Detective Conan (1996) s05e26 Episode Script

Magic Lover's Murder Case (The Murder)

Alibis, codes, tricks, deals.
The mysterious Black Organisation.
Today's the first three-parter in a long time.
"He is but the first one - The Shadow Priest" A case springs forth from a magic show! He sees the single truth for what it is, and looks like a kid but has the mind of an adult! His name? Detective Conan! Quest for love! TRUTH Song by TWO-MIX Quest for dream! Quest for all truth!! Original Comic Books By: GŌSHŌ AOYAMA 「Detective Conan」 Published in Shōgakukan's 「Shōnen Sunday」 hitomi ni himeta yume dake wa Nobody'll ever be able to take away dare ni mo ubae wa shinai kara the dream that you've hidden in your eyes! azayaka ni ima shinjitsu o dakishimete!! Now vividly grab onto the truth!! Planning: MICHIHIKO SUWA (Yomiuri TV) fureta kata no nukumori The warm tears that flowed nagareta kimi no namida wa when I touched your shoulder Character Design: MASATOMO SUDŌ Art Director: YUKIHIRO SHIBUTANI Art Design: HIROYUKI MITSUMOTO yoake mae ni umare kawaru tsuyosa ni!! will be reborn before the daybreak into strength!! Camera Director: TAKAHISA OGAWA Recording Director: KATSUYOSHI KOBAYASHI tatoe hanarete mo futari wa Even if we're not together Music Producer: HIROKI HORIO Music: KATSUO ŌNO (Polygram) Opening Theme 「TRUTH ~A GREAT DETECTIVE OF LOVE~」 TWO-MIX SHIINA NAGANO MINAMI TAKAYAMA TWO-MIX Vocals: Lyrics: Composition: Arrangement: (Warner Music Japan) toki o tomete yobi aeru yo soko ni ai ga areba With love, we can stop time to call each other Quest for love! Quest for dream! Quest for all truth!! osareraenai jōnetsu ga My boundless passion Editor: TERIMITSU OKADA Story Editor: JUN'ICHI IIOKA Color Design: REIKO HIRAYAMA Production Chief: HIROAKI KOBAYASHI mezashite mirai o hikiyoseru is driving me to reach the future I aimed for kotae wa itsumo kimi dakara!! because you've always been my answer!! Planning Committee: TOYOHIKO OKUYAMA MITOMU ASAI Quest for love! Quest for dream! Quest for all truth!! hitomi ni himeta yume dake wa Nobody'll ever be able to take away General Director: KENJI KODAMA Director: YASUICHIRŌ YAMAMOTO dare ni mo ubae wa shinai kara the dream that you've hidden in your eyes! (Tōkyō Movie) (Yomiuri TV) Producers: MICHIHIKO SUWA MASAHITO YOSHIOKA azayaka ni ima shinjitsu o dakishimete!! Now vividly grab onto the truth!! Presented by: YOMIURI TELECASTING TMS ENTERTAINMENT, LTD.
Translation, Timing, Typesetting: Puto Quality Checking: Conan_Kudo, RattleMan V2 TLC: bluesun ian Mu Part) agician Mur (Case Part) Amateur Magician Murder C (Case Part) The Amateur Magician Murder Case (Case Part) (Case Part) The Amateur Magician Murder Case The Amateur Magician Murder Case (Case Part) The Amateur Magician Murder Case (Case Part) The Amateur Magician Murder Case (Case Part) The Amateur Magician Murder Case (Case Part) "The Amateur Magician Murder Case (Case Part)" Yes, everybody, pay attention! As you can see, I have a white handkerchief here.
And here, I have a red string and a golden ring.
Yes, yes.
Then, miss, if you'd be so kind, please tie a knot in the middle of the string.
Like this? Then, put the string with the knot right in the middle of your palm, and the ring right next to it.
We then put the handkerchief over it.
Watch my fingers as they're possessed by the devil and go under the handkerchief as I pronounce the dark magic words: "opekepe opekepe" Ta-da! The ring went through the string! Amazing! How'd you do that, Sonoko? It's a secret, a secret.
I'll do it tonight in front of everybody.
I see.
Today's where the Magic Club's gathering at the lodge, right? Yeah, yeah.
I met them all through the Internet, and this is what we call "an offline meeting.
" Though, who'd have thought the Suzuki Financial Group's firstborn was a computer addict? Oh my, don't you know that the Internet is indispensable in this information society? Why don't you get up-to-date and install a computer in the agency? But I'm surprised that you've suddenly got an interest for the Internet and magic, Sonoko! Well, I have to admit I met an incredible guy! An incredible guy? His name's Katsuki Doitō, 21 years old.
