Detective Conan (1996) s03e12 Episode Script

Night Road Murder Case

A COLDFUSION & BAARO RELEASE A racing second hand, a shooting comet! Conan's logic heals hearts dried by modern society! Today's case is the darkness of night.
Dark mysteries need the light of logic! He sees the single truth for what it is, and looks like a kid but has the mind of an adult.
His name? Detective Conan! Nazo Song by Miho Komatsu konoyo de anata no ai o te ni ireru-mono The thing that can attain your love in this world Created by Gosho Aoyama "Detective Conan" Serialized in Shogakukan's "Weekly Shonen Sunday" I gaze at that dancing light and don't forget odoru light mitsumete wasurenai Planning Michihiko Suwa (Yomiuri TV) Ahh, the mystery begins to unravel ahh nazo ga tokete-yuku kimi wa mada utagau-koto naku Character Design Masatomo Sudo Art Director Yukihiro Shibutani Art Design Hiroyuki Mitsumoto You still don't suspect a thing Director of Photography Takahisa Ogawa Sound Director Katsuyoshi Kobayashi Even after those days when we could call ourselves friends tomodachi to yobeta hibi sugoshi ima mo zutto Music Katsuo Ono Music Producer Hiroki Horio (PolyGram) Even now, the tears spill down and won't stop Opening Theme "Nazo" Miho Komatsu Music Arrangement namida afure tomaranakute Hirohito Furui Lyrics (Spoonful/Zain Records) Performed by Editor Teramitsu Okada Associate Producer Satoshi Yokoyama Story Editor Jun'ichi Iioka Color Key Reiko Hirayama Planning Support Toyohiko Okuyama Mitome Asai ushinau koto-dake o oshiete-yuku tsumori I intend to tell you everything that was lost Director Kenji Kodama konoyo de anata no ai o te ni ireru-mono The thing that can attain your love in this world Producers Michihiko Suwa (Yomiuri TV) Masahito Yoshioka (Tokyo Movie) odoru light mitsumete wasurenai I gaze at that dancing light and don't forget Presented by Yomiuri TV Tokyo Movie Ahh, the mystery begins to unravel ahh nazo ga tokete-yuku The mystery begins to unravel nazo ga tokete-yuku The Pitch Dark Road Murder Case The Pitch Dark Road Murder Case The Pitch Dark Road Murder Case The Pitch Dark Road Murder Case The Pitch Dark Road Murder Case The Pitch Dark Road Murder Case The Pitch Dark Road Murder Case The Pitch Dark Road Murder Case Wasn't that delicious, Conan-kun? Yeah! Ugh! You ordered nothing but expensive food! Oh! If it isn't Mouri! Omura! Long time, no see! Mouri's Old Friend ∙ Model Shop Owner Jun Omura (37) You seem as lively as ever.
Do you remember Omura-san? Yeah! He's his college friend that we met at the hot springs! This is perfect timing, Mouri.
I need to talk to you What about? There's this strange sound outside my apartment every night.
A strange sound? It's a thump, as if something's hitting the outside wall.
Probably just some kids up to no good.
I thought so too, but there was nobody outside when I checked, and it's been going on for a whole week now.
A whole week, huh Why not look into it for him? Please, Mouri.
Alright! Just leave it to the great Kogoro Mouri! Thank you! Delicious! Nothing beats drinking beer with old friends! I thought you were here to investigate the weird sound.
Oh, looks like we're out of beer.
I'll go buy some.
No, I'll do that! Thank you! You're disturbing the neighbors! We're back! Been waiting for this! What was that? What happened here? Hey, Ikuta.
What's wrong? Ikuta! Come on, already! Ikuta! Quit playin' around! Ikuta! Ikuta! He's dead! What?! Ran! Get the police! Right! A blow to the head with a blunt object So many cigarette butts Yoshiro Ikuta (20) The victim is Yoshiro Ikuta-san, 20 years old.
A 2nd-year student at Beika University.
And you are? Masami Kusaka (20) Kusaka.
I'm a college friend of Ikuta's.
Could you explain the situation as you found it? Yes.
Ikuta and I agreed to meet up here at 10:00 PM.
But just as I called out to him, he suddenly collapsed Did you notice anyone else? No.
But it was really too dark to see much With that light broken, I could barely even see Ikuta You sure you didn't kill him? I didn't do it! Please let me through! Hey! Wait! Shimizu! Kusaka! Why did he die?! Pardon me, but who are you? Yoichi Shimizu (20) My name's Shimizu.
I was just drinking with Ikuta in our friend's apartment.
Where would that be? There, on the fifth floor.
Eh?! Ikuta was murdered?! Whose apartment is this? Koji Takeno (20) It's mine.
My name's Takeno.
I'm a 2nd-year student at Beika University along with Ikuta.
And you are? Hidenori Nakamura (21) Nakamura.
