Detective Conan (1996) s04e24 Episode Script

The Murder Case of the Scoop Picture

A COLDFUSION & BAARO RELEASE Encounters are mysterious! But cases are even more so! I'm so glad I'm with you! Luck and skill make a photo opportunity! Pictures reveal everything! He especially sees the truth today, and looks like a kid but has the mind of an adult.
His name? Detective Conan! Unmei no Roulette mawashite unmei no roulette mawashite I spun the roulette of destiny zutto kimi o mite-ita and always watched you Created by Gosho Aoyama "Detective Conan" Serialized in Shogakukan's "Weekly Shonen Sunday" Planning Michihiko Suwa (Yomiuri TV) Why is it that I'm this happy, naze na no kon'na ni shiawase na no ni Art Director Yukihiro Shibutani Character Design Masatomo Sudo Art Design Hiroyuki Mitsumoto yet I feel sad when I look at the horizon? suiheisen o miru to kanashikunaru Sound Director Katsuyoshi Kobayashi Director of Photography Takahisa Ogawa Music Producer Hiroki Horio (PolyGram) Music Katsuo Ono ano koro no jibun o to'oku de mite-iru It's as if I'm looking at myself back then, from afar Arrangement Lyrics Music Sei'ichiro Kuribayashi Izumi Sakai Opening Theme "Unmei no Roulette mawashite" Daisuke Ikeda (B-GRAM RECORDS) Performed by Editor Teramitsu Okada Color Key Reiko Hirayama Executive Producer Satoshi Yokoyama Story Editor Jun'ichi Iioka son'na kanji Spin the roulette of destiny unmei no roulette mawashite Planning Support Toyohiko Okuyama Mitome Asai Thinking too hard about this and that is a mystery arekore fukaku kangaeru no wa Mystery Director Kenji Kodama See? The person of your destiny is right there hora unmei no hito wa soko ni iru Producers Michihiko Suwa (Yomiuri TV) Masahito Yoshioka (Tokyo Movie) Watching you always zutto kimi o mite-ita Presented by Yomiuri TV Tokyo Movie Watching you always zutto kimi o mite-ita The Scoop Photograph Murder Case The Scoop Photograph Murder Case The Scoop Photograph Murder Case The Scoop Photograph Murder Case The Scoop Photograph Murder Case The Scoop Photograph Murder Case The Scoop Photograph Murder Case The Scoop Photograph Murder Case Because I no, the old guy, solved the case that day, the client invited us to a famous award ceremony.
"35th Yomikiri Photography Award" And now, for the announcement.
The winner of the 35th Yomikiri Photography Award is Mr.
Ryuichi Yanase's work, nominated by the News Branch! Yes! Thank you! I have God and sheer luck to thank for this award! And a little bit of my skill.
This is that big of a ceremony? Apparently it's the biggest one in this industry.
I hear each winner gets a contract with most major news outlets.
They're going to show his work! The scene of a fire! They definitely are photos of decisive moments! It's an honor to be in the same room as the great Mouri-san! A news photographer who chases incidents, and a detective who solves them.
We're not so unrelated! It's a pleasure.
Likewise! Those were amazing photos! How did you take them? Like I said, I have God to thank.
I just happened to pass by that fire at the time.
Yeah, "just happened.
" Sure.
What are you doing here?! Uhh, who might you be? You're Kogoro Mouri-san, yes? "Akira Nakai, Investigative Reporter" Here is my card.
Nice to meet you.
Nakai-san, an investigative reporter? Yanase-san will be helping me quite a bit from now on.
You better quit it! Sure that's wise? What?! What is this?! To hell with you! What was that white powder? Was it drugs?! It's just limestone.
Limestone? What's the deal? Dad! Answer the phone! I can't talk right now! I'll get it, Ran-neechan! Hello, Mouri Detective Agency! Yeah, this is Nakai.
Get the detective.
He's asleep now.
What? He's asleep?! Then wake him up! I got something important to tell him! My life is in danger! His life is in danger?! Hold on! Mister! Wake up! Mister! I can't drink any more Sheesh.
Guess I have no choice Hello.
This is Kogoro Mouri.
Oh, about time! Took long enough! What is this about your life being in danger? Someone's out to get me.
If anything happens to me, investigate it.
