Detective Conan (1996) s05e01 Episode Script

The Mysterious Mole Alien Case (1)

A COLDFUSION & BAARO RELEASE Encounters are mysterious! But cases are even more so! I'm so glad I'm with you! Today's title is a bit unusual! Can you solve the mystery in Part 1?! He sees the single truth for what it is, and looks like a kid but has the mind of an adult.
His name? Detective Conan! I spun the roulette of destiny Unmei no Roulette mawashite unmei no roulette mawashite zutto kimi o mite-ita and always watched you Created by Gosho Aoyama "Detective Conan" Serialized in Shogakukan's "Weekly Shonen Sunday" Planning Michihiko Suwa (Yomiuri TV) naze na no kon'na ni shiawase na no ni Why is it that I'm this happy, Art Design Hiroyuki Mitsumoto Art Director Yukihiro Shibutani Character Design Masatomo Sudo suiheisen o miru to kanashikunaru yet I feel sad when I look at the horizon? Sound Director Katsuyoshi Kobayashi Director of Photography Takahisa Ogawa Music Katsuo Ono Music Producer Hiroki Horio (PolyGram) ano koro no jibun o to'oku de mite-iru It's as if I'm looking at myself back then, from afar Izumi Sakai Music Daisuke Ikeda Arrangement Sei'ichiro Kuribayashi Opening Theme "Unmei no Roulette mawashite" Lyrics (B-GRAM RECORDS) Performed by Editor Teramitsu Okada Story Editor Jun'ichi Iioka Color Key Reiko Hirayama Executive Producer Hiroaki Kobayashi son'na kanji Spin the roulette of destiny unmei no roulette mawashite Planning Support Toyohiko Okuyama Mitome Asai arekore fukaku kangaeru no wa Mystery Thinking too hard about this and that is a mystery Director Kenji Kodama hora unmei no hito wa soko ni iru See? The person of your destiny is right there Producers Michihiko Suwa (Yomiuri TV) Masahito Yoshioka (Tokyo Movie) zutto kimi o mite-ita Watching you always Presented by Yomiuri TV Tokyo Movie zutto kimi o mite-ita Watching you always (Part 1) The Mystery of the Moletian (Part 1) The Mystery of the Moletian (Part 1) The Mystery of the Moletian The Mystery of the Moletian (Part 1) The Mystery of the Moletian (Part 1) The Mystery of the Moletian (Part 1) The Mystery of the Moletian (Part 1) The Mystery of the Moletian (Part 1) Hey, Mitsuhiko.
Is there really an empty lot nearby where we can play baseball? There is! C'mon, you guys.
Play soccer once in a while, will ya? We're here! Huh? What do you mean? Right here! This is a construction site for an apartment building! That's right! Except they stopped construction half a month ago! Then we can play baseball in here?! Yes! We can't get in here because it's locked, but I found another way in yesterday! This way! Geez Here it is! There's a hole! Whoa! You broke it, Mitsuhiko-kun?! N-No! A car hit it.
See? There's paint from a car on the fence.
A car must've hit it and made this hole.
Alright! Let's check out the inside! I'm going in first! There's so much space! C'mon! Pull like you mean it! Go on a diet, geez! Alright! This manhole will be the home plate! I'm batter! I'm pitcher! I'm infielder! Fine.
I'll be outfielder.
Alright! Let's get started! Yeah! Yeah.
Conan-kun! I can't hear you! Yeah! All right! Here it comes, Genta-kun! Bring it on! Conan-kun! It's headed your way! I'm just a ball-fetcher here Still, this is clearly breaking and entering If anyone sees us What's that? Oh, crap! He's watching with binoculars! Whoops! It went over the fence I don't see the ball anywhere.
Hey, could it have gone over that fence, too? That is quite possible.
Then let's ask the person who lives there to let us get it.
Good idea.
Let's see That seems to be a back entrance, so I think the front door was facing the main street.
But what if a really stubborn man lives here? I don't know if he's stubborn or not, but someone was watching from the upstairs window with binoculars.
Binoculars? Meaning someone is home, right?! Let's give it a shot! Alright! It probably flew into this yard.
It looks like a haunted house.
Why would a haunted house be right on a main street? Hey, Conan-kun.
How do you read that? "Yoshikazu Watanuki" Oh.
Yoshikazu Watanuki.
Oh? I think he's coming out! Whoa! He's scary! H-He's all yours, Conan! Geez.
You got a big body, but no guts at all.
Excuse me! Our ball landed in your yard! Could we get it? Yoshikazu Watanuki (63) Are you students at Teitan Elementary? Yes! You're not allowed in my yard! That means leave! W-Wait, hold on! Without that ball, we can't That's what you get for playing baseball there! If I catch you in there again, I'm contacting your school! You can't be serious He wasn't a stubborn man.
He was a stubborn old man.
