Designated Survivor (2016) s02e16 Episode Script


1 Previously on "Designated Survivor" This is a dangerous moment.
And our goal has to be to create a lasting peace for both countries.
There is nothing about your father's nuclear program.
That's why we brought you in here.
He's not developing nuclear weapons.
He already has them.
You will find in the new agreement that you will be responsible for dismantling the missiles.
If you fail to comply, my country will see that as a declaration of war.
EMILY: Thank you for coming in, Simon.
You have been reporting confidential information.
It's called journalism.
I need the phone records on a reporter named Simon Day.
I don't want you going through a phone company.
- Or leaving a trail.
- But I need a warrant This is a time-sensitive issue, Chuck.
This intel is reliable? The chatter started right after the treaty was signed.
So somewhere here in the U.
, there's a dirty bomb? - Yes, sir.
- Then we damn well better find it.
President Chairman Kim, I'm going to talk and you're going to listen.
Since we last spoke, we've gotten credible information that there's a dirty bomb on U.
Chatter we've been monitoring about missing nuclear waste that's made its way to U.
We believe that waste was used to make the bomb.
And what does that have to do with me? The time stamp on the intelligence pertaining to the bomb coincides precisely with the execution of your treaty with West Hun Chiu.
A treaty that you publicly criticized before the ink was even dry.
Yes, because it was the result of naked American coercion.
But my country honors its international agreements.
Yes, and now that the chairman has given his word, he considers this unfounded accusation to be a grave insult, both to him and to his country.
Chairman, when we trace this bomb back to East Hun Chiu, an insult is going to be the least of your concerns.
Fabricated intelligence.
I think I've had enough of this "American hospitality".
Unfortunately, your departing flight has been delayed indefinitely.
On what grounds? Safety.
Once the threat has been neutralized and you are no longer at risk, you and your delegation are free to go.
But until then, your security is of paramount importance to us.
Secret Service will escort you back to your cars.
[SPEAKING EAST HUN CHIUESE] Think he's lying? It's hard to say, sir.
Lying is his resting position.
And forcing him to stay at least reduces the risk that he detonates anything while he's here.
Reduces, but it doesn't eliminate.
I mean, the bomb could be anywhere.
When it explodes, we'll have no way to conclusively tie him to it.
Okay If it explodes, sir.
Sir, Director Foerstel's here.
[DOOR OPENS] Sir, about the First Lady.
I want to express my condolences.
I deeply regret Mr.
Director, what've you got for me? The principle concern is terror.
A dirty bomb's designed to maximize that by using conventional explosives to disperse nuclear waste.
Somehow, knowing that we're not dealing with a live nuke isn't making me feel any better.
What's the blast radius? It depends on the ordnance.
Several square blocks in the heart of a major American city could have to be cordoned off for the foreseeable future.
I don't think I need to tell you what an unprecedented - catastrophe that would be.
- No, sir.
So, we've deployed every asset at our disposal to stop it.
I checked with the NRC about spent domestic fissile material.
Not a microgram is unaccounted for.
Which means that any radioactive waste would likely be of foreign origin.
AARON: The airport security is too tight.
There's no way a package like that would get across DHS.
Which means we need to be looking at harbors.
Our West Coast is our closest port of entry to Asia.
But sanctions restrict trade with East Hun Chiu to medical aid and foodstuffs.
Now, all of that trade is monitored, and it happens in three places Port of Charleston, Port of New York, Baltimore Harbor.
So, we can narrow the search grid to the eastern seaboard.
Yes, sir.
Now, I know time is of the essence.
We could really use some assistance from the private sector with data mining.
We anticipated that for you.
Where's Dr.
Frost set up? - Roosevelt Room, sir.
- Let's go.
Andrea Frost, this is John Foerstal, Director of the FBI.
Very nice to meet you.
Frost was kind enough to let us use her platform LYRA to help us find the bomb.
We appreciate that.
I know what a robust investigative tool you have at your disposal.
May I have a moment, Mr.
