Detective Conan (1996) s03e08 Episode Script

A Ghost Ship Murder Case (2)

A COLDFUSION & BAARO RELEASE A racing second hand, a shooting comet, a wind-up doll, and a crowd! Mystery-solving logic drenches dry hearts and sand walls! Today's case is about greed and 1 billion yen in gold! He sees the single truth for what it is, and looks like a kid but has the mind of an adult.
Detective Conan! Nazo Song by Miho Komatsu The thing that can attain your love in this world konoyo de anata no ai o te ni ireru-mono Created by Gosho Aoyama "Detective Conan" Serialized in Shogakukan's "Weekly Shonen Sunday" I gaze at that dancing light and don't forget odoru light mitsumete wasurenai Planning Michihiko Suwa (Yomiuri TV) ahh nazo ga tokete-yuku Ahh, the mystery begins to unravel kimi wa mada utagau-koto naku Character Design Masatomo Sudo Art Director Yukihiro Shibutani Art Design Hiroyuki Mitsumoto You still don't suspect a thing Director of Photography Takahisa Ogawa Sound Director Katsuyoshi Kobayashi tomodachi to yobeta hibi sugoshi ima mo zutto Even after those days when we could call ourselves friends Even now, the tears spill down and won't stop Music Katsuo Ono Music Producer Hiroki Horio (PolyGram) namida afure tomaranakute Music Opening Theme "Nazo" Performed by Lyrics (Spoonful/Zain Records) Hirohito Furui Miho Komatsu Arrangement Color Key Reiko Hirayama Story Editor Jun'ichi Iioka I intend to tell you everything that was lost Associate Producer Satoshi Yokoyama Editor Teramitsu Okada ushinau koto-dake o oshiete-yuku tsumori Planning Support Toyohiko Okuyama Mitome Asai The thing that can attain your love in this world konoyo de anata no ai o te ni ireru-mono Director Kenji Kodama Producers Michihiko Suwa (Yomiuri TV) Masahito Yoshioka (Tokyo Movie) I gaze at that dancing light and don't forget odoru light mitsumete wasurenai Presented by Yomiuri TV Tokyo Movie ahh nazo ga tokete-yuku Ahh, the mystery begins to unravel The mystery begins to unravel nazo ga tokete-yuku The Ryujin-Maru disappeared 7 years ago with 1 billion yen in gold onboard, but suddenly reappeared! But the gold was gone.
The old man was invited to the island, which had garnered attention because of the ghost ship.
We came here as tourists, but the mayor's true motive was to have the old man locate the missing gold.
Someone tried to kill him at his lecture.
The culprit was Hamada, the lighthouse keeper with facial burns.
And the suspicious travel agent Uehara seemed to know him.
Who exactly are these two? That night, the old man was attacked by a warrior.
After narrowly escaping death, he chased his assailant.
Someone knocked him unconscious and framed him as Hamada's killer! (Part 2) The Ghost Ship Murder Case The Ghost Ship Murder Case (Part 2) The Ghost Ship Murder Case (Part 2) (Part 2) The Ghost Ship Murder Case The Ghost Ship Murder Case (Part 2) The Ghost Ship Murder Case (Part 2) (Part 2) The Ghost Ship Murder Case The Ghost Ship Murder Case (Part 2) Mouri-san! Mayor of Shikishima Takeo Mikami (50) Even if you are a famous detective, you can't get away with murder! You got it all wrong! This guy suddenly attacked me in my sleep! I chased him here, got hit from behind, and when I woke up he was dead! You probably just killed him in a rage! I didn't do it! But this outfit he's wearing is kept in the Suigun Artifact Museum Deputy Mayor of Shikishima Goro Kinoshita (53) Why another Suigun outfit? Could it be the curse?! Don't be a fool! No, it has to be! I bet Hamada got possessed and dressed up like this! Be quiet! The curse is just a superstition! Then why's he dressed like that?! Well, that's— Now, now.
There's no point in arguing here.
This sword wound is what killed him.
Did his sleeve come off during the struggle? Those are rope marks! Covered in cuts.
But these ones are— Children shouldn't look at such things.
Yeah! Wait! Where are you going, Conan-kun? Conan-kun! You'll get in trouble for barging in here! No doubt about it.
Hamada-san was killed here! It's dry.
Is that blood?! Ran-neechan! Get that officer! It does look like he was murdered here.
But that doesn't clear the detective's name But The ghosts got mad because an outsider was poking around! Hold on You're gonna protect him?! You'll be cursed too, you know! Hey, you! Stop that! This doesn't look good There it is! What? What's here? The Suigun?! Hilarious.
Come again?! I don't know who did it, but if they think they can frame me with such a childish trick, they're greatly mistaken! You mean you didn't do this?! Of course I didn't! He was dead long before I got here.
