Detective Conan (1996) s02e08 Episode Script

Monday, 7:30 PM Murder Case

A COLDFUSION & BAARO RELEASE As times change, difficult cases increase in number! It's 7:30.
Something's about to happen to Ayumi-chan! He sees the single truth for what it is, and looks like a kid but has the mind of an adult.
His name? Detective Conan! I search blindly for an unseen future mienai ashita sagashite tesaguri de asette Created by Gosho Aoyama "Detective Conan" Serialized in Shogakukan's "Weekly Shonen Sunday" Even though I get hurt by rushing kizutsuite-shimau kedo Planning Michihiko Suwa (Yomiuri TV) The future is a maze without exit, like a puzzling riddle mirai wa deguchi no nai meiro nazotoki no puzzle no you ni Art Design Hiroyuki Mitsumoto Art Director Yukihiro Shibutani Character Design Masatomo Sudo Even if a miracle doesn't occur, my dreams will give me strength kiseki wa okinakute mo yume wa yuuki ni naru Sound Director Katsuyoshi Kobayashi Directors of Photography Hironobu Horikoshi Takahisa Ogawa Music Katsuo Ono Music Producer Hiroki Horio (PolyGram) Feel your Heart—As the seasons change Feel your Heart meguru kisetsu no naka Arrangement Koichi Kaminaga/Tomohisa Kawazoe/Ryujin Inoue Tomohisa Kawazoe Miki Muroi Lyrics (Polydor) Performed by Opening Theme Music My longing for you kimi e no akogare ga Just my Love sono omoi ga Just my Love—That feeling Associate Producer Satoshi Yokoyama Color Key Reiko Hirayama Story Editor Jun'ichi Iioka Editor Teramitsu Okada (JAY FILM) mienai chikara kureru-kara Gives me an invisible strength mayoi mo nayami mo min'na So my doubts and worries feel so small anytime Planning Support Toyohiko Okuyama Mitome Asai maru de chissaku kanjiru don'na toki de mo Director Kenji Kodama Feel your Heart—As the seasons change Feel your Heart meguru kisetsu no naka Producers Michihiko Suwa (Yomiuri TV) Masahito Yoshioka (Tokyo Movie) Just my Love sono omoi ga Just my Love—That feeling Presented by Yomiuri TV Tokyo Movie Feel your Heart The Monday, 7:30 PM Murder Case The Monday, 7:30 PM Murder Case The Monday, 7:30 PM Murder Case The Monday, 7:30 PM Murder Case The Monday, 7:30 PM Murder Case The Monday, 7:30 PM Murder Case The Monday, 7:30 PM Murder Case The Monday, 7:30 PM Murder Case Can't miss this next Kamen Yaiba for the world! It's the big fight against the Midorian Battler! I get excited just thinking about it! What's wrong, Ayumi-chan? You don't seem happy I have to get a tooth pulled today You have a cavity? No, this one baby tooth just won't fall out The dentist said it's going to get in the way of my permanent teeth My teeth hurt just hearing about it! Who's your dentist? The Sawaki Clinic near Beika Park.
Oh! I used to go there! That dentist's mega pretty and nice! Yeah! Dr.
Yoko's schedule was full for a whole week, but she said the sooner the better, so she's going to see me after her normal office hours! What time? Kamen Yaiba starts at 7:30, so you should make it in time! Kamen Yaiba and baby teeth I've really fallen into a grade-schooler's life This is the place.
"Sawaki Dental Clinic" "Closed For Today" She said to go in through the back.
This way! "Sawaki Dental Clinic Side Door" "Ms.
Sawaki" Hello? It's me, Ayumi! Come on in! Oh? This is Conan Edogawa-kun! He came because he was worried about me! Good evening! Good evening! Ayumi-chan has told me all about you and the man you live with! I hear he solves all kinds of cases! Yeah, I guess I hear you're a good detective too.
I don't know about that Well, be careful on your way home! Oh, I was going to wait until Ayumi-chan was done.
Don't worry, I'll take her home.
You should get home before it gets dark out.
Well, let's go inside, Ayumi-chan.
Have her take you home, then! I'll be going now! Okay! Thanks, Conan-kun! I'll be ready in a minute, so wait in here.
Okay! Kamen Yaiba cards! Please, Kamen Yaiba! Protect me and make it not hurt! What the hell you talkin' about? I don't care if the building's crappy or not! Just sell it! Quit yer fussin'! Who could that be? Gotta go! Yeah, who is it? W-Why? "Beika Elementary" Hey, did you hear? There was a murder in Haido last night! Yeah, I read about it in the paper.
The victim was the head of a real estate agency, and his neighbor and landlord found his body.
Guess who the neighbor was? Ayumi-chan's dentist! Last night a policeman came to my house and asked what she was doing at 7:30 I told them that Dr.