He could at least let us look around the yard! Damn it! Give my ball back! There's nothing we can do.
Like he said, we're the ones at fault for going where we shouldn't.
Then it's Mitsuhiko's fault! You better pay for that ball! Hey! Let's forget about baseball and play video games at Conan's place! Y-Yes, good idea! We can have some snacks there, too! Boxed eel lunches? Yes! Hey! Don't decide things on your own! Alright! Let's go to Conan's place! Yes! Let's! Huh? There's someone there So, there is.
Is he a client? Hey, Mister.
He looks mean Did you come to the Mouri Detective Agency? Who're you? I live here! I'll show you the way! I'm home! Welcome back! Oh, hello! Hello! Not those pests again.
Mister! You have a visitor! Visitor? My name is Koda.
My younger sister went missing a month ago.
Now, now! Please have a seat first! Ran! Make some tea! Right! I'm sorry, but could you guys play outside a little while longer? Bah.
We have no luck.
I'm sorry.
So, you want me to find a missing person? No.
My sister was murdered! By a man named Yoshikazu Watanuki! Watanuki?! The Watanuki-san who lives next to the construction site? You know him? Are you kidding? We met him just now! He wouldn't let us get the ball Genta-kun hit into his yard! He said, "You're not allowed in my yard!" Just as I thought! He didn't let you in the yard because my sister's body is buried there! H-Hold on! Please explain everything from the start.
Here you are! I've seen him somewhere before! But I can't remember where from My name is Masao Koda.
Masao Koda (29) I have just the one sister, and I was born in Saku, Nagano Prefecture.
Oh, I know Saku! It has the Cosmos Road, right? Yes.
My sister loved cosmos flowers, too.
This is my sister, Sanae.
Oh! She's very pretty! She really is! She looks nothing like her brother! Sanae Koda (26) She has white skin, too! You kids! My sister moved here six years ago to work for Tohto Securities.
Two years ago, she became head of the Beika branch office.
But on the night of the 8th of last month, she left to go see a client and has been missing ever since.
And this client was Yoshikazu Watanuki-san? Yes.
I came to town two nights after, on a Sunday, and learned about this at her office the following day.
Around what time did she leave the office? Around 8:00 PM.
She supposedly said she was going to stop by Watanuki's house and then return home.
Why would she visit a client at such an hour? According to the branch manager, the stock Watanuki had bought had plummeted in value, and he was pressuring her into compensating him for his losses.
One of those so-called "compensation payments," huh? Did you go to see Watanuki-san, then? Yes.
The branch manager and I went on the afternoon of the 11th.
He says my sister never showed up the night of the 8th! But that's a lie! She went to his house that night, but refused to pay! Watanuki snapped, killed her, and buried her in his yard! Say.
Why do you think she was buried in the yard? For two reasons.
First, Watanuki doesn't have a driver's license.
He couldn't take the body far away without a car.
Second, late that night, at about 2:00 AM, a businessman in the next house overheard a shovel digging.
Digging? A man named Mochida-san who lives nearby.
He says that construction was being done on the main street that night between midnight and 3:00 AM.
Watanuki unquestionably used that sound to dig his hole unnoticed! I see.
So, did you tell the police about this? Of course I did! But Mochida-san had been very drunk that night, so the police said his testimony wasn't credible.
In the end, they only questioned Watanuki on ceremony.
He lives alone, and he's almost never left his house since that night.
But every Saturday morning at around 10:00, he leaves for Beika Central Hospital and is gone for two hours.
So, Mouri-san Tomorrow is Saturday, so I'd like you to come with me to his house and deduce where he buried my sister's body! I'll dig her up myself, of course! In other words, you want me to sneak into his yard with you? Yes.
I'm afraid I can't.
It's illegal to enter others' yards without permission.
Besides, skilled as I am, it'd be impossible to tell, in such a short time, where a body was buried over a month ago.
Koda-san Very well.
Just forget it! Koda-san I'm sorry for bothering you.
Umm Now I remember! That person looks just like a Moletian! Mole tien? Oh! He does, come to think of it! Right?! Moletians take on friends' forms to trick Kamen Yaiba! They suddenly come out of the ground, just like moles! Oh! So that's why he wanted to dig up the yard! Hey, now.
That's not why at all.
Are you just going to let him go, Dad? What am I supposed to do? He told me to forget about it.
Besides, he's certain this Watanuki killed his sister and buried her, but there's no proof at all.
Even the shovel sound could've come from the street construction.
That's true, but Well, I guess I can give it a quick check.
Yeah, there is some truth to what the old guy says.
We can't say anything for sure, at this stage Alright! It's decided! Let's do it! I got a bad feeling about this How did I know we'd be back here? First, we need to think of a way to get inside somehow.
We can assume the gate is locked, so Huh? It's unlocked.
Lucky! He must've gone somewhere! Alright! Now's our chance! W-Wait, you guys! Yes, there's no way to tell where she's buried just by looking.
