Desperate Lies (2024) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

Nice, Mateus.
Come on, Mateus.
Let's go. Let's get on the road.
We made it.
We made it. Daddy beat you.
Are you holding on?
Come on, pedal.
Good job, Marcos.
You're riding!
Good job, Marcos.
Come! Be careful!
Who's the best bicycle teacher
in the world?
Dad, help him!
Dad, help! Help him!
Tomás, you cuckold.
Do something.
He's drowning!
-Where's Marcos?
-He's here. Save him, Dad.
Marcos! Dad!
Marcos! Dad!
Hey, Marcos.
-Breathe! Talk to me!
-What happened?
What happened? Tell me!
Marcos almost drowned.
Dad saved him.
It's okay.
-Get out of the water.
-Okay. Everything's fine.
-Get out.
-Everything is fine.
-Tomás. Marcos.
-Everything is fine.
-Everything is fine.
Mateus said you couldn't hear him.
Were you far away?
It was an accident.
I can take care of the boys.
How come you didn't hear?
Are you trying to say something?
I find it strange.
I got scared.
Yes, Marcos drives me crazy.
Because he disobeyed me again.
It wasn't the first time.
He did it again.
I talked to him and he disobeyed me.
-Marcos needs to learn.
-You need to learn.
-He's a child.
-He should be fighting with me.
I was the one who misbehaved.
-Enough! Okay.
-You scold him and shout.
-Enough? You're the one screaming.
Leave me alone, okay?
And stop accusing me.
I'm not accusing you.
Wanna know what happened?
Once again your son
put his and his brother's lives at risk.
And once again, I saved his life.
But I'm tired of you accusing me
like I'm always doing everything wrong.
I'm tired of always having
to defend myself against your accusations
as if I had bad intentions with my sons!
You treat Marcos differently.
I'm the one who's tired of it.
Marcos is looking
more and more like Oscar.
I want to forget this guy.
Hey! I missed you!
-Grandma's babies!
-How are you, Mrs. Liana?
-So? How was the trip?
-Mr. Tomás, let me help you.
Marcos almost drowned.
Oh, stop it. What have you done, my angel?
-It was an accident.
-Everything's fine now, Marcos.
-Hi, Norma.
Oh my God. See?
If I had gone, I'd have helped you
look after the children.
Why did you send that magazine
with Oscar's article? What for?
Your husband is jealous of him, isn't he?
Mom, why do you do that?
You say you'll help, but you disrupt.
Tomás has been nervous.
Come! Bring the cell phone.
Who wants to find out
what vegetable this is?
Give me that.
-Wait, I'm playing.
-You can play later.
-Give me the phone.
-No fighting.
-Give me the phone. I had it first.
-Hey, stop.
What's happening? Wait. It's my phone.
What the heck?
What? Did it break?
No, it's just But
Look, the screen is broken.
Marcos, your dad is right.
That's too much.
Go to your room.
I was the one who took it, Mom.
So, you're the one who'll be grounded.
No, they both will be grounded.
And the punishment will be
to ride your bikes with me.
Who wants to go right now?
-I do. Let's go.
-Come on, let's go.
-Down the stairs.
-I thought you were going to work.
No, today I don't have to go. Bye.
I'm gonna pass you. Look.
I passed you!
I won!
I won!
Daddy won!
Look who won.
Look who won.
You'll need to put in a lot of work
to catch up to me.
Both of you, okay?
Look who won.
When I grow up,
I want to be just like you, Dad.
Me too.
You're already a lot like me, Mateus.
And you, Marcos
Dude, you have to relax a little.
But you'll get there.
In your own way.
Each one in their own way.
It's great that you're such good friends.
Sometimes, I can be a pain.
I know that.
But I just want you to be happy.
That's it.
I'm sorry I'm so tough.
Did something happen?
Relax, I'll send it.
How much?
Okay, I'll send it today.
It was Oscar.
Can you believe it's been ten years
he's been living in Argentina?
I think it's good for him.
He has to put in some effort, you know?
It wasn't easy in the beginning.
He had to work all kinds of jobs.
