Destiny (2024) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

Let's run away.
Just the two of us.
She seems to have turned off her phone,
and we can't get a hold of her.
Can you stay like this?
I don't mind dying
if I'm with you, Kanade.
Promise me.
Don't go away again.
Are you feeling any discomfort?
Kanade? Can you hear me?
I knew this would happen from the start.
I still don't think
Masaki Nogi is the arsonist.
Then gather the evidence to prove it.
Wouldn't this car have a dashcam?
It might be this man.
When there was a fire at Mr. Nogi's house,
what were you doing in front of the house?
You were recorded on a dashcam.
What is this?
Masaki tried to cover for me.
Yuki, did you
Hey, what's going on?
You have a guest over?
Uhh Umm
Where do you want to go?
Want to go to that casual restaurant?
Really? Can we go there?
But I already brushed my teeth.
It's okay.
-Let's go.
You asked Mr. Nogi
to refer you to a new law firm?
This is embarrassing to talk about.
I was included on the list of dismissals
at my old law firm.
I went to a bar association seminar,
thinking I should do something.
Are you Mr. Yuki Umeda?
Do you have a minute to talk?
Looking back, Mr. Nogi might have known
that I would be there.
We had a talk,
and he asked me a lot about Masaki.
He was very concerned
about your father.
He even knew
about me getting fired.
I've heard that you are experiencing
some hardships at the moment.
I can help you if you would like.
But after that,
Mr. Nogi completely stopped contacting me.
I tried to get in touch many times
but no reply.
I felt like he wasn't serious
about helping me get a job.
And then
I was fired from my law firm,
and couldn't get hired anywhere else.
It made me terribly anxious.
Is that why
I just couldn't give up on the idea.
So that night
I went to Mr. Nogi's house.
Uh, pardon me for disturbing you at night.
My name is Umeda, and I'm a lawyer.
Is Mr. Nogi home?
It's me speaking.
M-Mr. Nogi? It's me, Umeda.
I know this might be rude,
but could I please speak with you,
even for just a little bit?
It's about a job referral
as we discussed before.
I'm sorry, but I have company
at the moment.
Then, when would be better?
I will contact you later.
I thought he didn't want to deal with me
so he made up a lie about having company.
Of course,
I knew that what I was doing
totally lacked common sense.
But I didn't feel like going straight home
so I wandered around that area.
I even thought to myself
I was never cut out to be a lawyer
to begin with.
My thoughts went that far back.
You shouldn't say that.
You passed the bar exam, didn't you?
I passed because
I was so desperate at the time.
When I was in law school,
Tomo became pregnant.
So we decided to get married.
Then Tomo told me
she wasn't going to take the bar exam.
She was studying so hard for it.
She did so much better than me,
there was no doubt she'd pass.
You know
I'm not good at dealing
with other people's problems.
Being a lawyer
stresses me out so much,
and it's exhausting for me.
I had to do it for Tomo and Nozomi.
That was my motivation.
I went to Mr. Nogi's house one more time.
You went back?
What was I doing?
People would think I'm a burglar!
Just when I was realizing
how bad it looked
What were you doing?
Hey, wait!
It's him! He's getting away!
Yuki, did you
No, Masaki.
-Just go.
I even caused Masaki
to suspect me of setting it.
I felt so pathetic.
But I ran like hell.
I ran faster than I ever did in my life.
As if my life depended on it.
The next day,
I found out on the news
that Masaki had been arrested.
you mean you were there by accident,
and you had nothing to do with the fire?
It wasn't me.
I swear to God, I didn't do it.
And Masaki
covered for you?
Why didn't you tell anybody?
-Not even to Tomo?
-I wanted to tell her!
So many times.
But at that moment,
I found out that Mr. Nogi
had been looking for a law firm for me.
-Tomo was so excited.
-International Cultural Law Firm?
That's awesome! That's great!
So you couldn't tell her at all?
I felt so truly sorry for Masaki
this whole time, but
in this situation,
even if I tell the police what happened,
there's nothing to back up my story.
I can't prove my innocence.
If I got arrested,
what would happen to Tomo and Nozomi?
I-I was terrified.
that's the reason
Masaki has been detained now.
And in such ill health.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
It's not me you need to apologize to.
It's all because of my weakness
I feel pathetic.
What's the matter? Why aren't you eating?
Is Dad in some kind of trouble?
What? Why?
No, he isn't.
