Desperate Lies (2024) s01e13 Episode Script

Episode 13

I couldn't believe when you called me.
All the letters you sent me are safe.
You can trust me.
I'm so sorry for everything.
-For what I've done.
Thank you.
Are the DNA test results
still on your computer?
Oscar sent me everything.
He wanted it to be safe.
I was going to delete it, but I didn't.
My mission is to bring
lost souls to our side.
The side of faith.
Thank you, angel.
I'm starting my political journey
on the right foot.
I'm starting as the congressman's advisor,
but who knows what the future holds.
I'm going to grab this opportunity,
and I'm going to turn things around.
You are incredibly valuable, Tomás.
You're a good speaker.
And this work with convicts
and ex-convicts will be very important.
Yeah. They are my future voters, right?
Them and their families.
Why did you introduce me
to the congressman as your friend?
Sister Cláudia?
I was pissed.
I'm not your friend.
I'm your woman.
I'm still married.
Until when?
All in due time.
I have to be careful with Mateus.
He can't be against me.
It's his mother he has to be angry with.
will hate Liana
when he finds out the truth.
No. Why did you put Marcos
up for adoption. Why?
Why did Dad not want me, Mom?
Who said that to you?
That's gossip. Who said that?
Júlia's mom, Mrs. Betina.
Betina? What Betina?
Betina is Júlia's mom?
What's going on?
I don't understand.
This I don't
Betina hates me.
You guys don't know this,
but Betina doesn't like me.
-She hates me.
-Why does she hate you?
Because I went back for you.
Because I couldn't live without you.
why did Dad not want me?
Did he want to have just one child?
Mom, tell me.
I never
I never wanted you to find out about that.
This pain Never.
Your dad
Tomás isn't your dad.
What are you talking about?
Tomás is Mateus's father. Only Mateus's.
We are not twins?
You are.
When I got pregnant,
something rare happened.
What happened
You don't have the same father.
-You're lying.
-I'm not, son.
-This is a lie.
-It's not.
Calm down. Now you have to let me speak.
I didn't want you to know.
I didn't want you to suffer.
Your father
Your father may not be
your biological father,
but he was always your father, honey.
-To me, he was always your father.
-To you?
What about to me?
Why does it matter what he is to you?
My dad never liked me.
He always preferred Mateus.
Now I understand everything.
Because he's not my dad.
-Calm down.
Ever since he got out of jail,
he hasn't even wanted to hug me.
He wasn't well when he came back, son.
Tell me the truth.
Who is my father?
Son, don't
Who is my father?
I have the right to know.
It's Oscar.
I didn't want you to find out, honey.
I didn't want you to know
because I know how much you love your dad
You didn't want me to know?
What did you want me to do?
That I would go through life
not knowing who my father was?
I didn't want you to suffer.
Can't you understand that?
-I didn't want you to suffer.
-Who said I didn't suffer? Who?
I suffered my entire life,
because my dad doesn't love me,
because my dad never accepted me!
You think I don't feel that?
You think I don't feel this shit?
I do. And I hate what I'm feeling.
-To be honest, I hate you both.
I hate you!
I hate my dad! I hate you!
Marcos, honey!
I can't believe this.
You had a son with Dad
and a son with Oscar.
Tomás raised you both.
He never liked Marcos.
Why didn't you defend my brother?
-I tried to defend him.
-Yeah, but you couldn't.
Oscar was a jerk, Mateus.
I had to forget.
I have my reasons
for not being able to remember.
For not being able
to talk about it. I can't.
Then don't.
Marcos ran away.
Fuck, Mom! What the fuck?
Mateus, wait.
Mateus, let's take the car.
-No, Mom. Stay here.
-Let's take the car.
-Where did he go?
-I don't know. Bye, Mom.
Dad, Marcos is drowning!
Dad, help!
Save him!
I wish I could disappear forever.
We are brothers, man.
Twins with different fathers, Mateus.
That doesn't exist, man.
We are here, man. Aren't we?
Your father killed mine.
My father that I barely knew,
that I'll never get to know.
I think that, if I hadn't been born,
our parents would never have fought.
Tomás would never have killed Oscar.
He would not have been arrested.
He wouldn't have walked away from us.
-It's all my fault.
-Stop that.
Don't say that. You're being irrational.
None of this is your fault.
My life is a mess, Mateus.
And the worst thing is
my whole life is a lie.
It's not a lie, man.
