Designated Survivor: 60 Days (2019) s01e06 Episode Script


Cambodia rejected our technology transfer offer for water resources development.
The road network expansion plan has been rejected as well.
PUBLIC HEALTH AND MEDICAL CARE The Cambodian government rejected all our offers for financial support as well as our diplomatic proposals, sir.
They don't seem to want to negotiate with our government when it's under the leadership of an Acting President since the situation will change with the new administration.
So we can't do anything while Acting President Park is in office? We put in an extradition request, which got turned down as it's a conflict zone.
But they say if our troops go, it's an invasion.
And all negotiations We don't have time, sir.
The people won't wait any longer.
- Excuse me, coming through.
- Excuse me.
Don't forget this.
People are buying up necessities from big supermarkets.
This is the first time people are stockpiling food and necessities since North Korea threatened to turn Seoul into a "sea of fire" in 1994.
There's more.
All international flights are sold out, every single day.
Be it the US, Southeast Asia, or wherever else, people just want to leave this peninsula.
Everyone is posting pictures of this backpack on social media, so I brought it to show you all.
What's all this? People call it the Survival Backpack.
Whoever came up with the name did a good job.
I wonder who named it.
We're not talking about an abstract fear of war here.
It's solid and real.
It's become a part of our daily lives.
It's worse than immediately after the bombing.
It's the worst now.
This was to be expected when the video went public.
After all, we decided to use the people's anxiety and fear to divert public attention from the President's dismissal.
The fear-based strategy worked, and we've just been billed for the damage.
The people are demanding that we capture Myung Hae Joon immediately.
I'm sure there are other things that Cambodia wants, aside from financial aid and technical support.
It's too risky to keep wasting our time while looking to Cambodia.
If we fail to provide the people with a proper solution for their anxiety and fear, the controversy over your qualifications may resurface, sir.
And as you're aware, we've run out of cards to play.
We still have our last card.
DAY 52: COMMAND EPISODE 6 Don't you want to find out how Assemblyman Oh Yeong-seok survived? Look for Room 119 in the blueprint of the National Assembly Building.
Could you tell me where Room 119 is? I can't find it in this blueprint.
Room 119 Room 119? There's no Room 119 in the main building.
There's no Room 119? On the first floor, there's the lobby, the mechanical room, the post office, and the press center There is no Room 119.
What about here in B1? There's nothing but this emergency passage, which connects the library to the assembly hall.
I don't see Room 119 anywhere.
Hey, have you ever seen Room 119 in the main building? There's no Room 119.
He was a fixture at the Secretariat for 20 years.
If he says it doesn't exist, it's a sure thing.
It doesn't exist.
Wait, could it be shown in a different blueprint? One from when the building was built.
Or maybe, the room was added recently? The blueprint from the construction stage It might have been at the Secretariat, but The Secretariat? But as you can see and as you know, everything is now gone because of the bombing.
The Secretariat was part of the main building, you know.
Do you have the location? It was a pay phone.
He called you from a pay phone.
It's a residential area.
Yeonnamdong-ro? I see 440 It's 446, isn't it? That's right.
The address is 446 Yeonnamdong-ro.
How did you know? That pay phone is right in front of my place.
So he waited in front of your place and called you after making sure you were home.
If he knows your address, he must be someone you know.
Is there anyone that comes to mind? It must be one or the other.
It's either a trap to set me up or a crucial informant.
What about Room 119? Did you find it? No, but I will.
I'm sure he called me, trusting that I will find it.
Let's keep working after we have some lunch.
There's no point in killing ourselves.
There's no Room 119 on the first floor, but during the LAN cable installation last year, the facility team talked about building a space to protect communication equipment in case of a fire or a flood.
Are there any blueprints or documents remaining? Anything that can confirm it? I don't think so.
They must've all been destroyed, right? The Secretary General at the time might still have it.
Who was the Secretary General at the time? How can I help you? Is Ms.
Yun in her office? I'm from NIS.
"When the old world has fallen, but the new world has yet to arrive, that's always how a revolution begins.
" That's what my former boss said.
So we're living in a revolutionary era, you and I.
