Destiny (2024) s01e09 Episode Script

Episode 9

You will be released.
You must go to the hospital right now.
Doctor, are you saying
I should get surgery right away?
I can let you
live or die.
That man!
Mr. Nogi.
That case my father was involved in
and the arson.
Aren't they connected in some way?
Not only that,
but Kaori's accident
and Masaki's disappearance as well.
Please tell me
the truth.
What makes you think that?
This is a photo taken
by the delivery staff
as proof of contactless delivery
on the day of the fire.
Here you can see
the plastic fuel can filled with gasoline
that was used to start the fire.
And this man
was seen at the inaugural press conference
of diet member Shotaro Azuma.
The man is Yoji Akiba, the secretary
of Former Prime Minister Tadao Azuma.
Twenty years ago,
Diet member Shotaro Azuma
was arrested and indicted
in the environmental energy
corruption case.
He was acquitted in the end
because all the evidence in the trial
was overturned by you.
The arsonist who set fire to your house
is actually the secretary of Tadao Azuma,
the Former Prime Minister,
who is diet member Azuma's father.
Right now, the police are on the way
to bring in the secretary
for voluntary questioning.
Mr. Yoji Akiba.
We have some questions to ask you.
Come to the station, please.
This man
set fire to your house,
and tried to kill you.
It can't possibly be unrelated
to that corruption case 20 years ago.
What is the connection
between those two cases?
Mr. Nogi.
There must be facts that only you know.
You've reached that point, I see.
If it's all right,
let me tell you
a little bit about that time.
At the time,
I was an attorney
who had just set up my own law firm.
Environmental energy corruption case
Here you go, sir.
Before the trial began,
I was suddenly called
to the office
of Former Prime Minister Azuma.
A mysterious e-mail?
My son says he has nothing to do with it.
It was "e-mail evidence"
that Shotaro Azuma, Tadao Azuma's son,
pressured a bureaucrat to do a favor
to Yamagami Heavy Industries.
The favor was to grant a subsidy
of 200 million yen.
Who knows where they got the e-mail from?
the prosecution used it as evidence
to steamroll an indictment against my son.
So this
is fake evidence
fabricated by the prosecution.
It's a false accusation.
False accusation?
You started as a prosecutor.
So you know their methods well.
I'm asking you please.
I need your help on this matter.
In order to clear my son's name,
I require your expertise!
Fabricating an e-mail to prove the crime.
It sounded far-fetched to me at first.
But if it was true,
it was absolutely impermissible.
I'd like to appeal to the judge
that this case is clearly fabricated.
It is clear that somebody
fabricated the e-mail.
The one who forced your statement
was Mr. Tsuji, the prosecutor in charge.
Wasn't the prosecution too overzealous
in their huge opportunity
of arresting a sitting Diet member?
Isn't that right?
And my client was found
not guilty in the trial.
I find the defendant not guilty.
At the moment,
I believed that justice had been served.
However, I learned later
Everything went according to plan.
your work was even better
than I had expected.
Let's keep in touch.
It turns out, from the beginning,
everything had been concocted by him.
He let the prosecution discover
that fake e-mail as evidence,
he made me question the evidence,
and win his son's acquittal.
Did he go to such lengths
to protect his son?
I would say less for his son,
more for his own position and power.
That's what's so frightening about him.
He believed his son's indictment
would incriminate him too,
so he blocked it.
He went so far as to fabricate an e-mail
and trap the prosecution with it.
My guess is that Yamagami Heavy Industries
gave huge amounts of money to him as well.
I was manipulated too
by Former Prime Minister Tadao Azuma.
This is Nogi.
Prosecutor Eisuke Tsuji
has committed suicide in his home.
He has passed away.
Mr. Tsuji
your father
was my superior whom I looked up to.
I knew his personality very well
and his work ethic.
I would be lying
if I said I didn't regret it.
Mr. Nogi.
Here you go.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
After that case,
I became more and more busy with work.
I was gaining fame as an attorney.
It was at that time
your friend came to visit me.
Was it Kaori?
Do you mean Mr. Tsuji's daughter?
They're classmates at the same university,
and I'm also their friend.
neither Masaki nor Kanade
knows about this case.
