Designated Survivor (2016) s03e10 Episode Script


1 Mr.
Doctor, thank you for coming.
I see you did your civic duty.
You can't ask, and it'd probably violate some shrink canon of ethics to tell you, but I don't think you'd be unhappy with my choice.
Were you surprised to get my call? One's capacity for surprise tends to be an early casualty in this line of work.
But it did seem an unusual way for a presidential candidate - to spend his election day.
- I don't know.
In 1960, Richard Nixon voted in Southern California, hopped into a white convertible, ditched the press and headed south.
Ended up in Tijuana, where he had lunch, then came back across the border, meandered north, all the way up to the Mission at San Juan Capistrano, entered the church, sat down in one of the empty pews, reportedly for hours.
So, at best, this would have to rate second.
Well, what did you want to talk about? I'm having difficulty sleeping.
Anxious insomnia can't be unknown to presidential candidates.
- This is different.
- Why? I have a confession to make.
[THEME MUSIC PLAYING] [CORNELIUS THROUGH LAPTOP SPEAKERS] God damn it, Garrett! What the fuck have you and Phil done to me? Why would you do this despicable thing behind my back? Why would you do it at all? [CELL PHONE VIBRATING] - Hey.
- Did you find anything out? That you need to call a lawyer.
We all do.
[SIGHS] What is so important? This establishes attorney-client privilege.
That's just a TV thing.
We can either talk as old friends, or with my $800-an-hour meter running.
Seems to me like you might require the latter.
My boss on the campaign bugged Cornelius Moss's phone.
- How long have you known? - Half an hour.
- Who else have you told? - No one.
Now take out your phone and call the FBI.
I'm guessing we've arrived at the privileged part.
You're afraid it'll hurt Kirkman's chances.
- Did he know about it? - No.
You know that or are you guessing? I don't I don't know that, but I'm not guessing.
I know him.
By delaying, you may or may not be doing him a favor in the end.
But I can guarantee you're not helping yourself.
Every hour you don't come forward, you're gonna have to explain that to the FBI, federal prosecutor, congressional committee.
It's gonna get expensive.
- Are you gonna be all right? - Yeah.
- Keep me posted.
- Sure.
At eight bills an hour.
- Well, you get the old flame discount.
- What? We were never I didn't say it was requited.
[LOUDEN] I don't know what Nixon was seeking in that chapel, but I'm not a priest.
I don't offer absolution.
Unless it's a different sort of confession.
Are you about to reveal the commission of a crime? Not in a legal sense.
Arguably, a moral one.
Still privileged nonetheless.
Go on.
[DOOR OPENS] Thank you, Mike.
Emily, please.
[SIGHS] What's going on? [SIGHS] You need to hear this.
[CORNELIUS THROUGH SPEAKERS] God damn it, Garrett! What the fuck have you and Phil done to me? Why would you do this despicable thing behind my back? Why would you do it at all? Where the hell did you get this? On the advice of counsel, I can't say.
- The White House Counsel? - My personal attorney.
There's something else.
I was the one that leaked the information about Moss carrying the Alzheimer's gene.
Excuse me? I wrongly felt that we needed to fight fire with fire, and I regretted it immediately, but was too ashamed to tell you because I knew you would be disappointed in me, which is why I had to play this for you right away.
I couldn't fail you again [BREATHES DEEPLY] and given the high premium that you put on personal integrity and fair play, I knew you'd want to correct the record, consequences be damned.
I should go.
Thank you for this.
Good night, sir.
[LOUDEN] Did you believe the sound recording was authentic? - Seemingly.
- Isn't that equivocating? - I couldn't be certain.
- I didn't ask if you were certain.
I asked if you believed if it was real.
Yes, I did.
[TYPING] [MARS] You made me late.
[LYNN] You made yourself late.
The quickie.
Another faculty lost to old age.
- I'm not complaining.
- [CHUCKLES] It appears your boy's gonna win.
Didn't your father ever tell you never to say that out loud? He was customarily reelected by a 20-point margin.
