Designated Survivor: 60 Days (2019) s01e05 Episode Script

A Good Person

ALL CHARACTERS, ORGANIZATIONS, PLACES AND EVENTS ARE FICTIONAL On the morning of the National Assembly Building tragedy, I heard you were relieved of your post as Minister of Environment by the late President Yang.
Is that true? If this is true, will the people of our nation be able to accept you as the head of administration? Did Mr.
President Ms.
Jeong, did he know? It won't change anything.
He was duly appointed Acting President.
Public sentiment can be more influential than the actual law.
Admitting it would be like committing political suicide.
Is it true? DON'T ANSWER HER.
Yes, it's true.
Sorry? Which newspaper? The clip from the news? Oh, sir.
Right, I'll get back to you.
- The real-time ratings? - Yes.
How's it looking? - Yes, right.
- It hit the roof.
Isn't it the highest rating in the history of TBN News? You're a political reporter.
Shouldn't you be a little more ambitious? Getting the highest rating won't cut it.
For the next week or so, all newspapers and public networks will be copying our headlines.
"TBN is where you get the news.
" It'll be engraved in the viewers' heads.
- Do you understand? - Yes, sir.
How's the public reacting? Obviously, everyone's talking about it.
All the trending keywords and related stories are regarding your dismissal.
No one saw it coming, you know.
I think the people are deeply shocked by the news.
Most of the social media posts are about the Blue House and President Park conning the people.
The President and all of the Cabinet members died in the bombing.
The Acting President was the only survivor and the sole successor designated by the Constitution.
But now, his qualifications are being questioned.
Everyone is panicking, from the people to us, the Blue House staff.
THE BLUE HOUSE WILL ANSWER The total number of petitions requesting the removal of the Acting President from office has exceeded 15,000.
In just an hour since the interview aired.
This is the most heated response we've seen since the Blue House petition site opened.
It won't be easy to calm them down, don't you think? You should've denied it, sir.
Then it would've been seen as a rude question by a brazen reporter.
That reporter, Woo Sin-yeong, knew about his dismissal when we didn't even know.
And it was being broadcast live.
It could've been worse.
Public opinion will calm down by tomorrow afternoon.
I've asked MOLEG for their authoritative interpretation.
You know that you were appointed Acting President due to the President's death before your dismissal was finalized.
There won't be any issues.
That's why you should've just denied it until the bitter end.
No one else needed to know about it.
But now, the whole world knows thanks to your honest confession.
The people will doubt your qualifications.
So are you saying I should've lied? To myself and to our citizens? I'm not capable of doing such a thing.
Is it because it's not the truth? You see, there can be only one truth.
The choice that is politically favorable.
This is why we need a Chief Presidential Secretary who can serve as the President's political bodyguard.
- Did you say "political bodyguard"? - Because we must protect the President from the good man, Park Mu-jin, whose righteousness and honesty always puts the acting presidency at risk.
DAY 57: A GOOD PERSON EPISODE 5 Who could've set up a trap like this to take President Park down? Whoever it is, that person told Woo Sin-yeong about the President's dismissal and the video from Myung Hae Joon.
It must be someone inside the Blue House or someone with an informant here, don't you think? Let me add one more thing.
Someone who needed the President ousted at this point in time.
You got back to me sooner than I had expected.
Oh, well I can't deny that it's an intriguing offer.
It's me, Yun Chan-gyeong.
I have some interesting news for you.
It'll probably be a good opportunity for you.
Well, I'm not sure I'd say it's a good opportunity.
You will remain in the Blue House even after the administration changeover 60 days from now.
You have my word.
Is that not enough? I don't think I can join your camp, ma'am.
Don't tell me this is about loyalty.
Are you trying to stay loyal to the previous administration or remain faithful to the late President? Is that it? I didn't think you'd be this old-fashioned.
It makes me valuable.
I mean, it's a rare character trait in this field.
That's true.
I heard all the secretaries at the Blue House are busy sucking up to the majority party's candidates to ensure their own survival.
That's how the word about President Park's dismissal got out.
