Desperate Lies (2024) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

I'm gonna open up my heart, okay?
I've been in love with you since college.
I would easily marry you right now.
You know what?
I have to tell you something.
I'm not the kind of person
who believes in institutions, you know?
In stable relationships.
I mean it.
I think that over time
we start to notice differences,
and everything goes down the drain.
And how is that a problem?
You're divorced.
I was too young, Sílvia.
It just didn't work out.
I was always working.
It was hard.
It was very hard for my ex-wife.
That's a doctor's life.
No time for anything.
There's no Christmas,
no birthday, no holidays.
Our relationship lost its spark,
and we grew apart.
It happens.
Me too.
I also know how a doctor's life is.
And I have my son. I have Inácio.
I'm messed up, Vicente.
-Well, I love a mess.
-Oh, really? You do?
A round of applause.
-It was beautiful, Inácio.
-Thank you.
Now, a round of applause to Leo!
Let's make some noise.
Let's make some noise!
Don't worry, Inácio. You're okay.
I'm okay, I just tripped.
Can someone call the coordinator?
Is this blood?
Inácio's school?
This is her.
Where is he?
I'm on my way.
Inácio's hurt. He's in the emergency room.
Give him to me.
Give me my son.
Give him to me. I want to hold him.
Shouldn't I take him to the bedroom?
Give me my son.
Give me my son.
They are okay.
Both of them.
Where are you going?
You knew this was gonna happen,
didn't you?
That you'd have them here.
How would I know?
You brought their bags.
It wasn't a coincidence.
Your water broke. You didn't tell me.
Look what you did.
That was not what we agreed on.
You were supposed to have them in Rio
with Sílvia by our side. Not here.
What if something happened to my son?
What if something happened to you?
But everything is fine.
But things could have gone wrong.
Take Mateus.
Come here.
There. He got it now.
Jesus! I've never done
so many exams in my life.
Having a concussion
is really serious, Inácio.
Oh, Inácio is a boy. It happens.
And later, the scars became trophies.
You haven't lived until you've had them.
-You two are very funny.
-Thank you.
-Everything is funny to you.
-He did all the exams, Sílvia.
Everything is fine.
Tell me Let me see.
How did you get hurt?
I was at the festival, it was pretty dark
Sílvia, call me back, it's urgent.
Sílvia, Liana's water broke. Call me.
Sílvia, we are in the mountains.
We're alone, come over.
Sílvia, did you hear my messages?
Call me back!
-They are in the mountains.
Get some rest.
Everything is fine.
Sílvia will determine that.
She's almost here.
Stop worrying.
I'm fine, and so are the babies.
After Sílvia examines you, I
I'll take the other one to his parents.
They'll be very happy.
Come here.
-She said nothing.
-Where's Liana?
In the bedroom.
-She didn't tell me her water broke.
-What about the boys?
Hid her contractions. Inside.
-You should've gone to the hospital.
-She decided to have the babies here.
You were very lucky.
What you did was crazy.
You should've gone to the hospital.
I called you a bunch of times.
Yeah, but I had a crazy night.
Inácio had an emergency,
and I forgot my phone at home.
I'm not gonna scold you
because I don't want you to get nervous.
Yeah, but it was hard.
Thank you, Sílvia.
Judging by the size, this is Mateus.
And this is Marcos.
Marcos's temperature is not right.
Here's what you do.
Hold him against your body
to keep him warm.
Turn him to you.
-Is he okay?
-He's okay. Just keep him warm.
You knew Liana calls
the other baby "Marcos"?
What's wrong with the baby having a name?
I have to take this kid.
That was our deal.
And you need
to stop keeping things from me.
Me? Keeping things from you?
It wasn't me who brought
a 37-week pregnant woman
to a house in the middle of the mountains.
I didn't know. She tricked me.
She does whatever she wants.
She makes decisions, and that's it.
She's not okay.
How about you, Tomás?
Are you okay?
I'm great. I'm
I almost had a heart attack, but
I'm fine.
Childbirth has a significant impact.
It's okay if you change your mind.
If you've changed your mind,
I'm here to help.
Do you want to help? Don't get involved.
You're my sister.
You have to be on my side.
I'm not changing my mind.
Hey, Dantas, turn this fucking music off.
Hey, DJ! Turn off this shit right now.
What the fuck is going on?
What is happening?
He's at the bar.
-Good evening.
We received a tip.
Guys, come on.
New product?
That's not mine.
It's not?
Well, we found some more.
Whose is it, then, you clown?
Take it easy. That's mine.
There's a guy who comes here and sells it.
I buy it for myself.
-Explain that to the chief. Cuff him.
-No, hold on.
-Cuff him.
-Wait, man. What the heck?
-Cuff him.
-Can I at least call my dad?
-Sure, tell him to go to the station.
-Let's go.
Where is Marcos?
The room looks good.
Thank you.
-I'm gonna go.
-I'll walk you out.
We are very happy, you know?
We've waited a long time for this.
-Best wishes.
-Thank you.
Sérgio, Marcos is hungry.
Mateus has colic.