In our house, superstition was deemed a counterfeit humility.
You know, your dad's old Senate seat is up for special election next year.
It'd be nice to get somebody in there to do justice to the old man's memory.
Yeah, and be a reliable Senate vote for Kirkman's next term agenda.
It's not gonna be easy.
A presidential win by a man with no party, no coattails, favors owed.
Means to whip rank-and-file discipline.
- You'll just have to scare them.
- [CHUCKLES] Yeah.
Speaking of scary, we got the bill for my rehab, and I can't help but feel awful about it.
- Babe, you - Not to mention guilty over how lucky we are that we have the means.
The main thing is that you're sober now and committed to staying that way.
Thank you again for being so supportive.
It is so great to have you back.
Dawn patrol! Huddle up.
Here we are.
Day before the election.
Overnight polling is encouraging.
- [BRYCE] Encouraging? We're killing it! - [CROWD LAUGHS] [LORRAINE] Don't get overconfident.
We're still within the margin of error in the battlegrounds, in Florida, in the Upper Midwest, in Texas.
Did you just hear yourself? The words "Texas" and "battlegrounds" - in the same sentence? - Right.
It's a wonder what a little genocidal plotting by your opponent will do.
But let's not count chickens.
You think you're tired now? I want you next-level spent.
We gotta canvass, canvass, canvass.
Work the phones, tweet storms, get out there and knock on doors.
I want you so far up your state chairs' asses that when they yawn, I see your hairline.
- [CROWD CHUCKLES] - [LORRAINE] Go win an election.
- [CROWD CHEERS] - Good luck.
Emily, hang back a minute? I heard about your mom.
I'm so sorry.
That must have been Oh, God, I can't imagine what that was like.
If you need, just take the day.
Thank you, but I'm fine.
- Have you contacted an attorney? - You found Pegasus.
We can't have this conversation.
- Fuck! - You're with the president today.
Call me after.
- After what? - You'll know.
Just because I believed the recording was real, didn't answer everything.
What if I was wrong? What if it had been staged and strategically released? Is that what you suspected? It was possible, given what was at stake, the dirty tricks Moss had already played.
But it wasn't leaked to the media.
It came via your own campaign aide.
- So, your dirty trick scenario - Is bullshit.
Congratulations, you got me.
Happy? Are you happy? You're about to be elected president.
Do I look happy? [ISABEL] Just a second.
[SNIFFLES] Come in.
Hey, you left this on the bathroom sink.
Looking promising for tomorrow.
- You doing okay? - [VOICE BREAKS] No.
- Aaron? - [SNIFFLES] He was He was so sweet with my parents, and he's come such a long way in embracing who he is.
And now, he's about to become vice president.
And I still have so much anger.
Maybe you just need a little revenge sex.
[LAUGHING] - It's not that funny.
- [SOBBING] I'm sorry.
This whole thing just has me really emotional.
More emotional.
The good news is, it's not something you need to figure out right now, right? - [CELL PHONE VIBRATING] - Sorry.
Thank you.
[SNIFFLING] [SCOFFS] [LOUDEN] Why does talking about this make you angry? - I was wrestling with something else.
- What? I'm trying to figure a way to say this without it sounding like an excuse.
I'm not sitting here in judgment.
How much does this recording exonerate Moss anyway? Unpack that.
Moss is in league with the conspirators in a larger sense.
Accepted huge amounts of money from one, paid a lavish salary to the other.
These men's views were widely known.
Detwiler was quoted as saying immigrants were turning America into a third world country.
Brunton tweeted out, "We can't save our civilization on the backs of other people's babies.
" Moss knew exactly who he was getting into bed with.
And if he wins this election, they're who he'll be accountable to.
In articulating that, did that sound to you like an excuse? No, it sounded like the truth.
[CELL PHONE RINGING] - Hey, how's it going? - You people are sadists.
Rallies in San Antonio, Austin and Dallas? It's barely 9:00.
[CHUCKLES SOFTLY] That's a lot of breakfast burritos.
