Desperate Lies (2024) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

I want to play just like you.
Really? You already do.
We're here, cutie.
-We're here.
Do you need help?
The key I was looking for the key.
Thank you, Oscar.
Thank you.
Li, are you okay?
Wait, I Are you okay?
-I'm okay.
-I'll take you upstairs.
Here, man.
Thank you. Keep the change, okay?
-Thank you.
Let me use the restroom.
Let me use the restroom.
I really need to go.
Okay. Come on in.
Go, quick.
No. Stop.
Go home.
I'm not going home.
-Go home.
-I'm not going home.
-I'm staying here.
-Come on, stop.
-Let me just do something.
I don't
I don't feel well.
You don't?
I don't feel well.
Stop, Oscar.
Stop, I don't
I don't feel well.
Oh my God.
Come on, get up.
Come on, Oscar.
Thank you.
Let me take it off for you.
-You'll sleep better.
No, Oscar. Leave.
Oscar, stop.
-Wait. It's okay.
-I'm going to sleep, okay?
-That's okay.
You're so hot.
You're gorgeous.
Take it off slowly.
Mateus, let's go.
-Practice isn't over.
-We were having fun, Liana.
-You're leaving early today.
-Mom, wait.
-It's not over yet.
-Let's go. It's an order.
Come on. Go.
-Bye. I had fun, huh?
I already said
I don't want you talking to strangers.
But he's not a stranger.
He said he knows you. He's Oscar, Mom.
Yeah, Uncle Lucas' friend.
He might be Uncle Lucas' friend,
but he's still a stranger.
You don't know him.
I don't want you talking to him.
I'll look for another club.
There are a lot of clubs in Rio.
But this is Uncle Lucas' club.
Yes, and Oscar's too.
I don't want to change.
Me neither.
Oh, it was great.
-I want to come here more often.
-If it's not a problem.
-"If it's not a problem"? I insist.
But Liana seemed a bit strange.
Is she okay?
I saw you talking to the boys.
-She seemed irritated.
-I think she was moved.
You remind her of her brother.
Yeah, maybe.
But I liked seeing the boys, man.
They seem like they're playing ball
just like me and Lucas, right?
-Yeah, I was moved too.
What's up, Inácio. How are you?
You don't know me,
but I found you on Instagram.
Congratulations. Your work is great.
You're amazing.
Here's the deal.
I'm about to open a new bar,
and your name popped up.
Cool, man. You got it.
I'll look for Eudora. Let me know
if you need anything else. Bye.
Who are you talking to, honey?
I have another gig.
That's great news.
Yeah. He told me to invite everyone,
even my family.
Okay, I'll invite everyone.
Don't forget your fiancé.
You're so funny, son.
-I'm going to see Liana.
Don't forget
the replacement next week, okay?
Hi! Do you want to have lunch?
I'm going out with Sílvia.
Now you only have time for Sílvia.
Don't start.
I just saw your brother at Fronteira.
How did he find out Marcos
and Mateus play futsal there?
He asked me about you,
and I showed him photos.
He saw the boys
and was very moved, actually.
I don't want it.
I don't want you talking
about my life to him.
Don't do that, Débora.
Put yourself in my shoes.
Tell Oscar to stay away from the boys.
Don't worry, Liana.
He won't go to the club again, okay?
He's been very busy with his new business.
-My dad isn't even lending
-I don't wanna know what he's doing.
I want him to stay out of my life.
I'm your friend, not his.
Have fun at lunch.
When I got there,
I saw the two of them together.
I couldn't believe
when I saw them talking.
Do you think he noticed something?
I don't know.
But Marcos kicks the ball just like him.
-Can you believe it?
Do you think I'm going crazy?
Do you think he went there
just to see the boys?
What about Débora?
She never said or suspected anything?
Débora knows I did a DNA test at the time.
I told her.
She thinks the boys are Tomás'.
-You think Débora suspects any of this?
