Desperate Lies (2024) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

Sílvia is not picking up. Shit!
Help me.
-We're going to the hospital.
-Help me.
-Let's go.
-There's no time, Tomás.
-No. No way.
-There's no time.
-No, let me get the car.
Come on, Liana.
Damn it, Liana.
It's time. It's time, Tomás.
-I can't believe you did that.
-Grab the bag. The bag, Tomás!
Tell me What should I do?
I see him.
He's coming.
I see him. Oh my God.
Oh my God.
My son.
My son.
Let me take him.
Let me take him.
Where are you going?
Look at Mateus' crib. Look, son.
Tomás, the other one!
Help me, Tomás!
Tomás, the other one!
-Good morning.
-Hi, Mrs. Liana. How are you?
Hi, Nina. How are you?
What happened to your knee, Inácio?
Oh, I fell.
There was a hole on the street.
A hole?
Inácio was leaving the restaurant
with Mrs. Sílvia.
-It was dark.
-It didn't hurt.
"It didn't hurt."
-Are you up for another test?
Come on.
Go back.
I know they haven't found a cure
for your condition yet.
I know.
But you'll be able to do things
on your own.
You'll have a nice life
and be independent. I promise you.
But you can't hide your struggles from me.
From anyone.
How is your vision in the dark?
Be truthful.
It's fine.
That's great.
We're gonna face this together. Okay?
I'm very lucky to be your nephew.
You're the best aunt in the world.
You are the most wonderful nephew
in the world.
Bye, Mrs. Liana.
Bye, Nina. Thank you.
I couldn't go in today, Liana.
Is everything all right?
Will you come in next time?
Is there a problem?
I have a problem.
I need more freedom, Mom.
I'm going to be 13.
-So? Do you have a fever?
It went up by four tenths.
Wow! You're on fire.
Oh my God.
I have to go before Tomás leaves for work.
What is this?
Are you taking ovulation stimulants?
You're so nosy.
-Are you doing this behind Tomás' back?
-A lot of women do it. Give me that.
Really, does Sílvia know?
Sílvia thinks it's normal
that I had two miscarriages
and haven't conceived in a year.
I don't. It's not normal.
Excuse me, it's my life.
Besides, you can't trust a doctor 100%.
Who can we trust, then?
In my desire to be a mother.
Tomás, get ready!
Hi, honey.
-Come here.
Come on, let's go downstairs.
What the fuck?
What are you doing, Liana?
I'm such a fool, Tomás.
You're reading my emails.
You can't do that.
I can't, Tomy?
Why not?
You should've changed the password.
-Give me my computer.
-I'm so dumb.
She's waiting for you.
She's waiting for you. What for?
Give me my computer. It's a joke.
Joke, my ass.
Let me see if she sent another joke.
-Give me that.
-Look at Cláudia.
She's so hot
Are you having an affair
with someone from our group?
No. Not from our group.
You left the group.
You don't cycle anymore.
-Oh, I don't
-No, you're always tired.
We have no life, Liana.
Everything's so heavy, there's no fun.
We don't even have good sex anymore.
So, it's not good with me
because we want to get pregnant but can't?
The great Tomás Rosenthal,
who never loses a case.
The big shot who always wins,
when he doesn't get what he wants,
he cheats. Is that it?
Cláudia is my friend.
-Give me.
-Friend, my ass.
Look, there's important work stuff
on that computer.
-Give me that.
-You know what I want to do?
-Destroy this.
-Don't do that.
-This fucking computer.
Shit, Liana! What the fuck!
Shit, Liana!
You fucked it up.
All I do is fuck up.
I'm trying to have a baby with you.
You know what?
I'm tired of having sex like it's a duty.
There's no mood.
It's frustrating. There's no mood.
You don't see me, Liana.
You don't see me.
You are not seeing me.
You come on to me with this sudden urge
to have sex because you're ovulating.
Is this what you call love?
What you call marriage?
I thought you wanted to have a baby.
But not at any cost.
Everything we planned.
Our happiness, what we agreed on.
Is that a cost to you?
You're such a dirtbag for saying that.
I'm talking about building a family,
happiness, dreams, everything
And you're out there messing around,
cheating on me, lying to me.
You just ruined everything.
-You destroyed everything.
-You did too.
-That's what you did.
-You did too.
You destroyed it too. You
It was you who turned our life
into an obsession.
Into a boring life.
So, it's my fault?
Where are you going?
To a hotel.
And tomorrow I'm going
on a cycling trip with the group.
