Detective Conan (1996) s05e28 Episode Script

Magic Lover's Murder Case (The Resolution)

Alibis, codes, cases, deals.
The mysterious Black Organisation.
Today's the conclusion! The criminal and trick appear like magic! He sees the single truth for what it is, and looks like a kid but has the mind of an adult! His name? Detective Conan! Quest for love! TRUTH Song by TWO-MIX Quest for dream! Quest for all truth!! Original Comic Books By: GŌSHŌ AOYAMA 「Detective Conan」 Published in Shōgakukan's 「Shōnen Sunday」 hitomi ni himeta yume dake wa Nobody'll ever be able to take away the dream that you've hidden in your eyes! dare ni mo ubae wa shinai kara azayaka ni ima shinjitsu o dakishimete!! Now vividly grab onto the truth!! Planning: MICHIHIKO SUWA (Yomiuri TV) fureta kata no nukumori The warm tears that flowed nagareta kimi no namida wa when I touched your shoulder Character Design: MASATOMO SUDŌ Art Director: YUKIHIRO SHIBUTANI Art Design: HIROYUKI MITSUMOTO yoake mae ni umare kawaru tsuyosa ni!! will be reborn before the daybreak into strength!! Camera Director: TAKAHISA OGAWA Recording Director: KATSUYOSHI KOBAYASHI tatoe hanarete mo futari wa Even if we're not together Music Producer: HIROKI HORIO Music: KATSUO ŌNO (Polygram) Opening Theme 「TRUTH ~A GREAT DETECTIVE OF LOVE~」 TWO-MIX SHIINA NAGANO MINAMI TAKAYAMA TWO-MIX Vocals: Lyrics: Composition: Arrangement: (Warner Music Japan) toki o tomete yobi aeru yo soko ni ai ga areba With love, we can stop time to call each other Quest for love! Quest for dream! Quest for all truth!! osareraenai jōnetsu ga My boundless passion Editor: TERIMITSU OKADA Story Editor: JUN'ICHI IIOKA Color Design: REIKO HIRAYAMA Production Chief: HIROAKI KOBAYASHI is driving me to reach the future I aimed for mezashite mirai o hikiyoseru kotae wa itsumo kimi dakara!! because you've always been my answer!! Planning Committee: TOYOHIKO OKUYAMA MITOMU ASAI Quest for love! Quest for dream! Quest for all truth!! hitomi ni himeta yume dake wa Nobody'll ever be able to take away General Director: KENJI KODAMA Director: YASUICHIRŌ YAMAMOTO dare ni mo ubae wa shinai kara the dream that you've hidden in your eyes! Producers: MICHIHIKO SUWA MASAHITO YOSHIOKA (Yomiuri TV) (Tōkyō Movie) azayaka ni ima shinjitsu o dakishimete!! Now vividly grab onto the truth!! Presented by: YOMIURI TELECASTING TMS ENTERTAINMENT, LTD.
Translation, Timing, Typesetting: Puto Quality Checking: Conan_Kudo, RattleMan V2 TLC: bluesun Ran and Sonoko went to a mountain lodge on a meeting of magic fans that met via the Internet.
However, their board leader, Tsutomu Nishiyama-san, was killed in his apartment, and futhermore, a creepy message was left at the scene pointing at it being a serial murder.
The bridge, which was the only link to the outside world, had been set on fire, the mountain lodge was isolated, and a second victim's body was found in the middle of a snowfield.
There were no footprints around the body: An impossible crime! Was it done by the missing member, the Shadow Priest? I see! That's how it was! Now I know how the impossible crime's trick was done.
And I know the killer's identity, too! se Clo ian Mu agician Mur (Case Closed) Amateur Magician Murder C (Case Closed) The Amateur Magician Murder Case The Amateur Magician Murder Case (Case Closed) (Case Closed) The Amateur Magician Murder Case (Case Closed) The Amateur Magician Murder Case (Case Closed) The Amateur Magician Murder Case (Case Closed) The Amateur Magician Murder Case (Case Closed) "The Amateur Magician Murder Case (Case Closed)" So, where should I begin? Hey! You can't play with this! It's all right.
It's just one bottle.