President? Of course.
Excuse us, please.
[SIGHS] I wasn't aware that I was going to be working for the FBI.
You're not working for the FBI.
You're working with them.
Given the threat that we're facing, we need as much synergy as we can get.
I understand.
But I already refused to sell this technology to the government.
I'm aware of that.
I give you my word that we will not violate a single one of your trademarks or patents.
I have fourth amendment concerns, too.
This technology can be deeply invasive.
Andrea bombs do not have constitutional rights.
We need I need you to help me find this one.
Yes, sir.
No, I don't believe my father would do that.
He hid nuclear weapons from the world and lied about it.
Why wouldn't he detonate a bomb on U.
soil? Because he's not suicidal.
BLAKEY: But he is homicidal.
Isn't that why you wanted sanctuary? Yes.
And he hates this treaty.
But enough to attack America and plunge East Hun Chiu into a war he can't win? Well, you're assuming that he thinks that he wouldn't get caught.
He is smart enough to know he'd be a suspect.
The chairman is obsessed with survival.
Attacking America does not make that more likely.
How's the kid look? Like he doesn't know anything beyond what he's told us.
Well, we've got a lead, thanks to Andrea Frost.
LYRA? Frost ascertained that spent nuclear fuel has gone missing in Slovakia.
She tracked a Bratislavan container ship to Baltimore Harbor yesterday containing cesium.
- Nuclear waste.
- Wait a minute.
We've narrowed down the dirty bomb to the D.
metro area? It gets worse.
I talked to the harbor master.
The container ships on the vessel are adjacent to East Hun Chiu shipping containers East Hun Chiu could've off-loaded the material to its own container after the Bratislavan container - was already inspected.
- [THUD] Hannah! - What happened? - He just collapsed.
Did you see him take anything? No, but I went to my desk to check my e-mail.
Intel says the bomb may be in the Port of Baltimore.
You follow that.
I'm going with him to the hospital.
I need an ambulance Joon [SIGHS] Damn it! Well, you're right.
If President Moss did leak classified information, he may have committed a crime.
Then the president would like to consider the appointment of a special prosecutor.
I can't make that recommendation yet.
But you just said we might have a case.
We might.
The problem is the evidence.
I need to know its providence.
Meaning, what? How'd you get it, Emily? Moss may have endangered national security.
Does it really matter how we obtained the evidence? Unfortunately, it does.
You know, Moss is going to fight back with every tool at his disposal.
We have to be scrupulous on our end.
So, let's connect the dots, and we can talk about taking the next step.
[INDISTINCT SHOUTING, CHATTER] [GEIGER COUNTERS CLICKING] Joon Kim's in stable condition at Walter Reed.
What'd he ingest? We won't know 'til they're done pumping his stomach.
The contents are going straight to the lab.
We can't assume it was self-administered.
Better hope it was, 'cause we've been protecting him.
If he was poisoned or injected, then one of our own may've done it.
MAN: We're getting a radioactive signature from this East Hun Chiu container.
So, you're telling me this intel's based solely on some computer calculation? I don't care how we got it.
I care if it's right.
Open it.
Meaning, what? A significant radiation source was just here, Agent Wells.
What kind? The kind biological organisms shouldn't be anywhere near.
[RINGING] Get me the president.
- Mike, we don't know what this is.
- That's correct, sir.
Which is why we need to get you to the bunker.
Aaron, what are we looking at? Quantifiable proof of spent nuclear fuel in the D.
area, fuel that could be used to make a dirty bomb, sir.
All the central personnel are en route to Command Ops.
I need to talk to my kids.
They're in Yellowstone with your brother.
They're not in danger.
You can call them when you're safe.
I have to address the White House staff first.
Respectfully, sir, if you don't move your feet right now, I'm going pick you up and carry you.
Phoenix is leaving the nest.
Trey, I can't thank you enough for taking the kids on this trip.
As soon as you get this message, please let them know that I called.
I'll try and call back before they go to bed.
Thanks again.
