Designated Survivor (2016) s03e05 Episode Script


Penny? Sweetheart, what's wrong? Why are they putting these awful things online? Honey, I don't know.
Come here, come here.
- [PENNY.]
They're saying you killed Mom.
- Oh.
Honey, nobody believes that.
They're just being mean.
Come here.
I am so sorry.
I am so sorry.
Is it bad today? Over-the-counter pain relievers? I might as well be popping Skittles.
I hate leaving you like this.
- Mmm-hmm.
I know.
- I've been doing some research.
What about arranging for a sober companion? A babysitter? No, thank you.
We have resources.
There are options, solutions.
Aside from you quitting your job? Is that really what you're asking? Some wives would.
Some husbands wouldn't have to be asked.
I can't get into this right now.
Just think about bringing somebody in to help.
Call me if you need me.
The president is laser-focused on the issues, as are the American people, not on the vile garbage that washes up on the ugly Net.
- Look, I've gotta take another call.
Hey, Mom, what's going on? I'm in the hospital.
What? What happened? Evidently, I have a blood clot, so they're keeping me a few days.
Jesus! Why didn't you call me sooner? - I know how stretched thin you are.
- [EMILY.]
Mom, stop.
- Did they tell you what caused it? - They haven't said.
They haven't said or you haven't asked them? I don't like bothering people.
And I do? It's your job.
I can be there in the morning.
And I will bother them, since I'm such a pro.
But you have the debate tomorrow.
Yeah, in Orlando.
It's only a couple of hours away.
You don't have to, honey.
Mom, I'm coming.
I love you.
Our next guest is national security advisor and vice-presidential candidate, Aaron Shore, who many of you also know by his other title, DC's most eligible bachelor.
Thank you very much.
It's my pleasure.
The first presidential debate is tomorrow night.
Have you been helping prep President Kirkman on foreign policy? The president doesn't need my or anyone else's help when it comes to foreign or domestic affairs.
We're certainly looking forward to tuning in.
We assume you'll be attending with your now live-in girlfriend, Isabel Pardo.
Yes, we'll be there together.
- First time living with someone? - It is.
Has it been an adjustment, remembering to put the toilet seat down? - [LAUGHS.]
- You are remembering? I'm managing to, but I'm sure that people are more interested in the vision President Kirkman will put forward tomorrow night.
Of course, but our viewers would kill me if I didn't ask about this rumor of a marriage proposal.
Well, we're all focused on the election now, and President Kirkman's sensible centrist agenda.
So, no proposal? Only that people tune in tomorrow night to hear the exciting plans President Kirkman has for the next four years.
They're saying that I had my wife murdered! That Alex was a Russian spy? This is an all-time low, and that's saying a lot, given the fact that our politics have become so poisonous, so rancid.
I can't believe Moss would stoop this low.
Let's not jump to conclusions.
This could be just some crackpot wing nut.
Moss hasn't released a statement yet.
Which is as bad as condoning it.
Porter's team condemned it right away.
They think we're responsible for the Alzheimer's leak.
Possibly, yes, but there is a silver lining.
More voters are gonna sympathize with you than believe this ludicrous bullshit.
There is no silver lining to this crap.
It's an affront to anything decent.
Then say that.
I'm getting asked by every major news outlet in this country for an official statement.
No, I'm not gonna dignify this with a response.
And spare me the lecture on how we need to retaliate every time we're attacked.
We're not giving this any oxygen.
The administration says nothing.
The campaign says nothing.
Understood? Understood, sir.
Thank you, Mr.
Let's go.
While you're stuffing your face, let's review what we know.
The women who were infected with the flu at the Toronto clinic, they all received an injection from this male nurse, who's obviously in the wind.
But no one at the apartment complex mentions an injection, so how did they get sick? Tainted water, aerosolized.
The vents? The HVAC system.
We'll have to go back there and pull the security footage.
After you finish your death plate, of course, and, hopefully, before your infarction.
These people are all eminently deserving of presidential pardons.
Inarguable is what we're looking for in an election year.
If POTUS loses, which he won't, we're only gonna have a couple of months to get this done.
I'm prepared to back up every case.
Which is precisely why I selected you to spearhead this.
You're no bullshit, so I knew you were gonna be able to back up all of these names.
Like this one.
Miguel Salcedo.
