-3.
Circle gets the square.
Think of it as an insurance policy so Seth can't file a lawsuit for sexual harassment.
- What? - Theoretically.
Because he's your subordinate.
- You're joking.
- I'm not.
Neither are our insurance adjusters.
I didn't realize this was an insurance issue.
It's a simple prophylactic.
- [GROANS] - Sorry.
Maybe that was a poor choice of words.
There's been no harassment.
I-I-I just want to go on the record about that.
Thank you, Seth.
Just get them back to me by the end of the day.
That way, no one gets sued, no one gets deposed, our insurance adjusters are happy.
[SIGHS] The world's gone mad.
- [DOOR OPENS] - Thank you.
Put this on.
Put your hand down before I break it.
The person you want to meet is about to become the biggest defector in East Hun Chiu's history.
He's justifiably anxious.
And given this morning's missile test, I'd say his value to you just skyrocketed.
This is non-negotiable.
I'm also gonna need your Bluetooth.
Hannah, do not give him your Bluetooth.
Hannah, do you hear me? Hannah, wait.
Hann Damn it, Hannah! Your comments have to be run through Aaron's - national-security filter.
- Obviously.
And my "Seth's not allowed to make our boss look like Neville Chamberlain" filter.
Only if you kill me.
Thought I might run into you here.
Uh, this is quite a surprise.
I didn't know you were retained by President Han.
Actually, I'm working for Chairman Kim.
Ah, good one.
Uh, Seth Wright, this is Greg Bowen.
- Hey.
Nice to meet you.
- Yes.
And you.
I'm an admirer of your work.
Thank you.
Funny factoid You are the third White House press secretary to be named Seth.
That's interesting.
Yeah, I thought so.
And, Lyor, I actually am working for Chairman Kim.
Well, if I'd known you were hard up enough to sleep with the enemy, Greg, I would've offered you a job.
The Chairman's not England's enemy.
Well he's humanity's enemy.
And last time I checked, England is subsumed by humanity.
Except when it comes to food.
Well, uh, if you'll excuse me, I need to go find some hand sanitizer.
Whole lotta shakin' going on.
How do you know that guy? We go back a ways.
We started out together, actually, working for Governor Hammond.
He's a hack.
That's amazing.
What? [BLOWING] You don't see it? See what? Never mind.
To begin, I would like to thank Chairman Kim and President Han for their participation in these landmark negotiations.
This is a dangerous moment.
And our goal has to be to create a lasting peace for both countries.
President, West Hun Chiu appreciates your intervention, but East Hun Chiu has threatened us with annihilation for too many years.
And today's provocation brings us to the brink of war.
I don't think Chairman Kim wants that.
Otherwise, he wouldn't be here.
We don't seek war.
Only security.
We suffer under the collusion of the West against my tiny country at the behest of President Han.
Chairman Kim, you do not need to fear the West.
Nor your neighbor.
Well, that depends on these negotiations, doesn't it? You are right, Mr.
This is a dangerous moment.
Because I promised my people that I would leave this summit with a safer East Hun Chiu.
And that will happen, one way or the other.
Then I suggest we get started.
It's not safe here.
You were probably followed.
By people loyal to you.
Who are trying to protect me.
Well, the United States can do that now.
You can try.
But my minders will be looking for me.
They'll soon realize I am gone.
That is why the information that you could give us is so important.
It can change everything.
I'll start with this My father is East Hun Chiu Chairman Kyung Kim.
And if he finds me here with you, we're both dead.
TOM: Two hours of speeches.
Chairman Kim rattling on about reunification.
Complaining about sanctions and the U.
troop presence.
It was endless.
Yeah, and President Han's not helping.
Accusing him of possessing nukes, which may or may not be true.
We need to restore the status quo before we can start talking peace.
And we need to somehow get East Hun Chiu to stop testing missiles.
Yeah, and West Hun Chiu has to stop mobilizing troops.
Where are we at with Chairman Kim's son? The asset's been secured, sir.