I wasn't going to, but now I will.
Is Cláudia going too?
Yes. I mean, I think she's going.
It doesn't matter, Liana.
I'm not okay.
And I'm not being nice to you, either.
We're not like that.
I'm going
to spend some time away.
That way we can think things through.
If you go, don't come back.
If you walk through that door,
don't come back.
Hi, Liana. How are you?
Hi, Mom.
I'm good. How are you?
You didn't forget
your brother's birthday, did you?
Did I ever forget his birthday?
I'll be there, like always.
This time, it won't be like always.
Oh, that's right.
Thankfulness and forgiveness, right?
New therapy.
Positive psychology, honey.
It's so good that I discharged myself.
-Should I bring anything?
-No, don't worry.
Just remember and show up.
I always remember, Mom.
Every day.
My mother always brings me down, you know?
Give Aunt Norma a break.
-Losing a child is not easy.
-Losing a brother isn't easy either.
It's been 13 years.
I haven't accepted either.
I miss him too, really miss him.
Liloca, we have to live in the present.
Life is short.
Let's go out.
Forget your mom,
forget your husband. Just forget them.
Come on.
I'm not okay, girlfriend.
I know. What Tomás did wasn't cool.
But he doesn't deserve your tears.
What does he deserve?
Come on. I won't take "no" for an answer.
I'm so mad I can't even think straight.
Oh my God, this is beautiful.
Is it new? I've never seen you wear it.
Yes, I bought it
for a special occasion, not for tonight.
This is a special occasion.
Let's give Oscar our support.
You'll love my brother's nightclub.
Come on. Let's go.
Come on.
I mean it, let's go.
Get up.
I'm dying for a drink.
I'm loving the club, but the age group
It's our age group. Minus ten.
I don't know about you,
but today I woke up feeling 24.
-Hi, baby.
-Hi, love.
-Look who I brought.
-Who did you
No way! Liana, you're here.
-I can't believe you're here.
-I can't believe this is you.
It's me!
-You look so different.
-I know.
How long has it been?
What? About five years.
Isn't he handsome?
-He's grown into quite the man.
-Let me say hi.
-Come here.
-Let me say hi.
Oh, it looks beautiful.
You put a picture of Lucas.
I carry Lucas in my heart, Liana.
-Oh my God.
-What's up?
What's up? Look, the '92 championship.
The unbeatable duo. We were so good.
It's like this club belongs to me and him.
Let's not talk about sad things.
Liana is not doing great.
Her husband moved out.
He's absolutely insane.
I have to go. My man is here. Okay?
-You just got here.
-I know.
But we have a date. You weren't coming.
She never changes.
Yeah. And she doesn't lie.
Yeah Tomás
He moved out,
but I don't want to talk about it.
No, let's not talk about it.
You're going to be just fine here, okay?
Let me get you a drink, okay? Hold on.
What kind of drink, Oscar?
I'm not drinking.
I don't think I'll be drinking.
Yes, you are!
What do you want to drink? Tell me.
Another one.
I'm gonna get wasted.
Get wasted, then.
That's what tonight is for, to get wasted.
But call him.
Call him if you want. But do it now
'cause you're about to get wasted.
You'll get wasted
and won't be able to call.
I already called him.
I called five times.
He's not picking up. It went to voicemail.
Wow! That's not good, right?
Actually, that's horrible. Horrible.
He's a son of a bitch. That's what he is.
Let me tell you something.
I always thought he was a loser. Always.
He doesn't deserve you.
I'm an idiot.
I am I've always been.
But I won't be an idiot anymore, you know?
That's right!
That's what I'm talking about.
Listen up.
You have always been the hottest,
the smartest, the most wonderful.
You are my best friend's sister.
That's like torture.
I've always had a crush on you.
That's quite the revelation, Oscar.
Really? Lucas never told you?
He's jealous. He was jealous.
No, he wasn't.
He would love to see me bring a smile
to these gorgeous lips of yours.
Let's dance.
-Come on.
-Let me finish my drink.
-I'm leaving.
-I have class in the morning.
Don't judge me.
Stay, have fun. And you take care of her.
-You're my ride.
-I'll give you a ride.
-You're okay.
Don't stay until the club closes.
Let's just dance a little and we can like
Oscar, don't.
No, go home.
I'm not feeling well.
I'm not feeling
Oscar, stop!
Come on, get up.
Come on.
Come on, Oscar.
Thank you.
Hi, Liana.
Hi, Tomás.
Is everything okay?
No, everything is not okay.