He worked everywhere.
Now he's managing a successful nightclub.
He's actually dating the owner's daughter.
I want to meet her
because he says he's getting married.
He changed, Liana.
If he's doing okay,
why is he asking you for money?
He didn't say.
And you think he's changed?
-I think he
-I don't want to know.
I'm not interested
in your brother's life. Sorry.
I want him far away from me.
Excuse me.
Hi, honey.
No, I won't No, I'm leaving.
No way.
I'm glad you had fun.
Kisses. Love you too.
Time passes,
and you two are still in love.
What's the secret?
Tomás is the love of my life, girl.
He has his challenges, but so do I.
We try to get things right.
Nobody's perfect.
Oh my God!
You killed it!
-It's beautiful, Inácio.
-Thank you, Auntie.
By the way, look.
I was asked to play at this festival.
It's a youth festival.
My God, you're always on the go.
That's awesome.
And now you have to give me a hug.
You're more and more beautiful every day.
How do you know?
I have magic fingers.
Here's a snack.
-Nina's orange cake.
-Come on.
I missed it.
I made it for you, Inácio,
because you miss it.
Come here, my boy. Give me a hug.
-Oh my God.
-Sit down, honey.
Mrs. Liana,
there's a bag of dirt in the fridge.
Should I leave it there?
Bag of dirt?
Check it out.
It's been a long time, dear.
You're visiting?
Are you okay, Norma?
Where were you?
Come, get in.
My God. It took so long.
A lady brought her here, Mrs. Liana.
Okay, Mr. Isaías. Thank you.
-Good evening.
-Good evening.
What happened, Mom?
I got confused.
Oh, honey.
I think something is happening to me.
It's here, buddy.
Excuse me. Good evening.
I'm looking for a handsome doctor
who's coming back from France.
He left his girlfriend here all alone
dying to know how was his presentation
at the conference.
And she's here just to find out how
his presentation at the conference was?
No. Actually, she's here
to take you straight to her house
because she misses you so much.
What a nice surprise.
-How was your trip?
-It was great.
Were you upset that I didn't go with you?
-It's hard to be upset with you, honey.
It's beautiful.
Come here. Give me your hand.
I, Vicente, want to live with you,
Sílvia, for the rest of my life.
Till death do us part.
Oh, Vicente.
After all these years,
you still want to marry me?
Will you say yes?
Aren't things good the way they are?
-But they can be better.
Really. We could go to sleep
and wake up every day together.
I can shower you with kisses.
I can cook for you, take care of you.
I know you like it.
We are so different.
It's always been just me and my son,
you know?
Okay. I understand.
You want to think some more, is that it?
Okay. No problem.
Let me do a magic trick.
Put it on the other hand.
Let's make a deal.
Every time you look at it,
you'll remember I'm still waiting
for an answer.
I'm still waiting for an answer.
But don't take long.
Are you asleep? What?
-Oh my God. You scared me.
-What's happening?
What is this intrusion?
What's that?
I thought you were already asleep.
No, guys. You have to sleep
in your own beds. Come on.
Can you watch us practice tomorrow, Dad?
Can't you be late for work just one day?
Yeah, you never saw us practice.
But I have to work tomorrow.
I mean, I need to get ready, guys.
I'll convince him.
-Come on. Go to bed.
-Come on.
-Go on, you should be in bed already.
-Good night.
-Good night.
-Good night. No talking.
-Good night.
I thought you didn't want me
to go to the club.
Because of Cláudia?
I trust you.
Should I lock the door?
-That's it! Yes!
-In the middle.
-Go, João.
-Pass it over here!
-Turn and kick.
-Good. Move.
Whoa! Keep it up.
Go, kick.
-Nice, Mateus!
-Go, Daniel.
-That's it. Nice!
-Nice, dude. Go!
-You got it.
Good one.
You were in front of the goal.
You didn't have to pass it
to your brother.
I didn't even pass it right.
Look, don't protect Marcos
just because he's your brother.
He's the star of the team, Dad.
He plays much better than I do.
-Okay, guys. Let's go back.
Now it's penalty practice.
