Detective Conan (1996) s03e07 Episode Script

A Ghost Ship Murder Case (1)

A COLDFUSION & BAARO RELEASE A racing second hand, a shooting comet, a wind-up doll, and a crowd! Mystery-solving logic drenches the walls of dry hearts! Today's case is the first original TV 2-parter! He sees the single truth for what it is, and looks like a kid but has the mind of an adult.
His name? Detective Conan! Nazo Song by Miho Komatsu konoyo de anata no ai o te ni ireru-mono The thing that can attain your love in this world Created by Gosho Aoyama "Detective Conan" Serialized in Shogakukan's "Weekly Shonen Sunday" I gaze at that dancing light and don't forget odoru light mitsumete wasurenai Planning Michihiko Suwa (Yomiuri TV) Ahh, the mystery begins to unravel ahh nazo ga tokete-yuku Character Design Masatomo Sudo Art Director Yukihiro Shibutani kimi wa mada utagau-koto naku Art Design Hiroyuki Mitsumoto You still don't suspect a thing Director of Photography Takahisa Ogawa Sound Director Katsuyoshi Kobayashi Even after those days when we could call ourselves friends tomodachi to yobeta hibi sugoshi ima mo zutto Music Producer Hiroki Horio (PolyGram) Music Katsuo Ono Even now, the tears spill down and won't stop Miho Komatsu Music Arrangement Opening Theme "Nazo" (Spoonful/Zain Records) Hirohito Furui Lyrics Performed by namida afure tomaranakute Editor Teramitsu Okada Color Key Reiko Hirayama Associate Producer Satoshi Yokoyama Story Editor Jun'ichi Iioka Planning Support Toyohiko Okuyama Mitome Asai I intend to tell you everything that was lost ushinau koto-dake o oshiete-yuku tsumori Director Kenji Kodama The thing that can attain your love in this world konoyo de anata no ai o te ni ireru-mono Producers Michihiko Suwa (Yomiuri TV) Masahito Yoshioka (Tokyo Movie) odoru light mitsumete wasurenai I gaze at that dancing light and don't forget Presented by Yomiuri TV Tokyo Movie Ahh, the mystery begins to unravel ahh nazo ga tokete-yuku The mystery begins to unravel nazo ga tokete-yuku Mayor! Hurry! What is that? Did last night's storm carry it here? That's! "Ryujin-Maru" Hey! Isn't that the boat that was lost 7 years ago?! Get out there! Right! There was 1 billion yen in gold on that ship Well? There's nothing onboard! That can't be! Where did all the gold go?! Why do you suppose it turned up only now? It's almost like a ghost ship.
Ghost?! Could it be the Suigun curse?! You fools! There is no curse! It's just a dumb superstition! The Ghost Ship Murder Case (Part 1) The Ghost Ship Murder Case (Part 1) The Ghost Ship Murder Case (Part 1) The Ghost Ship Murder Case (Part 1) (Part 1) The Ghost Ship Murder Case The Ghost Ship Murder Case (Part 1) (Part 1) The Ghost Ship Murder Case (Part 1) The Ghost Ship Murder Case We'll land on Shikishima in 3 hours.
Deputy Mayor of Shikishima Goro Kinoshita (53) We greatly appreciate your coming all the way to give a lecture! And it certainly is a long way! Ouch! Say, Kinoshita-san! I hear a ship that went missing with 1 billion yen in gold onboard recently turned up! Yes! People on the island think it's a ghost ship! But the money never turned up? No.
We're not even sure there really was any onboard.
The mayor is just glad that the town has garnered a lot of attention.
A ghost ship garnering attention? Of course! And that's not all! Inviting someone so famous is another way of gaining prestige! My reputation extends this far?! But of course! All of Japan knows about the great detective Kogoro Mouri-san— Who's he? He works for a Tokyo travel agency.
He wants to create a tour centered around the ghost ship.
Shikishima "Welcome, Kogoro Mouri-sensei!!" It's Detective Mouri! It's really him! Welcome! What a warm welcome! Mouri-sensei! Thank you for coming all this way! Mayor of Shikishima Takeo Mikami (50) I'm Mayor Mikami! We welcome you! Thanks! Is this lame guy really famous? I thought you would've been a lot cooler.
