Desperate Lies (2024) s01e09 Episode Script

Episode 9

Well, as I was saying,
there are few records
in the medical literature.
That's why this case that happened in
Rio de Janeiro ten years ago is important.
Dr. Vicente.
Are these cases uncommon,
or are they rarely documented?
They are rarely documented
and very uncommon.
Because they depend
on a series of factors.
First, a woman needs to ovulate twice
in the same cycle,
which is rare.
Then, she must engage in intercourse
with two different men
during the same fertile period.
And, on top of that,
the eggs need to be fertilized
by the sperm from each of these two men.
I brought some examples
that were published around the world.
They are few, but they were proven.
The first case is from China in 2014.
United States, the following year.
the Rio de Janeiro case,
in particular, was very sensitive
for the parties involved
because there was sexual violence.
The prenatal paternity test was crucial
as it removed any doubts
the victim had about the paternity.
That's why, my friends,
I always like to emphasize.
Science is something real
that can make a big difference
in people's lives.
Let's go, Oscar,
I want to go for a run before class.
Cláudia, I found this really cool kit
and I wanted to show you.
Man, it's super advanced. It's wonderful.
What kind of kit?
With this kit, we can do
the paternity test ourselves. Look.
-What do I have to do with it?
Cláudia, I really need your help,
because this is not legal.
Because I would need the child,
a court case, a judge.
But in our case, it works.
We can create an uproar.
The shit will hit the fan.
It's really worth it.
That's probably a crime, Oscar.
Yeah, but no one will know
your involvement. I swear.
Here's the deal.
You just need to collect material
from the boys,
I collect mine,
and we send everything by mail.
How am I going to collect
the material from them?
Oh, it's easy. You can do it.
All you have to do is swab Mateus' cheek.
And then swab Marcos' cheek.
And that's it.
Get creative.
-Come on, Cláudia.
For the love of God.
I only have you in my life. Only you.
Okay? Just you.
By the way, you also want
to find out, don't you?
Let's make this castle crumble.
Whose gun is this?
It's for protection.
From what?
Since when does a gun protect anyone
from anything?
Tomás, did you get this gun
because of Oscar?
This criminal is prowling
around our family.
He threatened me.
-What do you think I should do?
-I don't know.
But a gun will only make things worse.
I have to protect myself.
-To protect our family.
-But not like that.
Liana, I know what I'm doing.
I'm actually going to a shooting range.
I don't want a gun in the house.
The boys can find it.
I'll put it in the closet.
The kids won't find it.
I'm not irresponsible.
I'm doing this for us.
But I don't want you to do it.
I'm sick of hearing
you're doing everything for us.
But I am!
I am!
For the love of God, get rid of this gun.
I don't want it here.
I'll keep it in the office.
I hope I don't regret this.
What did you say?
He's taking shooting lessons.
He's learning how to use a gun.
He took the gun home.
I told him not to keep it there.
He took it to his office.
Tomás isn't well.
He isn't well at all. I'm very worried.
Oscar is shameless.
He has no boundaries.
No regard for anything or anyone.
He feels entitled to know
if he is the father.
He isn't, and he never will be.
But you know what he wants? Money.
Sílvia, he wants to take advantage.
What if he asks for a DNA test, Liana?
No, Tomás told him
that he could be sued if he does.
He's a coward, he probably won't try.
He'll give up.
You want to end our partnership? Really?
We are very different, Débora.
Let's try to solve things
without distress?
That will be hard.
After all these years?
This clinic was our dream
and it worked out great.
Dreams end too.
What did I do
that led you to that decision?
-Is it because of Oscar?
-I want him to stay away from me.
I want him to stay away
from my family, from my life.
That's why we can't continue
with the clinic.
But Oscar and I are different.
What happened between you too
was so long ago. What? Ten years?
And you still think he's not guilty.
You don't believe me.
-You doubt my feelings.
I try to be fair.
Never mind, Débora.
I can't talk about this anymore.
Tomás is right.
Our partnership has lasted too long.
He's already taking care of the paperwork.
Are you sure?
Is this really what you want?
I'll pack my things,
schedule the move, and let you know.
