Desperate Lies (2024) s01e10 Episode Script

Episode 10

Tomás, stop!
Tomás, drop the gun!
-Oh my God.
-Is he dead?
-I'll call an ambulance.
Fuck, he's dead.
He's dead.
-What are we gonna do?
-What are we gonna do?
I have to
I have to leave. I have to
I have to leave the scene.
I have to leave the scene.
That's what I have to do.
Tomás, where are you going?
You'll be fine.
My dad
I'll talk to my dad.
My dad will figure it out. He
I have to go. You'll
My dad will figure everything out.
Tomás, tell me, what do I do?
-What do I do?
I'll talk to my dad. It will be fine.
Stay there.
-I'll talk to my dad.
I'll talk to my dad.
Stop the car. Stop.
Come on. Hands on the hood.
Hands on the hood.
Come on, hands on the hood.
Through the back.
-Through the back.
-It's clear here.
Police. Open up.
Police. Open up.
Stand back.
Sit down.
In the back.
-Grandma, what's happening?
-It's Dad.
Let's go.
Through the front.
Watch your head.
-Move the car there.
They are my sons.
I need to talk to my sons.
You can go.
-Ma'am, here, please.
-Mom, what's going on?
It's okay, all right? It's okay.
-It's okay, Mom.
Don't worry. You'll stay
at Grandma Olinda's house, okay?
-What about Dad?
-Dad is fine.
Mom will talk to you later.
The crime he committed,
ladies and gentlemen, is sickening.
What we have here is a man
who is abusive,
out of control,
who deserves harsh punishment.
A dangerous man.
The crime he committed,
ladies and gentlemen,
is sickening,
because it was planned.
He was careful enough
to plan everything in advance.
Listen, he bought a gun,
took shooting lessons,
and, for some futile reason,
shot an unarmed man.
The victim could not defend himself.
A situation like this
This man sitting here
and the defendant's wife was exposed
to a demonstrably dangerous situation.
How would you react?
Obviously, your reaction
would be to protect
the family member.
Exactly like this man,
who is here today on trial, did.
This family man
never had problems with the law.
It should be recognized
that we're not dealing with a criminal.
Are you okay?
-Do you want to leave for a bit?
I'm waiting for this guy to be convicted.
The members of the jury
have reached a decision
accepting the argument
of the Public Prosecutor's Office
and find the defendant, Tomás Rosenthal,
for the murder in the first degree
committed against the victim,
Oscar Oliveira,
The same jury, however, acknowledged
the defense's argument
that the accused acted out of passion.
In other words,
a sentence of 12 years in prison.
We refuse the minimum sentence!
This sentence is a disgrace!
This man is a criminal! He killed my son!
Dad, calm down.
It's a disgrace!
I kindly ask that those here
refrain from talking,
otherwise I will have everyone
removed immediately.
Continuing, I now order
that once the conviction is announced,
the final enforcement order
shall be issued.
The accused must remain in prison,
just like he was
throughout the proceedings.
It is not credible
that he should be released
after this conviction.
This portion of the trial is now closed,
December 5th, 2017, at 12:50 p.m.
-No, Liana. You can't.
-I want to talk to him.
-I want to talk to him, Sílvia.
-I know.
Is César okay?
How do you think he is?
His son's killer got a minimum sentence.
Do you think he's okay?
It was a tragedy, Débora.
For me. Not for you.
Tomás is alive.
It was my brother who died.
I told Oscar that his obsession
with the boys wasn't going to end well.
But you were obsessed too, Liana.
Your husband killed my brother
out of jealousy.
Débora, it wasn't like that.
You provoked Tomás.
You never forgave Oscar.
I never want to see your face again.
Let her go.
We all have our pain.
Against the wall.
Fresh meat!
Sit down.
Did you see that Tomás was convicted?
They're saying
that the sentence was lenient.
Cláudia, Oscar was Liana's lover?
You were both his lovers?
-What was that like?
Can you not talk about this?
I feel bad for Tomás.
I feel bad for Oscar.
Thank you.
The boys were talking about some games,
remote controls in a big drawer.
They're in the closet near the door.
I'm going to rent this apartment.
I'm not coming back
until Tomás is released.
Here. I'll take it.
-Let me know when you get there.
-Thank you, Mr. Isaías.
-You're welcome, Mrs. Liana.
-Have a safe trip.
-Thank you.
Give me that, Nina.
Let me go check on the boys.
The boys are okay,
even though their dad is a murderer.
Don't ever say that again.
