Designated Survivor (2016) s03e09 Episode Script


1 - [MAN 1 OVER RADIO] Target is on the move.
- [CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING] [MAN 2 OVER RADIO] I have eyes on target.
The FBI has Phil Brunton under 24-hour surveillance.
How is Moss's chief strategist connected to the bioterror threat? Feds found someone solicited by Brunton to research and develop bioethnically targeted infections.
And we've confirmed that? [RACHELLE] NSA was brought in, and they've now tied Brunton to the dead terrorist, Momberg, through phone records.
Do I have to tiptoe around the GOP elephant in the room? Is Moss involved? - FBI doesn't know.
- He couldn't be.
Well, if he is, his loyal attack weasel will never tell.
Moss is ahead in the polls.
Brunton will stay quiet, hoping for a pardon if he wins.
Where are we at with the arrest? That Mr.
President is the question causing a run on Imodium at the DOJ.
The grand jury handed down a sealed indictment, but Director Vargas prides himself on keeping the FBI apolitical.
Which is why they back-channeled this through the White House Counsel's office.
The bureau has a long-standing protocol of refraining from making major decisions in investigations - in the weeks preceding an election.
- We're less than a week out.
An arrest now gives the appearance that they're using their authority to influence the outcome.
We don't know what Brunton could do if he's allowed to remain free.
I'm sorry, but I have to step in here.
My job is to protect the American people.
And my job is to protect you.
As president, you do not have authority to order a prosecution.
Abuse of power opens you to a range of consequences.
And think of the optics.
Ordering the arrest of your political rival's top surrogate? I still have to do something.
Your interference could jeopardize the case.
I strongly advise you stay out of it.
Okay, fine.
Thank you, Rachelle.
Thank you.
She's right about the optics.
You're behind in the polls.
It'll look political.
You know Vargas.
[THEME MUSIC PLAYING] You're speaking on behalf of the president? He wants you to know that this isn't a White House that's going to interfere in an investigation.
Then why are we meeting in a security camera blind spot, Mars? Vargas, the FBI should proceed by the book.
We are.
We don't put our thumb on the electoral scale.
I was referring to the part that says, when there's a bioterrorism threat, you haul ass to keep people safe.
Political blowback be damned.
Manipulating an ongoing criminal investigation can come back to bite you, Mars.
We have Brunton under surveillance.
We can wait it out.
I understand the FBI is an independent organization.
But you guys really shit the bed on this bioterror investigation.
I think we're done here.
The only reason there wasn't a pandemic of God-knows-what in Houston was because Hannah Wells wouldn't let it go when the FBI shut it down.
It cost her her life.
If there is another attack between now and election day, it's on you.
Uh, I'm just going to get some coffee.
I was not watching you sleep.
Telemarketer? [ISABEL] Worse.
She keeps hounding me to go on today's campaign swing through Florida with Aaron.
- To keep up appearances.
- Will you? I thought you weren't supposed to involve yourself in campaign issues.
Hey, I'm on my personal time here.
I'm just an ordinary concerned citizen.
No, I'm not going.
Follow-up question.
Not that I don't love having you as a houseguest, but You think there is any chance you guys will get back together? No.
I know it's unfair to ask you to play the role of the supportive good spouse, - but Kirkman's down in Florida.
- Seth [SIGHS] It just sucks that he has to suffer collateral damage because of what Aaron did.
Was it really that bad? He slept with Emily.
Yeah, fuck that asshole.
You're not campaigning for him.
[GLASS SHATTERS] [AGENT 1] Federal agents.
Do not move! What the fuck? - Phil Brunton? - You can't just break into my home.
We may enter unannounced with a no-knock warrant.
You need to get dressed and come with me.
- Latest numbers are in.
- [LORRAINE] Okay.
Kirkman is trailing behind by four points in Nevada, and three in Arizona and Tennessee.
Damn it! I've got to turn some of this purple to gold.
You're like a reverse Midas.
Shoot the messenger, please.
If these numbers hold, there is no path to victory.