And what about our friendship?
Stays the same.
Let's finish this conversation?
We don't need to hurt each other.
Let's go!
Cláudia, can you finish for me today?
Of course. No worries.
-Thank you.
-You got it.
I need some help. Who wants to help?
So, I need two volunteers.
-Who is it gonna be?
Marcos and Mateus.
Come. Come here.
So, I'm doing an assignment
with college students,
a research project to find out
if the children are eating well.
But it's a secret. Nobody can know.
Why not?
Because if your parents find out
you're doing this,
they'll want you to eat better.
Then the research won't make sense.
You know?
After you can eat hamburgers,
french fries, whatever you want.
-That's fine by me.
-I eat everything.
-Me too.
I'm going to swab your cheeks
for saliva, okay?
-Marcos first.
So? Was it easy?
Nobody saw it,
they didn't suspect anything.
They like me, poor babies.
Will this help you determine
whether or not I eat broccoli?
Listen, you can find out almost everything
from people's saliva.
And mine.
Mateus, Marcos
and Oscar.
Now I just have to wait
for the truth.
May I come in?
Of course.
What's up, Mrs. Sílvia?
Here's some sunscreen.
Oh, of course. Thank you.
What's up?
Vicente told me about Bia.
Dr. Vicente is such a tattletale.
What about medical confidentiality?
That's right.
Bia is that pretty girl
from the club, right?
It's so good to see you like this.
It really is. It's nice
to see you in love, dating.
Who said I'm dating?
I just really like her.
But I don't know what she wants.
But you're going camping together.
That's a great sign.
Yeah, you're right.
But I don't know,
I'm afraid of getting hurt.
It's the first time I really like someone.
Oh, honey.
It's normal to feel afraid, you know?
Let me tell you,
the first time I fell in love,
I felt a kind of a
sick feeling in my stomach.
The so-called butterflies in the stomach.
It lasted a few months, then it went away.
Tell me about Bia, what is she like?
-She's beautiful.
She's a little shorter than me.
She has beautiful hair.
Her eyes
Her smell is
And she's super lively,
loves parties, loves music.
She's wonderful.
Oh my God, Inácio.
You're so in love, honey.
Yeah, I think so.
Kisses. Love you guys.
-Love you too.
-God be with you.
-Let's do this.
-What's up?
-Drive safe, Bia.
-Okay, you got it.
It's going to be okay, Sílvia.
He's happy right now, isn't he?
He is happy.
It's just a few days. It'll go by fast.
But there's no Internet reception.
Like he said,
it's the first time
he's traveling alone, without me.
I have the right to be
just a little worried.
-A little.
You know,
Inácio's trip will be good for us.
-Good for us?
-Yes, let's go on a trip too.
Let's go to Búzios.
Go to the beach, enjoy the sun.
I have to study.
I've got a postgrad test coming up.
-Didn't you say I should do a postgrad?
-I did.
-I need to study.
-You're right.
I want someone talented
with me at the clinic.
Now, you know what helps you study?
No, tell me.
To relax.
-We passed another one.
-That's right.
We're here, guys.
Now there's a step.
-A step up?
-Yes, a little
-That's it?
-That's it. Done.
May I help you?
-Did you get hurt?
Thank you, honey.
Of course.
Here! Gee!
Go! Kick!
That's it! Nice!
I want to thank you.
There's no need.
It's a pleasure to coach the children.
No, I'm talking about Oscar.
I noticed he hasn't been here
for practice. It's a relief.
It was kind of awkward for me.
But if that's better for you, that's fine.
-Bring it back.
Get him, Pedro.
-Let's do this. Come on.
-Come on.
-This one?
-This one.
-This one?
Now, let's switch.
I'll take this one, and you take that one.
-Look what I brought.
-I want some.
No, sir.
No, Olinda.
If you eat that, you won't eat dinner.
Mom, please. We have to eat to grow up.
And if we don't eat, Grandma will be sad.
His arguments are solid,
logical, and coherent.
Look, he's a natural-born lawyer.
Fine. Just a little bit, then.
Not too much.
You just won your first case, Marcos.
Let me show you what you'll get
when you graduate.