What if they found out?
What are you saying?
Who is this Kanade?
Like I said,
she's the daughter of Prosecutor Tsuji.
Are you okay with them dating?
It doesn't matter to me
who my son goes out with.
And this case is already in the past.
But is it really?
The more I look into it,
the more unusual it gets.
During the trial,
all the testimony was reversed.
Please reconsider.
The accident happened right after that.
I went to see your father
and heard everything.
What are you doing?!
Come on, stop! This is nuts!
Why won't you believe me?!
Maybe you could say she's also
one of the victims of that case.
And then
Masaki appeared in front of me.
Weren't you the one who killed him?
Did you kill Eisuke Tsuji?
Say something!
Even he started prying into that case.
I thought that that was the one thing
I really needed to prevent.
Around that time,
Former Prime Minister Azuma's
secretary Akiba
reached out to me.
Did you happen to meet
the daughter of Eisuke Tsuji recently?
I knew right away that he was
trying to silence me.
My house burned down soon after.
I nearly died.
And when I came to,
I was here in this room.
That same flower bouquet
is being delivered here
almost every day.
Thank you.
They were seriously trying
to get rid of me.
for better or worse
I survived.
I'm still alive, and I'm here
talking to you now.
Shotaro Azuma was chosen as the president
of the Democratic Liberal Party.
He'll be prime minister very soon.
Second generation prime minister.
The scenario turned out
just as his father had wanted it.
You did a really good job of finding this.
Prosecutor Nishimura.
You're still young.
You're young and honorable.
if you intend to fight
using that as your weapon,
I'm willing to put it all on the line
and cooperate.
Are you saying
you will help me?
If we were to do it,
now is the time.
I'm sure behind Akiba,
is that man.
Former Prime Minister,
Tadao Azuma.
This is my will
I'm leaving it behind.
You shouldn't say that
I mean as an attorney.
Maybe I
died in that fire.
Perhaps I was reborn.
Mr. Nogi,
while knowing he's risking
his life as an attorney,
told me everything.
His smile
looked a little bit like Masaki's.
Koichiro Nogi definitely said those words?
That means as we thought, Mr. Tsuji was
It's so regrettable.
There's another piece of evidence
linking the corruption case
from 20 years ago with Akiba's arson.
Assistant Officer Kaji
was in contact with Akiba.
He was given this cell phone by Akiba
and he was monitoring your movements.
Kaji was?
I'm sure he'll get disciplinary dismissal.
What a foolish thing he did
for a small amount of money.
Ms. Nishimura.
Akiba will be arrested
for arson of inhabited buildings
and sent to prosecutors shortly.
Through interrogation,
how far can you get towards the truth
in the environmental corruption case?
That is where
we truly fight.
You talked to him?
Then he's well enough to talk now.
He's made a smooth recovery so far.
What did you talk about?
The real culprit of the arson.
Not just that though.
I asked about that case.
During that case
my father was in charge of,
Mr. Nogi was manipulated by a certain man.
Which man?
I can't disclose it now, but
a certain politician.
Mr. Nogi
fought in court against my father
without knowing
that politician's ulterior motive.
Were you
convinced by him, Kanade?
Do you believe his words?
He'd say anything to convince you.
-That's his
There's something
Mr. Nogi told me.
What is it?
Masaki is a big fool.
sometimes I envy the way he lives.
I don't want to let him die.
I want him to stay alive.
No matter how much he hates me,
Masaki is my
precious son.
I believe Mr. Nogi.
Because I feel the same way as him.
I don't want you
to give up on staying alive.
Right now,
I'm very close
to getting the real perpetrator
who framed my father.
I'm certain I can get him.
You don't need to worry so much.
I'll get the surgery.
I was just afraid
of the scalpel going into me.
Being cut up by your fiancé
is scary, you know?
Maybe he'll cut off the anesthesia
during the procedure.
Just kidding.
You seriously have to stop
saying things like that!
I'm grateful.
Thanks for thinking about me this much.
And thanks for talking with him.
So, Prosecutor,
do your best.
If you're almost there,
don't stop until the end.
Former Prime Minister Azuma's
chief public secretary, Yoji Akiba.
