Desperate Lies (2024) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

You have to stop provoking Liana.
I've always defended you,
but I don't agree with what you're doing.
These people owe me, Débora.
What do they owe you?
Let me tell you something.
I always said
that someone screwed me over at Pivô.
Good morning.
You had drugs at the nightclub.
That's a crime.
It doesn't matter. Someone ratted me out.
And now I know who it was.
Nelson told me who set me up.
So? Who was it?
Why would he do that?
Liana cheated on Tomás with me.
Yes, I know.
Cláudia told me
that the cuckold found out.
Liana took the DNA test
to find out who the twins' father is.
I'm just putting the pieces together.
Fuck, Oscar. You're too obsessed. Stop.
This is painful for Liana.
Why create this awkwardness
in my friend's family?
Oh, so you feel sorry for Liana?
What about me?
Don't you feel sorry for me?
Damn, Oscar. Isn't it too early to drink?
I want to talk to you.
Wow, cool. To what do I owe the honor?
Don't be ironic. You know why I'm here.
Do I?
What do you want with my family?
Oh, you're talking about Inácio?
Inácio works here because he likes it.
Dude, don't be arrogant,
or the conversation here will get worse.
You've hanging around my kids.
What do you want?
-I like the boys. I relate to them.
-Relate my ass!
Don't ever repeat the shit
you said to my wife.
That you can be the father of my children.
I see. Liana had the courage to tell you.
Great. So, let's be honest now.
Let's have an open conversation, Tomás.
I'm a bit suspicious, man.
Are Mateus and Marcos my children or not?
Shut up, man.
Otherwise, I'm gonna kick your ass.
Really? What? You're a fancy lawyer.
A lawyer.
Should we solve this with a fight?
Let's not do that. Let's talk.
Because I'm very suspicious, Tomás.
-Liana and I had that lovely affair
-No, you didn't.
You didn't, do you hear me? You didn't!
Tell me. What do you want?
You had my nightclub shut down.
Did you forget?
You know how much I invested at Pivô?
A lot of money.
It's only now that
I'm getting my life together.
The police weren't after me.
You ratted me out, Tomás.
Do you think I'm gonna believe that?
No, I won't.
My dad was crushed. What the heck?
Your father should be used to it.
My family has nothing to do with it.
Oh no? I think they do,
since you hate me because of the boys.
You want money, right?
I'll pay you
for your loss at your nightclub.
How much?
How much?
How much do you want to make up
for the damage you think I've caused?
You caused a lot of damage.
Aren't you listening?
I'll give you the money.
Is that okay? I'll give you the money,
and you leave us alone.
What? What are you laughing at, you idiot?
I'm laughing at your distress.
Does Liana feel the same way?
You're such an asshole.
Stop calling me names, you shitty lawyer.
You've ruined my life.
And now I want you to pay for it,
with interest.
And I'll be the one to tell you how much.
Now get out of my bar.
-I'm gonna destroy you.
-The fuck you will.
You're worried I'll find out the truth.
That the children you're raising are mine.
Son of a bitch!
-I'm gonna kill you, you bastard.
-Hey! Take it easy!
Take it easy, man.
I'm going after what's mine, okay?
I want to know everything
about Mateus and Marcos.
-Stay away from them.
-I wanna know.
Stay away from them.
-Leave. Get out of my bar.
-Get out.
Come on, get out, Tomás.
Leave, go home, man.
Nelson, don't let this guy in
without asking me.
Don't worry. I got it.
Now, if I were you, I'd be careful.
Stay alert.
What? What are you trying to say?
Fuck, Oscar.
This story is more complicated
than I thought.
It involves his wife,
his children? Come on!
I can take care of my life.
Okay. Fine,
but I'll take care of your safety.
You know how to use it?
It's yours.
Mrs. Norma took care of your garden.
I know.
She's enjoying it, right?
She got better, right?
After she moved here.
Time helps us
not to miss things so much, Nina.
Everything changes, Mrs. Liana.
That's right.
And we get on with it.
Isn't that what you say?
That's right.
Excuse me, Mrs. Liana.
What are you doing?
Can we talk?
Your husband is out of control.
He went to my bar.
He offered me money to disappear.
I found it odd. Don't you?
What did you expect?
Liana, you might be mad at me,
you can say that I'm not a nice guy,
but Tomás isn't either.
The guy had me arrested.
He's the reason I got arrested.
He ratted me out.
It was him. He screwed me over.
He's a hypocrite.
Tomás doesn't wanna waste
his time with you.
What? You don't know?
You don't, right?
He lost.
And to make matters worse,
my father was his client.
He's a traitor.
He was probably jealous of us.