What about you, Mateus?
What's your favorite thing?
Mom, come on!
He's ten. He doesn't know yet.
That's Dad's thing.
I like animals. Dogs, horses
That's great.
We'll have a veterinarian in the family.
-Or a biologist, a scientist.
When you graduate, you'll get this ring.
It has a red stone.
Yeah! It's a ruby.
It's a gemstone.
That's so cool.
Every profession has
a different stone color.
So can I choose a profession
by the color of the stone?
Very good! That's right.
-Very good.
-Oh, Mateus. You're an artist.
Inácio is the artist.
Well, you can also be one.
-Let's play?
-You go.
-I've played already.
-Oh, you have? Hold on.
Débora's lawyer said
that she agreed to buy your half.
Now you just have to sign the contract,
and you'll be free
from these people forever.
I loved my partnership with Débora.
It was important to me.
We've shared this dream for 16 years.
It was her idea, but it was our dream.
It's hard to accept it's better this way.
Why are you laughing?
I was thinking about my dad, you know?
He was giddy over
Marcos' desire to be a lawyer.
You know, I wonder
What would the old man do
if he found out his favorite grandson
wasn't actually his?
Marcos is his grandson, Tomás.
He doesn't even hide he prefers him.
Take that, Rosenthal!
Hey, Cláudia.
What the fuck?
I told you this test wouldn't work.
Did we do it right?
It doesn't say the material wasn't good.
It says I'm the father of one of them.
This has a name.
-Heteropaternal superfecundation.
What do you mean?
-That's impossible
-That's possible.
Liana had sex with you and Tomás
on the same night,
or around the same time.
Man, this is so bizarre. That's insane.
That's why she panics
when I'm with the boys.
Wait, do you think Tomás knows
Marcos is your son
and raised both boys
because one of them is his son?
Maybe. Of course.
He offered me money,
because it would be crazy to expose this.
But what if this test is wrong?
-What if the lab did it wrong?
-Why don't we talk to a doctor?
-Yeah, a specialist.
Man, this is insane.
It's way better than I thought.
Mrs. Norma, boys, I'm gonna go pay
for their membership, okay?
Behave. Listen to your grandma.
-Go on.
Oh, you thought I wouldn't come?
It's been so long. You disappeared.
You missed the boys' practice.
You didn't see it.
-Oh my God. Did I?
Let's do something else?
Let's go for an ice cream?
-Let's go?
-No, I'd rather have some beer.
-Let's go? Come on.
-Let's go.
I don't know if we can.
Why? No, I called your mom.
She said it was okay.
-We'll be right back, Norma.
-Bye, Grandma.
-He got it. And he passed the ball.
-Get it. Up top.
And he's in offside position!
How are you?
I would like some cold beer
and a grilled cheese.
-Take the one on the left.
-I'll take this one.
Be careful, it breaks.
Help me out, please.
Be very careful with this.
It's very delicate.
-Can you grab this one with me?
-That's it.
Take this outside.
Good afternoon.
Could you ensure it's properly packed
before storing it?
-Yes, ma'am.
What's up?
I didn't realize you were leaving so soon.
-Have you found an office?
Not yet.
I'm gonna put everything in a storage.
It's better this way.
I can't accept it.
I'm leaving.
Good luck.
Good luck to you too.
Hi, Nina.
I'll go to the pool then. Thank you.
Hi, Mom.
Hi, honey! What are you doing here?
I'm here to get you and the boys.
Where are they?
Hi, Nina.
I was paying the membership.
It took a while.
Where are the kids?
They went for ice cream with Oscar.
-Yes. He said he talked to you.
I'm sorry, Mrs. Liana. I had no idea.
What's wrong?
They just went for ice cream,
they'll be back soon.
-When did they leave?
-I don't know.
Are you kidding me?
Fuck, Mom!
What the heck?
Stay here. Don't move.
Where are my children?
Why did you let Oscar take my children?
Liana, I haven't seen Oscar.
I talked to you. I asked you.
I don't want this guy near my children.
You and your assistant were very careless.
I have nothing to do with this.
If anything happens to my kids,
I'll hold you responsible.
What are you waiting for? Call him.
