Detective Conan (1996) s06e05 Episode Script

The Final Screening Murder Case (2)

A BAARO FANSUB Alibis, codes, tricks, deals.
The mysterious Black Organization.
Today is the end for this movie house! A film screening that reveals the future! He sees the single truth for what it is, and looks like a kid but has the mind of an adult! His name? Detective Conan! QUEST FOR LOVE QUEST FOR DREAM QUEST FOR ALL TRUTH!! hitomi ni himeta yume-dake wa The dreams that you keep hidden within your eyes dare ni mo ubae wa shinai-kara Are all that can never be taken from you azayaka ni ima shinjitsu o dakishimete!! So now embrace the whole beauty of the truth!! fureta kata no nukumori nagareta kimi no namida wa The warmth I felt from your shoulder, and the tears that you cried yoake-mae ni umarekawaru tsuyosa ni!! Before the dawn breaks they'll be reborn—as courage!! tatoe hanarete mo futari wa Even if we ever happen to be apart toki o tomete yobiaeru yo Time will halt when we call for each other soko ni ai ga areba As there is love between us QUEST FOR LOVE QUEST FOR DREAM QUEST FOR ALL TRUTH!! osaerarenai jounetsu ga The passion within me I cannot suppress mezashita mirai o hikiyoseru Is leading me to the future I sought "kotae" wa itsumo "kimi" dakara!! Because the answer for me has always led to you!! QUEST FOR LOVE QUEST FOR DREAM QUEST FOR ALL TRUTH!! The dreams that you keep hidden within your eyes hitomi ni himeta yume-dake wa dare ni mo ubae wa shinai-kara Are all that can never be taken from you azayaka ni ima shinjitsu o dakishimete!! So now embrace the whole beauty of the truth!! On the anniversary of the founding of Teitan Elementary, we five, the Detective Boys, came to watch a movie with free passes we got from Dr.
We were deciding what to watch, and they were running three Gomera films.
Anyway, this theater was going to close today, and we were going to be the final audience.
While we were enjoying the film, a black shadow showed up on the screen.
It turned out to be the body of Haruta, the owner of the movie theater that was closing.
Just when investigators were about to conclude that it was a suicide What's wrong, Mitsuhiko? I saw it That That lady was in the girls' room, looking in the mirror and rubbing her eyes! The Last Movie Screening Murder Case (Part 2) The Last Movie Screening Murder Case (Part 2) (Part 2) The Last Movie Screening Murder Case The Last Movie Screening Murder Case (Part 2) The Last Movie Screening Murder Case (Part 2) The Last Movie Screening Murder Case (Part 2) The Last Movie Screening Murder Case (Part 2) The Last Movie Screening Murder Case (Part 2) W-What?! Hey, when was that? Right before that shadow appeared on Emera's scene! What's the meaning of this? I thought you said you were in the same room until the body was found! M-My contacts C-Contacts? One of my contact lenses fell out, so I went to the restroom to fix it while the water was boiling.
It was less than a minute, so I didn't think it was important Did you notice she was gone? No.
I was inside the room with the projector.
But so what? When the shadow appeared, she was with me! Inspector! It seems the deceased, Mr.
Haruta, had huge gambling debts.
Even if he'd used all the profit he made from selling this place to pay them off, it wouldn't have been enough.
According to people in the neighborhood, Mr.
Haruta's real estate company was on the verge of bankruptcy.
I see.
So there was a motive for suicide.
How could he be so thoughtless? If he was going to off himself, he should've done it elsewhere! That's enough! Suicide? Yes, given the situation, it's easy to picture a man climbing up one of those stepladders and hanging himself.
But he just didn't seem like the type.
And it still bugs me That theatre, the cold air during that scene And one suspect's strange actions Doc! How'd you know we were here? The Inspector called me to come pick you up! But where are Conan-kun, Ayumi-kun and Ai-kun? They're all in the can! The restroom is at the end of the corridor on the left-hand side.
It's a straight shot from these stairs to the projection room.
But I can't figure it out.
Why did she come down here? Why? I guess you're used to the sight, huh? Every morning, when I look in the mirror, I get chills.
"Who are you?", you know Yeah, and whose fault is it we're like this? I know.
Mea culpa.
You strive to hunt for the truth, but you're forced to deceive.
Not even the perfect reflection of this mirror shows our true selves.
