Desperate Lies (2024) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

Are you telling me that
That you're having two babies
from two different fathers?
I'm a scientific finding, you know?
I'm not crazy. I'm not making this up.
That's what I am, I'm a freak.
That's what I am.
Liana, what the fuck did you do?
-You cheated on me!
-You cheated on me!
You abandoned me.
I was desperate, I was sad.
You're deceitful. You cheated on me.
You weren't going to tell me.
We made up in that hospital bed.
You were there, we talked.
You said it, word for word,
"Let's forget."
"Let's forget" only works for you?
You can cheat on me,
but you can't forgive me?
You're kidding me, right?
You're kidding me. It's not possible.
There are two babies in there.
One belongs to this clown right here.
Who does the other one belong to?
I wanna know!
I was sad, Tomás. I wasn't okay.
No, you were not okay.
You were desperate!
You were desperate to get pregnant!
You were so desperate,
you could have a child with anyone!
With the first asshole who would take you!
-Don't talk to me like that!
-Are you trying to ruin me?
-It wasn't like that.
-Stop talking.
-It wasn't like that.
-Stop talking!
I don't want to hear you.
I don't want to hear you.
I'm pregnant with your child.
I love you.
I love you very much.
I didn't want this.
It happened, but I didn't want it.
I drank too much. I lost control.
Then I was
I was ashamed. I was
I didn't have the courage.
I couldn't tell you.
I just wanted to forget.
Erase it,
pretend that night never happened.
Don't you remember who it was?
I do.
Tell me, Liana.
It was Oscar.
That's not possible.
It was
That scumbag?
You had sex with that scumbag?
I wasn't okay.
He helped me up here.
Here in our house?
You brought him into our house?
It wasn't like that, Tomás.
Forgive me.
I am not God.
I forgave you.
What are we going to do?
I don't know.
I know what we're going to do.
Let's terminate one of the pregnancies.
Terminate one?
You'll keep our son.
We'll abort the other one.
What? Do you want to have Oscar's baby?
How can we do that?
There's gotta be a way. We'll find out.
Liana, that guy is
He's a creep, he's
He's an opportunist.
Let me tell you something my dad told me.
This criminal went through a lot
because of your brother's accident, right?
Everyone felt sorry for him.
He told everyone
that your brother wanted to drive,
that he was being nice.
And then Lucas crashed the car
and screwed them both, right?
That's a lie.
It's all a lie.
They were on drugs,
they were out of their minds.
Your brother and him.
No one is innocent in this,
but Oscar, he
He likes to play the victim, right?
His father let him off the hook
and bribed the police.
They hid the fact
that there were drugs in the car.
That's it.
Which one do you like better?
Honey, are you sure
you want to go to this party by yourself?
I think I'd rather watch TV
with you all night long.
Of course I want to go.
-This one.
-This one? I'll put it on.
Hi, Liana.
I can.
Okay. See you soon.
But I don't have to have
an aggressor's baby, right?
No, you don't have to. You were raped.
You have the right to a legal abortion.
It's more complicated in your situation
because there are two babies.
-But I don't want to get rid of both.
We want to terminate
one of the pregnancies.
Is that possible?
Maybe illegally,
but it's very dangerous, Tomás.
Attempting a selective intervention
could risk the other embryo.
You might lose both babies.
What a nightmare.
I'm sorry.
There's nothing I can do to help.
Liana? Are you okay?
What happened?
Do you want Sit down here.
Sit down. Take it easy.
What happened?
I don't know,
I think I didn't have enough to eat.
Okay. Wait, stay there.
Hold on.
Good morning.
Do you have some orange juice?
Some juice?
It took forever, but it's here.
You have to eat.
You're pregnant.
I'm not giving up on our baby, Tomás.
I have made my decision.
I'll keep both pregnancies.
I'll have both babies.
Are you okay?
I'm good.
Sell the skateboard?
Son, you've always liked
skateboarding so much. Why sell it?
I used to, Mom.
It's over for me.
I'm seeing less and less.
Even during the day, honey?
Can't you ride it on a bright sunny day?
Well, it's okay, but I've made up my mind.
With the money I make,
I'm gonna buy a Guitar Hero.
A what?
A cool video game, Mom. I'm into music.
I don't want to get hurt
and not be able to play, get it?
-I get it.
-It's a trade.
Do you really get it?
-So, shake on it.
No biggie.
Marcela? Hi, Marcela.