Is there any movement in his home state? No, looks like New York's still going to Porter.
Well, screw New York.
If they're gonna keep sucking Democrat balls, then I'm not wasting any more of my precious funds on them.
Too late.
POTUS is doing a whistle-stop there tomorrow.
Give my regards to Broadway.
Because we're scuttling that New York trip.
Let's reroute him some place where he has a chance.
There was a small uptick in Texas after the Houston incident.
- I'm sorry.
Are you high? - [WOMAN] Oh, my God! Turn it up.
[REPORTER ON TV] It's now confirmed that Phil Brunton, the chief domestic strategist for the Moss presidential campaign, was taken into custody by federal agents early this morning.
The charges related to last week's attempted bioterror attack.
Whoo-hoo! October surprise, bitches.
All bets are off for Moss now.
Texas is officially in play! The Performing Arts Center in Albany is shaped like an egg.
Can I see? Like an egg sliced in half.
Do we get to see it today? Unfortunately, sweetheart, the campaign is moving at a sprinter's pace in the 26th mile of a marathon.
And Albany did not make the cut.
Well, egg or no egg, we'll have a great trip, Pen.
Are you nervous? - Not really.
- She's too cool to be nervous.
How about you? Are you nervous about introducing me in Manhattan? Well, I have a lot of friends there coming to support me, so that helps.
You look tired.
Is everything okay? I'm not even sure if I closed my eyes last night.
An insomniac's dream is a regular person's sleep.
[LORRAINE] Hey-ho, good morning.
We got a date with a state and her name is Texas.
- Ladies, can I have a second please? - We were just leaving.
See you later.
[SIGHS] What happened to New York? Phil Brunton happened.
Don't fight me on Texas.
Moss has fallen, and we would be remiss if we didn't kick him a little while he's down.
I still can't wrap my head around this.
He couldn't have known.
Could he? The Moss I worked for? No.
But he'd do anything to win, and you've got to make this all about him.
- He hasn't been implicated.
- He signed the terrorist's paycheck.
Still doesn't mean he knew.
His hands are bloody, whether he held the knife or shook the hand of the guy who did.
You've gotta hammer that home in your speech.
If you swing Texas and Aaron swings Florida - We've got a shot.
- More than a shot, hon.
You win.
[CHUCKLES] Why is she refusing to take her pain meds? Put her on the phone.
Mom, what's going on? You know what a fog that medication puts me in.
Yes, a relatively painless one.
I wanna be clear-headed tonight when you get home, so we can talk.
- Uh I'm coming home now.
- No, don't.
- You have work to do.
- If you don't take your meds, - I have to come home right now.
- For Pete's sake.
It's nothing earth-shattering.
I just wanna be lucid for once.
Maybe beat you at Jeopardy.
I'll take the damn pills.
- You promise? - Yes.
Have a good day at work.
[EXHALES HEAVILY] I'll forward you the data analytics from our impact investing initiative.
Look, I wanna apologize for Lorraine.
You don't have to go to Florida.
I know I don't.
But I'm going anyway.
- Really? - Not for you, pendejo.
I'm going for POTUS.
Okay? There's no reason he should suffer for your broken campaign promises.
- Isi, thank you, this - Listen to me.
- Here are the ground rules, okay? - [AARON] Yeah.
In public, we're the world's happiest couple.
The second we're offstage, you don't touch me, you don't talk to me, you don't exist.
Fine, yeah, whatever you need.
All right.
- Is Emily going? - No.
No, her mom is close to the end.
Well, the last time her mother was dying, she used it as an excuse to fuck you.
I am looking forward to meeting you.
- I'll I'll see you at 8:30.
- Sorry.
All right, sounds good.
Hey, do you know what I look like? Oh, right, of course.
[CHUCKLES] Uh, I'll see you then.
- A date? - Uh, no.
That was my daughter's mother.
Stephanie's mom? You're having dinner with the woman who bought your sperm 21 years ago? That'd be weird.
We're having drinks.
Is Stephanie gonna be there? No.
