Designated Survivor (2016) s03e06 Episode Script


1 Can I call it home? The way you come, the way you go? It's lonesome when it's only me What are we looking at? Eight-year-old Mateo Orellana, suffering from kidney disease.
His parents brought him over the border illegally two nights ago.
He's currently receiving dialysis treatment at an ER in El Paso.
The family is hoping to procure a transplant.
The Moss campaign is predictably demagoguing on every cable channel.
They're shrieking about illness invaders taking American kidneys.
"American kidneys"? Moss really said that? Phil Brunton, his cadaverous immigration troll.
- What's the status of the transplant? - Hospital's refusing.
With Brunton saying ICE should raid the ER - and deport the entire family.
- Dying kid and all.
- Can we force the hospital to do it? - Unclear.
- And possibly unwise.
- Oh, here we go.
You can't honestly think the American people want this kid to die.
We're four weeks out.
It doesn't matter what the public at large wants.
How does it poll in the states we need to win? The industrial Midwest and Florida.
We can't do nothing, sir.
The story's already blowing up.
Seth's right.
Inaction looks like indifference.
The race is tightening up.
Moss is using this to secure his base.
We never had a shot at them anyway.
Porter's in free fall.
We can use this as a chance to do the right thing and peel away at his Democratic base.
- African Americans, the LGBTQ vote.
- And Latinos.
I'm sorry, I'm confused.
Now you think we should intervene? You convinced me, sweetie.
But we'll have to do a snap poll, make sure we're right.
- And meanwhile, send Aaron to El Paso.
- To do what? To show some concern, be the face of the campaign.
It's an empty-calorie photo op in a state we have no chance at winning.
No, it'll buy us time.
It's a good idea.
Moss is running nervous since the debate.
So go get some free coverage visiting the sick kid.
And we'll force Moss to pour money into an expensive media market that we trick him into defending.
Depleting his ability to fight in areas we know are up for grabs.
Damn, you guys are good.
In the meantime, I'll reach out to Mars.
He'll start looking for transplant options for Mateo.
- Thank you, everyone.
- Thank you, sir.
It was a justifiable use of deadly force.
I repeatedly asked Crawford to put his weapon down.
I guess Hitler-worshiping white supremacists don't like taking orders from people of color.
Okay, if I had to do it over, I would've left the civilian in the car, but I needed Eli to tell me whether I think we would both feel better if you just yelled at me.
That would not be pleasant, Hannah.
And I would know because I just received a rigorous ass-reaming from Director Hadley over you.
For what? Uncovering a highly-educated extremist hate group who's developing genocidal bioweapons? For spying on, then killing, an American citizen on American soil.
That's not what we do.
That's the FBI's job.
Well, they're doing a piss-poor job of it.
They had eyes on this group.
They didn't have a clue.
Then they'll appreciate the treasure trove you have for them.
Gather up your files.
The FBI is taking over from here.
Dianne, you can't take me off this case.
Take it up with Deputy Director McMillan.
He's debriefing you at 4:00.
Deputy Director McMillan and I don't have the greatest relationship.
Get the hell out of my office or you'll be saying the same about me.
Good morning.
You look comfortable.
It's hard to work from here when the d'Orsay's on the bank of the Seine, but this place has its charms.
You can stay if you want.
Penny loves having you here.
You? Dangling your child's happiness as a carrot? I enjoy you being here, too.
Sir, the French cultural attaché has arrived with his wife.
Thank you, Russell.
Would you care to play hostess? They would like to see some art.
That'd require me to move from this spot.
Well, repose is a fleeting luxury here.
I can't think of anyone more suited to the task.
When you put it that way I suppose I could grace them with my company.
Russell will be back in moments.
Thank you.
Sorry, I had to take a Where's Lorraine? I don't know.
I thought she was with you.
- I'll try and find her.
- Okay.
All right, Aaron has to go visit a dying boy, so I'll make this quick.
No more fucking each other.
- What? You told her? - No, you just did.
When I caught you taking the walk of shame outside his hotel room in Florida, your big, guilty, deer-in-headlights eyes gave it away.
Look, it was a crisis and alcohol-fueled terrible mistake that will never happen again.
Do you know the microscope you're under? This cannot be monkey business as usual.
I'm not that kind of guy.
Let's hope you're not anymore.