Find out who wrote the appeal you sent me.
It's garbage. I'll have to rewrite it.
Okay? Thank you.
Tell Liana about the luncheon
your mom wants to throw.
We are going to celebrate the big news.
What news? Let me
Let me work.
I won't bother you.
We'll talk when you're in a better mood.
I'm sorry.
Things are not easy with Liana.
I can only imagine.
Pregnant women are tough to handle.
But you take after me.
You can handle it.
This appeal
I was the one who wrote it.
Wait, Cláudia.
What's wrong?
What happened?
I shouldn't have come here.
I shouldn't have called you.
I have so many problems.
Wow, this one looks perfect.
We have a wonderful roof for our house.
Very well.
You're doing great.
Go slowly at the end
so you don't cut it. Yes!
One, two, three, and
Bye, Max.
Do you want to take these scissors?
Okay. Érica?
I didn't know if I was coming back home.
But we don't get to decide
whether we're going to love someone
or not, right?
It's not a button you turn on and off.
I don't know if I can do this.
I love you.
I love you so much.
So much.
Everything will be okay.
I love you.
-I love you.
We'll be happy.
Me, you, and our son.
You think?
That wonderful life I wanted for us
I don't know anymore.
Are we going to pretend it's our child
and not that asshole's?
-What do we do?
-No one will know.
Only Sílvia knows. She won't tell.
We'll give the other one up for adoption.
You help me take him to an orphanage.
But what do we do until then?
We'll say it's just one baby.
I want this baby.
We deserve to have our son.
The other will have a chance
to have a family that likes him.
So many people want
to have children and can't.
Other parents will look
at him differently.
Not the way you and I would look.
Just one baby?
-I thought it was two.
-Sílvia saw a spot and got confused.
And how did she find out?
We did another ultrasound,
and she confirmed it.
Just one baby.
But it's okay.
What matters is that this is Tomás's baby.
One less problem, right?
One less tragedy.
Because I would never have Oscar's baby.
I get it, Liana,
but you don't have to say it like that.
Oscar screwed up, but so did you.
You were high.
It's impossible to know exactly
what happened that night.
I know exactly what happened.
The condom may have fallen off.
Can you stop trying
to protect your brother all the time?
Oscar is immature, but he's a good person.
-He wouldn't do that to you.
-Oh, Débora.
I'm not protecting him.
When Lucas had his accident
Enough about this accident.
I don't want to hear
about Lucas' accident. Stop.
I know it wasn't easy for Oscar,
but he always took advantage of my grief,
and my mom's grief to play the victim.
My brother wasn't a saint,
but he's the one who died.
And Oscar keeps playing the victim
like the accident is only
my brother's fault, and it's not.
They were both high.
They found alcohol and drugs in the car.
And your dad covered it up to clear Oscar.
My dad? Who told you that?
And Tomás told me.
You are my friend,
but I never want to see
your brother again.
What kind of lawyer
tells his wife everything?
-That's unethical.
-Answer me.
Were you and Lucas drinking,
doing drugs, and driving fast?
So what? That doesn't change anything.
He's the one who was driving.
That changes everything!
It changes everything!
It means you've been fucking up
ever since!
It means you never told me.
It means dad lied to me, and so did you!
Lucas is dead.
My career is dead,
and that doesn't change anything.
Stop playing the victim.
I am the victim!
I lost my best friend!
I'll never be able to play soccer again.
I was already fucked.
What did you want? For me to be
even more fucked with the police? Really?
Dad did what he had to do, okay?
And Lucas is dead.
What difference does the truth make?
Fuck, Oscar.
Look at what you did to my best friend.
-How can I look at her?
-Oh, okay. Stop it, Débora.
Your friend is the one
playing the victim, okay?
And, by the way, what is the truth for?
If lying helps who is alive,
it's better to lie, right?
Because I'm very alive.
Look at that. Congratulations, Liana.
Aren't you gonna be happy for me?
Of course I'm happy.
Doesn't look like it.
"Doesn't look like it."
That's how I am. You know me.
Boy or a girl?
-A boy.
-A boy!
Do you have a name yet?
-Tomás will decide.
-Oh, Tomás.
So, Lucas? No way.
He wouldn't want that, right?
Don't push it, Mom.
So, are you up for this lunch?
Now I only have you and my grandson.
To my much-desired grandson.
Future heir to my law office.
-My grandson too.
-Two grandsons, honey.