I haven't heard from her since before the debates.
Oh, can you believe this Brunton thing? Moss had to know about it.
despicable, last-ditch effort of the failing Kirkman campaign to win the election the only way he can, by fabricating wild conspiracies.
Fuck off.
I can't believe he's trying to spin Kirkman into this.
The craziest thing - You slept with Aaron? - What? - What is that? Some Lorraine gossip? - Isabel told me.
- Oh, my God.
She's telling everyone? - I'm the only one she told.
- What, are you two, like, besties now? - Em.
Why'd you do it? [SIGHS] Look, it's not an excuse, but that was one of the worst days of my life.
I had just found out that my mom's cancer had spread and that she wanted to kill herself, and in the moment, there were no consequences because it felt like the end of the world.
The bioweapon isn't what we thought.
[DIANNE] What are you talking about? I finished sequencing the genetic code Momberg uploaded before he killed himself.
The virus wasn't designed to kill people of color? No, not to kill them.
What does it do? In some ways, something even more insidious.
Mass sterilization? That appears to have been the intended outcome.
The bioweaponized flu was going to be introduced into populations with high minority growth rates.
Large swaths of the population would become infected, but then they'd get better.
What would be undetectable was that it had been genetically sequenced to sterilize its minority hosts.
So this is a long-term plan to change the demographic of the electorate.
Engineered voter suppression.
But, wait, if they're playing the long game, this would have no effect on the election.
Which means Moss would have no motive.
Just the legacy of protecting the political landscape of the country.
Sir, the American people have a right to be told about this.
If we release this now, it'd just be considered a political ploy.
No one would believe it.
Hell, I'm having a hard time believing it.
Don't forget, the genetic code was briefly on the Web.
If we're lucky, it was downloaded out of scientific curiosity of a non-genocidal persuasion.
Regardless, the news is going to get out.
And I stress, the weaponized virus was never released.
We are now past the incubation period and there are no reported cases of infection, meaning, thankfully, for those of us in the non-pigmentally challenged category, - no cases of sterilization.
Questions? - [REPORTERS CLAMORING] Seth, if the technology is out there, the threat still exists.
Of course, along with every other known threat to humanity, most of which are available on the Web.
We're monitoring the situation closely.
Woe to anyone who tries to use it.
- Dennis.
- Is there evidence that Moss is involved? Let me answer that question with a question.
Did Phil Brunton have the resources to pull off something of this magnitude alone? Does the president believe Brunton was working with an outside group? As far as I know, President Kirkman has no knowledge of any outside group involved in the matter.
So he believes this was an inside job? From within the Moss campaign? As you know, the Hatch Act prevents me from commenting on matters related to the campaign.
I just want his gut reaction, Seth.
Does the president think Moss was involved? The engineer of Moss's domestic policy has been arrested for allegedly trying to end democracy as we know it by tipping the demographics of the electorate in favor of Moss's party.
Do I really need to spell it out for you? [CLAMORING] Nicely done! - I kinda got a lady chub.
- Oh, thank you.
They're shitting bricks over at Moss' campaign headquarters.
I just finished.
How do you know that? Yeah, so start preparing responses to what Moss is gonna do next.
He's gonna deny any involvement.
Yeah! So pull together any sound bites of him praising his old friend Phil, 'cause he's gonna act like he doesn't know the guy.
Like he couldn't pick him out of a lineup.
How could he claim that? Phil was a senior advisor.
- He's - [CORNELIUS ON TV] I can and I do unequivocally state that I had no knowledge of, or involvement in, any plan to harm American citizens.
- And while Mr.
Brunton - Here we go.
must be presumed innocent until proven guilty [LORRAINE] Wait for it.
I have to say that I didn't know him very well.
Oh, I wish I could stay for the press-feeding frenzy, but I've gotta leave for Texas.
Dontae! Ándale.
Air Force One ain't gonna wait for you.
- Dontae, do me a favor.
- Yeah.
- Keep an eye on Lorraine.
- Anything but that.
I know she has a mole in the Moss campaign.