As long as widow Kirkman is not ready to date, this Aaronbel romance is all I've got.
It is a very valuable commodity that I need to protect.
- You don't have to protect it - She's right.
The polls show women love Isabel.
They do.
And they like you, too, Aaron.
But they'll turn on you like week-old fish if they think that you'll bang anybody.
This has been fun, but I need to be literally anywhere but here.
I gotta go to Texas, for reasons I'm entirely unclear about.
Well, I will email you talking points.
And keep it in your pants, Romeo.
Where are you going, man? Uh, Texas.
Not my choice.
- Are they sending you to El Paso? - Yeah.
- Hmm.
It's not a bad idea.
- It's a fucking photo op.
It's also a way to neutralize douchebags saying brown people are coming for your life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.
Well, send the secretary of Homeland Security.
Don't send me on a transparent attempt to drum up Latino votes in my home state.
There's also a little boy that needs our help.
- Try to focus on that.
- Right.
- Te amo.
- Yeah, I love you, too.
Greetings, my journalistic colleagues.
Hit me.
About the Guatemalan child in Texas National Security Advisor Aaron Shore is on his way to El Paso now to meet with the family.
President Moss has been very vocal about the issue.
Does the president plan to respond? First, it's not an issue, it's a child's life.
And unlike former president Moss, President Kirkman doesn't deal in demagoguery.
But the situation raises real questions about immigration policy in this country.
They're questions the president is happy to address at the appropriate time.
So you think the undocumented child should receive medical care? - No, I didn't say that.
- Then he shouldn't receive care.
I didn't say that, either.
The issue situation is obviously very complicated.
Is silence the president's way of simplifying it? Next question.
I don't get it.
Where are the names? Revealing their identities puts others in danger.
"In honor of those members of the Central Intelligence Agency who gave their lives in the service of their country.
" If Crawford had been a nanosecond quicker pulling the trigger, you'd be up there.
There are worse ways to go, I guess.
Like from a virus created by demented minds? - What's our next step? - To the side.
It's domestic terrorism.
The FBI is taking over.
That's bloody bullshit.
This is a global threat.
Wait, to make their mutant viruses, you said that they needed DNA pieces that they could CRISPR into their bioweapon, right? So where did Crawford and his co-conspirators get those pieces? There are people I could talk to.
Well, it is a free country.
I certainly couldn't stop you.
The Guatemalan health-care system is in a deep crisis.
The country has the fourth highest rate of chronic malnutrition in the world, high maternal and child mortality, and a large prevalence of diabetes and heart diseases.
Many families living in Mr.
President, you didn't have to.
What a dispiriting world it would be if we only did things we had to.
- Lynn's still unconscious.
- Yeah.
They believe it was accidental.
Having detoxed, the amount she was previously accustomed to using could have caused her to OD.
Mars, I'm so sorry.
How are you holding up? - I'm okay.
Thanks for asking.
- Of course.
You've seen what we've been dealing with? - The sick Guatemalan kid.
- It's tragic.
Moss' guys are all over, making hay.
Using it to ignite anti-immigration sentiment.
I can't believe he hired that alt-right son of a bitch to be his chief strategist.
I'd like to intervene, but under what authority? Let me look into it.
- Are you sure? - Grateful for the distraction.
Thank you, I appreciate it.
Sorry to interrupt, sir.
I just received word one of your campaign aides, Dontae Evans, - was accosted this morning.
- "Accosted"? The attacker made off with his work phone, but the agency reassures the contents have been remotely wiped clean.
I don't care about the contents of his phone.
How is he? Facial contusion he's receiving treatment for.
Here, in fact.
- Find out where exactly, please.
- Yes, sir.
Thank you.
Mugged, on his way to work? Sadly, it's not uncommon.
White House aides are told in orientation one in five can expect it at some point.
One in five? That's ridiculous.
Why am I hearing about this for the first time? It's a rung or 200 below your pay grade.
I'm gonna go check on him.
Thank you for looking into this transplant business.
- Keep your chin up.
- Thank you, sir.
Polls show the middle electorate sides with Moss on the kid.
They'd rather cozy up to pocketbooks than undocumented children, go figure.
Yeah, don't give us your tired, poor and sick.
Unless you're white, right? The press is really hounding this kid.
I'm exhausted and it's only 10:00 a.
