Detective Conan (1996) s05e27 Episode Script

Magic Lover's Murder Case (The Suspicion)

Alibis, codes, tricks, deals.
The mysterious Black Organisation.
An unthinkable, impossible crime.
There must be a hint somewhere! He sees the single truth for what it is, and looks like a kid but has the mind of an adult! His name? Detective Conan! Quest for love! TRUTH Song by TWO-MIX Quest for dream! Quest for all truth!! Original Comic Books By: GŌSHŌ AOYAMA 「Detective Conan」 Published in Shōgakukan's 「Shōnen Sunday」 Nobody'll ever be able to take away hitomi ni himeta yume dake wa dare ni mo ubae wa shinai kara the dream that you've hidden in your eyes! azayaka ni ima shinjitsu o dakishimete!! Now vividly grab onto the truth!! Planning: MICHIHIKO SUWA (Yomiuri TV) fureta kata no nukumori The warm tears that flowed nagareta kimi no namida wa when I touched your shoulder Character Design: MASATOMO SUDŌ Art Director: YUKIHIRO SHIBUTANI Art Design: HIROYUKI MITSUMOTO yoake mae ni umare kawaru tsuyosa ni!! will be reborn before the daybreak into strength!! Camera Director: TAKAHISA OGAWA Recording Director: KATSUYOSHI KOBAYASHI tatoe hanarete mo futari wa Even if we're not together Music Producer: HIROKI HORIO Music: KATSUO ŌNO (Polygram) Opening Theme 「TRUTH ~A GREAT DETECTIVE OF LOVE~」 TWO-MIX SHIINA NAGANO MINAMI TAKAYAMA TWO-MIX Vocals: Lyrics: Composition: Arrangement: (Warner Music Japan) toki o tomete yobi aeru yo soko ni ai ga areba With love, we can stop time to call each other Quest for love! Quest for dream! Quest for all truth!! osareraenai jōnetsu ga My boundless passion Editor: TERIMITSU OKADA Story Editor: JUN'ICHI IIOKA Color Design: REIKO HIRAYAMA Production Chief: HIROAKI KOBAYASHI mezashite mirai o hikiyoseru is driving me to reach the future I aimed for kotae wa itsumo kimi dakara!! because you've always been my answer!! Planning Committee: TOYOHIKO OKUYAMA MITOMU ASAI Quest for love! Quest for dream! Quest for all truth!! hitomi ni himeta yume dake wa Nobody'll ever be able to take away General Director: KENJI KODAMA Director: YASUICHIRŌ YAMAMOTO dare ni mo ubae wa shinai kara the dream that you've hidden in your eyes! Producers: MICHIHIKO SUWA MASAHITO YOSHIOKA (Yomiuri TV) (Tōkyō Movie) azayaka ni ima shinjitsu o dakishimete!! Now vividly grab onto the truth!! Presented by: YOMIURI TELECASTING TMS ENTERTAINMENT, LTD.
Translation, Timing, Typesetting: Puto Quality Checking: Conan_Kudo, RattleMan V2 TLC: bluesun Old man Kogorō and I took Ran and Sonoko to an Internet magic club meeting in a mountain lodge.
On our way back, the radio news said that Tsutomu Nishiyama, their board leader, had been murdered with words written on his computer implying future serial murders.
We turned around to warn Ran and the others, only to find that the bridge was on fire, as if to block us! Somehow I managed to reach the lodge, but my cold got worse, and I passed out from a high fever.
And afterwards a second victim was found! That's impossible! What's wrong, Hamano-san? Stay where you are! It's no use.
He's already dead.
No way! And we shouldn't touch anything in the crime scene.
Crime scene? Look, don't you see? (approx.
33ft) He's over 10 metres away from the lodge, and there's no footprints around except the ones that guy who just ran over made.
But that's Yes.
This is a crime no human could commit without wings.