Seditious conspiracy? Accessory to bombings, wasn't he? He was an activist professor "Activist" being a euphemism for "violent revolutionary"? He advocated independence for Puerto Rico, and, yes, he was a nonviolent skeptic, but the feds sentenced him to 70 years.
That's six times what a murderer got in the 1980s.
People died.
Not being in the mold of Gandhi isn't a crime.
- So, this is a free speech issue.
- Exactly.
Then say that.
"Constitutionally protected," that's another term you can use.
- So he stays on the list? - For now.
But this is gonna rattle some cages.
You need to hone your defense chops.
I am not gonna be the last person you're gonna have to make this case to.
I've been calling and texting Stephanie.
No response.
Texting and calling? - Not good? - Not so much.
Ghosted by my sperm child.
What a touching term of endearment.
When I think of her that way, it hurts less.
Maybe giving her a locket was a little overwhelming.
I just mean, even young women with conventional parentage have complicated feelings about things, so just give her some space.
This is all your fault.
Okay, my turn.
I spoke to my mom this morning, and she's in the hospital.
- Is she gonna be okay? - I hope so.
She never wants to feel like a burden, which makes me feel burdened.
And I just I feel like a horrible daughter.
You're a wonderful daughter.
You're also an irreplaceable senior staffer on an all-encompassing presidential campaign.
- You're doing the best you can.
- Thank you.
- But no one is irreplaceable.
- You are.
Please don't make me cry right now.
3:00 p.
, you have an economic brief with the NEC.
- And then, your final debate prep.
- [SIGHS.]
Every time I think the debate can't be worse than the debate prep, I think, "Oh, God, of course it can.
" You have a habit of landing on your feet.
I am not worried.
- By the way, I've been doing research about drug decriminalization programs.
In Portugal, substance abuse is now being treated as a medical problem.
The number of people using heroin has been cut in half.
The drug-induced death rate is five times lower than anywhere in Europe.
- How? - Users receive a citation and go before a dissuasion panel.
Ultimately, the government provides them with support, not imprisonment or shame.
I understand why this is important to you, with everything you're going through.
In our rural communities, the top concerns are economics and drug addiction.
A policy change modeled after this proven success could be a game-changer.
You could provide something that would give countless people suffering with this problem not just hope, but an actual chance.
Educate me.
Put together a working group and get back to me with a report, a plan.
And if at that time I'm still president, then we'll talk about implementation.
- Thank you, Mr.
- Thank you, Mars.
Good afternoon, everybody.
With the presidential debate coming up, I have no new announcements.
So, I will take your questions.
Does President Kirkman have any response to the release of the photos of the late First Lady's car accident? Guys, we're not addressing this, okay? Jamie.
Does the president plan to resume therapy in light of these events? Come on, guys.
You have to ask actual questions, right? There must be real questions about real news.
Does President Kirkman feel any responsibility for these conspiracy theories? You should be ashamed of yourself.
All of you.
This story is 100% trash.
This is fever-swamp clickbait for moral degenerates and conspiracy whack jobs.
I'm sure whoever created this filth thanks you for being his or her accomplice in trumpeting this revolting desecration.
Whatever happened to standards? What happened to ethical practices? What happened for concern for the First Children? Guys, that's their mother! That's his wife! I hope none of you ever has to see your loved one's remains showcased by every media outlet around the world, and then have to explain to your children what these people, who should know better, were thinking.
This isn't journalism! I am so disgusted.
President Kirkman is disgusted.
Are you happy? There's your answer.
We're disgusted with every single one of you.
Write that.
Just talk some sense into your girlfriend.
No, that's not how it works.
Well, however it works, the administration can't include Miguel Salcedo in this round of pardons.
Moss would make him out to be the Latino Osama bin Laden from now until the polls close.
I can talk to the president.
Honey, I can talk to the president.
We need to cut this off at the pass, and that means Isabel.
Don't let her be the reason that we lose.
Which part of "say nothing" didn't you understand? I gave specific instructions not to respond, and you sing a goddamn aria? I apologize, sir.
They just kept pushing, and I lost it.
Their job is to push it.
Yours is to not lose it.
Your job is to protect this administration and, above all, my family! Instead, you gave the story three more days of airplay because you couldn't control your emotions.
Over something that didn't even concern you.
I meant no disrespect.
We're done here.
Why don't you take a few days? Give him time to cool off.
You mean not come to work? Hey, everything I said there was true.