I'm not okay, either. Can you talk?
No, I can't talk right now.
You can't? Why?
Because I don't want to.
Because I'm not okay.
-I'm going back to Rio tomorrow.
-Okay. Bye.
-Can we talk?
Hi, Tomy. Do you need any help?
No, I'm done.
-Let's go.
-Let's go.
-Shall we?
Let me give you a massage.
No. Stop, Oscar.
You are so beautiful. So hot.
Oscar, stop. I want to go to sleep.
Are you fucking crazy?
I didn't talk to you properly.
I don't know what happened.
I wasn't okay. I'm not okay.
But I won't call you anymore.
Call me when you hear this message, okay?
Hi, Sílvia. It's Cláudia.
I'm with Tomás
He's okay. We're in an ambulance.
No, but he's fine.
We're going to the hospital
in the mountains.
It's gonna be okay, Tomás.
Sílvia, don't tell Liana.
Otherwise, we'll fight.
-Don't tell her. Promise?
-I promise. I won't.
-Don't tell her.
Everything is fine now.
I won't say anything.
Good job.
So, tell me.
How was the rest of your night?
-I want to know.
-I don't know. It's weird.
-I don't really remember much.
-You don't remember?
Hey, Liloca?
It's me.
Oscar is my brother.
He tells me everything.
Well, he shouldn't.
No, it's not like that.
He just told me he ended up at your place.
I feel horrible.
Why do you feel horrible?
You got back at Tomás. He deserved it.
Come on, Débora.
I'm not competing with Tomás.
Ok, I'm sorry. My bad.
You have no new messages.
Hi, Mom.
-My love.
-How are you?
I'm good.
Your husband didn't come?
He's on a business trip.
He sent you kisses.
The same excuse? Work?
It looks beautiful, Mom. That's great.
But isn't Lucas' picture too big?
-I didn't know you were coming.
-What do you mean?
I told you this year
was gonna be different, Liana.
This chili sauce on the hot dog
was Lucas' favorite.
-So good, right?
-I called Oscar.
Give me a hug. I missed you so much.
I missed you so much.
I would never decline Norma's invitation.
Honey Especially after so long, right?
In fact, he insisted on coming,
right, Oscar?
And right on time.
-Which is rare.
-Oh, come on.
Come here. Let me show you some pictures.
Great, let's see them.
Everything is, I don't know,
weird in my life.
Tomás doesn't talk to me.
Doesn't call me back, doesn't reply.
He's still ignoring you?
The loss of my son weighs heavily on me.
But you've also lost
quite a bit, haven't you?
You lost your career
-No, don't worry. It's okay.
If my son hadn't crashed the car
I messed up too, Norma.
I shouldn't have let him drive my car.
But he insisted.
Why talk about this now, guys?
Because when we reminisce,
we process things, Liana.
I avoided meeting you for a long time.
But now that I've met you,
I'm very happy.
Give me a hug.
I'm also very happy.
Do I leave it here?
Thanks for being so patient with my mom.
No worries.
I'm doing this for Lucas, and for you too.
But something is bothering me.
I can't stop thinking about you.
Oscar, that was a mistake.
I can't even remember
exactly what happened.
Let me show you what happened.
-Don't touch me like that.
-What's wrong, Li?
Don't call me "Li."
We don't have a thing.
I want to forget.
I felt horrible the next day.
My head was pounding.
I want to forget what happened, okay?
But I don't want to forget.
That night was wonderful.
Ask me for something else.
I wanted to ask you why
I only found the condom wrapper.
I don't want Tomás to find
the condom if he comes back home.
It doesn't seem like your husband
is coming back home.
Answer my question.
-What happened to the condom?
-Did you flush it down the toilet?
No, I didn't. I
I don't know. I can't remember.
I didn't really use it.
-You didn't use it?
-Yeah, I mean
It's a sensitivity thing.
It's uncomfortable.
-It got in the way
-The way of what? I don't get it.
Liana, we were out of our minds.
I don't know. I threw it by the bed.
I remember I threw it
I took it out, I didn't use it.
You didn't use it?
I didn't use a condom.
I mean, I don't know
I thought you were into it.
Oscar, honey?
Come see the other pictures.
You'll love it.
I'll be right there, Norma.
Good evening.
These were delivered for you, Mrs. Liana.
Thank you, Mr. Isaías.
Good evening.
-Excuse me.
-That's why I don't get attached.
-Kiko is not your type.
Absolutely not. I've moved on.
That's great.
What is she doing here?
Did you do something?
I sent her flowers.