What'd you say, kid?! Suzu-kun! Don't be rude to Daddy's guest! What a lovely daughter you have! What? What's your name?! Conan.
Conan Edogawa.
That's a weird name.
Is that the trend in Tokyo? Leave me alone.
Well, whatever.
Mayor Mikami's Daughter Suzu Mikami (7) I'm Suzu Mikami! It looks like I'm a little older than you! Being with younger people is trendy! Move! This is the travel agent— Toto Travel Agency Yasuo Uehara (44) I'm Uehara from Toto Travel Agency.
Nice to meet you.
Likewise! We'll help in any way to bring tourists here! Where is the ghost ship? Huh? Here she is! I'll show you around! No thanks.
I'll look for myself.
This ship was on the ocean floor for years but only has barnacles on its underside.
You dummy! It's a ghost ship! Talk about unscientific Lighthouse Keeper Koji Hamada (42) "Great Detective Kogoro Mouri Lecture" Here, Mouri-sensei! There's still time until the lecture! Thanks! Delicious! These cooked turban shells are delicious! They sure are! Say, after the lecture, I'd like to ask for your help You want me to find where the Ryujin-Maru sank? Such perceptiveness! I think it sank near this island.
If we just knew where, we could locate the missing gold! But if it were recovered, it wouldn't belong to you.
The government would come to collect it.
But wouldn't we be entitled to 10% of it? Maybe, but Please! Mouri-sensei! Sorry! No famous detective would ever go treasure hunting— How about 10% of the island's reward money? You have a deal! Thank you! Kinoshita! Give him the details.
It happened on a stormy night seven years ago.
We received an SOS from the Ryujin-Maru about 1 km offshore.
However, the signal disappeared as a rescue crew headed for it, and the next day, only the owner's body washed ashore.
No debris was ever found, much less the gold.
Whose gold was this? The ship's owner's.
He was going to be arrested for tax evasion so he converted his entire fortune into gold and was on his way out of the country.
I see.
Very well! I, Kogoro Mouri, shall locate the gold for you! Thank you very much! I don't know about this lecture thing.
Isn't he just gonna humiliate himself? Suigun Artifact Museum The general's armor Interesting? Yeah! There's so much rare stuff! Yes, it's this island's cultural heritage.
in a large battle.
But the islanders wanted the reward money for their heads and attacked the wounded Suigun.
They eventually drove them into a remote cave and killed them all.
Various bad things have occurred ever since.
Like a curse? Yes.
So a shrine was built in the cave to quiet the Suigun's spirits.
But aren't curses just superstitions? No, that's not the case.
Many people who live near the cave have seen armor-clad ghosts, and eerie groans can be heard coming from the cave's depths.
I think it was about five years ago when a university professor studying the Suigun visited.
He ignored the islanders' warnings and went to examine the cave.
But two or three nights later And that professor?! Yes.
It was never confirmed, but he was never seen again.
Nobody dares go near that cave anymore.
Believing that in this day and age is why you get laughed at! Young lady! Daddy said the professor checked the cave but probably left 'cause he didn't find anything.
Let's go, Conan-kun! I'll show you a great place! Wait! Where are we going? We can sneak backstage from here! Best seats in the house! What's with him?! Who is that? Hamada, the lighthouse keeper.
He's really weird! Weird? He hardly hangs out with anyone, and he always goes to that cave.
Long time no see, Aoki.
Don't pretend you don't recognize me.
What are you talking about? I'm Hamada, the lighthouse keeper! Why, you! You have the wrong person! Let go! I'll tear that face of yours off, Aoki! Now then, here is the peerless Detective Kogoro Mouri-sensei! You're too kind! Will he be all right drunk like that? How lame He appears to be rather nervous! Let's have him break the celebration ball in honor of his visit! Whenever you're ready! Huh? What's that smell? It's gasoline! Old man! Old man! - What on earth?! - Hot! Dad! Hot! Hot! It's the curse! The Suigun curse! Wait! Ah.
That string was modified to ignite the gasoline inside.
The target being the old man.
In which case, the ones most suspect are Hamada-san, who left out the back door, and the man he got in an argument with, Uehara-san.
Could it have something to do with the ghost ship?! Mayor! What's the meaning of this! I only survived because I'm so well-trained! My deepest apologies for getting you involved in such an accident! Accident?! Someone clearly planned that! No, sparks from a short circuit just happened to ignite a nearby gas container— But Listen to me.