Of course not! We don't even know if she really is buried here! Then let's start digging up the place! I'll go find a shovel! Wait! Genta! Hey, you! Beika Police Department Yes, that Koda fellow gave us a bit of trouble, too.
How so? Watanuki-san lost about 1.
5 million yen in the stock market.
That's a lot of money, but certainly not enough to kill someone over.
That's true On top of that, he's certain Watanuki-san is responsible and has been following him around for a month now.
The way we see it, Watanuki-san seems more like the victim here.
We're sorry! We just really wanted our ball, so we snuck in We're really sorry! We're sorry! It's all right.
I was a bit on edge before.
I'm sorry I shouted at you.
I found your ball earlier.
I'll give it back, if you promise never to go to those apartments to play again.
Yes! We promise! Just a minute.
This is great! Yes! One message.
This is Beika Central Hospital.
You have a checkup scheduled for tomorrow, so be sure to come.
Hey, that sounded like! What nonsense! I know that! I don't need to be told! Here! Now take it and get out of my sight! O-Okay He was acting so nice at first, but suddenly grew angry.
He's one moody old man, that's for sure.
Hey! Did you hear that phone call?! Yeah.
It sounded a lot like Koda-san's voice.
Eh? Koda-san? You mean that Moletian? There's no question about it.
Koda-san plans to dig up the body while Watanuki-san is at the hospital.
But, is there really a body buried in this yard? Even if there is, it'd be impossible to tell where it is in just two hours.
What exactly does Koda-san plan to do?! The next day (Saturday) Hey! Conan! What time is it? Seven minutes to 10:00.
Even after I told them not to come That certainly is a big shovel! I thought I'd help the Moletian dig up the body! Say, what do you plan to do, Conan-kun? I intend to stop Koda-san somehow.
Whatever the reason, sneaking onto others' property isn't right.
Mitsuhiko! Follow him! If he decides to come back, call us on your Detective Boys badge! Right! Understood! What's taking the Moletian so long? Conan.
What time is it? That was Inspector Megure! Do you think something happened?! I'll check it out! Hey! Conan! Conan-kun Let's have a look inside, Inspector.
Inspector Megure! Oh, Mouri-kun.
Go on ahead.
Yes, sir.
I hear there was an armed robbery? Yes.
It took place about seven minutes ago and Does this mean you weren't here when it happened? No, I just happened to be passing by right now.
Oh, I see! I thought for sure you were at the scene of the crime, yet again Inspector! The security camera got a look at the robber's face! Really?! You know him too, Mouri-san! Huh? What? Just come inside! Inspector! Here he is! It's him! Just who is he, Mouri-kun? Koda-san! This man's name is Masao Koda! But why is he doing a jewel robbery?! Whatever the case, Koda ran off with a dozen or so jewels! Inspector Megure! The robber's motorcycle was found near Beika Station! - What?! - What?! No doubt about it, Inspector.
The plate number matches with the witness' testimony perfectly.
Inspector Megure! We found this on the station stairs! A jewel No question about it! He got on the Loop Line from Beika Station! I want emergency deployment at all stations on the Loop Line! Understood! Everyone else, continue to scour the vicinity! Yes, sir! Is Ayumi right? Has Koda-san fooled us just like the Moletians? Was the whole story about his sister a fabrication?! But why would he make that up? And, even if he had a reason, why would someone so well-prepared commit the crime without sunglasses or a mask to conceal himself and ditch his getaway vehicle for everyone to see? A leaf? And it's fresh and green The fact it's stuck here means someone opened this not so long ago! Wait a minute! There was one by Watanuki-san's back gate, too! Could it be? Is Koda-san's true objective Negaigoto hitotsu-dake Song by Miho Komatsu doushite futari wa deatta no? How did they meet kon'na ni sabishii yuuhi o miru nante Looking at such a lonely sunset? ki no ki'ita kotoba sagashite mo Even as I try to find clever words hanareta kokoro o tsunagu kotoba nakute There are none to connect our distant hearts Do you think if I wave with my best smile dekiru-dake no egao de te o fureba chotto-dake demo kirei ni mieru no ka na That I might look even a little prettier? negaigoto hitotsu-dake kanaete-kureru-nara If I could have one wish granted kizutsukeatta ai ga hajimaranai-you ni It would be that our love wouldn't make us both hurt NEXT EPISODE It's him! He really is a Moletian! Take me to 1st Street in Beika! Hurry! R-Right! Genta-kun! The old man is taking a taxi back! Hey! Mister! Watanuki-san is gonna be back soon! If my theory is correct, Koda-san is! Next Conan: The Mystery of the Moletian (Part 2) Next Conan's Hint: Manhole Look forward to the next episode! Next time, what's that hole Detective Takagi's digging? A grave! Oh, dig away, dig away!