Get ready.
-Come on!
What a goal.
Come on, Dad.
You didn't see my penalty goal.
I was handling some work stuff.
But you're doing good. Good job.
You too, Mateus.
You're playing very well, okay?
You're playing very well.
-How are you, Cláudia?
-I'm good.
Who'd have thought
I'd be your children's teacher, Tomás?
I got married, got divorced,
and now I'm looking after them
as if they were my own.
They are beautiful.
Thank you.
So? Let's go?
-Let's go.
Let's go.
Her hippocampus experienced
a decrease in volume.
The initial symptoms
were clinical changes.
I had already spoken to your mother.
You knew that and didn't tell me?
What can I say?
That I'm getting old?
We don't know if it will progress quickly,
but you should be vigilant
in case of further episodes
of disorientation.
I don't think Norma
should be alone anymore.
It would be good
if she could stay here with you.
She'll have to put up with me.
But don't expect me
to share my entire life with you.
You'll get old one day too.
I'm gonna go.
Thank you, Doctor.
-I'll walk you out.
-Thank you, Doctor.
I'll keep you posted.
Okay. Call me if you need anything.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Liloca, I'm gonna go, okay?
I'm having lunch with my dad.
What are you celebrating this time?
Oscar is coming back.
He's tired of Argentina.
I'm gonna go.
¡Hola, papá! ¡Hola, hermanita!
You don't have to miss me.
The prodigal son is back.
Hi, honey.
I missed you.
-Give your dad a hug.
-Of course.
-How was your trip?
-Good, Dad.
-I'm a bit tired, but
-What's that?
-Nothing. I bumped it in the car.
-I'd rather not know.
I'm going to get a drink. Anyone?
-I'm good, Dad.
-Let me see what happened.
-What happened?
-Don't show him. I'll tell you later.
I brought you something.
-A gift.
-No way.
Let me see.
-Wow, that's beautiful.
-Do you like it?
So he actually proposed?
What are you waiting for?
The desire to do it?
The desire to get married,
to live together?
Because I'm sure that
at some point I'll ruin everything.
Our schedule is very stressful.
But you've been together for a long time.
You get along great.
Sílvia, be brave.
I'll think about it, okay?
Well, clinically, you're fine.
I'm asking for routine exams,
but your IUD is fine. Everything is okay.
I never want to get pregnant again.
My mom is not okay.
She can't live by herself anymore.
She's gonna have to live with us for good.
I haven't even told Tomás yet.
I have to talk to him.
But you don't know the worst part.
What happened?
Oscar returned to Brazil.
No way.
Tomás has been talking about him.
It's eating at me.
Sílvia, Marcos looks exactly like Oscar.
-He does.
I see the way Tomás looks at him.
I pretend I don't see it. It's awful.
And his face keeps haunting my thoughts.
Don't do that.
You never have to speak
to that animal again.
Know what I think,
from the bottom of my heart?
I think you and Tomás
are getting paranoid.
Because the weight
of this secret is unbearable.
It's very distressing.
But what can I do?
Tell the truth?
Marcos will be crushed when he finds out
his dad is not his dad.
He's crazy about Tomás.
I can't do that.
The truth isn't always good.
In this case, it's worse than a lie.
How could I tell Marcos
that the only reason he was born
is because I didn't want to lose Mateus?
How does a mother say that to her child?
I'm not saying it will be easy.
But this is Marcos's story.
-Don't you think he has the right to know?
He can't know.
Oh, no.
Hey. You're not having dinner?
Where's your mother?
-She's in her room.
-She's been there for ages.
What happened?
You have a headache?
I'm just a bit nervous.
Sit down. Let me tell you.
Oscar is back.
How do you know?
Débora told me.
You need to stay away from Débora.
You'll have to leave the clinic.
Otherwise, you'll run
into that criminal all the time.
I can't leave the clinic overnight.
I just can't.
He's gonna get suspicious.
He has no way of knowing, Tomás.
You have new messages. Tap to listen.
Message from Bruna Lucena,
"Cool. I'm very excited."
Message from Maurílio Hernandez,
"It's impossible not to move."
