Detective Conan (1996) s06e01 Episode Script

The Search for the Disappearing Weapon Case

A BAARO FANSUB Alibis, codes, tricks, deals.
The mysterious Black Organization.
Today's stage is an apartment building.
The city crows are having a blast on garbage collection day! He sees the single truth for what it is, and looks like a kid but has the mind of an adult! His name? Detective Conan! QUEST FOR LOVE QUEST FOR DREAM QUEST FOR ALL TRUTH!! Created by Gosho Aoyama "Detective Conan" Serialized in Shogakukan's "Weekly Shonen Sunday" The dreams that you keep hidden within your eyes hitomi ni himeta yume-dake wa dare ni mo ubae wa shinai-kara Are all that can never be taken from you azayaka ni ima shinjitsu o dakishimete!! So now embrace the whole beauty of the truth!! fureta kata no nukumori nagareta kimi no namida wa The warmth I felt from your shoulder, and the tears that you cried Planning Michihiko Suwa (Yomiuri TV) Character Design Masatomo Sudo Art Director Yukihiro Shibutani Art Design Hiroyuki Mitsumoto Before the dawn breaks they'll be reborn—as courage!! yoake-mae ni umarekawaru tsuyosa ni!! Sound Director Katsuyoshi Kobayashi Director of Photography Takahisa Ogawa Music Producer Hiroki Horio (PolyGram) tatoe hanarete mo futari wa Even if we ever happen to be apart Music Katsuo Ono Shiina Nagano (Warner Music Japan) Lyrics Minami Takayama Opening Theme Performed by Music Arrangement toki o tomete yobiaeru yo Time will halt when we call for each other soko ni ai ga areba As there is love between us QUEST FOR LOVE QUEST FOR DREAM QUEST FOR ALL TRUTH!! Story Editor Jun'ichi Iioka Color Key Reiko Hirayama Executive Producer Hiroaki Kobayashi Editor Teramitsu Okada osaerarenai jounetsu ga The passion within me I cannot suppress mezashita mirai o hikiyoseru Is leading me to the future I sought Planning Support Toyohiko Okuyama Mitome Asai "kotae" wa itsumo "kimi" dakara!! Because the answer for me has always led to you!! QUEST FOR LOVE QUEST FOR DREAM QUEST FOR ALL TRUTH!! Chief Director Kenji Kodama Director Yasuichiro Yamamoto The dreams that you keep hidden within your eyes hitomi ni himeta yume-dake wa Are all that can never be taken from you dare ni mo ubae wa shinai-kara Producers Michihiko Suwa (Yomiuri TV) Masahito Yoshioka (Tokyo Movie) azayaka ni ima shinjitsu o dakishimete!! So now embrace the whole beauty of the truth!! Presented by Yomiuri TV Tokyo Movie The Missing Weapon Investigation Case The Missing Weapon Investigation Case The Missing Weapon Investigation Case The Missing Weapon Investigation Case The Missing Weapon Investigation Case The Missing Weapon Investigation Case The Missing Weapon Investigation Case The Missing Weapon Investigation Case Man, if only there was an interesting case The other day at the National Stadium was great, don't you think? Yeah, let's hope there's another one like it.
If we had a case like that every day, it'd be a disaster.
Look, look! I always come to this beauty salon with my mom! Midori Beauty Salon? The salon's owner's name is Midori.
Plus, there's a hairdresser there named Mika-san with really nice taste.
She's always booked! Hold on, Mika-san! What is it? What are you doing? Mika Mitsui (24) Hairdresser So you've heard it.
I want to join another salon, so next Monday, I'll be leaving my job here.
Midori Goto (39) Midori Salon Owner There's no way I'll let you do that! For starters Sensei? What is it? Well, you see A customer's waiting.
I'll be there in a bit.
Tell her to wait a bit.
Just remember, I won't let you do as you please! Oh, is that you, Ayumi-chan? I see you brought your friends.
Mika-san, you're leaving the salon? Yeah, another salon's interested in me.
Didn't expect that.
I'd have liked to have my hair cut by you at least once.
Then, do you want me to cut it now? Your mom always recommended me to everybody she knew, so I'll give you a super-special treatment! Really? Though I'm fully booked until Monday Oh, right! I start a little later tomorrow, so I can cut your hair at my home! At your home? Can we come too? Of course, everybody can come.
If you don't mind, I'll skip Conan, you're coming too, right? Right?! Fine The next day, Saturday You know, I got up at 5 this morning! I'm so happy about this! I wonder what haircut she'll give Ayumi.
I'm looking forward to it.
It's pretty peaceful But I'm curious about something Why did you come too? Isn't it obvious? I want to observe how you identify in your role as a child.
You okay, Genta-kun? Yeah Geez, what are you doing? Watch where you're going! See? Even the crow thinks you're dumb.
Let's see It's this apartment building.