Thanks, Haibara! Conan-kun! This is the girls' room! That's it! That's it! That's what happened! That's why that scene And that means If my deductions are correct, I'll find it right here Hey! Little boy! Hey! Found it! A pile of cigarette butts and ashes! And on the next seet up, a footprint! Now I know who the killer is.
I know who killed Haruta-san using the darkness, light and the cooling system of the movie theatre! What? You know the killer? Handkerchief? Are you sure, Shin'ichi? Yeah.
Along with the trick of the light the killer used to create an alibi! But what are we going to do? I can't play detective for you this time.
I just got here! Don't worry.
Just tell the cops we filled you in on the whole situation.
Now, the first thing you need to do Yeah? It's not fair! You always get to solve the case! Trying to lose us again? Someday, you're gonna lose us for good! No, wait! This time I need your help for a special assignment! Really?! Inspector! According to an employee at the real estate company, Mr.
Haruta was in a really bad mood today.
He came straight here after having a huge fight with his bank.
A fight? Yes.
The bank wasn't willing to lend him the money to buy this place.
He was still one million yen short.
Then you haven't sold him the theatre yet? Not yet.
We were going to sign the contract and deal with payment tomorrow.
I bet he was planning to dicker over the price! What a jerk.
I see.
His company was going under, he was on the verge of bankruptcy, and he couldn't scrape together the money to buy this theatre.
He couldn't see a way out, so he killed himself.
That does seem likely Er, may I go home? I need to meet someone.
Sure, why not? It looks like a suicide.
I guess so.
We'll contact you later.
W-What's going on? Who turned out the lights? That was me! Agasa-san?! Hey, what're you doing in the projection room? What do you think I'm doing? I'm going to show you how the killer tricked you! T-The killer Tricked us? That's right! You strangled Haruta-san to death in the dark of the theatre during the movie, then used this projector to create an alibi.
Furuhashi-san, it was you! Detective Conan Episode 139 Originally aired March 15, 1999 Based on manga volume 23 files 2-3 A Baaro Fansub Translation: Miyaki, Licca OP translation: bluesun ED translation: Licca, Puto Timing, typesetting, editing, encoding: Licca Then you used this projector to create an alibi.
Furuhashi-san, it was you! H-Hold on a sec! When the guy hanged himself, Furuhashi-san was with me in the projection room! Anyway, you weren't there when it happened.
How would you know anything? I got the details of the situation from the kids.
Right, Conan-kun? Right! Like I said, Furuhashi-san was in the projection room when the shadow appeared on the screen! You mean like this? You're on screen, Genta-kun! Geez! How is this a trick? The boy just jumped onto the rope when the projector started.
Wrong! Genta-kun was hanging from the rope all along! Right? Yeah! Knock it off, kids! If he'd been hanging from the rope from the start, we'd have seen him when we looked at the windows! You didn't notice because I covered the window with this book, blocking the light from the projection room! In the darkened theatre, it's hard to notice! But, Agasa-san According to the witnesses, the body was swaying from side to side.
How could a hanging body just start moving? Okay! Genta-kun, Mitsuhiko-kun, Ayumi-kun, get to it! Hey, hey Three of them roughly add up to the weight of a grown man.
W-What the Hey, Haibara.
Yes, yes, coming right up The cooling system! That's The theatre is a large enclosed space.
By adjusting the direction and speed of the air, it's possible to move the body on cue.
Several people commented that the air conditioning seemed stronger today.
Isn't that right, Manager? Why, yes Okay, old man.
That's a pretty nifty story, but you're leaving out the biggest problem.
The movie was projected through the same window the body was hanging in front of! If it'd been hanging there the whole time, the shadow would've appeared on the screen, and if the light was blocked, you couldn't show the movie.
So how did I project the movie until that point? Here's how.
Just like this and this! N-No way! How'd you do that? See? Like this and this! D-Don't tell me that old guy Cut the reel in half and played it on the two projectors? How dare he?! That's an important film! We've gotta return it once we're done with it! Hey, knock that off! Only the first projector's moving.
And this projector doesn't have any film loaded.
Then how did he do it? Look closer at the tip of the projector.
I-It's A mirror! That's right.
It's a chip from the broken mirror next door.
And if I twist it slightly, the image is reflected off it and back onto this piece of mirror stuck to the wall enabling me to project the film out the observation window.
This way, I don't have to cut the reel or use two projectors, and I can still project the movie from either window.
And the projector blocks the view of anyone coming in, so they can't see the mirrors from the door.
The cigarette butts the late Haruta-san dropped on the theatre floor prove it.
They're in front of the observation window, not the projection window.