Don't give us that crap! The pool of blood on the boat is proof.
If I killed him, then he only died 30 minutes ago! But the blood on the boat is completely dry! However you look at it, 3 to 4 hours have passed! Now that you mention it— My attacker was someone other than Hamada.
That person killed him! After killing him, they attacked me in Suigun armor! To lure me here and frame me as Hamada's murderer.
But That person tied Hamada up in the boat and tortured him! The rope marks on his wrists are proof! And the cuts all over his body are too numerous and shallow to be fatal.
He's right! In other words, the killer tied him up and tortured him.
Who'd do something so horrible?! Hamada was probably connected to the Ryujin-Maru.
He was probably on it! How do you know about that?! The Ryujin-Maru's telescope was on the lighthouse.
Eh? How do you know about that? Uh oh! There's nothing a great detective doesn't know! Say, Hamada appeared 7 years ago, too So it was the gold's location that the killer got from Hamada? Yes.
Hamada most likely knew where it was.
And he moved to the island to guard it.
But he feared I would find it, so he attempted to kill me.
Conan and Suzu-kun even saw him leave from the backstage door.
Suzu did? But there was yet another person looking for the gold.
In that person's eyes, Hamada and I were both obstacles.
That would explain the set up here! But there's no one here like that— It's him! That other person from Tokyo! The travel agent?! He was fighting with Hamada! What? Where is he staying? The inn, I think.
That's great, Dad! I didn't do it! Believe me! No, we know you didn't! Officer! Get going! We've never arrested anyone before! Geez.
What're you here for then? What's the matter? He's got cold feet! I shall go.
Deputy Mayor! I'll try to convince him to turn himself in.
But It was the town hall that asked him here.
It's my responsibility as Deputy Mayor.
It's been 5 minutes now Kinoshita-san! Are you alright?! He ran off He escaped out the back! After him! I tried to persuade him, but he suddenly shot at me We need to get you to a doctor! I'll be all right.
It's just a scratch.
No sign of him around the back road.
Go ahead.
No sign of him here either.
Go ahead.
Good work.
Sorry, but could you leave some guards and come back for now? Hey, now! There's still this area! You can't ask us to check the Suigun Cave Nobody would dare go near that place.
A single officer isn't really— What kind of cowardice is this?! Then why don't you go?! Get serious! Why me? If Uehara killed Hamada-san, he must've learned the gold's location.
But if so, then why did he need to search the lighthouse? "No Entrance" Moss? And this is the kind that grows on land! I was right; this boat didn't sink! But would it be possible to hide it from the islanders for 7 years?! Wait a minute! There's the Suigun Cave.
No one would go near there! What if— He would've noticed it had he looked through the telescope! There was no need to torture Hamada-san! "Suigun Cave" Not good.
I'll get stopped if I'm seen.
Oh, it's just you.
Don't you "oh" me! You wanna go to the cave, don't you? Yeah.
I happen to know a secret path.
What?! Where?! Tell me! How rude! Can't you ask politely? Please.
That's all? What else should I do?! You dummy! What're you thinking?! If you don't want to, then fine.
Darn it Here is fine.
OK! I'll show you the way! Follow me! What a bossy kid See! Here it is! You're not going in, are you? I am.
But I thought you didn't believe in superstitions? Of course I don't! I only asked because I'm concerned about you! You can stay here if you're scared.
Wait! It's just a superstition, right? It looks like Hamada-san used to look after this.
The ghosts are mad! Conan-kun! You'll be punished! Another cave.
Those weren't ghosts just now.
It was just a draft resonating inside the cave.
Are we going in? Yeah.
These stairs aren't natural.
Someone purposely made them.
It's bright up ahead! You should make stairs that don't break, you know? This moss! This is the place! Is this— Conan-kun! It's so pretty! There's no moss here.
It broke apart recently.
The storm opened up the exit and— Looks like something slid down.
No doubt about it.
The Ryujin-Maru was hidden here.
The passageway that the Ryujin-Maru stayed in was demolished by the storm and reopened.
What is it?! A suicide?! No, this was no suicide! In which case, the killer is— Hello? Yes.
That would really help us out! Yes.
Thanks a lot.
Detective Mouri! The fishermen are going to lend us a boat to go by the Suigun Cave! Alright! Let's go, Ran! Wait, Dad! Have you seen Conan-kun? Who cares?! He's probably off playing somewhere! Now hurry! He probably killed himself after accepting that he couldn't escape.
Kinoshita-san I followed you when I saw you go inside.
Well, let's go back to town.
What's wrong? This was no suicide.
He was murdered.
You can't be serious! Look at his wound.
The hole on the right is bigger than the one on the left.
This proves the bullet went from left to right.
Yet the gun is in his right hand.
Isn't it unnatural to shoot from the left with your right hand? In that case, there's no longer any need to hide the truth.