Tell me about it.
What did you order? A quadruple-shot Americano pour-over.
It invigorates me.
Well, while you're briefing the hounds, I'll be in Bethesda.
I think I found a clinical trial my mom qualifies for.
Hey, that's great.
Have you told her yet? I don't want to get her hopes up until I'm sure, but I have to go.
- Enjoy that energy drink.
- Yeah, thanks.
Hey, Mr.
Politician! My daughter died 'cause she didn't get a bone marrow transplant in time! Now you and your illegitimate president want to shove our kids further down the waiting list so some undocumented parasite can jump the line! - Hello.
- Hello.
- Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
- My name is Aaron.
- Hello, sir.
I brought you something.
It's from the office of the president.
- What is it? - Open it and see.
Can you put it on me, please? Yes.
Let's see Which puppy are we going to put it on? Eh? We're going to put it up here.
It looks good on you, Mateo.
Very good.
- He's a lovely boy.
- Thank you.
And thank you for coming.
Yes, thank you, but if he doesn't receive a transplant and we're deported I'm afraid my son will die.
They told us he wouldn't live more than a few days without dialysis.
I understand.
The doctor told us that Ruben is a match for Mateo.
- He's a match? - Yes.
One moment, please.
Shore, I'm Julie Snow, Surgical Director of Kidney Transplantation.
- It's a pleasure.
- This is our chief counsel, Neal Kristof.
So, where are we with all this? We've been dialyzing Mateo since he arrived.
Guided by federal law because it's an emergency.
However, once he's finished this course, we're gonna have to discharge him.
Discharge him? I mean, he needs a transplant.
Undocumented immigrants can't be placed on the UNOS transplantation list.
I'm aware of that.
But his mom just told me that his father was a match.
Is that right? It is, but But? The surgery costs $270,000.
Unfortunately, unless someone were to step in and foot the bill, we can't perform the procedure.
- So, this is about money now? - For the hospital, yes.
We try to stay out of the politics.
That's your job, not ours.
Little Mateo, we are told, will die if he is sent back to Guatemala without a kidney transplant.
Guatemala is one of the poorest countries in Latin America Mars Harper.
Hey, Mars.
I got what you asked for.
Health & Human Service regs are a fucking rat's nest.
If anybody can find the cheese, it's you.
Damn right.
All right, get this.
"The secretary of HHS has the authority to increase transplantation among populations with special needs, including children who are members of racial or ethnic minority groups.
" How does that help us get the cash for Mateo's transplant? There's a $7-million pot the Public Health Service can distribute at its discretion.
And you'll love this.
The regs don't specifically prohibit treating undocumented immigrants.
So we can sue their asses if they don't comply with the regs.
And guess who forgot to close this little loophole? Corny Moss.
These regs were written under his administration.
I love it.
Moss is gonna be the one to pay for Mateo's surgery.
Give POTUS the good news.
All right, we're moving.
And out.
Come on.
Let's go.
This is over and above, sir.
The least I could do.
Where are we headed? The campaign office.
Not a chance.
You're not working today.
Where do you live? Brentwood, where I grew up.
I'm not familiar with that neighborhood.
- Hmm, I'm not surprised.
- Why do you say that? Because most white folks have never been there, even though it's ten minutes from the Capitol.
I'd like to see where you live.
I'd like you to show me.
Gentlemen, we're going to Brentwood.
Sir? We're gonna take Dontae home.
Thank you.
Yes, sir.
My elementary school.
Razor wire.
It looks like a prison.
Metal detectors when you walk in.
I couldn't walk straight home to my house.
I had to zigzag around, pick your way through the gang turf.
Grocery store's been closed since I can remember.
- Where does your family shop? - Nowhere around here.
We call those "food deserts.
" Before I became president, I proposed a plan to try and combat them.
Unfortunately, the Richmond administration had other priorities.
Plans don't often become reality.
I'm embarrassed that I've never seen this before.
It's just a few miles from the White House.
Thank you, sir.
No, Dontae, thank you for showing me.
Are you sure you're gonna be all right? Yes, sir.
Okay, see you tomorrow.
She's already been through a gauntlet of chemo.
Which is why immunotherapy might be her best bet.
Our experimental treatment amplifies the immune system's response.
We target a folate receptor, which is over-expressed in epithelial ovarian cancer.
