Desperate Lies (2024) s01e14 Episode Script

Episode 14

Okay. Thank you.
Thank you.
Júlia, this is Sérgio and Betina.
They want to meet you.
Júlia! What a beautiful name.
Júlia, your hair is so beautiful.
It looks like mine.
Oh, you touched my hair with the flower.
Now I'm blooming.
Mateus, I want to talk to you. Mateus.
Great, Dad. Go ahead, talk.
Why were you gonna leave
Marcos in jail? Why?
Yeah, why didn't you sign the papers?
-Tell him.
-What, Liana?
Are you turning my son against me?
Don't do that.
Don't spread hate.
Mateus, Marcos needs to accept reality.
I am not his father.
And it's your fault, Liana.
-My fault?
You hide the truth.
You don't accept the facts.
That's why Marcos is like this,
angry, always getting in trouble.
You know what? I'm done.
-Let's go, Mom.
-Mateus, son.
Sooner or later, you'll understand that
I'm choosing the best path for everyone.
-Let's go, Mom.
He deleted the video.
-What video?
-The video of him robbing the bar.
He's an asshole. Him and the chief.
Now I can't prove anything.
Why did you go looking for these people?
Don't mess with these people!
And you shouldn't have looked for Débora.
Where are we going?
Our home.
Our home?
I don't even know who I am, Mom.
Why did you lie to me?
Let's talk at home, Marcos.
He hates me.
But I love you.
You made a mistake, Mom. I always knew
that my father never accepted Marcos.
-He killed my dad.
-He wasn't your dad.
He never was.
I don't want you looking
for these people ever again.
I won't.
César didn't like seeing me.
He didn't accept me as his grandson.
You are not his grandson!
Oscar was a criminal. It's not worth it.
He only hung out with people like Nelson.
Your family is the three of us.
Leave him be, Mom.
Hi, Sílvia.
I had an emergency at the hospital.
Things are crazy here too.
I couldn't go to the police station.
Was everything okay?
It was hell.
When I arrived,
Tomás had only released Mateus.
He rejects Marcos,
and now he's turning against me too.
Oh, my God, Liana. That's awful.
Our story is over, Sílvia.
I don't expect anything
from Tomás anymore. I'm done.
Marcos doesn't understand
why I never told him
he was Oscar's son.
And now he's gonna start
asking questions about this man.
They think I had a lover.
Because that's the only version
they know, Liana.
You don't tell them the truth.
Tomás knows the story.
He knows what happened.
He knows my trauma, my shame.
You have to tell your children.
You need to talk to them.
And tell them what?
Tell them I was raped?
Tell them that I rejected Marcos at first
because I was raped by his father?
Tell them I only went through
the pregnancy
to have the child I knew was Tomás's?
How can a mother tell their sons that?
I don't know.
Just tell them, talk to them.
Trust that your children
are capable of understanding.
I'm not telling them, Sílvia.
Are you trying to break the controller?
Come on, get up.
Go take a shower, get your stuff together.
-We have school tomorrow.
-I'm not going to school anymore.
What? Why?
I don't feel like it.
What about ENEM?
It's not easy to get into Law School.
I don't know if I'm gonna take the ENEM.
Did you give up being a lawyer?
I just wanted to please Tomás.
I just wanted him to like me.
I wanted to be like him.
But now I don't have a father.
I was never a good student.
I never liked studying.
You're free, Marcos.
You can do whatever you want.
If you don't want
to be a lawyer anymore, fuck it.
You have to pursue your happiness.
Pursue my happiness?
You're good with words, dude.
How can I pursue happiness
if I don't even know who I am?
Fuck, Mateus.
You're almost there, Luíza.
Push, you're almost there.
You're almost there. Go, Luíza, push!
You're almost there, come on!
Come on!
It's a boy!
Look at this.
That's what I need.
That's it. I need my own channel.
We'll make videos
for this channel. That's it.
Liana is trying to distance
my son from me, right?
If she thinks I'm gonna be quiet,
she's wrong.
You were wrong at the police station.
You could've signed to release them both.
That is not my cross to bear anymore.
Marcos has always been
a bad example for Mateus.
He always led him down the wrong path.
And I get to the police station,
and my son is in jail.
How do you think I felt?
No, Cláudia.
I don't need to hide anything anymore,
not from them or anyone else.
Here's what I need to do.
I need to tell my son
and whoever wants to hear
the truth.
Everyone will know who I am.
Do you hear that?
Marcos, don't be upset with me, okay?
Or your grandpa either,
he enjoyed meeting you.
I left the police station before you did
because Tomás was there.
But I'm already arranging that
What's up, Nelson?
What are you doing here?
I work here.
I manage this bar for you
and your dad. Did you forget that?
What about Eudora?
Why is she working the register today?
This is my job now. I work here.