Never call Tomás a murderer again, okay?
You're still awake?
We were waiting for you.
When is Dad coming back?
I don't know yet.
It will take a while. We'll have to wait.
Why did Dad kill Oscar?
I told you already.
They had an argument.
Was it because of us?
Who said that, honey?
Of course it wasn't because of you.
Oscar was a criminal.
He was a thug. You understand me?
I'm sorry, Mom.
You told us not to talk to him.
You don't have to apologize.
He seemed like a nice guy.
Even I believed that.
But he wasn't.
I want to visit Dad.
When will we be able to see him?
I'll see if he lets me.
In the meantime,
you can still write letters.
I don't want to write.
I know it's hard, honey.
But I'm here.
And I love you both very much.
You're too little to understand,
that's all.
We have to be together now,
to face
to face everything that comes our way.
Are we in this together?
Are we? Look what I brought from Rio.
Little sky.
Little sky.
-Is there room for one more?
Like that.
The three of us.
I don't want my children here.
-They are your children.
-I don't want it, Liana.
I don't agree with that.
I won't argue.
Did you tell them anything?
Of course not. To anyone.
I burned the DNA test results.
Nobody knows, not even Débora.
When you leave here,
we'll get back to our lives.
If I can leave here before losing my mind.
I'm on your side, Tomás.
I'll always be by your side.
Me and your children.
Marcos wrote you a letter.
What about Mateus?
Mateus wrote a letter too?
Mateus is shy, you know that.
Marcos is more emotional.
Your kids love you.
And me too.
I won!
I might run out of luck, but until then
Want some advice?
Find something to do.
What is there to do in this hellhole?
Do you like to read?
Try this one.
There are plenty of stories in that.
-How is Dad?
-Did he like my drawing?
He loved your drawing.
He said he misses you very much.
But what did he say?
He said you should hang on tight,
that when you least expect it,
he'll be home.
In 12 years?
Who told you that, honey?
Grandpa Jonas.
But he also said Dad will be back earlier.
If he behaves, right?
The less we think about it,
the faster it will go by.
And we have an agreement.
Nobody needs to know about our lives.
We just have to think Dad
is on a very long business trip.
Yeah, better than saying he's a murderer.
Hey, Mateus. Hold on, man.
Wait up, man.
For you.
Tomás, I didn't know
if I should write you.
I didn't want to bother you.
What you're going through is horrible.
I can't accept what happened to you.
I feel a bit responsible for everything.
I had an affair with Oscar,
and I got caught up in his mess.
I know he went looking for you
with the results of a paternity test.
I was the one who got Mateus'
and Marcos' genetic material.
I also committed a crime.
Forgive me.
I swear I never told anyone the results
because I know
this is very painful for you.
You don't have to write me back
if you don't want to, but
I want you to know
I think about you every day.
And I pray for you to be okay.
Guys, I did it!
Finally. A toast.
A toast to Mrs. Sílvia.
Hi, Grandma.
Loves of my life.
You're leaving?
I'm going to school.
One more, one more kiss.
Bye. See you later.
It's so sad coming here, son,
but it's always nice to give you a hug.
Are you still reading the Bible?
It comforts me.
I never thought you would
become so dedicated to religion.
I'm a murderer, Dad.
Life is full of surprises.
Any news about the motion?
The petition was filed, and we're waiting.
But I'm optimistic.
I think we'll get you released.
It's my right.
I've been here for six years,
working, studying
It's almost over, son.
I'm sure you'll get paroled. Trust me.
I talk to the boys sometimes.
Look how handsome they are.
You can't be with your mom
School this year is very hard.
You want to kick my mom out?
Tell me, Roberta!
What am I gonna do with my mom?
Are you kidding me?
Peace and love, please. Come with me.
Who is that, son?
Killed two people while driving drunk.
He's an asshole, just like me.
Or maybe
a chosen one.
He likes to maintain order.
Likes to talk to me.
You know, Dad,
a lawyer is very valuable here.
Someone who knows the law.
But you're also very valuable
out there, son.
When you leave, you won't have
to be in charge of the work.
You can do things as you see fit.
After all,
the law firm belongs to our family.
It's yours. It will always be yours.
What about Mateus?
Does he know what he wants to do?
I don't know, but Marcos is determined.
He wants to go to law school.
It's great to see.
We'll have another lawyer at Rosenthal.
Visitation time is over.
What do you mean? Nobody said anything.
I'm saying it.
You can go.
Your time is up, and so is mine.
