Desperate Lies (2024) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

What are you looking at?
Man, I'm dying for a smoke.
Do you have one?
But if you talk to your people outside,
I'll get you one.
We just have to make a deal.
What's up, playboy?
Are things rough for you?
Enjoying the company?
-And you all, having fun with the playboy?
You're lucky you have money.
You're free. Go.
He's leaving.
The son of a bitch is leaving.
That's not fair.
-So that's it?
-You're gonna get fucked anyway.
You're going home already, huh?
Go, motherfucker.
-Shut up, man.
Stop with the talking, man.
Did you like the five-star hotel?
They set me up, right?
Yeah, because you're a saint.
Who ratted me out?
I'm just here to give you
a message, Oscar.
Get out of here.
Some important people are after you.
Your sister is here.
Hi, honey.
I want to go home.
Why did you do that?
Because they are my children.
They are siblings.
Liana, what did we talk about?
Liana, what are you gonna tell people?
Only Sílvia knows.
You want to keep him, right?
Well, I don't.
-I don't want this child!
-We can't change what happened.
There are two babies.
What happened to us was rare.
It means something.
What this means
is that this child's father is a criminal.
-This child's father could be you.
It's not his fault.
He could be your son, he could be our son.
-Nobody will know.
-Liana, no!
You shouldn't have done this to me.
You shouldn't Liana, you
You should've talked to me, Liana.
You shouldn't have done that!
Fuck, Liana!
This child should've stayed there.
I am not splitting them up!
I'm their mother.
I don't know if I can do this.
You can do this.
You can do this.
We can do this.
Please, Tomás.
We can do this.
That's right, Mateus.
Our first bath, huh?
Come on, big boy.
Come here.
Tomás, can you help me change the water
so I can bathe Marcos?
You do it. I'm gonna get Mateus dressed.
Come on, big boy,
let's put on some warm clothes.
I'm so tired.
I'm exhausted.
Marcos is sleeping.
Can you stay with Mateus for a bit?
Yes, of course.
We have to go back to Rio.
I can't do this on my own.
You're not on your own. I'm helping you.
-Come here.
-Because it's Mateus.
You agreed to stay.
You're here because you agreed to stay,
otherwise you would leave.
My son is here.
Your sons are here.
You have to make up your mind.
You have to do something.
Let's tell everyone, no matter how.
-Hi! We're here.
-Hi, son!
That's wonderful.
-Two grandsons.
-I missed you, honey.
Let's lower our voices
to avoid waking the boys.
I don't understand why all the mystery.
You both disappear
and come back with twins.
-That's right.
-You look tired, son.
-You're not sleeping well at night, huh?
-I don't know what that is anymore.
-I want to see my grandsons.
I wanna hold them.
We can't even sleep
for three hours straight.
We're counting on their naps now.
-Hi, honey.
-That's right.
-Help her.
-Let me get them.
-Oh my God, they are so cute.
-Look at that.
Marcos is sleeping.
-Be careful.
-This is Mateus.
Mateus, come with grandma.
This is Marcos.
Oh, he's so heavy.
That's because he's always nursing, Mom.
You should hire a nanny to help out.
Nina could help take care of them.
And who's gonna take care of you?
I agree.
You're trying
to get rid of your nanny, huh?
Right. But we'll talk about it.
Liana is resting,
but it will be good to hire a nanny.
Tomás, son,
Mateus is bigger than his brother.
Mateus looks exactly like you, son.
But they look different, huh?
Marcos is so skinny.
But he's gaining weight.
They both went to the pediatrician.
They are doing great.
Will they look more alike over time,
or will they always be so different?
I don't know, Dad. That doesn't
They are different. They are fraternal.
How come you didn't know there were two?
I knew.
And why didn't you tell us?
I asked her not to.
Yeah, the twins
were different in size and
Well, sometimes a baby
doesn't grow as expected,
and Tomás was worried
that this might happen to Marcos,
there's also Liana's traumas.
Anyway, I respected his decision.
Yeah. We don't always make
the right decision.
I thought it was only one, Liana.
It was really strange for you two to have
the babies in the mountains all alone.
It wasn't strange.
It was my choice. It worked out fine.