Just keep your eyes and ears open.
[SIGHS] [PENNY] It can refuel in mid-air and it has a whole operating room.
It's packed with military defense systems in case we're attacked.
Honey, Sasha might not wanna hear about that stuff right before we are all about to fly.
Well, hello, ladies.
Don't you look fabulous.
I almost wore that exact same skirt.
I'm glad I didn't.
You would've won "Who Wore It Best" - and I hate to lose at anything.
- Only reason I hired her.
- Hey, can I steal you away for a second? - [TOM] Yeah.
Sweetheart, after we take off, maybe you can give Sasha the grand tour.
[SIGHS] Tom! What is Sasha doing here? The favor of introducing me at the rally, which you asked me to get her to do.
Yeah, when we were scheduled to appear in Manhattan.
- Houston is not Manhattan.
- It's also not the last century.
And how do you think the transgender issue is gonna play down there? For your edification, Houston leans more liberal than conservative.
Until you get to the suburbs.
Please stop painting all Conservatives with the same brush.
Barbara Bush came to understand transgender issues, and she lived in Houston.
Houston is the birthplace of the anti-trans bathroom movement.
What do you want me to do? March down there and throw my sister-in-law off the plane? We're going to Moss's home turf to try to turn his fellow Texans against him.
Why, Tom? Why hand his base something to attack back against? We're getting ready to take off.
You should probably go find a seat.
Really? I swear I had nothing to do with this.
I told Lorraine we needed a two-bedroom.
If she thinks this is gonna lead to a romcom ending, - I've got a big spoiler alert for her.
- I'll just take the couch.
- [CELL PHONE RINGING] - Have fun.
[SPEAKING SPANISH] What? What's wrong? Are the tickets refundable? [MUTTERS INAUDIBLY] No, Papi, of course we wanna see you.
It's just Aaron is booked solid with appearances.
We would hate for you to come all the way from Puerto Rico and not have any time to spend with you.
Yeah, we'll work it out.
He can't wait to meet you either.
Okay, have a safe flight.
[SPEAKING SPANISH] [AARON SIGHS] You haven't told your parents we broke up.
Hadn't gotten around to it yet.
It's been a while.
Could've done it just now.
If only our relationship status weren't state secret.
You tell your mother everything.
I tried to tell them.
But? I kept putting it off until I could do it without crying.
Excuse me.
[TOM] I realized that I didn't even ask you how you felt about taking the stage in Houston tomorrow.
Honestly? Nervous.
I should have told you about the venue change, - and if you wanna back out - And excited.
I mean, it's actually a much bigger opportunity.
My intro will be all about you, but just the fact of me doing it If I can normalize transgender for even one person Tom, what? I need you to understand that, personally, I am so proud that you would introduce me.
Go on.
But the election's in a few days, and with this gift that I've been given, everything that's happening in the Moss campaign, I've actually got a shot at winning this thing.
But, strategically you're not the best person to help me do that.
Sasha, I am so sorry.
But if we can win this election, I can help change things.
I mean, in a really big way.
I understand.
Thank you.
- Where's Tina? - I sent her home.
You didn't take your pain meds.
- No.
- Yeah.
Tonight's the night.
Mom, please don't do this.
Come here, baby.
Come sit next to me.
Oh, you know I love you, right? No.
You're gonna have to stick around a while and convince me.
[CARRIE CHUCKLES] No mother could ever be prouder.
I can leave this world knowing I created something really special.
You're the best thing I ever did.
I just have one regret.
What? That I gave you such an asshole for a father.
[LAUGHING] It's my bad.
You more than made up for him.
The election's only a few days away.
I thought you were gonna hold on until after.
I know, baby.
I tried.
But I can't.
I know what I'm asking you to do seems awful.
But if I could choose how I wanted to go, how I could die happy, it would be peacefully, in the arms of the one I love the most in this world.
You are the only person on Earth who can give me that.
[CHUCKLES] Hey, something wrong? At this moment, absolutely nothing.
I can't remember the last time I cried because I was happy.
