Designated Survivor: 60 Days (2019) s01e15 Episode Script

The Trap

ALL CHARACTERS, ORGANIZATIONS, PLACES AND EVENTS ARE FICTIONAL REGIONAL FORCES UNDER MARTIAL LAW There's a chance that the military will use force, led by General Eun Hui-jeong, Minister Oh Yeong-seok, and NIS Deputy Director Ji Yun-bae.
In other words, there's a sign of a coup.
The H-hour is 11:00 p.
The troops near the metropolitan area will assemble near the Capital Defense Command.
What we need to do now is appoint someone in the military we can trust and quell the rebel forces before 11:00 p.
But do you think there's someone reliable in the military that will listen to the Blue House? Someone we know for sure is on Mr.
President's side.
There's one person who can stand against General Eun.
I'm not sure if he'll take my side, though.
General Lee Gwan-muk is a risky choice, sir.
General Eun is using General Lee's dismissal and detention to justify the coup.
That's why.
If General Lee decides to join hands with us, they will lose their justification to exercise force, and their coup attempt will lose momentum.
But General Lee Gwan-muk Are you sure that he'll join hands with us? He doesn't trust the Blue House.
He might have already agreed to collude with General Eun.
- Then - Then, General Lee will be prosecuted for insurrection before anybody else according to the Military Criminal Act.
It is the decision I made as the Commander-in-Chief of the military, Secretary Han.
At the moment, there is no military official whom we can trust to side with President Park.
If General Lee is a possibility, we should give it a shot.
General Lee is the most elite member of the ROK Army.
And President Park hurt his pride in the most humiliating way.
Do you think he'll side with us? What if I turn you down? What are you going to do if I even join General Eun? Then this offer will basically be suicide for you.
You don't know anything about the military to be called Commander-in-Chief.
Where did you say we'd be meeting? General Lee has just arrived.
We were waiting for you.
General Lee has arrived at the Capital Defense Command.
I believe he has joined hands with General Eun.
Would you like to issue the order now? The Tenth Fighter Wing is on standby as you had requested, sir.
The Special Task Force at the Capital Defense Command is awaiting your orders, sir.
If General Lee did indeed join them, the troops gathered at the CDC will be on the move soon.
We must make a move to quell them before that happens in order to minimize casualties.
I have already given my orders.
As per the order of President Park, the Commander-in-Chief of our military, General Eun Hui-jeong is under arrest for plotting a military coup according to Article Eight of the Military Criminal Act.
What are you talking about? Why are you doing this? - He should have arrived by now.
- All right.
Let's go.
Hands up! Who the hell are you? President Park humiliated you.
Not once, but twice! So why? Because the honor of the ROK Army is more important than my personal honor.
The most shameful moments in the history of our army was when we had to aim guns at our own people.
Did you think I'd repeat that? I need to hear your answer, sir.
Did you think I'd join hands with you right away if you offered to reinstate me as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff? Is that why you came all the way here? In front of the generals under my leadership, you took away my authority and doubted my patriotism.
My honor as a soldier matters the most to me, and you humiliated me.
Are you really naive enough to believe that I will help you? I calculated your move.
In a clever manner.
You thought I humiliated you twice, you neither rebelled nor exercised force.
Hence, I thought the law and order of this country mattered more to you than your personal honor.
Thus, I believed that you'd want our military to be remembered honorably by our children.
I do not know much about the military.
However, I felt like I could tell what kind of person you were.
Was I wrong about you? Mr.
General Lee has arrived at the NSC situation room.
As of 22:05 on March 31, 2019, the Military Police and prosecutors have successfully completed quelling the military coup attempt led by Army Chief of Staff Eun Hui-jeong.
All associated personnel have been sent to the DSSC.
I hereby report the progress to you, the Commander-in-Chief of our military, sir.
DAY 32: THE TRAP EPISODE 15 EUN HUI-JEONG General Eun Hui-jeong.
When we found out that you were the mole who leaked OP 5015-18, you started plotting a military coup.
It was because you were afraid you might be held solely accountable for the bombing.
We can't condone such injustice.
Now, tell me.
OP 5015-18.
Who did you give it to? The VIP.
I asked you who inside the Blue House shared the plan for the attack with you.
What do you mean by "the VIP"? That's right.
All of us simply followed the instructions given to us by the VIP.
That is not something the former head of a government agency should say.
So you simply followed the VIP's instructions and bombed the National Assembly Building Who is it? The VIP.
I don't know.