-I never had anything with you.
-Oh, but you did.
-You asshole.
-You did.
And it was a wild night.
Listen, your husband knows
that I'm the boys' father, doesn't he?
He knows, right? Tell me.
He knows he's a cuckold.
Get out of here!
I have an idea.
I want a paternity test.
-Too bad.
-I want it.
-They are not yours.
-They are. These boys? Yes, they are.
Get out of here.
There will be no paternity test.
I'll take legal action.
-Get out of my office.
-This one looks so much like me.
You have a birthday coming up.
Yeah, but I'm older.
I was born 15 minutes earlier.
So what? I'm better than you at soccer.
So? You're gonna kick ass in the Under-11.
You'll beat everyone.
You'll beat everyone.
Your uncle had a birthday party here
when he was a kid.
- With a championship and all.
- Cool.
It was great. It was awesome.
-It was really cool.
-What's going on here?
I've told you once, twice, ten times
that I don't want you
anywhere near this guy.
Oh my God. What is wrong with you?
Come here.
We talked about this. I told you.
I don't want him watching your practice.
I don't want him talking to you.
I don't want him near you.
Do you want to keep playing?
-Can I talk to you?
What's going on?
Why is this psycho always here?
Do you think that's normal?
I don't want him here anymore.
I understand,
but I can't forbid Oscar from coming here.
You can't?
Why not?
But a grown man
hanging around two kids is okay?
Hang He was your brother's friend.
The boys love him.
It doesn't matter!
I don't care.
I have every right as a mother
not to want him here!
I'll complain
to the board if he comes back.
-No, that's okay.
-Then you'll have a problem.
-No, I'll talk to him.
-I'm warning you.
I think what you're doing
to Oscar is absurd.
That's none of your business.
You know he doesn't come here
to see you, right?
-Mind your own business!
Why did she do that?
-I don't know.
-Let's go.
Let's go.
-You know, don't come when she's here.
-Come on. No way.
She gets all nervous when she sees me.
Is it my fault?
No, I'm a fucking member.
My father founded this club, man.
I know. I get it.
But they're her children.
Too bad this woman is crazy.
Dude, I'm sorry about that.
Just don't come
when her children are practicing.
Otherwise, you can do whatever you want.
-You're the boss, bro.
-I'm with you, okay?
-Of course.
Tomás went to my bar.
He offered me money.
Money for what?
For me to keep quiet.
Does he know you suspect something?
Do you think the boys are yours?
I do.
Well, then get ready.
If you're the father,
you'll have to pay alimony.
Oh, I'm not gonna pay any fucking alimony.
I don't want to be anyone's father.
I'm out, Cláudia.
I'm the one being deceived.
I don't mind keeping quiet,
as long as he pays me well.
-Do you have any siblings, Eudora?
Lucky you. I've been waiting for Oscar,
and he's nowhere to be found.
-You two are very close, right?
-Of course.
I need to keep an eye on him at all times.
Oscar looks like an adult.
But he's a teenager.
It must be tough for you, right?
I'm just worried
about the money I invested here.
You dropped this.
-Thank you.
-I like your perfume.
Where do I put this? In the pantry?
I don't trust this guy.
I find him sexy.
And he's nice to me.
Right, to you.
Because you're the boss' sister.
Are you always like this?
So honest?
Give me your finger, Inácio.
Can you feel this thicker stitching?
-This is where the stick goes.
That's right.
-What's going on here?
Who's going camping?
Vicente helped me buy this tent.
It's great.
It's very practical. We're setting it up.
I'm just helping. Here's another one.
-Feel it.
-You're going camping?
That's right.
I didn't tell you, right, Mom?
I saved money from my gigs
and planned a trip with friends.
We're going camping in Teresópolis.
He's gonna rock it, Sílvia.
His friends will help,
but Inácio can set it up on his own.
Are you going camping?
Of course, Mom. I'm going camping.
I'm going to cook outside,
have a luau, play a guitar.
Okay, and how are you getting there?
Who are you going with?
Bia is gonna give me a ride,
but a lot of people are going.
I see. Is Bia a good driver?
Is she a responsible person?
Mom! Please.
When you were my age,
did grandma ask you these questions?
No, honey. No.
She didn't because at your age
I only thought about Medicine.
Oh, so that explains
why you're jealous of my trip.
This is the last ring.
Nice! You're doing well.
You've got the hang of it, Inácio.
-I'm gonna take a shower, I'm all sweaty.
-Go on.
-My love, you should be proud of your son.
I am proud. I am very proud of my son.
It looks so complicated.
We didn't talk about it,
but I'm very happy for you and Vicente.
Thank you, honey.