No matter what happens,
I'm on Mom and Dad's side.
I'll protect you, Mom.
Hey. Everything's fine.
There's nothing to worry about.
So go ahead and eat.
I'll turn myself in.
If something
happens to me for any reason
will you watch over Tomo and Nozomi?
Don't worry.
As your friend,
I believe what you just told me.
But you know,
I'm a prosecutor.
I can't just accept your words as is.
All I can do
is seek out the truth.
To prove you are both innocent,
I promise you I'll find out the truth.
The next morning,
Yuki turned himself in
at Yokohama Minami Police Station.
He is not in a condition to speak then.
Yes, unfortunately
But he is making progress.
I see.
We're lucky he's regained consciousness
from the state he was in.
Excuse me.
So it's still impossible
to interview Koichiro Nogi?
Yes. Even though he's the only one
aware of how the fire started.
How about Yuki Umeda
who turned himself in?
He says Masaki Nogi isn't the arsonist,
he is lying to protect him.
But Umeda himself
is also denying that he did it.
Did you question Masaki Nogi yet?
Not yet.
How is his health?
So far, there's no change.
it is certain that he needs treatment.
I see.
Please enter.
It was the first time
seeing him since that day.
We went back
to being a prosecutor and a suspect.
Please have a seat.
This morning,
lawyer Yuki Umeda turned himself in
at Yokohama Minami Police Station.
He will be asked
to come to the police station
as a witness,
but Yuki Umeda says
that he didn't commit the arson.
Koichiro Nogi, your father,
had promised to refer Umeda for a job.
Umeda says he went to the Nogi residence
because he hadn't received any replies.
But your father refused to meet Umeda
due to having a visitor at the time.
Were you at the Nogi residence
at that time?
Uh, pardon me for disturbing you at night.
My name is Umeda, and I'm a lawyer.
Is Mr. Nogi home?
It's me speaking.
M-Mr. Nogi? It's me, Umeda.
I know this might be rude,
but could I please speak with you,
even for just a little bit?
It's about a job referral
as we discussed before.
I'm sorry, but I have company
at the moment.
Then, when would be better?
I will contact you later.
I heard you asked him
how to get in touch with me.
What are you trying to get from him?
You didn't even give me
a chance to talk to you.
There's nothing I can tell you.
Don't pry with stupid questions.
What the hell is this?
Listen to me, Masaki.
Don't stick your nose
into this matter anymore.
What do you mean?
He asked me if I could give him
an introduction for a job.
He asked you?
I plan on finding him
a suitable law firm, or rather,
somewhere better than he deserves.
At any rate,
you seem to have a lot of odd friends.
Even in their thirties,
they're all juvenile and naive.
You are too.
Mr. Umeda is too.
So is that prosecutor, Kanade Nishimura.
And that girl Kaori Oikawa.
She even came to my office and
Don't speak ill of my friends.
Kaori and Kanade
just wanted to know
about that case of yours.
If you weren't involved in that case
Kaori wouldn't have
That's what I mean by juvenile.
Losing your friend
was extremely tragic.
But what does it have to do with me?
Calm down and think about it.
That accident happened
because she was being too emotional.
It's not your fault either.
You were only seated beside her.
Masaki, you need to grow up a little.
You were the one
who was supposed to take over our family.
But look at you.
When and where did you go wrong
to end up like this?
Don't let that voice recorder concern you.
I'll say it again.
Don't stick your nose
into this any further!
Whatever you do
Shut up!
I don't have
any time left.
What do you mean?
didn't want to become like you.
That's all.
Mr. Nogi.
Are you listening?
Yuki wasn't the arsonist.
didn't do it.
You didn't know this fact,
and yet you were trying
to protect Yuki Umeda?
You covered for him
and said you did it
to an officer patrolling the area,
and were arrested at the scene.
I'll ask you one more time.
Did you commit arson?
I didn't.
Then why did you say you did?
Because I'm an idiot.
You should know by now, prosecutor.
I'm pretty stupid.
I'm stupid,
but at that time,
it was the most
important thing for me.
The interrogation is finished.
You will be released tomorrow.
You haven't been completely cleared
of the charges.
you are seriously ill now.
Your admission to a hospital
is the condition of your release.
You must go to the hospital right now.
Masaki has been released?
Was his case dismissed?
He's out, on condition
he checks into a hospital.
But until the real culprit is discovered,
the disposition will be pending.