Hey! Do you have a stapler, scissors and a large rope in this lodge that I could borrow? What do you want those things for? We have to wait here until the morning when the police arrive, right? Since I'm bored, I figured I could do some crafts.
I think I have all that in my room.
Let's go get it.
Right! There we go.
That's everything you asked for.
Thank you! Also, do you have some drawing paper and crayons? I have the drawing paper but I don't think I have crayons.
Oh, boy, I found some color pencils.
See Bo Boy? Eh? Conan-kun disappeared? Yeah.
I lost sight of him just for a bit and Maybe he went to the restroom? No, I checked and he wasn't there.
And the arrow from the bow-gun I was looking after is gone too.
No way! Tha That can't be! Maybe the killer went after the kid and Just now, Conan-kun's voice All right.
Let's all go look for him! Conan-kun, where are you? Conan-kun? Conan-kun Ah, Ran-néechan Again There's somebody out there! This time it came from the woods on the right! Wait! Conan-kun! Wait a minute! Hey! Geez! Always doing stupid dangerous things! What do you think you're doing, going after the killer?! But if the killer got the bow-gun back, then that means If we loiter around here, we'll all be targets! It worked great, huh, Sonoko-néechan? Eh? What did? You know, that thing! That thing You know Sonoko? What's wrong? Snap out of it! You're the one who needs to snap out of it, Ran! Come on, go and pick up the bow-gun behind me.
What? What's the bow-gun doing here? Then take it to the middle room on the left side, Hamano-san's room.
H-Hey! What are you trying to do? Ran and I are going to be reconstructing the bloody magic show that the killer gave us tonight.
Reconstructing the bloody magic show? Does this mean you figured it out? The impossible crime? Yeah.
How the killer got Hamano-san's body to the centre of the backyard without leaving any footprints in the snow.
And of course, who did it.
What did you say? You know who the killer is?! Come on, Ran.
Go and take the bow-gun to Hamano-san's room on the left side.
I already have everything ready.
But what are you going to do with the bow-gun? You need not only the bow-gun, but also scissors and some rope to perform the impossible crime.
First, we make a small hole in the ends of two of the arrows in the bow-gun.
and we pass some strings through those holes, knotting them to make two small loops.
Then pass the a previously measured long string through the two loops.
Tie two more strings to the centre of that large one, Make those strings' ends into loops, tie them to the railings of the veranda, and then everything's ready.
Afterwards, you only have to fire the arrows one by one with the bow-gun.
Sonoko! I set up the arrows like you drew on the paper! But where do I aim? Near this tree, Ran-néechan! Don't worry! If you miss you can try again! Make sure the strings don't twist together! Then I'm gonna fire! Everybody stand back! Here we go Wait! Let me shoot instead.
I'm pretty good at this.
That guy! When'd he get there? Is that all right, Detective Sonoko? Yeah! Then here it goes! Bingo! Don't be so pleased when you still have another arrow to fire! Now fire to the base of the tree on the other side of the one you just shot at.
The shape these strings form is like two sails in the mast of a yacht.
What is this? Oh? You still don't understand? Come on, Doitō-san! Use the futon like a body, and into the small ring of the string tied around it, pass one end of one of the two strings making up the yacht's mast.
Finally, drop the futon from the veranda as if it was a ropeway.
The body is, as you can see, in the centre of the garden.
I I see! Amazing! You can take the body without leaving a single footprint like this! You can pass the string through a hole in the belt, and you get a ropeway! Exactly.
The killer used the bow-gun to have the garden's empty air support a ropeway, and so for just a moment, turned the impossible into possible.
Support Point But how did he get rid of all that evidence? If he'd pulled the ropes, he'd have left an odd track in the snow.
There was nothing like that on the crime scene.
Don't worry about that.
Come on, Doitō-san! Tie the other string making up the mast to another arrow, and fire it in the air above whichever side of the woods you please.
At the same time untie the ropes in the veranda! Once you have, all remaining questions will be answered! Well? This way he gets rid of the strings without touching the snow around the body, right? It's true! But aren't the arrows still stuck to the tree? That's why the killer burned the bridge and trapped us here.
To retrieve the arrows before the police came.