I don't know the exact date, but it was definitely around one of my more spectacular performances in bed.
[BOTH LAUGHING] Thank you for carving out time for me.
I know how crazed you are.
The madness of running the White House, your extracurricular activities.
I wasn't talking about that.
We have worked through that.
We've moved on.
By extracurricular activities, I was talking about the Big Pharma scandal that you helped expose.
You know, it's still claiming casualties.
I've heard Garrett Detwiler has been asked to resign from at least three boards he sits on.
There's a couch over there, but why don't we just go home and celebrate? Oh, yes, please.
I love you.
Thank you, baby.
Excuse me.
- Can I have the bill, please? Thank you.
- [SERVER] Sure.
[RIYA] Seth? - You can't be Riya.
- And yet I am.
[CHUCKLES] You got here early.
Uh, actually, you're You're not what I had pictured.
- What were you picturing? - I don't know.
My mom? I was way off.
Can you actually leave it open for me? What can I get you? A Harvey Wallbanger.
- [SERVER] You got it.
- [LAUGHS] Sorry, I thought you were joking.
No, you have Stephanie's laugh.
Well, actually, she would have my laugh, right? Oh, man, she inherited my laugh.
When she hears something silly.
I'll have to make her laugh, then.
Presuming I see her again.
She's been so busy at college.
It's her senior year, you know.
She'll be graduating summa cum laude.
Hey, I graduated summa cum laude, at Harvard.
Sorry, people always make fun of me for slipping in the fact that I went to Harvard.
Don't apologize.
Harvard is the reason I chose your sperm.
- That's what they all say.
Just kidding.
- [BOTH LAUGHING] It's one of the law schools Stephanie's applied to.
- She's going to law school? - If she gets in.
Why wouldn't she? She's got the grades and the extracurriculars, but you know now-a-days, you have to pack that application with stuff that really stands out.
Does the White House have internships? Yeah, the application's on the website.
I assume those spots go to people who have connections.
[CRYING] [CARRIE GROANS] Mom? Mom, can you hear me? Mom? [OPERATOR OVER PHONE] 911.
What's your emergency? [SOBBING] I need an ambulance.
I need an ambulance.
Oh, my God! Mom.
Patient is unresponsive.
I need bemegride and IV naloxone.
Get me a DN tube, blood glucose and activated carbon.
When we're ready and on my count.
One, two, three.
Do we know exactly what she took? Daughter says pentobarbital.
- [MACHINE BEEPING RAPIDLY] - [DOCTOR] She's gone into V-fib.
Does your mother have a DNR? Can you just save her? Do you know if she has advanced directive? You're a doctor.
You took an oath! - Can you please just save her? - Miss, I need an answer.
[EMILY] I don't know what I did to her! Does your mother have a DNR? [SOBBING] Yes, she does.
[FLATLINING] [SOBBING] I'm so sorry, Mom.
[REPORTER ON TV] You're watching DC One.
Ted from Saratoga Springs.
[TED] I just wanna thank President Kirkman for stopping the attack on our democracy.
[REPORTER] Bill from Ohio.
[BILL] You know who had the power to orchestrate it? That illegitimate son-of-a-prick Kirkman [REPORTER] Bill, language.
Ramona from Baton Rouge.
[RAMONA] Before I vote again for President Moss, I need to know if he's wrapped up in this mess or not.
- The American people have a - [LINE RINGING] - [RACHELLE OVER CELL PHONE] Hello? - Are you watching DC One? Mr.
President, it's 4:00 a.
Nobody's watching DC One right now.
I know you're gonna stand by your legal advice for me to stay out of the investigation, but I think it's ridiculous that the only information I'm getting on it is coming from cable news.
I need to know whether Moss was involved or not.
You're right, sir.
I do stand by my advice.
- Let me walk you through it.
- You don't need to.
I get it.
As a candidate, I could appear unethical, possibly even corrupt.
But as president of the United States, I feel I'm being negligent, and I'm having a difficult time reconciling the two.
Sir, have faith in the FBI.
