Detective Conan (1996) s02e07 Episode Script

The Murder Case of Man In Bandages at the Mountain Villa (2)

A COLDFUSION & BAARO RELEASE As times change, difficult cases increase in number! A super-creepy bandaged man! I won't let him go after Ran anymore! He sees the single truth for what it is, and looks like a kid but has the mind of an adult.
His name? Detective Conan! I search blindly for an unseen future mienai ashita sagashite tesaguri de asette Created by Gosho Aoyama "Detective Conan" Serialized in Shogakukan's "Weekly Shonen Sunday" kizutsuite-shimau kedo Even though I get hurt by rushing Planning Michihiko Suwa (Yomiuri TV) Character Design Masatomo Sudo Art Director Yukihiro Shibutani Art Design Hiroyuki Mitsumoto The future is a maze without exit, like a puzzling riddle mirai wa deguchi no nai meiro nazotoki no puzzle no you ni Directors of Photography Hironobu Horikoshi Takahisa Ogawa Sound Director Katsuyoshi Kobayashi Even if a miracle doesn't occur, my dreams will give me strength kiseki wa okinakute mo yume wa yuuki ni naru Music Producer Hiroki Horio (PolyGram) Music Katsuo Ono Performed by Lyrics Music Opening Theme (Polydor) Tomohisa Kawazoe Miki Muroi Arrangement Koichi Kaminaga/Tomohisa Kawazoe/Ryujin Inoue Feel your Heart meguru kisetsu no naka Feel your Heart—As the seasons change Associate Producer Satoshi Yokoyama Color Key Reiko Hirayama Story Editor Jun'ichi Iioka Editor Teramitsu Okada (JAY FILM) My longing for you kimi e no akogare ga Just my Love—That feeling Just my Love sono omoi ga mienai chikara kureru-kara Gives me an invisible strength Planning Support Toyohiko Okuyama Mitome Asai mayoi mo nayami mo min'na So my doubts and worries feel so small anytime Director Kenji Kodama maru de chissaku kanjiru don'na toki de mo Feel your Heart meguru kisetsu no naka Feel your Heart—As the seasons change Producers Michihiko Suwa (Yomiuri TV) Masahito Yoshioka (Tokyo Movie) Just my Love—That feeling Just my Love sono omoi ga Presented by Yomiuri TV Tokyo Movie Feel your Heart Ran and I met Sonoko Suzuki at her mountain villa to view the autumn leaves.
Also there was Sonoko's sister and graduate student, Ayako, Ayako Suzuki (24) Presently, Graduate Student Ayako's old college friend and import car broker, Masaru Ota, Masaru Ota (24) Presently, Import Car Broker the film magazine editor, Hiroki Sumiya, Hiroki Sumiya (25) Presently, Film Magazine Editor the food company employee, Ryoichi Takahashi, Ryoichi Takahashi (25) Presently, Food Company Employee and scriptwriter Chikako Ikeda, for a total of eight people.
Chikako Ikeda (24) Presently, Scriptwriter The incidents began when a creepy man in bandages tried to kill Ran in the forest! That night, after the only bridge out was destroyed, Ikeda Chikako was caught and killed by the bandaged man! And then he tried to kill Ran again! Why? Why is he after Ran?! (Part 2) The Mountain Lodge Bandage Man Murder Case (Part 2) The Mountain Lodge Bandage Man Murder Case (Part 2) The Mountain Lodge Bandage Man Murder Case (Part 2) The Mountain Lodge Bandage Man Murder Case (Part 2) The Mountain Lodge Bandage Man Murder Case The Mountain Lodge Bandage Man Murder Case (Part 2) (Part 2) The Mountain Lodge Bandage Man Murder Case The Mountain Lodge Bandage Man Murder Case (Part 2) What?! She was attacked again?! By that bandaged man?! Apparently so Are you all right? Yeah! But how did he get in? You did lock the window, right? Yes Hey! What is it? The window's been cut! Aha! He put his hand through to unlock it! But we're on the second floor! How'd he get up here? Ota! There! He must've used that tree to climb onto the balcony! This is one serious guy And then he— That's odd—it's pouring outside! If he snuck in from out there, it's safe to assume he would track mud inside But there isn't any at all! Why?! Anyway, it's dangerous to be alone.