Isn't that right? Kikue Tanaka-san, the killer!? Detective Conan Episode 134 The Amateur Magician Murder Case (Case Closed) QC by RattleMan and Conan_Kudo TLC by bluesun Tanaka-san's the killer, you say?! No way Wait, Sonoko-chan! The killer tried to take my life with the bow-gun, too! How can you say I'm the killer? You can even ask Ran-chan, who was with me at the time.
You set that up on purpose in order to get out of the suspect list! But how did I do it? It was a simple trick! You stapled the wall above the window, passed a string through it, attaching a weight to a suitable position along it, then passing the remaining string between the pillars of the floor above and beneath the window and into your room.
Then you tied it to your bed, and covered it with some clothes.
While pretending to pick up your clothes, by just cutting the string, the glass in the window would break by itself.
Then, as you felt the glass break, you used the bow-gun you'd hidden under the clothes to fire over your shoulder.
And while Ran and the others were looking at the arrow, you picked up the string again, raising the weight, and opened the curtains to show them the glass was broken.
This way, you can make it look like someone fired the arrow from outside! But I don't think that trick would work It does work! After all, I just fired it the same way! See? The trick I used is still in my room.
It's true But in my case, immediately afterwards, an arrow was also fired into the bathroom.
That trick was also simple.
You stapled a string with a weight attached above the bathroom window, passing the remaining string between the pillars above, and to hold it in place you just caught it beneath the window.
Then by just opening the window the string would be released, and the bathroom glass beneath would break.
Before that, Tanaka-san had already fired an arrow at the bathroom mirror.
And then, Tanaka-san, when Ran and co.
went to the bathroom, you took the chance to get rid of the objects you used.
As proof of this, back then I found a staple, as well as the hole it made outside the bathroom.
But what about the bow-gun we found in the woods? That's because when you went outside, you dropped it while making everyone focus on the footprints there! It was then, right? That you pulled the arrow from the tree! The arrow used to move Hamano-san, the one with a hole on the back.
Back then, it looked like you slipped and fell, but it was actually the recoil from pulling out the arrow.
Am I wrong? I could congratulate you on a brilliant deduction, but I didn't have the time to kill Hamano-san! At the time, I was burning firewood for the bath, it took about 8 minutes.
Isn't it impossible for me to have heated the bath and gone into Hamano-san's room to commit this impossible crime in just eight minutes? If you'd been warming the bath before, it's simple.
Oh? I was chosen to warm the bath by chance! Chance? That was no "chance.
" That was magic! You'd already been Hamano-san's magic assistant once before, so you already knew in advance what would happen! Assistant? You'd already prepared the papers with the symbols written on the back for the trick, and kept them in your room.
The "ignorant" assistant would write the names in the paper, and the magician would then "guess" the names.
But weren't you the one who wrote the marks back then? Yeah.
My eyes were blindfolded, so I didn't know that Tanaka-san was giving me a pen with no ink! Basically, I couldn't know the pen had no ink, and that the papers had been marked in advance.
And everybody there believed I'd written them.
Most likely, you suggested that magic trick to Hamano-san, making sure you'd take care of the bath, and climbing on the roof of the bath you'd already heated, you entered the second floor.
And finally, you waited in Hamano-san's room for him and strangled him, and then employed the trick to commit the so-called "impossible crime"! I'm sure the thief that's been lurking around was Tanaka-san herself.
She was probably checking the length of the string for the trick, as well as the type of pen that's used in the lodge.
If you insist that much, do you have any proof?! Oh, you want proof? Look in your boots! You have the remaining arrow in there! I had a reason to ask Conan-kun to run this side.
It's because I wanted you to come too! Since until very recently, you didn't have the time to come this way to remove the arrow here! The only one left now is the one used for this demonstration, which means you had no choice but to pull it out when we followed Conan-kun! A hole! There is an arrow mark here! That's right.
Since you couldn't throw away an arrow you'd worked on around here, your boots were the best place to hide it.
Then, the Shadow Priest was Most likely, that was an fake person created by Tanaka-san, using another person's ID.
But she and the Shadow Priest were both in the chat at the same time! That's possible if you have two phone lines, modems, and computers.
Furthermore, not just "Shadow Priest," but the name "Kikue Tanaka" and its ID also belong to someone else, right? No.