She'd receive an IV dosage once every few weeks.
Has there been any luck so far? We're heartened, but we're lacking longitudinal data.
How come? It's difficult when most participants are at an advanced stage.
Well, she beat it.
She was in remission for two years.
I'll call you when I've reviewed all her records.
Thank you so much.
This is so incredible to hear.
So, we do have the legal authority to force the hospital's hand.
According to subsections M and N.
The father being a match removes the "taking an American kidney" objection.
We're still waiting to see how this polls.
I'm not.
Give the go-ahead.
Anyone who objects to saving a child's life, I'll be more than happy to engage with.
Nice work.
Thank you, sir.
- I'll give Aaron the good news.
- I'll tell him.
Sure, of course.
Uh, so, since this is happening, we may as well own it.
Let's get Aaron on TV with the boy.
- Lean in.
- Personalize it.
One death is a tragedy, a million deaths, a statistic.
Stalin, your hero.
Buy this magazine or we'll kill the dog.
Yeah, something like that.
Go, get to work.
Sir, you needed me? Can I ask you a personal question? Of course.
Have you ever been mugged on your way to work here? Uh, not so far, sir.
I've been lucky.
Coleman Harris is a professor of Urban Planning at Georgetown University.
Let's see if we can get him here as quickly as possible.
- Yes, sir.
- Thank you.
" Good afternoon, and thank you for coming.
It's always nice to come back home to Texas.
Being here today reminds me of the first time I ever landed in a hospital when I was in fourth grade.
I had appendicitis.
Luckily, we had access to health care.
They fixed me up.
I was back home in a couple days.
Now, this is Mateo Orellana.
You've heard a lot about him this last week, but I thought it best for you to get to know him.
Now, Mateo likes soccer, hot chocolate and the Avengers.
Mateo? Who is your favorite Avenger? Hulk! Mateo is about the same age I was when I got sick.
But he's from Guatemala, where medical options for his condition are nonexistent.
So his parents did what any loving parent would do.
They brought Mateo to the one place they knew he had the best chance of surviving, the United States.
We can save Mateo without displacing anyone from the UNOS transplantation list.
Mateo's father is ready and willing to give his kidney to save his son's life.
Any time we have options, we're in a position of privilege.
It requires close attention and great care not to hurt one another, but to reach out a hand and help.
I think we owe one another that much.
I'll take some questions.
Your wife was pretty damn lucky.
So I've been told.
Can't tell you how many folks I've seen rushed in here after OD'ing on opiates.
They stop breathing, someone finds 'em, calls 911, they get put on a vent.
It's brain damage for life.
- Lynn is gonna be okay.
- Well, this time.
You better keep some Narcan on hand, just in case.
How much does this ICU cost? With your co-pay, probably about the same as a couple of dinners at a fancy Georgetown restaurant.
But for someone without insurance? Well, this admission would run you about 60,000 bucks at least.
Like you said, pretty damn lucky.
So good to see you.
Thank you for coming.
Thanks for the invite.
How long has it been? Since Columbia? Five years.
Or two influential positions ago for you.
I should've had you in here a long time ago.
I'm sorry.
Guilty as charged.
And now you're running for reelection.
Yes, but that's not why I asked you here.
I've just learned that one in five White House staffers can expect to be mugged on their way to work.
And I think that's disgraceful.
Because it's happening to privileged, elite people? No, because this is the capital of the United States, and we should be an example.
We can do better.
I took a little tour, then read your report on environmental contributors to adverse health conditions - in lower-income communities.
- You keep up.
It's fascinating stuff.
I learned that cockroach infestation is related to asthma.
Chronic ear infections to poor reading skills.
A lack of access to fresh fruits and vegetables to obesity, type 2 diabetes, and everything else that could follow.
All easily preventable.
Like the Atlanta project.
The purpose-built community, yes.
The idea, transform the community environment itself.
Cleanup, repairs, improve or restore services.
Fix the neighborhood out from under the residents.
Gentrification without displacement.
I want to try that here.
It costs money.
How'd you accomplish it in Atlanta? A benefactor, along with some local and state funds.
I want you to be a part of this.
Better late than never.
The White House art collection includes 65,000 objects and 500 paintings.
They can't be all on display here.
Oh, no.