Let's all wait in the dining room until morning.
Good call I hate piggyback rides! They're so stupid! What are you talking about? You sprained your ankle! Ayako-san.
Isn't that the thing Chikako-san was wearing around her neck? Yes, this is Chikako's choker.
Right after you and the others chased after the bandaged man, I found it lying by the front door.
What the hell is the guy thinking?! Killing Chikako and attacking Ran-chan twice! What if he wants to kill us all? No way You can't be serious That's strange.
He carried Chikako-san into the forest afterward, so if her choker did fall off, it would've been there.
So what was it doing by the front door? Why didn't you use your karate to beat him up when he attacked you? That's not like you, Ran! I couldn't help it; I'm scared of monsters and stuff like that There's no need to worry.
There's six of us, and one of him.
I doubt he's dumb enough to attack six— Ota-san? - Ow! - Ouch! Conan-kun! What the hell was that for?! There's seven people here, not six! You're just a kid; you don't count! That's not true.
He protected me when I was attacked! Isn't that right? Thanks! Say, Ran.
Did you get a look at the guy's face? No I know his build, though! I couldn't see his face since it was wrapped in bandages, but I know his figure because of when I jumped onto him His chest was about this big, so he wasn't especially skinny or fat Like we can believe what some kid says.
Sumiya-san's video camera! I'm pretty sure he was recording when the bandaged man ran off with Chikako-san There he is! Just as I thought, she has the choker on! Which means that her body, which the bandaged man was holding when they passed by the window, somehow went through this lodge.
Someone inside this lodge could have carried her through the house and out into the forest.
But everyone was in this room when she was taken! Shall I make us some coffee? Yeah, good idea.
You were the last one to see Chikako-san, right? Yes Did she seem out of the ordinary at all? Now that you mention it, she read a note that had been slipped beneath her door She suddenly turned very pale Ah, so she was drawn outside by that note! That's why her slippers were by the back door— that's where she snuck out from And only someone on the inside could have put the note there.
Does that mean the killer is in this room?! But why did he try to kill Ran twice? I don't know his motive for killing Chikako-san, but why Ran, who came here at a moment's notice? Wait a minute! What if she had— I'm sorry! My mistake! Hey, Ran-neechan.
What? When we got here, you opened everyone's door by accident, right? Yeah Did you see anything? Like what? Like a cape or bandages? Don't tell me this kid suspects us?! Don't pay attention to him; he just loves playing detective! You really didn't see anything? I didn't see anything! They were all changing clothes so I shut the doors right away! Now that I think about it, something's been bugging me ever since I don't think it was important, but I can't remember what it was Try to remember, Ran-neechan! The power's out! The lightning knocked out a power line! I'm scared! I'll get candles from the kitchen! You gonna be alright by yourself? I'll come with you! Me too! This should help for a little while What was that? It came from the dining room.
Could it be the bandaged man again?! Are you okay, Conan-kun?! That was mean, Ran-neechan! I'm so sorry! That's— Isn't that an axe? So that person just now was— The bandaged man is after Ran! But why her?! That sounded like Sonoko! Ran-neechan! Hurry! Come on! Hurry! The upstairs window is broken! Ran-neechan! Go up to the window! Ayako-san! Could you hold these?! Look at this mess! The floor's covered in broken glass! The bandaged man must've broken through this window No, he didn't! One of the locks is undone! If he really did break in through this window then it should still be locked! But it's not! Most likely, he unlocked it from the inside, stepped onto the balcony, closed the window, and then smashed it to make it look like he broke in from outside! He snuck in from the 2nd floor again?! Yeah, he probably jumped onto the balcony from that tree No doubt about it! The maniac who killed Chikako-san and attacked Ran three times is in this very room! What are those grooves? That's it! Now I understand! That was a trick! Thanks, Ran-neechan! But why is the bandaged man intent on killing Ran? What exactly did she see? I didn't see anything! They were all changing clothes so I shut the doors right away! What if he's actually— So the bandaged man really is him! If so, then the three mysteries— the reason why the bandaged man passed by the window with Chikako-san for everyone to see, how he was able to carry the body into the forest unnoticed, and the reason he's after Ran- they all fit! Alright! Ran's the only detective I can use here! Say, where are the candles I gave you earlier? I missed! Sonoko? What's wrong, Sonoko?! Damn! I have no choice but to use Sonoko now! Sonoko! I just figured it out I know who killed Chikako-san! I just figured it out I know who killed Chikako-san! What're you talking about, Sonoko-chan? The killer's obviously that bandaged guy! Yeah.