General, what've you got? Since news of the dirty bomb, East Hun Chiu has re-deployed a large portion of its troops from the DMZ, sir.
Dispersing them to its borders.
They're mobilizing to protect their coastline.
Yes, sir, against possible invasion.
We've also detected movement of some of its mobile missile batteries away from West Hun Chiu.
Can they reach American shores? Their long-range missiles have the capacity, Madame Vice President, and we just aren't sure what the payload will be.
They won't do anything as long as Chairman Kim is here.
And he's not going anywhere 'til we find the bomb.
President, we should go.
Thank you, General.
- Where's Seth? - He's standing by.
Sir, you need to make a decision about what to tell the public and when.
Tell them, what? Circumstantial evidence of a threat doesn't require a disclosure.
No, sir, but hunkering in a bunker with most of your cabinet and senior staff might be of interest to the American people.
Firstly, this wasn't my choice.
It was a demand made by the Secret Service.
Secondly, if we let the terrorist know that he's been discovered, he'll most likely detonate the bomb early.
If we follow this path, there's a chance we can stop this without any loss of life.
Anyway you cut it, sir, it's a calculated risk.
A risk I'm willing to take.
Tell Seth I want him to run interference.
Yes, sir.
Hmm, dying of radiation poisoning interferes with my grand plan.
Which is? Living to 130.
The president has tabled his meeting with House leadership to talk about the energy bill until next week.
I thought an agreement had been struck.
Yeah, the White House just wanted a little more time to dot all the I's.
Schedulewise, I have a change for you.
The president will no longer be attending tonight's performance of "Richard II" at the Kennedy Center.
Why not? Well, you know, I guess he just likes plays in which the head of state is not deposed and murdered.
- [LAUGHTER] - Yeah.
I noticed the speaker canceled his weekly radio address.
Well, I don't work for the speaker.
And FAA logs show the speaker just landed in Michigan, but Congress is still in session.
Seems like something's going around.
Well, I only talk about the president's schedule.
You can reach out to the speaker's office to talk about his.
All right, more soon, everybody.
Thank you.
- Hey.
How are you doing? I'm terrified my last meal is going to be a stale bearclaw.
It won't be.
This is precautionary.
Tom, they won't even let me tell my mom what's going on.
Unfortunately, the moratorium applies to all of us until we've got this under control.
- Andrea, I wanted to introduce you to the White House counsel, Kendra Daynes.
Nice to meet you, Dr.
Yes, you as well.
You helped us find the bomb, now we need you to help us find the bomber.
There's a difference between crunching metadata to try to find missing nuclear waste and trying to hunt someone down.
I'm aware of that.
Well, then, you're also aware I'm going to need access to private information, information that's constitutionally protected.
I've acquired at FISA warrant allowing you to probe whatever confidential or proprietary databases you need to help locate the bomber.
We don't have a lot of time.
Hey! I just came back up to grab a few things.
Come on.
Chop, chop! Yeah, yeah, I just need to finish this press release, send it off to the word-processing pool.
Fine, you tempt fate.
I'm going back down.
Give me 30 seconds.
I'll be right there.
[KEYBOARD CLACKING] Does it bother you that all the folks up here could be incinerated, but you and I won't? - [CLACKING STOPS] - It does now.
Culling of the herd.
Well, the truth is, if we're down there long enough, we'll be culled, too.
Food and water will eventually grow scarce.
The weak will be eaten.
Of course, most of us will succumb to microbes before them.
It's an awful way to die.
A swift end might be preferable.
Why don't you go ahead? I'll just see you down there.
- [CLACKING RESUMES] - Suit yourself.
Hey, do you mind? Go for it.
[KNOCK ON DOOR] I know you took the bat, Lyor.
It's fine.
You got a second? Half a second.
What's up? Something interesting.
The president's incommunicado, so I was reassigned to the EEOB.
You know who else cleared her decks today? The VP.
None of that is interesting.
Okay, well, this might be.
A source saw Darby in the East Wing a few hours ago, so I played a hunch.