I have no idea.
We don't know what he looks like, what his name is, or who he is.
We have never met the VIP.
This person was an accomplice in the massive attack, and yet you've never met him? Mr.
I always met with Mr.
Kim, the VIP's representative.
He always passed on the VIP's instructions to us and informed him of our requests.
He is the faithful middleman.
Who is Mr.
Kim? It's common, you know.
When the VIP has too much to lose by revealing himself, his right-hand man acts on his behalf.
Where is Mr.
Kim now? That's Mr.
He was caught on a camera near the tailor shop.
Ji-won, do you have his name yet? I've been going through all the security footage to find his face since the second I got here without even going to the bathroom thanks to you two, my incredible mentors.
Okay, so You can find out more information about him, right? Some say he was one of our spies sent to the North.
Some witnesses also said that he used to do legal work at Nadong Group's Planning and Coordination Office.
A former South Korean spy and Nadong Group's legal team seem completely unrelated.
The two have something in common.
They're both fixers who can pull off anything.
It does seem like Mr.
Kim can do anything.
From personnel matters to money, they never had to reiterate their requests regardless of what it was because he always resolved them effectively using the VIP's power.
Are you saying that's why they could put their trust in Mr.
Kim without knowing his name or identity and conspired with him to commit the outrageous crime together? The entire nation is shocked by the news that the Minister of National Defense, Oh Yeong-seok, was shot and killed last night by an officer from the Ministry of National Defense.
According to the police, Minister Oh and the officer It's me, Mr.
I'm sorry I couldn't call sooner.
I was trying to figure out who'd have the most to lose if I revealed myself now.
They arrived near Namhyeon-dong.
According to witnesses, the officer As all of you have probably heard, Minister Oh was shot and killed last night, which is truly tragic.
Was it because of a personal grudge? Was it due to a conflict over his presidential bid? We have issued a press embargo, but I'd like to share this with the two of you as I consider you our partners.
Last night, there was a conspiracy for a military revolt led by General Eun Hui-jeong.
And Minister Oh was on his way to participate in the conspiracy.
Hold on.
A conspired revolt? Do you mean a coup d'etat? General Lee Gwan-muk and the military prosecutors arrested all of them at the scene.
They were all transferred to the DSSC, and the situation has been contained.
Why wasn't it reported to the media? Once people learn of your quick efforts to quell the coup, it will only give you a bigger advantage in the polls.
Those who plotted the coup were also involved with the National Assembly Building bombing.
Minister Oh, General Eun Hui-jeong, and even Director Ji Yun-bae.
Oh, my.
My goodness.
When the NIS Terrorism Task Force got closer to the truth, they believed their involvement will soon be revealed.
That's why they plotted the coup.
Currently, we've yet to uncover the true culprits behind the bombing.
If news of the coup got out, it'll only aggravate the people's anxiety.
We believe he is one of the main players of the bombing and coup d'etat.
You two are not only delegates of the opposing and majority party, but also the top presidential candidates.
That is why I earnestly ask this of you.
Please do not let this be turned into a political issue or used to aid your campaign.
Will you please keep this confidential? Why do you think Minister Oh made such a choice? He got involved in the bombing and even decided to join the military coup.
He was probably desperate and believed that without taking such extreme measures, there was no hope for this country ever since the Battle of Baengnyeong.
Then you could say that I was behind the bombing.
The practical politics that only further discouraged him has always been what I promoted.
During that Baengnyeong Battle, where were you? When the ones who survived were suffering in pain of the wounds and the people's indifference, where exactly were you? - Mr.
Oh - You were a member of the National Defense Committee.
However, when we asked for your help, you were never present.
Not even once.
Living in South Korea only ends in two ways.
You either become a victim one day or the bereaved.
Due to ethnic background, disability, nationality, affiliation, race, religion, and even beliefs In every way, people have found a way to discriminate against others.
It's how one can be at a slight advantage in this dog-eat-dog world.
Underneath our masks, we're selfish beings who support discrimination and oppose equality.
That's the ugly face of the power that propels the world.
GENERAL ELECTION POLLS I thought there would be a huge fluctuation in the polls now that front-runner Minister Oh was excluded.
I'm glad President Park is in the lead, although it's only by a small margin.
This isn't a number we can be happy with.
Once supporters of the major parties gather, as an independent candidate, President Park will be fighting with one arm tied behind his back against Mayor Kang and Ms.
Still, he has achieved something no one can deny.
For a month since the bombing, he completed an internship in administration.