-Be happy.
-I am happy.
-Leave them be.
-It's unbelievable.
The club's full of drugs,
and the guy's out on bail.
It's unbelievable.
Look at that.
Oscar is out.
That's good, huh?
Now he can come and meet your sons.
Don't provoke me, Mom.
I'm not.
Wasn't Débora going to be the godmother?
You always said that.
Why can't Oscar be the godfather?
Lucas would be so happy.
Lucas is no longer here
to have a say in that.
I already told you
that Oscar is a piece of shit.
Why didn't you tell me
you could've lost one of the babies?
-Why would you hide that from me?
-I was feeling insecure, Débora. Sorry.
Come on, Liloca!
-Can I meet them?
-Of course.
Let's set up a date.
Can it be today?
The thing is, my house is a mess, Débora.
We're trying to adjust
to the children's schedule.
Marcos is not nursing. He has hypotonia.
-So I'm checking
-I get it, you can't today.
Take this one.
It has great breastfeeding tips.
-You won't need it?
-No, I think I'm going on a trip.
Oscar is out on bail,
and the judge gave him permission
to leave the country.
He wants to go to Buenos Aires.
Can you believe they say
someone is after him here?
Are you going with him?
He's gonna need help moving.
-That's great.
Maybe he'll get his act together
in another country. It would be a miracle.
Is this how it's going to be from now on?
You're growing too distant from me.
I am.
Because of your brother.
Is that necessary?
I know you think
I should be tougher on him,
but he's my brother.
You have to understand.
If it were Lucas, you'd do the same.
Don't compare him to Lucas.
You know what your brother did to me.
All I know is you tell me one thing,
and he tells me another.
And I'm in the middle.
And you might perceive things
differently from him.
Let's stop.
Otherwise, we'll fight.
If I go out of town, when I come back,
I'm going to meet the boys.
One day you'll understand me.
That's a lot of balls.
Do whatever you want with them.
Donate, I don't care anymore.
I've already asked Rosa
to clear out Dad's back room.
What a loss, right?
You'll get back on your feet.
You think?
Did you tell Liana I'm leaving?
Of course.
She liked it.
Of course.
She hates me.
She hates you, but I pay the price.
I didn't even get to meet the twins.
What? Twins?
She had two babies.
She didn't tell her family.
She's crazy.
-And she gives you a hard time.
I don't know how you can stand it.
Let's go.
They're leaving this week.
As far as I'm concerned,
he can disappear, he can go to hell.
As long as we don't see him anymore.
Let's move on with our lives
and stop thinking about them.
We're going to be happy, right?
I love you.
I love you too.
I just want peace.
Peace so I can enjoy you,
And Marcos.
Who's going? Me or you?
Daddy will take care of it.
Let me show what I bought.
Take a look at this.
-He's sleeping?
-He's sleeping.
Liana, look at this.
-Did you get a gift?
You got a gift, huh?
Look, they are identical.
Turn around.
Oh, honey.
My cyclist. Look at my cyclist.
-That's so cute!
-Did you like it?
Here, Mrs. Liana.
Open wide.
Thank you, Nina.
-You're welcome.
-What? Look at what?
Okay, I'll give it to you.
Oh, an animal.
What animal is that?
Good job.
Good job.
Wow, you're so strong. What about you?
Mateus and Marcos get along great, right?
He protects his brother. He's too cute.
-It reminds me of me and Oscar.
That's funny.
I don't know, ever since our mom died,
I feel responsible for him, you know?
It's like taking care of him
has been my role
all my life.
Well, what matters
is that he's okay in Buenos Aires.
That's great.
I have to go.
Thank you for caring for the children.
Oh, it was great playing
with my fake nephews.
They are beautiful.
I can watch them whenever you want.
I won't have real nephews anyway, so
I mean I think I won't.
Anyway, but I have them.
What? Who made this mess?
Make up your mind. Who was it?
Oh, both?
You won't tell me?
So, you'll help me clean
everything up now.
Let's do this.
Come, Mateus!
Wow! I almost didn't catch him, but I did.
What's up, Marcos?
Hi, honey.
-How are you?
-How was it?
They did very well.