We're all members of the mountain climbing club.
Ikuta-san drank with you all here? Yes, I invited everyone over.
We've been here since 7:00 Around what time did Ikuta-san step outside? A little before 10:00.
Kusaka had called at 9:00.
Hold on! I never called anyone! That can't be.
Right, Takeno? Yeah.
Ikuta wasn't here, so I answered for him.
Where was he? Takeno had asked him to buy snacks at the convenience store.
You're certain it was Kusaka-san's voice on the phone? Yes.
There's no mistake.
I didn't call! Then how did you decide where to meet? Ikuta asked me there.
He put a note in my locker.
Why did he ask you there? Um, well Didn't you say Ikuta took your money? What is he talking about? Ikuta took the tuition money I took to school Do you still have that note of his? No, I threw it out.
Or maybe there never was a note?! Ikuta-san stole your tuition money and refused to give it back.
So you phoned him out of anger and beat him to death! No! Besides, I'm not the only one who hated him! Nakamura and Takeno did too! Why did I?! You owed him lots of money! I was in here the whole time! Right, Shimizu? Yeah.
But you did step out for some fresh air.
Around what time was this? Around 10:00, when Ikuta had left.
The same time the incident occurred But it was only for a few minutes! And why did you have a grudge against Ikuta-san? Ikuta and Keiko Togawa got stranded in the mountains six months ago.
Ikuta abandoned the injured Keiko and left by himself.
She had already frozen to death when we found her.
She and Takeno had been lovers! Is this true?! Inspector.
In mountain accidents, sometimes you have to abandon your friends.
I feel bad about Keiko, but I don't blame Ikuta at all! Besides, I never took a single step out of this apartment! That's true; he was inside the whole time.
At 10:00, he went to the next room to finish a report for class.
How long was he alone? But you can't get outside without going through this room, so I can't see how he could've done it.
But a mountain climber could easily climb down a rope from the window.
Not from that window.
See for yourself.
See? That's as far as it goes? No way anyone could leave through here.
Say, why did you have the lights off if you were writing a report? I saw on the way back from the store.
The lights weren't on in this room then.
Um, well— Who cares about that?! As there's no way through that window, Takeno-san is innocent! A slingshot? The only phone is in this room? A red thread Those are the same cigarettes Ikuta-san must've been a heavy smoker.
Alright Conan-kun! Omura-san's apartment is directly below Takeno-san's! Come to think of it, why did the window break then?! Omura's Apartment Odd.
Whatever broke the window isn't in here.
Blood! Is it the victim's?! But what's it doing here?! Isn't this a bloodstain? What?! No question about it! Alright! I'll inform Inspector Megure! What's a bloodstain doing here?! Ikuta-san was standing here in the dark.
Could it be?! That bloodstain, the place he was standing, and Omura-san's broken window all line up! Which means at the top of this building, there's— A bloodstain! And there's Takeno-san's apartment! Now I know who killed him and how! Conan-kun! Where did you go?! Just looking around.
I'm getting dizzy Could I ask you to come down to the station? Not so fast, Inspector Megure.
I will now shed light on the truth of this incident.
What?! The key to this incident is the location of the murder weapon.
It was absent from the scene of the crime.
A bloodstain was left behind on the nearby abandoned building, but there's one other place with a bloodstain.
What?! Where?! I was in Omura's apartment at the time, but something odd happened.
Something odd? Immediately after the murder, Omura's window shattered.
Does that have to do with this? There was blood on the pieces of glass.
What does that entail? Before I explain, I'd like you to check something.
The roof of the abandoned building.
If I'm correct, there should be blood on the railing directly above the bloodstain on the wall.
What?! Detective Takagi! Go check it out! Yes, sir! Give him a two-way radio.
A radio? I'd like him to help with something later on.
What the Inspector! There's blood on the railing here! What?! Blood on the railing?! Just as I suspected.
What does this mean? Corpse Omura Omura Takeno The wall, the railing, the glass shards in Omura-san's apartment Omura Why is there blood at these three spots?! The weapon that killed Ikuta-san passed by those three spots.
In other words, the killer accomplished his murder from afar.
The killer had been in this very room It was you, Takeno-san! What?! No way! Are you serious, Mouri-san?! I couldn't possibly kill him from here! Does anyone have fishing line? Fishing line? I do.
I use it to hang up plastic models.
Bring some here.
Put some rocks in that plastic bag you got earlier.
Here you go, Mouri.
What're you going to do with this? Now then, Inspector.
Tie two strands of fishing line to a rock.
Alright Here, Inspector.
Once you're done, use Takeno-san's slingshot to shoot the rock onto the other building's roof.
It's only a dozen meters away; the length of a few taxicabs.
Anyone can shoot it that far.
Have Detective Takagi untie the lines, pass them through the railing, and then tie them together.
Next, the rope on that shelf.
Rope? Oh, that? Tie one of the lines to one end of it.