And for God's sake, get some sleep.
[SIGHS] I wish I could.
[ALL LAUGHING] That was nothing compared to the time she met the Pope.
Ay, Mama, no.
- [AARON] Wait, you met the Pope? - She threw up on him.
I was one.
The Pope's first and last visit to Puerto Rico.
- [AARON] Look - Projectile vomit.
She did exactly the same thing when she met the president.
- [GASPS] - [RAFAEL AND CAMILA LAUGHING] So when exactly do you two move into the Naval Observatory? You do know that's where the vice president lives? Okay, let's not count our chickens.
I've been checking pictures online, and there's a room that would make a perfect nursery, should any babies appear in the next four years.
Well, if Moss' bioterror attack had succeeded, there'd be no Latino babies appearing anywhere.
So Moss was behind it? - Well, we don't know that.
- He hired Phil Brunton as policymaker.
His policy is genocide.
Will people still vote for Moss? Sadly, his base will.
But I think that people who've lost touch with the importance of their heritage I am ashamed to admit I may have been one of them before I met your daughter.
I think now they're opening their eyes.
They're realizing that people who just regard us as the other group and not as fellow Americans, they just don't deserve our vote.
You'd certainly have our vote, if we could vote.
Puerto Ricans have been US citizens for the past 100 years, but we still can't vote.
The government takes our money but not our ballot.
It's one of the greatest failings of our current system, and one I promise not to forget if we win.
We are late.
Aaron needs to go win over some people who actually can vote.
- It was such a pleasure meeting you.
- It was wonderful to meet you.
- I am mortified.
- About what? I had no idea my mom had contacted you.
It was great.
Your mother's great.
How are you? Here, have a seat.
Um I just wanted to apologize in person.
Stephanie, you don't owe me an apology.
You don't owe me anything.
I owe you two apologies.
I was a total jerk for ghosting you.
No, your mother mentioned how busy college has been keeping you.
It is, but that wasn't the reason.
- You don't have to - My parents got divorced last year.
It's not like I was five, but I took it really hard.
I took a DNA test out of spite.
Out of some silly fantasy that they weren't my real parents.
I didn't ever think that I'd be half right.
Oh, my God.
What a terrible way to find out.
- They never told you? - Nope.
It was a head trip.
Then I clicked to see if you were in the database, again, never dreaming that you would be, but you were.
And then you wrote to me, never dreaming that I'd answer.
But I did.
I had a small freak-out after every one of those steps.
The last one resulted in radio silence.
I'm really sorry that I dragged you into this.
It wasn't fair to you.
This is the best thing that's ever happened to me.
[CHUCKLES] And you really should fill out that White House internship application.
You have connections.
You don't need to do that for me, seriously.
The White House would be lucky to have you.
That would be amazing.
Thank you.
- Be right with you, Mars.
- Take your time, Garrett.
I appreciate you squeezing me in like this.
[DETWILER] If you're looking for a donation, I'm already backing another candidate.
No, I'm not here to ask for anything.
Are you here on behalf of the president? Nope.
It's personal.
[DETWILER] Well, those are my only two guesses.
Why do you need to see me? I wanted to tell you what a piece of shit you are.
Excuse me? And to gloat about the fact that you've been kicked off the board of FlagKind, and the board of directors If you think I give a flying piss about stepping down from a few boards, you're even more insane than you look right now.
Do you remember that exposé about your corrupt practices when you were FDA commissioner? Thanks for stopping by, Mars.
I wanted to let you know that it was me who exposed you.
How's your addict wife, Mars? Hmm? That's what this is all about, right? I read she went into rehab.
Because of a drug that never should've been on the market, because you pushed it through.
It's easier to blame me than your pathetic junkie wife, isn't it? You should be in jail because of your part in the opioid crisis.
Well, that's never gonna happen, Mars.
Now, get out.
And I do have to know, though, since you are Moss' sbiggest donor, was he part of the bioterror plot? What kind of question is that? - Yeah, you get out of my office! - Okay.
[AGENT] Step away from the computer.