An impossible crime! ian Mu on Par Suspicion Part agician Mur Amateur Magician Murder C (Suspicion Part) The Amateur Magician Murder Case (Suspicion Part) The Amateur Magician Murder Case (Suspicion Part) The Amateur Magician Murder Case (Suspicion Part) The Amateur Magician Murder Case (Suspicion Part) The Amateur Magician Murder Case (Suspicion Part) (Suspicion Part) The Amateur Magician Murder Case "The Amateur Magician Murder Case (Suspicion Part)" An impossible crime? - But why Hamano-san? - Why was he killed? We still don't know Right now, all we can say is that the cause of death was strangulation.
Whoever killed Hamano-san did so by winding something like a thin string around his neck.
And no matter the motive or the method, one thing is clear.
It was someone close to this lodge.
Hey, hey.
You can't be saying that the killer is one of us? No.
It's too soon to tell.
But aren't we the only ones here? No.
I think there's another suspect.
I think they've been hiding here for quite some time now.
Who is this? Have you forgotten already? You people are weird.
He's one of the members of your amateur magician club who was supposed to stay at this lodge.
The Shadow Priest.
I see.
That makes sense.
After all, he left a message like that next to the murdered Nishiyama-san.
Then, right now, he could be hiding and waiting to take our lives? You've got to be joking.
Wait, Tanaka-san! Tanaka-san, what's wrong? I'm going home! I'm not staying in a lodge where a murderer is! You can't go home.
When I came back here, somebody'd set the bridge on fire.
What did you say? Without that bridge, we can't get off this mountain! Could it be that the killer was the one to cut the phones? We still have our cell phones! Y-Yeah.
It's no use.
There's no cell reception here.
Basically, the killer isolated us from the rest of the world.
No way! You know the Shadow Priest's identity? Really, Inspector? Yeah.
We don't know his real identity, but we figured he's in their magic club.
Then look at his ID data.
We tried.
We got a complete stranger.
A stranger? Yeah.
It was someone who didn't care for magic, and hadn't touched a computer in years.
Basically, someone used that ID and password, and has been posting under the name "Shadow Priest.
" Furthermore, that's not the only problem.
There's another one A supicious person among those in the lodge who's transmitting with a fake ID It's my fault After all, I'm the one who picked Hamano-san as the ceremony master.
If Hamano-san hadn't gone to his room alone, he wouldn't have been killed But since I picked him, Hamano-san Sonoko Don't even think about it.
Back then, you were blindfolded, and all you did was draw symbols at random, right? When you lose at the lottery, you don't hold a grudge against those who hit the winning numbers, right? This is the same thing.
All you did was assist Hamano-san's magic trick.
You don't have any reason to feel guilty! Right? Y-Yes.
Assist his trick? Hey, is it really all right? To just stay here and wait for us to be saved.
It's fine.
After I got through the burning bridge, Uncle called out to me: "I'll call the police right away, so wait for me in the lodge!" I'm sure that before morning, the police will come and save us! That's good, but But if the killer is the Shadow Priest, then I knew it.
He's doing all of this because of the chat the other day, right? A chat is? A chat is a real-time conversation on computers between multiple people through the phone line.
In a chat, we converse through the words we type and that show up on the monitor.
But what does that have to do with the murder? Don't you remember? They said something about an argument over a magician.
Did you know? An old magician called HÅ«den Harui called himself the Japanese Escape King.
Do you mean the one who died a month ago doing a magic trick? Yeah.
When everybody was talking about that incident back then, the Shadow Priest said something odd.
"It's your fault that magician died!" What did he mean by that? A few weeks before, in the chat, we'd been talking about his escape act.
We said we hoped someone would try it again.
That's when the accident happened.
The Shadow Priest said it happened because were talking about it, but That's ridiculous, though.
It bothered me, so I checked with the board leader, Nishiyama-san, and we concluded that none of the people talking in that chat could possibly be Harui-san.
But we can never be sure that a person with a certain ID is who he says he is, or someone could have shown him a log of the chat.
That's why Nishiyama-san and I set up this meeting.
If we got together everybody who was in that chat, we could figure out if there was anything to it.
I see.
But the Shadow Priest hasn't been a member for long, right? How did he know about that conversation? Yeah.
We invited the Shadow Priest too so he could see for himself.