He started his career as a part-timer
in his office when he was a student.
IN 2004
Promoted to secretary in 2004.
The environmental energy corruption case
was around the same time.
There's no doubt
Akiba is connected to the case.
But, we don't have definite proof yet.
Excuse me.
I'll clear out my desk and go home.
All right.
Hey, Kaji
I'm deeply sorry!
Tell me, weren't you using a cell phone
to communicate with Akiba?
Yes. He handed me
a flip phone for that purpose.
People often hold a grudge.
Excuse me.
I want to see the items
seized from Akiba's home.
I found it.
They're the same.
Ms. Nishimura, what's going on?
Why the flip phone?
The data on this device
had been completely erased.
It's not currently in use.
I see.
This was the cell phone used to fabricate
the e-mail in the corruption case.
The data was completely deleted
from this cell phone.
But Akiba was holding on to it.
That phone is not in use,
but he was paying the bill for it.
-Beats me. Maybe he was just being lazy?
Or he had some emotional attachment to it?
We should look into it.
Kanade said she has
an important interrogation today.
So she can't be here,
but she'll come as soon as she can.
Even if she were here,
it's not like she could oversee
in the operating room, right?
You guys can go too.
You don't need to be here.
Go hang out somewhere else.
Don't be like that.
We're friends, right?
-But you know
I haven't forgiven you.
I thought you set that fire.
Sorry about that.
I'm really sorry.
Mr. Nogi, we'll take you
to the operating room momentarily.
Okay. Thank you.
Take good care of Masaki.
I will.
The surgery will require a long time.
I'll take the utmost care.
I'm literally "a carp on a cutting board."
He's making jokes. He should be okay.
I'm counting on you, doctor.
-See you later.
Hang in there.
He's quite a guy.
I'm impressed.
I think
I'll take the bar exam.
I'm going to take the bar exam.
It's my turn to start working.
Where were you
on the night of September 1st
when Mr. Nogi's house was set on fire?
As I've said
I think I was on my way home
from the office.
Can you prove that?
Did you stop by anywhere?
I don't remember.
Aren't you the man
in this photo?
He just looks like me.
Arson of inhabited buildings
is a serious crime.
-attempted murder is
-I didn't do it.
Let me ask you a different question.
Doesn't this cell phone look familiar?
This is one of the items seized
from your home.
You must remember
the environmental energy corruption case
from 20 years ago.
Well, kind of.
You are the secretary
of Former Prime Minister Tadao Azuma.
His son, diet member Shotaro Azuma
was accused of bribery in that case.
In that case,
this e-mail was the decisive evidence
to indict him.
But, this e-mail turned out to be fake,
fabricated by an unknown person.
It caused a social uproar as a case
of false accusation by the prosecution.
What does that have to do with me?
Mr. Akiba.
Look at this cell phone,
and the cell phone used
to fabricate that e-mail.
Aren't they the same phone?
You have been paying the bill
for this unused cell phone for 20 years.
Why is that?
I don't know.
What you required
was not the cell phone itself,
but the data storage service.
It's a service from the mobile carrier
which stores your data
safely on their server.
Wasn't that the purpose
for continuing to pay for this phone?
And in the server,
we found old data
for the actual fake e-mail.
The date matches, as well as the wording.
After that case was closed,
you officially became
the secretary of Tadao Azuma.
What are you getting at?
In other words,
you were instructed
by Former Prime Minister Azuma
to fabricate this e-mail.
Wasn't it also him
who instructed you to set fire
to the Nogi residence as well?
He told you
to silence Mr. Nogi
because he was afraid he would expose him.
If I said that's correct,
would you be satisfied?
It will settle the score
for your father, right?
I'm not out to settle the score.
I am just seeking the truth
as a prosecutor.
It's my job to do so.
What's so funny?
I'm not laughing at you.
I'm laughing
at myself.
I kept it for protection
in case I needed to blackmail him.
It was my only weapon.
A protective amulet
against getting killed.
Who knew it would backfire like this?
I should have erased everything.
I should have.
It's finished.
His condition is very stable.
He's going to be okay.
How was the surgery?
The procedure went smoothly.
His recovery will depend
on his physical strength
and his will to live.
