Detective Conan (1996) s02e09 Episode Script

A Cactus Flower Murder Case

A COLDFUSION & BAARO RELEASE As times change, difficult cases increase in number! Today's case is a manhunt! Don't put out the flames of love! He sees the truth in people's hearts, and looks like a kid but has the mind of an adult.
His name? Detective Conan! mienai ashita sagashite tesaguri de asette I search blindly for an unseen future Created by Gosho Aoyama "Detective Conan" Serialized in Shogakukan's "Weekly Shonen Sunday" Even though I get hurt by rushing kizutsuite-shimau kedo Planning Michihiko Suwa (Yomiuri TV) mirai wa deguchi no nai meiro nazotoki no puzzle no you ni The future is a maze without exit, like a puzzling riddle Character Design Masatomo Sudo Art Director Yukihiro Shibutani Art Design Hiroyuki Mitsumoto kiseki wa okinakute mo yume wa yuuki ni naru Even if a miracle doesn't occur, my dreams will give me strength Directors of Photography Hironobu Horikoshi Takahisa Ogawa Sound Director Katsuyoshi Kobayashi Music Producer Hiroki Horio (PolyGram) Music Katsuo Ono Feel your Heart meguru kisetsu no naka Feel your Heart—As the seasons change Music Opening Theme Performed by Arrangement Miki Muroi Tomohisa Kawazoe Lyrics Koichi Kaminaga/Tomohisa Kawazoe/Ryujin Inoue (Polydor) kimi e no akogare ga My longing for you Just my Love sono omoi ga Just my Love—That feeling Editor Teramitsu Okada (JAY FILM) Color Key Reiko Hirayama Associate Producer Satoshi Yokoyama Story Editor Jun'ichi Iioka Gives me an invisible strength mienai chikara kureru-kara Planning Support Toyohiko Okuyama Mitome Asai So my doubts and worries feel so small anytime mayoi mo nayami mo min'na maru de chissaku kanjiru don'na toki de mo Director Kenji Kodama Feel your Heart—As the seasons change Feel your Heart meguru kisetsu no naka Producers Michihiko Suwa (Yomiuri TV) Masahito Yoshioka (Tokyo Movie) Just my Love—That feeling Just my Love sono omoi ga Presented by Yomiuri TV Tokyo Movie Feel your Heart The Cactus Flower Murder Case The Cactus Flower Murder Case The Cactus Flower Murder Case The Cactus Flower Murder Case The Cactus Flower Murder Case The Cactus Flower Murder Case The Cactus Flower Murder Case The Cactus Flower Murder Case My name is Noriko Okaya.
I was hoping you could find the address of a man named Tsuyoshi Kitagawa-san.
Pardon my asking, but how are you two related? I met him in early June, during a trip to Shinshu I didn't think much of him at the time, but lately I've wanted to see him again.
Oh, I get it! You've fallen in love with him! Yes Well That's so sweet! Just a simple search.
No need for me here.
Here's some tea! Thank you.
Why's she so nervous? Do you have any clues or leads? Yes.
His license plate number and a quick sketch of him.
Oh! He's quite the unique individual! Alright, just leave it to me.
This sketch Thank you for your help.
This'll be a cinch! I can use his license plate number to get his address from the transportation office! Are you sure she really likes him? What're you trying to say? They say that when you draw someone's picture, your feelings for that person go into it.
Her drawing doesn't look very— Enough of your lip! Go do your homework and mind your own business! I'll be back.
See you later! Conan-kun.
You shouldn't get in the way of— Noriko Okaya-san, lives at— Stay out of his work! Alright! I already saw what I needed! A handkerchief.
Is it hers? I'll be back later! Conan-kun! Ugh! Let's see.
3-9-8 Sumire Lodge Bingo! Thanks for bringing me my handkerchief! Conan-kun.
Want some cocoa? Sure! Just a minute, then! You have a nice apartment! Thank you! Say, what's your job? Who, me? I used to work at a business firm, but now I'm taking a break.
Eh? How come? I got sick.
I'm recuperating now.
Kerosene? That's strange.
I don't see any gas heaters A can of mace.
Huh? What's that picture? It's dated May 19th Now, now.
Is a girl's apartment that rare for you? How embarrassing This was my boyfriend, until he dumped me a while ago So now I'm looking for a new boyfriend.
That man in the sketch sure seems different, though.