He's a member of the amateur magic club I'm in.
His language is refined, his jokes have wit, and sometimes he says things that just stay in your mind I'm sure he's amazing! Then you haven't met him yet? No.
It's the first time we'll meet.
You'll see how he'll love the trick I learned just for him! You're not gonna impress him.
It's the typical trick they show on TV for beginners.
Well, see Pass the knot through the ring, and pull it with your thumb until the string comes out the other side.
I see.
You're as obnoxious as ever, I see.
Don't mind him.
He's been in a bad mood ever since I told him I wanted to come.
Is it really okay? For me to be bothering you.
No problem.
I told them I'd bring my girlfriend.
"Girlfriend?" What? You've been pretending to be a man?! Yeah.
A 30-year old to be exact.
This should be interesting! But didn't they figure it out when you said your name was Sonoko Suzuki? Don't worry.
Everybody uses usernames, that is, false names.
For example, I'm the "Apprentice Magician.
" Katsuki-san is the "Red Herring.
" They're words taken from an old magic book.
Then how do you know his real name? I asked him in an e-mail.
You're as direct as ever.
You know me.
Well? We've been chat buddies over the Internet, but we never met in real life.
Isn't it exciting? Yeah.
It's like going to a costume ball.
Isn't there an odd smell here? Greetings.
I'm here for the meeting.
You're the "Apprentice Magician," right? - Y-Yes.
- We were expecting you.
But how did you know that I'm the "Apprentice Magician?" I figured it out as soon as I saw how you spoke.
It was obviously a girl trying to pretend to be an older man.
Right, everybody? Yeah.
It was funny from the other side of the monitor.
Yeah, yeah.
Oh geez.
Though when it comes to gender-bendin', nobody can beat Tanaka-san.
Oh my.
Kikue Tanaka (28) Username: "The Fake Child" I'd never be able to pass off as a guy.
Though I was certain that "The Disappearing Bunny" was a girl.
Toshiya Hamano (27) Username: "The Disappearing Bunny" Is that so? Then I did a good job.
Don't you "good job" me! I thought you were a woman and talked to you about underwear and other similarly intimate things! Naoko Kuroda (25) Username: "Illusion" Yeah.
You held nothin' back.
Oh, allow me to introduce myself.
Yoshinori Ara (46) Username: "The Silent Ventriloquist" I'm the owner of this lodge, Yoshinori Ara.
And he is Kiyohiro Sugama (23) Part-Time Worker And this is a part-time worker here, Sugama-kun.
Umm Isn't Katsuki-san I mean, is the Red Herring here yet? Ah, he's upstairs.
Oh, there he is, there he is.
Katsuki Doitō (21) Username: "Red Herring" Oh? Could you be the Apprentice Magician? It's me.
Katsuki Doitō.
No way My mental image I see! I thought you were a girl.
How exciting.
And you guys are? She invited me along.
I'm Ran Mouri.
And I'm her father, who brought them here.
Oh, how rude of me.
Please, come in.
Ah, allow me.
Remember this: Don't you dare lay a hand on my daughter or her friend! Dad! You can rest assured.
Hey, you! We're going home.
I wanna stay too! Moron, can't you see you have a cold? Then, please take care of my daughter and her friend.
Then the only ones left are The board leader, the Escape King, and the Shadow Priest.
The Shadow Priest's coming too? What's wrong, Sonoko? It's just that he's always saying "I will fly through the sky.
" "I can hide myself at will.
" And other weird stuff like that.
Anyway, we can't start without the leader On that note, does anyone have the Escape King's phone number? Yeah, I know it.
His real name too.
Nishiyama here.
Unfortunately, I'm not at home at the moment.
- Oh? It went to the answering machine.
- Please leave a message after the beep.
"He is but the first one - The Shadow Priest" Can't be helped.
Shall we entertain ourselves until he gets here? Then Sugama-kun and I will go take care of the food, so you might as well go to your rooms, and make yourselves at home.
Yes! Wow, such a vast garden! It's so beautiful! I'm glad we came.
If only Doitō-san'd been like I imagined him to be Hey, hey, don't be like that.
Umm dinner's ready.
R Right.
That was scary! Geez There isn't a single decent man here.
Well, no matter.
In the end, I only love one man.
You have someone you love? Of course.
My prince, who I haven't met yet.