He's probably in the forest right now, just waiting to get us! Do you really think there's such a person in the forest? Think back to the state of Ran's room when she was attacked He broke in through the balcony, right? Yeah.
He jumped onto the upstairs balcony from a tree.
Then why were there no mud tracks in Ran's room? It was raining outside when the bandaged man snuck in.
Now that you mention it! The reason is simple.
It was because the bandaged man was inside the lodge! The point of entry was most likely Chikako-san's room, right next to Ran's.
"Ran & Conan" "Chikako" The killer exited onto the balcony, entered Ran's room, and attacked her.
But then she screamed and he hastily ran back to Chikako-san's room! He quickly changed his clothes and met everyone in Ran's room with feigned unawareness.
In other words, the maniac who killed Chikako-san and attacked Ran is in this very room! Sonoko-chan.
Playing detective is nice and all, but think clearly.
When the bandaged dude ran past the window, every one of us was inside the lodge! None of us could possibly be him! But if you used a dummy and some piano wire, it'd be possible to make it seem that way from inside! A dummy? Yes.
An inflatable one, most likely.
He affixed Chikako-san's body to the dummy, and attached two piano wires to the dummy's head.
He passed one wire through the central balcony's railing, tied both ends of the wires to the railing above the window in question, and then cut the wire that went through the railing.
After he swung it past the window, he quickly recovered the dummy and Chikako-san! Chikako! The only one who could've pulled that off was the person on the balcony, fixing the roof you, Takahashi-san! You're kidding, right, Sonoko-chan? The two distinct piano wire marks on the outside railing are proof! Only the stage manager for your old filmmaking club could've set up something so elaborate! You can't be serious Then what did I do with the body after I pulled it up? Right after that, we all chased him into the forest, where we found Chikako's body in pieces.
Did you see me carrying any bodies? No There is proof that you carried her.
My sister found Chikako-san's choker by the door.
She was wearing that choker when she was abducted.
The fact that it was by the front door after everyone left means that someone went through the door, carrying her body! I already told you, I wasn't carrying anything! Besides, nobody could carry the body without being noticed Assuming it was the body.
But if it were just the head it would be entirely possible to carry! Eh?! After all, all that we saw outside the window was her head surrounded by a cape! Her body had been torn apart when we found it This is ridiculous! Why would I want to kill her and Ran-chan?! And besides— And besides what? Why won't you say it? Isn't there proof? You and the bandaged man have completely different figures That's right, Takahashi-kun! The bandaged man isn't fat! Takahashi! Why didn't you say so? He was afraid of what I would ask in response: "Are you really, truly fat?" That's right.
He's not fat at all! He stuffed the head in his shirt and carried it out! First, he lured Chikako-san into the forest, ripped her apart, replaced the padding under his shirt with her head, and carried it back to the lodge.
Then, after doing the trick on the balcony, he stuffed the deflated dummy and head under his shirt and headed for the forest with everyone else.
Then he dumped the head in the forest while pretending to look for her.
In other words, this was a daring and clever trick in which he faked his figure to freely move the corpse around! By using this trick, he was able to make it look like the bandaged man took Chikako-san into the forest and killed her, and that he was responsible for everything that happened! But his supposedly-perfect plan began to mess up when Ran did something Yes.