You are my best friend,
my twin brother, my greatest companion.
We're in this together.
We're in this together.
Together we will overcome this.
The both of us.
Marcos and Mateus.
I'm glad you're here, man.
I'm glad we are here, bro.
I made a mistake.
I know I made a lot of mistakes.
But everything I did, I did for you guys.
You can think whatever you want,
but I did not separate you.
I didn't abandon you, Marcos.
I'm getting better.
Let me see.
It looks great.
Need help?
-No, Dad. I want to do it by myself.
I thought I could get down
from the cabinet on my own.
But I fell.
Why are you saying that?
Because everyone
has their own way of drawing.
And this is my way now.
My love.
This is your way.
-Keep going.
She's doing great.
She's more cheerful, you know?
More confident.
Thank you, Liana. Thank you.
The credit is hers.
-But I'm happy about that.
-Me too.
I'm even happier that you called me.
We have to make a lot of mistakes
in order to get it right.
I always say that,
but I'm always making mistakes.
I'm distressed, Dante.
I'm tired.
My life has been
this roller coaster for 18 years.
I don't have a moment of peace.
Mateus is mad at me. Marcos hates me.
They'll understand.
-I lied to them, Dante.
You tried to protect your kids.
You and your husband, you made a deal.
But we made a mistake.
I lied as if the story was just mine,
but it's not.
It's not.
What I did wasn't right.
And Tomás
-It's my fault he got arrested.
-Hey, Liana.
-Why are you
-That's the truth.
Why are you blaming yourself, Liana?
You're blaming yourself for
Do you still like him?
He's a different person now.
I don't recognize him anymore.
He's bitter.
I feel sorry for Tomás.
-You feel sorry?
-I do.
I feel sorry.
he'll lose a wonderful woman like you.
Let's get the check.
-Let's get the check?
I have to go back to real life.
This is real.
I want to tell you the good news.
The apartment owner called.
He regretted it and accepted the proposal.
Look, I don't want to rent
from this guy. No way.
Why, Bia? The apartment is great.
Did the owner apologize?
He did.
He admitted his error and was embarrassed.
And, at the agency,
no one else wanted to help him.
I understand you're mad, Inácio.
It's not easy.
But I have the contract,
and it's ready for you to sign.
It's up to you.
-May I come in?
-Of course. Always.
So? How are you guys?
We're good.
Come here.
Look, I'm sorry, okay?
I shouldn't have pushed
for my mom to say anything.
-I thought you needed to know.
-I don't know what's worse.
Finding out your father
isn't who you always thought he was,
or that you were going to be adopted.
I mean, Júlia, that's not what I meant
Mateus, my story doesn't bother me.
I was adopted and welcomed by a family
that loves me very much.
Marcos doesn't think he has a real family,
that his whole life is a lie.
I don't have my parents' blood,
but so what?
That never changed anything.
Yeah, but you always knew that.
And Marcos always knew
that he was loved just as much as you.
This has nothing to do with blood,
it has to do with affection.
It has to do with your grandma,
your aunt, your cousin.
Yeah, that's true.
He was always my grandparents' favorite,
especially after showing interest
in the law firm.
Júlia, you're a badass.
You gave me a good idea.
-How could you do that?
-My God.
Sílvia, you knew Marcos
wasn't Tomás' son and didn't tell us?
What did you want me to do?
Dad, it's Liana's life.
It wasn't my secret to tell.
Oh, that's horrible. So much pain.
Having to live with another man's son.
And Liana kept seeing him?
-Yes, Mom.
-That's absurd, honey.
Grandma, what are you saying?
Marcos is still part of the family.
Of course he is.
Of course he is. It doesn't matter to me.
Do you hear me? It doesn't matter to me.
I have loved you since you were born.
I'll love you for the rest of my life.
Thank you, Auntie. I love you too.
No, this is a very difficult situation.
For God's sake, Dad.
What is difficult for you?
Huh? What difference does it make?
None. Marcos is still your grandson.
Right? Isn't he your favorite grandson
who will inherit the law firm?
It's very difficult to live a lie,
but it's even worse to continue this lie.
Marcos is not my parents' grandson.
He's not my biological son.
And he won't want to work
in the family law firm
knowing he doesn't belong.
And he's Oscar Oliveira's son!
What are you saying?
Have you all lost your minds?
I didn't want you to find out like this.
I wanted to tell the truth with Liana.
