Desperate Lies (2024) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

The first baby is compatible
with your husband's sample,
but the second baby isn't.
No, this can't be. What do you mean?
It's a delicate situation, I know.
And I understand your anguish.
Your pregnancy is very unique.
It would've been better to miscarry.
I miscarried so many times.
You said two babies? Two boys?
The gender doesn't matter.
I just wish they were my husband's.
I didn't even know that was possible.
This is crazy.
Yes, the scientific term
is heteropaternal superfecundation.
It's an extremely rare
phenomenon in humans.
It means you ovulated twice
in the same cycle, at different times,
and since you've been with two partners
I don't have two partners. I have one.
I understand. I'm trying to explain.
I love children.
I always have.
I'm an occupational therapist.
I take care of people.
I like taking care of people.
I take care of my mom.
I take care of my plants, of my brother.
I used to.
My brother died very young,
and it was very hard.
I still miss him,
until I met Tomás, my husband,
and I thought I could be happy again,
because what I want,
my dream is to build a family with him.
And now this.
It feels like punishment.
Am I being punished?
Talk to your husband.
He's going to lose it.
I know my husband.
I'm gonna go, Doctor.
I'm taking up your time.
I've already said too much.
Wait, let me get a glass of water.
Try to calm down, please.
I wish I could just close my eyes and
for all of this to just go away.
It's a very difficult time,
but you will find the best solution
Hi, honey.
How was the movie?
It was cool. I hadn't gone in a while.
You begged me to go
to the movies with your friends,
and now you look sad?
The movie wasn't good?
It was different.
Different how?
Mom, when they turned off the lights,
I couldn't find my seat.
They could see, but I couldn't.
That was not the worst part.
What was it?
The movie was very dark.
I missed a few scenes.
Okay. Come on, Inácio.
Indeed, it's advancing more quickly.
But I thought the progression
of his condition would be slower.
It's a degenerative disorder,
but that doesn't mean
it'll keep progressing at this rate.
No, Doctor.
His vision is getting worse every day.
but we will monitor it closely.
So, Mom,
at night, in the dark,
it's difficult.
But don't worry, it will be okay.
I was so happy, but I didn't know, baby
I did everything I wanted
I confessed my pain
Your turn, Mom.
I was just acting out
And it didn't hurt
And now there's so much love
Hug me like you did
I love you
Come with me wherever I go
Did somebody order room service?
Look, juice, grapes.
Thank you, honey.
Let me pour it. You have to eat.
can you hear it?
The baby's cry.
No, right? So, enjoy,
because this peace won't last long.
Soon this house will be chaos.
We'll have screaming children,
baths, diapers, feeding day and night.
I can't wait to tell everyone
that I'm going to be a father.
Here, drink your juice, eat your grapes.
I have another surprise for you upstairs.
-What's up, love?
-Let me try it.
What's up, Kiko?
Look who's here.
Patrícia, this is Débora.
-Hi. What's up?
-How are you?
Patrícia, I'm Débora.
What's up?
How are you?
-This is Lara, guys.
-Lara, Patrícia. Lara, Kiko.
-Nice to meet you.
Enjoy, he's generous tonight.
You want some beer? Great.
For you. For your friend. How are you?
-How are you?
-I'm good.
Listen, get me some of that stuff.
What's up, Kiko?
I'm screwed, Oscar.
The chick I was hooking up with
is accusing me of forcing myself on her.
How is that any of my business?
It is your business.
It happened at your club.
The drugs were yours.
If you don't help me,
you're going down too.
What, bro? Are you trying to fuck me over?
You've been warned, Oscar.
You're going down.
Débora, I need to talk to you.
I can't see well during the day either.
-What did you say?
-You have your head in the clouds, huh?
Never mind.
Girls, I'm gonna go, okay?
Liana, wait.
-Did you get the results?
The test.
The paternity test.
Oh, not yet.
-I thought you were getting it soon.
-Yeah, I was wrong.
Hi, Oscar.
I'm waiting. I changed
my entire schedule to talk to you.
-What the heck? Are you crazy?
-Didn't you see me, you idiot?
You threw yourself in front of the car.
You trying to get killed?
-Did you get hurt?
-Get away from me!
Don't touch me!
Then just stay there.
I want you to stay away from me,
you hear me?
You think I'm here for you?
I'm here for my sister,
your partner at the clinic.