No, Liana. I don't think so.
On the contrary, I think the truth is so
unbelievable that it's hard
for anyone to even fathom.
Twins from different fathers?
-That's too rare.
Hi. Thank you.
Thank you.
I think you need to relax.
Change the subject.
Inácio is playing at a bar.
No way.
He asked me to invite you. Bring Tomás.
Everybody will be there.
The family, my fiancé.
-You said yes?
-I did.
Oh my God.
-It took me a while, but I said yes.
-That's great.
-I know, right?
I'll bring him. Of course I'll bring him.
But it's easier for you to convince him
than it is for me.
That's his job, Dad. Inácio is a DJ.
He creates songs, modifies others.
It's artistic.
I know.
With many decibels
above my hearing capacity.
And you want me to mingle with kids
in a noisy place
just because your baby is playing. Really?
No, sir.
I want you to go and honor your nephew,
he would be very happy.
You could use the distraction.
By the way,
your wife already agreed to go.
Look, Dad, she's pressuring me.
-Come on, Son, go.
I can't. I have some work I have to do.
I have an important case
I have to look into.
If you change your mind,
maybe Dad will tag along.
Me, honey?
The last party I went to,
I think they were playing Bee Gees.
I'll ask Inácio to make a Bee Gees remix
so you can dance all night.
Beatriz Pires da Luz.
Speak now.
Hi. It's Inácio.
I'm going to play at the opening
of that new bar 5x5.
You should go.
You look stunning.
Are you sure you can't go?
If I finish on time, I'll go.
Oi, Inácio.
You asked me to come, here I am.
I could smell you.
I'm here.
I'm glad you're here. Enjoy the party.
Everything is great.
What's up, guys?
Thank you for the invite.
-I like the decor.
This is my life, Ricardo.
It's that soccer passion, right?
Exactly, bro.
Liana isn't responding to my texts
or calling me. I'm worried.
Relax, Sílvia.
Your son made a dance set. Let's enjoy.
Thank you.
I can't stop looking at that girl. Look.
-She's probably a friend, Sílvia.
She's all over Inácio.
But he doesn't notice.
Liana is here.
-I tried call
Liana! I didn't know you were coming.
And I didn't know you would be here.
It's Oscar's bar?
Yes. I was actually very supportive
of him to open this bar.
I called you.
Your cell phone was out of service.
But I didn't know about Inácio.
I actually thought
it was a great idea for Oscar
to give him a chance,
considering he's just starting.
I don't feel well.
Oscar, stop!
Oscar, leave.
-Leave me the fuck alone.
The music is great, Inácio.
You're doing amazing.
And they hired me
for another two weeks, Mom.
Congratulations, Inácio.
You deserve all this success.
Thank you, Auntie. I'm glad you like it.
-This drink is great.
-Thank you. It's my specialty.
-Would you like another one?
-I do.
-Okay. Do you?
-I don't, I can't.
I won't stay for long.
-I'm actually leaving.
-Inácio, I'm leaving.
-Yes, honey.
-Bye. I'm glad you came. I loved it.
-Me too, honey.
-I'm glad you came.
I'll be right back.
I only found out when I got here.
He insisted that Inácio invite his family.
What does he want, Sílvia?
I'm glad Tomás didn't come.
Hey, drinks are on me.
Oh, you work here?
Head of security.
How the world turns, huh, Tomás?
Welcome, Tomás!
Glad to have you and Liana over, buddy.
After someone ratted me out,
this is a new beginning.
Now I'm back,
and Nelson is my right-hand man.
It's funny, you two together.
I know, life is full of surprises.
Nelson told me everything.
Great. This way, you'll uncover
each other's secrets together.
But we're not the only ones with secrets.
Tomás, I tried texting you.
-Let's go?
-No, don't leave yet.
Stay a little longer. Okay.
You want to leave, go. I won't insist.
Listen, I met the twins.
They're great players, man.
Awesome. Congrats.