Why?! Conan-kun doesn't seem surprised.
You shot yourself in the arm, didn't you? You even realized that?! There were burn marks on the hole in your shirt.
Which means that you fired with the muzzle pressed against it.
You said that you were suddenly shot at.
Nobody would "suddenly" shoot in such a way.
You impress me.
You also killed Hamada-san.
That's right.
I always thought he seemed suspicious.
So I checked the lighthouse while he was gone.
I take it you found the telescope? Yes.
I planned to look for the gold someday at my leisure.
But the greedy mayor started needlessly prying Daddy's not greedy! He said you used the town's money! I became nervous.
Kogoro Mouri is a peerless detective.
I was worried he might find the gold first if he started investigating.
And he got involved, too.
So you tricked the old man and framed him as Hamada-san's killer.
I mistakenly underestimated him, though.
But you did learn the gold's location from Hamada-san He finally told me about this place after a bit of pain.
Just as Mouri said, he had been on the Ryujin-Maru.
I take it this guy was, too? Yes.
Hamada threw him and the owner into the stormy ocean to keep all the gold for himself.
His real name was apparently Aoki.
He brought the Ryujin-Maru in here to escape the storm.
But the storm tore rocks off and sealed the exit.
He probably didn't plan to, but there were no other hiding places.
The islanders stayed away because of the 'curse'.
Even more so after he killed the professor to make it look like the Suigun curse.
What happened to his face? I hear he burned it himself because he feared someone might recognize him You pretended to get shot by Uehara-san to let him escape, huh? If he were arrested, Hamada-san's killer and the gold's location would be found out.
That's right.
He did seem vaguely aware of this place.
Why are you letting me run? Never mind that; you're a dead man if they catch you now! I'll hold onto this.
Your situation will get even worse if you're caught with it.
Thanks Kinoshita-san! Then you beat him to the cave and killed him.
That's right.
Now our discussion is over! Nobody'll find your bodies here! Ever! Conan-kun! Did you find the gold? It's probably buried around here somewhere.
I'll leisurely look for it after things cool down.
What's so funny?! You'd never find it in 100 years with your intelligence! What did you say?! You still don't know? You mean you know where?! Yeah.
At your feet.
Go! The gold was in these blocks used as part of the stairs.
utsumuku sono senaka ni itai ame ga tsukisasaru I sadly watched the rain pound on you as you bent over Wow! I love you, Conan-kun! Hey, now inoru omoide mite ita I sadly watched the rain pound on you as you bent over An earthquake?! There it is! kono yo ni moshi mo kasa ga tatta hitotsu da to shite mo If there was only one umbrella in this world, I'd find it for you Take this board to the exit! I'll bring Kinoshita-san! sagashite kimi ni watasu yo If there was only one umbrella in this world, I'd find it for you Conan-kun! Hurry! Hurry! nanimo dekinai kedo kimi no kawari nureru kurai wake mo nai sa I can't do anything, but I can't get drenched in your place, either Conan-kun! onegai sono nayami o dou ka watashi ni uchiakete I beg of you, please confess your worries to me There's probably no way to dig out the gold in the completely-collapsed cave.
I doubt anyone would spend over a billion yen just to dig out a billion yen.
In the end, the greed-inducing gold returned to the earth, along with the Suigun curse.
Hikari to kage no roman Song by Keiko Utoku roman katareba hitobanjuu The twilight would know no weariness tsukareshirazu no all night long If we talked about romance all night long koi-suru hima mo nai yo nami ga oshiyosete-kuru There's no time to love, the waves are surging this way kioku no naka o oyoide mo genjitsu wa cool and dry Even as I swim in my memories, reality is cool and dry sore o tashikametakute doko ni samayoi-yuku no Where will I wander to make sure of that love? to'oi kumo no you ni tsukamenai anata ni You're like an unattainable, far-away cloud tsuite-yuku doko-made mo kokoro ni chikatte Yet I shall follow you wherever you go, I swear on my heart Even if you find out someday and realize that I can love you itsuka subete ga wakatte mo anata o suki de irareru-koto Even if we spend our days constantly fighting tatoe tatakau mainichi ni akekurete mo Picturing my old self, I recalled my hometown fondly natsukashisa de omo'u furusato mukashi no jibun utsusu Chasing the romance of light and shadow hikari to kage no roman oikakete You idiot! If I hadn't gone to rescue you in the fishing boat, there's no telling what would've happened! What are you doing to my Conan-kun?! She's scary! NEXT EPISODE It's empty! I don't get it! Where did the killer disappear to?! Wait! Could it be?! Only he could've done it! The Giant Monster "Gomera" Murder Case Next Conan: Next Conan's Hint: Paint Look forward to the next episode! daikaijū Next time marks the appearance of the giant monster Genta! unajū Grilled eel lunches!