-Or did you forget?
-I don't care.
I hate you.
Leave me the fuck alone!
Leave me alone!
-You're losing your mind.
-What's happening?
-You're crazy.
-What's happening? Liana!
Stop that. Are you fighting with Liana?
-Stop that.
-You're all fucking crazy.
I'm tired of it.
What's your problem?
I stopped what I was doing to help you.
You're always in trouble!
Kiko, your old fling,
wants to sue me because of that girl.
I'm going to park. Excuse me.
You did something, right?
You're probably involved.
So what if they had sex at the club?
People do that all the time.
-It doesn't matter, Oscar.
-What do you mean?
People have sex in strange places.
Even at their husband's bed.
Leave Liana out of this.
Leave Liana alone.
When getting it on,
she thought it was wonderful.
Now she acts like a saint.
Kiko's girl was wasted.
You should've realized that.
By the way, if she's a minor,
she shouldn't be drinking in your club.
Okay. How was I supposed
to know Patrícia is a minor?
Tell me Who asks for ID in a nightclub?
What do you mean?
Come on, Débora. I'm innocent.
Kiko did all this shit on his own.
Well, he's a huge asshole.
I'm glad I broke up with him.
You saw, the club was packed.
How could I have seen it?
I was working. I didn't see anything.
I swear.
What about the molly you gave them?
What about it?
I gave it to them, I didn't sell it.
I want my friends to have fun,
to be happy, you know?
The night is freeing.
Sex is love.
Sex is good when it's good for everyone.
If the girl wasn't okay, it's terrible.
It's obvious. It's today's freaking 101!
-Fucking learn!
You'll get in trouble because of this.
Maybe then you'll learn.
Can you ask dad to help me?
Help me out, sis.
This necklace looks beautiful on you.
-Hi, Vicente.
-Came to visit old friends?
No, I'm checking on a patient
who's had surgery.
How are you?
Are you still working like crazy?
I never have time for anything.
I really wanted to do
that post-grad with you, but
That's too bad. I would love to have you
as my student and colleague, of course.
But I'll convince you. At Antares
they have everything we like, science,
research, cutting-edge technology.
Do that. Convince me.
If you have time, I want to show you
a case that I'm handling.
A true scientific finding, Sílvia.
Okay. Can it be later?
End of the day?
I'll wait for you.
-Give it to me.
-Okay, here.
-Good morning.
-Hi. How are you?
Good morning.
This law firm is my partner's husband's,
Wait, he's gonna handle my case?
Jonas is the one
who's really in charge, his father.
He will handle it himself.
Shall we?
-Nice to see you. It's been a while.
-How are you?
-How are you?
How are you?
-How are you?
-How are you?
Dad mentioned it,
but I didn't realize it was your firm.
Right. It's good to see you,
despite the situation.
-How is it going, man?
I just ran into Li.
Dude, she still looks great, right?
She doesn't change. Gorgeous.
She's a dear friend of our family.
What about you? You disappeared.
You fell off your bicycle, right?
Débora told me.
Yeah, that's right.
-But I've recovered quickly.
-I was lucky.
-That's great.
Do you really feel better? Because I
Dude, everyone just wants
to screw me over.
I'm out of luck. I'm always in trouble.
Sorry. I have to sort something out
at the clinic.
-Shall we?
Are you coming, Tomás?
Yes. I'm
Tell dad I can't stay, okay?
-Why not?
-You're getting on my nerves.
You're just gonna bail on me?
"She's so nice." Forget Li.
I already helped you with dad.
Now figure it out.
And don't play stupid.
-Respect Tomás.
Come with me.
Well, we had access to the police report.
The girl, a minor,
reported she suffered sexual abuse
in a private room in the Pivô nightclub.
That's serious.
And she made another accusation.
She claims she was coerced
into taking drugs.
Oh, no.
She willingly took them.
Didn't you say you didn't see anything?
Did you see it or not?
I didn't.
I'm guessing.
If the sale of illicit drugs is proven,
or even the consumption,
inside your nightclub,
the establishment
will be held responsible.
So how does that look, Jonas?
An expert analysis was conducted
to confirm the presence of drugs
in the girl's system.
I can guarantee
that the result will be inconclusive.
I have my sources.
Look at that. Nothing like a good lawyer.
Oscar's name cannot come up.
That's right.
The girl didn't accuse your son, César.