When she accidentally opened his door, she saw it his real figure! She hadn't thought much of it at the time, but if she did remember, his carefully-planned murder plot would go up in smoke! That's why he attacked her in the forest— to keep her quiet! But he failed.
Worried that Chikako-san would go down the mountain during all the commotion, he cut the phone line, destroyed the bridge, and shut everyone up inside the lodge! He lured Chikako-san into the forest as planned and then murdered her.
She was lured out by the note that he most likely slipped under her door.
It was probably about fellow club member Atsuko-san, who committed suicide two years ago— It's true! I did it all for Atsuko! Takahashi She secretly showed me a story she had written, and her eyes sparkled as she told me her dream of being a novelist.
Then, one day, she hanged herself in our meeting room! Once I saw Chikako's latest movie, "Blue Kingdom", I suddenly knew why she did it! "Blue Kingdom"? Don't tell me she— That's right.
The story for Chikako's debut work was exactly the same as the "Azure Country" story that Atsuko showed me! You mean Chikako stole it?! Yeah.
The story won Chikako a new scriptwriter's award while she was still in school, and now she's famous! But how do we know that led to Atsuko's suicide? The day Chikako won the award— the day before Atsuko died— Atsuko told me over the phone that she couldn't trust anyone anymore! So I lured Chikako into the forest with a blackmail note and then I chopped her head off! That's what she gets for crushing Atsuko's dream! It's all over now It's time for me to see Atsuko Hold on, Takahashi! Stay away! Takahashi-kun! I'm going to live with her in the next world as the messenger of justice who avenged her! Stop fooling yourself! If you wanna die, then die! Sonoko Maybe you did commit a crime for Atsuko's sake.
But when you attacked Ran, it wasn't for her sake at all! You were afraid! You were afraid of being labeled a criminal, so you attacked her! You're no messenger of justice! You're just an ugly, bloodthirsty killer! A friend's betrayal led to a friend's death, which, in turn, twisted a friend's heart At long last, the villa breaks free of the cold and tragic night But beware! Let your guard down, and he'll appear from a person's heart again The crazed killer known as "revenge.
" Meikyuu no Lovers Love is burning—The rose blooming in my heart Love is burning heart ni sakaseta bara wa yami o yakitsukusu tatta hitotsu no hono'o Is the only flame I have to burn away the darkness kabe-darake no machi o game no you na meiro o This city full of walls like a labyrinth from a game pierrot no kibun de samayo'u Makes me feel like a clown wandering aimlessly kanashimi no kakera o fumanai-you ni surinuke Hurrying through so I don't step on shards of sadness We once loved each other in the future futari wa mirai ni koi shita If I solve yet another riddle tonight then kon'ya nazo o hitotsu tokiakaseba mata omae ni Hurry Up! I'll get to Hurry Up! see you again Hurry up! sugao ga Hurry up! modotte-kuru Love is passion ryoute ni afureru ai o Love is passion—I want to throw the love overflowing from my hands yami ni nagetsukete hikari dakishimetai Into the darkness, and embrace the light Love is burning meikyuu de kawasu Kiss wa Love is burning—The kiss we exchanged in this labyrinth rakuen e tsudzuku tatta hitotsu no tobira Is the only door I have leading to paradise I'm glad your sister is doing better now! Yeah, me too.
She stayed in bed for a whole week after it happened But it was all thanks to your great detective skills that the case was solved! Eh? Uh oh! You make a pretty cool detective, you know that? I better change the topic! Hey, guess what— Yeah, well, cases like that are as easy as pie for me.
Shin'ichi-kun and your dad are out of luck It's the great detective Suzuki Sonoko's time now! Having her be the detective was definitely a big mistake NEXT EPISODE Dr.
Yoko has a motive for killing Nakamoto-san.
But she has an airtight alibi! If she was the killer, then- There's no VCR here Aha! So that's how! This was an alibi trick involving Ayumi-chan! Next Conan: The Monday, 7:30 PM Murder Case Next Conan's Hint: Curtains Look forward to the next episode Next time even the subtitle is unique! Don't miss it!