The rest of the cabinet? Everyone's suddenly off the grid.
Do you have a question? Why is the nation's command structure meeting in secret with the president at the White House? I can neither confirm nor deny that.
You just did.
This is newsworthy, Seth, along with the fact that the speaker is 500 miles away.
You'll find out how newsworthy if you don't get back to me before the end of the hour.
Yeah, Frost just gave us a lead.
An ex-con named Arturo Rojas.
He was posting under different handles on dark web forums in support of East Hun Chiu.
Now, guess what he did time for.
Six years at Hazelton.
He took a flight to Dulles from Miami two days ago, and he just went off the grid.
He got reason to be here? No.
No contacts.
No family.
He rented a van at the airport.
Hasn't returned it yet.
We have an APB out for him and the vehicle.
- [CARPHONE RINGING] - All right, I'll follow up.
That's Blakey calling from the hospital.
Yeah, I'll hold.
How's Joon? [SIGHS] Better than we thought.
He ingested baking powder, Hannah.
What?! He played us.
And now he's in the wind.
[SIGHS] - All right, thanks.
- [BEEPS] Aaron, we have a big problem.
TOM: Okay, what are we looking at? [ALL TALKING] Hold on.
One at a time.
One at a time.
Sir, we have missing radioactive waste, a defector in the wind, and we still don't know where the bomb is, assuming it exists.
Which is looking more and more likely.
SETH: We need to get ahead of this story before the press does, sir.
That way, we control the message.
And we control it by saying there is no dirty bomb.
- You mean lie? - You're a quick study.
It's a public-safety issue, sir.
We shouldn't admit the existence of the threat until we can get our hands around it.
We don't know how long that will take, Aaron.
How long can we mislead this community? And there's misleading Congress.
The leadership will crucify you.
I'm not lying to anyone.
But I do think there's another way we can play this Address the issue without directly addressing it.
Yeah, quick public appearance? But don't take any questions.
They can't report on an emergency if its business as usual.
Mike? I'm sorry, sir, but until we ascertain the precise scope of the threat, we have to keep you here.
Mike, this is a balancing act.
We have a potential new threat panic.
If this gets out You can control my appearance.
Make it as short as you want, as long as the press can clock it.
Let me do my job.
- I can give you five minutes.
- SETH: That's all we need.
The Interfaith Coalition is already in the building.
A photo op is the perfect cover.
Madame Vice President? I'll standby, sir.
Let's do this.
Phoenix is returning to the nest.
In closing, I would like to thank Rabbi Greenblatt, Cardinal Bender of the Interfaith Coalition for taking the time to discuss with me our campaign for religious tolerance.
[APPLAUSE] [CAMERA SHUTTERS CLICKING] You think he bought it? Well, he has to, right? Facts on the ground say the president's in the West Wing.
- But you know who's not? - Who? Me.
- Hey, Emily.
- Hey.
Your affidavit says you authorized Chuck to use "any means necessary," including accessing private phone records - to learn the leaker's ID? - Correct.
So, why didn't Chuck provide a supporting affidavit? We were trying to stop the leak of classified information.
He did what I asked him to.
I take full responsibility for his actions.
Okay, well, unfortunately, based on how he may have obtained the phone records, this evidence is likely inadmissible.
Admissibility is usually a question for the special prosecutor, isn't it? Usually, yes, but I can't advise the president to suggest one based on what you've given me.
Why not? Because President Moss is a formidable adversary.
He's going to defend himself.
So, let him.
We've got you.
I appreciate that, but unfortunately, he's got the Constitution.
I say we put Moss on the defensive.
We're in a bunker.
Our boss is taking shots from all sides and we have a duty to protect him.
And we will.
But let's make sure we do it the right way.
Thank you.
Why would Joon double cross us after he gave us the location of his father's nukes? Maybe he was trying to earn our trust.
Wait 'til our guard was down before playing us.
Just seems like a really long con.
And to what end? I mean, we still don't even know what he's up to.