He passed given the circumstances.
All right.
His term ends in four days.
That's including today.
Please handle the reporters and the media well until then so that he can finish up his duties and end his term successfully.
I'm counting on you.
The polite Mr.
Cha isn't a douchebag, but at the same time, he's not very fun.
Don't worry though.
You're not the only one who supports President Park.
What does he want from me? I saw the latest polls.
You've made progress.
Didn't you promise Secretary Cha that you'd join the campaign if I became the front-runner in the polls? You don't have to keep that promise.
Join my campaign when you finally see me as a candidate who can win the election.
Is that confidence I detect in your voice? You were right to choose General Lee Gwan-muk.
When we first met, I asked you to prevent a military coup d'etat, and you kept your promise.
Thank you, President Park.
They will contact you soon since they'll need your help.
Are you saying that Ms.
Yun is involved with the bombers? The photos indicate its possibility.
Who sent these photos? They were sent to the office, but there was no return address.
I'm sure they have an agenda.
Either it's to disclose her corruption for the interest of the public, or it's a political attack designed to make the Blue House suspect Assemblywoman Yun.
There's someone who could answer that.
The man in the photo is Mr.
Kim, one of the people behind the bombing.
During your internal investigation, has Assemblywoman Yun come up as a person of interest? Not yet.
However, I believe that nothing can be easily assumed or stated about this Mr.
We do not know anything about this man including his name and identity.
However, General Eun, Director Ji, and even Minister Oh trusted him fully and followed his orders because they were blinded by the wealth and power the VIP could give them.
Then, in your opinion Assemblywoman Yun is also someone who needs the wealth and power the VIP can provide.
I don't think we can rule out the possibility.
I'd like to ask you for a favor.
Until you're done investigating Assemblywoman Yun, I'd like these photos and what we know of Mr.
Kim to be kept a secret.
Speculations of a presidential candidate colluding with the bombers will cause irreparable harm even if it's later proven to be false.
I'll try, sir.
They met at a Korean restaurant in Gangnam, and their meeting occurred on February 21 at 5 p.
That's all the information I can get from these photos.
We should check if there's anyone in her circle who has a connection to this Mr.
Could Assemblywoman Yun be this so-called VIP? Just think about it.
She left the National Assembly Building just before the explosion due to a sudden boycott and got out of harm's way.
Who has the ability and authority to control the political arena other than her? Mr.
Kim, it's me.
Thank you for the photos.
I'll cut right to the chase then.
Is this your way of saying you'll expose me? Now? By now, those photos are probably in the hands of Acting President Park as well.
I'm considering sharing these with every media company as the next step.
Could you handle that? He must have sent these photos to President Park as well.
Sorry? - Then - I only have one option now.
But ma'am - Secretary Han.
- Yes? The media is reporting breaking news.
Last night, a coup d'etat conspiracy led by Army Chief of Staff Eun Hui-jeong was quelled by the joint forces of the military prosecutors, DSSC, and the military police under Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Lee Gwan-muk's command.
Division equivalent forces near the metropolitan area were supposed to assemble at the Capital Defense Command along with the Special Ops and the Army Air Command.
They were then planning to station the mechanized infantry division, - the armored brigades, and tank forces - Sir.
It was either Mayor Kang or Assemblywoman Yun.
You should summon them over.
We must hold someone responsible.
The public sentiment will be important.
Quelling the coup could help your image and that of this current administration.
President Park and the Blue House, despite this being a coup d'etat that poses a serious threat to national security, disregarded the people's right to know and were only bent on covering up the truth.
One can only assume that the current administration were only focused on how it'll effect President Park's approval ratings.
- He'll be blamed instead of praised.
- How the people will react The press will be out for blood yet again.
- Over here! - Here! - Here! - Mr.
Kim! Why did you hide the coup d'etat conspiracy? Was the administration worried about it being directly tied to President Park's competency? Was it because President Park is running for office? In case it would affect the polls? Is the Blue House more concerned about a candidate's standing at the polls than the people's right to know? We'd like an answer.
- Mr.
Kim! - Here! - Over here! - Mr.
Kim! Please answer the question.
- Mr.
Kim! - What's the answer? Ever since the bombing, the Blue House has continuously followed one principle.
National security takes precedence over the people's right to know at times.
That is why the administration also could not tell the people about the conspired military revolt.
Are you saying that the government is hiding other matters as well? Was it President Park who decided to keep this from the public? - Please tell us.
- Please answer the question! - Mr.