Do you also think that I want you to join my camp because of all the spotlight you've been getting? Is that not the case? Many rookie politicians burst on the scene like shooting stars.
They probably outnumber the stars in the sky.
But they vanish without making a name for themselves.
That's why I call them "shooting stars.
" You're a lot like me.
You hated the Yang administration because he was an amateur and an idealist.
And you despise the corrupt, cliquey politicians in the Seonjin Republican Party.
I, the first female executive to become a delegate of the Seonjin Republican Party, am asking you, an independent and the first assemblyman from Honam elected to represent a TK district, to join me.
Outcasts like us should change the world.
We're living in a revolutionary era, after all.
So you'll become a President who will change the world, and you'd like me to be your pacemaker.
Is that it? I'll make you the party leader.
And you'll be the next presidential candidate.
Must I wait longer for your answer? I'm considering offering the position of Acting Prime Minister to Assemblyman Oh.
I'd like him to aid us in government operations.
Sir, are you saying he's our last card? - I object to - I object to - At - At the memorial ceremony He openly criticized you at the memorial ceremony, sir.
And thanks to that, the "miraculous survivor" suddenly stepped into the limelight as a promising rookie politician.
One that everyone loves and supports.
Do you think it was an uncalculated move? I, too, - made my calculations.
- Pardon me? You said we must deal with the people's anxiety and fear.
That is why I chose Assemblyman Oh.
Our hiring decisions send the most powerful message that shows our determination.
No one has spoken for the people's anger and anxiety better than he has.
If he were to join our government, then the love and support of the people who identified with him will provide an impetus to our operations.
It'll help us hold out until we capture Myung Hae Joon, at the very least.
Science majors are impressive.
He's an extremely quick learner.
He already figured out how to change the public sentiment.
Kim, what do you think? Oh, right.
I agree with you, sir.
A hundred percent.
What? It's a great idea.
A magnanimous leader who embraces Assemblyman Oh, who took a shot at him.
The media will be all over it.
It portrays his character with a touching story.
Sure, it may be a blockbuster.
However, I'm certain that it won't have a happy ending.
He's embarked on his political career.
He'll try to lock horns with the President on every issue.
"I'm not like Park Mu-jin.
Park Mu-jin is wrong.
" He'll need to prove that to the public.
Why must we engage in such an exhausting war of attrition? As the Acting President, President Park has much to do, but not much time.
Please rethink your decision, Mr.
That's not necessary.
Assemblyman Oh won't join us.
He won't accept the offer.
I hear Ms.
Yun is persuading him to join her.
The Acting Prime Minister position will only be for two months.
He won't choose it over future power.
We're not the ones holding the sword.
Oh Yeong-seok is.
You're right, Chief An.
Let's drop it.
Secretary Cha.
Please contact Assemblyman Oh and ask him to come to the Blue House.
- Mr.
- The choice is his.
We'll let Assemblyman Oh decide.
We should hear what he'd like to do.
That's it for now.
Our President is very optimistic.
He doesn't give up.
I'm surprised.
Will you object as well? Well, I didn't quite see this coming.
I didn't know you were looking to make a political breakthrough.
May I ask you why you've changed, sir? Was it Secretary Cha? The person who leaked the Myung Hae Joon video.
It had to be done to bury the controversy surrounding my dismissal.
It had to be done? There will be some adverse effects.
The people will demand that you capture Myung Hae Joon at once.
Most things at the Blue House are done like that.
There's no correct answer, and yet the people always demand the right answer.
Right this instant.
And right before their eyes.
They want an absolutely perfect solution.
For instance A policy that perfectly tackles the fine dust issue.
I'm curious as to what kind of advice you gave to President Yang in the past.
I recommended you.
"A young, competent man whose political neutrality will enable him to focus on policy development.
A former KAIST professor as Minister of Environment.
" Hiring decisions impart a message.
It's sends the most powerful message that shows the Blue House's determination.
You said that we must win.
Let's say I now know that I'm standing in the midst of a battlefield.
I won't be stubborn and insist on fighting with my bare hands.
I'm curious to see whether or not Assemblyman Oh will accept your offer.