Yoko was pulling my tooth then, and that we watched Kamen Yaiba together afterwards in a room at the clinic.
Why would the police ask something like that?! They were probably checking her alibi, since she was the first to find him! That's what the policeman said So that means Dr.
Yoko is innocent! Hey, Mitsuhiko! Wasn't yesterday's Kamen Yaiba so totally awesome? Yeah! Especially that climactic fight against the Battler! Right, Ayumi-chan? It's not fair! I barely saw any of it! I thought you saw it with the dentist? All I saw was the beginning.
I was asleep during the rest.
You were asleep?! What do you mean? Give us the details! Yesterday There we go! That didn't hurt, now did it? Nope.
I feel sleepy all of a sudden You must be exhausted from worrying so much! You can take a nap in the other room if you'd like.
But Kamen Yaiba starts at 7:30 Don't worry! I'll wake you up before it starts, so you can watch it in there! Okay Ayumi-chan.
Time to get up! Kamen Yaiba is about to start! Yaiba! Take this, Ayumi-chan.
It's pain medicine—your mouth might hurt once the anesthetic wears off.
Okay! Attagirl.
Oh, yeah! Kamen Yaiba! Thanks for protecting me! Thanks to you, that barely hurt at all! I thanked him and put the card back.
So you used a Kamen Yaiba card as a good luck charm? And then?! I watched the first part, but then I got sleepy again Ayumi-chan.
Wake up, Ayumi-chan.
On the next Yaiba! It's over! I'm sorry.
I tried to wake you up, but you were sound asleep.
Well, we should get you home now.
Alright So I didn't see it all Don't look so down! I'm sure someone taped it! Yeah! Let's ask around later! I'm home— Inspector! Oh, Conan-kun! I've been waiting for you! I'm here to double-check something about last night.
Have a seat.
Okay! So, Inspector.
Why did Yoko Sawaki take the apartment manager to the victim's apartment? According to the manager, she had complained about Nakamoto's TV being on too loud when she came home from the clinic at around 8:30.
When he didn't hear anything, he opened the door only to find the victim's body lying there.
If you're coming to me to double-check something, then Dr.
Yoko must have a big motive! Is that right, Inspector?! Twenty-six years ago, Katsuhiko Nakamoto was arrested on suspicion of abducting and murdering a child from Yamanashi prefecture.
Come again?! The murder victim was a 9-year old boy.
But Nakamoto was released on lack of evidence.
The boy had a 7-year old sister at the time, who was none other than Yoko Sawaki.
So basically, she had plenty of reason to kill him Right.
But she says she had no idea that Nakamoto was the prime suspect in the old murder case.
Seems too good to be a coincidence I bet you're actually here to hear the great detective's opinion, huh? No, uh, it's my duty as an officer to work with citizens Is that so? In that case, I'd be glad to assist you! The question is the alibi that Ayumi-kun testified to.
By car, it takes 15 minutes to go from the clinic to her home in Haido.
If she let Ayumi-kun nap in the clinic, drove to the apartments alone, killed Nakamoto, and then drove back to the clinic, it would take approximately 50 minutes.
In other words, without Ayumi-kun's testimony that Yoko Sawaki woke her up at 7:30 and watched Kamen Yaiba with her, she would've had plenty of time to commit the murder! Say, are you certain the murder took place around 7:30? Yes.
Nakamoto's employee was on the phone with him just before it happened.
He heard the doorbell ring at 7:29.
The autopsy also confirms that he died at around 7:30.
In other words, Sawaki's alibi is airtight.
That's it! I've figured it out, Inspector! Let's go to the Sawaki Dental Clinic right this minute.
I, the great detective Kogoro Mouri, shall destroy her alibi before her very eyes! Seriously, Mouri-kun?! Please come in.
Sorry to bother you like this.
No problem.
Please, have a seat.
Are these the cards Ayumi-chan mentioned? I'll get some coffee— Hold on, there.
We don't need any coffee, just listen to my theory.
Nakamoto's murderer was you! Eh? But Mouri-kun, she has an alibi Inspector.
The Kamen Yaiba that she woke Ayumi-kun up to see was actually a taped recording, and it wasn't 7:30 when she played it—it was 8:00! How do you figure? Please continue.
Basically, you killed Mr.
Nakamoto, returned here at 7:55, woke Ayumi-kun up at 8:00, and played the Kamen Yaiba tape you had the VCR record.
Then you tricked her into taking a sleeping pill, causing her to fall asleep again, then woke her up 10 minutes later and showed her the next-episode preview.
Naturally, you also changed the clock, thereby distorting Ayumi-kun's sense of time! Excellent work, Mouri-kun! But Dad There doesn't seem to be a VCR here.
Oh, uh, she got rid of it! So nobody would figure her trick out! I'm sorry to say this, but your theory is wrong.
The reason being that it was exactly 8:00 when I drove her home from the clinic.
And we arrived at her house just after 8:05.