Kim! - Is any of this true? - Please answer us.
- Mr.
Kim, what's the answer? Aren't you leaving? Of course I am.
Let's go.
Don't you think they're hiding more than the conspired coup? - Another great job today.
- I'm getting a strong feeling.
I'm not sure.
If you know anything, do share.
Excuse me.
- I'll wait.
- Good job today.
Woo, just a moment.
Do you know who the source is? Well, it's linked to national security.
I believe that the public should've been told about the coup d'etat as soon as it was quelled.
The authorities haven't figured out who was behind the coup d'etat.
It would only lead to unnecessary speculation.
That'll only shake the stability of this nation which we're trying to restore.
Yes, but the media and the people would've distinguished rumors from truth over time.
It may be noisy and chaotic, but that's the process of democracy.
It's not like I don't understand the Blue House's position.
Still, you shouldn't have asked for our source.
It sounds to me like you're trying to control the media.
How could you say something so frightening? When did I do that? Just accept whatever the people think.
It's how one takes responsibility.
I think you should get going.
"They always say it's national security.
Don't they care about the people? Now, they're even concealing coup d'etats.
Where is the truth?" "Concealing a coup d'etat and suppressing the people's rights.
President Park's administration is an absolute failure.
" Unbelievable.
This is like catching a burglar that entered my home but being criticized for not reporting it to the police.
The media was kind enough to give us a guideline.
They're saying that this administration ignores people's rights and harbors too many secrets.
President Park is scheduled to resign in four days.
Just like a soldier days before his discharge, he should be careful of every action.
I can't believe his bad luck.
This will probably affect the General Election Polls, right? Secretary Min, are you worried about President Park? Are you worried about the independent candidate, President Park's standings in the polls? You're the one who was worried first, so I thought that was the trend.
You see, I'm very conscious when it comes to trends.
These are the poll results of the presidential candidates after the press reported about the coup.
GENERAL ELECTION POLLS Assemblywoman Yun Chan-gyeong has passed you and taken the lead.
Now, it's clear who tipped off the press and why that person took such a risk.
Are you saying Assemblywoman Yun tipped off the press to beat the President? Let's not jump to conclusions.
We don't have time.
We have three days until the President resigns, and we must fix this within that time.
So what alternative do you suggest? I suggest we turn the internal investigation on Assemblywoman Yun into an open investigation.
You want to turn it into an open investigation? If we do that, the press will be busy talking about Assemblywoman Yun.
The suspicion is regarding the bombing.
The votes that went to her will naturally go to you, Mr.
Above all, no one will blame us for our political attack on her.
We have a good cause.
We're responding to the people's request for a transparent government.
You're wrong.
It's definitely a political attack.
You want to sway the votes using an unconfirmed suspicion against the leading candidate.
We can't betray our own principles.
- I'm against this, sir.
- But, sir Both of you.
Could you give us a moment please? Mr.
Han can't just exclude us in the middle of the discussion Obviously, he's making a mistake.
It was just two presidential secretaries making counterarguments.
- It wasn't a quarrel - It wasn't a quarrel What are your plans after this? I don't have any special plans.
Why do you ask? Do you want to go another round? No.
There are some things in my office that I can't handle myself.
What are they? Ramyeon.
Would you like to have some? I do not.
Is it that hard to decide whether or not to open the investigation on Assemblywoman Yun? I was the one who begged her and Mayor Kang not to make national security a political issue this morning.
Just because my rating dropped, I can't betray the principles I have set myself.
Those who play in the Olympics don't compete in order to obey the rules.
They put in their best efforts in order to win the medals.
Even after you lose in the elections, will you be proud of yourself for sticking to the rules? I heard you said you would enact the Discrimination Act when you become President.
Does that promise mean less than your principles? Would you call Assemblywoman Yun Chan-gyeong in? Have you made up your mind, sir? I don't know if this will sufficiently explain these pictures, but it was just a meeting with my supporters, which is common during election season.
Some call them election brokers and some call them self-employed politicians.
If you blame me for not being careful enough, I'd accept that.
But the claims that I'm behind the bombing is ridiculous.
Even if it weren't for the bombing, I would have successfully changed the government through the election.
You're suspicious of me, aren't you? Is that why you called me in? The NIS Terrorism Task Force is conducting an internal investigation on you.
And I'm planning to ask them to turn it into an open investigation.
Every media outlet will make this picture public.
They will persistently question everything you have done after the bombing.
