Desperate Lies (2024) s01e15 Episode Script

Episode 15

Marcos, wake up. Marcos.
Hi, son.
Who are you?
Are you okay?
Do you feel any pain?
It's Mom, Marcos.
It's me, son.
Your mom, Liana.
I'm here, man. I'm with you.
Do you remember your name?
Marcos and Mateus. The two of us.
Where am I?
You're in the hospital.
You had an accident, hit your head.
Yes, but you're okay now.
Thank God you're okay.
I don't remember anything.
I just remember
Liana is crushed.
Marcos doesn't remember her.
Yes, but the worst part is over, Sílvia.
He's out of the coma. That's what matters.
He'll recover.
Liana is in pain now,
but she can really help.
You know that our memory
is directly connected to our emotions.
She can talk to him, show him photos,
tell him things he experienced.
Maybe Marcos lost his memory so he didn't
have to remember what happened to him.
All done, Inácio.
I already packed the car.
Only two more suitcases
and a backpack left. Can you help?
-What suitcases?
-Are you going out of town?
-We're going to the apartment.
Can't you wait?
Mom, I'm just moving.
I'm not abandoning you, Mom.
Hello? Dante, it's me.
Hi, Liana. How's everything?
-Has Marcos shown improvement?
-Yes, he woke up.
Liana, are you okay?
He doesn't recognize me, Dante.
He looks at me,
but doesn't remember I'm his mom.
I'm happy he woke up, but
it's upsetting.
Wait, he doesn't remember you?
I think he doesn't want to remember me.
I'm the mother he hates.
Listen, do you need anything?
Do you want me to come by?
I'll call you later, Dante.
Dad, I like living with you,
but I miss my mom.
-Do you want to call her?
-We didn't spend vacation with her.
-Will you go to São Paulo with me?
Of course I will.
I'll talk to her.
I want my mom to see me drawing.
She'll see it.
Your turn.
My turn.
Let me count Now I've got you.
Almost a million views.
You'll be more famous
than the congressman.
I wonder if Mateus saw it.
Ask him.
He doesn't pick up.
I texted him, he doesn't reply.
He's at the hospital with his brother.
Go to the hospital.
Be persistent.
Set up a meeting.
He's your son, right?
I don't want you to think
that I don't care.
I'm here with open arms
because I want to know how you are.
And Marcos too.
I didn't go to the hospital
because I had a fight with your mom.
Because your brother is confused,
and I don't think
me being there will be good.
What do you want from me?
I'm your father, Mateus.
We shouldn't be distant like this.
I know you were upset with me
because I didn't release
your brother from jail.
My intention was for him
to learn how to face reality.
And you think online
is a good way to face reality?
Did you post those videos to help him?
You saw the videos?
Yeah, the channel
The channel is a success.
A lot of people watched it
and were intrigued by my story.
Our story, Dad.
Our story. It's not yours.
How can you be so selfish?
Marcos was really upset.
He is really upset.
Don't you see
the damage you've done to his life?
Son, the past is painful,
but it's part of the story.
Now, in the present,
the truth needs to be emphasized.
Marcos doesn't remember anything.
He erased everything from his memory.
You're stronger than him, Mateus.
You can face the truth.
Come to Rio with me.
I really want to tell you what I think,
what I intend to do.
I want to tell you about my mission.
You know what I think?
You're responsible
for my brother's accident.
No! Marcos fell down.
He had an accident
because he was reckless,
like he has always been.
Son, I'm a survivor.
I didn't have many chances, but
I had an enlightenment.
I had a calling
to talk about my journey
from pain towards the light.
I do this for you too, son.
So you can be proud of your dad.
I really want No.
I need
I need you to listen to me, son.
I have to go, Dad.
I don't know if you want to know,
but Marcos will be discharged.
He'll get better.
And, right now, that's all I care about.
You're my only son.
I want you to know that.
I only want what's best for you.
-Good morning, love.
-Good morning.
-You're up early.
-Yeah, I didn't want to wake you up.
Did you see the beautiful sun outside?
I didn't see it.