No, that's okay. Thank you.
Hi, brother.
This will be grandma's corner.
Her plants, right?
Grandma and I used to fight a lot,
but I really liked her.
Now she'll always be here. Close to us.
Time makes us get used to longing.
Every time we come here,
we'll feel Grandma Norma's presence.
I mean,
the presence of Grandma Norma's absence.
Presence of absence should be
this house's motto.
How is the new school?
boring, as usual.
They always ask the same questions.
Where do you live?
Why did you change schools?
It's annoying.
But the school has a nice court.
We could play ball again.
In honor of Grandma. She would like that.
She was your biggest fan.
I don't know, man.
I'm out.
"The desire to be exactly what we are
will take us further."
Do you get it?
-Leminski is genius.
-Do you get Leminski's words?
-That's what I'm saying.
This is your challenge as a junior.
You have to go further.
You need to search, discover who you are
and what you want to be.
And of course I'm here
to support each person's choice.
And so I invited a few parents,
some people I know
to come here to the school,
so we can have some lectures.
No. More than that, so we can have
some conversations about professions.
My parents are in.
My parents, Dante,
have better things to do.
-"Look, how funny I am!"
Noted, Júlia.
And listen up.
And to welcome our new classmates,
I invited their mother
to be our first speaker, okay?
Why does their mother come first, Dante?
-Why don't you shut up?
-Take it easy, Júlia.
Guys, listen up. Stop, let me speak.
Listen, Liana has a profession
that I respect very much.
I mean,
I would say it's not very well-known.
Liana is an occupational therapist.
Robson, tell me.
Do you know what she does?
It depends. Can I get rich doing it?
You'll have to find that out with her.
Liana is an excellent professional.
I know that
because my daughter is her patient.
-That's so cool, Dante.
-I know her well.
Okay, let's continue. Listen up.
Identity. Remember I told you guys?
It's Latin, identitas.
Remember I was talking about that?
A person's specific traits.
Close on him! Come on!
Great, kid. You're a great player.
Come on. Open up.
Go back to marking. Eyes on the game!
-Pass the ball!
-Open up.
-Give it to me.
Change, grab the ball. I got this.
Let's go.
why are the newbies always together?
They're twins. That's normal.
They are not alike, Júlia.
By the way
they're both really cute.
I knew you would
-I knew you would say that.
-But you agree with me.
-Hey, Pâmela.
I'm gonna score a goal for you,
check it out.
A goal for me? You're not playing well.
-Hold this.
-Come on!
Dude, this kid is two-faced.
-Leave my cousin alone.
-He's just a child.
-You know it, I don't have to say it.
-Pass it on!
-Control the ball!
Pass it on. To the right!
-From there, bro!
-Pass it on!
-Let's go!
-What the heck, man?
-What the heck?
Come on, bro. I didn't even touch you.
Come on, let's play.
Didn't touch me? Are you kidding?
"Are you kidding?"
I can kid if you want, bro.
-Stop that, bro.
-Just take the free kick, then.
Give me the ball, then.
-I'm not the ball boy. Let's play.
-Can I have this?
So give me the ball.
-Let's go.
-You're gonna play?
Yes, I'm replacing Giovani.
Come on, let's go.
Pass it on.
Through the other side!
Hey! Try to kick!
I passed.
Through the side.
Close on him!
-Come on, dude!
-Nice, newbie!
-Nice, Mateus!
-I passed.
Come on, give it to me.
-What the heck?
-Come on.
-That's basic futsal!
Dude, I missed your left kick.
The famous lefty.
-Tell me about it.
-Hey, good job, newbie.
Thanks, expert.
-Nice to meet you, Mateus.
-Let's go.
-Nice to meet you.
Pâmela. How are you?
-You crushed.
-You're great.
-Marcos is a star.
No, you two. It's like a brother thing.
You play together.
Marcos scored a great goal.
But you passed it to me. Come on!
-They work together.
-They're humble.
Yeah, I can see that.
Forgive me.
Tomás, the other one! Please.
Do you want to ruin my life?
Am I too much baggage for you?
Help me, Tomás!
I can't visit you anymore?
I can't accept that.
Tomás, the other one!
Tomás, forgive me.
I'm not God.
Occupational therapy enhances
and nurtures individuals' independence,
enabling them to lead fulfilling lives
despite their limitations.
So, we aim to help them
become fully independent
in doing their daily tasks
or the things they want to do.
So, individuals experiencing sensory,
cognitive, or psychomotor alterations.