He's being debriefed.
If the Chairman finds out what we're up to, we're his enemy, too.
I'd put that kid on the next plane to Bali, sir.
I disagree.
Joon Kim is an insider.
He can give us information about East Hun Chiu's nuclear program we could use to leverage his father.
Assuming there is a program.
Which the kid can tell us.
Unfortunately, you're both right.
But I think the kid's too valuable an asset not to mine.
If this blows up in our faces, it was my call.
Let's do it fast.
Yes, sir.
We need details of your father's nuclear program.
I will answer all your questions.
But I need something, too.
We already extracted you.
But not my girlfriend.
She's at the compound.
She wasn't part of the deal.
I had to see whether you can protect me first.
Now that I know you can, you have to protect her.
Joon, you're not really in a position right now to be making demands.
I'm not demanding.
I am begging.
I'm here because my brothers are dead.
My uncles, too.
They loved my father.
Just like I do.
But he's paranoid.
Decided one day they were all disloyal.
Then tied them to posts and fired an anti-aircraft gun at them.
I'm sorry.
But this isn't about them.
No, it's not.
It's about Jung-Min.
What do you think my father will do to her when he learns I defected? Once my girlfriend and I are safe, I will tell you what you want to know.
Not before.
I want you to reach out to Dr.
Andrea Frost from Apache Aerospace for me.
What for, sir? Right now, we're trying to use Chairman Kim's son for leverage.
I don't want to put all our eggs in one basket.
East and West Hun Chiu are locked in an arms race.
The longer the build-up, the greater the threat.
She might be our ace in the hole.
The company specializes in state-of-the-art missile-defense systems.
That technology could be used to ease tensions.
Convince the parties to focus on mutual protection rather than mutual destruction, we may get our breakthrough.
Do what you have to.
Get her here.
- On it, sir.
- Thank you.
[SCOFFS] Look at him.
[SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY] And? He's a misanthrope, Seth.
A socially malformed, introverted creature incapable of meaningful human connection.
Have you ever seen anything so pathetic? You should put some on as well.
No, honestly.
That's how you get skin cancer.
And that's lunch.
You want all White House staff to get this questionnaire? Yes.
Em, this reads like a witch-hunt.
I'm not accusing anybody of anything.
Just about.
You're asking for notarized declarations of loyalty.
There are no First Amendment rights when it comes to the leaking of classified information, are there? It's not a Constitutional issue.
It's a perception one.
The President says this is a priority.
So, the mole will lie about the leaks.
And once we have the questionnaire notarized, we've got them on perjury.
Let me clean it up a bit, make it a little less Torquemada.
- Then you can send it out.
- Great.
Form central here, right? That one's for everyone.
Let's talk about the one that's for you.
The W60-3.
I really need it because - [TELEPHONE BEEPS] - Excuse me.
Yes? Okay.
Is this Seth's declaration? Yes.
He just got it to me, which is why I wanted yours.
What I didn't want was you reading his.
He says that we've been "intermittently associating for six months.
" That's how he defines our relationship? I'm an intermittent association? This is an office document, not a valentine.
I'm not sure I like being put under a microscope.
Privacy isn't really a big issue at the White House, right? We submit to random drug tests, FBI interviews.
This is just a form.
That tells the world that I'm Seth's intermittent associate.
That's not exactly how I want the world to define me.
Define it however you want.
Just get me that form.
[EXHALES DEEPLY] Seth? Kendra.
You may want to revise your W60-3.
Frost, thank you very much for coming.
Oh, it's an honor, Mr.
I've never been to Camp David.
Well, you're gonna get a crash course in diplomacy.
Please don't use the word "crash" for someone who just flew in on Marine One.
In a way, helicopters are a lot like diplomacy.
You just have to get used to the turbulence.
Chairman Kim.
President Han.
This is Dr.
Andrea Frost from Apache Aerospace.
We've met.
We haven't, because U.
law forbids us from doing business with defense contractors.