What am I doing this early in the morning? Hey, Conan! What are you staring at? We're going without you! Oh, sorry, sorry.
Here we are! It's this apartment.
Weird Maybe she forgot her promise.
Is she still sleeping then? It's possible.
She did say she started working later.
Huh? The door's unlocked.
Talk about reckless.
Excuse me Mika-san, are you here? Maybe she went shopping.
Huh? Isn't that Mika-san sleeping there? H-Hey, Conan! Conan-kun What happened to Mika-san? She was killed.
Somebody strangled her.
The victim is the woman who lived in this apartment, 24-year old Mika Matsui-san, a hairdresser from the Midori Beauty Salon in Beika Town.
I see.
You done? Yes, it's all yours, Inspector.
Judging by the turbidity of the cornea, I'd say she died about 13 hours ago.
The cause is asphyxiation.
She was strangled with some object.
Something wrong, Inspector? Let me take a look.
The strangulation marks aren't visible in the front.
It's true.
I wonder why? Conan-kun! You're not allowed to be here! But look, Inspector, she has a blue plastic thing in her middle finger.
What could it be? Without a detailed analysis, I can't tell you for certain.
It's probably traces of a plastic fragment.
Plastic? A shopping bag from the convenience store with dinner.
A dress that was just picked up from the cleaners.
A dress thrown onto the ground with a card from the cleaners.
And a broken plastic bag thrown into the ground.
It looks like Mika-san came back home after going to the store and cleaners, and she was murdered shortly thereafter.
But still, there's something Something Something doesn't fit, right? Y-Yeah.
I think so too.
Hey, you two! Would you please get out of here? This isn't the place for two kids to hang around! But we were the ones who found the corpse in the first place! Then I'll talk to you later.
Go wait in the lobby.
Please call the Midori Beauty Salon and ask somebody to come identify the body.
Got it.
To think something like this would happen to Mika-san It's pretty shocking.
That blue plastic fragment What could it be? A piece of a personal object from the killer? Or maybe it's from the murder weapon? And if that's the case, what would the weapon be? It's Midori-sensei! The police called her to identify the body.
Huh? Where's she going? Midori-sensei! Ayumi-chan? If you were coming to Mika-san's apartment, it's here.
I see.
Don't know where my head is this morning.
But what are you doing here, Ayumi-chan? We were going to meet Mika-san today.
And then I see.
You must've been scared.
Hey, miss? Huh? Why do you have a bandage? I I burnt myself.
I'm a bit clumsy.
Mika-san How could this happen to you? Where's Midori-sensei going? She was crying What's wrong, miss? What were you looking at? Nothing.
I felt sick so I came to get some fresh air.
I feel better now.
What was she looking at? Kudo-kun? Haibara? I told you something didn't fit before, remember? Did you figure something out? It's gone.
It should've come with clothes from the cleaners.
But it's.
not there? I see! That piece of plastic that got stuck in her nail was from the murder weapon.
It's possible.
If that woman was the killer, then she was looking at O-Oh, crap! Detective Conan Episode 135 Originally aired February 15, 1999 Anime original A Baaro Fansub Translation: Puto OP translation: bluesun ED translation: Licca & Puto Additional translation, timing, editing, typesetting, encoding: Licca Detective Conan Episode 135 Originally aired February 15, 1999 Anime original A Baaro Fansub Translation: Puto OP translation: bluesun ED translation: Licca & Puto Additional translation, timing, editing, typesetting, encoding: Licca Wait, mister! What's wrong, kid? Why are you so shook up? Mister, please put back all the garbage from this street! There's something really important in there, please! Don't be stupid.
Hurry, hurry! Wait up! That girl Inspector, people that leave trash at night are a real headache, aren't they? If they take it out at night, the people walking by can trip on it, don't you think? Hey, what are you talking about? If the garbage truck passes by in the next morning, there's no evidence left behind.
Conan-kun, the Inspector and I are really busy, so don't come talking to me about garbage.
Hold on, Takagi-kun.
Just a question.
Y-Yes? Have you collected the garbage for that building yet? Yes, we have.
This street is the last one in the pickup path.
I see.
I apologize, but you'll have to put back all the garbage from the street in the parking lot of that building.
What's going on, Inspector? The murder weapon, Takagi-kun! After committing the crime, the killer might've thrown away the murder weapon in the street's garbage.
As you know, the victim lived alone.
And there was a big chance she'd only be found in the morning.
I see! That way by the time the investigation started, the garbage would've all been picked up! Yeah.
But if we don't know what the murder weapon is, how will we know what to look for? Right.
Maybe the killer threw out the hanger among other things, since it wasn't of any use.
A hanger? Of course! I got it, Takagi-kun! The murder weapon is a blue clothes hanger! Think about it.
When we pick up a jacket or the like from the cleaners, it comes with a disposable hanger.
Come to think of it, the dress laying on the ground didn't have a hanger.
