Detective Conan (1996) s05e18 Episode Script

A Mysterious Sniper Murder Case (1)

Alibi, hint Modus operandi, education A mysterious underground organization Today's case is about a party The only one who sees through the truth is a person who looks like a child but yet has surpassing intelligence.
Detective Konan Encoded by Xevious #XCHKSconan @irc.
net Case of the Secret Sniper Part 1 I never thought it would be like this What a headache Konan, for you Thank you Although a lot of people are lining up But those people let me get the dishes Look at those talking with the sumo wrestlers That's the chief of the silk dye company You know, Konan? Not really Look at his finger Fingers If you come in touch with those dyes everyday Not just the fingers, even under the nails It would be dyed with color and hard to wash That can only happen to the masters How do you know he's the chief Compare his right hand to his left His right hand is tanned black but not his left This means that he often plays golf If you don't usually go play it's impossible to be so obvious If he's just a master he can't play golf If he plays so often he has to be the chief You're right Excuse me Could you please autograph for me I'm your sumo fan Mr.
Kazedo Seki My surname is Kazeiwado I'm sorry That was scary He looked so much like a wrestler I couldn't differentiate Then I won't sign Father This is disgraceful Don't eat with such a loud noise I'm using this invitation this time as his due for asking me to help Otherwise I won't know when I'll get it You're Mr.
Mouri Kogorou? I'm sorry, I'm Tanaka Sachiko Could I please talk about something with you Of course My time is al yours I can even marry you if you want Please follow me here Anywhere you want You're a chief Yes I'm doing things to do with computer parts and mechanics This is my current field of expertise Then what do you want me for Ms.
Tanaka Yes Frankly our chief has gotten a-threatening letter Threatening letter Someone like you has no right to live on this world I will definitely kill you Mr.
Mouri You have to capture the person who sent the letter Konan, I'm asking you if you know that person there The one on the left The one giving the name card Looks like part of the committee But he's so submissive to that person I think he must be someone of power The way I see it I think he must be some small boss of a financial company I don't think so I think he should be that famous secretary of the government Is that so But that person over there He stands out too much He's bee standing there since just now staring at everybody Like he's not enjoying the party Guess what he's going to do What enemies does the chief have None Then Why didn't you report this to the police Because the chief has always had an adverse feeling to the police And the police wouldn't do a serious investigation if nothing has yet to happen This is a bit tough But You're pretty clear bout this I'm not just clear about the police I'm also quite clear about Mr.
Mouri That's why we chose you this time What do you mean The results of my computer showed that you were best matched for this case Is that so Will you accept this case No problem But from now on I need to have a close relationship with the chief Ishimoto All right The investigation work will be left in Mr.
Mouri's hand then Now I'll have a chance to get close to Ms.
Sachiko Come on boy I'll help you take a memorial photograph How could I Ms.
Ran Let's take it together Come on, this way This is better All right, I'm taking a shot Three plus four is Seven Anyway I don't have any enmity with anybody, and that's that But If my life continues then perhaps I would harm someone unknowingly somewhere But then That wouldn't be my problem Let's begin now Let's invite a guest to say something to all of us Please welcome Mr.
Takada Masao to the podium for a speech Mr.
Minister, this way please Look, I was right He IS the secretary Yeah, Konan you're so good Thank you everybody They're pretty good too It's so dark here and they can turn it on the person instantaneously Maybe they had a fixed position from the start Or it could be that he had a mini microphone on him and the lights can make it reflect Why didn't he go straight to the podium So that everyone's attention could be caught He's gone Chief Ishimoto, excuse me Hello, welcome What Chief Shinkura Minister Konan, come back Dammit This guy really runs fast The minister was assassinated by someone here Yes Please help me get reinforcements Hello, this is Shinkura Tsuneaki The chief had been threatened by someone? And someone was going to take his life soon? Yes That's why I took this assignment This means The bullet to shoot at Mr.
Ishimoto didn't hit but hit the minister who was standing beside him That's right, there are too many people on the scene as well Maybe there are witnesses Takaki Yes Where were the guests then Yes I asked them to gather at the room next door Konan How can you run around I was nervous and went to the toilet Uncle This case isn't something a small kid like you should bother with But I saw a suspicious person just now What That person was standing by that wall at the beginning but after the gunshot he ran to the control room up stairs Is that so Really from that area It would be easy to aim for Mr.
Ishimoto from among the rest What kind of a person was he That's the one He doesn't look like the good type indeed What are you doing still Mouri, hurry Officer Megure There's a photograph here that could be of the assailant What, is that so Yes, that must be the killer Konan, don't touch it Uncle Takaki, what is this Those are shards That's the small microphone Minister Takada was wearing at that time The bullet hit the microphone I guessed so You've seen enough Konan I'm sorry Mr.
Takaki He ran here when I neglected to look after him for a while Konan Let's go wait outside Konan Where are you going again I'm going to the toilet, I can't bear it anymore Which toilet is he going to This place is fun Yeah He looks pretty nervous That long-haired man Who was he He's gone Chief Ishimoto's life was in danger and she managed to avoid everyone to meet that man This is questionable Mr.
