Detective Conan (1996) s02e13 Episode Script

The Victory Flag Vandalism Case

A COLDFUSION & BAARO RELEASE As times change, difficult cases increase in number! Today's stage is high school baseball! A thin line separates outs and safes! He sees the single truth for what it is, and looks like a kid but has the mind of an adult.
His name? Detective Conan! I search blindly for an unseen future mienai ashita sagashite tesaguri de asette Created by Gosho Aoyama "Detective Conan" Serialized in Shogakukan's "Weekly Shonen Sunday" kizutsuite-shimau kedo Even though I get hurt by rushing Planning Michihiko Suwa (Yomiuri TV) mirai wa deguchi no nai meiro nazotoki no puzzle no you ni The future is a maze without exit, like a puzzling riddle Art Director Yukihiro Shibutani Character Design Masatomo Sudo Art Design Hiroyuki Mitsumoto Even if a miracle doesn't occur, my dreams will give me strength kiseki wa okinakute mo yume wa yuuki ni naru Directors of Photography Hironobu Horikoshi Takahisa Ogawa Sound Director Katsuyoshi Kobayashi Music Katsuo Ono Music Producer Hiroki Horio (PolyGram) Feel your Heart—As the seasons change Feel your Heart meguru kisetsu no naka Arrangement Opening Theme Lyrics Performed by Miki Muroi Music Koichi Kaminaga/Tomohisa Kawazoe/Ryujin Inoue (Polydor) Tomohisa Kawazoe kimi e no akogare ga My longing for you Just my Love sono omoi ga Just my Love—That feeling Associate Producer Satoshi Yokoyama Color Key Reiko Hirayama Editor Teramitsu Okada (JAY FILM) Story Editor Jun'ichi Iioka mienai chikara kureru-kara Gives me an invisible strength Planning Support Toyohiko Okuyama Mitome Asai mayoi mo nayami mo min'na So my doubts and worries feel so small anytime maru de chissaku kanjiru don'na toki de mo Director Kenji Kodama Feel your Heart meguru kisetsu no naka Feel your Heart—As the seasons change Producers Michihiko Suwa (Yomiuri TV) Masahito Yoshioka (Tokyo Movie) Just my Love—That feeling Just my Love sono omoi ga Presented by Yomiuri TV Tokyo Movie Feel your Heart The Shredded Championship Flag Case The Shredded Championship Flag Case The Shredded Championship Flag Case The Shredded Championship Flag Case The Shredded Championship Flag Case The Shredded Championship Flag Case The Shredded Championship Flag Case The Shredded Championship Flag Case Shuko Academy Beika High Come on, you can do it! Hey, I can't hear you! They won't win unless you cheer louder! Dad! This isn't like pro baseball! Send that ball flying! Why did he come to cheer for his bartender's son? Besides, there's no point with such a one-sided game Shuko's pitcher sure is good, though.
Strike two! Strike three! You're out! Strike! Strike two! Strike three! You're out! You're so cute, Kaji-kun! Whose side are you on?! But he's just so cute! Really? Let me see! This could be a good game! Hey, now Plus his dad's a doctor and he's the school's best student! Too good to pass up! Say, didn't Shuko win the district championship last year? Yep! They're looking to win it this year too! They've got such a great pitcher! But when did Shuko get so good? It all thanks to Kaji-kun! The current headmaster founded it way back when as a prestigious prep school.
But its image suddenly changed when Kaji-kun showed up! You sure know a lot! I know everything about Kaji-kun! What are those people doing? Thanks, Principal! Even the principal? Shuko sure has lots of school spirit! Safe! Huh? They're gone.
Balk! Ball one! It's okay, Kaji! You can do it! Good hit! Kaji-kun What happened? It started after he got that balk call It looked like he saw something.
But what? What do you think's wrong? Maybe he has a stomachache? Who was that? Eto-kun, Shuko's former southpaw ace.
But he got suspended for causing trouble after Kaji-kun stole the spotlight! He must've asked to pitch.
I guess he wasn't allowed Of course he wasn't! Nobody can take Kaji-kun's place! "Nurse's Office" That's it! This stuff's great! Kaji-kun is being mocked Oh, come on now Are you serious?! I wonder what happened.