[SIGHS] Hey, Em, I'm sorry about your mom.
Thank you.
Everybody here sends their condolences.
- So, how are you holding up? - I'm fine.
Yeah? Would you say if you weren't? Probably not.
What's the vibe like there? Oh, it's just disgust for Moss.
I'm still not 100% convinced that he was involved.
Come on, his right-hand guy, biggest donor, that cell phone video They're sure blaming Moss in Texas.
Yeah, well, fasten your seat belt.
It's gonna be a day.
What, you know something? Just, the day before, things go bump.
Anyway, thanks for calling.
I gotta go.
Emily, this is my offspring, Stephanie.
- Hi, it's so nice to meet you.
- Hi.
Thank you so much for this opportunity to volunteer.
Oh, well, at 4:00 a.
, when you remember that you're doing this for free, gratitude may not be your first thought.
But let me introduce you to the person who'll show you the ropes.
[CORNELIUS THROUGH TV] I have a statement, after which I'll take your questions.
[LORRAINE] Moss presser.
[CORNELIUS] I begin by condemning, in the strongest terms possible, this unspeakable bioterror plot.
I join all Americans in calling on those found to have played any role to be punished to the fullest extent of the law.
And should it turn out that those responsible include persons associated with my presidential campaign, then I owe the American people the most profound apology.
However, any insinuation or outright accusation that I myself had any role in or any knowledge of this vile conspiracy is entirely without basis.
And I am therefore owed an equally profound apology from all of those individuals who have so irresponsibly alleged.
Most particularly, the holder of the high office that is being contested in tomorrow's election.
President, I, and the American people, eagerly await that statement of apology.
How did you feel after you heard him say that? That I owed him absolutely nothing.
[CORNELIUS THROUGH TV] And now I'll take your questions.
[REPORTER 1] Have you spoken to the president? Yes.
And I made not only my displeasure, but my disappointment in him known.
[REPORTER 2] Are you concerned about the impact that [TV SWITCHES OFF] I hope he gets a Latin King for a cellmate.
[CHUCKLES] The conspiracy was about keeping a state like Texas red.
And now exposing it may result in exactly what they were hoping to prevent.
Yeah, karma's not a bitch.
She's a freaking queen.
Please, sit down.
I was wondering about your plans vis-à-vis Aaron, the vice presidency.
That's a completely sexist question.
Permission to begin again.
I've been tremendously impressed with you this past year.
I think we work well together, complement each other.
Background, gender, age.
I have no intention of leaving my position.
This isn't just about not wanting to lose you.
If we get the good news that we expect to get tomorrow, I'd like to offer you the job of White House Deputy Chief of Staff.
Oh, my God.
- You don't have to answer right - Yes.
Of course.
I I would be honored to accept.
- Okay.
Something I want to get a jump on.
- [BOTH CHUCKLE] It is manifestly unfair the kind of rehab facilities available to the affluent that are impossibly out of financial reach to most Americans.
Start strategizing on a means to compel Big Pharma, liquor, cigarette companies to designate a portion of their profits to the cost of rehab.
So help get their customers off the products that they spend so much in marketing dollars enticing them to overuse.
- Mmm-hmm.
- I love it.
When you say strategize Pull together an inter-agency team.
Liaise with the appropriate cabinet departments, subcommittees on the Hill.
You're Deputy Chief of Staff.
Kick a little ass.
I will get right on it.
[ISABEL SIGHS] Really, Myles? This is such a dweeb cliché.
The thrashed hybrid, the congealed ramen, the faint mist of flaming hot Cheeto dust.
Okay, all right.
What's up? I need you to wipe any trace of Pegasus off my computer.
Yeah, of course.
That was always part of the plan.
No, you're not hearing me.
I want you to do it right now.
Right this minute.
- That's not possible.
- What? I can't do it remotely, Lorraine.
I need physical access to your computer.
Which, correct me if I'm wrong, is in a glass cubicle in the middle of, what, the busiest office in DC for the next 36 hours? All right, tomorrow night.