Débora, what's going on?
I didn't think you would show up
after what you did to Marcos.
Look what that kid did to me. Look, man.
Thank God it was superficial.
It could've been worse.
Nelson, I know what happened.
I know why you fought.
I know Marcos saw you
pocketing money from the register.
That's a lie. The kid is lying.
Do you have any proof against me?
-Nelson, I talked to the bank manager.
The deposit you're making
doesn't align with our revenue.
What the fuck, Nelson?
Fuck, Débora, you
You're stabbing me in the back,
is that it?
-I work so hard.
You're robbing the bar,
and you're getting offended?
You should be thankful because,
despite everything, I'm being nice to you.
-Because I don't intend to sue you.
-What do you think?
That I'm leaving the bar empty-handed?
Is that it?
-You should.
-Shut up, don't get involved.
I'll talk to the accountant,
and he will contact you.
I shouldn't have gotten involved
with a guy like you.
Oh, I get it.
Now, the two of you are in cahoots, huh?
Fine. Eudora wants to screw me over,
wants me to leave.
I'll go. But here's the deal.
You'll pay me every penny
you owe me from this bar. Okay?
And tell the accountant to call me.
I'll figure things out with him.
I want to see you two manage
the bar without me.
What's wrong?
Aren't you going to ask how school went?
Mom and I are going to eat.
Do you want something?
I'll make something later.
She said you were in bed all morning.
So what?
That's not good, Marcos.
Whether you like it or not,
life didn't stop.
-It's not waiting for you.
-What life, Mateus?
The life that I had doesn't exist anymore.
I'm looking for a new one.
But you're not gonna find it
sitting on your ass.
I'm up.
Does that change anything?
No, right?
I still don't have a dad.
I have a mother who's a liar.
A grandfather who thinks I'm weird.
My dad is an evil man, dude.
I have nothing, Mateus.
You have a brother.
I know, man.
But it's different.
I just wish I could get away from here.
And go where?
I don't know.
Far away from here, far away from Rio.
Far away from this house.
I wish I could go somewhere
where nobody knows me. Where nobody
Where nobody knows my past.
Come here.
You're not alone, okay, bro?
You're with me.
I'm not eating, Mom. I'm going to Júlia's.
What about your brother? He's not coming?
No, he doesn't want to do anything.
I'm gonna go. Kisses.
Do you want some? Hold this for me.
What's up?
Marcos is thinking of leaving.
He just found out
that his father was murdered
by the guy he thought was his father.
That can mess you up.
I'd do anything
to make things easier for my brother.
I know, honey.
Shit. I'm sorry.
No worries. It's fine.
Let's go to the kitchen. I'll get you dry.
But don't worry, okay?
It's gonna be alright.
It would be a lot easier if Marcos
had a girlfriend like you.
You can't control everything
in your brother's life.
I really like you, Mateus.
I think you're sensitive, honest.
I think the way you love your brother
is very beautiful.
I thought it was gonna take me
a while to date again.
Yeah, but then I entered your life,
and you entered mine
Is there anything better?
What's wrong?
-Aren't your parents coming home?
-No, they're coming in later.
The house is ours.
Come on.
We hadn't ordered sushi
in a long time, huh?
I'm glad you like it,
because tonight's dinner is special.
Yay! Are we going to celebrate
my leaving the clinic?
That too.
But we have one more thing to celebrate.
What is it?
So, Bia and I,
we are moving out.
Wow! Now that's a surprise.
Move out? Why?
So, Mom, you have been amazing
all these years we've been living here.
You've always been very supportive.
I have no words.
But now, Bia and I
We've been working a lot, and that's it.
It's life, Mrs. Sílvia.
Children get married and move out. Right?
-Right. Those who marry want a home.
And when are you moving out?
-Well, we already rented an apartment.
-It's close to here, Sílvia.
Damn, Inácio.
You didn't even take me
to see the apartment, honey.
I didn't see anything.
-I don't know if it's safe for you.
Is it because I'm not normal?
Thank you so much, Mom.
I had almost forgotten my limitations.
-I didn't say that, Inácio.
-I have limitations. You did.
Why are you worried?
You think I won't be able to do things?
Because I'm going to adapt
to a new space and blah, blah, blah.
I already know, Mom.
But now I think it's time
for me to leave.
You bring me down
when you say these things.
-Inácio, calm down.
No, I'm not gonna calm down.
I'm tired of being calm.
I'm tired of it.
Let me talk to you, honey.
Mom, can I talk to you?
I'm up to here.
When I started losing my sight,
it was very hard.
I was very scared.
I'm still scared.
And sometimes people
would rather have a serious disease
than going blind, right?
You think I don't know that, Inácio?
You think I don't know that?
I've been scared my whole life.
Fearful of you facing prejudice.