Great. The car is around the corner.
Let's go? Hold my hand.
Hold your brother's hand.
Let's cross the street?
Let's go? Be careful.
That's right.
Did you like it?
-Did you like today?
-Do you have the olive oil?
Can I have it?
Just a little.
I'm gonna hand you the egg.
-That's right.
-Thanks, Mom.
Look at what Inácio made.
-The table, honey.
-I made it especially for you.
I'm a big fan of this boy.
I'm gonna pour you some wine, Inácio.
-Thank you so much.
-It's on your right side.
Please, honey.
Thank you.
It looks gorgeous, son.
This omelet deserves a toast.
Let's toast.
-Cheers, darlings.
Let's go, Mateus.
The tunnel.
Nice, Marcos. Go on, Mateus.
Let's race?
I think I'll win. You're too slow.
Fast! Come on!
-Come on, Mateus.
-I'm almost there.
Come on!
-Come on, Mateus.
I was behind, but I won.
Oh, son,
it's impossible to compete with you.
You have to practice, Mateus.
You have to practice, pedal harder,
so you can beat your brother.
-Mateus, wanna play over there?
Why "you have to beat your brother?"
What's wrong with kids competing?
What's the problem?
You were mad because Marcos won.
-Don't talk nonsense, okay?
-It's not nonsense.
It's like you don't like them
to be friends.
Don't encourage this rivalry.
What's the point?
Marcos, be careful. Where are you going?
-Marcos, watch out.
-Watch out!
-Stay there!
-Oh my God!
-Wait. Stay there.
-Watch it, fool!
There are kids here, you idiot!
Are you hurt, honey? Come here.
Easy, come here. Slowly.
Have you lost your mind?
-Huh, Marcos? Have you lost your mind?
-Calm down.
Do you want to die and kill your brother?
Fuck, have you lost it?
Does it hurt?
And you? If he dies, you die too?
-Let me see?
-Are you stupid?
Are you okay?
-I hurt my arm. The wheel didn't go.
-Let me see.
What did you want me to do?
Pretend nothing happened?
Marcos went on the street, and Mateus
would've followed if I hadn't screamed.
Marcos lost his balance.
Mateus was going to help.
Mateus worships Marcos.
-That's not normal.
-They are siblings.
Marcos makes me nervous.
He's always running around, showing off.
Sometimes I think
he's not good company for Mateus.
He's a child. Don't be cruel.
So why was he running like that?
He wants your attention.
He wants to win you over.
He's always upset.
Tomás, you're wrong.
Stop treating them differently.
You're imagining things.
I treat them the same.
You always defend Mateus.
Because I'm closer to him, okay?
Because that's normal
between a father and his son. Okay?
He's more like me.
And Marcos is more like Oscar every day.
Marcos is your son.
He's the son you raised.
He notices you're distant.
He wants your affection.
He wants your love.
You know what I thought
at the time of the accident?
I kept thinking,
"What if I lost Mateus because of Marcos?"
"What if I lost my son
because of someone else's son?"
They're your fucking kids!
I'm gonna take a shower.
You know what? You know what I ask myself?
Why is Marcos so different from me
when I raise them the same way?
Because that's all you notice.
You only notice the differences,
not the similarities.
You don't notice the qualities,
you only notice the flaws.
You should prioritize what matters most,
their friendship.
Mom? What happened?
-What happened? Are you okay?
-I'm okay.
I was on the couch
looking at some photos of Lucas.
I dozed off, can you believe it?
I dozed off.
When I woke up, the house was on fire.
That's so dangerous.
-Mrs. Norma, your blood pressure is fine.
-See? I'm fine.
-You were lucky, Mom.
-It has nothing to do with luck.
-You were lucky.
It has nothing to do with luck.
Your brother Lucas saved me.
Thank you.
-You're welcome.
-Lucas saved you?
Yes. I was on the couch,
lying down, sleeping.
Then I heard, "Mom?"
I felt him next to me.
Come on, Mom.
-How are you, Mrs. Norma?
-I'm okay, I guess.
Hi, Norma. Hi, honey.
So? How are you?
She left a pan on the stove.
Fortunately, the firefighters were quick.
-I didn't want to come.