My breast hurts.
Breastfeed Mateus, it helps.
Are you okay?
Tomás, do me a favor. Put
Put some hot water in the thermos.
I'll make a compress.
Thank you.
Milk is not coming out.
Give me Mateus back.
Do the massage I taught you. The compress.
Actually, do the massage in the shower.
Hot water really helps.
Chief, I'm a drug user, I know.
But I don't sell. I don't sell anything.
I have friends
who come to my club and use it.
-I give it to them.
-Is he going to jail?
Yes, ma'am.
He was apprehended while in possession
of narcotics and accused of trafficking.
-Trafficking? No!
-Dad, it's a lie!
-Shut up, Oscar!
Ma'am, he's not a drug dealer.
Ma'am, I'll pay that bail. How much is it?
Drug trafficking is a non-bailable crime.
Oh, no.
-Excuse me.
-Wait, ma'am. Let's talk.
-Dad, go talk to her.
-Ma'am, let's talk. Please.
Hi. Would you like some water?
It'll calm you down.
What's gonna happen to my brother?
He'll be transferred
to a detention center.
-A detention center?
My brother isn't a drug dealer.
He's just an idiot.
Hi, Nelson.
My father doesn't deserve that.
Look, lady, I just did my job.
I really I
I'm sorry. Excuse me.
Thank you.
Mateus is finally asleep.
Poor Liana is exhausted.
Looking after two is not easy.
Not two.
Liana is so shaken up.
Can't you be a little understanding?
I am very understanding.
You think it's easy for me?
I actually think you were very brave.
Really? Then why are you
giving me that look?
That disapproving look?
You know, giving birth
In the middle of nowhere?
You know, seeing them
You know, seeing them being born.
I think it was very hard.
For you both.
My son was born
My son was born,
and I can't be happy.
No, Tomás.
Stop. Stop drinking.
-No, the last one.
-No. That's enough.
Your wife needs you,
but she needs you sober.
When are you going to Rio?
I have to go back tomorrow.
I have a lot of patients.
I left Inácio at home with Vicente,
and Vicente has to work too.
You're still seeing that doctor?
If I trust him, you can trust him too.
He won't say anything.
Do Mom and Dad know?
I'll tell them when I recover.
This situation is very strange for me too.
From the bottom of my heart,
I just want this to end well for everyone.
Good morning.
Good morning.
-Sílvia left?
She sends you her love.
He's beautiful.
He's a little restless today,
but I didn't want to wake you up.
My breast still hurts.
It feels like there's a rock inside.
Sílvia said it will get better, right?
How did it go?
It was fine.
were happy.
Their lives are just beginning.
Ours too.
It's my dad.
I'll answer in the living room.
Let me know if you need anything, okay?
Now? I'm not in Rio right now, Dad.
What's wrong?
Well Yes, but I don't
I can't go to the station right now.
What's wrong?
Oscar, César's son, is in trouble again.
We're not jailhouse lawyers, are we?
Tomás, César is an important client.
I gave him very brief guidance,
but I have to talk to you
about whatever decision I make.
Are you going to get involved
with these people again, Dad?
Trafficking is trafficking.
And how do you know that?
Who told you about trafficking?
It doesn't matter. Let me tell you again.
If you get involved with these people,
I'm leaving the firm. Do you hear me?
Okay. I understand.
Is there a TV where you are?
It's on the news.
The nightclub was shut down,
and the owner arrested
after synthetic drugs
were found in the establishment.
The Pivô nightclub was popular with youth
and crowded every night.
The police received an anonymous tip
that there were new people involved.
-Who snitched on me?
-I don't know. You should know.
Maybe Kiko?
Or that girl he was hooking up with?
She probably hates me.
Of course. She has every reason.
I need a fucking lawyer.
No, I
I already talked to him.
That coward, Rosenthal,
didn't want to take the case.
Neither him nor his son.
Does Tomás know?
Does that cuckold Tomás know
about me and his wife or not?
Leave Tomás and Liana alone. They're
Does he know or not?
Stop it! You're so annoying.
Of course he doesn't.
-Do you swear?
-He doesn't know.
Do you swear?
The Rosenthals think
they're the only lawyers in town.
I found another one.
See? Everything will work out.
The transfer to the detention center
has been authorized.
Come with us, Oscar. Please.
Go, honey.
May I?
I'll visit you. It'll be all right.
Bye, Dad.
Hi, Mom. I'm here.
You're here?
Oh, honey, I got such a nice call
from your teacher.
She told me that your performance
was very touching.
It was so funny, Mom.
I hit the deck big time at the end.
Honey, don't say that.
I'm sure that's not why
the teacher said that.
I know. I'm kidding.
You and Liana are so different.
What do you mean?
Because she doesn't talk to me
like I'm some charity case.
I didn't say you're a charity case.
Mom, come on.
I'm growing up.
It was great to be without Nina.
I don't need a babysitter.
And guess what?
I'm spending the night at Pedro's.
Oh, and I like your boyfriend.
What boyfriend? Vicente is just a friend.
Your friend is very nice.
Thank you, guys.