She asked me for some time,
I gave her some time,
and she betrayed me once again.
-I know it's hard for you.
I understand that right now
the truth hurts.
But this is the path to light.
I consider what happened
during the pregnancies
as divine intervention.
I know it's weird,
but is there any other explanation?
Do you have an explanation
for a pregnancy with twins
from different fathers?
It's a hardship and a grace.
-So much pain.
-Yes, Mom.
Liana betrayed me.
-She betrayed me.
And I forgave her.
Because we really wanted to have a child.
Mateus, son, try to understand.
We really wanted you, son. Very much so.
What about me?
The reject?
What am I to you? Huh, Grandpa?
Are you crazy?
Are you all crazy, is that it?
Mateus! Try to understand.
It was very hard for your dad
to raise the son of a man
who always disrespected me.
It was very hard!
So hard I couldn't do it!
That's why I exploded.
That's why I committed a crime
and ended up in hell, in prison.
Do you understand?
Is that clear to you?
But I was reborn.
The hardships
of my journey
have made me stronger.
Before the serpent, I am the strongest.
are sick.
You are crazy.
I shouldn't have come here.
I'm not part of this family.
I don't want your inheritance.
I don't want any fucking law firm.
have you ever loved me?
I have.
In my own way, I have.
But I suffered with the lie.
And now you are suffering with the truth.
Marcos? Don't go, Marcos.
Marcos. No.
What are you doing?
For Christ's sake, Mom!
-Sílvia, I can't accept that.
I can't forgive
what this woman did to your brother.
That's what you wanted, right?
Admit it.
That's what you wanted, right?
That's what you wanted, you bastard.
-Mateus, wait!
Please, wait. Please.
Please, don't. Come here.
They hate me.
They'll regret it. They will.
They'll change their minds, for sure.
They stopped liking me in a heartbeat.
I love you.
Do you hear me? I love you.
I love you.
Oh my God.
We're gonna be together forever.
We are a family.
We'll overcome this. I promise.
Look, I'm gonna miss working here.
We are gonna miss you, my friend.
And thank you for all these years
of dedication, Vicente.
Xavier, my fellow researcher!
I'm sure you'll be an excellent director.
I pass the baton with great pride.
What's up, cousin?
What's up, my dear cousins who I love?
-What's up?
-How are you?
-I'm good.
-How are you?
It's all fucked up, Inácio.
Nothing has changed for me.
But I'm sure it's not easy for your mom.
Are you worried about my mom, dude?
She lied to us this whole time.
What about Tomás?
-Why are you siding with him?
-We're not.
His reaction was terrible too.
But it wasn't worse
than our grandparents'.
I lost my dad, my grandpa,
and my grandma all at once.
But you have a cousin.
And an uncle and an aunt.
And now you have Bia,
my live-in girlfriend.
-Live-in girlfriend.
-Are you getting married?
Congratulations, man.
You deserve it, you know?
You're an amazing guy.
And this amazing guy here
is only amazing
because someone helped him.
My aunt Liana.
Your mom.
She always told me to be brave,
to move forward, to be myself.
She taught me all of this.
And, at the same time
as she taught me, she lived
in fear.
Do you think she lived in fear?
I do.
People who are always hiding,
always lying,
don't truly live.
Why would she choose to live like this?
Because of Oscar?
Because of our dad?
I don't even remember my dad.
As soon as I started to lose my sight,
he disappeared into the world too.
That's it. I also have a shitty dad.
But so what?
Life has to go on.
He's out there, I'm here, and I'm staying
with those who truly appreciate me.
My family.
But my family became small.
Oscar has a sister, Débora.
I don't know if you remember her.
She was your mom's partner.
They were great friends.
I remember her.
I thought she was our aunt.
I mean,
she is, but only my aunt.
Do you know where she is?
Where does she live?
Do you have her address?
Don't worry.
They are here with me and Inácio.
Sílvia, your parents were
I have no words.
I know, I was there.
But what scared me the most
was how cold Tomás was.
Unbelievable. Anyway,
they are talking to Inácio.
The only reason why I can't take the boys
is because I have a patient on call.
She could go into labor at any moment.
No, that's okay. I'll
I have an online appointment now.
I can't cancel it, but
I'll come down soon.
I'll pick them up. I'll be there soon.
Okay, honey. Kisses.
Are you guys hungry?
Where is Marcos?
He left, Mom.
He went after his other family.
He wanted to go alone.