He shouldn't be talking to our children.
He shouldn't.
Lower your voice.
The boys are sleeping. So is my mom.
The guy's got some nerve?
The guy's got some nerve.
What about you?
-Why didn't you tell me?
-I was going to.
Oscar is known at the club.
His father was a co-founder.
He played there.
-It doesn't matter.
-I think
He was talking to my sons!
-My sons!
-Lower your voice.
-Why? What does he want?
Why did he invite Inácio
to play at his nightclub?
-I don't know.
How can I understand
what's going on in that idiot's head?
This guy is
He's cornering us.
Now he's partnered with this guy Nelson.
But if he thinks that
-If he thinks he can threaten me
-Who's Nelson?
I don't get it.
He's a piece of shit.
He's done some work for the firm.
That's my business, Liana.
This guy drives me nuts.
He's provoking. He
He's provoking.
Try to calm down.
I got nervous too.
I feel cornered by a criminal.
I just wanted to knock this clown out.
What's with all the screaming?
-What's with all the screaming?
-Hi, Mom.
-You're fighting.
-Go downstairs.
-You're fighting, I can hear it.
-No, we're just talking. Okay?
Come on, let's go back.
-What happened?
-It's blood, Liana.
What happened?
-It's okay. It was nothing.
-What do you mean? You cut your hand.
-I'll put some water on it.
Mom, go downstairs.
Really? You're leaving?
I'm leaving. I can't keep up with you.
Thanks for coming.
Thanks, man. Do you like it?
-I love it.
-Hey, let me see
-Hey, I'm leaving too.
No, you're not. Don't leave.
-Don't leave.
-I have to wake up early tomorrow.
But we'll miss the star of the night.
You have some nerve, Oscar.
I saw you checking out Liana all night.
Are you jealous of a student's mother?
Honey, she's married.
She's married to a guy
I hooked up with ten years ago.
What a small world. I can't believe that.
-That's a deep cut.
-Are you sure you don't need stitches?
-No. I'm fine.
Let's call your sister.
Let's talk to Sílvia.
No, that's okay.
Honey, thank you, but I'm fine, okay?
Look at me.
Look at me. We are being paranoid.
Oscar doesn't suspect anything.
He doesn't know.
Marcos looks exactly like him.
You know that.
-That's not true.
-You know it, and so do I.
That's a torment for me.
He was married.
He was going to divorce his wife,
but he didn't.
-What else is new?
-They had a ton of problems.
-What problems?
I mean,
of course he cheated on her with you.
So Liana had plenty of reasons
to divorce him.
She cheated on him too.
But he found that out later.
He came to me for comfort,
but she was already pregnant,
and they got back together.
I didn't know that.
So Tomás found out about her betrayal?
He knew.
But are we just gonna talk?
I have to wake up very early tomorrow.
-Very early?
-Very early.
What's wrong with 5X5?
It's Débora's brother's.
That's exactly the problem with 5X5,
it's Débora's brother's.
Your uncle doesn't like him.
-Liana doesn't like him either.
We don't think he's a good guy.
It would be best if you didn't work there.
Say no more. I won't work there anymore.
But the money is important to me.
I'll just do the gigs I've agreed to,
and I'm done.
You're the best person in the world.
Do you want some coffee?
No, honey. Thank you.
I'm trying to clear
this table for Vicente.
So he can have a space to work.
What do you think?
-It's gonna be great.
And when is the wedding?
What wedding? We don't have a date.
It's something we're going to do quietly,
just between us.
-Quietly, Mom?
After ten years?
-Look at that, Inácio.
-You two
We only embrace marriage
with a lot of love.
And it's no wonder, Mrs. Sílvia, that love
is the most beautiful thing in the world.
Open up your heart.
I'm trying, son. I'm trying.
So? Did the newspaper cover the opening?
I didn't see anything.
-Oh, damn it.
-Don't you have the day off?
Leaving already?