It's crucial
that no witnesses come forward
who could contradict
what has been said here.
Okay, but listen,
Kiko wants to screw me over.
He's gonna say that I did this and that
Your club has cameras.
We can find out
who was responsible for this.
Find out if you really weren't aware
of what happened.
Someone is checking
the equipment as we speak.
A police officer, our friend,
who provides us with some services.
He's used to dealing
with special cases like yours.
He's a great expert.
He checked the nightclub's security system
and determined
that the equipment was malfunctioning.
It wasn't working last night.
Look at that.
That's right, César.
Your son will get away with it.
Of course, I'm innocent.
I wouldn't say totally.
The situation is controversial,
to say the least.
Sir, the girl messed up.
You know how it is.
No, I don't know how it is, Oscar.
People who mess up
are the ones involved in abuse,
people who fail
to protect a vulnerable woman.
Those who mess up are the ones
who can do something, but don't act.
What matters is it won't lead to anything.
There's no proof.
But Kiko is going to try
to incriminate me.
No, he won't.
He won't be charged either.
From now on, forget about the nightclub.
Forget Oscar.
Disappear, to avoid any problems.
Thank you, Jonas. Thank you, Tomás.
No worries. I didn't do much.
My father handled the case.
You can count on me.
I just wanted to say a few words.
You, Oscar, as owner of the establishment,
you have to be more aware.
You have a duty to take action
if someone is at risk
inside your nightclub.
Of course. I'll be vigilant.
You can't cover up what happens in there.
You were lucky this time.
But be careful because luck runs out.
And then your father's money
won't be of any help.
You're right, Tomás.
Thank you.
Let's go.
Thank you, Jonas.
-Thank you.
-What about your team, Jonas?
-It's not doing great.
Let me just say something.
Maybe my luck will run out,
but until then,
my father's money will continue
to pay your father very well.
How come the footage disappeared?
Tomás, watch your tone.
And how did you know
the investigation would be inconclusive?
There was no other way
to defend César's son.
Of course, because he's involved, Dad!
It's obvious.
Our professional duty
is to defend our client.
In court, right?
With legal resources. Not with this sham.
Dad, César and Oscar are both criminals.
Be careful not to get
too involved with them.
What the heck?
Don't talk to me like that.
-Have some respect.
-I didn't like that, Dad!
I didn't like that, Mr. Jonas.
And if it's gonna go on like this,
I'd rather work for another firm.
Oh, fuck.
César is a good client.
I just tried to protect his son.
He's troubled.
The first time was in the accident,
when Liana's brother died.
Lucas, I bet you can't make it
to the top in ten minutes.
Thank you, sucker!
Speed up, man.
Pass this guy, he's too slow.
Let's go.
How come you never told me
they found drugs and booze in Oscar's car?
I found out not that long ago.
They cleaned the scene because of César.
Their old lawyer told me.
Poor Liana.
She's always apologizing to Débora
because that idiot Oscar
got hurt and lost his career.
As if he were a saint.
It's Liana's brother who died.
He is our client now. Forget that.
Do you really want me to believe
that you love Liana?
After what we had?
I do.
And I regret hurting my wife.
Cláudia, you were by my side
at a difficult time in my life.
You are a wonderful woman.
That's how you used to call me. Hot.
-Did you forget?
-I did.
I doubt it.
I want to build a family with Liana.
I want to be happy with her.
I'm sorry I disappeared.
I should have called you so we could talk,
to tell you it was over.
But now I'm saying, word for word.
It's over.
I won't take up any more of your time.
You can come to me
when you go through another crisis.
Call me.
If I'm available, maybe I'll pick up.
And good luck on your fairy-tale marriage,
because I still live in the real world.
"The biological paternity
of the alleged father in relation
to embryo two was excluded."
"The alleged father is excluded
as the biological father
of the tested embryo."
The patient is 34 years old,
she's an occupational therapist, married,
and had two relations.
She took an ovulation stimulant
on her own.
Are LAR your patient's initials?
Come on, Sílvia.
You know
that we don't use patients' names.
-That's why I'm showing you.
-Liana Azevedo Rosenthal.
She's my sister-in-law!
Hi there.
Let's put the babies' stuff away?
You bought a lot of stuff.
Oh, I'm excited.
Shall we? Want some help?
I don't have the energy, Tomás.
You can do it later if you want.