It sucks.
Hey, what's up?
Where's Eudora? She took the day off?
She's running some errands. Why?
-Do you miss her?
-What? Me?
No way.
I'm actually enjoying the peace and quiet.
We don't even talk when she's around.
I think we are through.
I thought you missed me when you got back.
It changed quickly, huh?
What happened? Why?
Débora, we can keep working together
and having fun.
No, I don't want to.
-It's over.
This was Oscar Oliveira's bar, right?
Yes, it was. Why?
I want to speak to Débora, his sister.
Do you know where I can find her?
No, I don't.
It's It's me.
How are you?
Can we talk?
I'm Marcos.
Marcos Azevedo.
Marcos, of course!
Wow! You look so big.
You remember me?
Yes, you're Liana's son.
I haven't seen you in a long time.
You You came alone? Is your mom here?
No, she
I mean, she doesn't know I'm here.
But I remember you.
Yeah. I took care of you
when you were little, in the office.
You and Mateus.
You guys used to make a mess.
I taught you to say
that I was your step-aunt.
You used to love that.
Are you okay?
I'm Oscar's son.
He is my biological father.
Are you serious?
You're Oscar's son?
You and Mateus?
See you on our next appointment?
E-mail me if you need anything.
Hi. The boys aren't here. They are in Rio.
I know. I actually want to talk to you.
I can't talk to you right now, Júlia.
My life has turned upside down
after what your mom told them.
I want to apologize. I was the one
who urged her to say something.
I caused your mom a lot of pain too.
I feel bad every time I think about it,
but, well, you already know the story.
She wanted to keep Marcos, but
But now she has you, a beautiful girl.
You can count on me, okay?
I don't judge you.
I can't forgive myself.
I can't talk about it.
What happened,
what I did, is very serious.
I deceived my children.
They have every reason to hate me.
You did what you thought was best
for Marcos and Mateus.
I did it out of fear.
I really admire you.
It's very easy to place all the blame
on the woman, right?
Don't blame yourself.
I'll never forget what you told me.
"To get it right,
we have to make mistakes."
Thank you.
A part of my brother is back.
Can I give you a hug?
My nephew!
The kid is lucky.
I'm the lucky one. I have a new life.
Twins from different fathers.
Oscar was suspicious.
Do you know why my mother
didn't like your brother?
I was really angry with Liana
because of that.
-I'm sorry.
It's fine. Do you want something to drink?
A drink? You can't have a drink.
With no alcohol.
No. You know,
actually, I think I have to go.
No, wait.
There's someone you need to meet. Hold on.
-I'll be right back. Wait for me.
TO MARCOS - 03:20 PM
Marcos saw my message and didn't reply.
He'll be here soon. Relax.
I think he might take a while.
I was stuck in traffic coming here.
-Did you go to the apartment?
-I did.
-I got the keys with the doorman.
But don't say anything to my mom today,
because there's a lot of tension here.
Okay. I'm gonna grab some juice.
I can't stop thinking about the trip
I want you take you to
on the next holiday.
Rio Negro, Amazonas? What do you think?
Eight pregnant women who will give birth
over the next few months.
Three of them need special care.
One of them can go into labor
at any moment.
I'm gonna keep trying, okay?
But you could make an effort too.
Promise me that, by the end of the year,
you'll take some time off? For me.
For me, Sílvia.
I'm worried about Marcos.
He hasn't shown up yet.
Marcos is 17 years old.
He can figure it out. Don't worry.
Your grandson. Oscar's son.
How are you, Mr. César?
My grandson.
Liana's son.
I didn't know either.
I didn't know I had another grandfather.
I mean, a grandfather.
Dad, look.
Look at him.
He looks a lot like Oscar.
I always suspected
that Oscar and Liana were lovers.
No, they weren't lovers.
Forget that. Forget Liana, Dad.
How can I forget what they did to him?
How can I forget
that Tomás killed my son?
Oscar knew he was your dad.
He took you to my house
so I could meet you.
Right before he died.
Him and his brother.
The murderer's son.
-Relax. I'm sorry.
-I better go.
No, wait. Please.
Dad, listen.
Marcos has nothing to do
with what happened.
He's your grandson.
Nelson, I'm gonna take Dad home.
Take care of everything for me.
-Do you need help? Want me to go?
-I want you to stay. I'll take him.
Marcos, wait for me.
I'll be back in two minutes.