I have so much work, Vicente.
I need to set up all
the doctors' schedules, the shifts.
They want me to take over
the Gynecology Department.
That's wonderful. You deserve it, Sílvia.
-Right? Thank you.
I hope to get some other good news today.
I'll call Liana,
I think Marcos will be discharged.
Oh, I was gonna invite you
to take a stroll at Aterro, but
You go, honey. Enjoy.
When you get back,
I'll be waiting for you with all my love.
Do you need this book?
No, why?
I'm gonna lend it to Felícia, okay?
-Your graduate student?
-She's a teacher now.
We're meeting at the boardwalk.
She wants to talk about her thesis.
I'll lend it to her, okay?
I'll put it on you, honey.
You know it's no fun
going without you, right?
Don't worry.
There's always something
to distract us, like Felícia.
Dr. Felícia is taking her husband.
Today is their day off.
Have a good workday.
We're here!
Your grandma planted it.
I remember the name.
It's idleness love, right?
Almost. It's love-in-idleness.
That's right, bro.
-You got it.
Now I just have to remember who I am.
Come on.
Look, this is the living room.
We moved here a long time ago.
We must've been,
I don't know, ten years old.
Here's a painting.
We painted this when we were little.
There's a bathroom here.
Our room is at the end of the hall.
The last room is Mom's.
Ours is the second to last.
This way.
He does remember some things,
but he didn't recognize the house.
But that's quite normal.
He's still very disoriented.
He kept his everyday skills,
which is great.
His not remembering you
is closely tied to his emotional state.
Yeah, I know.
He's protecting himself.
I think part of him wants to forget me.
Marcos needs
a lot of protection right now.
Don't get anxious. Hang in there.
I am.
Dissociative amnesia
can take a while to recover.
Yes, but it can also come back suddenly.
Mateus encourages his brother a lot,
which is great.
Because Liana is shaken.
She's his mother, Sílvia.
Speaking of mothers,
have you heard from Inácio?
Did he call?
He texted the group.
That's good, right? He moved out,
but didn't forget he has a mom.
And I didn't forget I owe you one.
Let's go somewhere tomorrow?
-Go for a walk?
-What happened? Why the sudden change?
It's because you were gone
for too long, you know?
And you're more tanned on this side.
-I think you should take more care of me.
Of our life. I'm needy, honey.
You're needy?
I want to watch it too.
I was gonna talk to you about this show.
-Oh, honey.
Come here, sit down. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I bought this yesterday.
I forgot to tell you.
-I'm sorry.
-No worries.
-Let me grab some ice.
-No, that's okay.
Let me grab some ice. Hold on.
It will never happen again.
I think I won't be able to walk
for a few years.
-I'm worried.
-I don't need any ice.
I'll get too spoiled.
-You'll get spoiled, huh?
-That's okay.
Really. Just a little.
What's wrong?
They are big.
I'm PMSing, Inácio.
I'm gonna get my period.
You notice everything.
What's wrong? You don't like it?
No, you look hot.
Your call is being forwarded
to a voicemail
and could be charged after the tone.
Hi, Marcos. It's Débora, your aunt.
I'm worried about you.
Can you call me back? Okay?
Please. We're here.
I left him a ton of messages.
He doesn't call me back.
Nelson is a jerk.
He probably scared the kid.
Yeah, and he sees my number.
So he sees it, but he's not picking up.
Use my phone.
-Your call is being forwarded to
-I give up.
And I can't even call Liana.
She won't answer either.
I thought you and Liana were best friends.
What happened? What went wrong?
-They had an affair, right?
It wasn't an affair.
It was a one-night stand.
But he misbehaved.
Liana never forgave him. And I was
Eudora, it's very confusing.
Don't feel that way.
You're incredible. I like you.
They say people never forget
how to ride a bike.
Man, if I fall, it's your fault.
Relax. The doctor said
to lead a normal life.
-Go. I'm holding you.
-Wait, man. Don't let go.
-I'm not letting go.
-I knew you could do it.
-Hey, Mateus.
Marcos! That's great!
You can do it.