When my brother-in-law became president, he and my late sister selected works from the collection, as well as paintings on loan from the National Gallery, like this one.
Watson and the Shark by John Singleton Copley.
It's quite striking.
It depicts the rescue of an orphan boy attacked by a shark in Havana Harbor.
An odd choice, no, for a president? On the contrary.
The president is quite drawn to paintings that depict triumph over adversity and the beauty of resilience.
Well said.
President Kirkman certainly is facing sharks during this election.
Like that awful Moss, berating that poor little boy who needs a transplant.
How can your country treat a child this way? At times, my country can have a cold heart.
One of the reasons I moved to France was because you believe health care is a human right.
We also believe that children have the right to an education, housing, and to free expression.
Your country is the only one not to ratify the UN Convention that protects the right of all children.
Why hasn't the president signed it? He supports it.
The Senate must ratify it.
Then he should put pressure on the Senate.
Perhaps we should move on.
Your art is impressive, but your treatment of children leaves much to be desired.
- Deputy Director McMillan.
- Ms.
I see you've upped your body count.
Just the one, actually.
It would've been nice to have had a chance to interview Crawford.
I did get a few questions off before I had to neutralize him.
He was less than forthcoming.
His hard drive bore a little more fruit, but, I mean, the guy was literally a rocket scientist, so smart enough not to leave a huge paper trail.
And the trail he did leave? Led us to the group Reclaim Our Nation.
Which the FBI already knew about.
Well, it also confirmed something that you didn't.
That Crawford was behind the genetically modified flus that were causing miscarriages in Toronto and targeting people of color in Tampa.
Anything else? Yeah, he had some final words.
He said, "This is so much bigger than me, and you're not going to stop it.
" Indicating an imminent threat.
Yes, and the possible existence of a co-conspirator who's out there, ready and willing to execute.
His hate group, obviously.
We didn't find any evidence to corroborate that.
We've tracked Reclaim Our Nation to an enclave in Wyoming.
We raid it tomorrow.
I'll take your files now.
I'd like to be there.
When we're finished here, the FBI will require no further assistance from Hannah Wells.
Are you shitting me with this bill, Gregory? You're supposed to keep Alan from bleeding me dry.
I'm gonna end up paying my lawyer more than my ex-husband.
Well, no, I can't sit through another mediation looking at his smarmy, gold-digging face.
Cut me the best deal you can.
I'm just done.
Do me a favor, give me some fucking good news.
Well, the latest polling data indicates a groundswell of support for Mateo.
How's he doing in the states we care about? Gangbusters in the Rust Belt, and it's growing in Texas.
Holy cow, the kid is a godsend.
When is his surgery? Tomorrow morning, and people are invested.
I think Aaron should do another press conference.
In really tight scrubs, I'm hoping.
Okay, you stay here tonight, and, you know, monitor things.
My mother is flying in from Florida to stay with me, so Well, I'm not a monster.
Why don't you go and let her in, give her a big hug, and then get your ass back here? Okay.
Those are stale.
The cafeteria gathers up all the candy bars they haven't sold and sticks them in here for night owls like us, who'll eat anything at 4:00 a.
I can barely taste it.
Who've you got sick? My wife.
Want to talk about it? - Not really.
- I understand.
I wish I understood.
I think human beings are wired to want answers, reasons for what isn't easily explained.
My wife's addicted to opiates.
Does she want to get better? - I don't know.
- What do you want? I don't know, either.
- That's a quandary.
- Your specialty, huh? My calling.
So what's on your mind tonight? I don't know what to do.
If I leave her, I'll feel guilty.
If I stay, I'll be miserable not knowing when I'm gonna get that call that it's all over.
She has to want to get better.
That's not on you.
But it's not all on her, either.
What's your role in this? My cheating.
That's on me.
My working late so I don't have to come home.
That's on me, too.
Then change your behavior.
That much you can do.
Folks think it's so complicated.
They're all tangled up in their relationships and lives.
But they often don't realize that they have choices.
They can stay or they can go.
They can be honest or lie.
Maybe it's time for you to make some hard decisions and stop blaming yourself and your wife for the past.
Candy bar is actually pretty good.
Our timing couldn't be better.
Our intel says an emergency summit was called over Crawford's death.
We have every damn one of them in there.
You should send Officer Wells a thank-you card.