Message from Samara Almeida,
"He's great."
Message from Beatriz Pires da Luz,
"I love your work."
"Can you play a song for me at the party?
I want to dance a lot."
Holy shit!
I'm out, you guys. Bye.
-Do you want me to take you?
-That's okay, Mom.
Let me know if you want me to pick you up.
Okay, but that's okay. Kisses.
-Enjoy. Love you guys.
-Love you too.
Every time Inácio goes out,
my heart sinks.
You'll get used to it, honey. It's life.
I owe you an answer, don't I?
You owe it to the both of us.
I love you.
I love you very much.
But I'm not ready to get married.
Inácio no longer needs you
to take care of him.
It just goes to show you
how complicated I am.
Are you sure that's what you want?
To marry me?
It's the only thing I'm sure of.
Hi, I'm Bia.
I sent you a message.
Your set is really cool.
Thanks, Bia. Nice to meet you.
I'm glad you played the song
I asked you to.
What's up, Inácio?
People really enjoyed it.
Here's your money.
Thank you so much, man.
Let me know if you need me.
-What's up?
Leaving already?
You have another party?
No, I'm going home.
Well, if you play somewhere else,
let me know.
-Drop it.
-What the fuck?
-Drop it.
Let it go!
Inácio! Are you okay?
Are you okay? Did you get hurt?
Get up. Let me help you. Let's go.
Let's get out of here. Come on.
-Where is it?
-Get up. Let me help you.
-Where's my backpack?
-He stole it. Let me help you.
Your call has been forwarded
to an automatic voice message system.
Inácio is not home yet.
He still hasn't replied?
Get some rest, honey.
He'll be here soon.
Look, he's here.
Hi, honey.
-Good morning.
-Good morning.
I called you several times.
Why didn't you answer?
Because it ended late.
I was worried about you.
Was the party okay?
It was a total success.
I even have a fan. It was great.
-Do you want me to make you some coffee?
-No, thank you. I'm tired.
-I want to get some sleep. Thanks.
Where's your backpack, Inácio?
I'm tired. Can we talk tomorrow?
No, we can't. Stop avoiding me.
I was mugged
when I was waiting for the cab.
That's it. Can I go to sleep?
Are you okay? Did you get hurt?
Son, why didn't you ask me
to pick you up? I said I could.
The thief mugged me,
and didn't even realize I was blind.
He's less bigoted than you.
He mugged me as if I were
a normal person, and I am.
Then a girl and a taxi driver helped me.
I filed a police report.
Did everything I was supposed to.
Do you think that if you were there,
it would've been different?
-Relax, Inácio.
-Your mom is nervous.
-But she does that every day, Vicente.
Mom, stop with that. Leave me alone.
I have the right to be robbed in peace.
Come here.
Oh, honey.
They forced me to leave.
I didn't do anything.
The guys really screwed me over.
I need help, Tomás.
You want money?
Money is always good.
But what I really need right now is work.
Do you have something for me? A job?
Look, I don't have anything at the moment,
but if I hear of anything,
I'll let you know.
Okay. That's great.
When you and your father needed me,
you treated me better. Didn't you?
Don't forget what I did for you.
Nelson, let me be straight with you.
You're in a lot of trouble, aren't you?
You don't want any more trouble.
Are you threatening me, man?
Be careful.
Be careful, Tomás.
Tell me what happened.
Weren't you about to get married?
-Wasn't it all confirmed?
-It was.
Indeed, it was.
But she started to lose it.
She said I was cheating too much.
So, I said, "Enough."
I got tired. It was best to end it.
Her dad's security guards threatened me.
They told me to leave the country.
-What? That's harsh.
-I know.
-Why all that?
-I know.
But you know what? That's better.
Enough of that, right?
I missed it here.
I think I want to open a nice bar.
Find a cool space, you know?
I even talked to Dad,
but he was kind of hesitant. It was weird.
Dad's been losing a lot of money
in his business.
But he'll lend you the money.
-No, I
-He's always helped you.
If I can, I'll lend you some too.
You're rich now?
-How's the clinic?
