Detective Conan (1996) s05e19 Episode Script

A Mysterious Sniper Murder Case (2)

Alibi, hint Modus operandi, education A mysterious underground organization.
Today we'll break the case of the last episode, though everything's still shrouded in mystery The one who sees through the truth is a person who likes a child but yet has surpassing intelligence.
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net Uncle accepted Minister Takada's invitation because the minister had a threatening call When the minister went to stage while passing by the minister the bullet aimed for Mr.
Ishikawa missed and coincidentally hit the minister who was beside him And the suspicious person I saw was in the light room The next day, Heioka Shirou was found dead by the run-down building We were tricked by the killer I must find the truth from among the confused heap of riddles Case of the Secret Sniper Part 2 To the rooftop That's the chief's room This is the secretary Takada who was shot dead Mr.
Shinkura Heioka Shirou I don't know these people at all You have gotten some threats lately Your life could be in danger Besides That bullet that brushed by you and hit the chest of minister Takada who died instantaneously This is a murder case Frankly Chief Doesn't matter, Sachiko I have no need to hide anymore You are right I did get some threats Your set of internal accounts It would be terrible if it got revealed You will definitely be arrested Your company would vanish Although so You can't ask a This is cheap You've earned so much, Mr.
Ishimoto Eventually I rejected Heioka And very decisively If that guy got the good stuff he would threaten me again That's why I asked Mr.
Mouri to protect me I didn't think that I would harm minister Takada in the end Secretary Shinkura even came to talk to me for a while Mr.
Shinkura He asked me not to let the minister's death be in vain That's why he came just now and asked me to tell everything I know to the police Is there something wrong boy Well Konan What are you doing here Ms.
Ran asked me to bring her change of clothes Mr.
Ishimoto Please come to the station with me All right That means, I You helped a little Thank you very much I knew it I have bad fortune I didn't think this case would end so quickly If you must talk about bad fortune That Heioka Shirou was really unfortunate Because his motive was Mr.
Ishimoto but he hit someone else Then he fell from the stairs and died How unfortunate He was unfortunate But this case is strange Don't tell me that Heioka had an accomplice After he saw Heioka fail he killed him to seal his mouth This way He can continue his way killing Mr.
Ishimoto Ms.
Sachiko This case has not ended yet Uncle wait Forget it Now I'm sorry, are you all right I'd better go, I've something on Someone's coming This man I remember After Takada was killed he was talking with Ms.
Sachiko outside That That man What relationship does he have with Ms.
Sachiko And also That remote control look-alike thing Don't tell me this is If that Heioka noticed Then he was just being employed to play the bad guy for the whole thing No, even if he didn't notice, it's the same He specializes in threats This way he can hide all his tracks well Why is there a hole here Ms.
Sachiko I'm back Konan, where did you go just now I went out That's strange, uncle Don't you need to protect Mr.
Ishimoto He's gone to the police and doesn't need me I hope I can have a close relationship with Ms.
Sachiko soon Oh please don't just keep thinking of those, uncle Mouri, sorry to intrude Officer Megure Officer Megure There's something I want to verify with you Please I'm sorry, Ran Officer Megure Something to verify with me? Yesterday night after you sent the chief to the hospital After that how long did Ms.
Sachiko stay in the hospital for? Ms.
Sachiko? Well, I remember after Mr.
Ishimoto went to the bedroom I was drinking coke with Ms.
Sachiko and chatting away You called at about that time After that I got into a stupor and fell asleep I woke up when you called the phone in the morning At that time I did not see Ms.
Sachiko in the hospital That means you don't know for sure when Ms.
Sachiko left the hospital Officer, don't tell me you mean Ms.
Sachiko had more than enough time to kill Heioka Shirou Nonsense Ms.
Sachiko is so pretty She couldn't have killed Heioka I'm only considering the possibilities Because we can't verify Heioka's death at the moment Whether it's an accident or murder Pack of nonsense Why would Ms.
Sachiko want to kill them The truth is, Ms.
Sachiko has a boyfriend called Shibata Kenichi What, she has a boyfriend What Why are you shouting Nothing, nothing nothing That man's father has killed himself Killed himself Because It's said that the company he had was forced into bankruptcy by Mr.
Ishimoto Because of that Shibata began to hate Mr.
Ishimoto That's why since Ms.
Sachiko is his girlfriend she could possibility hate Ishimoto too But Ms.
Sachiko isn't someone like that What kind of a person is this Shibata This is his photograph Indeed This man I've seen him before Is that so, Mouri I remember, lately It's him I understand, so that's what it is Officer Megure Please get all the people related to this case to gather immediately at the party location yesterday What? I, detective Mouri Kogorou will unveil the truth behind this case to everybody Man, after Takada died I had many things to handle Why are you asking me here I have no relationship to this case at all Why did you get me Kenichi, stay calm It's going to end soon Didn't this case close already? This case is going to begin now It wasn't easy to pick you out from the case of tax evasion Sorry to keep you waiting Mouri Today, we gathered you all here so that we can show you the real killer from the scene of Takada's death Wasn't the killer the Heioka who was killed in an accident? Wrong Heioka was used and then eventually killed In that case Hurry up and tell us who the real killer was The committee meeting is starting soon I have to work too If you're not saying then I'm going back All right In that case I'll speak with a open heart The real killer was you Because of your father you planned to kill Mr.