It was given to the favored candidate of the ruling party like war booty.
Did you say, "the ruling party"? It won't be easy for you to enter the Blue House from now on.
What do you say? Be my marksman.
Thanks to the scoop you scored, I'm now pretty much the sole presidential candidate of the ruling party.
You need to take responsibility for it, until I win the election.
Let's have a great campaign and Ms.
Join me and let's go to the Blue House together.
This time, as the Blue House Press Secretary.
Okay? Well, Mr.
I'm Who said you can recruit her without my permission? Blue House Press Secretary? It's a temporary position that will last five years at most.
Sir, what brings you here? He spoke very highly of you.
He said you're ambitious and fearless.
He told me you're a reporter with a wild side, which is a rarity these days.
Since I'm ambitious and fearless, I'd probably bite without thinking about the consequences.
Is that why I got the story? And that's why you gave me the tip? Goodness, I foolishly thought I scored a big scoop that will go down in history, when in reality, I was just helping your campaign.
I shouldn't drink anymore.
I'm just scared I might bite something else without considering the consequences.
Hey, Sin-yeong.
Use this for cab fare.
I'll be Press Secretary.
How about you? Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism? Did you say no as it's a temporary job? Then what? CEO of TBN? I'm mortified.
You should've just been honest with me from the get-go.
Then would you have done it? You would've gone on about how your rights are being infringed by the higher-ups, like you're doing now.
Let's just focus on the facts, okay? You got a scoop, and TBN News got the highest rating.
Isn't it a win-win for everyone involved? You will be released from the hospital at 8 a.
Would you like to go home first, and then to the memorial? Ms.
Yun asked me to make sure I escort you to the best of my ability.
I don't know how.
How can I repay all the kindness I've received? MAYOR OF SEOUL KANG SANG-GU, YUN CHAN-GYEONG Allow me to discreetly investigate Assemblyman Oh Yeong-seok.
Investigate? He might have known about the attack on the National Assembly Building.
Hey, what are you talking about? Assemblyman Oh, who was supposedly listening to the speech, was seen stepping out of the room at 3:14 p.
, right before the explosion.
And as a result, he ended up being the only survivor of the attack.
It makes no sense.
Let's say he knew about the attack.
Then he should've left Yeouido to ensure his safety.
Why stay and suffer like that? He must've had a reason to stay in the building.
- Through the investigation - He's a miraculous survivor.
He's loved by the people.
Sure, you can be suspicious of him.
However, you need firm, irrefutable evidence if you want to officially raise such suspicions.
Otherwise, it'll just be seen as a witch hunt.
Is something going on with you? Are you being bullied at school? Is that it? Yes? - Si-wan - What did I do? What's going on? He's doing things he has never done before.
I caught him going through my wallet.
I told you I didn't! Then why were you so startled? What was it? You should've told me if you needed money.
Is it for something you can't tell us? Is that why you lied? Everyone can make mistakes and do bad deeds.
But it's cowardly to lie to evade responsibility.
That's what I think.
I wasn't stealing her money.
Then what was it? Just tell me.
You can be honest with me, Si-wan.
Sometimes in life, there are things that you just can't say.
Yes, there are.
You're all grown up, Si-wan.
You even have secrets now.
All right.
Go to bed early, okay? Dad.
You've never lied to me, right? MEMORIAL GATE DAY 54 MEMORIAL CEREMONY FOR THE VICTIMS Please check for risk of danger near the seats and the path for the procession.
Okay, ma'am.
Is Block A clear? MEMORIAL PROGRAM EULOGY BY ASSEMBLYMAN OH YEONG-SEOK What's the matter? The eulogy will be given by Assemblyman Oh Yeong-seok.
Do we have the authoritative interpretation now? "By law, a Minister's term ends when the next Minister is appointed.
Therefore, even if his termination was approved, as the President passed away during his term of office, it is hereby confirmed that the Acting President was duly appointed by law.
" Now, they won't be able to raise the issue regarding his qualifications because of his termination, right? Neither politicians nor the people.
The people didn't vote for Acting President Park.