I'll do my best to follow up
so that he can recover.
If you'll excuse me.
Thank you.
From the bottom of my heart, thank you.
I'm a doctor.
I only fulfilled my duty.
Take care of him.
I'm alive.
You're alive.
You're alive.
I'm relieved.
On the 1st of last month,
attorney Koichiro Nogi's residence
was willfully set on fire.
Mr. Nogi was home at the time
and suffered serious injuries.
This is an update on the case.
Akiba was indicted
for arson of inhabited buildings
and attempted murder.
Former Prime Minister
Tadao Azuma was arrested
on a charge of instigating arson
of inhabited buildings
and attempted murder.
As a result of careful investigation,
we discovered that the case
of arson and attempted murder
was closely connected to the environmental
energy corruption case of 20 years ago.
And that was the motive for the arson.
The prosecutor in charge at the time,
Eisuke Tsuji,
was held responsible for the outcome.
This resulted in an extremely
heartbreaking incident.
This recent investigation
made clear that Eisuke Tsuji
did not indict diet member Shotaro Azuma
with the knowledge that
the e-mail evidence was fake.
It also became evident
that he did not utilize violence
or force a confession
during the interrogation.
When I grow up,
I'm going to help you with your work.
That's wonderful.
But it's pretty tough.
I'll work real hard!
Oh you will, won't you?
I can't wait.
I'll be looking forward to it.
To restore the honor
of Prosecutor Tsuji and his family,
I wanted to clarify those facts.
Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office
has arrested Former Prime Minister Azuma.
In addition, it has been proven that
Eisuke Tsuji, the prosecutor in charge of
the environmental energy corruption case
that happened 20 years ago,
did not fabricate evidence
or force a confession.
Mr. Tsuji has been exonerated
of these accusations.
Tomo. Yuki.
Hey, wasn't Masaki
supposed to come with you?
Wasn't he leaving the hospital today?
Yes, but
He said he was leaving without me.
That's all he said.
What is he thinking?
Can he walk all by himself?
I've no idea.
"Again" is right.
Oh, look.
Why do you always go off on your own?
Don't keep making us worry about you.
I was wondering how far I could go.
I wanted to challenge myself.
What if you collapsed on the way?
You only just got out of the hospital.
She's right.
Well, I'll deal with it when it happens.
I guess?
How about you?
Hmm? I'm done already.
I knew right away.
Masaki must have wanted
to talk to Kaori privately.
I wondered what he had said to Kaori.
I imagined it was about that day.
Hey, do you guys remember
how we all met each other?
In my case
it was Masaki cheating on a test.
Oh, right.
But by that time,
you all knew each other, right?
I was in the same class as Kaori.
She started talking to me, and
She suddenly grabbed my arm.
Tell me your name.
You startled me. What? Who are you?
Kaori suddenly grabbed my arm too!
You're Umeda, right?
I was in shock
because I thought she liked me.
You know that's impossible.
Who knows? Maybe at the time,
she was a little bit fond of me.
Sorry, but no way.
Huh? Seriously?
Masaki, do you have any memories?
I forgot.
You're totally my type.
Who are you?
why don't you be my friend?
Why are you smiling?
I don't think I can tell you.
What the hell? Tell me.
That thing? I won't ever tell you.
What's "that thing"?
-Hey, come on.
-No way.
Hey, you're still keeping secrets from me?
-Are you?
-Of course.
All right.
Now, come clean.
Is this an interrogation?
Do you want to eat katsudon?
-Yes, I would. Thank you.
Then it's Yuki's treat today.
I'm making it now.
-Get a job.
-Huh? Uh
I know you can do it.
That's a compliment.
Are you okay?
Aren't you tired?
Not at all.
It's true.
Masaki, where are you staying tonight?
My dad
My dad says
I should come home.
He moved to his vacation home.
He wants me to go recover there.
I see.
That's a good idea. You should.
You have to
get healthy.
I understand.
You're right.
I got it.
Thank you
for giving me
the will to live.
Bye then.
I shouldn't turn around.
from the beginning,
destiny never intended
Masaki and me to meet.
Our paths
will never cross.
Subtitle translation by: Ikuko Sachs
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