After the polls close in the west, everyone will leave for the party.
As soon as the last man out shuts off the lights, I want you in there scrubbing before the filaments cool.
- Get your fucking car washed.
- All right.
Let me ask you something.
Why am I here? If you're at peace with your conclusion.
- I'm not at peace with my action.
- By action, do you mean - My inaction.
- Okay, let's explore that.
[DENNIS] Does President Kirkman have a comment on the statement by former President Moss? You know on the last day of the campaign, the president is really just focusing on the issues that are most important to the American people.
- Seth? - Seth! [ERIN] Does he believe in Moss's denial of involvement? The president believes that the investigation into this matter will be thorough and conclusive, and it's most appropriate for him to let it unfold without any additional comment.
- [REPORTER] Seth? - Colin.
So the president stands by his statement that he believes Moss was complicit? That's all I have for today.
Thank you, everybody.
Don't forget to vote.
Seth, did you speak with the president before making those remarks? Yeah, I talked to him before I went up.
Hello? I implicated Moss in a conspiracy.
Now, I had evidence that might prove his innocence, and did nothing with it.
Because you felt he bore responsibility regardless? - Yes, and I didn't want to reward him.
- In what sense? Moss isn't a right-wing extremist.
Hell, his record shows he governed as a moderate.
- But he changed? - I prefer "cynically pivoted".
Moss wanted to become president again.
He knew in a three-way race, the Democrats would run to the left.
I'd stay in the center.
That left him with what? The right.
So he rebranded himself a hard-line conservative.
Surrounded himself with bigoted zealots like Detwiler and Brunton.
He didn't believe in their nativist bullshit.
But he knew that the hard-line conservatives would vote in a block.
And in a three-way race, that just might be enough to win.
So, you wanted him to pay for his dishonesty? Yes.
By being dishonest yourself? Like you're being right now.
Not coming forward, was that really because you didn't want to reward him? [SIGHS] - No.
- Why? Because I wanted to win.
[AARON THROUGH TV] They came for you, Houston! And not to kill you.
Their plan was more hidden and arguably more evil.
They came for your future.
They came for your children that would never be born, these associates of Cornelius Moss.
[CROWD BOOING] No, what they didn't reckon with, what they did not understand, is that they didn't just come for you or for me.
They came for every American.
They came for our future, for our children, as part of this great, extended and proudly diverse American family! So tomorrow, elect Tom Kirkman, president of all the people of these United States of America! [CROWD CHEERING] [SNIFFLES AND SOBS] [LINE RINGING] [CELL PHONE RINGING] - Hey.
- Hey.
- How's it going? - Real good, actually.
Almost worth the permanent nerve damage from shaking 8,000 hands.
There's not enough hand sanitizer in the world.
- You know, we're gonna win this thing.
- Texas, huh? Game changer.
Who would have thought.
Quite the legacy for Hannah Wells.
Amen to that.
Hey, this is This is gonna be awkward.
- Uh - [PHONE BEEPS] Yeah, shoot.
- How's Isabel? - Dude.
I know she's living with you, and you guys talk, right? - How's she feeling about me? - What is this, middle school? Look, I screwed up.
And I know that.
- But if it cost me a future with her - You love her.
- I do.
- So tell her.
That's all I got.
Hey, Seth, I'm sorry to put you in the middle of all this.
No, you haven't, and I'm not.
- But just talk to her, man, straight up.
- Okay.
[LOUDEN] You didn't clear Moss so you might win.
I just said that.
What you're trying to work out is whether the ends justify the means.
As far as I'm concerned for the country, absolutely yes.
No, for you, personally.
Isn't that what you're trying to reconcile? "What profits a man who gains the whole world, only to lose his soul?" Well, I don't think we need to send out a search party for your soul just yet.
Your argument about Moss's enabling and inauthenticity, they weren't specious or fallacious.
Why didn't you take them to the American people? You learn pretty quickly that politics doesn't run on reason, it runs on emotion.
People vote their instincts and backfill arguments to fit them.