I would suggest you keep eyes on that one.
When she doesn't get invited to the party, she gets volatile.
The perimeter is secure.
Show time.
All teams are in place and good to go.
On my count.
Three, two, one Breach.
What the hell is this? They're dead.
Every last one of them.
Get HAZMAT in here! They've all bled out.
Everybody fall back.
How are you? - I never did fly well.
- She needs to lie down.
This is Tina that I've been raving about.
She'll be taking care of me so that I'm not such of a bother.
Nice to meet you, Tina.
And, Mom, you're never a bother.
Oh, I have some great news.
I met with someone at the NIH, and you've been accepted into a trial therapy.
It's the most promising thing out there for a cure.
I'm too tired to think about that right now.
Let's talk when you get home from work.
I'm not gonna go to work today.
And if you talk to President Kirkman, tell him not to worry.
I voted by mail before we left.
Secretary Goff.
Please, have a seat.
Oh, when you're campaigning, it seems next to impossible to get anything else done.
But I wanted to let you know that if we're fortunate enough to win, I would like you to continue leading the Department of Housing and Urban Development.
I would be honored to continue the work you started there.
Unfortunately, I wasn't there long enough to accomplish what I'd hoped to.
And as president, there never seems to be enough time to go around.
Your fiscal year-end is coming up, right? It is.
You're in that frantic search of where to spend the rest of your funding so your budget doesn't get cut off by the next appropriations.
You know the drill.
Well, today might be your lucky day, because I think I have an idea where you might want to spend that money.
Doctor, what are Mateo's chances here? They're very good.
Living donor transplants have better short and long-term survival rates than deceased donor recipients.
It's his after-care we need to be more worried about.
Okay, talk to me about that.
He'll need immunosuppressant medication after the procedure so that his body doesn't reject the new kidney.
It's not cheap.
What's the cost? If you're uninsured, it can run upward of 17,000 a year.
And how many years will he need it? Every year, for the rest of his life.
I've gotta get to the OR.
Hey, Isi.
Hey, love.
Is he out of surgery yet? About an hour and a half or so.
I'm pacing like he's my own kid or something.
Little muchacho got to you, huh? Hey, listen, I wanted to ask you something.
Are there any provisions in the HHS code that cover after-care for transplant patients? No, it only addressed procurement and allocation.
The doctor here is telling me that Mateo's anti-rejection drugs will run him about 17 grand a year.
Now, if Mateo lives 70 years, that's a bit over a million.
That's freaking outrageous.
Put it in perspective, though.
It's not that much.
Wait, 1.
2 million is not that much? Not when you compare it to what gets spent on election campaigns.
$2 billion this cycle? That's fucking outrageous.
I gotta go.
What did I say? No, you just gave me an idea.
I'll call you right back.
I think we can extubate your wife later today.
She's almost ready to breathe on her own.
That's a relief.
Now, the next step in her treatment is to wean her off the opioids.
Well, she's gone to rehab three times.
So, that's not working.
Well, the good news is we have a new drug that's in phase three trials.
It's been successfully used to decrease dependency and reduce the dangers of overdosing.
This explains the risks, the benefits.
I'd recommend you and Mrs.
Harper consider it.
- It's not on the market yet? - No, but it will be soon.
If the FDA gives final approval.
Results have been very promising.
It's made by FlagKind, owned by Jordan Flagg.
- Mmm-hmm.
You know him? - We play tennis at our club.
He has a lot of experience in pain management.
The fuck he does.
He made the shit that she's hooked on.
And now he wants to charge her for a new drug to treat her addiction? No, no, no, there's no charge.
It's still in trials.
Oh, so you want to use my wife as a guinea pig to make this bloodsucker even richer? We pass.
Well, your wife should be able to go home in a day or two.
- I wish you both good luck.
- Goodbye.
Thank you all for attending.
I wanted to take this moment to inform you, as members of the Congressional Black Caucus, that a HUD pilot project will be announced later today.
One that will completely revitalize the low-income neighborhood of Brentwood right here in Washington, DC.
As a model, we are planning to use the highly successful purpose-built community in Atlanta, and hope that it will serve as an example for future projects across the country.
And help you win black votes? I understand the cynicism of your remark.
As long as there have been candidates for office, they have paid lip service to the concerns of black voters.