I'm also very happy.
But I have to admit
his overly calm demeanor
can be unsettling.
But I think you have the right person.
I like him.
He's like a father to me, you know?
You're so sweet, honey.
I'll have a chocolate cake.
And I'll have
I know! Carrot and chocolate cake.
Two cakes?
Don't you think that's too much cake?
Of course not. There are two of us.
Two cakes. Yummy.
-Hi, honey.
I expected you for dinner.
Really? I'm exhausted.
I had a busy day. I need to take a shower.
Dad, did you know that our party
is gonna be at Grandma Olinda's?
Really? That's cool.
Yeah. We wanted to do it at the club,
but Mom wouldn't let us.
And by the way,
why didn't you let us, Mom?
Because this year your party
will be smaller.
It's just for the family.
And I'll be there
And Uncle Lucas will too
I'll be there
And Uncle Lucas will too
Lucas, huh, Liana?
Mom, be careful with what you say.
You won't ruin the grandkids' party,
will you?
I'm not gonna ruin anything.
But your brother will be there.
Of course he will.
He'll only be there in spirit, right?
Jonas and Olinda liked the idea.
They will book the field
at the condominium
so the boys can play soccer.
What about your mom?
Will she invite Oscar?
He came looking for me.
What? Have you met with him?
He went to the office looking for me.
He said you were responsible
for his arrest.
Did you offer him money
to disappear from our lives?
Is that true?
What if it is?
What if it is?
He said he'll ask for a DNA test.
He threatened me, Tomás.
Son of a bitch.
Can he do that?
He can take legal action,
but it takes time.
Liana, he's bluffing.
He won't be seeking trouble with the Law.
I'm scared.
What's up?
Are you having fun?
It's a nice night, isn't it?
Thanks, Eudorinha.
-It's my last night here.
Yeah, I know.
That's too bad. I'll miss you.
Now I'll have to put up
with that kiss-ass Nelson
hitting on Débora all by myself.
He's sticking to her like glue.
Does it bother you?
Oh, it does.
I think Débora deserves better.
I know a better match for Débora,
you know?
-Oh, you know.
-I know.
Not everyone gets it.
Hey, bro. Looking good, huh?
What's up, bro? Thanks.
Hey, the best DJ in Rio. It's Oscar.
Thanks. Hi.
-Dude, you're awesome.
-You're kicking ass.
-Oscar, we need to talk.
I need to speak to you about the supplier,
he's charging me for the order.
You're cute,
but let's talk about this later, okay?
Cute, Oscar?
Go get a drink. Get a drink, go.
Bro, I heard you're going on a trip.
-I support you.
Listen, I won't be able
to pay you tonight,
but I promise I'll pay you
before you go on your trip, okay?
-Trust me.
You're not going
because of your family, right?
-You're not going because of your family.
No, I'm just going on a trip.
I'm gonna go
after my cousins' birthday party.
Marcos and Mateus are turning ten, man.
I went to the club. So cool.
Is the party at Fronteira?
No, it's at my grandparents'
condominium tomorrow.
Hey, the girl is here, bro.
-Your girl.
What's up?
-What's up, cutie?
-I'm here.
-What's up?
-Have fun.
Okay, you got it.
-Here you are.
-I'm here?
What's up?
Cute girl, huh?
Is it the same girl
who was enjoying your music at the bar?
Yes. Bia.
The one with the car?
The one with my heart.
I'm in love.
Enjoy it, Son.
There's nothing better in life.
Enjoy it, okay?
Get some rest.
I'll have a glass of water and go to bed.
Yes, cajuzinho.
Oh, Son, Liana, I'm so in love
with these wonderful grandchildren
you've given us.
-Let's sit down with Sílvia.
Look, this guy.
We already have a successor for the firm.
Marcos says he'll be a lawyer
like his grandpa and his dad.
Right, Marcos?
Yeah, but you have to study.
You'll have to study a lot.
-Sit there.
-Yeah, you have to study.
-He'll learn with time.
-Grandma's baby.
Inácio never wanted it,
Mateus doesn't either.
The one who will own the law firm
will be Marcos.
What a doting grandpa.
Honey, if you become a lawyer,
your grandpa might give you everything.
And if you go to Law School, Mateus,
I'll help you, okay?
Dad, it's a little early
for the boys to decide
what they'll be, don't you think?
Yes. I agree with you.
-That's right.
-Wait, I think it's gonna rain.
Norma agrees with me.
Thanks, mother-in-law.
-What a miracle.
-But you're right.
He will play futsal.
It's obvious. It's hard not to notice.
It's in his blood.
Vicente and I are living together.
Oh, that's wonderful news.