Which is why I'm prepared to sign an executive order exempting Apache from that law.
President Kirkman? It's a limited-purpose exception.
We're ready to roll out a new air-defense system.
A next-gen Iron Dome.
It's called Ricochet.
It can take down 98% of all incoming missiles.
And we'd like you both to have it, to ensure your safety from each other.
But my country is impoverished.
How are we going to afford it? We were hoping that West Hun Chiu would cover the up-front cost.
We cannot do that, Mr.
Madam President, you can and you will if you want my country's continued military support.
AARON: And it's not a gift, Madam President.
We'll structure a repayment schedule so East Hun Chiu can pay you in full, with interest.
And in exchange for your generosity, East Hun Chiu will halt its nuclear program and allow inspections.
We have no nuclear program.
That is West Hun Chiu propaganda.
Then allow the inspections, and maybe we can reconsider sanctions.
I'll need to consult with my delegation.
Please do.
Both of you.
Excuse us.
FROST: Thank you.
So, apparently, the preliminary word is that both sides are amenable to the proposal.
Thank you.
I am grateful.
Well, so is my company.
A $14 billion contract.
Yeah, well, I wouldn't get too excited yet.
You're gonna owe us about $5.
5 billion back in taxes.
President, you have to see this, sir.
It's a stunning development that could lead to a breakthrough between the two enemies.
The Kirkman Initiative, as it's called, is a last-ditch effort to avoid How the hell did this get out? SETH: The article posted 20 minutes ago, sir.
Each side has already released a statement blaming the other for trying to torpedo the deal.
AARON: West Hun Chiu just mobilized 200,000 reserve troops, sir.
And we've got 50,000 American troops stuck in the middle of the most volatile situation on Earth.
We got to get the delegations back to the table.
Right now.
Both sides of the border continue to mass, pushing this corner of the world even closer We need to throw the "Chronicle" a bone.
Give them a suspect so they stop with the conspiracy theories about who leaked the Kirkman Initiative.
Yeah, except we can't blame the administration or anyone from either delegation.
Which is why the culprit must be an anonymous Camp David staffer.
Yeah, someone who went through the trash and has gone AWOL.
Seth Wright.
Well, this is an absolute disaster.
What was that? This is an absolute disaster, Lyor.
W-We're closer to war now than we were before the summit started.
Which is why the President's bringing both parties back to the table.
Well, maybe it should be a different table.
You don't seem to care which table you're at, do you? As long as someone else is footing the bill.
Same as you, Lyor.
We're troubadours.
We go from town to town and we sing for our supper.
But stay for dessert, because this is Bushido.
There's a code.
You sign on to something, you finish the job.
After all this time, you're still cross about Governor Hammond.
We all are.
He was a loser, Lyor.
Don't blame me for working it out before the rest of you.
I blame you for bailing, for leaving before the job was done.
Because that's not what men do.
They stick, and they fight, and go down with the ship.
Well, if that's your thing, uh, Davy Jones, keep at it.
Because I've seen your guy's approval ratings.
I know where your ship's heading.
EMILY: Thank you for coming in, Simon.
The President has the greatest respect for your journalism.
Why do I feel being hauled before his chief of staff is a strange way to show that? This is an extraordinary situation.
We are trying to avert a global catastrophe.
That has nothing to do with me.
Actually, it does.
You have been reporting confidential information that endangers a peace process.
Ever heard of the Pentagon Papers? The Supreme Court's not big on prior restraint.
September 27th, October 13th, and November 23rd All scoops based on your secret source.
It's called journalism.
Shoddy journalism.
A lot of that information was classified - until you published it.
Rhodes, why don't you just get to the point? Your source is a government employee who's breaking the law, even if you aren't.
So, if you want continued access to this White House, you will give me a name.
You're too sophisticated to believe that you could intimate me, which means you must be desperate.
I'm not.
I don't need this beat.
I'm happy covering city politics or writing movie reviews.