But I am not just a candidate.
I am the sitting president of the United States.
And I'm not making hollow promises for some future action.
This project is gonna happen whether I win the election or not.
We look forward to the details.
But with respect, you didn't ask us all here to deliver a courtesy heads-up.
No, if you'll indulge me, I would like to quote your caucus motto.
"Black people have no permanent friends, no permanent enemies, just permanent interests.
" I don't believe a Moss administration will serve those interests.
Our constituents largely identify as Democrats.
With all due respect, Porter's polling third and he's fading.
He is going to lose.
How can we trust that you'll follow through if we give you our endorsement? This has happened countless times before.
When you ran HUD, you promised to address food deserts.
Those were promises unkept.
As I said earlier, this project is going to happen.
It can either be an orphan or the beginning of the first truly meaningful nationwide urban renewal program of our lifetimes.
You see, I believe our interests are aligned.
So, Mateo's out of surgery.
The doctors say things went as well as they could have gone.
Both he and his father are recovering nicely, and they should be discharged in the next couple of days.
Now, here's where we run into another issue.
You see, Mateo, like every transplant recipient, will need what's called anti-rejection medication in order to keep his kidney healthy.
He will need this medication for the rest of his life.
The fact that people like the Orellanas, and many working-class Americans, can't afford this medication, the fact that this medication is so expensive, now that's a discussion for another time.
What's most pressing now is that we find a way to give Mateo the medication he needs.
And here's my pitch.
It's election season, and maybe you were thinking of kicking in a few bucks to the Kirkman campaign, or Cornelius Moss or William Porter.
Now, instead, why don't you text "Mateo" to 70773? It'll instantly send $10 to Mateo's fund.
I'll be the first one to do it.
Let's take a break from politics and focus on what really matters.
"Mateo" to 70773.
Thank you.
- Yeah.
- That's right, Jordan.
This project will be the first of a broader program, transforming neglected neighborhoods in every corner of this great land.
President Kirkman met with the leaders of the Congressional Black Caucus, and they threw their support behind the project I gather you played a role in this.
Guess I should've gotten mugged working for an important white dude years ago.
It's kind of a good thing, no? I guess.
If it's not just paying lip service to get the black vote.
- You think POTUS would do that? - He wouldn't be the first.
Hey, Mom.
Oh, my God, are you watching this? Yeah.
Did my baby have anything to do with it? Maybe a little.
Aaron! Aaron! Aaron! Please, step back, ma'am.
I know him.
My name is Mariluz Santiago.
Aaron! Aaron! It's okay.
You came all the way to El Paso? Why didn't you just call me? I don't know.
Maybe I'm being paranoid, but Paranoid about what? A reporter's been dogging me.
Asking me questions about my status, about how I came to the United States, about how you know me.
- What have you told him? - Nothing.
I've been avoiding him.
Just keep doing that.
He's been making these threats, saying he'll report me to ICE.
Mariluz, nobody's gonna deport you.
- How can you be sure? - I work for the president.
But what if you lose? Okay, look, you gotta keep this to yourself, okay? Jordan, long time.
Oh, hey, Mars.
Hardly see you around anymore.
Oh, the election and all.
- We can count on your vote, right? - Yeah, sure.
Man, I have this awful rash.
Must be stress.
I swear, I feel like I just want to jump out of my skin.
Sounds bad.
I was thinking about taking some of your stuff.
Well, I imagine this is just an inkling compared to what those dope-sick folks experience, huh? I heard that the cravings are so bad you can't even focus on anything else.
I mean, you try to do something, anything, just make a sandwich, pay some bills, and you just can't function without them.
And then once you get 'em, you're wired, and you just want more.
Motherfuck! Must be excruciating.
What do you want, Harper? You've been part of the problem.
Now, be part of the solution.
I don't know what you're talking about.
We help people manage their pain.
You hook 'em like a dope dealer on the street.
Okay, that's enough.
- No, I'm not finished.
- What the fuck is wrong with you? Why don't you do this: make amends.
If someone doesn't have insurance, give them this new drug of yours for free.
Or if someone does, just donate the proceeds to abstinence or harm-reduction programs, yeah.
That's not gonna happen, pal.
Maybe I'll be able to persuade you.
Are you threatening me? Oh, I wouldn't say that.
