Detective Conan (1996) s02e14 Episode Script

A Karaoke Box Murder Case

A COLDFUSION & BAARO RELEASE As times change, difficult cases increase in number! Today's stage is a karaoke box! Love and farewell songs during Christmas! He sees the single truth for what it is, and looks like a kid but has the mind of an adult! His name? Detective Conan! mienai ashita sagashite tesaguri de asette I search blindly for an unseen future Created by Gosho Aoyama "Detective Conan" Serialized in Shogakukan's "Weekly Shonen Sunday" Even though I get hurt by rushing kizutsuite-shimau kedo Planning Michihiko Suwa (Yomiuri TV) The future is a maze without exit, like a puzzling riddle mirai wa deguchi no nai meiro nazotoki no puzzle no you ni Art Design Hiroyuki Mitsumoto Character Design Masatomo Sudo Art Director Yukihiro Shibutani kiseki wa okinakute mo yume wa yuuki ni naru Even if a miracle doesn't occur, my dreams will give me strength Sound Director Katsuyoshi Kobayashi Directors of Photography Hironobu Horikoshi Takahisa Ogawa Music Katsuo Ono Music Producer Hiroki Horio (PolyGram) Feel your Heart—As the seasons change Feel your Heart meguru kisetsu no naka Arrangement Opening Theme Miki Muroi Koichi Kaminaga/Tomohisa Kawazoe/Ryujin Inoue Tomohisa Kawazoe Performed by Music (Polydor) Lyrics kimi e no akogare ga My longing for you Just my Love—That feeling Just my Love sono omoi ga Editor Teramitsu Okada (JAY FILM) Story Editor Jun'ichi Iioka Color Key Reiko Hirayama Associate Producer Satoshi Yokoyama Gives me an invisible strength mienai chikara kureru-kara Planning Support Toyohiko Okuyama Mitome Asai So my doubts and worries feel so small anytime mayoi mo nayami mo min'na maru de chissaku kanjiru don'na toki de mo Director Kenji Kodama Feel your Heart—As the seasons change Feel your Heart meguru kisetsu no naka Producers Michihiko Suwa (Yomiuri TV) Masahito Yoshioka (Tokyo Movie) Just my Love—That feeling Just my Love sono omoi ga Presented by Yomiuri TV Tokyo Movie Feel your Heart The Karaoke Box Murder Case The Karaoke Box Murder Case The Karaoke Box Murder Case The Karaoke Box Murder Case The Karaoke Box Murder Case The Karaoke Box Murder Case The Karaoke Box Murder Case The Karaoke Box Murder Case Why am I stuck with you guys during Christmas? That's my line.
Say, what's up with Shin'ichi-kun? He only calls once in a while.
What's his problem?! Christmas only comes once a year! He's such a conceited mystery geek! That he is.
He's always arrogant, snobbish, and mean But maybe that's what I like about him! Ran What about you? Is there anyone you like, Sonoko? Of course there is.
Tatsuya Kimura.
Tatsuya? You know, the guy from Lex, that rock band! Ta-tsu-ya Ki-mu-ra! Oh, just some entertainer Dad got me invited to one of their live performances! I get to see Tatsuya in the flesh! Wanna come, Ran? You're going to meet them?! That's the Suzuki Group's connections for you.
When is it?! Next Sunday! I'm going, I'm totally going! chissaku kanjiru don'na toki demo feel so small, any time You're pretty good! Tatsuya Kimura (21) Vocals That's for sure.
Much better than some bands out there.
Tatsuya! You've had too much! You know you have a talk show after this! Shove it, ugly! Ugly? He's totally plastered.
Katsumi Yamada (21) Drums Hey, hey, Tatsuya, that's no way to talk to her Mari's just doing her job as manager.
And have you been doing your job as our drummer? And you, Mieko.
Mieko Shibazaki (20) Guitar What was with you today?! I'm sick of your sucky playing! Sorry to keep you waiting.
Been waiting for you, Sumii-san.
I had my manager reserve this for us.
Go Sumii (28) Karaoke Box Manager Thanks! I always appreciate your business! That said, it's sad that a former band leader is stuck running a joint like this Former band leader? Shut up.
Don't make me take this back.
Huh? This song It's Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.
I requested it.
For you, Ms.
Mari Terahara (23) Manager It's perfect for you: you did believe in Santa until middle school.
Wouldn't you agree, Ms.
Snooty Manager? You jerk Fine.
I'll sing your song.
Later, Tatsuya! See ya! kurai yomichi wa Then one foggy Christmas Eve, pika-pika no Santa came to say Wow, she's good! omae no hana ga Rudolph, with your nose so bright, Damn it! What's he up to?! yaku ni tatsu no sa won't you guide my sleigh tonight? What's with that sad look? You wanna sing too, kid? No, that's okay! hoshi no kazu kazoete When I count the stars in the sky Hey, why's that lady crying? wakatta koto sore wa I realized that Because I'm saying goodbye.
To both Mieko and the band.