It was an accident.
You sure you just don't want a police incident? Weren't gonna turn the gold over if you found it, were you? But you'd have no choice if the mainland police showed up.
Mouri-san! You just need to keep quiet and find the gold! What was that?! Defy me and there's no guarantee you'll leave the island unharmed.
You can't threaten me! You can't take the ferry without my authorization.
Well, take your time to think it over tonight.
Damn him! Looks like we came to a pretty bad island Kinoshita-san I apologize.
The mayor seems to only care about finding the gold and turning the island into a tourist attraction.
He's a selfish bastard! But don't worry.
I'll take you back to the mainland anyway.
Luckily, I can prepare a small fishing boat.
That's great! No! I refuse to go! Dad?! Inadvisable! You may be harmed if you stay! No self-respecting detective would dare run away now! Well said, old man! Kinoshita-san! What is Hamada-san like? You mean the lighthouse keeper? Yeah.
I don't know; he's not from here.
He came here a while after the Ryujin-Maru incident and said he was looking for work.
There was no one working the lighthouse, so he took that job.
Did Hamada do something? No! I just thought he seemed strange! See you later! Oh, Yoko-chan Is that Hamada-san? It's me! Don't scare me! How rude! You should thank me for following you late at night! Wait! Wait, we're not that close of friends yet— Uehara-san? So he was that person up there? What the That person was searching the place? That smell! It's gasoline.
Yet there are no cars or motorcycles here.
It's light.
So it was Hamada-san who tried to kill him! Conan! Don't run off! What was he doing up here?! A telescope? Forget it.
There's nothing to see.
It's pointed at the mountains.
They'd be boring to look at.
That's strange.
A lighthouse telescope should be pointing out to sea.
But this one is fixed toward the mountains! What is it? "Ryujin-Maru"? No question about it! Hamada-san is connected to the Ryujin-Maru! And there's something he doesn't want investigated, so he tried to kill the old man Oh no! The old man and Ran! Hold on! Morning already? Who are you?! What's going on— Ran! Stay away! Get back here, you! Dad! Conan-kun?! Get back here! It's hard to run with my sore butt! I got you now! Where did you go?! I was so worried! Did something happen?! Dad was attacked by a Suigun ghost! What?! What's that?! The alarm bell by the port! They ring it whenever something happens! Don't tell me— Conan-kun! Come on, already! Hey! Did something happen?! Help! This is some sort of mistake! The old man?! Dad! What on earth is going on?! That detective killed Hamada, the lighthouse keeper! What?! Dad did?! Check for yourself if you think we're lying! When we arrived on the scene, the detective was unconscious and the victim was dead! Believe me! I didn't do it! You'll pay! The ghosts got mad because an outsider was poking around! He would never do something like this! But given the situation! Hikari to kage no roman Song by Keiko Utoku roman katareba hitobanjuu The twilight would know no weariness tsukareshirazu no all night long If we talked about romance all night long koi-suru hima mo nai yo nami ga oshiyosete-kuru There's no time to love, the waves are surging this way kioku no naka o oyoide mo genjitsu wa cool and dry Even as I swim in my memories, reality is cool and dry Where will I wander to make sure of that love? sore o tashikametakute doko ni samayoi-yuku no You're like an unattainable, far-away cloud to'oi kumo no you ni tsukamenai anata ni tsuite-yuku doko-made mo kokoro ni chikatte Yet I shall follow you wherever you go, I swear on my heart itsuka subete ga wakatte mo Even if you find out someday and realize that I can love you anata o suki de irareru-koto tatoe tatakau mainichi ni akekurete mo Even if we spend our days constantly fighting natsukashisa de omo'u furusato mukashi no jibun utsusu Picturing my old self, I recalled my hometown fondly hikari to kage no roman oikakete Chasing the romance of light and shadow NEXT EPISODE Kinoshita-san! The ghosts are mad! A suicide?! No, this was no suicide! In which case, the killer is— Next Conan: The Ghost Ship Murder Case (Part 2) Next Conan's Hint: Gunshot Wound Look forward to the next episode! Next time, the case takes an unexpected turn! The culprit is me! No, Genta, it's not!