I'm thinking things might go smoother with a different type of person! That's enough about me.
Tell me about yourself.
I bet you have a girlfriend! No I didn't learn much about her Oh, well.
I guess I'll wait around for the old man.
But will he really find him that easily? One Week Later I haven't been to the aquarium in forever! Me neither! I hope I can pet the dolphins! Too bad about the weather.
It probably won't rain, though.
The old man's working again today? This Kitagawa guy moved without giving his new address to the transportation office.
This is gonna take awhile I thought it was strange she hired a detective when she already had his license plate number So that's what this really is It's Noriko-san! But why does she look so sad? Sorry! I just remembered I hafta do something! Wait, Conan! Conan-kun! Flowers and mourning clothes She's visiting a grave? I wonder whose grave it is.
It still looks new.
Oh, Noriko-san.
Hard to believe it's been six months already Yes How are you? Much better.
Thank you for everything you did.
No, all I did was help with your rehabilitation.
You did all the hard work.
What do you say we have coffee somewhere? I'm sorry, I need to hurry home.
Then let me drive you.
That's okay.
Thanks, though.
Noriko-san Hello! Oh, hello.
Whose grave is that? My friend's.
I figured it was that lady's boyfriend's grave.
It is.
He was both my friend and her fiancé.
Her fiancé? When did he die? "Yamaguchi Family Grave" Early June.
June?! No doubt about it! It was the guy in the picture! This was my boyfriend, until he dumped me a while ago Noriko-san lied about being dumped when her boyfriend was actually dead Why? Say, how did he die? A car accident.
The two were driving through scenic Shinshu when they drove into a cliff.
Pardon my asking, but how are you two related? I met him in early June, during a trip to Shinshu What does it mean?! Did she meet him when her fiancé caused the accident?! Have you ever heard the name Tsuyoshi Kitagawa? Eh? He drives a red sports car.
A red sports car?! What is it? No, nothing Tell me! It has to do with that lady! With Noriko-san?! Who exactly are you? I'm Conan Edogawa.
A detective! A detective? What a surprise.
To think that the famous Detective Mouri would have an assistant like you.
It was the only way to get you to talk.
So what are you investigating? I can't give any details, but could you start by giving me the name of Noriko-san's fiancé? His name was Tatsuo Yamaguchi.
He worked at the same company as she did.
Earlier, you seemed surprised when I mentioned a red sports car.
I heard her talking to the police after the accident A red sports car? Yes.
There was a young couple in it, chasing us.
We tried to lose them, but then— We did find two sets of tire tracks, but why would they do that? They were just harassing us.
At first they kept honking their horn from behind, and when we let them go ahead they swerved right in front of us.
Tatsuo-san tried to avoid them, but— Noriko-san Alright.
We're looking into the incident, but even if we do catch them, they'll probably get off easy.
How come?! Things might've been different had you actually collided, but as they are now, this would be deemed Yamaguchi-san's fault.
He was speeding, after all.
Do you remember the car's model or license plate number? Okaya-san? Then she answered clearly with "I don't remember.
" She said she didn't remember?! Yeah.
It was really hard on her.
She couldn't describe the couple very well either, and with no other leads, the police investigation ended after only a month.
So those clues Yes.
His license plate number and a quick sketch of him.
Oh! He's quite the unique individual! Noriko-san remembered his plate number and his face! Does the fact that she didn't tell the police mean that she's going to take matters into her own hands?! Saeki-san! What was the rehabilitation you and Noriko-san talked about?! I was the doctor in charge of her rehabilitation.
How did she seem at the time? She worked extremely hard.
What normally takes half a year, she did in three months.
It was amazing No doubt about it! Her lust for revenge inspired her to get better quickly! Saeki-san! Let's go see Noriko-san right now! Come on! Hurry! Conan-kun! I have to somehow change Noriko-san's feelings before the old man finds this Kitagawa guy! But how— Ouch! Oh, sorry! That's a Shakoba Cactus needle! It must've gotten there when I recently took one to a friend's house.
A Shakoba Cactus? Was it Yamaguchi-san's?! He had raised cactuses since he was a kid.
I took all of them in after the accident, but someone asked for one, so I'd like to share them with Noriko-san, but that would only remind her of him So she doesn't know I have them.
Wait! Shakoba Cactuses are also known as Christmas Cactuses! What if—! Say, is your house far from here?! No, it's on the way to Noriko-san's place.