You're quitting Lex?! yasashii hito ni wa hoshi no ai kind people get help from the stars Yeah.
I'm leaving when this tour's over.
Everyone in the band knows.
Good riddance to that hopeless drummer, that bratty guitar player, and that snooty manager! That's Hey, that's my song! Who requested it? Tatsuya, it's time to go! We're going to miss the talk show! Shut up! I'll sing whenever I want to! Fine, then.
I'll call the studio to tell them we'll be late.
Here we go! Bloody Venus! ikashita yatsu da ze She's one hot babe! Tatsuya Kimura passionately sang omae no koto sa I'm talkin' about you! his hit song, "Bloody Venus.
" Ah, soba ni ite okure Oh Bloody Venus Ah, stay by me, oh bloody venus! Nobody knew his voice would never be heard again.
ushinaitakunai no sa omae e no ai I don't wanna lose the love I have for you Nobody except his killer.
That was awesome! How was my song? It was great! Hey, Katsumi.
Gimme one of them rice balls.
Here you go.
Thank you.
Oh, are you really quitting Lex? Don't worry, my solo debut's coming up soon.
Solo debut? My new song's already done.
His new song's done? What's it called? The title? It's called What's wrong?! Tatsuya! Tatsuya! Get an ambulance Hurry, go get an ambulance! Right! It's no good! He's dead! That smells like cyanide! Somebody planned this! Who could've done this, right in front of me?! The first suspect was Sumii, the guy who brought the food.
He and Tatsuya Kimura used to be bandmates.
But then Tatsuya went pro and became popular.
It looked like a jealousy murder.
But he was cleared of suspicion when we learned that everyone had eaten the food.
Furthermore, toxins were found on the victim's clothes and microphone, so he had touched the poison before eating the rice ball.
Basically, the killer placed poison on the microphone which indirectly adhered to him when he grabbed it.
That means it was done by the person who sang before him you, Mieko Shibazaki-san! I hear you sang a farewell song while crying.
Did something happen between you two? Tatsuya didn't dump me! He turned me down! Mieko When I told him how I felt Sorry, Mieko.
I already have someone I like.
She's gone right now, but I'm waiting for her to come back.
And she will.
I'm sure of it.
He said it couldn't work out between us! Then to pay him back, you No way! I didn't kill him! Someone he liked? Inspector.
It was Tatsuya who requested the song that she sang! She had no idea that he'd be singing next! That's why she couldn't have poisoned the microphone! That is true Say, who requested his Bloody Venus song? Hey, did Tatsuya-san always take his jacket off when he sang? Only at the start of every Bloody Venus.
Could it be?! Inspector! What part of his clothing had cyanide on it?! His left elbow area, I believe On his staff jacket?! No, there was nothing on his jacket.
That's it! Now I understand how the killer poisoned Tatsuya Kimura! And that killer is one of those three who have the same jacket on! Hey, guitar lady.
The manager and Tatsuya-san were arguing earlier; were they always like that? Yeah.
They argued about everything.
Tatsuya always started it, though.
She's not as bad as he claimed.
She's smart, serious, and beautiful And she never caused any trouble.
Inspector Megure! What is it? We found these in Tatsuya Kimura's locker.
I don't see anything useful here A picture A band picture? That sure takes me back.
That's from when he and I had a band before he went pro.
But only he and this person are still in the music industry.
He wasn't the only one who left your band? That person over there Tatsuya said that person's why he wanted to quit But that person's not in that picture Look, it's this girl.
She's really changed, though.
No way Too much, if you ask me There's something written on the back! Lemme see it again! I see! But what a sad incident this is if it's true You know who did it? How?! Uh-huh.
Got it! Cancel the investigation! Get everyone back there! Did something happen? He's back.
"He?" A great detective you know very well.
Shin'ichi Kudo.
Shin'ichi came back.
He finally came back! Shin'ichi! Welcome! Thank you all for coming! Shin'ichi? Shin'ichi Kudo must be watching with this camera! Move, Sonoko! Where are you, Shin'ichi?! Let's begin unraveling this case.
Shin'ichi! Though, what's with this song? It's Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Inspector Megure.
It's a Christmas song, it's played everywhere during Christmas.
It also stirred up the killer's hatred for the victim.
In other words, the killer is the one who Tatsuya-san requested this song for.
Tatsuya-san's killer was his manager, Mari Terahara-san! It was you! The manager killed him?! No way Stop kidding around! I wasn't even in the room when he died.
You could've poisoned him despite your distance, simply by having him sing this song.
This was his hit song, "Bloody Venus!" Well, could you sing for us, using the mic I've prepared? There's no poison on it, of course.
I'll sing, if that'll make you happy.
Please wait! Why aren't you removing your jacket? Tatsuya-san always took his jacket off when he sang this song.
Isn't that right, people? Y-Yes.
Well then, let's start over.
Oh, yes.
Don't forget the dance.
ikashita yatsu da ze She's one hot babe! omae no koto sa I'm talkin' about you! Ah, soba ni ite okure Oh Bloody Venus Ah, stay by me, oh bloody venus! Wow! She's good! Of course she is.