-Your call is being forwarded
Your uncle used to come here.
Let's go.
You called Mom, right?
I did. Why? Don't you trust me?
Relax. We won't take long. Let's go.
Dang, he's asleep. Look.
Let's go slowly,
we're just gonna scare him, okay?
On three, we shout "Dad," okay?
One, two, three
Dad, these are Liana's children.
Marcos, Mateus.
What are you doing here with them?
I want to show them my trophies, Dad.
They are such good players.
Look. Look at Marcos.
Look at him. Doesn't he look like me?
And he kicks
with his left foot like me, Dad.
Congratulations, Marcos.
Oscar was a good player.
-I was, right, Dad?
I'm gonna show them my room. Let's go.
Dang, who'll be the first one?
Geez, you're first.
Look, guys.
Your uncle. '91 championship.
Did you win?
Of course.
And guess who was the top scorer?
-You were the top scorer?
-Of course.
-Of course I was.
-So beautiful.
Good times, Son.
Good times.
-I miss it, Dad.
Look at this.
Mr. Isaías said
they didn't come back home.
Where did that son of a bitch go?
They just went for some ice cream.
Just ice cream.
Débora? This is urgent.
Your delinquent brother
kidnapped my children.
Do you know where he is? Call me, please.
I can't believe you're here with me.
Don't tell Oscar, okay?
I don't want him interfering in my life.
Why? Are you ashamed of me?
Of course not.
I just don't want any gossip.
I had a horrible week.
I really need to have some fun.
What happened?
Did you fight with your boyfriend?
I don't have a boyfriend.
Come here.
Come here, hottie.
-César, is Débora there?
-What happened, Liana?
-Is she there?
No, Débora isn't here.
What about Oscar?
Yes, he stopped by with your kids.
Fuck! Where did he go?
Relax, Liana. What's wrong?
I wanna know where my kids are, César.
They were having fun.
-Where did they go?
-He said he was going to the bar.
Oh my God.
Come see! I kicked his butt.
No way. Let me see.
Mateus is losing!
Come on, bro. Hurry up. Don't let him win.
-We're screwed.
-Marcos! Mateus.
-Hi, Mom.
What are you doing here?
You bastard! Who gave you permission
to take my children?
What about you?
Why did you leave the club with him?
I told you,
I don't want you anywhere near this guy!
-He said he spoke to you.
-Yes, I texted you.
Didn't you get it?
When did I ever give you permission
to text me?
If that happens again, I'll call the cops.
Do you understand?
You will, and you and your husband
will have to explain yourselves.
Explain what?
-What do you want, man?
-I want justice.
Let's go. Come on.
-Don't touch me!
They know I'm not just any guy. Right?
You're crazy. Forget I exist
and leave my kids alone!
We'll meet again,
and it'll be sooner than you expect.
-You're sick.
I'm going after you when I'm sure.
Bye, Mateus. Bye, Marcos.
Can I trust this test?
I think so.
Even though it was a kit sent by mail,
the result seems correct.
Okay. And what shows in the test
is really possible?
Yes, it's possible.
But it's a rare case.
That I'm the father of just one of them?
And how old are the boys?
Well, they are
Ten. Ten years old.
Thank you, Doctor. That's all I needed.
-You were great. Can I take this?
Thank you.
Hi, Felícia.
-Hi, Vicente.
-What's up?
A man showed up in my office
with a paternity test that he did
unbeknownst to the mother and the twins.
Yes. He wanted to confirm the results.
He was wondering if it was possible
for him to be the biological father
of only one of the children.
How old are the children?
Ten, Vicente. Two boys.
I think it's the same case
you presented at the conference.
-The other man. It has to be.
-What's his name, Felícia?
Please, tell me.
Come in.
May I?
My love!
What a nice surprise to see you here.
What happened? What's wrong?
Sílvia, Oscar knows everything.
You still don't know how to tie your shoe.
Liana, I want to buy some plants,
but I'm very forgetful.
Where can I buy them?
I don't know where you can buy them, Mom.
I'll take you, Mrs. Norma.
I'll drop them off at English class
and we'll go together.
Where are your backpacks?