- [MARS] What's going on? - Sir, we need you to clear the area.
What the hell is happening? They flipped Brunton.
Detwiler funded the whole thing.
Garrett, if you can't afford an attorney, one will be provided for you.
And should anyone need reminding, simply take a coin out of your pocket.
The principle and de facto motto on which this great nation was built is printed right there.
E pluribus unum.
Out of many, one.
[CROWD CHEERING] Black, white, Latino, Asian, we are all immigrants, or descendants of immigrants, and we are America! It's what made us the greatest country on Earth, and it is what will carry us into the future.
God bless you, Houston.
God bless America.
Thank you.
[CROWD CHEERING] You did great.
I am so proud of you.
What's wrong? Hey.
Did something happen? I think Sasha should have been out there with us.
- I can't believe you did that to her.
- Penny, I'm sorry.
You know how proud I am of your Aunt Sasha.
It doesn't look that way to me.
- It looks like you're ashamed of her.
- Of course not.
I I felt that some of the people here might not give her a very warm reception.
Only because they don't know her.
They'd change their minds if they met her.
You didn't give them the chance.
- Penny, please.
Humongous news - Can you just give us a minute? - This is too good.
- Detwiler was just arrested.
- That's Moss' biggest donor.
Still think Moss wasn't involved? Obviously, we're gonna add a topper to your next remarks.
Ooh, I've gotta take this.
I'm gonna catch up with you.
Come on, honey, let's go.
[MYLES] That's why this is gonna be twice the normal price.
Myles, honestly, I'm good for it.
I will wire money into your account tomorrow morning.
Is this Pegasus? Actually, it's a good, old-fashioned cell phone video taken from a hella pissed-off busboy.
This is worth more than everything I've gotten from Pegasus put together.
You could've saved me a bundle if I'd known this was coming.
- And what are you gonna do with it? - Leak it to an outlet.
Mother Jones, I think, seems good.
I gotta get back to Kirkman.
A word? I've wanted to have a word with you for quite some time.
The only thing I wanna hear from you is an apology.
And all I need from you is an explanation.
Smear campaign is one thing.
You crossed a line when you accused me of being a terrorist.
- I haven't said that.
- No.
No, you took the chicken shit route and had your spokesgirl say it for you.
Emily Rhodes hasn't released any statement proclaiming your guilt or innocence.
She's simply asking the questions that everyone else is.
The question that kept me up all night.
Were you? You know goddamn well I had nothing to do with it - I do not know that.
- Bullshit! You know me! I thought I did until you got into bed with that racist, hate-spewing ideologue, Phil Brunton.
Phil Brunton was a brilliant Ivy League kid with his thumb on the pulse of the heartland.
I had no idea he had a screw loose.
What the hell happened to you? I used to respect you.
You used to be a thoughtful, compassionate Conservative.
And how many of those unicorns have you seen lately? No, sir.
I shifted right when my constituents did.
And I think you've made a gross miscalculation.
The people you're pandering to might be the most vocal, but they're not the majority of your party.
Son, you are sadly out of step with the times.
Well, Tuesday will tell.
I've gone all-in for what I think is right for the heart and majority of this country Save the saccharine for the yahoos at your next stop, and, please, don't stand there and tell me that you aren't flagrantly pandering to the far left.
- Picking Aaron Shore as your VP? - He was the best candidate.
You know, when you came out with the announcement about your running mate, I said, "That boy has learned to play the game.
" God damn it, Cornelius.
This is not a game.
Of course it is! You hold yourself above politics, but the truth is you're every bit as much a politician as I am.
God help me if that's true.
You know, I didn't think you'd have the balls to pull your sister-in-law, or whatever you call her, out of your programme.
Smart move.
[CELL PHONE RINGING] Dontae, it's not a good time.
[DONTAE] Don't hang up.
You were right.
Lorraine definitely has a mole in Moss's campaign.
It's Moss's digital guy.
His name is Myles.
- Dontae, I'm sorry, I - This is way bigger than you thought.