-You have two grandsons.
-Two grandsons.
But Inácio doesn't want to be a lawyer.
I'll like having a cousin.
To me, he can be whatever he wants.
Even a lawyer.
You're loving it, right, son?
If it was up to me,
I would have a bunch of cousins.
Well, but for now, it's just one.
Jonas III or Tomás Jr.?
-Mom, come on.
-No, Mom.
He's gonna have his own name.
A strong name.
Fine. What matters is his last name.
What matters is that he's loved.
I can't get over how big her belly is.
She's showing already.
No, but every pregnancy is different.
No, we already did the ultrasound.
It's just one baby.
-Are you sure?
-Let's have lunch, guys?
After all,
your mom must be starving, right?
-And I think the food is good.
-For sure.
-Let's have lunch.
-I'm bringing my glass.
-Me too, Norma.
-That's okay.
-Good afternoon.
-Good afternoon, Doctor. How are you?
I called you a bunch of times,
you didn't pick up.
Are you avoiding me
because of our last talk?
It was a bit tense.
No. Not at all, Vicente.
I've just been busy.
I'm here to see a patient
who went into labor.
Yeah, I know what that's like.
I've already finished my workday.
Why don't you go see your patient,
and we grab a bite to eat?
-How about we have dinner?
-I can't.
I don't like leaving Inácio by himself,
and I have to pick him up
from a party tonight.
Hold on, just a second. Oh, it's him.
Hi, honey.
I'm just going to see a patient
But you're spending the night
at this house?
Okay. Sure.
Let me know when you get there
so I don't get worried, okay?
Kisses. Love you.
Well, I think you'll be alone now.
It's the first time
he's having a sleepover.
Good for him.
And lucky for me.
Okay. Deal.
Wow, that made my night.
You find me amazing, you admire me.
-You always ignored me, Sílvia.
-What do you mean, Vicente?
How long have we been colleagues, Vicente?
-Over 20 years.
-How have I always ignored you?
To me,
you're a lot more than just a colleague.
You're the smartest
and most charming doctor I know.
Are you really flirting with me?
I've been talking about my mother,
about my family, complaining about work.
Oh my God. Can we start over?
Don't be silly.
I'm enjoying talking to you.
I'm enjoying listening to you.
Talk. Tell me more about your family,
about your son.
By the way,
are you having fun without him?
But I think about him.
Even when I'm having fun.
I think about my son all the time.
I'm scared for when he's alone,
I'm scared that he'll get hurt.
I am an overprotective mother.
I'm not going to lie.
What can I do?
He'll be okay.
And us
-Come here.
Come on.
Come on.
Therefore, the umbilical cord
is kept intact
for a few minutes after birth
to allow blood to flow
Give me your hand. Quick.
I felt it.
-You did?
-I can feel it.
Here too.
Well, it didn't work out
for our team this time.
Brazil made it
Fuck! Damn it!
Wait, guys. Here's the deal.
Brazil's team messed up,
but we will not mess up this party, okay?
DJ, play some music.
Let's drown our sorrows.
Mateus is going to be a cyclist
like his dad.
I like that.
Mateus is doing great.
Mateus means gift from God.
And that's what he is.
A gift from God.
That's the other baby's heart.
He's doing great also.
Mateus, the first baby,
is in the cephalic position.
Close to the cervix. He'll be born first.
He's still bigger than his brother.
That's great.
I want a natural childbirth.
We can try,
if everything is okay until then.
We'll evaluate every week, okay?
This way, ma'am.
-Thank you.
-This one here.
-The same for you.
Who wants it?
Let's go.
There's more.
For whom? For me?
That's beautiful.
I love it.
For me?
Thank you.
I love it.
She likes you.
She's shy.
Everything is so well taken care of here.
But I find it sad.
Depends on how you look.
Because it's pretty too.
Do you come here often?
I come to visit.
I teach them arts and crafts,
I tell them stories, I play with them.
My husband and I. Sérgio?
We are applying for adoption,
but it is such a lengthy process.
How are you? Nice to meet you.
-Nice to meet you, Liana.
Nice to meet you. I'm Betina.
Welcome, Liana.
Excuse me, let me steal her for a second.
-Honey, let me show you something.
-Look at that.
You're still here?
Yeah, I can't call a cab.
Do you want a ride?
-We can take you.
-Are you sure?
-Of course, we can take you.
-Come with us.