Thank you for coming.
I know you've been through a lot, Assemblyman Oh.
You've been through much more, President Park.
The attack has changed many people's fates.
Please have a seat.
Do you think he can really be of help to President Park? Would you be our Acting Prime Minister? I would like you to head the interim cabinet of the departments that fell vacant due to the bombing.
Has all the negotiations with Cambodia broken down? You don't have to answer.
I suppose it's because you need my face, that you want to appoint me as Prime Minister.
If the Blue House is cornered enough to require such an extreme move, that probably means they failed to have Myung Hae Joon handed over.
Am I wrong? We need you, Assemblyman Oh.
I'm afraid I must decline your offer.
Just because I'm a survivor, it doesn't mean I'm qualified to manage state affairs.
Why must our country's disaster become my political asset? I don't want to make a deal using the people's support for a position or power.
I can't accept the position of Prime Minister.
Can't you make a deal? Our people are panicking with anxiety and confusion.
Social unrest is growing into another problem, and it will take a toll on our people.
"A nation must protect its people.
" Didn't you say that? For a stable government administration, I want to make a deal with you.
I was right.
You want to use me to make a detour and find a way to break through into government operations.
But why do you use this detour strategy only in domestic politics? Check all the bordering countries that have diplomatic conflicts with Cambodia.
Not Cambodia, but its bordering countries? One of them must be open to negotiate with us.
I'm thinking of making a detour internationally as well.
Are you thinking of involving a third-party country? Yes, that's right.
I was the Secretary General then.
I was out of the party for a while.
So, how can I help you? I need the blueprint of the main building that was used for the LAN cable installation.
I heard you might have it as you were the Secretary General then.
Shouldn't the Secretariat have the blueprint? Due to the bombing, the Secretariat lost all their documents.
I see.
Since that day, we all are living in a different world.
Why do you need the blueprint? Did you find a clue about the bomber? We are still working on it.
I'll see if I can find the blueprint.
I would appreciate it, ma'am.
Instead of appreciating it how about making a deal? I want to be the first to learn about any lead you get on the bomber.
Would that be possible? I don't trust the current government's concept of security.
I believe their mawkish view on unification and North Korea caused this tragedy.
As the opposing party's leader, I can't let the Blue House investigate the bombing alone.
Do you understand me? I'm sorry.
I only follow our protocol regarding to whom I report.
Baek, could you look for a blueprint in the office supply closet that I used to use when I was Secretary General? Okay, ma'am.
The ambassadors of Cambodia and Vietnam have arrived.
Ambassador Su Dimanche is in the stateroom and Ambassador Bao Ninh is in Baekak Room, waiting for you.
I see.
This might be our last shot.
Don't scare me.
I'm also aware of how important this negotiation is.
Thank you for coming.
I have been waiting a long time for you.
I would like to give my deepest condolences for the tragedy in Republic of Korea again.
Please have a seat.
I heard Cambodia doesn't want to make an alliance or an agreement with Korea's Acting President.
Then How about we make a deal? A deal? We would like to send home the two Vietnamese arrested by our National Intelligence Service.
They were industrial spies that were working in Pyeongtaek Industrial Complex.
Industrial spies? They're just hard-working laborers that traveled to a faraway land to earn foreign money for their family.
Do you not wish to send them back to their families? What do you want from us? Could you send the Cambodian intelligence agent arrested in Hanoi back to his country? Well Intelligence agent? He's just an innocent man who went on a vacation to a neighboring country.
That agent confessed that he's a relative of the director of the Cambodian intelligence agency.
And the director is the brother of the Prime Minister of Cambodia, Hun Yo.
So what you want is I want you to approve our military's plan of operations so that we can capture Myung Hae Joon alive.
Vietnam will get their two hard-working laborers back, and Cambodia will get their innocent tourist back.
Would you like to make the deal? - I mean - So Did we get the Cambodian ambassador's approval? We didn't.
We failed to get his approval, right? They say dreams and hopes are the virtues humans have, but we need to think politically.
Both convincing Oh Yeong-seok and the multilateral diplomacy with Cambodia are not easy.