-Where did you want to stay?
Because your house is destroyed.
Norma, let me tell you something.
When Liana sets her mind to something,
you can't change it.
And you never thought about running away?
-Put it on the balcony.
-Why run, Norma?
Now I'll fulfill my dream
of living with my mother-in-law.
But I never wanted
to sleep in a guest room.
Your room will be beautiful.
-I'll set it up just how you like it.
We brought your things, Lucas' things.
I worry about these parties, you know?
He was smelling
like alcohol the other day.
Do you think he's ever smoked a joint?
Did you forget what it's like?
Come on. Inácio is an adult, Sílvia.
It's hard for me not to worry about him.
When are you going to understand
that your son wants
a normal life now, Sílvia?
He wants to do it all.
That's how it is, honey.
Inácio wants to live.
And you should allow yourself to.
Live your life a little more
so you can understand what he wants,
and what we want too, right?
Why what we want?
You're not happy with me?
No, the opposite.
-I'm very happy.
Have you thought about what I said?
It's only 20 days.
Since I have that congress in Paris,
we could go to the south of France.
-What do you think?
-Vicente, I can't.
I can't leave Inácio alone
for 20 days, you know?
How can I go to France, but worry
about what's happening in Brazil?
You knew I was like this.
Stop pushing me.
I'm not pushing you, Sílvia.
It's an invitation.
I've been asking you
the same thing for ten years.
Let's live together. Enjoy life together.
But you don't take me seriously.
I take you so seriously, Vicente, that
I think we should keep our separate homes.
I take you so seriously that I worry
everyday life could destroy
everything we have built.
How long will you live with us, Grandma?
Will you stay here until we grow up?
I still have plenty of stories
to tell you.
I want to hear them.
Tell us more about Uncle Lucas.
Lucas was a futsal player.
A star player.
He was gonna play for a great team.
Is he here watching us?
He's always by our side.
Stop that.
Who's in the picture?
Oscar was Lucas' best friend.
They were very close, just like you two.
But they weren't twins, they were friends.
Oh, so he was his buddy.
That's right.
Hey, Liana.
Mateus looks exactly like Tomás,
but who does Marcos look like?
Like grandpa, Mom.
My father's father.
No, he doesn't.
Funny, right?
And this photo, Grandma?
This was their championship
playing for Fronteira.
They won first place, right?
Of course. They always won first place.
It's good for them to play sports.
It's important.
So why can't they play futsal?
I don't know why
they need another activity.
They have a full schedule.
Mateus loves cycling. That's enough.
I like cycling too.
You like playing soccer more.
Wanna wait for me by the pool, Mom?
No, I want the boys to see
where Lucas is the happiest.
Come on, darlings. Come with Grandma.
Come on, team! Let's go!
Trust your kick.
-Go. Are your sneakers okay?
-They're great.
-Aren't you going to trip? Let me see.
-I won't.
Let me see. Go.
-Thanks, Grandma.
-It started.
It's our ball.
-Go after him.
-Come on.
It's our ball.
That's right. Just control the ball.
Warming up.
-Oh my God.
-I can't believe it.
It's so nice to see you here!
You look the same. You haven't changed.
Thank you. It's been forever.
I teach here now.
-Really? Here?
-I'm Fronteira's coach now.
I brought the kids to see.
-The new boys?
-It's their first day.
-Really? They are yours?
Oh, so cool!
-Do you remember my cousin, Cláudia?
I think you cycled together.
I cycled more with Tomás.
How are you, Liana?
I'm good.
She wasn't living in Rio.
She came back recently.
-She's helping me with the children.
-The boys have a lot of energy.
Ricardo couldn't keep up.
I'm getting older, Li.
Are they your children? They're beautiful.
-Come on, Mateus.
-Look how cute.
Come on. Great!
Let's see if they're good at it.
Of course they are. Liana!
-Come on, Mateus. Watch that kick.
They both play really well.
Come on, Marcos. It's your turn now.
I told you! They take after Lucas.
Lucas was a great player.
Marcos has a different way of playing,
but he has personality.
The direct object
doesn't have a preposition.
But the
Wait, Grandma forgot what it's called.
-Indirect object?