Hey, what's for dinner tonight? I'll make you some rice when we get home.
Go to sleep until then.
Tsutomu Nishiyama, 41 years old, was found dead in his apartment in the Haido District.
Nishiyama-san's mother found the body when she entered his room to clean up.
In his computer, these odd words were found: "He is but the first one", signed "The Shadow Priest.
" The police are investigating the relationship between this phrase and his death.
Apparently, Nishiyama-san was connected to the Internet, and today was going to be the board leader in a weekend meeting of amateur magicians.
The next news is Hey, you can't mean the meeting Ran's in right now! Uncle, turn the car around.
Hurry! Eh? My favourite Japanese magician? I like Tōichi Kuroba-san.
His stage acts were like a dream.
I like Kuroba-san too.
Mine is Yoshirō Kinoshita-san.
A genius who got every title in the championship when he was just 20 years old.
I prefer his teacher, Motoya Tsukumo-san.
What are you saying? Those are all dead! I like Kazumi Sanada-san, who's gotten famous recently.
And you guys? Mine is, of course the great Kaitō Kid! But isn't he a thief? I don't care what you think.
I like the Kaitō Kid.
Hey, you can't be saying that "prince" of yours from earlier was That's right.
Hurry! Uncle, get a move on! Shut up! I'm going as fast as I can! What's that? A fire?! The bridge is burning! There's no other path to that lodge! Uncle, call the police! H-Hey! Ran, wait for me.
Ran! Huh? That's odd The phone line's dead.
What's wrong, Ran? I just it was as if someone'd called my name.
Someone calling "Ran" in the middle of the mountains? I'll just take a look in the entrance.
Are you crazy? Nobody's gonna come here.
Conan-kun! What? Why's he lying there? He's got a high fever.
Ran run away Hurry get away from this place Conan-kun Hang in there, Conan-kun! Conan-kun Conan-kun! Detective Conan Episode 132 "The Amateur Magician Murder Case (Case Part)" Based on manga volume 20, files 2-6 QC by RattleMan & Conan_Kudo TLC by bluesun What?! That kid was passed out at the entrance? But why was he still? Maybe he wanted to stay here.
I don't think that's it.
Conan-kun was saying "Run away" "Hurry, get away from this place" What does that mean? I don't know.
He fainted right after.
Umm, I brought some fever medicine.
My diagnosis is that he has a cold, so with the medicine and lots of rest, he should be fine.
My apologies.
Don't worry.
Your diagnosis, you say? I don't look it, but I'm a medicine student.
Anyway, let's try to call the board leader again.
What did you say?! What do you mean "you can't do anything until the morning", Inspector?! Don't yell, Mouri-kun.
Plotting another route through those mountains at night is too dangerous, and though we could take a helicopter there in three minutes, we could end up hitting the power lines and crashing.
Then why don't you call the lodge's phone number? We've been trying for a while, but the phone line's busy or it was cut.
Anyway, I'm going there now, wait for me.
Damn it! Huh? It's not working Maybe the line got cut somewhere.
But what a problem He's the one who we left handling the plans for this get-together Then we could choose a temporary replacement leader.
That's true Well, I don't want to be leader.
What if we play rock-paper-scissors? Wait, wait.
Just decidin' like that's no fun.
This is an amateur magicians' club.
Let's let magic decide.
Magic? Sonoko-san, lend me a hand.
Eh? Me? Yeah.
First we use this white handkerchief to blindfold Lady Sonoko's beautiful eyes.
Anybody got a pen and paper? Ah Will this do, Mr.
Magician? OK.
First, write the names of everybody here in each paper.
Yes, yes.
Once you're done, put 'em together, turn 'em, and give 'em to Lady Sonoko.
Let's see The members are these.
There you go, Sonoko-chan.
Oh, and the pen too.
All right.
Then, here.
Everybody, please stand back.
Then, Lady Sonoko, without showin' anybody, mark three papers with a circle, a cross, and a triangle.
A circle, a cross and a triangle? The circle is the temporary leader.
The cross is the ceremony master, who'll be plannin' the get-together.
And the triangle is, I dunno.
He can set up the bath or something.
I can set up the bath.
Don't worry about it.
It's a game, so there's gotta be some kind of punishment.
Right! I've written the symbols! Now, someone put all the papers on the table, makin' sure the names are all face-down.
Then, we flip them over to see who's the leader? Wait! Before you flip them over, I want to guess the names under each paper.
Guess? If my intuition's right The temporary leader is Kuroda-san, it's you.