-Okay? I'll be right back, wait for me.
I'm gonna call Dr. Júlio. Breathe, please.
-Marcos is typing.
-He is?
What? What did he say?
"I have no place in the world, Mateus."
How did you get in here, kid?
Do you need something?
Get out!
What are you doing?
It's none of your business.
I see what you're doing.
What do you see, kid?
I work here. I take care of the bar.
I told you to leave.
Is this your money?
You're a smart-ass, huh? You better leave.
Does my aunt know
you're taking money out of the safe?
"My aunt."
You're gonna have to prove that.
You want to be part of the family,
the inheritance.
Everybody wants that, sucker. Me too.
Listen, are you putting the money
back into the safe?
The money that was in your bag? Huh?
-Tell me the truth. What are you doing?
-What? Are you recording?
-Tell the truth. What are you doing?
-You crazy?
-Get out, dude.
-Give me that cell phone.
-Give me that phone.
-Let me go, man.
-I'm gonna break you and the phone.
-Let me go. What will you do?
Are you crazy?
I'm gonna break you and this phone.
-Let me go!
-Give me that!
-What's going on?
-Mind your own business, kid.
This guy was robbing the bar.
-Let go of my brother!
Let him go!
Let him go!
Easy. Calm down, kid.
-Give me that knife.
-Let's go, Marcos!
Let me go, dude!
Look what you did, you son of a bitch!
-Let's go, Marcos.
-I'm gonna kill you.
Son of a bitch!
You son of a bitch!
I'm gonna kick your ass!
-Let me go.
-Let him go, man.
Let him go!
Are you crazy? Let me go!
-What the fuck? Are you crazy?
-What's going on?
Stop with that shit. Stop that!
-I didn't do anything. We did nothing.
-Against the wall.
Against the fucking wall!
You lucked out.
That was an offense,
but my colleague won't press charges.
A delinquent. Two delinquents.
He was robbing the bar, Chief. I saw.
Making accusations
without evidence is a crime. Shut up.
I'll contact your parents.
They'll have to come get you.
You can take them.
You think you're smart, right?
I used to be a cop.
Here's your phone.
The chief will keep it. You can get it
when you're released. Take them.
Come on, take them.
Wait. What's going on?
Nelson, are they being arrested?
-What's going on?
-Look at this.
They could've killed me.
Why did they fight you?
What did you do with them?
Fuck, Débora. Two delinquents.
Here's the chief, ask him.
They attacked me.
Chief, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, but this must be a mistake
because I know those boys.
Are you responsible for them?
I'm their aunt.
They'll only leave here
with their parents.
Let's go.
-I'll tell you on the way.
-I wanna know what happened.
-I'll tell you.
-No, Nelson! I wanna know!
Nelson! Don't worry.
I'll tell her what happened.
-Where are the boys?
They are in jail.
There's nothing I can do.
Why did you never mention to me
that Marcos is my nephew?
Your brother was not their dad, Débora.
Never was, never will be.
And who is?
That monster in there?
I can't release Marcos, Liana.
And your husband,
who killed my brother, said he's only
responsible for one of the boys
because the other one is not his son.
Tomás is trash. He's a coward.
You disgust me.
I'll never forgive you
for hiding this from me.
I'm trying to get Mateus released,
but he'll only go if the other one goes.
The other one?
Are you talking about Marcos?
I always said that Marcos
was a bad influence on Mateus.
Hi, Chief. I'm Marcos and Mateus's mother.
How do I get them released?
Sign here.
The father already signed for Mateus.
Thank you.
How can you do such a thing?
My son is in jail.
Marcos is your problem.
He's your son with that criminal.
I never thought you could be this cruel.
Life was cruel to me, Liana.
And take care of your delinquent son.
Don't talk about my son like that.
You chose to raise them both
as our children.
You chose that.
It was your vanity, your pride,
that didn't let you be happy
with the family that life gave us.
I feel sorry
I feel sorry for you.
You are so weak.
You are so petty.
You despise my love,
despise Marcos's love.
You talk about truth.
You don't know how to truly love.
You never knew.
I held our marriage together
for a long time.
A marriage that had already rotted.
That I don't know ever even existed.
A lie.
Isn't that what you said?
You were right.
The biggest lie in our lives is ourselves.
Me and you.
We are the lie.
You say you're no longer Marcos's dad.
I'm no longer your wife.
Hi, honey.
-Are you okay?
Let's go.
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