What do you mean? Just listen to me! Nakai-san! What happened?! Nakai-san! Hello?! Nakai-san! Hello?! It couldn't be! Mister! Wake up! Mister! I already told you, I can't drink any more Damn! I have no choice! Here it is! Nakai-san's business card! Taxi! Hurry here, Driver! My daddy ran out on me! What?! Alright! Leave it to me, kiddo! C'mon! Hurry! Hurry! Nakai-san! That's! "Man on Fire Plummets" "Man Falls While on Fire" "Man Jumps to Avoid Fire" It was just sheer luck.
I have God to thank, yet again.
For a news photographer, he is incredibly lucky.
Still, it's too much of a coincidence! Well, Dad? The investigative reporter Nakai-san was murdered, wasn't he? It would seem not.
What do you mean, Dad? He did suffer a blow to the head but the examiners believe he slipped and hit his head while drunk.
That can't be! As a result, the police have deemed this an accident, not a crime.
What caused the fire?! I don't know the details, but apparently it started in the kitchen sink.
Sink? Maybe a thrown-out cigarette lit something on fire? Anyways, that was where the fire burned the most.
In either case, it would've been an unfortunate accident.
Conan-kun! Forget about 'im.
Doing questioning first thing in the morning has me starved! Let's get some grub! No Entrance The call meant for the old guy last night was at 10:30 PM.
I arrived here in the taxi at 10:50.
Judging from how the fire was, it must've started right after the call.
Yanase, the photographer, was taking pictures from there The only way up there is by car.
What's that?! The highway bus drop-off point! It's the same height as Nakai-san's apartment! It's too perfect for someone who just happened to pass by! Plus, it's only three minutes between here and there! This powder Limestone! Wait a minute! The fire started in the kitchen sink! Could it be?! This, please! Okay! This is it! Oh! These are some great photos! They really are from the decisive moment! I want you to analyze them! This one in particular! See the mirror far in the back? Mirror? Oh, this? Yeah, I see it! The kitchen can be seen in it Oh, you're right.
Think you can zoom in on it and make it clearer? I guess you can't if it's not film? No, that's not true.
Leave it to me! Magazine found! Yeah, you can't tell what's in the mirror Hold on, now.
I'm just getting started.
Let's see.
Yesterday's weather The time of the fire The positions of the moon and stars The fire's heat had about this much effect Whoa! You're good, Doc! It's nothing out of the ordinary! That's! Did you figure something out, Shin'ichi? Yeah.
It really was a murder! Yanase, the photographer, did it! Really?! But this is still circumstantial evidence.
He could play dumb and that'd be it.
This Yanase guy is going to be on TV tomorrow.
I saw an ad for it.
He's going to be on TV?! People in the spotlight these days all get their own shows.
And his guest is going to be Mouri-san! The old guy?! Which means this will be my last chance In the spotlight, huh I'm so jealous! Doc! Help me out! You'll be in the spotlight, too! What?! Really?! Thanks for coming today, Mouri-san.
It's my pleasure.
A police ticket Yeah, I have to pay a fine.
Fine? I must've gone over the speed limit when I saw smoke from the fire.
A surveillance camera caught me.
A photographer out to get a decisive moment was caught at a decisive moment himself.
It's hilarious! Wait, don't tell me Conan-kun! Where are you going? Hello? Metro Police? This is Kogoro Mouri.
Please get Inspector Megure immediately.
Mouri-san! It's time! Now to show my cool side! Mister! Come here a second! What do you want? I'm busy There's something on your collar.
I'll get it for you! Thanks.
The button speaker is attached! All set to go! Hello, everyone.
I'm Ryuichi Yanase.
Our guest for the first episode of Yanase World is the great detective, Kogoro Mouri-san! You're also known as Sleeping Kogoro, which I'd like to ask about.
What's wrong, Mouri-san? Oh, nothing.
I hate to be sudden, Yanase-san, but I think I'd rather focus on the incident.
Huh? You know, the one where you committed arson and murdered Nakai-san, the investigative reporter? C-Come again?! This certainly comes as a surprise, but sure.
I'll humor you, if you'd like.
But your accusation was completely off, Mouri-san.
Let me ask this.
There's a happening in the very first episode! Yeah! This is great! The battle of the century! First of all, I was taking photos of the highway at the time.