-Liana and I have been working a lot.
Is she still hot?
-Come on, Oscar. Quit it.
I like her.
I just want to know how she's doing.
This is Inácio, her nephew.
He's a DJ now, can you believe it?
He loves Liana.
-He went blind?
Look how cute. These are the boys.
Marcos and Mateus.
They are playing futsal at Fronteira.
Cool. Just like me and Lucas.
This kid looks a lot like me
when I was little.
-Stop that.
-Hold on, let me show you.
That's me when I was a kid.
Look. Right?
I don't see anything.
Oh, come on. Pay attention.
If I had a kid,
wouldn't he look just like Marcos?
I think he looks exactly like Liana,
and Mateus looks like Tomás.
Can you stop?
I don't want to remember
what you did to my friend.
-I don't wanna talk about it.
-But can I be his father?
No, you can't.
She did a paternity test at the time.
-So she questioned it.
-Yes, but
I already regret
showing you these pictures.
So annoying.
Stop being crazy. The twins are Tomás'.
Can you send me the pictures?
Let's clear the doorway.
-Put it straight. Perfect.
Cool, huh? Samba Sunrise?
That's good.
Okay, we start early and go until 1 a.m.
Can you handle it?
No worries. Why are you asking?
Because I'm a woman?
No, it's just that it's a grind, you know?
I've been there myself.
I've prepared a lot of drinks in my life
and I know how it goes.
It's not common
for a woman to be a bartender.
Can I tell you something?
Women can do everything a man can.
I get it. Someone goes to the bar,
sees a cool hot woman and
What? I don't get it.
If you want, the job is yours, okay?
-How are you? I'm sorry.
Oscar is clueless sometimes,
but sometimes he's nice.
-Okay. Hi.
-Okay? I'm Débora.
-Nice to meet you.
-Nice to meet you.
-How are you? Eudora.
-How are you, Eudora?
You're starting today, right?
I'll show you the bar.
-What's up, bro? How are you?
I heard you're hiring.
Yes. Do you have references?
So, brother, you already know my skills.
I recognize you.
Was it you who arrested me?
Man, look, I'm clean, okay?
Relax, man. It's all good.
What do you want?
I need a chance, man.
I can work as security for your bar.
I promise no one will set you up again.
Not gonna happen.
-Not gonna happen.
-Come on, man. Wait.
What's wrong? Huh?
Don't you trust me?
You're kidding, right? Excuse me.
Get out of my bar.
What if I told you who ratted you out?
Or don't you wanna know
who set you up at your nightclub?
Go, dude! Pass it on!
Look at his development.
-He's good.
-He's so cheeky.
-Look. He's so good.
-That's great.
I'm the one who's good. Me.
Are you kidding me?
Oscar! I can't believe it.
I haven't seen you in so long.
Are you gonna play for Fronteira?
I'm here to show how it's done.
So, you're the famous Oscar?
This is Cláudia, my cousin.
-How are you?
-How are you?
You're a legend here at the club,
you know?
-Are you here for practice?
Yes. I wanna know
I've heard Lucas's nephews play here too.
Look, Marcos and Mateus. That's them.
-Oh, that's Marcos?
-Look, he's gonna kick.
Does he always kick with his left leg?
Yes! He kicks hard, just like you.
Did you see?
-Wanna go there?
Let me introduce you. They'll love it.
-Yeah, go talk to him.
-Come on.
Guys, gather round.
We have the honor
of welcoming in this court
one of the greatest stars
who has ever played for this club.
Do you both know who this guy is?
Simply the great Oscar.
Are you Oscar who played with my uncle?
Yes. You have a future.
I liked what I saw.
We'll be a duo,
just like you and my uncle.
Cool. So, who'll be Lucas,
and who'll be Oscar?
-I'll be Lucas.
-Me too.
No way.
Maybe if you play with them,
one of the two will change their mind.
-I don't know. Let's see.
-Come on, spread out. Carlinho is the ref.
Go, I passed to you.
What a goal! We are great.
We are great.
So, who will be Oscar now?
-I wanna play just like you.
-Really? Cool, then.
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