It doesn't matter.
You don't get to indulge your anger on the president's behalf.
Go home, reflect on it while you still have a job to come back to.
President Kirkman claims he's not a politician.
Since he's served in office for over two years without a major accomplishment, I'm inclined to agree.
I would note to Mr.
Porter that presiding over the complete reconstruction of the federal government might be considered an accomplishment.
I thank the president for his service, but the title is "commander in chief," not "caretaker in chief.
" It is time to return our highest office to someone more plainly qualified.
Former president Moss declined to run again after the traumatic passing of his wife, putting country first.
President Kirkman, faced with a similar tragedy, exhibited sufficient mental instability that his own vice president sought his impeachment.
I received counseling during that incredibly difficult time.
Unfortunately, my opponents used my personal grief for political gain.
The intemperate outburst today by the president's communications director, who speaks for the president, hardly points to emotional equilibrium.
Okay, enough! What the hell is going on? This is a complete waste of my time! You had an opportunity to use this exercise to help me hone and articulate my views on real political issues.
Instead, you've chosen to make this about petty, personal attacks that are bullshit.
I am done.
Thank you both.
That outburst is exactly what can't happen.
You cannot bring Angry Kirkman to the debate.
Your opponents want a repeat of the State of the Union meltdown.
If you do that, we lose.
It's as simple as that.
When they poke, you must pivot.
I'm not a child that needs to be tricked into a lesson.
Don't ever do this to me again.
My job is to prepare him.
He can be so mad at me that he spits nails, as long as he doesn't carry that energy on to the stage tomorrow.
Right there.
Who is that? - Does he work here? - I don't think so.
Keep running it.
He's deliberately hiding his face.
We need to see his face.
Can you pull up another angle? Looks like we got our nurse from Toronto.
Zoom in on that plate for me.
Hey, Dianne.
We got a hit on our rogue nurse.
Illinois plates.
- [MARS.]
I have to go.
Gonna leave some money on the nightstand, too? [SIGHING.]
Things were not great this morning, if you must know.
If I must know? I know you don't like it when I talk about home.
Well, I like it less when you don't talk to me at all, which is happening more and more these days.
Am I wasting my time here? You bring wine, you fuck me, you leave.
Let's not do this tonight, please.
I got a lot going on.
You always have a lot going on.
Are you ever gonna leave your wife, Mars? Where did that come from? I'm your mistress.
It's in the handbook.
I never promised that.
No, you've been nothing if not careful, God knows.
- I can't leave Lynn.
- Right now or ever? I've got to go.
This was lovely.
We can talk all about this next time.
I don't know how many next times I've got left in me.
If I wanted to play second fiddle, I would've stayed with my ex.
I'm sorry.
But you knew my situation when this began.
Yes, you were clear.
And I was okay with it, or I accepted it, at least.
That's on me.
This is becoming unbearable.
You either wanna be here or you wanna be there.
The clock's ticking on your having it both ways.
Sorry about the debate prep ambush.
Lorraine can be a blunt instrument, but I know why she did it.
Thank you.
Moss is an old hand at this, and I am not.
- How are you feeling about it? - [CHUCKLES.]
Scared shitless.
What concerns you most? How to turn my policies into soundbites.
Not wanting to make any gaffes.
Wanting to be spontaneous without being reckless.
I'm trying to keep that all in my head while staring straight down a clock that doesn't stop ticking, knowing that 100 million people are watching, judging every bead of sweat, furrowed brow, twitch of the lip.
- Is that all? - [CHUCKLES.]
Moss has been rehearsing for this his whole life.
Not Porter.
He's a businessman, not a political pro.
That reminds me of the old joke.
What do you do when a bear charges you? Don't panic.
You don't have to outrun the bear, just the guy standing next to you.
You're not a performer, so don't perform.
Just keep showing the voters who you really are, and the rest'll take care of itself.
Anyways, enough about the debate.
What did you wanna talk to me about? My mother's in the hospital again.
Oh, Emily, I am so sorry.
I'm leaving tonight to see her, and I'm not exactly sure what I'll be walking into, so She's gonna try and protect you.
I wanted to let you know, in case I don't make it in time for the debate.
Don't give it a second thought.
Go be with your mother.
Until you've experienced that kind of loss, it's impossible to know the depth of its finality.
Thank you, sir.
Emily come here.
- Good luck.
