Detective Conan (1996) s05e20 Episode Script

The Traveling Drama Murder Case (1)

Alibi, hint Modus operandi, education A mysterious underground organization Behind the stage of this circus show there is a case hidden The only one who sees through the truth is a person who looks like a child but yet has surpassing intelligence.
Detective Konan Encoded by Xevious #XCHKSconan @irc.
net Case of the Traveling Circus Part 1 You're the leader of the traveling circus It's true It's written Leader ltou Tamanosuke It's the first public performance of this youth as the 2nd ringmaster Then you guys will be performing together for the first time That's right, before the first main program I'll sing three songs This is our plan I want to go I must go That's great It's great that a circus like yours can travel around the whole country The young performers of the country must be from our circus and perform their best through routines Then in the past have you performed at Beika before? Two years ago, but that time my father was the ringleader I was just doing backstage work So I didn't do this sort of publicity I hear your father has passed away He died from disease one year ago Later half of the troupe left and we lacked in lustre It wasn't easy for us to continue on after a lot of difficulties You're right Don't worry, I'll definitely distribute all of this Leave this small thing to us Tamanosuke Concentrate your on practices Thank you, I'll work hard Looks like this is what it is So a month later he needs to transfer schools again We have to help him and support him That guy has you all tricked so that you can help him distribute leaflets No way it was just an excuse for us to approach him to help out in leaflets Our motive was to let him show us around the backstage What the If you have time to do that why don't you read more books I'm sorry, I'm done Ran, let's go Let's go Wait Don't worry Tamanosuke looks honest and good looking he can't be anybody bad If anything happens At that time we'll ask Ran to give him a fatal punch What do you mean Don't treat me like your bodyguard All right, let's go Ms.
Ran You again Can I go together I want to go too Me too No If too many people go, you'll cause trouble for the person Wait till after the show is over We'll bring you around to look around Just wait here quietly We'll come back before lunch I remember he asked us to come in via the back door But the door in front is opened Let's just enter from here Maybe they're having stage practice But Sonoko Don't worry about it They really are practicing Great Welcome Thank you Sorry to intrude Sorry to intrude You're here too, welcome Didn't I tell you not to come along Doesn't matter You brought so many people I welcome them all Really Tamanosuke you're such a nice person I'll introduce you This is Hanagata who can act as anything Mr.
Muraki Ryuuichi Hi Ms.
Shiroi Yuri, she's the main actress Pleased to meet you We help Tamanosuke to distribute leaflets Sonoko and Ran Mr.
Muraki, your movements are so cool Don't mention it If you don't raise some eyebrows at this time and age you'll be kicked out You're right Good thing I had some history with performance during my school days So I was able to perform Nothing of the sort You guys work hard We'll go to the balcony I'm counting on you then Come, please come from here All right Leader, the script isn't here yet Come out quickly I know, I'm sorry Please wait for me Oh man Good thing it's a rest day tomorrow and we have a bit more time I'm sorry.
We'll go after we take the leaflets I'm sorry Don't take it to heart Now there's no problems with the next script But isn't your public performance just the day after tomorrow? We've a lot of work to do on the scene and don't have much time to practice It happens Then you must be busy Brother why can't we act that one we did the last time but do a new one instead Megumi She's my sister, Megumi Hello Because my brother is too unreliable This sister of his worries for him I'm Megumi, pleased to meet you What did you say Anyway Because of brother's character everybody has reached their limits Now there's no time to let you keep talking with girls anymore You hear that All right Megumi We wanted to help Tamanosuke by our own will I'll take care of these people from now on You as the leader should handle the script All right Go quickly Then you can stay by the backstage to take a look See you later What a headache.
It's been like that since the old leader died Now these kids come interfere You must be Edogawa Konan You came to the circus too Please How did you know Konan's name Because I've transferred to the primary school to study Didn't you come to our class I'm in C class, but Because Konan and looks like my brother when he was younger So I asked the classmates and knew about it I'm happy I didn't think I could make friends with you so quickly Why not this I'll take you both to the leader's control room I can let you see the photograph of my older brother when he was younger Hurry up What is she So cute, Konan is rather popular Right, wait for me a while We haven't taken the things out yet Please Found it I'm sorry, it's alike isn't it So cute Oh please Which part of him looks like me It's a doll Her name is Nuda Let me see Tamanosuke was so cute Really, he really looked like Konan Konan, if you made yourself up you'd look really cute too Yes Hurry Everybody let's go backstage Hurry, over here These children are so naive Please let us take a look here Keie The manager who's in charge of our treasury An actress too This is Edogawa Konan and his friend and sister Pleased to meet you Here, hurry on up I still need to tidy up some tools at the office What He's your friend, Megumi? No way I'm sorry So he's your boyfriend Sorry, not that either I'm the princess You're strange Konan you wear this too Ms.
Ran, let's go back shall we You have to try everything Wear it No, no no What's wrong You're too noisy What's wrong leader I'm asking you, what do you mean We've some differences in opinions Brother Are you all right I'm fine Brother What happened to the script Mr.
Chikaishi I finished it and I'm placing the plates to print it This kid wants me to rewrite the ending I just scared him a little You can't understand how this society works when you're still young You won't get anywhere after you grow up Right, Mr.
Tatori? If you understand this then everybody will be comfortable My cigarette's run out Mr.
Tatori Help me go buy a pack of the same cigarettes Mr.