Okay. Of course.
You're carrying two in there, aren't you?
That's okay,
I'm not feeling well today either.
You know,
it was a hard day at the office today.
You know what I think I need today?
To just stay like this.
You know? Close to my wife,
to our little babies.
I want to talk to you.
I'm exhausted, honey.
I'm exhausted. How about we watch a movie?
Let's have a date night.
-Let's have a date night.
-I have a headache.
Sílvia said we should lead a normal life.
I know, I'm sorry.
Be patient with me.
I'm not okay. I'm not feeling well.
Tell me what happened at work.
I argued with my father.
Guess because of who.
Can you guess? Try to guess.
I don't know.
Your friend's little brother.
Débora's brother.
The scumbag got involved in a serious
allegation and was almost arrested.
You two met?
He said he saw you today.
That's right.
When I was leaving the clinic.
He was kissing my ass.
He said you are nice.
What an asshole.
He's involved in a crime, you know?
A misconduct.
What kind of misconduct?
A girl said she was drugged
in his nightclub,
and she's incriminating this guy,
Kiko, of abusing her.
And what did Oscar do?
He was an accomplice. Turned a blind eye.
And he gives drugs to his clients.
But I said some truths to that criminal.
Because to me, that's all he is.
He's a criminal.
You don't have to talk to him.
You don't have to get involved
with this kind of people.
But he's my father's client, not mine.
That's disgusting.
To represent a defendant
in a crime that involves a woman?
Yeah. I didn't like it either.
What about the girl?
What's gonna happen to her?
Nothing. She'll have to be
more careful next time,
because it's her word against his.
Let's have dinner? I'm hungry.
I lost my appetite.
Wait. That's why I don't tell you
about work stuff.
When I tell you, you get all sensitive.
Because this is awful. Just awful.
I know it's awful. Of course it is.
But that's life.
Life is unfair.
But it shouldn't be.
Can you promise
you will never defend Oscar again?
I don't want you involved
with someone like that.
No. Listen.
I don't have to promise.
I don't want that for my life.
-Stay here.
Hi, Liana.
-Hi, Olinda.
-How are you?
I'm just calling to check
if you guys are okay.
You know I don't like
to bother you, right?
But I wanted to tell you
that you can always count on me, okay?
Count on you? What do you mean?
Honey, I'm a woman. I've been there.
There where? I don't understand.
Oh, dear. It's all right.
I can wait a few weeks.
But not more than that.
It's not fair to me
or your husband's father, is it?
But listen,
we're all rooting for you, okay?
Okay, Olinda. I can't talk right now.
-Okay, honey.
-I'm kind of busy.
-We'll talk later. Kisses.
Wow! That was harsh.
You really dismissed my mother.
-Did you tell your mom I'm pregnant?
No, Li, I didn't.
Listen, I didn't tell her,
but I think my father figured it out.
I'm just happy, honey.
You can see it on my face.
But you don't seem happy.
Because you don't respect me.
What did I do wrong?
We agreed not to tell.
-We agreed to keep it a secret.
-It's hard to keep a secret.
-Come here.
-Let me go.
Wait, Li.
-Liana! Really?
-Leave me alone.
But put yourself in their shoes too.
What if one of our children
gets pregnant and hides it from us?
I have to put myself in everyone's shoes,
and no one does the same.
I'm on your side, okay?
Everything's going to be fine, honey.
You don't seem happy with this pregnancy.
What the heck!
-Hi, Sílvia.
-Hi, Tomás.
-Is everything alright?
-Sort of.
Is Liana there?
Liana can't come to the phone right now.
She locked herself in the bathroom.
What do you mean?
Well, we had a fight.
I don't think she's doing well. She
She's nervous, she's scared.
You have to be patient with her, Tomás.
Especially now.
I'll talk to her. I want to talk to her.
But later, okay? Calm down.
-Are you worried, Mom?
-It's Liana, right?
She's been different with me too.
I noticed.
That's nonsense, Inácio.
Liana is crazy about you.
I don't have a dad,
but I have two mothers. You and her.
That's true.
Can I show you
the song I'm rehearsing, Mom?
One fine day, I decided to change
And do everything I wanted to
I freed myself from that dirty life
That I had with you
In everything I do
There's a reason
I know I was born
I know I was born to know
You're the love of my life!
Mom, wait.
Hi, Sílvia. How are you?