Like so? Now pull the other fishing line in.
What do I do with this rope? Ran.
Tie the bag to the other end of the rope.
Tie it tight so nothing comes out.
All done, Dad! Mouri-kun! Don't tell me this is the— Sounds like you've figured it out, too.
Inspector! I'm at the spot! Good! Now we'll start! Eh? Start what? Well, Detective Takagi?! The bag passed directly above the chalk lines and hit the wall! It's right next to the bloodstain! Takeno-san murdered Ikuta-san thusly, and then pulled the rope in to recover the weapon.
This would leave no weapon at the murder scene.
Inspector! The bag just hit below Omura-san's broken window! Mouri! Could that be the thump I heard every night? Yes.
Takeno-san had been practicing.
But something unexpected happened tonight: the weapon hit the window.
So that's what broke it Takeno.
Mouri-san! Ikuta went down there because Kusaka asked him to on the phone! Had he not called, I couldn't have set that trick up! Kusaka-san never called anyone.
It was all an act.
But we did hear the phone ring! He could make it "ring" at any time by recording the sound and setting a timer on it.
All he had left to do was pick up the phone and pretend like he was talking to Kusaka-san.
It was also Takeno-san who put the note in Kusaka-san's locker.
All to frame him for Ikuta-san's murder! But how did he know where Ikuta-san was standing? It was pitch-black with the streetlight broken Takeno-san broke it in advance to make us think that way.
Wouldn't that make it harder to know where he'd be?! No, he knew where Ikuta-san was, even in the dark.
That's ridiculous.
I'm not a bat.
What was Ikuta-san doing on your way back from the store? Well, he was standing beneath the broken streetlight Oh yeah, and he was smoking! As a heavy smoker, Ikuta-san dropped lots of cigarette butts.
You aimed at the light from the cigarette and dropped the weapon on him.
You had the lights off to prevent anyone from seeing the weapon! Which means there's a plastic bag full of rocks still in here! Then check the apartment! I have no plastic bags! Takeno-san.
Those are some thick socks for this time of year.
Those are mountain-climbing socks.
You turned them inside-out and filled them with rocks.
Later, you put the rocks in the fish tank and fixed your socks.
As proof, there's a thread in the water plant! One that's the same color as your socks.
These are sturdy enough to be used as the weapon and not rip There should be blood on the inside of those socks.
Ikuta-san's blood! Mind if I have a look, Takeno-san? There's no need.
Takeno! Did you do it because of Keiko Togawa-san's death? Yes.
As I said, sometimes you have to abandon friends in mountain accidents.
I constantly told myself I couldn't blame Ikuta.
But when I think about never seeing her again, I feel as if I've been left all alone in this world, I was so lonely that I felt I was going crazy.
Then, when I entered a pub one day Yeah, that's right! Keiko dumped me so I left her to die! That's horrible! He had to pay for letting my precious Keiko die for no reason! And so did Kusaka, who laughed at the story! The rest was just as Mouri-san said! Hikari to kage no roman Song by Keiko Utoku The twilight would know no weariness roman katareba hitobanjuu If we talked about romance all night long tsukareshirazu no all night long There's no time to love, the waves are surging this way koi-suru hima mo nai yo nami ga oshiyosete-kuru Even as I swim in my memories, reality is cool and dry kioku no naka o oyoide mo genjitsu wa cool and dry sore o tashikametakute doko ni samayoi-yuku no Where will I wander to make sure of that love? to'oi kumo no you ni tsukamenai anata ni You're like an unattainable, far-away cloud Yet I shall follow you wherever you go, I swear on my heart tsuite-yuku doko-made mo kokoro ni chikatte Even if you find out someday and realize that I can love you itsuka subete ga wakatte mo anata o suki de irareru-koto Even if we spend our days constantly fighting tatoe tatakau mainichi ni akekurete mo Picturing my old self, I recalled my hometown fondly natsukashisa de omo'u furusato mukashi no jibun utsusu hikari to kage no roman oikakete Chasing the romance of light and shadow Nothing beats beer after solving a crime! It's the greatest! It's getting late; we should call it quits for— Don't say that! Let's get this party goin'! But I'm exhausted I feel great, like I just had a nap! Maybe because you did just have a nap! What's the matter, Ran-neechan? Tonight was the Tanabata, the one day a year that lovers can meet.
I wonder how Shin'ichi is doing Ran I'm sure Shin'ichi-niichan's looking up at the same starry sky! Yeah NEXT EPISODE Are you Heihachiro Shiota-san?! Heihachiro Shiota?! This geezer is that legendary detective?! This was a murder! Everyone stay where you are! Damn it! Right before my very eyes! Next Conan: The Stage Actress Murder Case Next Conan's Hint: Vinyl Tape Look forward to the next episode! Next time, it's a weird old detective! You mean, like the guy Kogoro learned from?