He always sat right in front of the window from which the movie was being projected.
Is that true, Furuhashi-kun? Let's go over your actions, shall we, Furuhashi-san? First, you sent Tomosato-san on an errand.
That way, the concession stand would be empty, and you could move easily.
As the movie started, you readjusted the air conditioning.
You were already projecting the film through the observation window with the mirror trick.
Then you went into the theatre, strangled Haruta-san to death with a rope, and hung him in front of the projection window! After that, you just had to wait for Tomosato-san to return with lunch.
When she showed up, you unblocked the window, and took the mirror off the projector.
The shadow of the body appeared on the movie screen, and with Tomosato-san in the room with you, you had a perfect alibi! B-But it was just coincidence that I forgot lunch and had to go out to the convenience store! Even if you hadn't forgotten, Furuhashi-san was planning to ask you to go buy tea leaves.
He encouraged the manager to watch the film today so he'd be sure to have an audience when the shadow appeared.
And he chose a method that only a large, strong man could carry out, so the manager wouldn't be suspected.
B-But But this is all in your head! Why don't you take a look at the photo on Ide-san's digital camera? Look closely at the photo with the shadow It's out of focus! Right.
The problem with this trick is that when the mirror is removed, the distance from the projector to the screen changes, placing the image out of focus.
Nowadays, projectors have lenses that have been carefully set to fit the theatre! It takes time to readjust them, and the image will go out of focus.
Furuhashi-san didn't have the time to fix the focus before the lights went on.
Maybe it's just the photo that's out of focus.
If you look, you'll see that both the image and the frame of the film are blurred.
But the theatre looks crisp and clear.
Y-You know, I think I bumped the projector when the shadow appeared! Maybe that's why it's out of focus! Then why did you go to the restroom to fix your contact lens? You gave Mr.
Furuhashi his lunch and started boiling water for tea.
So why go to the restroom? B-Because Because you couldn't find the mirror in this room, right? I'm sorry I put you through this, Yuri-chan.
Furuhashi-san Furuhashi-kun? You? Yeah.
I really screwed up, huh? I never thought you were capable of anything like this! I thought you loved this movie theatre as much as the rest of us! I do.
Over and over, I thought that I shouldn't do something so ugly here.
But I just couldn't hold back.
I've always loved looking through this little window, you know.
Watching the audience enjoy our movies But thanks to that guy, the audience started disappearing.
This past weekend, he was the only one in the theatre.
So I wanted to hang him in front of this window, and make him look out At this sad, lonely view.
So desolate But you can't see it when you're dead, anyway We'll hear the rest at the station.
I'm really sorry, Manager.
I've sullied this theatre's reputation one last time This place may have been doomed anyway.
The crowds were disappearing even before he showed up.
Little second-run theatres like this one are obsolete.
Now that television and video are everywhere, it's just old-fashioned to sell dreams on the silver screen.
That's not true! I love movies! The screen's way bigger than a TV! It's a place where people can dream together! Right, right! With the darkness and the booming sound, it feels like you're right there! It's really cool! Yeah! And Mom doesn't mind if you watch too much! It's way more fun! Hey, old man.
If you can set up the projector, let the kids watch the movie as my apology to them.
Let this little audience see the rest of the show.
nanika ga okorisou na yo wa Something's going to happen tonight inori o sasagete me o tojina yo So make a prayer, but don't close your eyes kon'na tsuki no tokeru yo ni Mom said that in these nights aisare umarete-kita no to mama wa itta When the moon melts, love is being born soshite subete wa karamawari And now everything's spinning in place mirai ga chigireru no o mita Because I'm seeing my future being torn apart So kick the earth barefooted saa hadashi ni natte daichi kette niji o koete sora o tsukande Cross the rainbow, and grasp the sky! I wish, mune no juujika o nigiri asa wa In the morning, I wish on the cross in my chest kibou ga anata ni furisosogi yoru wa In the evening, hope rains down on you yawaraka na hikari ga anata o tsutsumikomi A gentle light is wrapping around you Forever still for you, still for your love So the theatre was opened to just the five of us, with Gomera on the big screen.
Hey, Gomera! Are you blind?! Look out behind you! Run away! They're the perfect final audience.
No They won't be the last.
I'm not going to sell the theatre.
I'd completely forgotten the excitement of seeing a movie for the first time.
The theatre erupting with applause and cheers I can't give up just yet.
Not until I've filled all the seats with smiling faces like those.
They're getting way too rowdy.
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