Joon's girlfriend is on the lam now, too.
What? She wasn't a high-value asset.
She was staying with friends in Silver Springs.
Went for a walk this morning.
Well, maybe they're not up to anything.
They just want to be together.
And cut the country out of the loop that gave them sanctuary? - I don't think so.
- [COMPUTER BEEPS] Frost just sent me something.
[KEYBOARD CLACKING] This is SAT video from yesterday morning.
Maximum magnification.
Just a blurry face in a van.
LYRA's got an advanced facial recognition feature.
Our bomber.
Yeah, LYRA cross-references every single pixel in the suspect's face with her databank of billions of images.
Comes up with an identity.
Hot damn.
Did she give you an address? Actually, yeah.
LYRA says the contours of the structure match an abandoned building at 2642 Belmont.
Let's go! Our scanners detect no radiological signature.
You're gonna want to see this, though.
Joon? Flat on the ground! - Agent Wells - Flat on the ground or I shoot you! Now! Mr.
President, we've located Joon Kim, sir.
Did we get anything from him? They're still interrogating him, sir.
I want a full debrief as soon as they're finished.
- Absolutely.
- Where are we at with the bomb? We're still chasing it down, sir.
Okay, thank you.
[SIGHS] [CHUCKLES] You look like you need a distraction.
[CHUCKLES] You know what usually does the trick for me? A good old chess game.
I'll let you in on a little secret.
One of the many reasons I wanted you as my vice president was that I heard you played.
The other reason you picked me is because you knew you could beat me.
We'll see.
You surprised me when you left the bunker this morning, Mr.
It kind of threw me.
How so? When you went to the photo op this morning, it meant I was the designated survivor, right? Yes, that's correct.
I'm not ready to be president.
I wasn't either.
But apparently, a lack of preparedness is not a disqualifier.
What I meant, sir, is I don't think I want to be president.
I know.
I'm sorry? I know that you don't.
In the end, that was one of the main reasons why I picked you.
Becoming President of the United States makes you the most powerful person in the world.
If you're overly ambitious, it'll go to your head, compromise you.
But if you're sitting in that oval office out of a sense of obligation, no one can question your priorities.
To the American people.
That's right.
They're who we serve.
You've been served, too, Mr.
[CHUCKLES] Two out of three.
I told you I don't know anything.
No, you don't know anything.
You just faked a medical emergency so you could escape because you were punking us, right? I wasn't a prisoner, so I didn't escape.
Nice distinction.
Except it was obvious you were trying to shake your minders.
And we have a theory about that.
You hate your father.
So you defect.
Bring him to justice by telling us where his nukes are.
But you know you can never go home again.
Because Daddy will be there forever.
Clinging to power is what he does.
Unless someone takes him out.
Someone like us.
None of that is true.
So, you plant a dirty bomb knowing that we're going to blame him.
And you know what? You were right.
He does have the motive to scuttle the deal.
And he did tell our president he wanted to take revenge.
Once we remove him, you're the prince in waiting.
Here's the problem, Joon.
The evidence doesn't point to your father.
It points to you.
Now, we don't know what you were doing today Tying up loose ends, paying the bomber But we do know you're behind this.
You are wrong about everything.
Where's your girlfriend? I don't know.
Why'd you run? I didn't.
I wasn't.
Why did we find you at the warehouse that the bomber visited yesterday? Tell us, damn it! I'm sorry.
I can't.
Wrong answer.
[DOOR OPENS, SLAMS] [BAG ZIPS] I catch you at a bad time? Nope, just, uh, going out to get some lunch.
Must be a hell of a lunch.
You know, you shouldn't really be wandering around the White House like this.
Accessibility has never been a problem.
Seems like today's different in a lot of ways.
Beginning with the fact that you're lying to the press corps.
I've never said anything to the press that wasn't true.
If you didn't lie, you walked the line.
But I can read the tea leaves.
Obfuscation, administration unavailability, everything points to a crisis, a threat.