Fear of you being rejected.
Fear of you getting hurt, honey.
Every little thing you experienced, honey,
I was right there, by your side,
experiencing it with you.
If I could, Inácio
If I could figure this out for you
But this isn't about you, Mom.
You don't have to do anything.
Nobody wants my happiness more than I do.
Nobody wants my peace of mind
more than I do.
I know what I want.
If people want to attach
the word "disability"
to the word "blindness," fuck them.
-But I am very capable.
-Of course you are.
So if people want to say
whatever they want to say, fuck them.
But not you.
-Not you.
-But, honey
-You know me.
-Of course!
You know I can handle it.
-I can handle it.
-You can handle it.
-Of course you can handle it, Inácio.
Honey, I love you so much.
I know you love me. So, just support me.
Help me see what's best for me.
Sometimes, just hug me.
Sometimes, just hug me.
But don't doubt me.
Do you think I can only survive
with your protection?
Oh, honey
I don't doubt you, Inácio.
I don't doubt you, son.
-Sometimes you do.
If you didn't doubt me, Mom,
we wouldn't be here right now.
We would be downstairs
having our special dinner
-Oh, honey. You don't understand.
-with Bia and Vicente.
-But we are here.
-It's not that.
For the love of God, son, hear me out.
I'm gonna miss you so much.
You don't understand.
Me too.
I'm gonna miss you too.
-I love you, Mom.
-I love you so much.
He's been very quiet, huh?
I don't know what else to do.
Hey, Pâmela. What's up?
I was gonna go out with Robson,
but he canceled. Why?
That's his specialty. To flake.
That and to be a pain in the ass.
Can you please not talk
about my cousin like that?
Do you want to hang out?
I don't know,
go to the park, go to my house.
Mateus, what part didn't you understand?
I don't want to see your brother.
Come on, Pâmela.
You can talk about Robson all you want,
but his dad never killed anyone.
-My God!
-Don't get me wrong.
Have you lost your mind?
Why would you say this? Are you crazy?
See why I didn't want to come back
to this fucking school?
What are you talking about?
I saw you and Júlia talking to Pâmela.
Asking her to come back to me.
It wasn't like that.
I just asked if she wanted to hang out.
Did she agree?
No, she's an idiot,
she'd rather be with that asshole Robson.
Hey, Marcos, man.
You can't be down like that.
Down how?
I'm already at the bottom.
Isn't that why you
and Júlia feel sorry for me?
No. Sorry my ass, man.
I only want what's best for you.
Don't worry about me.
-Where are you going, man? Marcos!
-You too. Forget about me.
-Forget about me!
-Hey, leave him alone.
-What do you mean?
You can't do anything for him now.
Leave him be.
Yes, brothers.
I have killed.
I took someone else's life.
I had my reasons.
Reasons that were accepted and justified
by the divine truth.
I understood my crime.
And I have cleansed myself.
-Was that good?
-It was great.
Okay. I want to redo the first one
because I messed up some words.
-I want to
-Okay, let's do it.
Okay, let's go. Wait.
Can I start?
Hold on.
Go ahead. I'm recording.
Still in the hospital bed,
recovering from my bicycle accident,
I forgave my wife.
The woman who had promised loyalty
but cheated on me.
We resumed our big project,
which was to have a child.
And sooner than expected,
heaven announced
what we had been waiting for.
My wife was pregnant.
It was like a dream.
A dream that quickly became a nightmare.
Look at the video he posted.
Hundreds of views in one hour.
So what?
It sparks interest and engagement.
Dad, he's exposing everyone's lives.
He talks about superfecundation,
he talks about the crime he committed.
This is absurd!
He wants to be famous.
That doesn't affect his work
with the congressman.
On the contrary, he'll become well-known.
Look, I have nothing to do with it.
It was his friend who did it.
-Friend? What friend?
-A friend, Sílvia.
He has the right to start his life over.
Mom, no! No!
Because it's not his life,
it's everybody's life.
It's Liana's life, my life.
The boys' lives, your lives.
I can't believe this.
Tomás is doing this to get revenge.
Don't you see?
Tomás is trying to find his path.
He wants to be an example of resilience.
And his story is a good example of it.
Can't you think of the boys for once?
Oh, honey.
I'm not ashamed of my story.
A story that was turned upside down,
because of a case of
heteropaternal superfecundation.
It can't be, dude. It's something else.
Look, man. I mean it, it's them.
The twins.
Tough, right, man? Their mom
had kids from two different men.
I thought that only happened to dogs.
Let's go, dude.
Dad made a stupid video.
Did you see it? Everyone's watching it.
Of course I saw it.
Why does he do this shit?
I think he's losing his mind.
This man hates me.
Hey, Marcos, fuck it.
Fuck it?
-Fuck it!
-Fuck it?