They voted for President Yang Jin-man.
The trust in President Yang enables and defines the Acting President's authority.
Through news of the termination, we learned that President Yang didn't trust Minister Park Mu-jin.
What can the Blue House do now? Ms.
Don't worry.
I'll record only the authoritative interpretation.
She's such a bully.
She bullies you with the facts.
Yes? Please make sure the press reports about the authoritative interpretation.
I'll send every media company a press release and make sure it's spread on social media sites as well.
It's a relief that we got the authoritative interpretation before the memorial.
This memorial plays an important role in changing the public opinion.
When they see their leader being steadfast at an official national event, the public opinion might change drastically.
Assemblyman Oh left the hospital and went home.
He said he would come to the memorial right away.
Do you think he will listen to you? Just having him standing at the memorial - is good enough for me.
- Pardon? President Yang's administration was incompetent and amateur, chasing after an ideal the whole time.
Now, even their only weapon, morality, has failed.
President Park shouldn't be mentioned as a presidential candidate any more.
We should send him back to where he belongs.
Then Assemblyman Oh will make that happen at the memorial today.
Ma'am! Assemblyman Oh isn't qualified to give a eulogy.
Na-gyeong, that again? We still have no idea what he was doing or where he was at the time of the explosion.
I can't let him stand as a miraculous survivor before the victims' portraits.
Is this because of Kim Jun-o? Are you bitter that Kim Jun-o died and Oh Yeong-seok lived? Is that why you get so emotional when it comes to Assemblyman Oh? - Han-mo - Kim Jun-o, a counterintelligence agent.
You guys were engaged.
What? You thought I didn't know that? I have been working for the agency for 15 years.
I have been an intelligence agent for 15 years.
You need to choose one.
Are you a NIS Terrorism Task Force analyst or a bereaved family member? Choose.
I thought I told you everything last time.
Do you still have questions for me? Please have a seat.
These are two pictures of your seat in the main conference room taken on the day of the attack.
What about them? You said you were in the main conference room the whole time, but at 3:15 p.
, the time of the bombing, you weren't in your seat.
Tell me.
Where were you and what were you doing at the time of the bombing? I don't remember.
As I told you, I was listening to the President's State of the Nation Address.
That's all I can remember and say about that day.
One thing is for sure.
Either you or the pictures are lying to me.
Could you please leave now? I'm supposed to attend the memorial.
I'll see you at the memorial then.
Did you say you wanted to know where he was on that day? Don't, Jae-hak.
You don't deserve to be treated like a criminal.
- That day, you were - Petty Officer Im Jae-hak.
Stop it.
I apologize.
Now please leave my house.
Right now.
Hey, Ji-won.
What's the name of the army base where Assemblyman Oh was Seven years ago, we were all on that ship off the shore of Baengnyeong Island.
Are you talking about the Battle of Baengnyeong? When the Fleet Admiral, the Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman, and even the Blue House When the entire nation abandoned us, Lieutenant Commander Oh saved our lives.
He doesn't deserve to be treated like some criminal.
Petty Officer Im Jae-hak has been suffering from PTSD ever since he returned from the battle.
Lieutenant Commander Oh left his seat to call him that day.
To deal with a crisis! Why didn't he tell me that if it were the truth? You will never understand us.
I'd like someone's call records.
Oh Yeong-seok's cell phone on March 4 between 3:13 p.
and 3:18 p.
The sooner, the better.
MEMORIAL GATE - Excuse me.
- Back away.
- Do you have a comment? - Is it true? Please give us a comment.
- Please say a word.
- He's coming in.
- Sir! - Let's head inside.
President, why did you cover up your dismissal? What was the reason for your dismissal? What do you think about the current controversy? What will be your next course of action? Do you intend on recusing yourself? - Mr.
- A few words, please! Will you officially apologize to the people? Just one comment, sir.
Please say something.
MEMORIAL CEREMONY FOR THE VICTIMS Next will be the flower tribute and incense burning.
I'm afraid I can't promise you any funding for the youth science program.
Young men and women who are less educated than you.