Hey, that's great, Marcos!
Hit the brakes.
-Are these the brakes?
They are in the front.
There. That's right.
Man, it's so good.
I taught you. Do you remember?
Should we race to the gate?
Let's do it. You start.
I passed!
You'll have to work hard
to catch up to me.
What's wrong?
I just want you to be happy.
My dad.
I remembered him.
Where is he, Mateus?
Where is he?
Why isn't he here with us?
-Is he dead?
He's out of town.
For work, he's out of town.
-Hi, Cláudia.
-Hi, Congressman. How are you?
-Tomás, please.
Tomás, how is our project
for mandatory religious education
for ex-convicts coming along?
I was just working on it.
It's going great.
It just needs a few more details.
I'm still making some remarks.
Great. When it's ready,
print it and put it on my desk.
I saw some of your videos.
Your story is really impressive.
You have almost 100 thousand followers?
Yeah, I hope to have more.
Listen, at the next campaign event,
I want you with me.
It'll be an honor, Congressman.
One more thing.
A friend of mine will contact you.
Lucy Resende. Do you know her?
Lucy Resende?
Lucy has a show on an important channel
for the political party.
She's very interested in your story
and wants to interview you.
She speaks directly to our people, Tomás.
And when you talk to her,
mention me, of course.
-Of course.
-Let me answer.
-Yes, Glória.
-Is he still in hospital?
No. He's home, but he's still recovering.
And Mateus is with his brother.
Guys, listen,
if anyone can give them their homework,
it would be a huge help, okay?
It's time to show some solidarity.
Solidarity, the magic word.
Well, let's get back to our workshop.
We need to prepare
for the poetry championship,
and that means practicing.
Come on. Who wants to start?
Anyone? Guys!
The topic was courage, right?
That's right.
Excuse me.
-Very courageous.
wrote something.
Is giving up the easy way out?
I get up and walk not just for myself
But for us
What moves me
It's what's in front of us, waiting for us
I continue, I believe
I trust
With my brother by my side
There's no bad time or wasted time
It's love
Real life
Wow! Amazing!
Oh, so cute!
Believe me, you nailed it.
It was great, I mean it.
The junior year is very excited
about the workshop. It's very creative.
The students are loving it,
and the parents are complementing it.
See? I told you, didn't I?
Our main location wants something similar.
Oh, great! But wait a minute.
You're advertising me, is that it?
You've been highly rated,
and they want you there.
What do you think?
How about teaching at a big school?
No. I don't think a transfer
would be good for me.
But if there's anything
I can do to help, you know.
Especially when it comes to art,
you know you can count on me, right?
It's hard.
Don't worry, okay?
I've written down the homework,
and I'll text him the pics.
Thanks, Júlia. That will help.
I wanted to come here today.
I was anxious at home, you know?
And how is he?
He's okay.
He remembered a bike ride
we had with our father.
I mean, with Tomás.
With your dad, right?
But I didn't correct him.
He said "our father," Tomás,
and I didn't say anything.
I think he's starting
to remember things that happened
before we knew our story, you know?
If only we could lose our memory
and only remember the good things.
I think everything would be lighter.
Don't you think?
What do you want?
-You want to lie to your brother?
-No, it's not lying.
It's about highlighting the positives.
Isn't it better to remember
the good stuff?
He forgot Oscar,
erased what was bad in his mind.
He remembers the father he liked.
I got nervous
when he remembered my father.
But he was so shocked
that I couldn't tell him the truth.
Can we skip the bad part of our story?
If he can't remember,
why do we need to tell him?
It's not the right thing to do.
We can't hide from him who he really is.
I can't do that again.
I won't. I won't do it.
But it's just until he recovers, Mom.
We'll tell him little by little,
give him some time, you know?
Don't you think it's better?
We'll reset his hard drive
and tell him little by little.
Trust me. It'll be good.
Man, you haven't moved.
So? Let's play ball, do something?
Not now.
Man, I find it really funny.
The families on TV,
it seems like they're always partying.
Were we like that too?
Yeah. We have a lot of great pictures.