This is fucked up for me, Mateus.
What do you mean, "fuck it"?
Marcos, fuck!
It's a surprise.
I made it for you.
For me?
It's not perfect, but
There's no such thing as perfect, honey.
There's only your style of drawing.
It's me, my dad,
my mom is there with us,
and you are this star right here.
-I'm the star?
I love it.
I'm glad you like it.
Your hands are very talented.
I really love it.
I want you to hang it on the wall
so I can look at it every day.
-Pick a spot.
I'm the star.
I have nothing to do with it, okay?
It was her idea.
Does the star
want to have dinner with me tomorrow?
What time?
-Liana, is here okay?
Like here?
People would see it when they come in.
It looks great.
Okay, then.
It will look good for when they come in.
Marcos, running away is useless.
I'm leaving, man.
I can't take this shit anymore.
-Where are you going?
-I'm going to disappear.
Everyone's staring at me,
thinking I'm shit.
And me too. Everyone's staring at me too.
No, they're not.
You're the son
she always wanted, her favorite.
Not me.
Wait up, man. Shit.
Marcos. Come on, man.
Look at your mom.
-With her new boyfriend.
-Stop with this shit, man.
-Marcos, don't go.
-Let me go, man.
-What's this?
-What's going on, Marcos?
Fuck you, man!
-Mind your own business.
-What happened?
Marcos, talk to me.
This family is weird.
Go watch Tomás's videos online.
I think you'll like it too, Dante.
-What are you doing?
-Marcos, where are you going?
-Marcos, come back!
-Are you crazy?
-What happened?
-I don't know, Mom. He's running away.
Your father, he only wanted one son,
but Liana came here with Mateus.
She came to get you.
Who is my dad, Mom?
Oscar is your dad, honey.
Marcos is not my parents' grandson.
He is not my biological son.
Are you crazy? Huh, Marcos?
Are you crazy?
Do you want to die and kill your brother?
Talk to me.
Honey. Honey, talk to me.
Marcos, son.
Talk to me, honey.
Have you ever loved me?
I have.
In my own way.
Marcos had a motorcycle accident.
-Oh my God. Is it serious?
-Is he okay?
I don't know. I'm going to the hospital.
I came to get you.
Because Marcos had a motorcycle accident,
and he's in the hospital.
-I'm not going.
-Come on, honey. It could be serious.
Mom, I'm not a doctor, okay?
I can't do anything.
I'm working.
I have an appointment. I'm living my life.
Oh, sure! Spending your precious time
posting videos sucking up to congressmen,
isn't that right?
Exposing your whole family.
I don't recognize you.
-I don't know who you are.
-I'm your brother.
I'm your brother. I have been chosen.
I have a mission,
and I'm not gonna walk away from it.
I'll keep you posted.
Come back.
Come back, son.
The trauma caused a large edema
and is pressuring
some important parts of the brain.
That's why he's unconscious.
But will he wake up and be okay?
I'm going to see
the imaging tests with Dr. Celina.
They are still assessing
the extent of the injury.
I'm here if you need me, okay?
-Thank you.
-Thank you, Doctor.
Come here. Sit down for a bit.
Does Tomás know?
He does.
I begged him to come with me,
but he didn't want to.
I don't want him here.
I want him to stay away from Marcos.
I've made
a lot of mistakes, Sílvia. Enough.
I won't make any more mistakes.
Honey, but what's done is done, Liana.
What's important is Marcos will recover,
and you will rebuild your lives.
-Excuse me for a second.
Hi, Liana.
I heard from the police.
-I know. I'm sorry.
I didn't have time to tell you. I lost it.
-Your scooter.
-Liana, please.
That doesn't matter.
I want to know how Marcos is.
How is he?
He's in a coma.
Mateus is desperate.
I'm trying to keep it together,
but it's been hard.
I'll stay here with you.
-Whatever you need
-No, you don't have to.
Dante, I'm living a nightmare.
I want to be alone with my sons.
Of course.
I shouldn't have let him leave, man.
He was out of control.
It was an accident.
It's not your fault. Relax.
-If Marcos doesn't wake up
It's going to be okay, all right?
He'll get better soon.
You'll be together again.
Trust me, okay?
-Thank you for coming.
-Of course I came.
Come here.
-Good morning.
-Good morning, Doctor.
-Good morning.
-How is he?
Liana, he's getting better.
He no longer needs a ventilator,
and that's a great sign.
But is he gonna be okay?
There's no way of knowing yet.
Let's wait.
Can you monitor him for me? Thank you.
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
Marcos, wake up. Marcos?
He talked to me.
Hi, son.
Hi, son.
It's okay.
Everything will be okay.
Everything will be okay, son.
Do you feel any pain?
Who are you?
Marcos, it's Mom.
It's me, son.
Your mom, Liana.
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