You know, if you've got the story, you should go to press.
I can't.
Not without corroboration.
And maybe I'm not giving that to you for a reason.
You threw me a bone, Seth.
A big one.
But that doesn't square things.
I'm still going to pursue this.
What bone? The anonymous e-mail.
You might want to stop playing dumb.
You can't sell it.
- Hi.
How's it going? LYRA's searching for the bomber now.
May I ask you a question? Sure.
I was on my way home from Camp David when I got your summons.
Why'd you ask me to come here? Because you're brilliant.
And everybody's talking about this new platform that you've developed.
I honestly believed you could help.
[COMPUTER BEEPS] All right, LYRA's pinpointed Rojas' location, based on his web searches and ATM withdrawal.
The Brandt Metro.
Thousands of commuters.
Mike, get me Aaron.
Yes, sir.
- [SIRENS WAILING] - MAN: Move, move, let's go! Let's get everyone from this station evacuated.
Everyone out this area.
Let's move! - BLAKEY: Move! - Let's go, guys.
Go, go, go! [INDISTINCT RADIO CHATTER] I think I got something.
We should get the robot.
No, we don't have time.
Can you diffuse it? I'm going to try.
Here's the weird thing.
It's basically just a pipe bomb.
It's amateur stuff.
What about the radioactive material? Uh [GEIGER COUNTER CLICKS] 212 CPMs.
Too low to cause biological damage.
That doesn't match the readings we were getting from the shipping containers.
Wait, hold on.
So, we're missing radioactive waste.
Well, cesium is tricky to move.
There could've been spillage in transport of radioactive material.
Especially if our bomber wasn't a pro.
Where are we with the bombmaker? Still in the wind.
We'll find him, get him to identify Joon Kim.
All right.
Keep me posted.
Yes, sir.
I-I think we've got some unfinished business.
That's one way to put it.
All right, I understand how things might've looked from your vantage point like I was on some sort of crusade to get the Kirkmans.
- You were.
- Only because I thought there was something there.
That's the thing about crusades, John.
They do start with the best intentions, but then all you're left with is collateral damage.
It was never personal.
- Tell the president that.
- I've tried.
Try again.
The least you owe him is a little persistence.
[SOMBER MUSIC] "Dirty bomb" is an inaccurate description.
This was actually a pipe bomb with trace radioactive elements, not enough to cause any significant environmental or biological damage, even if it had detonated.
- Seth! - Do we have a suspect? Yes, in custody, and we are searching for an accomplice.
- Gary Lee.
- East Hun Chiu claimed it executed the peace accords under duress.
Does that make it more likely they're suspects? No, we have no evidence of that.
- And in fact, the president just got - What are you wearing? Chairman Kim's personal reassurance that he It detects ionizing radiation.
And two gentlemen spoke I also have it in red and blue.
Hmm, for the fashionable hypochondriac.
No, for the surviving one.
- [ALL SHOUTING] - Seth! What about reports that President Moss is being investigated for leaking classified information during the Hun Chiu negotiations? I have no comment.
Or that President Moss is the source of a number of leaks to different news outlets - during the past three months? - I have no comment.
That's actually all I had for right now.
- [ALL SHOUTING] - Stay tuned for more.
- Excuse me.
- Excuse me, Seth? You tipped Simon Day off about Moss.
What are you talking about? I said I couldn't recommend a special prosecutor because I was concerned how the evidence of Moss's misconduct was obtained.
So, you slipped it to a reporter to neutralize my objections.
Once the information is public, there's no fruit of the poisonous tree.
You laundered evidence.
It's not that simple.
Leaking to make a case against a leaker.
You don't see the irony? Moss has been undermining our president for months.
Icarus Astrotech.
The First Lady's subpoena.
The ethics review.
Hun Chiu negotiations.
He spilled all of it.
And I'm not defending him.
I'm defending the rule of law.
The fourth amendment.
You're missing the big picture here, Kendra.
Our guy is out there bleeding, and he needs our help.