-Yes, want to see them?
I do.
I found it.
Look, us at futsal.
You were the best in the group.
Jersey number ten. Do you remember
which leg you used to kick?
With the left?
Yeah, you had a great left kick.
There. Our tenth birthday.
What kind of cake did I have?
Carrot with chocolate truffle.
Mine was chocolate.
What's up, Mom?
Wow! You look the same.
What a wonderful compliment.
What about Dad? Is he always so serious?
Yes, he's serious.
Who is this guy?
Vicente, Aunt Sílvia's husband.
-Uncle Vicente.
-Look at his face.
Grandpa Jonas, Grandma Olinda.
This is Grandma Norma, she lived with us.
You remember her, right?
Marcos is restless.
Mateus is observant.
They're both very sensitive.
I'm expecting the baby
I've desired most in my life.
And I'm pregnant with
with a baby I reject,
that I don't want to have.
What do I do now, Mom?
Am I going to hell?
You'll pay on Earth. On Earth.
Hey, are you okay?
Liana, did you eat something today?
-Not yet.
Do you want me to make you
something to eat?
No, I can't.
I don't wanna eat, Dante. Thank you.
This thing Mateus is proposing,
do you think it's a good idea?
Lie to Marcos?
It's not lying.
We've only told him
about the good things, the good memories.
But that's lying.
But the point is Marcos is feeling weak.
I can't tell him that story
But it's his story.
Liana, Marcos almost died.
He needs to know who he really is.
-It's his right.
-Mateus wants to protect his brother.
Maybe if we wait for him
to recover before telling him.
But that's life.
Life has good things and bad things.
You can't protect your son with lies.
I think it's better to wait
until he's stronger.
I can't believe you're going along
with this story.
Listen, Liana, I
I don't think I can help.
-Stop judging me.
-It's not that.
You're important to me. I like you.
It won't work.
The way I'm feeling,
it's not gonna work right now.
Okay. Do you want me to leave?
I don't want Marcos to see you here.
Dante, listen.
We are taking care of my brother
in the way we believe is best.
You know?
I get it.
Look, this protection you've come up with
That won't last long.
When Marcos finds out,
he'll feel betrayed
by the people he trusted the most.
Oh, thanks, Dad.
Oh, Mom called me yesterday.
And is she okay?
She said she misses me a lot.
Well, but you'll see
each other soon, right?
Vacation is coming up.
I wish I lived closer to Mom.
Can't you work in São Paulo, Dad?
Inácio is not coming.
Can you believe that?
I'm upset. It was all planned.
-It must be Bia's fault.
-What's wrong with her?
I don't know. She's not feeling well.
It's the perfect excuse. What can you say?
No, Bia wouldn't do that, Sílvia.
She might be tired, maybe had a rough day.
That happens to you too.
You're always busy, you get tired too.
-Hi, Dad.
-Hi, honey.
Turn on the TV.
Your brother is being interviewed
on a show called Voices and Words.
-My ex-wife got pregnant with twins.
-Okay, call me later. Kisses.
But I'm only the father of one, not both.
She cheated on me.
And yet, I tried to raise
the other child as my own.
Explain to us this remarkable phenomenon.
Heteropaternal superfecundation.
One of the twins is my son,
and the other is my ex-wife's lover's son.
Why is this man humiliating
his family like this?
-I know.
-I know it sounds like bullshit.
I actually brought Here. This one first.
The DNA test results that my ex-wife's
lover did to blackmail me. There it is.
You know, I have no right to hide
the truth from anyone.
Lucy, I committed a crime.
-Oi, Júlia.
-Hi, Liana. How are you?
I'm good.
Júlia, Marcos still isn't feeling well.
-We just wanna talk, Mom.
-Mateus, I don't wanna be a bother.
If your mom prefers, I can return later.
What's up?
What's up, Marcos?
-I know you.
-See, Mom?
-It's Júlia, Marcos.
-I'm here to see how you're doing.
You go to the same school, son.
Do you remember?
Come in, it's nice.
I remember.
What's wrong, Marcos? Are you okay?