How is Yuki doing?
Being summoned by the police
so many times is bringing him down.
I see.
I still can't believe
Masaki was covering for Yuki.
Well, most people would lie
to cover up their own crimes.
Yuki brought it on himself.
He went to Mr. Nogi's house uninvited
and was mistaken for an arsonist.
They're pretty much the same.
They both did dumb things.
What on earth were they thinking?
What were they thinking?
As I was saying that,
an idea came to mind.
Maybe Masaki thought
he should take the blame
as a way of making amends.
He probably felt that
he didn't have very long to live
so he shouldtake the blame
to save Yuki and Tomo.
In his mind,this was atonement
for Kaori who died,
and for us who lost our friend.
As well as
for me and my father.
Kanade, you're the same too.
I mean,
you suddenly disappeared with Masaki.
I guess I did some dumb things too.
I'm barely hanging on to my job.
It's a wonder I'm still a prosecutor.
Don't you know, Kanade?
Know what?
Takashi lied for you.
When he got a call from the branch chief,
he said you were sleeping.
He made an excuse for you.
Isn't that why you didn't get in trouble?
The fish that got away was pretty big,
wouldn't you say?
I know.
I'll never find anybody as nice as him.
I bet most people don't know
that prosecutors can be idiots too.
I'm a young girl after all.
I suffer from relationship problems too.
Did you say "young girl"?
-No, I didn't.
-You did.
I did? Really?
What? No.
-You said "young girl."
-I said "young girl?"
I can't believe I said that.
Me neither.
It's been so long
since we were able
to talk together like this.
Hey. Why don't you sleep over tonight?
I don't want to be alone.
Are you really asking
for that much pampering?
I guess not.
Do you know I have an unemployed husband
being questioned by the police,
and a kid?
I don't think I can handle
looking after you too.
Absolutely not.
These are the times
I wish Kaori were around.
Three of us could talk.
Though we wouldn't have been able
to tell her all this.
If we had told her,
she would have made such a fuss.
You're right.
I would have liked to meet
a more mature Kaori.
Me too.
Doctor, are you saying
I should get surgery right away?
That's my opinion.
What would happen if I don't?
The hematemesis from the small intestine
was caused by cancer metastasizing.
Besides the small intestine,
we can see it spreading
to the bile duct and part of the liver.
Surgically removing it
is the best option.
Without surgery,
will I die?
It's not certain,
but if you don't do anything,
it is a high probability.
can I ask you something?
What is it?
Why are you trying
to save me?
I'm the guy
who ran away with your fiancée.
Why extend help to someone like me?
That fact
and the fact that you're my patient
are not connected.
As a doctor,
I prioritize treating you.
I see.
And you operating on me
means you'll have my life in your hands.
That's true.
Your life
would be in my hands.
I can let you
live or die.
According to the police,
Yuki Umeda is still denying
that he set the fire.
Didn't Umeda see anybody
who might be the actual culprit?
No, he's saying he didn't see
anybody suspicious.
The Nogi residence
was already in flames when he noticed it.
Masaki Nogi also denied setting the fire.
Masaki Nogi once testified
that he spread gasoline around, right?
Yes, but that seems to be a lie he made up
to cover for Yuki Umeda.
That means both Masaki Nogi and Yuki Umeda
are almost certainly innocent.
There are no clues
about the real arsonist.
I guess we're back to square one.
Come in.
Excuse me.
Branch chief, Ms. Nishimura.
They are allowing visitors
to see Koichiro Nogi.
I'll go talk to him.
Are you here to see Mr. Nogi?
Oh, yes.
Those flowers are lovely.
He's been receiving many bouquets
since moving to this room.
Who is it from?
We don't know. There is no name attached.
I'm coming in.
Mr. Nogi, you've got flowers again.
Thank you.
Pardon me, sir.
Masaki has been released?
It's clear that he covered for Yuki Umeda
whom he ran into at the scene.
Masaki was only saying he did it
to protect him.
Mr. Umeda set the fire?
No, he probably didn't do it either.
Mr. Nogi.
I'm sorry to be questioning you
while you're just recovering,
but I need to ask you one thing.
Mr. Nogi,
do you have any idea who set the fire?
We're speculating
that the culprit brought
a plastic fuel can to the garage area,
spread gasoline around,
and lit it on fire.
This was a vicious crime
that burned your house down completely
and might have taken your life.