And if the President's so obsessed with loyalty, he might want to inspire a little more in his administration so his people aren't calling me with dirt on him.
Both delegations are holed up in their respective cabins, blaming each other for the leak, refusing to negotiate without unilateral concessions from the other side.
This has to be Chairman Kim.
I mean, what reason would President Han possibly have for sabotaging the summit? I mean, a joint missile-defense system would be considered a diplomatic triumph for West Hun Chiu.
Not if she's paying.
She's up for re-election.
If she's helping the enemy, her opponent will kill her.
So, she creates a public uproar.
Gives her an excuse to walk away.
Yeah, the problem is, East Hun Chiu had just as much incentive to leak the story.
Really? 'Cause from where I sit, a free missile-defense system looks like a pretty good deal.
It's a great deal, sir Just not for a tyrant whose hold on his people is based largely on the existence of an enemy on its border.
So you're saying, without the threat, his people will start looking into other things.
Poverty, lack of medical care, no food.
Conditions that are ripe for a coup.
The point is, we're back in the state of mutual distrust.
Both parties playing the blame game.
Then we need to sweeten the pot.
For both sides.
- [BEEP] - Chuck, what are we looking at? CHUCK: The girl is in the south wing.
- Options? - Nothing good.
Dozens of guards.
Armed? To the hilt.
There's no way in.
Yes, there is.
Front door.
It's okay.
Joon sent me.
Joon is not feeling well.
H-He's asleep in his room.
No, he's not.
I'm going to scream.
JOON: Jung-Min, this woman's name is Hannah.
She's a friend.
I can't explain now, but you have to go with her.
- Please.
- We have to get out of here.
Your proposal is rejected, President Kirkman.
My government will not lend Chairman Kim's brutal dictatorship one penny.
We don't need your money.
Or Ricochet.
We have 1 1/2 million soldiers who can defend against your aggressions.
Please, this is not constructive.
Correct, Mr.
It's pointless.
Which is why I'm prepared to make one last proposal.
Apache Aerospace will lease the Ricochet defense system to East Hun Chiu for 30 years.
The first payment will not be due till year 10.
Excuse me, Mr.
President, but I wasn't consulted on that.
- I'm consulting you now.
- No, sir, you're dictating.
You have no authority to negotiate on behalf of my company.
You're right.
But I do have the authority to deny you government contracts for the foreseeable future if you don't want to do your part.
This is a shakedown.
This is the proper exercise of a chief executive's authority.
President Han, your country will not be paying for East Hun Chiu's defense.
Not one penny.
But we will be paying for our own.
That doesn't seem fair.
Your GDP is 75 times greater than East Hun Chiu's.
You want to avoid war This is a necessary step.
Now, with regards to battery placements, troop reductions, and nuclear inspections, I believe that we can all agree to negotiate those terms at a later time.
In good faith.
Thank you, both of you.
We'll start drawing it up.
MIKE: Sir, Dr.
Frost is looking for you.
Send her in.
That worked like a charm.
And you are a very good actor.
[LAUGHS] Thank you, sir.
I am in your debt.
In more ways than one.
A 10-year interest-free loan? We're gonna do everything we can to help you with that Tax breaks, government contracts.
You'll make it up on the back end.
I'm not actually worried, sir.
I am curious, though.
How did you know your gambit would work? I didn't.
I just hoped.
Smart ploy A gutsy one.
I'm a C.
, but all my decisions, I have to get advice and consent from a Board of Directors.
Well, I get a lot of advice.
But unfortunately, the consent is mine.
That sounds like the loneliest job in the world.
You want to know the truth? I miss teaching.
I'm better at instructing than I am deciding.
How long were you a professor for? - 14 years.
- Mm.
I was still teaching classes when I started my firm.
I never thought I was gonna give up my students.
Now you have 325 million of them.
I understand the attraction of being a professor.
My husband always said he would never do anything else.
What does he teach? He taught classics.
But he passed away a year ago.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I didn't know.
It was out of the blue.
We were in Maui, and he was doing this triathlon.