Finally, huh, Dr. Vicente?
But as far as I'm concerned,
marriage has to be official.
If it were up to me, I would get married
in a church with a priest and all of that.
Everything you're entitled to.
But your daughter, Mr. Jonas, is tough.
That's true.
But that's not the only news.
-Sílvia will pursue a postgraduate degree.
Wait, there's still a selection process.
It's not like that. But it's true,
I decided to go back to school.
So, let's toast to that.
A toast to the lovebirds
and Marcos and Mateus
who will be whatever they want.
-That's right.
-I agree, Inácio.
-He always knows it all.
He will play ball just like Lucas.
This party is crazy.
Now my dad decided
that Marcos is the successor of the firm.
Don't you think you should
lay off the booze a bit?
Thank you. No, I'm okay.
Hey, the star is here!
-It's been a while!
-How are you?
-Happy birthday.
-Yeah, you disappeared.
I know.
I haven't seen you at the club.
That's adult business.
But who's gonna steal the ball from me?
Up top!
Leave it. Go, kick.
Pass the ball. He passed.
Calm down.
Now kick it. Go!
I have nothing to do with this.
Now! Go, kick.
Dude, you killed it.
Marcos, you play just like me.
-What are you doing here?
What do you mean? I'm here to pay Inácio.
I pay what's owed. Yes, I do.
He's coming over.
Hi, Liana.
Here, bro. Your money.
Thank you very much.
It's right in front of you, Son.
-Bro, you're the best of the family.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
-See you around.
I'm out. Triumphal arrival and departure.
Bye, guys.
Tomás, where are you going?
Let me just
-Why? Stay here.
Marcos, Mateus!
-We each scored a goal.
You came here
just to screw with me, right?
Let me tell you something.
I don't know if your wife told you,
but I'm going to do a DNA test.
I don't really know what to do,
but it's my right.
Do it.
Do it, and I'll sue you for slander.
-What if I'm right?
-You're not.
You're bluffing.
Go! Leave before I do something crazy.
Really? Me too.
I'll tell everyone
why you're jealous of me.
I'm gonna kick your ass.
-Get out of the car.
What are you gonna do?
Close the door.
He had a gun.
-He had He
He threatened me.
How does he have the nerve to come
to the boys' party with a gun?
How does
Son, did something happen
with César's son?
No, he Forget it, Dad. Forget it, okay?
Did he leave?
Of course. He's a degenerate.
He's hanging around my house now.
I don't want him around.
Why is he hanging around your house?
I don't know, Dad.
I don't know.
I told you, he's a delinquent.
Let's sing happy birthday, everyone.
-Come on. Where are the kids?
-Come on, let's go.
-Have you lost it, Oscar?
-You threatened him with a gun!
-He pissed me off.
I'm not gonna just sit back and take it!
And the cuckold wants to sue me
if I do the test.
He'll sue you if it comes back negative.
Because if it's positive
he will be pissed.
He's scared to death, okay?
I bet he'll do anything to hide it.
He doesn't want a scandal.
But my silence is expensive.
I find this story very strange.
Maybe he's sterile.
Or that phony's been playing him.
Phony? Why do you hate Liana so much?
I never liked her. I don't know.
Hey, you're gonna make me jealous.
You're gonna make me jealous. That hurt.
-Come on.
-That hurt.
Are you going to my house later? Are you?
Is that an invitation?
If you promise to behave.
-I'll wait for you wide awake.
Cláudia, I can't get over it.
I'm gonna get this sorted out.
I wanna know everything.
You'll help me, right?
What do I get in return?
You can choose.
You can
get a kiss.
A snuggle.
Your brother got so angry.
What happened with this Oscar guy?
I don't know, Mom.
But we better stay out of it.
I shouldn't have mentioned the party.
Don't worry, Son.
I never thought he would just show up.
I also found it strange.
He knows Liana too.
In fact, he knows the whole family.
Sílvia, shall we? I think it's time to go.
-Let's go.
-Mr. Jonas, Mrs. Olinda, thank you.
The party was great. We loved it,
and the kids had so much fun.
-I'm glad.
-We're leaving, okay?
-Bye, Inácio.
-Liana? Why is the party over so soon?
-It ended when it had to end.
-Thank you.
Let's go?
I've been thinking.
What if we move to the mountains?
Live a more peaceful life,
away from this mess.
If you're proposing to run away,
my answer is no.
It's not running away.
I want to be happy with you,
with our children.
Without this guy threatening us.
I've already put an end
to his idea of a DNA test.
He doesn't want to mess with the Law.
But now he has a gun, right?
Do you think
he can do something against us?
I wish this guy would disappear.
No one would miss him.
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