Your credibility as a presidential candidate will drop to the point where it can never recover.
Why are you saying this to me? It's not like you need my permission to do that.
You are still a partner in this government administration.
Do it.
Make it an open investigation.
Even if you do so, they won't find anything on me because I'm innocent.
But turning it into an open investigation will only show you're admitting to yourself you want the downfall of Yun Chan-gyeong more than a truthful investigation.
I have sent the same picture to President Park and Assemblywoman Yun just like you have ordered.
I can't wait to see what kind of decisions these two will make.
Yes, sir.
We're turning the investigation on Yun into an open investigation tomorrow.
I'll relay the message.
I must make him flee the country tonight.
- What? I identified Mr.
It wasn't a lie.
Kim was a part of the Military Intelligence Command, and he used to be an anti-North spy.
Are you sure? At first, I thought the bomber was just bluffing, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt and searched the entire network.
Then I found him.
Age, 38.
Name, Kim Su-hyeon.
What has he done as a spy? In 2010, he got selected for the anti-North spy project.
He performed the best among his peers in every skill.
For the anti-North spy project, those with big builds aren't preferred.
He was perfect for the job.
2010 means It's when the inter-Korean relation, strained by the Asan Port bombings, suddenly improved significantly right before the general election.
You're right.
At the time, our government denied the existence of anti-North spies.
At the time KIM SU-HYEON Mr.
Kim had already been sent to the North.
He was abandoned by our government while in dangerous circumstances.
LEE GYEONG-PYO KIM SU-HYEON These people here have something in common.
They dedicated themselves to Korea in their respective roles, but they were all abandoned.
Do you think they wanted to get revenge on Korea? We should ask them in person.
Kim will do everything he can to get help from the VIP.
I'll leave now, ma'am.
You can't make any mistakes.
My political career is on the line.
Yes, ma'am.
I'm here.
Where are you, Mr.
Kim? I will go and escort you.
Check him out.
Get him.
President, we have succeeded in arresting Mr.
Thank you.
We arrested Mr.
Kim thanks to you.
I'll give you a chance to prove your innocence.
If you are innocent, would you become a trap for us? A trap to catch the mastermind behind the bombing.
It couldn't have been easy.
Did you believe I was innocent from the start? Ever since you saved yourself from my trap of an open investigation.
First, I'd like to ask for your understanding.
There was a reason why the Blue House decided not to make a statement about the conspired military coup led by Army Chief of Staff Eun Hui-jeong reported by the media yesterday.
Some of the people that plotted the coup d'etat were accomplices of the bomber of the National Assembly Building.
- Mr.
- Mr.
- Mr.
Kim! - I have a question.
Then are you saying those involved in the coup d'etat were behind the bombing? Was the military involved in the bombing? While this is a time where all things are possible, it is also a sensitive time where we must refrain from making assumptions.
However, we will share with you the progress made with the investigation today.
Kim Su-hyeon, also known as Mr.
Kim, who is believed to be one of the masterminds behind the bombing was arrested immediately before he fled the country by the NIS Terrorism Task Force and the Joint Investigation Team.
As one of the main people behind the bombing was arrested, we believe we are a step closer to the truth about the bombing.
Here you go.
Every time there is progress in the investigation, the Blue House will share it with you quickly and precisely to satisfy the people's right to know, while doing its best to create a transparent government that communicates with its people.
The Blue House will do everything possible - to settle the coup d'etat - Now the media won't be able to say the Blue House is concealing information, right? You never know.
The number of views is more important than the number of subscribers.
Some could criticize that the government is all show as it released a statement when there hasn't been any progress in the investigation this afternoon.
How were you able to stay at the Blue House for over a decade? You can't survive elsewhere once you get used to this battlefield.
You'll get too bored.
Bored? I have nothing else to give you.
This is nice.
President Park is a very weird person.
Why? Isn't he whom you were looking for? Someone who knows how to win.
That's right.
Until now, I thought politics was all about winning.
That there was a clear-cut winner and loser, and that the winner takes it all.
A world monopolized by the winner.
That was what I believed.
What about now? Has it changed? President Park's politics is different.
He is always the winner, but it's weird.
No one loses, including Chief An last time and Assemblywoman Yun.
Secretary Han, do you still think he isn't qualified to be the next President? Let's not talk about that.
If it's President Park, wouldn't it be possible? A different government and a different Korea that you and President Yang Jin-man dreamed of.
Can't we hope for it again? Must I, at this age, dream of such things again? The belief that it is possible to create a good world with a good person.