My head.
What? Let me get a glass of water.
I remember.
What do you remember? Something good?
Come in, it's nice.
The waterfall.
You kissed me.
No, it was Pâmela.
Oh, I'm sorry. I got confused.
No, you're not confused.
Pâmela is your ex,
but you kissed Júlia too. Right, Júlia?
That's nonsense, Mateus.
Yeah, why are you hiding? Come on!
I have a girlfriend?
What's going on here?
You like me, Júlia?
Yeah, she's here to see you, isn't she?
What happened?
She was probably embarrassed.
Hey, Júlia!
-Have you lost your mind, Mateus?
-What a stupid joke.
I don't know, he was so happy.
Why did you say I was his girlfriend?
-That was so bizarre.
-He always liked you.
-I didn't think you would be upset.
-Mateus, what about me?
Do you think that was nice for me?
I'm sorry.
Hi, Mom.
I'm at Mateus', but I'm leaving.
I don't have the right
to hide the truth from anyone.
Lucy, I committed a crime.
But God had a purpose for me.
It seems crazy,
but it's actually very simple.
One of the twins is my son,
and the other is my ex-wife's lover's son.
I was one of the first people
to see the boys' DNA tests.
What's that?
It's Cláudia, Mom. Do you remember her?
I think she collected our saliva
for the DNA test.
At the club, when we were little.
I remember.
But it was a life built on lies.
That woman is pathetic.
-I couldn't take it.
-Tomás is very dedicated.
-Of course they are together. Jerks.
Mateus is a boy
How does Tomás think
he can expose me like that?
-I'm very proud of him.
-Marcos can't see this.
Let me see what he's saying, Mateus.
We actually met recently.
Mateus, son,
if you're hearing or watching this,
never forget that.
I love you.
He must be joking.
He's a motherfucker, man!
He's doing that
to get your attention. Calm down.
He's selfish, Mom!
He never cared about us, Mom! Never.
Fuck, man.
I wish Dad was here, you know?
Are you still married?
Why are you worried about that?
No reason.
I just wish we were all together.
The four of us.
Me, him, my brother
and you, Mom.
We We are gonna be together, okay?
Now I want you to get some rest.
-Get some rest.
Have a good night.
Good night, Mom.
Why did you say Júlia
was your brother's girlfriend?
She's upset.
I don't know, I did it for him.
It didn't make any sense.
It wasn't nice for him or her.
You're gonna get hurt.
She's your girlfriend.
I can't stand seeing him like this.
I just want him to be okay.
He's getting better.
But you went too far today, Mateus.
And you're taking me down with you.
It won't work.
Yes, it's me.
Yes, I saw it.
No, I'm not interested
in recording anything.
No, I'm not interested.
-Who was that?
-A journalist.
From the show.
They want a statement from Tomás' son.
This must be a joke. It's unbelievable.
Create a new hashtag.
"See the real Tomás."
Let's promote that
until it's time for the show.
What a hit, huh?
Another invite. You're doing great.
Will Mateus agree to give the statement?
Huh, love?
Good morning.
-What a surprise.
-I want to talk to Tomás.
Do you think you can just barge
into my house like this?
What about you?
You can talk about me on TV?
You can expose me?
Tomás can be a jerk to me?
Tomás just told the truth.
I want to talk to him.
-Call Tomás, Cláudia.
-Don't yell.
Talk to me. I'm his woman.
So, tell him, errand girl
Tell him to forget me.
Tell him to stop looking for me.
My son is at home
recovering from an accident.
There's a second-class journalist
calling my house.
Now she's after Mateus.
Mateus will give a statement
if he wants to.
Aren't you ashamed?
You were my sons' coach.
You helped Oscar collect a test
without my permission.
You helped Oscar stalk me.
After all that shit,
Tomás gets out of prison,
and you throw yourself at him?
You didn't suspect a thing, did you?
You waited a long time
for Tomás, you fool.
I've been with him a lot longer
than you think.
Tomás doesn't owe you anything.
Get out of here, Liana.
Get out.
You are a monster.
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