If we get hemmed in by procedural niceties Hemmed in? Procedural niceties? I don't think I'm the one missing the big picture here.
I only have a minute.
I understand.
I'll be brief.
I want to apologize, sir.
Apologize for what? Everything.
Director, at any time, did you behave in a manner that you thought was inconsistent with what you thought was best for this country? No, sir.
And during your investigation, did you honestly believe you were following a thread of wrongdoing that led to the White House? Yes, sir.
Then you have nothing to apologize for.
You were doing your job.
You did your best.
My past put me in conflict with my Commander in Chief.
Come hell or high water.
Both of our jobs have similar requirements.
And I expect you to continue doing yours.
Yes, sir.
The press is monitoring my guys, watching them work.
I should get back there and fly the flag.
Reassure the public.
Carry on.
Thank you, sir.
[SIGHS] The press has tripped to our Moss investigation.
How the hell did that happen? Well, at this point, it doesn't matter.
- We need a response.
- I agree.
But there's a more important matter to attend to, sir.
We found a bomb that was radioactive.
We diffused it.
Seth did a good job of downplaying it, but the public is still on edge.
Should I address the nation? No, sir.
They don't need to hear you.
They need to see you out and about, reassuring them.
Let's do it.
Thank you for doing this.
It's one thing for people to see the president stepping out, but with a prominent person such as yourself, well, that's a whole other thing.
No problem.
I'm a sucker for a free lunch.
Well, I guess I'll have a hot dog.
How about you? May I? Sure.
Two original half-smokes, two chili bowls, a side of sweet potato fries with cheese, and two strawberry banana shakes, please.
What just happened? You're riding with the king.
[CHUCKLES] We got video of Rojas at a Grub 'n Go in Alexandria yesterday morning.
But not after? Uh, guys? We know he left his van at Brandt station.
Metro video doesn't show him getting on the subway.
- Guys - Could of have had a confederate pick him up - Guys - after he dumped the van.
Or hailed a taxi.
I checked with the ride-sharing service.
He doesn't have an account.
Guys! Sorry.
I was able to hack in to the van's GPS.
I thought the GPS was off.
It was.
But this GPS records the car's movements.
[MONITOR BEEPS] - Spyware.
- Yeah.
A lot of rental companies are using it to prevent car theft.
All I had to do was hack into it.
Look, Rojas made multiple stops at one location before abandoning the van at the Metro.
2263 Briarview.
An industrial facility in Eckington.
Nice job.
Suck it, LYRA.
Put your hands up! Hands! Arturo Rojas.
That's radiation poisoning.
There wasn't enough cesium in that bomb to cause this.
We've got a lot of high-end bombmaking equipment here Blast caps, digital fuses, weapons-grade ammonium nitrate.
None of that stuff was in that contraption.
It was a decoy.
FOERSTEL: We can say we got lucky today, but the way I like to look at it is - [CELLPHONE RINGS] - Excuse me.
- Foerstal.
- HANNAH: John, it's a decoy.
The van, the bomb.
There's another bomb, John.
Wait, hang on.
S-s-s-slow down.
They wanted camera crews.
They wanted us to have our guard down.
They wanted a big civilian target.
It's in the subway.
Oh, my God.
The subway.
I still got men down there.
Everybody back! Get back! Get everybody back! [EXPLOSION] [SCREAMING] John! John! SETH: Mr.
[SIGHS] My fellow Americans, today at 7:43 p.
, a dirty bomb was detonated at the Brandt Metro station in our nation's capital.
Because of the heroic work of the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Capitol Police, there were no civilian causalities.
And while the Brandt Metro station will be closed for the foreseeable future, radioactive waste did not escape, and there is no ongoing danger to the public.
But it is with a heavy heart that I inform you that six federal agents gave their lives to protect us from this terrible attack, including John Foerstal, the director of the FBI.
I make a solemn promise to their families and the American people that their sacrifices will not be in vain.
We will hunt down the perpetrators of this terrorist attack and bring them to justice.
And without mercy.