Turned out, he had a heart defect.
He always used to say, "When it's your time to go sudden in the best way to do it.
" Not for the survivors.
President, Chairman Kim needs to see you.
It's urgent.
Okay, thank you.
I'm sorry.
Excuse me.
Chairman, what is it? I wanted to tell you to your face.
My delegation and I are going home.
The moment our plane lands, we will be at war with West Hun Chiu.
Chairman, we have a deal.
What the hell's happened? My son is missing.
And I believe West Hun Chiu has kidnapped him.
Sir, you have to assure Chairman Kim West Hun Chiu does not have his son.
Without telling him we have him.
I'm a father.
I'm not lying to another man about his son.
Then don't lie.
Bargain, sir.
The kid's leverage.
Use him to compel the Chairman's signature.
That would make us kidnappers, Lyor.
Third-rate extortionists.
We're an inch from war, Aaron.
I don't think how we avoid it matters.
I'm afraid is does, Lyor.
I'm not lying, and I'm not using the kid as a bargaining chip.
I told you earlier if this blew up in our faces, it was my call.
I'll take responsibility.
Chairman, now you know West Hun Chiu does not have your son.
You do.
And as he explained, he is not our captive.
He is a traitor.
And I know how to deal with traitors.
Chairman, please.
You have a son, Mr.
If you learned that he had taken refuge in my country, how would you feel? I would be dismayed.
But I would have to accept his decision if I believed he made it of his own free will.
And I hope, Chairman Kim, that you can put this matter aside and conclude our negotiations.
We have come so far.
But we can go no further.
Not as long as President Kirkman presides over these negotiations.
Because I no longer trust him.
President, you know the respect I have for you, but I must agree with Chairman Kim.
If you have lost the confidence of one of us, you've lost the confidence of both of us.
- [DOOR CLOSES] - [SIGHS] The only way forward is to find an honest broker One both sides can trust.
Unfortunately, there's only one name out there Cornelius Moss.
TOM: The man I fired.
You think he'd help? There's only one way to find out.
CHUCK: You know, I'm never on this floor.
They never let me on this floor.
Well, welcome to the big leagues.
We need your expertise.
Happy to help.
Is it possible to get a phone dump without going through the usual channels? Sure.
I know a few technical work-arounds.
I need the phone records on a reporter named Simon Day.
So, when you say "usual channels," you don't mean technical work-arounds, do you? No.
I mean I don't want you going through a phone company or leaving a trail.
But I need a warrant if we're going after a reporter.
Not if it's an emergency.
We're trying to stop a war and someone is leaking intel about the summit to the "Chronicle.
" The national-security implications of that are enormous.
I understand, but This is a time-sensitive issue, Chuck.
That's why we can't jump through all of the usual procedural hoops.
Can the President count on you? Sure.
Thank you.
[DOOR OPENS, CLOSES] Cornelius, thank you for coming.
- [DOOR CLOSES] - For the record, I'm not here for you.
I'm here for my country.
Because your country needs you.
We have a peace process that's faltering, and the stakes couldn't be higher.
Then let's see if we can't get this trolley back on track.
You both know President Moss.
I asked him here to reassure you that the United States government can be an honest broker.
But President Moss is no longer in charge.
You are.
Chairman Kim, you and I have worked together in the past, correct? Yes.
But we didn't accomplish anything.
No, we didn't.
We all made a good run at a peace deal, but we came up short.
But was I a man of my word? Yes.
President Han, I know you well.
Have I ever let you down? - No.
- Because my word is my bond.
And I have never said anything to either of you that was false.
Although on occasion, I have had to tell you both things that you did not want to hear.
So, now, I tell the two of you this.
President Kirkman is also a man of his word.
And if he promises you something, he will deliver.
And I will personally vouch for that.
The man is offering you two a chance to step back from oblivion.
I'd grab it with both hands.
Two Presidents, a titan of industry They get their own rooms.
Aaron too.
I get you.
You're welcome.