The bar is closed, but I have a lot to do.
How is the bar?
It's great, but it needs publicity.
Different times, competition is fierce.
There's a lot going on online.
People are online these days, Dad.
You know?
Let me help you. Come on.
Débora is helping me out,
but I need more money, you know?
Don't start, Oscar.
Now it's up to you.
I've already helped you a lot.
Oh my God.
You'll pay me.
-Should we do a tie-breaker?
Mom? Come here, let's play.
-Where do I stay?
-Here. Let's go.
Are you ready to get beat?
-Three, two, one.
On the first one.
If you called me again,
it's because you liked it.
Don't get used to it.
You're feisty.
I have some things I have to do,
but I was thinking of going to the club.
Do you think the boys have practice today?
What do you want with Liana's twins?
They are good players.
You think I didn't feel the vibe
between you and Liana?
She gets frantic when she sees you.
So now you get it, right?
Who had a fling with Liana
when she cheated on Tomás.
It's fine. It's healing well. It's dry.
It could've been serious.
It's funny how you act
like I'd hurt myself on purpose.
I'm sorry.
Tomás, you know I had no idea
Inácio was playing at Oscar's bar, right?
Imagine how I feel,
knowing that this guy is around.
Don't let him interfere in your life.
He's inside my house.
Every day I look at Marcos,
I see that criminal.
Don't say that.
Marcos doesn't deserve it. He's your son.
I'm consumed by my anger.
Do you think Tomás's sons are his?
Oh, Oscar.
What do you mean?
They could be mine.
What are you saying?
You think Liana lied?
She's insane.
What if Tomás finds out?
No, honey.
Tomás is raising my sons.
By the way, Marcos looks exactly like me.
What if they are your sons?
Hell no. No.
I don't want to be a dad.
Hell no.
They are my sons.
I raise them.
That's right. Your sons, both of them.
Get your head on straight.
Take it easy going down the stairs.
You've got socks on, you might slip.
Oh my God.
Here, Nina.
The money is for the cab
and for snacks, okay?
You left it on the table
and it disappeared.
I took it.
I didn't have any cash.
-You spent it all on newspapers.
Grandma will be late to the salon.
Come on.
I'll stop at the bank and pay you back.
Oh, okay.
Nina, drop them off at the club
and go with my mom, okay?
I'll pick them up later. Come on.
Oh, my dear grandsons!
You're a star.
You play like Lucas, doesn't he?
What's up, guys?
Another star has arrived!
What's up, guys?
One, two, three, plus the two of them.
Grandma Norma will be the goalie,
and we have a team.
There we go.
And Marcos looks just like a star.
He looks like you, Lucas.
-That's Oscar, Grandma.
-Let's go, we're late.
No, so wait a second.
Just let me explain so I don't look crazy.
It's just that Marcos looks
like Lucas who isn't Lucas,
but looks like Oscar.
-Am I right?
-Oh, I get it.
I agree, Norma.
This kid looks a lot like me.
-Right, Liana?
-I don't think so.
You're talking too much, we have to go.
-Did you get my purse?
-Yes, it's here.
-Oh, my purse.
-Okay. Bye.
I promised Liana you wouldn't come here.
Look what I brought.
What is that?
A gift.
Oscar, stop provoking my friend.
I didn't do anything.
-But Norma
-What about her?
She said some things
that Liana didn't want to hear.
Norma isn't well.
She's very confused.
I think she's very lucid.
She's the most lucid in the family.
So? Did you like it?
Yeah, it's cute.
Sis, I need help, I'm
I really need to do something
to promote the bar.
And You know?
-You want money?
-I do.
I don't have any more money.
-I can't. Ask someone else.
-Take this. I don't want it.
-Keep it.
-Okay, Oscar. Bye.
-Keep it.
Okay. Bye.
Is Inácio home?
He's still asleep. He got home late.
He says he has one more gig,
and then he won't work at the bar anymore.