They really belong to me.
The granddaughter of the man whose death you caused, HÅ«den Harui! - HÅ«den Harui's - Granddaughter?! Then, could you be? That's right.
Great Grandfather used my ID to chat with you guys.
With the handle name "Fake Child.
" I learned of this when I went through Grandfather's things and found his chat logs.
I'd thought it was weird That he wouldn't stop talking about doing the escape magic, despite being weak.
But then Yeah.
Grandfather chose to do that trick himself and died trying it.
I don't blame you guys for his death.
But what I couldn't forgive was The comments Nishiyama-san and Hamano-san made about Grandfather .
It's too bad what happened to HÅ«den Harui-san Illusion: It really is I read it in the paper too, what a surprise Ehh, he's probably happy he died on-stage! lol This is what they call "an old man's indiscretion," eh? (^^;) Grandfather he planned to reveal his identity to everyone once he'd succeeded at the escape magic! "Somehow, I still managed to do the escape trick.
Did you enjoy it?" "From the Fake Child, HÅ«den Harui.
" When I saw those untransmitted comments, they made me so sad, so filled with regret I couldn't stop myself.
But if those two knew that the Fake Child was Harui-san, they wouldn't have Yeah But he saw it.
"He"? Doitō-kun! I know because the day before the show, he sent my grandfather an encouraging email.
But How did he? Probably because he's a magician, too.
Oh? Haven't you figured it out yet? Katsuki Doitō is an anagram.
If you rearrange the seven syllables, you get to tsu Note: つ (tsu) can also double the next consonant when smaller.
i ka ki do u do i to u ka tsu ki tsu ka ki u do i to do i to u ka tsu ki to ka ki i tsu do u do i to u ka tsu ki d ka ki u do i to do i to u ka d ki d ka ki u do i to ki d ka u do i to do i to u ka d ki ki d ka u to i do Ka-- "Kaitō Kid?!" Why is he here?! Splendid deduction, young detective! Where's Ran? Sleeping peacefully in the next room, the cute little thing Oh, it's so difficult not to watch her.
You're always acting so weird "Red Herring.
" Like your handle's namesake, you truly fooled me.
I wasn't trying to this time.
I only came here because I thought it odd that the dead Fake Child was still chatting.
"The Fake Child" was HÅ«den Harui's stage name on his debut.
I could tell she was his granddaughter, and that she was helping with that trick, but I couldn't imagine she was going to commit murder By the time I figured it out, it was too late It's truly embarrassing.
Sometimes feelings get tangled together with deductions, forming a veil that hides the truth.
I couldn't prevent this sad murder I'm no detective, and you were half-dead with that cold.
Can't be helped.
Until we meet again, Great Detective.
While the bell announcing the end of the century has yet to ring Still as flashy as always, that guy Afterwards, the old man and Inspector Megure arrived in the police helicopter, and Tanaka-san willingly gave herself up, peacefully closing this case.
Sonoko, on the other hand, was far less peaceful.
Immediately after the case ended, she dragged Ran and I to a karaoke box, and we had to listen to her unbearable stage singing for 4 long hours.
Apparently she was devastated over missing her beloved thief again.
And then, three days later Hey, Ran! Listen, listen! I found another great guy on the Internet! Eh? What kind of club did you join this time? Bonsai, bonsai! Seriously? A bonsai club? I'm sure he's a sensitive man! She'll never learn nanika ga okorisō na yo wa Something's going to happen tonight inori o sasagete me o tojina yo so make a prayer, but don't close your eyes.
kon'na tsuki no tokeru yo ni Mom said that in these nights when the moon melts, love is being born ai-sare umarete-kita no to mama wa itta soshite subete wa karamawari And now everything's spinning in-place mirai ga chigireru no o mita because I'm seeing my future being torn apart sā hadashi ni natte daichi kette So kick the earth barefooted niji o koete sora o tsukande cross the rainbow, and grasp the sky! I wish, mune no jūjika o nigiri asa wa In the morning, I wish on the cross in my chest kibō ga anata ni furisosogi yoru wa In the evening, hope rains down on you yawaraka na hikari ga anata o tsutsumikomi A gentle light is wrapping around you Forever still for you, still for your love