Young men and women whose jobs are not as good as yours.
The young men and women who must face the harsh reality of this world more than you.
To me, funding their employment comes first.
GUARANTEE FUNDING - What? - Let's go.
Don't expect my vote then.
And off they go.
I just lost 500 votes, didn't I? One's policies and visions must not change to win an election.
What I wish to change isn't the owner of the Blue House.
It's the Republic of Korea! I wish to change our future! Thank you.
Thank you so much.
I lost votes.
And I killed the mood too.
So I'll sing you a song.
Dongbaek Island Where flowers bloom MEMORIAL CEREMONY FOR THE VICTIMS OF THE NATIONAL ASSEMBLY BUILDING BOMBING Did you check Assemblyman Oh's phone records? Assemblyman Oh Yeong-seok will now give a eulogy.
He will give a eulogy to commemorate the lives that were lost.
I will not give a eulogy.
It's because I can't mourn their deaths.
I am too embarrassed and ashamed to do so.
An incompetent nation that couldn't protect its people.
A nation that is yet to find its attacker.
And a government that is too cowardly to take actions of revenge.
An unfortunate nation with leaders that aren't qualified.
That is our country, and I am deeply ashamed of it.
However, what mortifies me the most is the fact that I'm here just because I survived.
To an attack we should not tolerate, I helplessly lost my beloved friends and colleagues.
Why must I become a miracle personified? Seven years ago, I asked myself the same thing.
All I did was survive when my brothers in arms didn't.
How is that worthy of this heavy medal? To me, it felt like I had been given an order.
A strict command that ordered me to forbid the loss of any more innocent lives in this nation.
I failed my mission, and that's why I can't dare to even mourn.
This will be the last time I will be a shameful survivor.
Until the day the Republic of Korea becomes so strong that no one will dare mistreat our country or our people, I will give back this medal that I was once proud of, given to me by the Republic of Korea.
Assemblyman Oh was telling the truth.
At 3:14 p.
, when he had left his seat, he was on the phone with war veteran Im Jae-hak.
There's one more thing.
He has never missed a call from Im Jae-hak.
Na-gyeong, maybe we're wrong about Assemblyman Oh.
I won't let this have been in vain.
The Cambodian government gave us an ultimatum? They won't cooperate with our troops anymore? Well, the agents of the Reconnaissance General Bureau are tracking Myung Hae Joon as well.
They are assassins who track deflected high-ranking officials.
According to the NIS, the North was flustered to hear about Myung Hae Joon's video.
They would be, if they had nothing to do with the attack.
Since Myung Hae Joon is in Senmonari, a region of conflict between Cambodia and Vietnam, the Cambodian government must be worried about a possible military collision.
Then, is it now impossible to bring Myung Hae Joon in? Well SECRETARIAT OF THE NSC That's why there's a bit of an issue.
Our soldiers will head to Cambodia from Seoul Park.
SENMONARI They will parachute down and strike where they land I thought I made myself clear.
Deploying our soldiers without consent from the Cambodian government Do you still think you have the right to give orders as this nation's Commander-in-Chief? It was made clear at the memorial.
You covered up your dismissal and used a national crisis as a stepping stone to take the seat of this nation's highest authority.
Do you still believe that the people of the Republic of Korea can trust you with their safety? I, the Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman, have the operational command authority.
What needs to be done for our nation's safety will be considered and decided by me from this moment forth.
President! Please turn on the news.
The man in the video is North Korean soldier Myung Hae Joon.
He appears in his uniform claiming to be the bomber of the National Assembly Building.
He is the adopted son of Choe Seo Ryong, who is one of the high-ranking officials that led the succession of North Korea's Supreme Leader.
Following this revelation, the authorities have been looking into the possibility of Who the hell leaked this to the press? Are you sure it wasn't you? Not many know about that video, and you're one of them.
Are you saying that a TBN reporter gave KBC a tip? A big exclusive like this? Can you think of anyone then? The person who sent you the video could've leaked it.
Even I know that national security trumps any big exclusive.
And I know how to protect the anonymity of my sources.