Most likely, the killer opened up the hanger that came with the dress, put it around the victim's neck from behind and strangled her in one go.
I see.
That's why the victim doesn't have any strangulation marks on the back of her neck.
But how do you know it's a blue hanger? That's right.
Because of the blue plastic that got stuck in the victim's fingernail.
It has to be from the plastic in the hanger's lining.
The victim must've tried to free herself from the hanger that was strangling her, and probably scratched it that way.
Just then, a piece of plastic got stuck in her middle fingernail.
Miss! Did you come to check the trash too? You really are worried.
You were watching from the roof before and came down just as we came here! No! What are you talking about, little boy? I only came here to see what you're all doing here.
I apologize, but this is a murder investigation.
Please cooperate.
We will.
If I'm right, then there's solid proof on the hanger implicating the killer.
An irrefutable proof that offers an absolute truth.
There were that many? Yeah, it's that when they pick them up and put them in the van, they compress them.
Come on, split up and get to work! Do you really think they'll find it? Yeah! The Inspector seems to be really sure about it! Inspector, it's not here.
We opened them all, but it's not here.
Impossible! You have to search more! Conan-kun! Sorry.
Why? Why can't they find it? What is it, Inspector? For now, let's collect all of this litter.
Please present our apologies to the sanitation workers.
Yes, sir.
Goto-san? Excuse me, but where were you last night between 8 and 11? Why are you asking that? Just a rough idea is enough.
Are you implying that I killed Mika-san? You can't be serious! Why me?! You were arguing with Mika-san yesterday.
She wanted to work in another salon, and you told her you wouldn't let her have her way.
That I did say it.
But Goto-san, we won't be able to clear this up here, so please come to the station with us.
No way! I left my job half-done! If you insist on pegging me as the killer, please show me some sort of evidence! If you'll excuse me! Inspector.
Given her reaction before, I have no doubt she threw the hanger in the trash.
Then Yeah.
That's what my instincts say.
I'm sure she's the killer.
Inspector Megure's right.
Given her behavior, he has to be.
But how come the hanger didn't show up? How come? I can't believe Midori-sensei's the killer.
But old man Megure said there was no way they were wrong.
Then how come the hanger never showed up? Maybe somebody took it.
There's some people like that, who search through the trash for things they can still use.
Yeah, I search through the trash for Kamen Yaiba figures sometimes.
That's disgusting, Genta-kun.
That's not the kind of thing you should brag about.
Don't you think so, Conan-kun? What is it? That's a net put around garbage bags so crows don't rip them open.
What's strange about it, Conan-kun? Maybe a crow took the hanger Huh? Crows eat hangers? They use them to build their nests! It's possible! They said on TV that city crows use materials like hangers and wires to build their nests! Then if we could find the nest, maybe Okay! The Detective Boys are searching for crow nests! Let's go! Yeah! You know where a crow's nest is? Yes, a nest that they're still building.
What tree is it on? It's not on a tree.
It's over there.
On that light pole.
I see it! A crow nest! We found the blue hanger! Goto-san.
This is the hanger used in the murder.
The piece of plastic found in the victim's nail matches the piece missing in the hanger.
Furthermore, on the tip of the wire, we found a drop of blood.
But we confirmed it's a different blood type from the victim's.
Most likely, when the killer was strangling the victim, she probably injured her own hand.
Goto-san, if you please, would you please remove the bandage from your right hand? That girl She threw the hanger at me when I went to ask her not to leave my salon.
I beg you.
If you won't do it for me, maybe we can reach an agreement.
Don't touch me! I'll do whatever I want! Please leave! I couldn't forgive her! That ungrateful girl forgot what I did for her and threw a hanger at me! That's the motive? You took another person's life for something that ridiculous?! (rumania montevideo) nanika ga okorisou na yo wa Something's going to happen tonight So make a prayer, but don't close your eyes inori o sasagete me o tojina yo Mom said that in these nights kon'na tsuki no tokeru yo ni When the moon melts, love is being born aisare umarete-kita no to mama wa itta soshite subete wa karamawari And now everything's spinning in place mirai ga chigireru no o mita Because I'm seeing my future being torn apart saa hadashi ni natte daichi kette So kick the earth barefooted Cross the rainbow, and grasp the sky! niji o koete sora o tsukande I wish, mune no juujika o nigiri asa wa In the morning, I wish on the cross in my chest kibou ga anata ni furisosogi yoru wa In the evening, hope rains down on you yawaraka na hikari ga anata o tsutsumikomi A gentle light is wrapping around you Forever still for you, still for your love I'm glad the case was solved and all, but I still can't believe it.
They were both so kind to me People have lots of faces.
Don't those crows look a bit angry at us? Maybe they're mad because we stole the hanger from their nest Which means We can't come back to this park for a while.
NEXT EPISODE Huh? Conan-kun was here just now Y-Yeah.
T-This is! Something happened.
Either he's locked up or he's already been killed.
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