- You, too.
You know what we should do? We should just quit our jobs, open up a bistro.
What do you think? One of us would probably have to learn how to cook first.
Shoot, my mama taught me how to cook before I could barely see over the stove.
You know, hot water corn bread, short ribs, collard greens.
I might even teach you a little something-something.
What's the matter? There's something we should talk about.
So? I'm undetectable.
Like, you're on the DL? [CHUCKLES.]
I'm HIV positive.
I never put you at risk.
We used a condom.
We were careful.
Why wouldn't you tell me that you were HIV positive before we had sex? I didn't wanna scare you off.
I know that might feel fucked up but it doesn't have to be a big thing.
You don't get to decide not to be upfront with me and then just act like it's no big deal.
- This is a huge fucking deal.
- You're okay.
I promise.
Yeah, so you say.
Okay, that's not fair.
You really wanna talk about what's fair in all this? You took away my right to choose.
I understand how you feel.
No, I don't think you do.
'Cause I'm hearing a whole lot of, "I didn't tell you, but it's no big deal.
You're okay.
" Instead of an actual apology.
No, I'm not apologizing for having HIV.
I take my meds.
By taking care of myself, I made sure you wouldn't catch it.
Two suits for an overnight trip? Better too many than too few, or nothing at all.
Oh, I'll toss something in a bag in the morning.
So, I hear you have Miguel Salcedo on your pardon list.
You really think it's the right time? Lorraine put you up to this? Of course she did, and you let her.
This isn't about Lorraine, this is about becoming a liability to the campaign.
You mean me becoming a liability.
Wow, Aaron.
No one would guess that she's got her hand up your ass, moving your mouth.
Has it ever occurred to you that I might disagree on the pardon on principle? I mean, the man inspired an action that took lives.
You can't just erase that.
His indictment was based on him being a brown man with unpopular rhetoric.
Agitating for bomb-throwing isn't unpopular, Isi.
It's seditious.
Miguel has First Amendment rights like anyone else.
Free speech is not an absolute.
You know that.
You can't shout fire in a crowded theater.
You know that's not a thing, right? What are you talking about? Of course it is.
No, not according to a constitutional lawyer I dated.
Well, let's by all means take your old boyfriend's words against Oliver Wendell Holmes'.
Holmes' opinion was overturned by the Supreme Court.
To break the law, speech has to incite "imminent lawless action.
" Says your ex-flame.
Look, you have an entire suitable list of fucking pardons.
Why'd you have to risk it all for him? Because it's right! It's not gonna be any less right in December.
He could be dead by then.
We could be packing up our offices! Do you not understand the position you're putting the president in? Or me? The only reason why you even have a seat at the table right now is because I'm running for VP.
This is so typical.
You always think that your work is more important than mine.
That's because it is.
You know what, Aaron? Find yourself another Latina to be your arm candy tomorrow.
I'll be busy doing my insignificant work! What's this? We haven't been intimate in a while, which is my fault.
But I'm feeling better, and I thought tonight could be the night.
- What a nice surprise.
You know it happens to a lot of men.
My age? There's no need to be anything embarrassed about.
I'm not.
Do you still love me? Of course I do.
You're just not attracted to me anymore? Don't say that.
Don't even think that.
It's been a long day.
I'm tired.
Of course.
Mars has already spoken to me about Miguel Salcedo, and I have to be honest, I have my concerns.
But he wanted me to hear you out.
There was never a single piece of hard evidence presented that he plotted, or conspired with, or even personally knew the bombers.
Yet he was charged and found guilty of seditious conspiracy, and sentenced to 70 years in a federal prison.
That's six times the average sentence for a convicted murderer at the time.
His words incited violence.
People died.
They were angry words, which he felt were commensurate with the injustices he saw.
And those same words also inspired breakfast programs for children, community initiatives and affordable housing.
Free speech has to be for everyone, not just the majority.
Otherwise, it's not free or protected speech.
It's sanctioned speech.
And the state has no business enforcing it.
Well put, sir.
Elections are highly-charged political times.
There's no way to ignore that.
It's a reality that has to be factored in.
Having said that, win or lose, after the election, I could pardon him.
Well, he's an 86-year-old man in declining health.
The next eight weeks are not inconsequential to whatever time he might have left.
- Thank you, Isabel.
- Thank you, Mr.
- Where's Isabel? - She's not coming.