If I'd released that recording, the voters that Moss would've lost would have had enough cover to sit on their conscience, regardless of what point I would have made.
[CROWD APPLAUDING] Thank you for that.
Thank you.
And for your incredible dedication and tireless work on behalf of what, well, when we started, seemed to be an insurmountable task, electing an Independent to the presidency of the United States.
And the fact that I even have a chance tomorrow is owed to you, the people here in this room.
And I will be forever grateful.
Now, we have put forward over these last few months our best case to the American people.
But it is now in the voters' hands.
So, to tomorrow.
Thank you all.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Did you feel a fraud? Not then.
That came later.
- Hey.
Late notice, but the president's invited us, you, me and Aaron, to the Residence for drinks and dessert, to sort of bookend that dinner we had back in January when you came back.
The one he thinks of as the kickoff to the campaign.
You there? Uh, yeah.
Um I'm on my way.
[SETH] You ready to maintain a frozen smile through the entire State of the Union? I'm planning on doing bunny ears behind his back.
- Just make sure you use both fingers.
- [AARON CHUCKLES] And there she is.
What's your pleasure? A single malt, please.
What does it say that her drink is manlier than mine? - Everything, really.
- [CHUCKLES] Thanks.
To all of you, who believed in me before I was sure I believed in myself.
And for helping me to answer one of Emily's on-point questions in early days, why was I running for president? Thank you all.
To stopping Moss and his merry band of eugenicists from reshaping the country in the image of Ozzie and Harriet.
[CHUCKLES] To being the people's president.
I thought it was to be a welcome break from politics as usual, disingenuousness and craven calculation.
To restore integrity and honesty to the public sphere.
- All right, yeah, all that too.
- [AARON] I'll drink to that.
[TOM] Joe, thank you very much.
Oh, man, I can feel my blood sugar spike just from looking at that.
Ladies first.
Why not? Conscience be damned.
[SETH] Thank you, Mr.
Good night.
Good night.
- Mr.
- Aaron.
[SIGHS] Emily, could you stay for a moment, please? Of course.
You think I owe you an explanation.
I don't.
Because you're the president.
No, because you came to me in the 59th minute of the 11th hour with a recording, wouldn't tell me where it was from.
- To protect you.
- One that purportedly would have exonerated Moss from having anything to do with this conspiracy.
Not purportedly, plainly.
We didn't have enough time to verify its authenticity.
I don't believe this.
You honestly think that I would have risked the presidency of the United States over a recording I knew nothing about? This is so beneath you, sir.
You are self-justifying, grasping - Emily, watch your tone.
- I'm sorry.
Did I not say, "With all due respect"? I'm having a little trouble mustering it.
Okay, enough.
This was my call to make and I made it.
I don't owe you an explanation.
Just as well, because I certainly didn't get one.
Best of luck tomorrow, Mr.
- [LOUDEN] Well, she gave it to you good.
- Yes, she did.
Do you feel like you deserved it? [SIGHS] I guess that's what I'm trying to figure out.
- [SASHA] Sleepless? Again? - Hey.
It looks like tomorrow'll bring good news, if it's not jinxing to mention.
The hard part's over, in any event.
I've learned that running isn't the hard part.
[CHUCKLES] Does governing keep you up nights like this? Sometimes.
But it's not the job, either.
What, then? Knowing if you're worthy of it.
The voters believe you are.
They're about to return you to office.
[SCOFFS] We'll see.
The big question is, do I deserve it? Where's that coming from? You should unburden yourself to someone, even if just in prayer.
Try to get some rest.
- Night.
- Night.
[LOUDEN] So, you reached out to me.
Well, God wouldn't take my call.
I need five minutes with the president.
He left instructions not to be disturbed.
- That don't apply to me.
- He said you'd say that.
What if this is a national emergency? Is it a national emergency? You're enjoying this, aren't you? A little bit.
- Thank you, Russell.
- Don't mention it.
Volunteers, where are my turnout numbers? If I can't get them before cable news, what am I not paying you for? - [STEPHANIE] Here you go.