Come to think about it, the Shadow Priest was always saying "I can fly through the sky, and hide myself at will.
" Wait, that's That's right.
If the killer really is the Shadow Priest, he'd be capable of setting up that impossible crime.
Right in front of our eyes, the bloodiest magic show.
It's getting cold.
I'll go and get something to cover myself with from my room.
I'll go too.
I'm gonna get a sweater to help cover him.
OK, I'll go along too.
The more we are, the safer we'll be.
To get all nervous over entering a room This is too big for me Hey, stop moving.
Hey, what did they mean when they said Sonoko-néechan assisted with the magic trick? She helped Hamano-san assign everyone's tasks through a magic trick.
Magic trick? It turned out that the temporary leader was Kuroda-san, Tanaka-san was in charge of setting up the bath, and the ceremony master was Hamano-san.
Then, Hamano-san went to his room alone because he was the ceremony master? Yeah.
He was setting up the magic tricks in his room.
And at the time, what were the others doing? I suppose everyone was doing the tasks assigned to them.
Ran-chan, hurry.
The Shadow Priest could be anywhere.
The Shadow Priest Is he really the killer? Nobody met him yet.
And everybody else's alibis aren't very clear.
Either way, the killer isolated us here and still has plans for us.
But I won't let him get away with anything else.
Especially after committing murder! What? An arrow came suddenly No way Who's there? Come out! - Don't! - Get away from the window! What now?! Sonoko Damn it! Sonoko Where's Sonoko?! She's with Kuroda-san in the restroom.
What happened? Glass We heard glass breaking in the bathroom, so Sonoko-chan went to check it out.
There's an arrow in the mirror Did it come from that window? Someone Someone's attacking us from outside! You've got to be joking! I've had enough! Wait, Tanaka-san! Tanaka-san! Don't go outside! I don't know who you are, but come out and show yourself! Wait, look! There are lots of footprints among the woods! I knew it! There is somebody hidden! No No way! Be careful! Tanaka-san! Are you all right? Why is this happening to us?! Why?! H-Hey! Could that be? Isn't that a bow-gun? But now we know for sure.
The killer isn't any of us.
But this is a good thing.
He abandoned his bow-gun before he could hurt anyone.
Damn it! Detective Conan Episode 133 "The Amateur Magician Murder Case (Suspicion Part)" Based on manga volume 20, files 2-6 QC by RattleMan & Conan_Kudo TLC by bluesun Geez.
Some meeting, huh? I should never have come to this place.
Come on, don't lay the blame on the reunion.
You might be fine with it, but I was almost killed with that bow-gun, you know! Do you have any idea how I feel? Anyway, let's get back to the lodge.
Staying here is dangerous.
You're right.
Hamano-san poor guy Just left in the snow like that Maybe we should cover him with some sheets or something.
You can't.
There are no footprints around the body in the snow, which proves that an impossible crime was committed.
We can't stain this beautiful work of art with our unnecessary footprints.
- Work of art, you say? - It's cold! Isn't that from the bow-gun? Then these arrows were meant for us? If our luck was bad, he'd have killed us all.
Anyway, let's get back inside, everybody.
The only snow that fell was what was in the branches? Why? A hole! There's a small hole in the tree trunk! Did someone make it for fun? Or did someone nearby make it just now? And if so, why? And the most suspicious one is the man who's been acting weird for a while Katsuki Doitō.
What I was doing when Hamano-san was killed? I was sleeping at the time But why do you want to know that? I get it.
You still think one of us is the killer, right? But boy, the arrow came from outside, And we found the bow-gun outside.
Which means that someone from outside is trying to kill us.
But nobody's seen his face, right? Isn't it a bit too early to assume that? Conan-kun! Yeah, you're right.
We better tell him what we were doing.
Hamano-san was alone in his room when he was killed, right? At the time, I was setting the table with Kuroda-san while waiting for the show to begin.
Isn't that right, Kuroda-san? Yeah.
And afterwards, I went to the kitchen to help Sugama-kun out.
Ara-san asked me to make something to eat.