Why not? We got in a huge fight over the Salcedo pardon, thanks to you.
Why thanks to me? You're the one who persuaded me to talk sense into her.
I didn't say to do it badly.
From now on, leave my personal life out of this, okay? You don't have a personal life.
Aren't you getting that? You two are polling as America's sweethearts.
I'm not saying that's worth two dozen electoral votes, but it's not negligible either.
You gotta kiss and make up.
The sooner the better.
It'd be best to have her on the swing through the Southwest and California.
Sweetheart, you came.
How are you feeling? [CHUCKLES.]
Better than I look.
This isn't just a blood clot, is it? Have you eaten? [VOICE BREAKING.]
Please tell me what's going on.
The cancer has spread.
I knew it.
And I'm stopping the chemo.
No, Mom.
You can't stop.
The doctor said it was my choice.
How long? Months, they think.
They don't know.
I need you to do something for me.
Anything you want.
I need you to make me a go-pack.
A go That's a mixture of pills I can take when it's time.
When it's time? For me to go.
That's what you meant by you had other plans? You're considering assisted suicide? No, I won't do that.
That's It's what I want.
I'm gonna stay here and we are gonna talk about this.
I'm going to go back to sleep now.
- And you're gonna go to the debate.
- No, Mom.
I'm not going anywhere.
You go to the debate and come back tomorrow.
I will have a list of what I need you to get.
This is it.
There's the car from the video.
Are we going in? We're waiting for Dianne to call with the warrant.
So, this is a stakeout? We should've stopped for snacks.
Quinoa chips, something.
- Guess we'll just sit in silence.
- What a great idea.
You look the part.
I know this is gonna change everything for us, but I have to do it.
If I don't, then I just have to.
You still on my side? I'm always on your side Mr.
Ready? Let's do this.
Aren't you supposed to be in Orlando, Prince Charming? Yeah, well, after my psychotic episode, I was encouraged to take a couple days off.
Aren't you supposed to be at Aaron's debate? No, 'cause I have a job.
You guys got into a fight.
You need a drink.
Here we go.
Tonight's debate will consist of six 15-minute segments.
There will be two-minute answers to the first question - Look who's almost not late.
We drew lots earlier.
- [AARON.]
Porter got the first question.
- Are you all right? - I'm fine.
What is your vision for healing racial divisions in this country? My hope is that one day we will live in a color-blind country Color-blindness isn't a thing! where every person is given the opportunities they deserve.
I believe in true fairness, not positive discrimination.
The white student with a 4.
0 GPA should not be denied college admission simply because a minority student with lower grades needs to be accepted in order to meet some arbitrary quota.
Now, you take President Kirkman, for instance.
Why, he wouldn't be standing here today if he'd been rejected from Cornell.
Ladies and gentlemen, do not let President Moss fool you.
This has been the argument made by men of privilege and power for far too long.
There is absolutely no evidence that supports the claim that African American, Latino or Asian students are preventing white students from going to school.
And for your own edification, Mr.
President, as grateful as I am for my time and education that I received from Cornell, Cornell was not my first choice.
The truth is most American students are not accepted to their first choice of college.
It's simple math.
Now, if you wanna understand what I think is truly unfair, it's the rising cost of higher education.
Predatory loans putting students in such great debt that education is once again becoming a privilege exclusively for the wealthy.
Myles Lee.
I bow down.
You're a true wizard and Net master.
Dontae Evans.
I do digital, far less ably, for the Kirkman campaign.
I heard of you.
You've got skills, man.
I have been goose-chasing that source of that First Lady dump.
Whoever's behind that is adept.
You think it was me? You'd have the chops.
President Moss has commissioned some sketchy stuff, but this wasn't him.
I should get back in there.
Tell you what I'll do.
I hear any whispers in the wind, I'll let you know.
Some of you might not know this, but President Kirkman canvassed for me during my first election.
that this was an accidental presidency, that he was daunted, over-matched and unsure.
That's why he begged me to come in to help run the country.
But America doesn't need a leader filled with self-doubt.
America needs strength, and that's something neither of my opponents possess.
President Kirkman has been reluctant to take bold steps in office, possibly because he wasn't elected.
But ladies and gentlemen, this is no time for the hesitant.
What a politician calls "hesitant," you and I would call "thoughtful.
" I'll give you an example.