- Thank you.
[BLINDS WHIRRING] You have done great work, Dontae.
And I'm not promiscuous with my praise.
I appreciate you saying.
Listen, you and Emily are tight, right? What is going on with her? What do you mean? - Her mom dying.
- But I think there's something else.
I've been on the trail with the president.
Dontae, people are gonna call me about you.
I can really help you in your career.
Sorry, I got nothing.
Well, thank you, Dontae.
[BLINDS WHIRRING] [SCOFFS] So, what you're saying is, you didn't trust the voters? How does that make you feel? You're a voter.
How does that make you feel? I ask the questions.
My responsibility is to the American people.
So, yes, I chose not to throw a lifeline to this race-baiting fraud because I don't think he's fit to run the country.
- In your view.
- In my view.
Yes, in my goddamn view! I know I'm sounding undemocratic here, but let's be honest.
How democratic is this country, really? With the electoral college, gerrymandered districts.
Isn't that straying a little bit into self-justification? Isn't it simpler? That, as president, you just thought you knew better? [SIGHS] Thank you all for coming.
I won't keep you.
I know a lot of you have victory parties to attend and concession wakes to avoid.
[ALL CHUCKLE] [MARS] I asked you, congressional leadership, here to discuss our way forward.
If the exit polls are to be believed, it's shaping up to be a resounding Kirkman win.
A protest vote, against an alleged conspiracy.
Hardly a mandate.
The accidental president redux, with still no governing majority.
Face facts, Harper.
He's a day-one lame duck.
That's exactly what I expected to hear from you esteemed beltway insiders, canny old pros.
Tell that story, be my guest.
Do your performative gridlock, that sorry, lazy excuse for not doing the people's work.
Here's our story, that American voters gave a decisive electoral victory to a fierce Independent to govern, because they've had it up to here with all of you.
That this is a repudiation to partisan stalemate and government by self-interest and glorified bribe.
And we won't just hammer this message on every media outlet.
We're gonna hammer it in your home states, your districts, where you live.
Blows taking dead aim at your lobbyist-fed, exposed bellies.
Because the only thing people respond to in this town is fear.
So know this.
Anyone obstructionist, who doesn't meet us halfway in good faith negotiation and mutual compromise, will get primaried.
And not from the left or the right, but from that dead bull's-eye sensible center, where the American majority lives.
This election is the drawing in of the waves that foretells the tsunami.
So, either you play ball and play fair, or be prepared to be swept away.
Have a good night.
- What is it you're looking for from me? - Are you kidding me? I get that you're not a priest and you can't absolve me, but you gotta give me something, for Christ's sakes.
Tell me this self-loathing isn't justified or oversized, or at least that it'll pass.
You know that's not up to me.
[SCOFFS] Patient, heal thyself.
Quite a racket you guys got going.
Our time is past up.
[SIGHS] At least tell me this.
Do you regret your vote? I ask the questions.
- Good night, sir.
- Good night, Doctor.
[DOOR OPENS] - Dad, they called it! You won.
- Oh! [CHUCKLES] - You so deserve this.
- Thank you, sweetheart.
- I gotta go and get ready for the party.
- Okay.
Mom would've been really proud.
I'm hugging people I just met! - Congratulations.
- Thank you.
You think he'll be able to govern? It's gonna be an uphill climb, which is why we can't leave this open Virginia Senate seat up to chance.
- You're considering a run.
- Not me.
[SCOFFS] Very funny.
- Mars.
- It's your dad's old seat.
There is no one savvier about this town, yet no career politician.
And a drug addict.
You buried the lede.
Recovered, with a relatable story to tell.
A triumph over the scourge plaguing the state and the country.
I don't feel very triumphant.
More like holding on by my fingernails.
Then talk about that.
How it's a struggle every day.
Look, the one takeaway from this Kirkman win is that the electorate is craving authenticity.
Your father hosted all those glittering dinner parties.
You know what he once said to me? That you were always the smartest one at the table.
He never told me that.