She used to sing with Tatsuya in my band.
ushinaitakunai no sa omae e no ai I don't wanna lose the love I have for you Ah, kanjite okure Ah, feel it with me The manager? I love ya! Well, are you satisfied? Yes.
Now try eating the food I've prepared.
You mean this? Just as Tatsuya-san did.
Pick whatever you'd like.
Assuming you can, that is.
I'd rather not.
I touched him after he collapsed! His hands and clothes had poison on them! I could've gotten some on my hands then, too! Then please check her jacket, Inspector.
Her jacket? Same goes for the jacket! I put it on after touching Tatsuya! If there is poison on it, that doesn't mean No.
It's not poison I'm looking for.
A lighter! Yes.
That's Tatsuya-san's missing lighter.
In other words, that's not her jacket: she switched hers with Tatsuya-san's to dispose of the evidence! She wiped poison on the inside of the left elbow so that some of it would get on his shirt underneath when he put the jacket on.
All that remained was to have him sing Bloody Venus.
During his dance, he threw the jacket off and touched his left elbow with his right hand.
Afterward, he died of poisoning when he ate.
But why would she do that? Her motive is in the photograph on the table.
It's from when Tatsuya-san was in Sumii-san's band.
What about it? There's no one else in the picture She is there, Inspector.
In the center of the picture, with Tatsuya-san.
Can this be?! That's right.
That picture of her is the very motive behind this murder! Don't tell me you That's right! I had plastic surgery! For Tatsuya! I fell in love with him back then, when we were on the band So when he went pro Come with me, Mari! You can be my manager! I was so happy when he said that.
I thought he felt the same way about me So I got the surgery to be worthy of him But his attitude suddenly changed after I got it.
He'd constantly call me ugly.
He even had me sing the Rudolph song earlier! That's why he requested the song for you? He made me his manager just to insult me! And I couldn't forgive him.
I couldn't forgive him because I loved him! You're wrong, Mari-san.
Tatsuya-san had been in love with you for quite some time.
Nonsense! What would you know about Mari! He's telling the truth.
Can I have that photo? This is a love song he wrote about you.
"I want to talk with the real you" This isn't true! It's true.
Those were the lyrics to his newest song.
He always talked about you, you know.
Why's Mari so self-conscious? Why'd she change her face for me?! But he always treated me like He wasn't good at expressing himself I guess he wanted the old you back.
It can't It can't be I see I'm waiting for her to come back.
Sorry, Mieko.
I already have someone I like.
The girl he liked was the manager Tatsuya! Tatsuya! Tatsuya! The combination of a man unable to express his feelings and a woman who hid hers, brought forth a sad ending in her weeping and tears.
Only her photograph sadly smiled.
Meikyuu no Lovers Love is burning heart ni sakaseta bara wa Love is burning—The rose blooming in my heart yami o yakitsukusu tatta hitotsu no hono'o Is the only flame I have to burn away the darkness kabe-darake no machi o game no you na meiro o This city full of walls like a labyrinth from a game pierrot no kibun de samayo'u Makes me feel like a clown wandering aimlessly Hurrying through so I don't step on shards of sadness kanashimi no kakera o fumanai-you ni surinuke futari wa mirai ni koi shita We once loved each other in the future kon'ya nazo o hitotsu tokiakaseba mata omae ni If I solve yet another riddle tonight then Hurry up! sugao ga Hurry up! modotte-kuru Hurry Up! I'll get to Hurry Up! see you again Love is passion ryoute ni afureru ai o Love is passion—I want to throw the love overflowing from my hands Into the darkness, and embrace the light yami ni nagetsukete hikari dakishimetai Love is burning—The kiss we exchanged in this labyrinth Love is burning meikyuu de kawasu Kiss wa rakuen e tsudzuku tatta hitotsu no tobira Is the only door I have leading to paradise Geez.
That's what you get for using the name "Shin'ichi Kudo" She's been waiting there 3 hours for you to come home.
I wish I could help, but there's nothing I can do Ran Shin'ichi? Are you in here? Shin'ichi? Shin'ichi! Where are you? Say something if you're there! The lights Shin'ichi! Shin'ichi? Shin'ichi? Yeah, it's me.
I'm finally back.
Shin'ichi Don't cry, dummy.
Were you that desperate to see me? Who would?! I'm glad to see you, Ran.
Shin'ichi Wish you could see yourself right now.
What's that supposed to mean?! Well, gotta get going.
Still haven't finished that case.
Later, Ran! Wait, Shin'ichi Shin'ichi! "Your Christmas present.
Hope you like it! — Shin'ichi" Now stop worrying about me, Ran.
NEXT EPISODE She's here, Conan-kun! your mom! This can't be! Conan Edogawa doesn't have a mom! Dr.
Agasa— Who's that masked guy?! Oh, crap! Next Conan: The Conan Edogawa Kidnapping Case Next Conan's Hint: Night Baron Look forward to the next episode Merry Christmas! And have a good year! This coming year's gonna be interesting!