When Kuroda-san and Sugama-san were in the kitchen, where was Doitō-san? Ah, I went to my room to grab some crackers.
Eh? Crackers, huh? I went to Ran's room to check up on Conan-kun.
Then Sonoko asked me to come down, I left Conan-kun there and came to the living room.
I went alone to the wine cellar to get some wine.
I went to get firewood for the bath.
Do you know how long it took you to do that? I don't know 7-8 minutes, I suppose.
I don't remember how long I took either, it was about the same.
It was eight minutes.
I happened to look at the clock in the oven when Ara-san got back.
But how could you take 8 minutes just to get wine? I'd forgotten I needed a new key for the wine cellar, so I had to go back to my room to get it.
A new key? Do you want to check it out? See, at the top I have two new locks.
It's true.
You do.
But why do you want so many locks? It's because a thief got in the other day, so I decided to increase the security.
I've got lots of valuable things in the wine cellar.
Hey, is that the door to the kitchen? Yeah.
There are lots of footprints around here, don't you think? When we first arrived here, we all took a look around the place to see where everything was.
Wasn't it then that we left these footprints? Well, boy, I think that's enough.
Let's hurry back inside.
Since we're out here, I'd like to see where you warm the fire for the bath.
Hey, hey This is where we warm the bath.
It looks like there isn't a lot of snow near the roof.
Yeah, because when the bath is running, it melts the snow from the roof.
And that window? It's the one at the end of the hallway on the second floor.
Then you could reach the first floor if you climbed onto the roof, right, Tanaka-san? Conan-kun! I suppose.
But I'm not the only one who could've done that.
I actually went a few times into the bathroom to check the water temperature.
Wait, what do you mean by that? That if someone came by while I wasn't here, they could've climbed up.
I didn't do it.
The bow-gun was fired into the bathroom window, and that window is right below Tanaka-san's room If the killer fired it, then it must have been from the woods we've been to just now, but Something doesn't match up.
I can understand firing at Tanaka-san's room after seeing a shadow through the window, but why fire into an empty bathroom? What's this? Isn't this a staple? What's it doing in a place like this? Don't tell me that! It could be that How's the investigation going, little detective? Okay, sorta.
Look, everybody's gone inside already.
As always, you can't get take your eyes off this kid.
Come on.
Sonoko-néechan How did Hamano-san do his trick to pick everybody's tasks? I see.
Now I get what's going on with this case.
Though there's still one puzzle left to solve.
The impossible crime.
I won't be able to corner the killer until I've solved that puzzle.
But how did he do it? (approx.
33ft) There wasn't a single footprint in the snow within a 10 metre radius around the body.
It would be impossible without a crane or something like that.
There'd have to at least be a pole nearby I can't seem to think about any other way Can I interest you in a glass of wine? Liquor at a time like this? I doubt a glass would hurt.
It might clear our minds a bit.
I see.
That's how it was! That's why the killer burned the bridge and isolated us all here! Now I understand how the impossible crime's trick was done.
Furthermore, I figured out the killer's identity! Bo Boy? Just now, Conan-kun's voice All right.
Let's go find him, everyone.
Again There's somebody out there! It was in the woods on the right this time! Wait! The Amateur Magician Murder Case On the next Conan: "The Amateur Magician Murder Case (Case Closed)" (Case Closed) nanika ga okorisō na yo wa Something's going to happen tonight inori o sasagete me o tojina yo so make a prayer, but don't close your eyes.
kon'na tsuki no tokeru yo ni Mom said that in these nights ai-sare umarete-kita no to mama wa itta when the moon melts, love is being born soshite subete wa karamawari And now everything's spinning in-place because I'm seeing my future being torn apart mirai ga chigireru no o mita sā hadashi ni natte daichi kette So kick the earth barefooted niji o koete sora o tsukande cross the rainbow, and grasp the sky! I wish, mune no jūjika o nigiri asa wa In the morning, I wish on the cross in my chest kibō ga anata ni furisosogi yoru wa In the evening, hope rains down on you yawaraka na hikari ga anata o tsutsumikomi A gentle light is wrapping around you, Forever still for you, still for your love