As soon as I have some news,
I'll let you know, okay?
-You guys are great.
Thank you.
Is everything okay?
What are you doing here?
I'm here to see some asshole's nightclub
finally being shut down.
-You're the one who reported Oscar?
-I didn't have to.
He screwed up on his own.
Why do you hate my brother so much?
-You're Oscar's sister?
Sucks for you being his sister.
I literally had the worst night
of my life in that place.
Because of a scumbag who vanished.
And on that particular night,
the camera was off.
-Strange, right?
-I know what you've been through.
But you don't need to harass
and make stuff up.
I don't have to make stuff up.
It's easy for you.
You can hire lawyers
to clean up your mess.
But what do I have?
You took everything from me.
I can't even look at myself in the mirror
because of your shitty family.
I want you and your brother to fuck off.
I hope he stays in jail forever.
That's what he deserves.
Look, I borrowed your cardigan
because I still didn't bring my pajamas.
You didn't bring your pajamas
because when you're here,
you're supposed to be naked.
Well, if that's the case,
why can't I spend the night?
Being with me is one thing,
but spending the night is different.
We each sleep in our own homes.
But can we hang out on weekends?
What about holidays?
Holidays are considered weekends.
You always want more.
"More" is not enough, I want it all.
I want you.
I really want you.
But I want you just like we agreed.
We'll negotiate a couple of holidays.
But what about my pajamas? I run cold.
What's with the pajamas, man?
You want some space in my closet,
but it won't work.
Not even a drawer?
I'll give you a drawer in the bathroom,
and a tiny one, only for essentials.
-Razor, slippers
-Slippers are too big.
No slippers.
But what's really essential
what I want, what I desire
are kisses.
A lot of kisses.
Endless kisses,
beginning with your delicious mouth.
If you allow me, of course.
Mateus, this is Daddy.
Daddy is here.
Can you hear me, son?
Let him sleep, Tomás. He was up all night.
I think he looks like my dad.
Don't you agree?
The old man will be dumbfounded
when he finds out about his grandson.
-He called you?
-He did.
He did, but I didn't mention Mateus,
because I know how he gets.
If I tell him,
him and Olinda will come running.
And you don't want that, right?
He called me to talk
about Oscar, that asshole.
Have you heard?
He was arrested.
Justice might be slow,
but it does not fail.
Débora is gonna be crushed.
She'll adjust to life without him.
What can we do?
The same way you adjusted
to life without Lucas.
What we went through is crazy.
But it's over, honey.
It's over.
Now we'll have a beautiful life.
A perfect life.
Just like we dreamed of.
Now we have a son, honey.
A son.
It's no longer a dream. It's reality.
And very soon he'll grow up
and learn how to ride a bike.
It's a new life, honey.
New life.
You didn't pick up your brother.
Can you wait?
I don't want to miss my class.
Don't worry, Liana.
Oscar will give me a ride.
Hell yeah! Let's go!
-I asked you to go.
-It's not my fault, Mom.
Li, I was thinking,
I could make us some pasta for lunch.
-I think she left, Betina.
Open up!
Open up, please!
Open up!
Open the door, or I'll call the police.
Hold on.
Open the door!
I want to see Marcos.
I need to see Marcos.
Because Mateus
misses his brother.
Hello? Who is this?
Tomás? It's Nelson.
I'm calling to tell you
that everything went well.
I know, I saw it on TV.
We just had to set him up
and he got screwed.
He had more drugs than we expected.
The chief didn't take it easy on him.
He's a son of a bitch, he deserves it.
So, do you want to know the details?
No, I don't need any details.
I already deposited the money
into your account, okay?
Thank you.
I didn't know there were two.
Why did you give up one of the twins?
doesn't want him.
He doesn't think we can raise him.
We'll raise Marcos very well. Don't worry.
You better take your son and go home.
They miss each other.
Don't you think?
-I'll call your husband to take you home.
We don't wanna know
why you gave up one of your sons.
It's none of our business.
But your husband came here
and gave us the boy.
And now he's ours.
He's mine.
-He's my son.
-What are you thinking?
You gave me Marcos.
Get out of my house.
Get out.
He's hungry.
Let me get the bottle.
My milk is his too, Betina.
You didn't want the baby.
We got ready to welcome him.
But I want him back.
You can't play
with people's feelings like that, Liana.
That's very cruel.
He's my son, Betina.
Give him to me.
You came to us.
I didn't ask you for anything.
You gave me Marcos.
You can't do that, Liana.
We love Marcos so much.
Me too.
Betina, she gave up.
The court will take her side.
-Hi, Sílvia. Me again.
Did Liana show up?
No, she didn't come back. No sign of her.
Calm down, Tomás. She'll turn up.
Where is she?
What is she doing?
I'm about to call the police.
No, why call the police? She'll turn up.
She disappeared with Mateus.
She disappeared with my son.
She'll be back soon, I'm sure.
Wait, she's here. I'll talk to you later.
Where were you?
I went to get him.
I'm gonna keep them both, Tomás.
Why did you do that?
Because they are my children.
They are brothers.
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