The deal's gonna be signed in the morning.
I'm on the first S.
Correction the deal may be signed in the morning.
A lot can go wrong between now and then.
Especially with Greg Bowen on the other side.
What is it about that guy you don't like? I'd rather not talk about Greg Bowen.
He gives me acid reflux.
Sort of like this relationship declaration.
- Here, give it here.
- Nope.
What, you don't want advice from a guy who's been happily married for six years? Happily married? You forgot you had a wife.
A wife you never see.
Ergo the "happily married" part.
You have to keep them at a remove.
That's the secret.
[LAUGHS] Thanks, Dr.
I think I'm good.
Suit yourself.
[HUMMING] [BEEPS, HISSING] - Seriously? - Relax.
Don't worry.
I've got something to drown it out.
[CELLPHONE BEEPS] [CELESTIAL MUSIC PLAYS] MAN: You're about to embark on a journey that will lead you to a deep and satisfying sleep.
HANNAH: We've rescued your girlfriend and you've given us nothing.
This is not good enough.
That's everything I know.
There is nothing useful in here.
Nothing about your father's nuclear program.
That's why we brought you in here.
Joon, what is it? What are you afraid of? Him.
He can't hurt you now.
I promise you that.
But if you don't talk to us, he can hurt a lot of other people.
He's not developing nuclear weapons.
He already has them.
And I can give you the coordinates.
[DIALING, RINGING] This is Hannah Wells.
Get me the President.
CHUCK: This is an installation of some sort.
Three months ago, East Hun Chiu disassembled whatever was here.
- Moved it.
- Where? I had to do some pretty heavy lifting here to following the breadcrumb trail.
- I was able to take - Chuck, for once, I-I need you to skip the preamble.
The President has held off on signing the treaty until he can get corroboration.
I'm saying I don't have it.
Not completely.
Whatever that installation was, it was relocated 29 degrees latitude, 122 degrees longitude.
It's about two miles from the DMZ.
[RINGING] Aaron, it's Hannah.
You got a pen? KIM: A revised treaty? Unacceptable.
We have already approved the agreement.
The previous agreement has been deemed null and void because it was based on material nondisclosure.
Frost? The image that you see in front of you is a recent satellite photo taken in the area of East Hun Chiu, two miles from the DMZ.
The ridges in the ground are consistent with a concealed ICBM installation for nuclear weapons.
That is a lie.
No, Chairman Kim.
It's not.
My company designs the projectiles for those warheads, and the subterranean housing for them is consistent with this topography.
You will find in the new agreement that you will be responsible for dismantling the missiles.
You will also allow a multi-national peacekeeping force to destroy the silos.
A force that can make sure you honor your promises.
This is an outrage.
What you won't find in the agreement is that, if you fail to comply, my country will see that as a declaration of war.
I want to thank you again for all your help.
It's my pleasure to serve, Mr.
Please, call me Tom.
May I speak freely, Tom? Of course.
Our country is a beacon of hope and virtue, but it's it's isolated on the world stage.
And isolation isn't always a good thing.
No, it isn't.
Thank you again, Dr.
You should, uh You should take your boy out for a drink.
He finally got one over on me.
Is that what you really think? That the most important thing to Lyor is beating you? Yes.
Because he never has.
You know, I look at the two of you.
You're so much alike, except for one fundamental difference.
Which is? You're a son of a bitch, and he's not.
What did you just say? Governor Hammond.
I have a friend who knows him.
Told me a story about how you started a rumor that Hammond's campaign went south because of Lyor's mistakes.
Rumors that took Lyor years to get over.
You want to know what Lyor had to say about the guy who abandoned the campaign in its moment of need back then? What? Nothing.
'Cause he's a stand-up guy.
And he stood up for you even when you were trashing his reputation, so yeah, you guys are nothing alike.
What did he want? Was licking his wounds.
Dude's a hack.
By the way, you talk in your sleep.
It's very annoying.