Mouri The statements have been recorded Can I go back now Chief Ishimoto Although your injuries this time are not that serious But that killer wanted to take your life You'd better go stay at a police hospital The chief will not stay at a police hospital Our chief has his frequented hospital And It's the freedom of the chief to want to accept the protection of the police, after all You're right In that case Someone has to protect Mr.
Ishimoto Mr.
Mouri You have the responsibility All right, I promise you From today onwards I'll protect the chief Then chief, let's go to the hospital Mouri Yes About that man on the photograph What's wrong We checked with the guests Nobody has a surname like that But We've laid a strict police ambush around the area Maybe we'll come up with something What about the former criminal checkups.
We're in the process of investigating Mr.
Mouri what are you doing Please don't leave me alone All right All right, I'm coming Which hospital is he going to You know He said he always disliked police From today onwards Ms.
Sachiko and I will stay together to be his bodyguard I'm not going to bother about you if anything happens Please take a seat This car is really elegant Ms.
Sachiko You should sit here For safety purposes We have to sit on both sides of the chief You're right Follow me home like this The direction of the metro Konan There were so many guests on scene at that time It was so difficult to shoot the chief It had to be professional What's this It's been stuck on recently Why is there something like that here Wait The pieces of the microphone The light control room My goodness This isn't like a sick bay at all It's more like a hotel suite Mr.
Mouri can stay here tonight It's connected with this room Please follow me So this two rooms only have one exit If anybody wants to come in here he would have to go past Mr.
Mouri's room I see Ms.
Sachiko's has it all thought out Don't mention it Our company has always been in charge of by the chief If the chief goes down the company would collapse Then again Ms.
Sachiko Where are you sleeping tonight There's only one bed here I'm going home to sleep Because Mr.
Mouri is here to protect our chief now Is that so Fainted What's wrong Mr.
Mouri This room isn't too bad eh I'm counting on you for tonight I will do my best Chief Is your injury all right Something like that isn't anything It's just a scratch Ms.
Tanaka I'm counting on you for Mr.
Takada's affair Yes, I will do all the proper preparations What's with Mr.
Takada? The funeral and his doctor's fee Mr.
Takada did take the place of our chief as a sacrificial lamb after all So I'll go handle it now What, you're going? After the autopsy the doctor will want to talk with me I may be out for a while Oh man All right Is there anything you would like to drink Then, beer I mean, coke Right There's something I'd like to ask you.
What is it You said you used your computer to choose me But besides me there are also a lot of private detectives Why choose me According to past experience There are indeed many who can be detectives But If that person is more attractive Then it would be obvious Besides you I can choose no one else Is that so You made the right choice Then again this is great This coke is delicious One more cup Yes, that's right Please wait Mr.
Mouri, your call For me Thank you Hello famous detective Mouri Kogorou You're so thick skinned calling yourself a famous detective It's officer Megure About that suspicious man who disappeared on the party We've found one match in the former criminal files Is that so That's right That man has quite a record He's Heioka Shirou He specializes in digging for trade secrets and then blackmailing them for a large sum of money The underground market says that he won't let someone off once he leeches I hear that his nickname is piranha Heioka Mr.
Ishimoto was threatened by this Heioka then? Yes, I think it must be it Heioka got his weakness and blackmailed him But according to what the chief's character is like He won't pay up at all Heioka Shirou turned his shame to rage and decided to claim the old chief's life This time you infuriated a professional killer like me Too bad for you But I can give you a chance to survive If you can use that gun to defeat me I was wondering why I couldn't see you anywhere So you're watching the TV And fallen asleep You hear me, Konan I'm switching it off Wait I understand, so that's what it is What So we all fell into the trap of the real killer I didn't think there was a twist like this in this case But to prove this point I have not enough evidence yet Mr.
Mouri, the TV has been on for a long time How did I fall asleep I'm really sorry Hello, sorry to keep you waiting I'm Mouri Kogorou Bad news Mouri Officer, what's wrong That Heioka Shirou has been found dead by someone What, where? I heard from the building he was hiding out in He fell down and died in a spat of carelessness The witnesses said that he died immediately after his head impacted with the floor An accident or I don't know I'm just rushing to the scene now I'll contact you again if I have anything more to tell you This area has been completely surrounded by the police Hello everybody Really Before we can verify the safety of the chief you can't go back for now I know Uncle called When I heard we could take pictures.
Took a picture of that Heioka Shirou who could have threatened Chief Ishimoto His body was found at the wasted building Could it be a murder It should be an accident Because he fell from the stairs I hear they had no proper footing in the building he was hiding in and he hit his head and died But, this wasn't an accident I think If it can be established this is a murder That killer Because Heioka Shirou knew the secret he was killed The series of events triggered by the threats Chief Ishimoto received looked simple but belied a great secret I will find the evidence I will find the truth from amidst this confusing heap of riddles