You neither.
Well, you know, I was usually also in attendance, so it cut both ways.
But he was right.
Politics is not only in your blood.
You've steeped in it your whole life.
First at your dad's side, then mine.
Your intuitive grasp, seeing around corners, I have relied on it my entire career.
You're very sweet to say all this.
Sweet has nothing to do with it.
It's in my craven political interest.
I just don't know if I could.
Well, I do.
And you're just gonna have to trust me on it.
I'm not gonna say think about it, because I'm gonna make you.
Every day until the filing deadline.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
[TOM] Hey.
Ah! The once and future president.
- I owe this all to you.
- No, it's always about the candidate.
In my job, you just try not to fuck it up.
[TOM LAUGHS] We spent a lot of breakfasts strategizing here.
Yeah, the proverbial frank exchange of ideas.
- I got you to bend a little.
- More than I expected.
Such is campaigning.
I'll let you go.
I just wanted to personally say congratulations.
Thank you, Lorraine, for everything.
[KNOCK ON DOOR] Come in, Seth.
I swear I'm almost ready.
- Hey.
- Hey.
[SIGHS] You look beautiful.
Thank you.
- Mr.
Vice President.
- [CHUCKLES] How does it feel? You know, I was at the Voto Latino party when Texas put us over.
And just to see the jubilation, the sense of pride and that acknowledgment washing over everyone.
And what it meant for them.
What it means to me.
Isi, I have you to thank for that.
- And that canto de mierda, Moss.
- [CHUCKLES] That's my Isi.
Which is my point.
It just felt wrong that you weren't there with me.
It's wrong that we're not together.
Because I love you.
And I know I can't ask you to forgive me.
All I can do is ask that you give me another chance.
You know, these last two days, thinking of you as vice president, I'd burst into tears with no idea why.
Until now.
I can't be with you.
I'm sorry.
- Isi, just - It's not because of the infidelity.
[STAMMERING] It's something deeper, something that's always nagged at me under the surface.
- You never took me seriously.
- Isi, you can't say that I don't mean as a romantic partner.
I mean as a colleague, someone substantial and considerable.
You making VP now will only make that worse.
- What are you - Mars Harper just promoted me to be his Deputy Chief of Staff.
- Congratulations, that's - You see that? Right there.
That surprise on your face and in your voice.
It's just It's so clarifying that this man who hardly knows me recognizes something in me that my live-in lover never saw.
- That's not fair, Is - No, you know what's not fair? In fact, what really sucks is that this is the greatest night of your life, and I'm telling you this.
But that life will have to go on without me.
- Okay, we're not done talking about this - We are.
It's over.
All right.
I'll see you at the party.
[CRYING] - [UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING] - [CROWD CHEERING] [SETH] Hey! We did it! Well, you did it.
I'm just a not-so-disinterested bystander.
Oh, man, you exercised the franchise.
Or did you just borrow that from somebody so you could fit in better? - I actually voted.
- [CHUCKLES] Eyes wide open, but hopeful.
- Looking for someone more important? - No, no, no.
[CHUCKLES] - You got a date! - Uh, not a date per se.
Someone you hope to hook up with? We kind of already have.
- It's Stephanie's mom.
Shouldn't you be protecting the vice president-elect? Off shift tonight.
Hey, congrats.
You know, I'm crediting this entire win to you.
[LAUGHS] Is it cool? Fuck it.
We won.
FBI! Step away from the computer! Federal agents, Mr.
We need you to accompany us, sir.
- Will you come cooperatively? - Yes.
- Mr.
Vice President-elect.
- You know my wife, Lynn.
- Congratulations.
I owe an awful lot to your husband.
- No, no, no.
- No, no.
His mentorship, - his guidance, his example.
I - It's time, sir.
None of this would've happened for me if it weren't for you.
Not true.
That boy is a born politician.
He is a star.
Which is why you want him stumping for you on your Senate run.
- Emily.
- Hey.
- Condolences about your mother.
- Thank you.
- Is it true you had to be the one to - Yeah.