Can you think of anybody
who holds a grudge against you?
Someone who holds a grudge against me?
There are so many people.
Only fate knows which one.
Although in my mind, I was prepared
for something like this to happen.
I see.
If you think of anything
or remember anything, please call us.
I'll come here again.
Please take care.
Is Masaki sick?
So, that's why
he came to see me?
I think so.
He probably wanted
to have a sense of closure
about various things in the past.
He tried
in his own way.
So you were the first person
who saw the fire and reported it?
Yes. I made a delivery to a home
close to where the fire broke out.
On the way back,
I noticed the flames
and hurried to call 119 for an emergency.
What time was that?
I already informed the detective
the other day,
but about ten at night.
I already submitted
the photos of the sales slip
and the contactless delivery
on that night.
This must be it.
That night,
did you see anybody suspicious
near the Nogi residence?
How can I tell
if somebody's suspicious or not?
Does that mean you remember
anyone passing by?
I don't remember.
People came out to see. That's it.
Did you talk to them?
Enough! Why do I have to answer
the same questions over and over?
You're making me miss work!
Please calm down.
Why are you telling me to calm down?
I had nothing to do with the fire.
Could you please look at this?
-Photo of a contactless delivery.
The reflection in the window.
Doesn't it look like a human face?
And this red portion.
Possibly a plastic fuel can?
I think it could be.
Please get this image analyzed.
This is Nishimura.
Oh, the face is visible now?
Yes, we got the face
to be discernable somehow.
No results came up
in our criminal records database.
the item visible from the bag
was indeed a fuel can.
Good news, but still,
the identity of the man is unknown.
Anyway, I'll send the image to you.
You're right. It's hard to determine
the culprit from just this.
His clothes aren't distinctive either.
We will conduct interviews again
based on this photo.
Yes, please do so.
We must find out something.
That photo is the only clue
we have so far.
I'm here to get my stuff.
I'm sorry.
I caused you so much trouble.
Not just that
but for everything.
I'll probably be operating on him
when the surgery is scheduled.
Did he agree to it?
He still seems to be unsure.
What he needs now is the will to live.
He needs to have hope
for whatever future he will have.
How are you doing?
I can't even tell if I'm keeping
a cool head like you, Takashi.
I'm not really cool-headed.
I'm just trying to hold myself together
as a physician.
It's actually a struggle.
So Kanade,
you shouldn't give up your job
of being a prosecutor.
I know how hard you've worked
to become one
after hitting rock bottom.
What's the matter?
It's because you were there for me.
It's just hot water, but it will warm you.
This is good.
Oh, so you passed it. The bar exam.
Your efforts paid off.
In the end,
I couldn't do anything.
I don't remember much
of what happened after that.
It was morning before I knew it.
I heard people cheering banzai on TV.
In the recent presidential election
of the Democratic Liberal Party,
Lower House member Shotaro Azuma
was elected party president.
He is the elder son
of former prime minister Tadao Azuma.
If Mr. Azuma becomes the prime minister,
he would be Japan's second-ever
second-generation prime minister.
Mr. Azuma visited his constituents
for the first time since being elected
Shotaro Azuma.
He was accused of bribery
in the environmental energy
corruption case 20 years ago.
My father was in charge of the case.
That same man is now
about to become prime minister.
I have been proceeding with great effort
-Not guilty.
-In the end,
diet member Azuma was found not guilty.
And my father
Diet member Shotaro Azuma
takes the office of party president
with overwhelming support from the party.
Mr. Azuma will be leading the country
in the future, and
Those flowers are lovely.
He's been receiving many bouquets
since moving to this room.
That man!
That man was the secretary
of Shotaro Azuma's father,
Tadao Azuma,
who was a former prime minister.
Shall we talk outside?
We should leave this place.
Where are you going?
Who are you calling?
Excuse me.
for a better Japan.
I have been proceeding with great effort
Thanks to all your generous support,
I was able to become
What do you want?
Mr. Nogi.
That case my father was involved in
and the arson.
Aren't they connected in some way?
Not only that,
but Kaori's accident
and Masaki's disappearance as well.
Please tell me
the truth.
Subtitle translation by: Ikuko Sachs
That man tried to kill you.
Everything was concocted by him.
I don't remember.
Were you convinced by it, Kanade?
I only fulfilled my duty.
That's the real battle.
I shouldn't turn around.
We were never destined to meet.
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