Eh? No way "Kuroda" No way! He guessed it Next, the one to prepare the bath Tanaka-san, it's you! Eh, me? "Tanaka" Amazing, he guessed it! "Tanaka" It's true You didn't swap them out or anything, did you? "Tanaka" Of course not! You saw it, right? I didn't touch the papers at any point.
And the drawings were made by Lady Sonoko.
Got it.
I'll go set up the bath, then.
Umm do you know where the firewood is? Don't worry.
We all looked around the place when we got here.
Well, then, only the cross is left.
The ceremony master Doitō-kun, it's you! You've gotta be kidding Let's see, let's see Oh? The ceremony master's name "Hamano" it's yours, Hamano-san.
Look, no doubt about it.
Huh? That's odd Come on, come on! Go to your room and think of something cool! Try not to miss anything! Yeah, yeah But what do I do? The last time I was a leader was when I was with the boy scouts.
Don't worry, it's just temporary.
Well then, I'm gonna get a good wine from the cellar.
Sugama-kun, please go to the kitchen and make us something to eat.
Well then, see you later leader.
Then uh, Sonoko-chan, please go check how that child's cold is.
Yes! Got it.
We might as well set the table.
Well? How's Conan-kun doing? His fever's gone down a bit.
Doitō-san's medicine worked.
I'm glad.
He may not be like you imagined him, but he's not that bad a guy, Sonoko.
You think? Well, him being in medical school's cool, but By the way, Ran, you should've seen Hamano-san's magic! Though at the end he got one wrong, he was still really cool! He's getting something cool set up, so make sure you come down later, Ran! But what about Conan-kun? Don't worry! His fever's going down, so we can leave him here for a couple of hours! Ah, everything's set! Now sit, sit, get in your seat.
Huh? Where are the others? The ceremony master, Hamano-san, is practicing for his magic show up there.
Ara-san went to get wine.
Oh, so cold! Ah, he's here.
The Escape King and the Shadow Priest aren't here yet.
Those two don't get along at all, they probably got in a fight somewhere.
They don't get along? That's right.
A while ago they fought over a magician.
Now, now.
Don't talk about unpleasant things at a time like this.
The Shadow Priest and the board leader, the Escape King should be here any minute now.
They're not coming.
Conan-kun! That man was killed at his apartment! Killed?! What do mean, Conan-kun? That man Tsutomu Nishiyama, right? Y-Yeah.
Then it's like they said on the radio.
No doubt about it.
I turned around to tell you.
Everybody here's in danger! Why us? The dead Nishiyama-san's computer monitor had a message "He is but the first one", signed "The Shadow Priest.
" "He is but the first one - The Shadow Priest" What did you say?! Now that I think about it, Hamano-san was also in that fight between those two.
A-Anyway, we have to let him know about this.
Hamano-san? Hamano-san, we're coming in.
Eh? He's not here.
The window's open Could he have At least he didn't fall Hey Over there! Isn't that Hamano-san? No way! That's impossible! Hamano-san! What's wrong, Hamano-san? Stay where you are! It's no use he's already dead.
No way! And we shouldn't touch anything in the crime scene.
Crime scene? Look, don't you see? He's over 10 metres away from the lodge, (approx.
33ft) and there's no footprints around except the ones that guy who just ran over made.
But that's Yes.
A crime no man can commit without wings.
An impossible crime! You know the Shadow Priest's identity? A supicious person among those in the lodge, who's transmitting with a fake ID What? An arrow came suddenly Who's there? Come out! - Don't! - Get away from the window! The Amateur Magician Murder Case (Suspicion Part) On the next Conan: "The Amateur Magician Murder Case (Suspicion Part)" nanika ga okorisō na yo wa Something's going to happen tonight inori o sasagete me o tojina yo so make a prayer, but don't close your eyes.
kon'na tsuki no tokeru yo ni Mom said that in these nights ai-sare umarete-kita no to mama wa itta when the moon melts, love is being born soshite subete wa karamawari And now everything's spinning in-place mirai ga chigireru no o mita because I'm seeing my future being torn apart sā hadashi ni natte daichi kette So kick the earth barefooted niji o koete sora o tsukande cross the rainbow, and grasp the sky! I wish, mune no jūjika o nigiri asa wa In the morning, I wish on the cross in my chest kibō ga anata ni furisosogi yoru wa In the evening, hope rains down on you yawaraka na hikari ga anata o tsutsumikomi A gentle light is wrapping around you, Forever still for you, still for your love