That's right.
I know, Grandma. I loved the club.
"The club" is the direct object.
And "It's from the club",
"club" is the indirect object.
You're better than your grandma.
You're good at Portuguese.
I'm good at soccer.
You could have hurt him.
-Hi, Nina.
-Hi, boys. What's up?
-Hi, Dad.
-How are you?
-Hi, honey. How was it at the club?
-Hi, honey.
-Great. We'll be a duo.
-Cláudia gave us an A.
Cool. But who's Cláudia?
Come finish, honey. Come.
Cláudia, Ricardo's cousin.
She's working with him at the club.
What a coincidence.
Do you think that's good?
I was just surprised.
I hadn't heard of her in a long time.
What about you?
I think we should find them another club.
I'll kick with my left foot.
Wow, he kicks just like Oscar.
What did you say, Norma?
My grandson.
He kicks just like Oscar,
Lucas's friend.
Lucas is dead.
He died because
he was involved with Oscar,
who's a delinquent.
-It's time to get in the shower.
-Let's go.
The first to go gets a treat.
Did you have to say that?
You were cruel. My mother was stunned.
How do you think I feel?
Living with your mom isn't easy.
She talks about your brother nonstop.
And now this? Oscar's kick?
I know. My mother got confused
after the fire, Tomás.
Yeah. She should have gone
to a retirement home.
Please, don't say that.
I know my mother is difficult,
but the boys love her.
You have to be more patient.
Give me this Give me this shit!
Are you trying to destroy the house?
Are you a delinquent?
Calm down. Dad is nervous. Come on.
I told you not to play ball
in the hallway.
You're the only person I know
who's avoiding an engagement in Paris.
What's that?
Fear of being happy? Is that it?
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
I really don't understand, Liana.
We see each other all the time.
We're together all the time.
Why get married?
Why change things, you know?
Never mind.
I want to hear about you. How are you?
-I'm fine.
But Tomás has been nervous.
More than ever. I don't know.
I think Marcos is growing up,
and he keeps
He looks more and more like Oscar.
No, Liana. Forget about this guy.
How can I forget?
You're right. I'm sorry.
But what's Tomás's deal?
He has to understand that you were
the one who experienced trauma.
I know.
I still feel guilty
for rejecting Marcos, you know?
Don't feel that way.
You've survived tremendous violence.
But I feel guilty.
I love those boys. Both of them.
I love Marcos, I love Mateus.
Each one in their own way.
But Tomás can't.
Tomás treats Marcos differently,
and then we
a crisis.
And my mom being around
only makes things worse.
You know what I think?
That when we have a crisis,
it's because something is about to change.
I'm ready, we can go.
-Let's go.
-Look what I found.
I can't believe it. Look.
An interview with Oscar.
He's in Buenos Aires.
He hasn't changed. Look.
Not now, Mom.
Oscar reminds me of someone.
I can't think of who.
You know what? It's like she knows.
For crying out loud. Forget my mom.
She doesn't know anything.
I can't take it.
-I know.
Do you regret staying with me?
Am I too heavy of a backpack for you?
Sometimes I wonder if this little backpack
isn't too heavy.
-First to the waterfall!
-Wait for me, Marcos.
I don't want anyone going
into the waterfall alone.
Come on, Dad!
-We'll stay in the shallow part.
-No, you're going in with me.
I'm taking care of your plants, honey.
Okay, Mom. That's fine. Do what you want.
You see it, right?
-Your husband has been very nervous.
-I know.
That's why we're here, to talk,
figure things out, understand each other.
-Don't worry.
-Oh, did you find the magazine?
I put it in your bag.
Where are you going, Marcos?
He'll hear. I'll be quick.
I'll go down to the shallow part.
Dad told us not to go in. Stop.
Let's see what your mother sent.
Come back here, Marcos. Get out of there.
Marcos, come back here.
Dad told us not to go in. Stop.
Come back here, Marcos. Get out of there.
My luck will run out?
No, it won't.
Because until then, my father's money
will continue to pay
your father very well.
Dad, Marcos is drowning!
Dad, help!
Marcos is drowning!
Dad, help!
Dad, help!
No! Dad, help him!
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