God bless you.
And God bless these United States of America.
- [CAMERA BEEPS] - You're clear.
I want answers now.
[SLAMS DOOR] You're lying, you son of a bitch.
I'm not.
Neither am I when I promise you that you will be charged with the premeditated murder of six federal agents! That carries the death sentence, Joon, which you're going to get.
I will be there when they strap you to that gurney.
I will watch when they put that needle in your arm! I swear I didn't do anything.
This is your last chance.
Or you're going to die.
Let's go.
[VOICE BREAKING] They told me they'd kill her if I said anything.
Who did? I don't know.
Were you working with Arturo Rojas? I never met him.
I just got e-mail yesterday saying Jung-Min had been taken.
A man in baseball cap told me what to do.
I-I didn't get a good look at his face.
Where did you meet him? [SIGHS] A park on Wisconsin and 24th.
That's across from the Kunami Embassy.
[DOOR CLOSES] TOM: Kunami? We tracked payments to Arturo Rojas from a Kunami government account.
We found evidence he visited the Baltimore Harbor and spiked that Hun Chiu shipping container with cesium.
The warehouse Joon Kim was found in was rented by a Kunami government shell company, just like the storage unit Rojas was using.
Wait a second, you're saying that Kunami set up Chairman Kim's son? Everything points to that, sir.
His girlfriend was found tied up in an abandoned apartment Which was rented by a Kunami government shell company.
Tell the Kunami ambassador he's got 15 minutes to get over here.
Yes, sir.
Ambassador, you've got exactly five minutes to explain yourself.
When your time is up, you, sir, will have decided the fate of your country.
The first explanation owed is to me.
What is this about? We have irrefutable evidence that your country was behind the bombing that just killed six Americans, six federal agents.
That is an outrageous allegation.
Bank transfers from Kunami state accounts to the bomber.
Titles to facilities in the name of a corporation that traces back to Kunami state actors.
- Fabrications.
- No, sir! Try again.
President, why would my government do this? The same reason your government does anything money.
$16 billion in black market weapons illegally smuggled into East Hun Chiu this year alone.
An income at jeopardy if the Hun Chius are at peace, which is why you want them at war.
And so you try to make it look East Hun Chiu was sabotaging the peace deal by attacking the country that brokered it.
You're right.
$16 billion is a lot of money.
But not enough for the Emir to risk war against the United States! You've already risked war with the United States.
Or have you forgotten about the U.
Verona? A diplomatic misunderstanding.
You got your sailors back.
At the point of a spear.
Your country had no choice.
President, I know relations between our countries have been strained.
And we have a lot of differences, but I swear to you we did not do this.
Then explain the evidence that you've been confronted with.
I can't.
Not yet, but if you give me time I'm sorry, Mr.
Ambassador, but you are out of time.
And so is your Emir.
Get me Secretary Wooster and the Joint Chiefs now.
Yes, sir.
What've you got, General? - General.
- The first salvo will take out their missile installations and airfields.
The second targets bridges and oil fields.
Secretary Krantz is consulting with NATO.
Trying to build a consensus for a military pol We don't need a consensus.
We were attacked.
Yes, sir, but moving without advising our allies Does anyone in this room deny the fact that as a nation, - we have the right to defend ourselves? - No, sir.
Then I don't see the value of getting bogged down in diplomatic discussions.
Sir, at a minimum, we should reach out to congressional leadership.
Why? What good would that do? More meetings? Further delays? And an insistence on building a coalition.
President, Lyor's right.
There's a protocol here.
We were attacked! The protocol is strike back.
Correct, sir.
The question is how and when we retaliate.
After the Capitol was bombed, it took 18 months to find Patrick Lloyd.
18 months where the dead had no justice because we didn't know where the perpetrator was.
We know where the Emir is.
Sitting in his palace, taunting us.
If I balk now and fail to strike, given what I know, I am not worthy of my office.
And neither are any of you.
At your command, sir.
Do it.
- Engage.
- MAN: Yes, sir.