That's horrible! Authorized personnel only! The championship flag was shredded up?! Totally thrashed! Everyone was in a panic! But who would do that?! That's just it Ever since last year's victory, we've had all sorts of jealousy-related trouble.
If this was similarly done by an outsider, then we're victims, and we can save our school's reputation.
But we were still responsible for the flag's safe-keeping.
We have no choice but to drop out of the tournament.
That's terrible Why don't they call the police? To save face.
They want to figure out if this was an inside or an outside job first.
I see.
Dad, get up! We need you! Huh? I can't drink any more You can't be serious, Ran Two windows One faces the field Wow! It's like the best seat in the house! Hey, you! This is authorized personnel only! Dad! No violence! Yeah, yeah And one other window—What the?! The window's broken! What's this? There's a ladder leading up to it! The culprit snuck in from outside.
Well done, Kogoro Mouri-san! I'm glad I asked you for help! But they still have to drop out of the tournament.
Everyone's sad but the principal Wait a minute! What's this?! He's so useless! Hey, Mister.
Where is that ladder usually at? The storeroom.
I have no idea when it was taken.
Was the storeroom locked? Actually, the key has been missing all morning.
What?! The keys to that office too?! Yes, they disappeared this morning.
I figured as much.
This was an inside job.
Come again?! The culprit used the key to enter this office.
What about the ladder?! A ruse to make it look like someone snuck in from outside.
Do you have any proof of that? Ahh! The floor's covered in glass! The floor? That's it! Yes.
There's broken glass near the window.
Had the culprit stepped in it, glass shards would have lodged in the shoes.
But the floor is scratch-free.
The culprit set the ladder up but didn't enter through the window.
There was no reason to— they had the key to the office.
Yeah, now you got it! Did you want this to be an outside job that badly? I guess it might be natural for any good principal, but It would seem this happened during the game.
So the culprit wasn't at the game? That's right.
I saw Eto-kun enter the school building So did I! Stop kidding around! I did come inside, but I went to the bathroom! Can you prove that? No, but I wasn't the only one inside! Kaji-kun was holding his stomach— That's right! He went to the nurse's office! It was me! I did it! You did?! You can't be serious! I haven't been pitching well lately You saw me out there.
I was scared to be in the tournament.
His pitching was bad.
But he lost his cool only after the 7th-inning balk.
And if he didn't wanna play, he could've faked an illness.
Would he really shred up the flag and create a ruse? Ken'ya! Mom! I saw her earlier Something's fishy here! Why won't they look at each other?! It was me! I did it! No, I did it! I have proof! Here! I did it with this! It's the same fabric as the flag.
Ken'ya! Damn you, Kaji! What the hell were you thinking?! Well? They're deciding whether to call the police or not.
Apparently, they need to consult the ailing headmaster.
I still can't believe it.
Did he really do it? I'm almost certain— Yes, Kaji definitely saw someone in the office then.
That's why he pitched poorly and was relieved.
Then he went to the nurse's office and the headmaster's office.
Hey, Conan-kun! What're you looking at? I don't think we should be doing this What the?! Aha! So that person did it! But I don't understand why What was there to gain from this? It's definitely strange, alright.
A friend that goes here told me that even though Kaji-kun was likely to help them win again this year, some people were complaining.
What?! This used to be a top prep school.
They said that if the team got too good, people wouldn't study as much.
That was the headmaster's policy.
He really hates sports.
He insists that they're unnecessary; all he wants is to create notable people like himself.
He was actually supposed to come today.
Why didn't he? He was going to announce the team's withdrawal from the tournament, but with his health failing That's it! That's the motive! Now I just need the old man's help! An autograph session for my fans? Yeah! Sit over there! All those girls are waiting! Is it really okay to do this at a school? Here we go again Ahem! This is Kogoro Mouri! Can you hear me? Dad? Would everyone please come to the headmaster's office? I'm about to reveal the truth behind this incident.
Mouri-san! Your work here is over! If this is about your payment— No, I'm not done here; the real culprit hasn't been caught yet.
The real culprit? Don't be silly.
He's right here! No, Kaji-kun isn't the one responsible.
Then— Nor is it his mother.