Earlier this evening, before I walked out here tonight, I approved the presidential pardon list, and on that list will be Puerto Rican nationalist Miguel Salcedo.
Holy shit! [TOM.]
Now, some of you might think of that as a controversial choice.
And I guarantee you my political opponents' campaigns right now are feverishly composing attack ads as I speak.
But after careful consideration, I came to the conclusion that it was simply the right thing to do.
There go the swing states.
Not necessarily.
Now, thoughtful people can disagree, but it's the thinking that counts, not political calculations or knee-jerk demagoguery.
It requires honest, thoughtful and well-informed thinking.
Something we could do with more these days.
Now, Miguel Salcedo wasn't imprisoned for something he did.
He was imprisoned for what he said.
And as much as I might disagree with his words, the First Amendment should have protected his absolute right to say them.
Now, I know that many of you have read the outrageous conspiracy theories surrounding my wife's untimely death.
And as vile as I might think they are, and as hurtful as they've been to my children, like it or not, they, too, represent a free people's right to a protected speech.
Where is he going with this? [TOM.]
Having said that, you do not have to condone the content.
President Moss has failed to make any statement of condemnation.
So, I have to ask you, sir, can you say to me or the American people that you repudiate those lies, and that you do not want the vote of anyone who traffics in such filth? Well, this is nothing but a stunt, a transparent attempt for sympathy.
I didn't hear him say it.
Maybe he's being hesitant.
He most certainly isn't being thoughtful.
Ladies and gentlemen, politics do not need to be this dirty.
And on election day, you have the power to prove it.
You saw it yourselves, but our analytics also indicate a huge victory for President Kirkman.
I mean, he brought actual passion and honesty and conviction to a debate.
It was refreshing, wasn't it? Now, if that's your "yay, we won" face, it needs some work.
I haven't seen Isabel.
Yeah, we got into an argument.
- That bad? - Yep.
Things you can't get over? Everything's a battle with her.
She's always gotta be right.
This is a huge moment in my life, and she didn't show up for it.
So, I don't think I can get over that.
No matter how many rumors Lorraine spreads about our perfect relationship.
Yeah, she's hell-bent on making you the next Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.
- Well, it's a pain in my ass.
- Mmm.
What do you want? I don't know.
My mom's dying.
Jesus, Em.
She's asked me to help her end her life.
I can only speak in euphemisms.
My mom has asked me to help her kill herself.
Thanks again for listening to You don't have to thank me for that.
Now or ever.
All right? Come here.
I'm so sorry.
I shouldn't have done that.
We shouldn't [SOFTLY.]
All right? You're an amazing girlfriend.
Does Aaron know that? I mean, you're being amazing to me and you're not even my girlfriend, and I didn't even think that we were friends.
We're not.
Thank you.
Eli, wake up.
That's our guy.
Should we follow him? No, this is our chance to see what's in there.
What about the warrant? It's coming.
But in the meantime, we're bootstrapping it.
"Bootstrapping"? Technically, we know the warrant's coming, but we're just gonna get a jump on it.
Following the rules lasted longer than I expected.
I thought the CIA didn't issue guns.
If you think I'm going in there in a stand-your-ground state without my gun, you're crazy.
Let's go.
Hey, sweetheart.
The president did so well last night.
You must have had a lot to do with that.
- I may have prepped him a bit.
Come here.
I know how hard this is for you, but it is what I want.
I'll make a deal with you.
You come stay with me in DC, 'cause if you're gonna do this, we do it together.
I'll think about that.
I don't see anyone.
Why didn't I think of that? Just stay close.
Great, another biolab.
See what you can find on that computer.
Seth, I'm so glad I found you.
I'm sorry, sir.
I know I'm not supposed to be here.
I just came to pick up some paperwork.
Relax, this is exactly where you're supposed to be.
I owe you an apology.
But, sir, I'm the one who screwed up.
You didn't do what I asked, but you told the truth, and I respect that.
Thank you, sir.
By the way, congrats on the debate win last night.
You really handed Moss his ass on a platter, if I may be so bold.
I have to say, it felt pretty damn good.
Authenticity goes a long way with the American people.
I can't even tell anymore if I'm being authentic or if I'm performing up there.
But you, you spoke from your heart, and that really says something.
You're a good man.
Maybe you should go home and freshen up a bit.
You smell like a Kentucky distillery.
Yeah, I didn't think I was gonna run into you, so [CHUCKLES.]