Then let's stop by there first! Eh? Looks like she's not home yet.
That's odd.
There's no telling when the old man will contact her, so she should be at home! Don't tell me he's already found the address?! Mouri Detective Agency.
Oh, you're home? Did you find out the guy's address already? Yep, sure did! Wasn't easy, either! I wore the bottoms off of my shoes! Who is it? Conan-kun? I just got off the phone with her.
Dammit! But the guy's already living with some chick, so I guess she's out of luck— Give me the address, too! What for?! Hurry, before that couple gets killed! What?! katamuite-yuku hizashi ga nagai sakamichi terashite-iru The last rays of sunlight flow down the long hill kimi wa hitori de hashiru kawaita nodo osaete You run up it alone, despite your parched throat motsuresou ni naru ashimoto akirame ga mada osoikakaru Feeling about to stumble anytime, the desire to give up floods back yosoku dekinai happening kidou hazureta yume Events you could never expect have thrown your dream off course kokoro kowareteku itami no naka But when your heart's falling apart from the pain Losers! wasurenaide-hoshii koko ni iru-kara Never forget that I'm always here for you Damn! Tatsuo-san! Noriko-san probably went to the transportation office on her own to find Kitagawa's address.
Unable to find his new address, she hired the old man! If she was that intent on rehabilitation, then there's probably no stopping her from wanting vengeance! How is she planning to get revenge, anyway?! Say, did Yamaguchi-san die instantly? No.
He was still alive after he smashed into the cliff.
He burned to death.
Burned?! The car's gasoline ignited before he could be pulled out Aha! That wasn't kerosene at all! It was probably gasoline! It's you! It sounds like you remember me.
What do you want?! That accident wasn't our fault! I don't need your excuses; you're both going to die now.
What?! What was that for?! You two are human scum! Get ready to die! You're going to suffer exactly like my boyfriend did! You're the crazy one! Conan-kun! The roof! This is probably the only way to calm her feelings! Stop! What are you doin'?! Stop right there! Noriko-san! Stop this foolishness! Stay back! Please! Doing this won't bring Yamaguchi-san back! I know that! But this is all I can do! Don't do it! Light it on fire and you'll be injured too! I don't care! I have no future now that Tatsuo-san is gone! The least I can do is make these people pay Whew, I'm pooped Conan-kun This Shakoba Cactus sure is pretty! They bloom in the winter, so in some countries they're given as Christmas presents and even referred to as Christmas Cactuses! Is that Tatsuo-san's Shakoba Cactus? Yes.
I took in all of his cactuses as mementos.
Yamaguchi-san may have died, but he lives on in each one of these flowers.
Tatsuo-san! Meikyuu no Lovers Love is burning heart ni sakaseta bara wa Love is burning—The rose blooming in my heart Is the only flame I have to burn away the darkness yami o yakitsukusu tatta hitotsu no hono'o This city full of walls like a labyrinth from a game kabe-darake no machi o game no you na meiro o pierrot no kibun de samayo'u Makes me feel like a clown wandering aimlessly Hurrying through so I don't step on shards of sadness kanashimi no kakera o fumanai-you ni surinuke futari wa mirai ni koi shita We once loved each other in the future kon'ya nazo o hitotsu tokiakaseba mata omae ni If I solve yet another riddle tonight then Hurry Up! I'll get to Hurry Up! see you again Hurry up! sugao ga Hurry up! modotte-kuru Love is passion ryoute ni afureru ai o Love is passion—I want to throw the love overflowing from my hands yami ni nagetsukete hikari dakishimetai Into the darkness, and embrace the light Love is burning meikyuu de kawasu Kiss wa Love is burning—The kiss we exchanged in this labyrinth rakuen e tsudzuku tatta hitotsu no tobira Is the only door I have leading to paradise You should've come! The aquarium was awesome! All three of us fed the dolphins! But Genta-kun slipped and fell! The aquarium guy took a picture at that exact moment! See! Wow! Looks like fun! Boy, am I glad I didn't go! NEXT EPISODE Abe took out an insurance policy on Negishi-san worth 500 million yen! And he had me vouch for his alibi! No way! You?! I'll smash in that rotten head of yours! Next Conan: The Akaoni Fire Festival Murder Case Next Conan's Hint: Left handed Look forward to the next episode Next time is a bit difficult! I read the original.