Detective Conan (1996) s05e21 Episode Script

The Traveling Drama Murder Case (2)

Alibi, hint Modus operandi, education A mysterious underground organization Today we'll solve last episode's case The case and the movie script, solved together The only one who sees through the truth is a person who looks like a child but yet has surpassing intelligence.
Detective Konan Encoded by Xevious #XCHKSconan @irc.
net To help ltou Tamanosuke spread the word about his troupe and to let us peek in at the backstage We found that there must be some story behind these people Then, someone was killed It happened when they were all practicing on stage But why did the killer hide that disc The killer is among them Case of the Traveling Circus Part 2 Last night's tragic event The troupe that Mr.
Chikaishi Tetsuo belonged to is housed in the hotel this reporter is standing in front of The young leader of the troupe is in the station taking down his statements Megumi, your brother is back Brother Are you all right I'm all right How could you be You haven't slept a wink from since last night Brother Anyway, you can have a good night's rest for today Treat this as your own house Sorry to trouble you We are old friends with your father Brother Brother, why at that time What are you doing at the troupe at this time Konan, you scared me You must be worried about your brother Right What are you doing here Konan Because I'm worried about your brother too Anyway could you leave this case to me? You'd better go back to the hotel Konan, you're trying to chase me away I'm not Children shouldn't come out at a time like this I'm the same age you are Where could brother be What's wrong At the stage Brother, brother hang in there Dammit.
The criminal hasn't run too far off Megumi, get an ambulance Konan I'm all right Ms.
Kei-e ltou Tamanosuke was attacked at the head and fainted and being rushed to the hospital As for Ms.
Kei-e who died in the stage basement she's the treasurer of this troupe She fell to her death What is this Kei-e, I know the true face meet me at the stage at midnight True face Chief.
The victim is clutching something I think he must have came here for this Officer Megure There's another piece of paper over here What's going on I say, Konan Why are you here Been hard on you Mouri Konan was the first to witness it What Why is there so much litter around the corpse What is this Children should go to sleep early What time do you think it is now Uncle Mouri, what do you mean Tamanosuke is seriously injured and you're looking at him like a criminal I have no idea His fingerprints were found on the weapon Were there any one else's? Well there were the prints of the other members But none of that of the deceased Ms.
Kei-e That means Maybe Ms.
Kei-e wanted to attack Tamanosuke and carelessly dropped into the basement and died But Tamanosuke isn't someone who would kill Ran.
Let's go to the hospital to see him Father I'm leaving Konan with you Tamanosuke rejects all visitors He's an important suspect I think Megumi should be taking care of him We can only send the flowers over Go quickly This kid is still in a coma This is a matter of sincerity Uncle.
You said Tamanosuke was an important suspect But how could he have knocked himself unconscious About this According to the doctor he doesn't have much external injuries But it could be because of his mental fatigue and that's why he has yet to regain consciousness I see If it's a mental issue It could be a kind of expression of escapism after doing something wrong That's why we named him as a suspect Those two pieces of paper? According to the evaluation We verified that it was Tamanosuke who wrote it And He gave a piece to every one in the troupe Why did he look for Ms.
Kei-e's past How would I know But I think he has been saving up And I heard that she has embezzled quite a bit from the treasury An unreasonable script writer Chikaishi An embezzling treasurer Of course the leader would deal with them But do you need to kill anybody Konan, wait Bring me the beer It's not dark yet Don't be so stubborn This case will be solved Blind bat Come on, here's a packet of titbits Thanks Uncle.
Have you found Mr.
Chikaishi's disc yet I think the police found it in Tamanosuke's room The data has been erased and dumped in the bin of the room Data was erased I think there must be some discriminating data inside against him But if you dumped it there it would be easily found I don't know So frustrating, you go outside and play Always chasing me away when in a bad mood Such a useless fellow Then let's go Wait, bring a bottle over Konan You can't find that thing you're looking for here Right What about the place with wood I understand.
The victim was killed somewhere else and then dumped to the basement It was possible too This color So it was a three-prong split This one Idiot What's this There's blood here This is almost as big as the basement Even the color is similar This is a trap Right, this three prong board 0.
3cm thick It's split a few times in between so that it can join back quickly After the victim fell the killer immediately hid the board there Then Tamanosuke hit himself out No, Megumi and I've been trailing him from the hotel that day I think he wouldn't have time to do this trap Oh no We have to hurry Why Tamanosuke is in danger Because the killer is someone else All right, I understand Mouri We'll arrange it Counting on you then Officer Megure Hello, Konan here I'm Ayumi We've successfully infiltrated All the members are here The one nearest to the stairs is the room of Mr.
Tatori He's watching TV and resting Ms.
Shiroi is maintaining her clothes Mr.
Muraki who's staying in the room of the deceased Mr.
Chikaishi is tidying the room This is it, roger Very good you can go home now Konan But Konan There he goes again (Beika Central Hospital) This ends now Dammit You're not going anywhere What Don't think of running Oh no This guy's moves Edo the Kid So Edo the Kid was hiding the troupe After Tamanosuke found this out he wanted to use the performance to force him out But Mr.
Chikaishi has noticed it from long ago I'm afraid Mr.
Chikaishi must have used this as an excuse to blackmail Edo the Kid That's why he killed Mr.