Ishimoto and spent money to buy Heioka but you didn't think your plan to kill Mr.
Ishimoto would fail So you took Heioka's live yesterday night Wait I do hate Ishimoto And yesterday I did come to the scene But I don't know who this Heioka was And after leaving yesterday night I went straight to work I didn't go anywhere else That's good I'm going to go to work now Want to go together There are a lot of people who can prove my alibi Well He sucks Why again Mr.
Mouri What's going on Uncle Are you all right I'm just sitting down to make things short Konan, get to one side All right I was joking just now Before I reveal who the killer is I'll replay what happened during the crime scene that night How about this We'll stand in our respective positions yesterday from since the minister started his speech Takada's role I think Megure can do the role Me? Yes, you All right Then officer Megure please take that microphone by the table with you Microphone Yes That was the same kind of microphone minister Takada wore last night So detective, what should I do You Just stand by that wall No problem Then let's begin Light master, please switch off the lights and light the spotlight All right Mr.
Shinkura Please pretend to be the minister Takada and move forward Uncle Takaki What is it Konan Uncle Mouri wants you to go to the light room now That remote is with you isn't it Uncle Mouri has seen through everything already When I make a signal You can switch that remote on Now That was just an empty shot The bullet later went through Mr.
Ishimoto and hit the chest of officer Megure What's going on Please switch the lights on What's wrong, strange Takaki, you fired the shot? I didn't do anything This is This is a gun placed atop the spotlight What There's a rope tied to the back of the gun Once the gun and the rope went parallel to each other If this thing began to spin into action You don't need an auto shot to be able to shoot Mouri, what's going on That means That bullet was not shot by Heioka It was this gun that was tied to the spotlight in this hall Using the spotlight we see now That spotlight Can have a sensor against the microphone of the officer and automatically move where you go to That's right Next, you just have to shoot something the criminal can shoot freely As for his target it would be Takada's chest What nonsense is that Mr.
Mouri The attack was obviously aimed at Mr.
Ishimoto He got the threats The killer did that to trick the police His initial target was minister Takada This killer first wrote threats to the chief and let everybody think that he's aiming for Mr.
Ishimoto's life Then he used this spotlight to follow the movement on the microphone on the minister Just as the minister passed by Mr.
Ishimoto This way everybody would think that the bullet meant for Mr.
Ishimoto was shot through to the minister instead And he could kill the minister Next He just had to keep the gun and run away Then Who was the person who killed Mr.
Takada Ishimoto Ishimoto Seiji.
He killed the minister Takada What nonsense is that.
Don't speak nonsense without evidence No use trying to deny it.
I already have evidence of your doing the deed What is that you're holding This is the remote controller to control the gun I found it at your office What Is that true You're pretty far-sighted Mr.
Ishimoto You pretended to be in life threatening danger while you arranged things like these Then Yesterday you caught the moment when the minister walked by you and used this controller to control the gun Is that right, detective Mr.
Shibata There's a big loophole in this reasoning of yours What Think about it The reason why the minister walked past Mr.
Ishimoto was because Mr.
Shinkura was up front leading the way So Mr.
Ishimoto could not have noticed that they were going to go by him Then Why was the controller found at his presidential room Everybody here Can you hear this Yes, I can hear it clearly I only said that I found this controller in Mr.
Ishimoto's office I never said that I found it in the president's room You get tricked really easily Mr.
Shinkura You're the real killer I knew from long ago that you've been thought of as the minister Takada's inheritor But Minister Takada never intended to step down so you couldn't wait anymore and joined hands with Mr.
Heioka to formulate this plan to kill Takada After that you decided to kill Heioka to seal his mouth and pushed him down from the stairs of the wasted building After killing him you couldn't find the equipment Heioka hid in the floor While you were worrying about it you thought of an idea To prevent the police from finding the equipment and to push the guilt to others You immediately put the controller in the presidential room Nonsense Since you say that controller is mine Where is your evidence You are too defensive against other people You must have wiped all the fingerprints away That may be right But you must still remember Yesterday night You exchanged name cards with someone and dropped that controller You put the batteries for the controller back into it bare handed Looks like you remember That's right There are your fingerprints on the batteries here What How could it be How could it be After he saw the threat call Ms.
Sachiko sent he's been like that Ms.
Sachiko said that she was starting over again with Mr.
Shibata I hope that my parents can start over again too This love is too short Hello I would like to ask you to find someone Leave it to me With this detective Mouri Kogorou Whether you're looking for someone or something it's as simple as drinking tea to me Your father recovers really fast too Next Even if he's young This is too rash He was struck in the back of the head The weapon was the vase Next on Detective Konan Murder Case of the Circus Part 1