If I heard what I think I just heard, the two of them are messing with some seriously illegal shit.
Like, beyond Watergate illegal.
It's called Pegasus.
It's Israeli spy software that lets you read text messages, - track calls, collect passwords - Look, I'm sorry and remotely turn on a device to record without the owner's knowledge.
This is tech that is only supposed to be available to governments to combat terror.
This is bad, Emily.
End-of-the-road bad.
- Are you at the campaign office? - No.
Can you get there? I'm sorry, I can't.
Before we get in tonight, you have to get onto Lorraine's computer.
See if she really has the Pegasus software.
I don't know her password.
Not to be ageist, but people of a certain age tend to keep it written down nearby.
I saw her read it from a Post-it in her top drawer.
- I can't - I'm not asking for me.
It's for Kirkman.
- Come on, you have to.
- [SOBBING] - Okay, I'll go.
I'll go.
- Thank you.
I gotta go.
[SNIFFLES] [EXHALES HEAVILY] I'm only standing here today because of this amazing woman by my side, Isabel Pardo.
[CROWD CHEERING] She has been my rock since the very beginning of this journey.
Thank you.
Thank you, Isi.
[CROWD CONTINUES CHEERING] Uh I know you have it ingrained in you to vote blue or to vote red.
But where has that gotten you? - Do you feel represented? - [ALL] No! - Do you deserve to be represented? Yes.
- [ALL] Yes! Then break the cycle.
Make a different choice.
An Independent choice.
Make history.
Make this man our first Latino vice president! [AARON] Thank you.
You may have just won Florida.
I think you may have.
Isi, we're pretty good at this, aren't we? You wanna give it another shot? Let's not get ahead of ourselves, okay? - All right.
- I gotta go find my parents.
Holy hell.
[FELIX OVER PHONE] Harper's office.
Hey, Felix, pull up the Mother Jones website for Harper.
Have him watch the video in the lead story now.
Felix, get me POTUS.
I wanted to tell you that I'm sorry.
I was wrong.
I should have let you introduce me.
Easy to say now.
[TOM] But I didn't realize how wrong I was until someone who I have absolutely no respect for told me I was just like him.
And he wasn't completely wrong.
How so? What I did was a purely calculated political move.
It wasn't something that I thought was right.
And I didn't get into politics to behave like a politician.
I'm sorry.
It'll never happen again.
I didn't enjoy playing the gracefully suffering trans woman.
I promise not to do that again.
- [CELL PHONE RINGING] - Excuse me.
Yeah? - [WHISPERS] I'm sorry.
- We're cool.
I'll call you right back.
[CORNELIUS OVER VIDEO] The America that everyone in this room knows and loves is changing.
According to the latest census projection, by 2045, this country will become minority white.
That means at some point before 2050, whites will account for less than 50% of the population.
And that will be up against 25% Hispanics, 15% blacks, 5% Asians and 7% your other multiracial populations.
If things continue down this path, and if we fail to persuade people otherwise, these numbers are going to favor the other party.
We are going to be voted out of office, and we will lose our grip on power.
Son of a bitch! [CORNELIUS] Completely and forever.
The question we have to ask ourselves is, "Is that the country you want to live in?" [MEN] No.
You were right.
- About what? - Moss.
- Have you seen the Mother Jones video? - No.
What? What are you gonna do? [EMILY] There's no Pegasus, Dontae.
She probably wouldn't label it that.
[TOM] Even though they were unsuccessful, make no mistake, our democracy was under attack.
[EMILY] Maybe his parents.
With his connection to Phil Brunton and Garrett Detwiler, and now the release of this incredibly offensive video [EMILY] Poseidon.
After hearing candidate Moss in his own words, I was forced to draw my own conclusions, and now it is time for the American people to do the same.
[CORNELIUS OVER RECORDING] God damn it, Garrett! What the fuck have you and Phil done to me? Why would you do this despicable thing behind my back? Why would you do it at all? Oh, my God.
[MAN] You believe President Moss is guilty of domestic terrorism? Yes, I do.
Moss didn't know.