Then who? If you purposely cut a flag up, you'd probably cut the front.
Hold the flag up.
As you can see, the cuts on the front go from the top left to the bottom right.
The flagpole is on the left, which means Ran.
Pretend to cut it as if you were the culprit.
It's hard to cut! Yes.
It's hard because you're right-handed.
Do it as if you were left-handed.
Like this? Yes.
Cut downward with your left hand, as you hold the flag with your right.
It's easy! And the cuts are the same! You pitch with your right hand, correct? Yes.
How about you, Eto-kun? Eto?! Was it you?! Don't be stupid! Yes, I am a southpaw, but! I'm told you're a former ace pitcher.
Perhaps you felt there was no point for the team to play if you couldn't pitch for it.
No! It wasn't me! How could you?! He's right.
It wasn't Eto-kun? Have another look at the flag, where the cuts begin.
Where the cuts begin? Don't they seem a little low? Had the 180 cm Kaji-kun or Eto-kun cut it, they would've cut from higher up.
But the real culprit couldn't reach the top.
In other words, the culprit is under 160 cm in height.
How tall is Kaji-kun's mother? But I hear you're right-handed? Yes.
Which counts you out.
So why did you come to this office? I— Mom You wanted to talk to the headmaster today.
Am I right? You are.
I wanted Ken'ya to be a doctor like my late husband.
I wanted him to quit baseball.
I was going to ask the headmaster to take the team out of the tournament.
Unaware that he was going to do so anyway Ironic, isn't it? But he wasn't there, so you left.
That's when Eto-kun saw you.
The hidden culprit then cut the flag.
But then Kaji-kun came in after he saw you in the window.
The culprit accidentally dropped the cutter, which Kaji-kun picked up.
Certain this his mother had cut the flag, you two wound up covering for each other.
So who is the real culprit? One other person disappeared when his mother headed for the school.
A left-handed person less than 160 cm tall! I'm referring to you No way! You don't mean— Yes.
The championship flag was cut by you, Principal! You waited for your chance to sneak in here before the headmaster was supposed to come.
You snuck off after giving the impression you were on the field, then cut the flag, made it look like someone broke in from outside, and returned to the field.
That was your plan.
Pure conjecture! You have no proof! The key to this office should be in your pocket.
You intended to lock the door and return the key to create your ruse, but you couldn't with everyone coming and going.
The key hasn't been returned yet, which means it's only natural to think the culprit still has it! Bad news! We just got a call—the headmaster is dead! No What have I done?! The headmaster told me to keep the team from entering the tournament.
But it wasn't so easy with the media watching! People would condemn us for dropping out and ruining a great pitcher's career! "What kind of school would crush kids' dreams?!" So to drop out and protect the school's name, I— I loved this school! Much more than the headmaster! You're both the same in the end— you crushed kids' dreams with your own two hands! You're right.
I was a fool! Forgive me! Meikyuu no Lovers Love is burning heart ni sakaseta bara wa Love is burning—The rose blooming in my heart Is the only flame I have to burn away the darkness yami o yakitsukusu tatta hitotsu no hono'o kabe-darake no machi o game no you na meiro o This city full of walls like a labyrinth from a game Makes me feel like a clown wandering aimlessly pierrot no kibun de samayo'u Hurrying through so I don't step on shards of sadness kanashimi no kakera o fumanai-you ni surinuke futari wa mirai ni koi shita We once loved each other in the future If I solve yet another riddle tonight then kon'ya nazo o hitotsu tokiakaseba mata omae ni Hurry up! sugao ga Hurry up! modotte-kuru Hurry Up! I'll get to Hurry Up! see you again Love is passion—I want to throw the love overflowing from my hands Love is passion ryoute ni afureru ai o Into the darkness, and embrace the light yami ni nagetsukete hikari dakishimetai Love is burning—The kiss we exchanged in this labyrinth Love is burning meikyuu de kawasu Kiss wa rakuen e tsudzuku tatta hitotsu no tobira Is the only door I have leading to paradise The tournament began half a month later, and Shuko Academy was in it too.
The tournament directors saw their passion for baseball.
Strike! Kaji's pitching brings them closer and closer to the new championship flag.
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