I often say in my office
that each person is unique.
Each person has a story
and each person has a limitation.
And how each person can live
their life story to the fullest.
For me, it's discipline and consistency.
The patient needs to be disciplined
Hey, your mom is so cool.
I mean it.
The newbies keep looking at Júlia.
Both of them?
-But she doesn't care.
-Two losers.
-What are you saying?
challenges, to like people.
It's important to like people.
I know beautiful stories.
And that's why I live
and am happy every day.
I hope you enjoyed it,
and if you have any questions
and want to talk to me,
I'm at your disposal.
Liana, I just wanted to say
that I loved your presentation.
So much.
I've always wanted to work
in the medical field,
and I think it could be my thing.
Oh, I'm very happy to see that. Really.
-I loved your presentation. Congrats.
-Thank you.
-It was so good. Thank you.
Thank you.
How can we become more familiar
with your work?
You can come by the office.
-It would be nice.
We would love that.
Dante knows where to find me.
-Will you send us the info?
Wait, hold on.
You can't all go at the same time.
-One at a time. Okay, guys.
Thank you, guys.
-Thank you. It was a pleasure.
-Thank you.
-Hey, behave, huh?
I saw you were putting up posters
for the Slam workshop.
It's so cool. I love spoken word poetry.
Really? Sign up, then.
We need more people, you know?
-Mateus is the poet of the family.
-I'm not a poet.
-Of course you are.
-I like it, but I don't really get it.
Look, you don't have to get it.
You just have to express yourself.
Slam is about life expression.
You'll only know if you're good
if you do it.
Yeah. Should I try?
Go for it, man.
And now that the boys have grown up,
I don't know.
I realized I've become more closed off.
I'm sorry about your mom.
Me too.
I'm gonna go have a snack,
but don't worry about me.
Wait, are you hungry?
There's a very nice restaurant
near the school
if you want to eat something.
Today I can't.
I'm sorry, I
-I'm sorry.
-I didn't mean to be inconvenient.
Let's do it when my husband gets back?
-Of course.
-He's out of town.
He works out of town,
but he'd love to meet you.
Of course. Liana, it was a pleasure.
-Thank you.
I should be thanking you, please.
No worries.
-Thank you for the invite. Really.
-It was great.
Are you telling me I can't come anymore?
I can't visit you anymore?
I can't visit you anymore?
It's embarrassing for me
when you come see me.
-And it's embarrassing for you too.
-No, it's not.
Tomás, why are you doing this?
I can't accept that.
How will I know how you're doing?
How will you know about the boys?
We'll write to each other.
While I'm in this hellhole,
I want to be alone.
What about me?
How do you think I'm gonna be?
Like me.
Let's go to the waterfall
one of these days.
You live around there, right?
Have you been?
We used to go there, man.
I drowned there once.
On the shallow part?
No, we were little.
-Dad saved you.
-Yes, my foot got stuck.
So take your dad to watch you.
-What's with you, man?
-I'm not watching you.
Our dad doesn't live in Brazil.
He's a lawyer and lives abroad.
And where does he live?
Asia or Africa?
You don't know where your dad lives?
He lives in Asia. Marcos is right.
Oh, okay.
-When are we going to the waterfall?
Are you guys in the group chat?
-I've missed you!
-Me too.
Tomás only getting visits
from Dad makes no sense.
I took the boys once
because they pressured me,
they insisted on going,
but he didn't want to see us.
Neither me nor the boys.
And the last time I tried,
he didn't want to see me either.
I don't know what he wants.
I don't know what he wants,
I don't know how he feels.
I'm not talking about me,
I'm talking about him.
His sons. Why?
The only thing I can think of
is that Tomás is also
suffering a great deal.
I don't know.
I just feel that he's very cold,
because of his letters, the way he writes.
I don't know anything.
Daddy said
he's very well respected in there,
that he became some kind of leader.
The letters he sends always end
with passages from the Bible.
They talk about faith, truth.
We didn't tell the truth our whole lives,
all we did was lie.
We had a deal to stay together,
with our sons.
We've lied all our lives.
Our children lie about their father.
Look what you're going through.
You're closed off, you're isolated.
I know.
But I do that to protect my sons, Sílvia.
I do it because I love them.
I don't want them to suffer.
I don't want them to know the truth.
Why the truth? What's it for?
To hurt?
A truth that will make them suffer?
It was with this lie that we made up
that we managed to be happy
for a little while, at least.
And if it's up to me,
we'll carry on like this.
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