Chikaishi and destroyed the disc Tamanosuke has admitted that the Kid is in the troupe After that murder he felt regret and so he sent that letter out Coming Officer Megure I'm sorry to disturb you so late in the night, Mr.
Tatori Did you go out anywhere yesterday night No We were here All of us didn't go out last night at all All of you That means Konan was here too No, I was here just now Konan These three kids are really here Even making an alibi The criminal, Edo the Kid must be him But I have no evidence Too cool This feeling is so exciting I won't take it that only Konan can stay behind This can't be helped Because Konan has a guardian with him That's right And it was good enough we got to take a patrol car We can set off I'm not happy This is good It's been hard on you Mr.
Mouri Have a drink No thanks, I'm working It doesn't matter, just a drink Well Still drinking No time left now No time That's right When Mr.
Chikaishi was killed There were only two people who had time But, if it's someone who is strong enough to attack Tamanosuke That would be him Everybody here Please gather around What's going on I know who the killer is now You solved it The one who killed Mr.
Chikaishi and Ms.
Kei-e and attacked Tamanosuke two times over is among us now What did you say Nonsense Don't be so agitated.
Let's listen to what he has to say first Thanks to Mouri last night we were able to save Tamanosuke According to the hospital records the physique of the guy who attacked Tamanosuke should be Edo the Kid himself And All of this began from Edo the Kid Speaking of Edo the Kid Everybody should know that he has the moves of a period dramatist He's a thief who has committed crimes all over Japan in this half a year All of you should have more or less some things missing from around you About this I have checked it with the police with Yuri We are definitely innocent We have a perfect alibi Only two persons in the troupe could perform acrobats That's right We were both taught by Mr.
Tatori But Mr.
Tatori hadn't performed because of a bad waist for 3 years This time, your leader Tamanosuke wanted to push the story of Edo the Kid onto stage But the script Mr.
Chikaishi wrote was not what Tamanosuke originally wanted Mr.
Chikaishi Why did he change the script while the play was underway Because When Mr.
Chikaishi was investigating about the case of Edo the Kid he noticed the relationship he had with the true face of the Kid The way I see it Mr.
Chikaishi must have used changing the script as a condition to blackmail money from the Kid Isn't that right, Edo the Kid Mr.
Tatori Mr.
Tatori? Then, he said he had a waist problem, it was all a lie? I remember 3 years ago he truly had a waist problem But from half a year ago his pain must have been cured Nonsense I'm not listening I'm sorry Could you please continue sitting here for a while Mr.
Tatori, are you the killer No I'm not But everything now proves that you are the killer What did you say During that day the only one who could go near Mr.
Chikaishi were the 3 of you But because there weren't enough people in the troupe So the 3 of you had to act as 2 characters Ms.
Yuri and you were the last to change clothes Mr.
Muraki because he needed a speed entrance He changed as he ran along But the basement of the stage was very deep If you stick a tool there By the side of the stage and changed into the Mr.
Muraki's original costume You had no time at all to commit the crime And also Mr.
Chikaishi's room was by the stage So if you changed you had to pass by his room Mr.
Tatori and Ms.
Yuri had sufficient time to kill Mr.
Chikaishi then But Ms.
Kei-e's death was an accident The paper asking her out The ITOE there spilled everything That day we all received it Why did you think so Because that name was the habit of the leader You mean Itarou is writing this to the Kid That's right, that ITOE is not a romanji It was I to E That means I wrote this to Edo But your leader Why did he give one to every member of the troupe How would I know When I think of the leader I really hate him So I went to drink What if that paper was to give to the real Edo the Kid I think Tamanosuke Although he knew it was Edo the Kid who killed Mr.
Chikaishi But he could not be sure who the real Kid was So he gave the paper to everybody But Ms.
Kei-e mistook the paper to be written for her and went to the stage But fell into the recently made trap by the killer That's how she fell and died When Tamanosuke entered he was hurt immediately That's why Tamanosuke had no time to set up that three prong board and had no time to hide it But At that time there was someone else besides the two of them at the stage The best proof would be the piece of paper I found inside the basement So you think it's me Even if I had time to kill Mr.
Chikaishi You can't prove that I did the deed Yuri had time too Mr.
Tatori Because the person at the hospital looked alike to you in size In size and you think I'm the killer That's a laugh All right, then, officer Megure Please check through the fingerprints on the computer of Mr.
Chikaishi's again one more time But we checked through it before after the event and found nothing Why check now Because after that the killer use that computer one more time So that he could verify it one more time about the disc from Mr.
Chikaishi's room I think the killer must be sure that the police wouldn't check one more time and so did it bare handed Takaki, find the investigator team Yes All right, no need to check That's right, I killed Chikaishi and Kei-e After Mr.
Chikaishi, who knew I was the kid died I was very relieved But the leader sent that paper At that time there was nothing but rage in my mind I never thought of anything and set the trap at the stage But after Kei-e died I thought nothing would happen and when I wanted to hide the board I saw the leader standing there I didn't think that I would attack the leader, I Mr.
Tatori it was all my fault If I didn't insist on that show Leader I didn't mean to chase you away with that show I only wished that you could stop your crimes and repent Turn yourself into the police, that's all Leader I'm sorry, please forgive me I was really flustered at that time and so I attacked you I was stupid, I I'm really sorry I did all this I'm sorry After that the stage was fixed and the play went through a serious revamp Tamanosuke still went on stage with his injuries And even us outsiders were specially invited to perform