- How awful for you.
- I appreciate that.
I wanted to apologize over how I acted towards you with the whole Aaron thing.
- Totally understandable.
- No.
No, it's fucked up to blame the woman when all of the anger should be directed towards the cheating guy.
Who I just ended it with for good.
- Not because of - No.
Uh No, nothing to do with that.
- We should grab lunch sometime.
- That'd be nice.
I'm not feeling well.
Could you just let people know I went home? I mean, if anyone asks? - Yeah.
Feel better.
- Thanks.
[ANNOUNCER THROUGH SPEAKERS] And we're getting word right now.
Former president Moss, taking the podium at his campaign headquarters.
- [CROWD BOOS] - [CORNELIUS] Thank you.
Thank you.
I just called President Kirkman to congratulate him on his victory [CROWD BOOS] [CROWD CHEERING] and to wish him and the country all the best going forward.
But I would be remiss for not noting the circumstances that led to needing to give a concession speech this night.
The erosion of a sense of honor and fair play that has brought us to this moment.
I will have more to say on this and other matters in the days and weeks and months ahead.
Because tonight, I can say with assurance that you most definitely will have Cornelius Moss to kick around for some time to come.
Thank you all, and may God bless the United States of America.
- [CROWD CHEERING] - [UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING] [INAUDIBLE] [MYLES] Hey, it's Myles, and this is me ducking your call.
Leave a message or don't.
[CHEERING] [AARON] Thank you.
Thank you.
It is with great pride and pleasure that I introduce to you our current and future president of the United States, Tom Kirkman! - [CROWD CHEERING] - [ROCK SONG PLAYING] [MOUTHS] Come on.
[MOUTHS INDISTINCTLY] Thank you for everything.
I'll be right back.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
I am deeply humbled and honored by the incredible support my candidacy has received from those celebrating with me here tonight, to the tens of millions across this great land who've entrusted me with the most precious commodity this great nation has to offer, their vote.
[THROUGH TV] It now falls upon me to prove to you over the next four years that your faith in me was justified.
Now, for those who couldn't muster that faith, for whom this victory feels like defeat, I pledge to work equally hard for you, to listen to you, to honor our differences, but always engage opposing ideas - in a spirit of humility and respect.
- [CRYING] For it is through the airing of our differences that we grow as individuals and as a country.
Acceptance of those differences doesn't just make us a better people, it is the essence of what it means to be an American.
[CROWD CHEERING] Now, I did not get here alone.
Many people contributed to this victory.
- Lorraine Zimmer? - Yeah? - FBI.
Come with me, please.
- [SIGHS] [TOM] But the person I could not have done this without Yeah, okay.
standing beside me right from the start, is your new vice president and my friend, Aaron Shore.
I knew you were treacherous.
I didn't take you for this stupid.
You've just tainted the greatest victory in presidential history.
- [FBI AGENT] Ma'am? - [LORRAINE] Look at you, high on the fumes of your moral superiority.
You're the one who fucked someone else's man because one day you felt sad.
You're the one who leaked Moss's gene results because you thought no one was looking.
Hell, the way I heard it, you couldn't even kill your poor mama right.
- You're a fucking monster.
- I know what I am.
I'm someone who wins.
What the fuck are you? [FBI AGENT] We need to go, ma'am.
[TOM] I would also like to take a moment and add a particular thanks to Emily Rhodes, who's been with me from the very beginning.
She has seen me at my best, and most assuredly, my worst.
And whose highest of high standards I will always endeavor to meet.
Now, I began our campaign noting that our politics felt broken.
They say a presidential campaign is like an X-ray into your soul.
Our institutions diminished.
- Our discourse coarsened.
- [CRYING] [TOM] Let tonight be the first step in setting all that right.
Is this just something I did? Or is this who I am now? Let us come together, restoring civility to our debates, transparency to our governance! Next time I give a speech, will there be some corner of my mind just whispering And above all, honesty with the American people! "You are so full of shit"? [THEME MUSIC PLAYING]