-I don't want to bother you.
-Not at all. The car does all the work.
-You have the same job as my mother.
It was lovely to see you
with the children at the orphanage.
We always wanted a child.
Can you believe I dreamed
a baby was left on our doorstep?
-Stop, Sérgio.
-I mean it.
I get anxious. I always get anxious.
I think I can help you.
Can we go out for some coffee?
I don't understand.
You don't want your child?
It's my husband.
My husband doesn't want children.
But I'm really religious.
I don't want to abort. I'm against it.
And I decided
to give my son up for adoption.
But if I can choose,
I want to choose. And I choose you.
I'm sorry, Liana,
but I find it all very strange.
Without going to court,
any of that, I don't know.
she's having marital problems,
and we always wanted a child.
I know, honey.
But it would be an illegal adoption.
You can trust me.
They are a great couple.
They've applied a long time ago.
They can't wait to adopt.
They live nearby. She's a teacher too.
Tomás, listen to me.
It's our solution.
When you meet them, you'll agree with me.
It's going to work. Believe me.
Let me
That's it.
What's up?
What do you want?
Thanks, bro.
Mojito? Who's in?
What's up?
What's up, bro?
It's crowded. What a success.
Yeah, we are a success.
Want something to drink?
I'll have a beer.
Your friend's nightclub is thriving.
He's not my friend.
This guy will get screwed one day.
He's a piece of shit.
My God, they won't stop moving.
It's like they're having a party in here.
Mateus is having a party.
Can't you reschedule your appointment?
I can't reschedule.
It was the only time Sílvia had.
Really? I won't be able to make it today.
No problem.
I'll tell you how it went later.
I'm waiting for you, big boy.
Mateus is doing great.
And how are you?
Just a little tired.
That's normal.
You're well into your pregnancy.
In fact, you're at an excellent stage.
Is there anything you want to ask me,
that you want to tell me?
No, I'm fine. I can't wait.
It will be any time now.
They are both in the cephalic position.
Mateus is here in position,
and the other one is a little above.
I want to give birth at home, Sílvia.
-At home?
No way. It is not advised.
I'm not afraid of the pain.
It's not about the pain.
It's about your safety,
the safety of your children.
We have to be more cautious with twins.
We can try a natural birth
in the hospital if everything looks good.
Are we done?
The second baby is doing great also.
He's smaller than his brother.
But his heart is beating fast.
He's a warrior.
-His name will be Marcos.
She wants to name him Marcos.
Can I name him that?
Of course!
Liana, Sérgio and I are here
wishing you good luck.
Thank you.
We're going to hit traffic, right?
-It's a holiday, right? That's normal.
Let me open it for you.
Are you okay?
Yes. My back hurts, that's all.
Only back pain?
Not yet.
Okay, then.
I could stay in Rio,
but since Sílvia said we could travel,
let's travel.
Let's go.
Thank you, Isaías.
I'll be receiving a package,
I'll get it when I'm back.
You got it, Mr. Tomás. Have a safe trip.
Thank you.
Wait, let me help you.
Are you okay?
What is this for?
I wanted to bring it.
We're going back to Rio.
We don't have time.
So, we go to a hospital here in town.
-I'm not going anywhere.
-Yes, you are.
I'll tell Sílvia to meet us there.
Hello, Sílvia? I need to talk to you.
Call me back as soon as possible.
Sílvia is not picking up. Shit!
What are you doing?
Help me.
-No, let's go to the hospital.
-Help me.
-I'll have them here, Tomás.
-No, let me get the car.
-Come on, Liana.
-They are coming.
They are coming, Tomás. Get the bag.
Get the bag.
-Fuck. Okay.
-The bag, Tomás!
-Come here.
-Tell me
Tell me, honey. What do I do?
-What do I do?
-Take him.
Take him.
I can see him.
He's coming.
My God!
My son.
It's my son.
-What now?
-Get the string from the outside pocket.
The string and the scissors.
Can I cut it?
-Can I cut it?
-Do it.
Let me take him.
Let me take him.
Where are you going?
Mateus, son.
Tomás, the other one!
Tomás, the other one!
Help me, Tomás!
-Let's do this.
Let's do this.
Come on.
What's wrong?
What happened to him, Tomás?
Give him to me.
My son.
He's purple. I don't know what to do.
-I don't know. He's purple.
-Turn him over and pat him on the back.
Pat him on the back. Stroke his back.
Like this?
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