REPORTER: After two days of tense negotiations President Kirkman and former President Moss teamed up - [TELEVISION TURNS OFF] - Hey.
I heard you had a hand in finding East Hun Chiu's installation.
- Bravo.
- Thanks.
I, um.
I also found something else.
What? Two hours before Simon Day went to press with that story about payment for the missile-defense system, he met with President Moss.
That doesn't mean that The other reporters who published their White House scoops Tiffany Gimble, Raymond Burns.
The night before they all went to press, they all met with President Moss, too.
The former President is the leak? Yes.
- Sir? - Thank you.
Tom, I thought we buttoned everything up.
I know it was you who contacted Simon Day.
- I'm sorry? - You're going to be.
Because leaking classified information in the middle of these negotiations is a felony.
Hold on just a minute.
Let's be clear here.
President Han called me for advice.
She was unhappy about being forced to pay for East Hun Chiu's defense system.
And you chose to help her by publicizing the deal?! You knew it was gonna tank the negotiations so you could ride in on your white horse.
We just presided over a landmark peace agreement.
If that article helped get us there, I'm glad I played my part.
What about all the other leaks, Cornelius? Icarus Astrotech? My wife's subpoena? My ethics review? From the second I named you my Secretary of State, you've been quietly trying to undermine me.
You really think that's been my intent? I can only come up with two reasons for your behavior Extreme bitterness or a desperate desire to become relevant again.
There's a third explanation, Tom, and it's the right one.
[SCOFFS] If you honestly believe that, you're not just simply misguided, you're completely lost.
Is that what you call being held to account for your decisions? Because none of the other yes men you surround yourself with do that.
They tell you how great you are and let you fumble away your mandate.
That's the best shot you got? Attacking my staff? I'm saying these are dangerous times, and you need all the help you can get.
But you're not okay getting it.
Which is why you fired me.
We both know why I fired you.
You're disloyal.
No, Tom.
I'm loyal to my country, which is the highest calling any public servant ever has.
I'm putting you on notice.
The White House Counsel will be looking into your activities here.
If I'm advised that you've done anything illegal, I'll be handing the matter over to the Justice Department.
Well, you can do what you want.
You're the President.
That's right.
I am.
But I will leave you with one last piece of advice from a subordinate.
If you come for me, come hard.
Because I fight back.
And I know how to win.
The conquering hero returns.
So, the W60-3.
I shouldn't have looked at it, but I did.
I know.
I'm sorry.
No, that's fine.
What'd you write? It's not that I wrote anything.
It's just that it's the fact that we're on display.
So first, you don't want to date.
Then you want to break up.
Then you want to go public.
And now you're obsessing over how public? I-It's my process.
That's not a process, Em.
That's ambivalence.
I am not ambivalent.
Look, this job forces me to keep my guard up, so I'm having a hard time letting it down and losing control.
That's what a relationship is.
It's about losing control.
It's about surrendering.
Do you think you can surrender, even for a little bit? I don't know why I have to surrender on a form.
It's not about the form.
It's about us.
Do you want us? That's what the form is really asking.
- Yes.
- Yes, but on your own terms, right? Where you're like a cat and I'm like a ball or yarn.
- That's not fair.
- It's completely fair.
And I'm sick of getting batted around.
I don't do things halfway.
And you won't go all the way, so this sounds to me like a textbook definition of an irreconcilable difference.
- Seth - No, it's okay.
Clarity's a good thing.
Thank you for finally giving that to me.
[DOOR OPENS, CLOSES] I enter this deal under great duress.
My country has been coerced by West Hun Chiu, their ally.
Kim's killing us.
But he signed on the dotted line.
Now the international community has to hold him to the terms of that treaty.
I don't think the treaty's the problem right now, Aaron.
The Agency just picked this up.
- This intel is reliable? - Yes, sir.
Chatter started right after the treaty was signed.
So somewhere here in the U.
, there's a dirty bomb? - Yes, sir.
- And we have no idea where it is? No, sir.
Then we damn well better find it.