How could I have possibly lit a fire inside Nakai-san's apartment? Simple.
Using the exit point for passengers getting off the highway bus, you could travel between the photo spot and the scene in 3 minutes.
You used that to enter his apartment and attack and knock him out.
You then set up an ignition timer and returned to the highway, where you waited for the fire to start so you could photograph it.
Oh? But no timing devices were found in the remnants of the fire.
Nothing was found.
It must've burned away.
Then how can you make such a claim? Limestone.
Or, to be technical, quicklime.
"Quicklime" It was the timing device you used.
Unlike slaked lime, which is used for drawing lines on fields, "Slaked Lime" Calcium Oxide when quicklime and water are combined, a chemical reaction occurs Water Calcium Hydroxide that exceeds 300 degrees Celsius.
Sake Self-heating canned sake utilizes this effect.
Sake Quicklime Reaction Solution Press Here There are cases in which bags of quicklime left at construction sites have ignited and caused fires after rainwater leaked inside.
This is what you used.
You placed quicklime in the sink and had water leak in and ignite it.
With some paper and flammable objects all around it, you'd have a fire in no time.
This is probably how you took your award-winning photos as well.
But your victim found out and blackmailed you! Most impressive! It may be true that such a trick is possible, but you have no proof.
Proof as definitive as photographs.
But I do.
A photograph you took is definitive proof.
What?! Dr.
Nobody told me about this! Doc?! Now, then! Let me show you the definitive proof! Here you are! First, the kitchen faucet.
Have a look at the handle.
This is the type where lowering the handle will produce water, and it's one-fourth down here.
In other words, when the fire started, this water was running in order to activate the igniter.
I don't know.
It might've just been left on.
In that case, Yanase-san.
What happened to the watch you received for winning the contest? I asked the head office.
Apparently, there's only one wristwatch like it in the world.
So why is it in the victim's kitchen? Are you sure you didn't remove it before adjusting the faucet to keep it from getting wet, but then accidentally left it there? As it was quite close to the source of the fire, it was rather burned.
Sorry, but it was stolen from me.
Oh? When was it stolen? Right after the award ceremony.
I just realized now that it was the late Nakai who stole it! So you intend on playing innocent to the end? In that case Inspector! V! Jeez! V?! This is data from the camera on the highway to catch speeders.
Detective Mouri asked me to bring it here.
It's from 10:20 PM, on the night of the incident.
In other words, it's from 10 minutes before the victim called me.
Can you display it on the computer monitor? Piece of cake! Now, zoom in, please.
Got it! You claim your wristwatch was stolen right after the ceremony.
So why do you have it on right before photographing the fire? The fact that wristwatch was in Nakai-san's apartment is proof that you were there! A photographer out to capture a definitive moment was caught at a definitive moment himself.
This can't be It seems you forgot the most important fact for a photographer.
is written as "displaying the truth" in Japanese! "Photograph" "Displaying the Truth" Negaigoto hitotsu-dake Song by Miho Komatsu doushite futari wa deatta no? How did they meet kon'na ni sabishii yuuhi o miru nante Looking at such a lonely sunset? ki no ki'ita kotoba sagashite mo Even as I try to find clever words There are none to connect our distant hearts hanareta kokoro o tsunagu kotoba nakute dekiru-dake no egao de te o fureba Do you think if I wave with my best smile chotto-dake demo kirei ni mieru no ka na That I might look even a little prettier? negaigoto hitotsu-dake kanaete-kureru-nara If I could have one wish granted It would be that our love wouldn't make us both hurt kizutsukeatta ai ga hajimaranai-you ni The staff said the ratings were through the roof! Ironically enough, now I'm in the spotlight too! Huh? Where's Dad? Oh no! I forgot about him! Hi! I'm the great Kogoro Mouri! Yoko Okino-chan! Where are you?! NEXT EPISODE Huh?! Your sister was killed and buried in the yard?! But it's illegal to enter others' yards without permission.
But is there really a body buried in this yard?! What exactly does Koda-san plan to do?! Next Conan: The Mystery of the Moletian (Part 1) Next Conan's Hint: Jewel Robbery Look forward to the next episode! Next time I'm a Moletian! What? M-Mole.
See? Don't even.