Tatori let me go buy the cigarettes instead No need Mr.
Tatori You went too far Mr.
Chikaishi Forget it Megumi Mr.
Chikaishi Why can't you rewrite the ending as I told you to Fact is fact fiction is fiction You can't mix it together I understand, we'll do that then Let's have rehearsal Thank you for your work I'm all right Once the script is printed please help me photocopy some I'll go back to my room to wait for a while Tamanosuke What, even if he's young there was no need to be so agitated What's with that ringleader Wow The script is now slowly being printed It's finished Thanks uncle Kaitou Edo the kid Itarou's diaries This Kaitou Edo the kid That's right, he was that much talked about Edo the kid on society nowadays I used him a an inspiration Come on boy, hand it to me Teacher, thanks for your hard work I'll go photocopy the script now Finally it's finished I think I'll sleep Hey, what are you doing This is the data about Edo the Kid Konan, who is Edo the Kid? A nationally famous phantom thief who appeared near Tokyo about half a year ago This person is like a new-age thief Either he escapes from rooftops or he'll jump off like he's weightless The police later called him as the Flying Kid But the news leaked to the media and he was given the name Edo the Kid Right, uncle Some of you here perform acrobats too, right? He's acting as Edo the Kid? Yes, because we are going all over Japan to act You probably don't know that he was once questioned by the police Really I don't understand that leader wanting me to write a story about Edo the Kid That's why you did such thorough research That's right.
Just if you plug this into the computer You would know what the show is all about Konan, come over here Two lovely sisters are waiting to pick you up All right, you'd better go before I decide to hit you Sorry to intrude He was too much to Tamanosuke just now What are you saying Tamanosuke is resting now He got too big a shock I think it's about time we went back We have to distribute these leaflets You can go together But we don't want to go back yet You've given so much trouble You have to help us distribute leaflets later on I got it But that uncle just now was from here If we want to go to the stage this place is closer I know if we go through backstage it's even closer to the station Let's go What will you buy us once we get to the station No way.
We're going there to distribute leaflets All right all right, hurry up All right I want salmon dinner Please come by! Please come by! Please come by! These people must have some story behind them I told you you can't go ahead first, Konan Didn't the two of you promise to help out with the distribution? There's this aunty walking by that place from the shop Give the leaflets to that aunty, all of it There's no one more cunning than you among us, Konan I've been watching you just now You want to go back to the circus right Yes.
The youth detective team has a way It's all right That's great I was wondering if you all had gone back Am I good looking I'm going to practice later too Cheer for me Where is the leader I'm all right I'm sorry forjust now It's Tamanosuke He's so cool You're acting as the boss? We're beginning soon You can take a look All right, thank you then Your motive is more rooms Just like the .
television period dramas Danger, don't move, stand there Why is there a hole here I'm sorry, this is the basement of the stage You'd best be careful This basement is really deep If you dropped in accidentally it would be terrible I'm sorry I'm sorry It's the thief, so cool One minute and 40 seconds Looks like too much time is spent The actors can use this to return to stage from under there And the time is lessened Looks like the pepper ghost effect is the best But could you help me change clothes later? I'm too slow by myself Nonsense.
How could you say such disgraceful things Bring them to the audience's seat for the show All right You can see the clearest from the center here Megumi.
Is it all right if you don't prepare Oh no.
Then don't go away and take a good long look! Go! All right, see you later I wonder what Mr.
Chikaishi changed the ending to After they read the script they all wanted to rehearse Tamanosuke is acting as officer Itarou His sister Megumi is his assistant After they followed this Edo the Kid who has gone all over Japan committing crimes they narrowed down the suspects to that of a circus troupe But Edo the Kid was someone else Everybody thought that the killer was the elder brother of the twins What was surprising was that the travelling circus set foot on a new journey That's what the story is about The story should be Itarou Diaries But the main character Itarou made a mistake with the criminal Too strange Konan, what's wrong Great Great So good, Megumi Brother Could I get my friend some juice Of course you can Wait for me Oh yeah, Megumi We'll do some decoration Could you get Mr.
Chikaishi here I got it Master He's still sleeping Master I'm coming in Master wake up Megumi Megumi, what's wrong Brother, master Chikaishi is dead He was hit on the back of his head Could this vase be the weapon Somebody get the police here All right Strange, why is he so flustered Don't tell me because he's a coward.
Or The disc is gone What's wrong, brother, you all right I'm okay Something's missing The room looks damaged Nothing What's this guy up to Why doesn't he tell them about the missing disc The victim was the script writer of this troupe Chikaishi Tetsuo, 35 years old Right? Yes, officer you are right Konan I couldn't find you all over and came back to take a look and you really are here I'm sorry Why are you always like that Hello officer Megure Mouri, what happened The victim died around an hour ago I think the killer must be someone from inside Within this hour Where were the all of you Well We were practicing our new show on stage That's right.
We were sitting on the audience seats We could see everybody's movement Because this was a practice the people who didn't appear stood backstage The only time when we didn't see them was when they changed That means when you used the basement you were alone Yes, of the members of the troupe only this person came to see the show That's right The killer killed Mr.
Chikaishi and stole the disc after hiding it he returned to the stage Right Officer Megure, look for the disc The disc uncle Chikaishi put on the desk is missing Leader, is that right Why did the killer hide it Could it be that someone else killed the person and hid the disc Or is he trying to cover for the killer No matter what The killer is one of them