Yes, he should've made a political judgement.
- Right.
- Chief An.
We received the authorization.
The Cambodian government authorized the deployment of Troop 707.
According to local intelligence, Myung Hae Joon is laying low in a small hospital on the outskirts of Senmonari.
Here are the satellite photos.
We must be careful to avoid civilian casualties.
Troop 707 is currently running simulations of every possible scenario to successfully capture Myung Hae Joon alive.
I'd like to meet the commanding officer of this operation.
Where would he be? The army has a certain command system, sir.
If you want, we can have the officer here immediately.
Myung Hae Joon is the prime suspect of the National Assembly Building bombing and the only one that can give us answers.
We must capture him alive no matter what.
I want to ask the commander to fulfill his duty.
That's why I will go to him.
So where are they training? Tomorrow at 1700 hours, we will be transported to Cambodia from Seongnam Airport.
The ETA is past midnight, local time.
The members of Troop 707 being dispatched for this mission include 7 in Alpha Team and 7 in Bravo for a total of 14, sir.
- Check.
- Check! Check.
- Do better next time.
- Yes, sir.
We will arrive at the base camp via helicopter.
We will secure the target before sunrise KS the day after tomorrow.
Is that it? Yes, that's it.
It's simpler than I expected it to be.
A briefing of a military operation is something even an amateur can do.
Professionals carry it out and complete their missions.
My men have been training daily for operations like this.
And we're ready, sir.
I'm jealous.
It would've been nice if I had time to train before being thrown in as well.
Good job today, everyone.
I hope you'll follow my lead tomorrow just like you did today too.
This is Sergeant Lee Gang-hun.
He specializes in cover fire.
His wife is currently in the hospital.
Their first baby is due on the day of the operation.
Next to him is Staff Sergeant Jo.
- He specializes in explosives.
- Do you miss your wife? He's been here instead of on his honeymoon.
No, sir.
Let me ask you one thing.
Colonel Kim ensured me Myung Hae Joon will be captured alive.
Major Jang, I want to hear your opinion as the operations commander.
We will succeed.
What are your chances? We do not know what Myung Hae Joon has planned.
If he has bought off the locals, we might encounter a large number of hostiles.
Furthermore, the North Korean Army might be a variable as well.
So what are your chances? It's 50-50.
I give it 50 percent.
Good job.
- Thank you, sir.
- Thank you.
To an operations commander, a mission is filled with variables.
You only get one chance out on the field.
All the training is pointless.
This is Sergeant Lee Gang-hun.
Sergeant First Class Lee Gang-hun, sir.
I hope your child takes after you.
Strong and brave.
President, he's having a girl.
Staff Sergeant Jo Seong-ju.
Staff Sergeant Jo Seong-ju, sir! Once you get back, go on your honeymoon first.
Yes, sir! We will meet again.
Safe and sound.
Attention! Salute.
- Unite! - Unite! I came here to ask you to make sure you capture Myung Hae Joon alive.
We will do our best.
However, if things get too dangerous out on the field, you must shoot Myung Hae Joon to kill.
- Sorry? - The safety of our men is more important.
Please do your best to bring all of them back home.
This is an order.
We received a tip regarding a military drill performed at Seongnam Airport.
Has it anything to do with the capture of Myung Hae Joon? Here! The Blue House security team vehicle was spotted near Seongnam Airport.
Was the President there to encourage Troop 707? Is a military operation imminent? Even as we speak, our military is on high alert and is training day and night to ensure the safety of our nation and its people.
The transport aircraft take-off is just one of those everyday drills.
The President visiting the troop was an everyday duty of the Commander-in-Chief.
Has Myung Hae Joon been located? The people have the right to know.
Why is the Blue House hiding the truth? Since the attack, fear and anxiety have become a part of our daily lives.
So that the people can safely enjoy their nights again, the Blue House and the government are doing our best.
That's all I can say for now.
That was the Blue House briefing of March 12.
I hope for the reporters to also enjoy a very normal, peaceful and warm evening as well.
Thank you.
Do you know what I did today? On my way to the drill center, I thought of only one thing.