Damn it, Oscar.
I told you to leave her alone.
Hi, Liloca.
Are you okay?
No. I'm not okay.
I want to talk to your
Oscar, can I talk to you in private?
Did you like the flowers at least?
I want you to stop trying
to get close to me.
Stop sending me flowers,
stop sending me messages.
-Stop talking to me. Do you understand?
Okay, I get it.
But you don't have to get so aggressive.
It's okay.
I've known you and your family for years.
Especially after what happened
What happened doesn't matter.
It wasn't good for me.
I want to forget it.
Was it the condom?
You should have stopped, you idiot.
Why did you want me to stop?
It was wonderful, it was so good.
We were making out, you know?
It was hard to stop. But that's okay.
If you didn't like it, my bad.
-My bad?
-My bad.
Is that all you've got to say? "My bad?"
You took advantage of me.
I wasn't well.
Look, you want to be mad, fine.
But I didn't break down your door.
You let me into your house,
you took me to your
and your husband's bedroom.
You liked it and got your revenge.
I gave you what you wanted.
You asshole.
I don't want to see your face again.
Get out of my life.
Get out of my life, you jerk!
A cane?
Yes, so he can use it at night
or in places that are too dark for him.
Really? I don't need it.
Yeah. He rarely goes out by himself.
Especially at night.
-I'm always around, and there's Nina.
I want to go out alone, Mom.
See? He wants to be independent.
The cane will help you both.
It's a safeguard for you and for him.
Did something happen?
Have you noticed any changes?
-Was it the fall?
Everything is fine. I told you.
He may be resisting a little.
But that's it.
It's time to face his challenges.
You're right.
I'll be more diligent. I promise.
Thank you, Liana.
No worries.
Are you aware that Tomás moved out?
-I didn't want to get involved because
-That's okay.
You don't have to say anything. I get it.
But he moved out a week ago
and he hasn't called.
I think he went away with that girl.
That's not it, Liana.
Tomás asked me not to say anything.
You know he's stubborn, but I don't agree.
-But I don't agree.
-What are you talking about?
Tomás had a bicycle accident.
He hit his head and had a concussion.
But the tomography showed
no fracture or bleeding.
He'll be fine.
But he's been in the hospital.
Do you see the damage?
What happened, Tomás?
You didn't call me.
You didn't say anything. Why?
I was going to call you.
You know, I didn't
I didn't want to talk to you like this,
all beaten up on a hospital bed.
You know, I wanted to be alone and think.
You know, rehearsing
what to say to you.
I made a mistake.
I made a mistake.
I was an asshole.
I hurt you.
I was
immature, you know?
It's pointless to be with one person
when you love someone else.
Let's talk about this later.
It was the first time
I cheated on you, Liana. I swear.
You know, I was
I was at the wrong place
with the wrong person. I
I could have died away from you.
But you didn't die.
You didn't die, and I'm here.
I'm here.
When I think that
that we were fighting because
you wanted to have a baby with me
You know, I'm
I'm devastated.
Do you still want to have a baby with me?
It's what I want most in life.
I was stressed out too. I was
I was nervous.
It's my fault, I messed up.
I want to ask you something.
Can we forget what happened?
Can we do that?
You forgive me,
and we stay together
Forgive me.
Thank you.
Li, are you okay?
Liana! Liana? Get up.
Talk to me, Li.
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
So, Sílvia. What's wrong with Liana?
She never fainted before.
I was checking out the exams
with my colleague.
Everything's fine. Everything's great.
Your wish came true. You're pregnant.
My love.
-Are you sure?
-Yes, you're pregnant.
How far along?
Based on the HCG count in your blood,
I'd say six weeks.
Oh my God. I'm gonna be an aunt.
-Let me hug you guys.
-Come here.
Congratulations! My brother!
That's great.
My love!
What's wrong?
We're gonna have our baby, honey.
I want to know exactly how far along I am.
We'll know on your first ultrasound.
I'll schedule it for the next few weeks.
Can't we just do it sooner?
I rather do it sooner.
Li, Sílvia is a doctor.
She knows the best time to do it.
Is everything okay, Liana? What's wrong?
I'm worried.
Because I was taking ovulation medication.
Honey, you were taking meds on your own
without telling me?
You know that's dangerous.
All medications have contraindications
and potential risks.
I know.
That's why I need to know
if everything is fine.
I want to have this ultrasound done now.
Can we do it?
This dark spot is the gestational sac.
Do you see it?
All I see is a smudge.
Everything is fine,
the embryo is well implanted.