Can we talk? [ISABEL.]
You can talk.
For Christ's sake, Isi, just look at me, please? You're the most important person in my life, and I don't wanna lose you because I'm an asshole.
What you did for Salcedo was right, and those things I said were wrong.
You walk the talk, and that's something I struggle to do sometimes.
But I love you for that, more than you know.
Isabel, please forgive me.
I'm so sorry.
This Crawford guy's username is "Krag.
" - Any idea what that means? - No.
It's an Afrikaans word for power, strength or virtue.
Hey, who the hell are you? Put the gun down, Crawford.
How do you know my name? We got a photo of you at the clinic in Toronto, and at the apartment complex in Tampa.
I don't know what you're talking about.
If I may, I have a question.
What's an aerospace engineer doing fucking around with DNA and infecting people with the flu? You've got the wrong guy.
Put your gun down.
Let's talk about how to help you.
Help me? You haven't got a fucking clue.
This is so much bigger than me.
And you're not gonna stop Shit! Hannah! Eighty-eight? It's a white supremacist symbol for "Heil Hitler.
" H is the eighth letter of the alphabet.
- Troy.
You've been ignoring me for days.
- Keep your voice down.
I'm not having this conversation in the middle of the West Wing.
In here.
This is inappropriate on so many levels.
I am sorry you feel like I took something away from you.
Or that I lied.
But not speaking to me isn't gonna solve anything.
I just don't know how to deal with this.
I booked this room.
Can you just give us a minute, Felix? I watched a lot of men die growing up in Mississippi.
They all looked like me.
They talked like me.
They loved like me.
And they ended up with AIDS.
I swore that would never be me.
I get that.
But I told you, I'm undetectable.
It's actually safer to have sex with someone who is undetectable than it is with someone that hasn't really been tested recently.
When's the last time you were tested? About a year ago.
And how many people have you hooked up with since then? I'm a top.
The risk is different.
The person I got it from was a top.
- Yeah, well, I'm clean.
- And I'm dirty? Being positive doesn't mean I am immoral or that I'm being punished for doing something wrong.
Hey, tell me you always wait until after before you let a guy know? I waited because I liked you, and I was actually afraid of being rejected.
I just feel like I can't trust you.
We can end this here.
- Whatever this was.
The room's yours.
We're done.
Lynn? Lynn? Lynn? Lynn? Lynn, Lynn.
Wake up.
Lynn, wake up.
Shit! - [LINE RINGS.]
I need an ambulance right away.
My wife OD'd.
84 Barryville Street.
Come on, Lynn.
Stay here.
Stay here.
Penn, why are you looking at that stuff? It's just gonna make you upset.
Have you read what they're saying about you? Yes, I have.
- Why aren't you mad? - I was, at first.
And then I realized getting mad wasn't gonna fix anything.
Sadly, sometimes, being president means that people are gonna say mean things about you and about the people that you love.
You know what makes me feel better, though? I know the truth.
I know how special Mommy was.
Sasha, Leo, you.
And the truth is, I love you more than anything in the world and that's all that matters.
I love you, too.
Book bag.
I still don't know how you carry that thing.
Tom Kirkman, mourning husband or murderous spouse? You be the judge.
Your voice-over is the icing on the cake.
Ah, all it took was a little ingenuity - and electronic distortion.
- Yeah.
Sure did the trick, though, stirring up Kirkman sympathizers.
Oh, yeah.
I couldn't have said "fuck you" to Moss any better if I'd painted it on the side of Beyoncé's tour bus.
I have something for you.
There's a little extra in there for diverting Dontae.
Let me know if you need anything else.
Moss is paying me in nickels and dimes.
I'll be in touch.
Dianne talked to the FBI.
Crawford was the leader of a new branch of the Rising Dawn movement called "Reclaim Our Nation.
" He was recruiting young professionals.
That's a new sick twist.
Neo-Nazi PhDs.
Another thing to keep me up all night.
Yeah, well, apparently, the FBI were tracking him since the alt-right rally in Missouri, but they didn't have anything to charge him with.
It's all starting to make sense.
Tinkering with DNA to make a designer ethnic bioweapon.
Oh, shit.
What? The birds.
The cardinals.
They killed them with the flu using a virulent piece of smallpox, then they targeted people of color and gave them the flu.
If they put this all together, you and I and a big part of the world are dead.