But Mr.
The fact that North Korea denied Myung Hae Joon's actions and the Blue House's official statement that we're working hard to capture him have been announced to the public.
However, it's uncertain whether it'll calm the people Oh, that's just something I scribbled down.
Have you checked to see if anyone in the Office of Communications was in contact with KBC? That's impossible.
I'm the only one in Communications who knew that the video existed.
Also Me? It definitely wasn't me, Mr.
Why would someone from the Blue House leak this video to the press, especially at a time like this? Mr.
There's someone outside of the Blue House who knows about this video.
If it were me, I would've used a common enemy on the outside.
Yun Chan-gyeong.
I must see her immediately.
So, you're saying I leaked the video to the media? And broke my promise to you? You wanted to make it public from the start.
But why would I go through all that trouble for you? Congratulations, sir.
What do you mean? The controversy regarding your qualifications to be Acting President will end soon.
It's changing.
It's changing.
The public opinion on social media regarding President Park is changing.
No one is complaining about his dismissal disqualifying him anymore.
"We need to stand in unity in order to catch the bombers.
It's time to unify under President Park.
We should be aiming our anger at Myung Hae Joon and the attackers.
" That's right.
The trending keywords changed too.
"Myung Hae Joon, bomber, bomber video, Myung Hae Joon's whereabouts.
" The dismissal issue is completely gone.
That's impressive.
It's the same on the Blue House's petition site.
Instead of petitioning for the President's dismissal, over 100,000 people have petitioned to locate Myung Hae Joon's whereabouts within the last hour.
What about the media? Why are you even asking? Shelf everything on President Park and Oh Yeong-seok! The authenticity of Myung Hae Joon's video, who he is, the possibility North Korea did it Must I spell it out for you? You come with me.
- After watching the video - Right now! in which Myung Hae Joon claims to be the bomber, people have been voicing their fear and anxiety, while insisting that the government locate Myung Hae Joon quickly.
Meanwhile, academic and religious leaders have issued statements saying political battles must stop for now, and we should focus on overcoming this national crisis.
You bury an issue with a different issue.
You need something like the video to kill the issue regarding your dismissal.
Nothing comes before national security in Korea.
Whether it's just a suspicion or a controversy, nothing can beat it.
I'm jealous you have such a good staff.
Secretary Han isn't at the Blue House anymore, so I wonder who it was.
That person is very good.
President Park! The approval rating will be released to the press tomorrow morning, so be ready for that.
Is 500 people enough? Yes, but let's make the questions easy and clear.
That's better for setting up positive answers.
- Okay.
- Good.
You don't have to worry.
If the approval rating rises in the public survey, your dismissal issue won't hinder government operations any longer.
Is that why you leaked the video? I was on my way to tell you.
Please get back to work.
Myung Hae Joon's video was classified.
You leaked that to the public without telling anyone or getting permission.
Is putting national security in danger part of your political choice? You can punish me for leaking a state secret or public endangerment by causing havoc.
- Then why did you do this? - It was to protect you! General Lee will be willing to fight Cambodia to catch Myung Hae Joon.
He doesn't approve of you as Commander-in-Chief.
This is the price for your honesty.
Do you know why you admitted that you were dismissed? You wanted to prove you don't have any desire for power and that you're a good person unlike other politicians.
You're being stubborn and trying to fight with your bare hands on the battlefield because you're scared you'll get your sword bloody.
There can be two outcomes.
You either die bleeding or surrendering.
I don't want to fight under a commander like that anymore.
I want to win.
LETTER OF RESIGNATION Did you find out who among the Blue House staff leaked the video? Is General Lee still here? What about cover for the aircraft to Cambodia? F-18 fighter jets are also ready.
Our Air Force will take the troops to the location in Cambodia.
As for Cambodian airspace, cyber military troops will lift the air defense network to open up the airway.
General Lee, shouldn't you notify President Park Contact the Special Ops team.
Tell them to gather at Seoul Airport.
Do you plan to dispatch troops to Cambodia? The President of our country and some 200 people were victims of this tragedy.