I'm sure you'll find this to be true if you check.
That can't be! Seriously, now.
The old guy's theory missed the mark Don't worry, I'll take her home.
You should get home before it gets dark out.
but she insisted on having me leave! Was it because having me around would prevent her from faking her alibi? If she purposely made herself the first person to discover the body right after coming home to give the police a precise time of death, then everything was done to verify her alibi! If she was the killer, then her alibi must have some sort of trick to it! Alibi tricks can only be pulled off by using people, places, and time.
People-wise, I doubt Ayumi-chan's testimony is wrong.
The death and the dentist appointment are fixed in time.
Which only leaves— —a location trick.
An under-construction apartment building? Did they stop construction before it was done? These tire tracks are still new If you stopped a car here you could use the emergency stairs to enter the apartment building unseen! That must be the doctor's room— the curtains in her clinic have the same pattern Aha! So that's how! This really was a location trick! If I'm right, then "it" should be in her apartment! Oh? Conan-kun Hello! I'd like to discuss something Discuss Discuss what? Make yourself at home.
Would you like some juice? Sure.
Did you throw your refrigerator away? I see you changed the clock and calendar, but I take it the TV and AC were too big to change right away? What are you talking about? I guess it'd be suspicious if you dumped your furniture so soon, and I understand about the wallpaper, but shouldn't you have at least changed the curtains? Conan-kun I figured out your trick.
You made this room look exactly like the one in your clinic to fool Ayumi-chan's sense of location.
That's really interesting.
I'd love to hear your theory, Mr.
First, you put her to sleep with some anesthetic, put her in the car, and left for Haido at 7:05.
At around 7:20, you stopped the car at the construction site, carried Ayumi-chan up the emergency stairs and into the building, and laid her down in this mock-up of the room at your clinic.
Then, at 7:30, you went next door and killed Nakamoto-san.
You then turned his TV up really loud, in the hopes of having someone discover his body.
If the time of his death couldn't be accurately determined, then your alibi would become suspect.
You returned to your room, woke Ayumi-chan up, and showed her Kamen Yaiba, which had just started.
Ten minutes after she took your sleeping pill, you drove her back to the clinic, arriving at around 7:54.
Then you woke her up again and showed her the next episode preview.
Everything should've gone smoothly, but when you came home, Nakamoto-san's body still hadn't been discovered.
You had no choice but to get the manager and just happen to "find" him together, fully aware that you would be a suspect.
That's an interesting theory.
But you don't have any proof to back it up.
Actually, there is proof! In this deck of cards! I guess you didn't know that Ayumi-chan put one of these cards in her pocket for good luck before having her tooth pulled: the Ace of Hearts.
She put the card back after her tooth was pulled.
If she had done so in this room and not at the clinic, then there should be two Aces of Hearts in this deck.
Here's one.
One of these cards should have Ayumi-chan's fingerprints on it.
Have you told anyone about this? No.
No one.
Nobody even knows that I'm here.
I lose, Conan-kun.
It's exactly as you said.
You remembered Nakamoto-san, didn't you? As if I could ever forget that face! Twenty-six years ago, I saw Nakamoto drive off with my brother! The police couldn't trust the testimony of a 7-year old, so they just gave up! If only someone like you had been on the case back then, they would've found some other evidence to prosecute Nakamoto.
Yoko looked then as if she had come to her senses.
Meikyuu no Lovers Love is burning—The rose blooming in my heart Love is burning heart ni sakaseta bara wa Is the only flame I have to burn away the darkness yami o yakitsukusu tatta hitotsu no hono'o This city full of walls like a labyrinth from a game kabe-darake no machi o game no you na meiro o pierrot no kibun de samayo'u Makes me feel like a clown wandering aimlessly kanashimi no kakera o fumanai-you ni surinuke Hurrying through so I don't step on shards of sadness futari wa mirai ni koi shita We once loved each other in the future If I solve yet another riddle tonight then kon'ya nazo o hitotsu tokiakaseba mata omae ni Hurry up! sugao ga Hurry up! modotte-kuru Hurry Up! I'll get to Hurry Up! see you again Love is passion ryoute ni afureru ai o Love is passion—I want to throw the love overflowing from my hands yami ni nagetsukete hikari dakishimetai Into the darkness, and embrace the light Love is burning meikyuu de kawasu Kiss wa Love is burning—The kiss we exchanged in this labyrinth rakuen e tsudzuku tatta hitotsu no tobira Is the only door I have leading to paradise I don't get it.
Why'd she turn herself in? The police didn't have any evidence at all.
Not just that, they hadn't even seen through her trick.
Maybe she wanted to be caught from the very start.
Maybe that's why she used Ayumi-chan to vouch for her alibi? She heard about you from Ayumi-chan.
You're saying she wanted me to find proof? That, or the Yoko Sawaki-san from 26 years ago wanted me to.
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