One less thing
for you to worry about, right?
This table is for you, but you'll have
to share it with me sometimes.
That's great. Perfect.
Inácio is very happy, Vicente.
He's being very supportive.
-Inácio is my buddy.
What about you?
Are you good? Are you happy?
very nervous.
But I'm also very happy.
For me?
-It's so me.
-I love you very much, Vicente.
I love you too.
I'm so happy.
-Relax, Leandro.
-Nice! Come here.
-Nice one, that's it. Next.
-There you go. Nice kick.
-Great job, Mateus.
Go on. Taking turns.
Focus, Marcos.
Great kick, though.
Nice, Marcos.
-Hold on, okay?
-Great coach.
-What's up?
Did you bring your uniform?
If you wanna play, I'll get you in there.
No, that's okay.
I brought some mementos to show the boys.
I won't get in the way.
I'll talk to the boys later.
-Okay, thanks.
Go on to the end. Watch your distance.
Are you wrapping up?
Let's take a water break, guys. Come on.
You're good. Let me show you a keepsake.
Me at your age,
when I met your uncle. Take a look.
-So cool.
-Your uncle.
You look just like us.
-Right, Marcos?
Right? Look at this one. Look at us.
Pure talent. The '92 championship
So talented.
So talented. This is the '92 championship.
We thought we were so cool.
What's happening here?
Liana, look. Come look at the pictures.
This is me at the same age as the boys.
Here's the whole group.
That's great. Doesn't it look like us?
Tell me. What's the matter with you?
Are you stalking me?
Are you stalking my sons?
-Why did you bring these pictures?
-Because they are amazing.
Amazing. I wanted to show the boys.
Your mom agrees with me.
Look, Marcos looks just like me.
-What? What are you saying?
-He looks just like me.
What do you mean?
They have the right to know.
Know what?
Are you a psychopath?
Do you have a mental disorder?
I heard you did the DNA test
when you were pregnant.
Did you have any doubts?
Yes, I had to do a test.
And these children only exist
because Tomás is their dad.
Every day,
I try to forget what you did to me.
What you had the audacity to do
with your sister's friend.
And you keep insisting.
Why do you insist
on bringing this up? Why?
I'm confident those boys aren't Tomás'.
Have some respect.
Don't provoke me.
Why? I have the right to know the truth.
What truth?
What What do you want?
Do you want to tell everyone
you had sex with me? Is that it?
Do it.
Are you scared?
I'm disgusted.
You disgust me.
I don't ever want people to know
that a jerk like you got near me.
You should be happy I didn't tell anyone.
That I don't tell people
what kind of man you are.
A man who takes advantage of women,
unconscious women.
You're an abuser. That's what you are.
Okay. So let's tell everyone?
Let's just tell everyone.
You tell your version, and I'll tell mine.
Because it's very different from yours.
You're not a saint, honey.
You tell the truth. I tell my truth,
and you tell the boys' truth.
You son of a bitch.
Stay away from my children.
I'm warning you.
-Do you understand?
Are you going through my stuff?
Did you take the necklace
with Lucas' pendant?
-Did you? It could only have been you.
As soon as the energy
in this house improves, you'll find it.
Trust me.
I have a lot on my mind.
I'm not gonna argue with you.
Be patient.
You've come for lunch?
Yeah, I got a little break at work.
Hi, boys. How are you?
Dad, today's practice was awesome.
True. Oscar brought pictures of him
and Uncle Lucas when they were little.
They were just like us.
Just like you, Marcos.
That's what I thought.
What did I say?
What was this guy doing at the club again?
-He's cornering my kids. Is that it?
-He's obsessed.
Obsessed with what, Liana?
Try to explain to me.
He's suspicious.
He thinks he's the father of our children.
He wants answers.
-He pressured me.
-What answers?
I don't know.
I don't know what else to do.
I don't want this man near my son.
Near our sons. I don't.
I don't. Marcos can't ever find out.
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