Not only that, he sent a video to the Blue House to mock us.
Since the video was leaked, our people are suffering in fear and anxiety.
It is the duty of a sovereign state to catch Myung Hae Joon and punish him.
I won't hand Myung Hae Joon over to North Korea easily.
A diplomatic dispute with Cambodia will bring greater anxiety and fear.
All diplomacy eventually leads to war.
Our military exists for when that happens.
The enemy must be suppressed with force.
President Park, you should use power if you have it without hesitating or wavering.
You're right, General Lee.
I'll use my power since I have it without hesitating or wavering.
I am revoking your military authority.
General Lee Gwan-muk, you are relieved of your post.
As of now, anyone who gives orders to the military without my permission will be punished for conspiring to start a rebellion.
There will be no exceptions.
We have the approval rating survey results.
We decided to release it in the morning, right? Should we also post it on the Blue House's official social media account then? Talk to Spokesperson Kim about it.
He's in charge of the media.
Are you changing desks? You didn't mention that.
Do I need your permission? Look, didn't you learn nice and pretty words like "discuss, consult, or confer" when you were in school? That also goes for the Myung Hae Joon video.
You could have discussed it with me beforehand.
If I told you, would you have agreed to it? LETTER OF RESIGNATION CHA YEONG-JIN It's Park Mu-jin.
I need to talk to you.
Should I go to your office? Yes, got it.
What could it be? Do you know anything? You're the one who knows President Park the best.
Let's finish this talk when I get back.
5 MILLION VEHICLES I can't leave the position of Chief Presidential Secretary vacant any longer.
After much thought, I have come to a decision.
From when I was in Sejong to my time at the Blue House, the person that understood me the best was you, Ms.
I don't think that's right.
I've decided to appoint Secretary Cha Yeong-jin as the Chief Presidential Secretary.
I thought it would be best if I told you in person.
Because I might be disappointed and hurt? It is a bit surprising.
I thought you didn't like the way Secretary Cha did things.
Was I wrong? I need him.
I won't be able to sleep unless we finish our conversation.
If you had asked me to go public with the video, yes, I would have been against it.
But if you had explained the reason, I'm sure I would have agreed.
Because I know how competent you are.
Congratulations, Chief Presidential Secretary Cha Yeong-jin.
Wait, Ms.
Well Want to get chicken and beer with me? I know a good place by Gwanghwamun.
You know, since we didn't have dinner.
That's why I asked.
No, I don't want to.
I'm not mature enough to buy you a celebratory drink on a day like this.
And it doesn't feel nice to think that I look so pathetic that I need a consolation drink.
Did I say chicken and beer? Gosh.
What is this? HANGOVER CUP NOODLES My gosh.
Excuse me, sir.
Aren't you going home? I'm not sure if he likes to drink.
Whom do you mean? Make sure it's clear.
I wanted to ask you today.
I thought perhaps the late President was lonely and burdened throughout his term.
That sounds like you're lonely and burdened.
Was I also one of those people? One of the people that made the President feel lonely.
Don't you already know the answer to that, sir? Are you that mad at Minister Park? I had no idea you'd dismiss him.
It's the opposite.
I'm going to let him go before I get greedy.
That man isn't suited for politics.
There will be a ring of hell.
I'll be the only one dragged into the ring and bloodied.
No one else.
What in the world are you doing? We need all the help we can get.
You were right.
About what? I was merely a bereaved family member.
I'm not fit for this place.
Na-gyeong! Shit.
NIS TERRORISM TASK FORCE TO: HAN NA-GYEONG, FROM: ARAN STUDIO RESTRICTED NUMBER Don't you want to find out how Assemblyman Oh Yeong-seok survived? Would you like to change the world with me? Find Room 119 in the blueprint of the National Assembly Building.
It's either a trap to set me up or a crucial informant.
I'm considering offering the position of Acting Prime Minister to Assemblyman Oh.
Why must our country's disaster become my political asset? Assemblyman Oh was involved in the bombing.
I'm sure of it.
It seems Troop 707, which just landed on the ground, is in trouble.