Capturing Myung Hae Joon alive.
No matter what it took, at whatever costs, I needed it done.
But? I was reminded at the center that the soldiers have families too.
They have families that are hoping for their safe return just like me.
Can you believe that I can give such an order? So? Are you afraid of becoming a bad person? What you did today wasn't a good or a bad act.
You only made a decision that was needed at the time.
Don't worry.
You haven't changed a bit.
You're still up at this hour feeling bad for the troop.
SEONJIN REPUBLICAN PARTY I'm glad that we still have the blueprints.
I'm even gladder because they're in our hands.
The Secretariat employee said that the NIS agent is looking for Room 119.
Room 119? I don't see it on the first floor.
Here Hold on.
When the building was renovated, a new space was created.
And that's Room 119? What is it doing in the basement? It might not be Room 119.
What if it's not Room 119, but just 119.
If that's the case, perhaps it's a bomb shelter.
A bomb shelter? FLOOR PLAN OF THE NATIONAL ASSEMBLY BUILDING B1 Will we now be able to arrest the bomber then? Yes, and it's all thanks to you suggesting a detour.
There's something I'd like to ask though.
When I asked you to join the administration, you turned me down.
So why did you help me with this? Not wanting to make a deal with power and helping you are all because of one reason.
I vowed to serve this country, and that hasn't changed once since my 20th birthday.
Can you be at the Blue House tonight? That must've been someone high up.
Hearing you talk on the phone made me wonder who that was.
Someone who isn't Blue House material.
I hope this helps catch the bomber.
It's what you asked for.
We still had the blueprints.
Thank you, ma'am.
Room 119.
It's a clue that'll lead you to the bomber, isn't it? All I have are suspicions at the moment.
Once it becomes certain, add me to the list of people you must report it to.
National security doesn't just lie with the National Intelligence Service.
Na-gyeong? My goodness.
It's been a while, Agent Han.
Seriously? Is this a joke? You stormed off as if you were done with this place.
We received word from Cambodia.
It seems Troop 707, which just landed on the ground, is in trouble.
What? While heading to the outskirts of Senmonari, the helicopter crashed.
What happened? The troop was trying to land but bad weather limited its vision which caused a crash-landing.
- Are there any casualties? - Sergeant Lee Gang-hun was injured.
Sergeant Lee? How is he? How are the other men? We are trying to contact them now.
Major Jang, this is Colonel Kim.
Update me on the troop's status.
Everybody is well, sir.
Sergeant Lee's injuries are minor.
Is he still able to participate in the operation? Sit down.
That's a negative.
However, we have men to replace him, so we don't need to revise the operation.
I will do my best to keep all my men safe.
The operation is still a go.
Major Jang, the operation will go forward as planned.
Move out! What now? What's with all the security? You're making me nervous.
It's about Assemblyman Oh Yeong-seok.
You just got back and you're barking up the Oh Yeong-seok tree again.
You told me to bring more substantial evidence.
Assemblyman Oh was involved in the bombing.
I'm sure of it.
He played a crucial role in getting Cambodia's approval.
I wanted him to be here so I asked him to come.
This way.
Alpha Team, prepare the explosives.
We have guards and snipers in place.
Alpha Team is near the generator and Bravo Team is waiting at the back door.
Going in! Bravo Team, get ready for the blow.
Once Alpha Team blows the door, Bravo Team goes in first.
Three seconds to explosion.
Three, two, one.
- Go.
- Go.
The troops are going in.
Go on.
Bravo, report back.
We shot two of the hostiles.
We have the first floor and basement covered.
They have the place covered.
Civilian going out.
Keep them safe.
They're going up to the second floor.
He was just here.
Myung Hae Joon has disappeared.
Myung Hae Joon has disappeared.
What the Disappeared? Are you sure? This is the blueprint used for the cable installation.
Everyone who worked on this project at the National Assembly building They've disappeared? They're dead.
They're No, wait.
Everyone dies.
It could be a coincidence.
You know the construction for the cable installation was to set up the detonating fuse used in the bombing.
The person in charge of the project died trying to cover up the tracks right before my very eyes.