Must I put everything I have on the line to torment myself with false hope and ride on that emotional rollercoaster again? I've already learned that those fairytale endings don't exist in real life.
You're very cruel.
I issue an executive order to carry out my duty to maintain pre-existing orders.
If you wish to issue an executive order, you will have to fire me.
Wait, Secretary Han.
Make your choice, sir.
Secretary Cha, call a Cabinet meeting.
The agenda is the issue of an executive order.
As of now, Secretary Han is dismissed from his job.
Why me? Why did you recommend me to the President? Why did you bring me here when I had plans to go back to school? Did something happen? Didn't you say I just needed to fulfill my duties as a citizen? Then why Why am I put in a position where I take people's lives? Why? Why do I have to do this because of you? Isn't the hearing a verification process of candidates by the National Assembly? The opposing party asked for a verification, and I just faithfully complied to it.
Have I created a controversy that you have to object to? Just to be lauded by the public, must I push my son into hell? Is that what politics is? Someone commits these attacks, and others sacrifice themselves to stop the attacks.
What does Korea mean to them? Do they even think of it as the same country? What kind of country is Korea to you, Secretary Han? When you failed, I thought we no longer had hope.
Tell me! Was I wrong? Did you say to join your campaign if I decided you have a chance at winning? - Secretary Han.
- I've lived too long and been in politics for too long to be naive enough to believe things will be different this time and that you'd be different.
This place is hell, where nothing ends until everyone becomes a monster.
Do you still plan to run for President and stay in politics? I found one person here.
You still haven't turned into a monster.
You were the one who taught me about a citizen's duty.
You taught me how to use my power and not be pressured by my position.
Won't you help me? So that I won't turn into a monster.
Help me sit behind that desk and govern this country as a civilian.
Once the election campaign starts, we should do something about the color of your tie.
The length of your pants needs some work as well.
You need to look as conservative as possible.
Does that mean you will Let's do this.
We may be late, but let's try it again.
Resident registration number.
Kim Su-hyeon.
Addressed as "Mr.
Kim" or "Mr.
Kim, the Tailor.
" You're incredible.
Everyone from Assemblymen to the Army Chief of Staff followed your orders blindly without even knowing your real name.
Do you know why? It was because of the VIP who was supporting you.
Tell me.
Who is the VIP? Who is this person that is behind the attack on the National Assembly and can go back and forth from North Korea to recruit Myung Hae-joon? Who is this person with immense wealth and power who can easily grant requests made by anyone? Whose gopher are you? Who is the VIP? President Park Mu-jin.
Bring him here.
That is, if you want me to tell you who the VIP is.
What? Until then, I won't say a single thing.
Kim knows very well whom he needs to grab onto to survive.
It won't be easy to make him talk.
MILITARY INTELLIGENCE COMMAND KIM SU-HYEON I thought I should report this to you.
I don't know why, but he's demanding to see you.
Why does he want to see me? He's adamant about disclosing the identity of the VIP, whom we believe is the mastermind of the attack, in front of you.
Taking into consideration the protocol and the current political situation, I understand that this isn't an easy decision to make for both you and the Blue House.
Feel free to discuss it and let me know.
Agent Han.
Tomorrow is the last day before my resignation.
It's my last day as the Acting President.
You might have assumed it already, but the secretarial staff of the Blue House will most likely oppose this.
Unnecessary speculations wouldn't help my election campaign.
There's nothing I can do if they oppose.
Yes, I understand.
That's exactly why I should see him right now.
I won't discuss this with my staff.
- Sir.
- Mr.
Which article was it again? "No public official of the Security Service" Article nine.
"Shall divulge confidential information.
" Please, Mr.
I heard that you wanted to see me.
Why is that? Why did you say that you'd only disclose it to me? Because you have power, and I need someone with power.
Then keep your promise.
The VIP.
Who is the mastermind behind the attack? The VIP is The VIP is me.
What did he say? It's me.
It's no one else.
It's me, the person sitting in front of you.
Are you saying that you single-handedly came up with the Assembly Building bombing and put it into action? How was that possible? It was possible because you were at the beginning and the end of the attack.
Park Mu-jin.
You helped complete the attack.
What do you mean? How did I help complete the attack? That person completed the attack through you.
Who is this person? Should we request help from the police and prosecutors and investigate openly? If it hadn't been concealed, it may never have happened.
We could experience trial and error.
Isn't all of that what we call history? Subtitle translations by Sun-young Baek