Just a little
What the
Is everything okay?
You tell me.
You're not pregnant with just one baby,
you're pregnant with two.
Look. There are two gestational sacs.
Look. The smudge you mentioned
is actually two.
It could be the result
of the medication you've been taking.
You wanted to have a baby, Liana?
Now you're having two.
Two gestational sacs. It's confirmed.
Six weeks and two days.
Wow, I can't believe it.
Congratulations. That's great.
My love.
Wow, two babies.
I'm going to have two nephews.
Remember, you're not sick.
Once you feel better, it's normal life.
Working, sex, everything.
How can we lead a normal life
with this news?
I'll be a father.
What are you doing?
I'm telling our parents.
They'll love the news.
-No, let's wait.
Let's wait to see if it holds. Wait.
Don't even say that.
Tomás, if Liana would rather wait,
wait until the end of the first trimester
to tell the news.
She can't get stressed out
because of her blood pressure.
And you keep quiet.
-Congratulations, brother.
Honey, congratulations.
Are you feeling better?
Cida just told me you weren't coming.
I need to talk to someone
before I explode.
Talk to me.
I'll tell you, but you can't tell anyone.
Come here.
-Especially your brother.
-Liana, what the heck?
I won't tell anyone.
What is this?
I'm pregnant.
You're pregnant?
No, wait. I got pregnant around this time.
Around the same time I made the mistake
of hooking up with your scumbag brother.
-You don't have to say that.
-What do you want me to say?
How do you want me to say it?
It was your scumbag brother.
Because of him, I might be pregnant
with his twins.
I feel sick just thinking about it.
I feel so ashamed.
I wish I could erase that night,
forget it.
Don't do that to yourself.
You only cheated once.
Don't beat yourself up.
I'm not beating myself up.
I'm pissed off, damn it!
Oscar took advantage of me.
He took the condom off
when I wasn't looking.
Do you think that's okay?
-No, girlfriend.
-Don't call me girlfriend.
You're not being a friend.
You don't understand.
It was supposed to be the happiest day
of my life. But I'm torn apart.
It's sordid.
It's horrible to feel this way.
I don't know if my babies
are my husband's or an asshole's.
Oscar was very irresponsible.
Tomás is all happy. And look how I feel.
First of all, Tomás doesn't need to know.
So, I should lie? Not tell him the truth?
I think you don't know
who the father is yet.
Don't say anything until you do.
Do you really think that's right?
Lie to the man I love
if the babies aren't his?
You don't understand.
It's horrible to think that these babies
might not be Tomás'.
Damn it, Débora.
If it's stressing you out that much,
let's just do a paternity test.
Okay, let's get changed
and put on the apron.
Is the exam risky, Doctor?
Well, like any invasive procedure,
there are risks.
In your case, we will do two punctures,
because you're having twins.
But I can assure you
that we will take every precaution
to ensure there are no complications.
-My husband doesn't know I'm here.
I don't need to know
about your personal life.
Your decision for me is final.
Thank you, Doctor.
I need to decide whether I should be happy
with this pregnancy
or if I should do something drastic.
There are two placentas.
In other words, they are fraternal twins.
The first baby is very close
to the cervix,
and the second one is further down.
And it looks like they are well.
Okay, now we're going to do the punctures.
Will they feel anything?
No. Don't worry.
We're almost done.
Liana, over the next few days,
you may experience cramping
and some bleeding.
But don't be alarmed, that's normal.
-Good morning, Doctor.
-Good morning.
Your phone call made me nervous.
Do you have the results?
-Yes. Have a seat, please.
-Is there something wrong with babies?
Liana, first of all,
I want to assure you
that this lab is very serious.
100% reliable.
Here are the results.
I don't understand any of this.
We conducted your exam very carefully.
The material was in excellent condition,
so everything is fine. Nothing is wrong.
What are you trying to tell me?
You said you are married,
and you brought
your husband's genetic material
because you were with him and another man
during the same time frame.
The babies aren't Tomás'?
They are not my husband's? Tell me.
Relax, Liana.
-Please, relax.
-I'm trying to relax.
But you don't seem relaxed either.
In my 20 years of practicing medicine,
I've never seen a case like this.
You released two eggs
and had fertilization occurring
at different times.
You experienced
what we refer to as superfecundation.
The twins were conceived
through two separate sexual encounters.
What does that mean?
The first baby is compatible
with your husband's sample,
but the second baby isn't.
they are fraternal male twins,
but you're having two babies
from two different fathers.
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