Come on. You're always late.
-Come on, Grandma.
-Help them, Mom.
Nina, be careful.
I don't want Oscar near the boys.
Go straight to English class.
Get in the cab,
and I want you to watch them get in.
Is that clear?
-Yes, ma'am. Don't worry.
Hi, Sílvia.
Tomás, Mr. Jonas is calling you
in his office.
Okay. Thank you, Mariana.
Hi, Liana.
Hi, Tomás. Where are you?
Can you come home?
What happened?
I need to talk to you. Come home.
I have a meeting now. Just say it.
I can't talk over the phone.
-It's serious.
I'll finish here and go home.
Okay? Kisses.
The client is in my office. Let's go.
Okay. Just a second.
-What the hell?
-What are you doing here?
-We have to talk.
I just want to talk to you.
-I don't want to talk to you.
-Yes, you do.
We have to clear some things up.
What are you doing?
-Open the door.
-What? You'll call the police?
Are you gonna scream?
Do it. I'm not afraid of a fiasco.
You can't break into my house.
Tomás is coming home. Leave, Oscar.
Great, then the three of us
will have a talk.
What do you want? Tell me.
I want a million.
Okay? I want to improve my bar.
Have you lost your mind?
We're not giving you any money.
Well, well, well,
look at what I have here,
it's like a lottery ticket
I think you'll want to buy.
I don't know, but let's look.
What is that, Oscar?
Wow, look, Liana.
A DNA test.
Mine and the boys'.
You wouldn't get approval to do that.
How did you get that?
I'll tell you one day.
That's a crime, you asshole.
But the result is amazing.
It's insane.
One son is Tomás' and the other is mine?
You don't have a son!
They are both Tomás'.
That's not what it says here.
I was very curious.
I found it so wild that I went to see
a specialist to confirm it.
Please, stop.
I can't take it anymore.
Go live your life, get out of mine.
How am I going to get out
of your life, Liana?
Children are forever.
You are not the father.
Stop that, Oscar.
Please, leave.
Liana, let me tell you something.
I have nothing to lose.
Give me some money,
and I'll go on with my life.
I won't give you any money.
So I'll tell Marcos everything.
In fact, that boy already likes me a lot.
He'll hate you when he finds out
what you did to me.
You'll gain nothing from this.
Yes, I will.
I'll get a shit ton of money.
What? A woman pregnant
by two different men
Move your hand.
Twins that are not twins.
It's a hell of a story.
And I'm starting from the very beginning.
When you seduced me.
When you brought me here,
opened this door,
threw me on this very nice couch
But it was even nicer
in the bedroom downstairs.
In fact, we could do a re-enactment.
What do you think?
Should we make another baby?
-Asshole! Let go of me.
-I'm gonna kick your ass.
-I didn't touch her.
-Shut up, you piece of shit.
-She came onto me.
-Shut up! Get out of here!
-Get out of my house!
-Relax. I know everything.
-Get out of my house.
-I took a DNA test.
Want to see it?
It doesn't prove anything.
That doesn't prove anything. Get out.
I just want compensation.
What about what I went through, asshole?
Stop insulting me, you bitch.
Shut up!
-I just want to negotiate.
-I'm not negotiating.
Get ready, I'm gonna tell everyone,
I'll tell your son that he's my son.
I'll tell your dad, your friends.
I'll tell the whole world.
You won't tell anyone. Leave.
I will! Yes, I will.
Liana, stop playing the victim, okay?
And you, Tomás, with your macho attitude,
you're just a cuckold.
-Let's negotiate.
Let's negotiate. Want to negotiate?
-Great. Let's do it.
-Okay. Let's negotiate.
What's that? Man, I'm unarmed. Fuck.
-Tomás, put that gun down.
-Stop that.
-I'm unarmed, coward.
-Put the gun down.
Don't you want to negotiate?
Now I want to.
Let's negotiate?
Come on. Let's negotiate.
-Let's negotiate?
-Okay, shoot then.
-Tomás, give me the gun.
You piece of shit!
Tomás, stop!
Put the gun down!
Let him go! Stop.
Tomás, stop!
Tomás, for the love of God.
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