One died of a heart attack, one in a fire, and one committed suicide.
All eight people that were part of the project were killed in order to eliminate all proof.
What proof? What kind of construction was it? Ji-won.
I was going to leave if you ignored me for another 30 seconds.
All right.
Watch closely.
This is the blueprint of the construction Na-gyeong brought.
This is room 119 the informant told us about in a 3D design program.
These are steel beams.
The surface is made of elastomer that is highly durable.
Wait a minute.
What is elas Elastomer.
Just memorize it.
It doesn't collapse even when there is an impact.
In other words, it's an air raid shelter.
- Room 119 was an air raid shelter.
- There was an air raid shelter in the National Assembly Building? But why? Ji-won, show him the location of room 119 I mean, the air raid shelter.
The location of the air raid shelter It's where Assemblyman Oh was rescued, isn't it? Assemblyman Oh's survival wasn't a miracle.
It was a conspiracy.
It was planned meticulously from the beginning.
I see the troop moving to the end of the third floor.
Get out of my way.
It's Myung Hae Joon.
Yes, it's Myung Hae Joon.
Get out of my way! It's a detonator.
Lower your guns.
Lower your guns! I'll kill all of you! Come on out.
Come out! Staff Sergeant.
- What are you doing? - He can't detonate the bomb.
At this distance, we will all die.
The hostile is within my range of fire.
Staff Sergeant.
- Seong-ju.
- The bomb was made in a hurry.
I just need 10 seconds.
Should I shoot or wait? What happened? Alpha Team, answer me! This is the situation room.
What's going on? We've lost contact.
We've lost contact with not only Major Jang, but the entire unit.
Darn it.
The military must have much experience with operations like this.
General Eun, do you ever get used to it? No, you don't get used to it.
And you shouldn't get used to it.
Nothing is more dangerous than a fearless soldier.
It may not have been a gunshot.
It could have been a flare to confuse the enemy.
Try not to worry.
Myung Hae Joon has been captured alive.
Have we succeeded? He's alive.
Good job.
Good job.
Good job.
Good job.
- Good job.
- Good job.
Thank you.
Good job.
There has been a casualty.
Major Jang has died during the operation.
Thanks to you, Troop 707 was able to complete the mission.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Hello, Mr.
You did a great job, Staff Sergeant Jo.
I just did my job.
Major Jang was supposed to lead the operation from the base camp.
When Sergeant Lee got injured in the helicopter accident, he joined the operation in Sergeant Lee's place to capture Myung Hae Joon alive without changing the operation.
The rest of our unit is safe.
I believe Sergeant Lee will be able to hold his baby soon.
I was able to follow your order to return safely, sir.
Thanks to Major Jang.
Please do your best to bring all of them back home.
I will do my best to keep all my men safe.
Why me? Why did you recommend me to the President? Why did you bring me here when I had plans to go back to school? Did something happen? Didn't you say I just needed to fulfill my duties as a citizen? Then why Why am I put in a position where I take people's lives? Why? Why do I have to do this because of you? Salute.
He died because of me.
I sent him to his death.
I ordered him to capture Myung Hae Joon alive.
I also told him to make sure his men returned home safely.
I killed him.
He died because of my orders.
It's not your fault.
He simply did all he could to fulfill his duties.
He didn't run away.
He handled it.
Just like you, who didn't return to school that day.
And this is the same.
President Park.
Whether it's sorrow, guilt, or anger, today is one of those days when you must fulfill your duties without running away or making excuses.
That is what all the survivors must do.
What about you? Why are you an exception? On that day, I told you that I wasn't qualified.
I told you that neither power nor politics suited me.
And yet, you brought me this far.
So take responsibility.
Help me so that I can handle this position.
Will you return to the Blue House? The bomber made an air raid shelter in the National Assembly Building so that the survivor of the bombing, Assemblyman Oh, would live.
Someone more frightening than North Korea may have been behind the bombing.
Please withdraw your proposal for a nonparty cabinet.
Do you still believe that an election can change the world? I am the head of this nation's administration, ma'am.
If he refuses to withdraw the proposal, I plan to have him impeached.