No, if you ask me, I'd say I'm managing my pain.
I don't know what the blue-fuck you told them, but we just got an official endorsement from the entire Congressional Black Caucus.
Now all I need to do is deliver a nationwide urban miracle.
Not my station.
What is, some illuminating polling that just came in.
- How's it looking? - Amazing.
Five hours, and we've already raised almost $900,000.
We'll reach our goal by end of day.
Excuse me, Mr.
Shore, you're needed in the Oval.
Okay, you're coming with me.
We did this together.
If you insist.
What killed them? It's still being analyzed at Quantico, but some form of hemorrhagic fever.
Genetically weaponized.
They were developing a virus targeting people of color.
I assume all of these white supremacists were white.
Probably why they thought they were safe around it.
They were all dead within 12 hours of exposure.
If this had gotten out, it would've been a catastrophic pandemic.
You should be proud.
What next? You've reached Dr.
Eli Mays.
Leave a message, bearing in mind someone may be listening.
Hey, it's Hannah.
They're moving me back to Analysis.
It's over.
So the question we have before us now is when they're released from the hospital, what do we do with the Orellana family? We could put them in the asylum pipeline.
Granting temporary residency in the interim.
You sure the asylum claim is legitimate? - Does it matter? - Yes.
Yes, it does.
This has practically made Mateo a celebrity.
He's a clear target for kidnapping.
Yeah, or the cartels will steal the money for his medication.
- Are we considering deportation here? - It's on the table.
Did I just wander into the Moss campaign? Some informative polling from Florida.
Everyone's happy Mateo got his kidney, but the Latinos there favor deportation.
- Cubans? - Not only Cubans, the majority of Puerto Rican voters, too.
The Latino electorate is not monolithic.
Are we really going to make a poll-driven decision here? No, we're not, but we're also not gonna be sending out a message that if you have a life-threatening medical condition, and manage to get across the border illegally, that that's somehow a path to permanent residency.
They did break the law.
Crossing the border illegally is a misdemeanor.
It's like they went over the speed limit racing to the hospital.
More like running a red light, but I take your point.
What do you think? I think without Florida, we lose.
I'd like to try some barbecue or Mexican food, something we can't get in Paris.
I know a couple places.
You have been an exceptional guide.
I recognize you.
Could you connect me to the Capitol Police? What are you doing in here? Washing my hands.
Yes, I'm in the Capitol ladies' room, and there's a man in here.
What's going on, Sasha? Your friend is in the wrong restroom.
I beg your pardon? Well, didn't he tell you? He's a guy posing as a woman.
Sasha, wait.
Hey, sweetheart.
- How was work today? - Good.
Why don't we put on that terrible reality show you love? I'm not really in the mood.
Tina, I'm chilly.
Could you grab my sweater? Of course, Carrie.
So we have an appointment at the NIH tomorrow morning.
Oh, honey, I don't think so.
We need to get you started in this protocol as soon as possible.
Tell them to give my spot to someone else.
What? What are you talking about? I can't go through any more treatment.
Yes, you can.
The alternative is death.
I'm Stage Four.
I've made my peace with that.
Mom, you came here so that I could take care of you and I need you to let me do that.
Sweetheart, I didn't come here so you could take care of me.
I came here because assisted suicide is legal in DC.
Good evening.
As you know, due to the intervention of the Kirkman administration, Mateo Orellana has received the lifesaving medical treatment for which he came to the United States.
The Orellana family extends their gratitude to the American public for their support during this difficult time.
Upon Mateo's discharge, the Orellana family will return to Guatemala.
His doctors will coordinate his care with a hospital near his home.
- What happened? - POTUS is deporting him.
It's a transparent attempt to cynically have it both ways.
Compel the transplant as a sop to the open borders crowd, and then deport the family to placate immigration hardliners.
Not only is it incoherent as policy, it's also a wrongheaded political strategy doomed to not only please no one, but alienate everyone.
See, this is the problem running as a sensible centrist.
With no fixed convictions or anchoring ideologies, you wind up with this nonsensical, improvisatory, entirely contradictive governance.
Do the American people really want four more years of this hand-wringing, rudderless drift? This feckless, maybe-this, maybe-that, what-should-I-do, Hamlet presidency? - Easy.
- Eli, what the hell? What if I was armed? What's wrong? It's not over.