I called you yesterday. I talked to Tomás.
He just went out for a bike ride.
Yeah, I know.
I waited for him to leave to come up.
We have to talk.
Did something happen?
I actually don't even know
how to approach the subject.
I'll try to be direct
because I'm afraid Tomás won't take long.
I just ask you to listen calmly.
The situation is very delicate.
I have friends that are doctors.
Of course.
We often meet up to exchange information.
I'm friends with Dr. Vicente Pinheiro.
What did he tell you?
It wasn't his fault, Liana.
It was a terrible coincidence.
That I'm a rare case, right?
That I'm a scientific find to you.
He didn't mention your name.
Yes, he was very impressed
because your case is very unusual.
But I accidentally saw your initials
in the exam on his computer.
I came because I can only imagine
the pain you're going through.
Tomás was seeing someone else.
He was messing around on the computer.
We got into a fight.
He was gone for a few days,
he was out of town.
It was around the time
of the bicycle accident.
And I wanted
I don't know, I wanted revenge,
I wanted to have some fun.
Go out.
But then it turned
into a nightmare, Sílvia.
-Because of the pregnancy?
-Before that.
That night I went out,
I lost control, I blacked out.
What do you mean, you blacked out?
Oscar was my brother's friend.
He was always saying that he liked me,
that I was this, that I was that.
I let my guard down for him.
And that night, we went out.
We drank, we danced.
I took ecstasy.
I didn't feel well.
Next thing I know,
he was here in my house.
But it wasn't good, you know?
I didn't want it anymore.
Did you tell him
you didn't want it anymore?
I did.
I think I did. Before passing out, I did.
What? Liana.
You said you didn't want it anymore,
and you blacked out.
Did this guy have sex with you
while you were passed out?
I was drunk, Sílvia. I was unconscious.
Oh my God.
Liana, this man committed a crime.
He took off the condom too.
That asshole took off the condom.
I didn't see it.
I didn't notice. I couldn't see it.
I still don't really remember.
I try to remember that day,
but I feel sick.
Dirty. I feel guilty.
Gross! That's terrible.
That man is disgusting.
I made a mistake, Sílvia.
I made a mistake. I fucked up.
-You didn't do anything.
-I did.
-Look at me.
-I made a mistake. I fucked up.
You didn't do anything.
It's not your fault.
This guy is a criminal.
We have to go to the police,
we have to press charges.
We have to report him.
The police?
Not the police.
Why would I go to the police?
They won't do anything.
And do what, expose myself?
If go to the police, they'll say I opened
the door, that I let the guy in, that
I won't go to the police. I don't want to.
But I don't know what to do
because I'm expecting the baby
I've desired most in my life.
And I'm pregnant with
with a baby I reject,
that I don't want to have.
What do I do, Sílvia? What do I do?
Oh, Liana.
I don't know how to answer that.
Only you can decide
what happens from now on.
I can't do this alone.
Honey, you're not alone.
You are not alone.
I promise you are not alone.
You are not alone.
You have to talk to Tomás.
He's your partner, your husband.
He's your baby's father.
He's the father of the baby I want,
not the other one.
You're having two babies, honey.
Darling, I was biking,
and I had a brilliant idea.
You work really hard, and so do I.
Take a look at these photos. Come here.
-I was thinking about buying this house.
It's surrounded by nature.
It's beautiful, honey.
Don't worry. I'm not going to
make any decisions by myself.
We'll decide together.
But I really love the idea.
-We don't need a house.
Are you worried about money?
Don't worry, we have money.
Just think about the fun, honey.
Weekends, vacation. You know,
more space for us, for our children.
-They say there's a waterfall nearby.
-Stop, Tomás.
Let me speak.
-That's it, right?
I show you something, I tell you this,
and this is how you react.
Is that right? Like this?
I don't know if I want these babies.
I don't know if I want this pregnancy.
Wait, I
Why? Did something happen?
Did something happen to the babies?
Is everything normal with the babies?
Are the babies okay?
There's nothing normal about the babies.
Wait, Liana. Talk to me.
-What's wrong with our children?
-They are not our children.
What do you mean?
You I don't I don't understand.
Are you trying to drive me crazy?
I'm the one who's going crazy.
I did a prenatal DNA test.
what do you have to tell me?
You're the father of one of the babies.
Just one.
I'm having two babies
from two different fathers.
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