Detective Conan (1996) s06e04 Episode Script

The Final Screening Murder Case (1)

A BAARO FANSUB Alibis, codes, tricks, deals.
The mysterious Black Organization.
Today's stage is a cinema! The shadow of a crime shows up on the screen! He sees the single truth for what it is, and looks like a kid but has the mind of an adult! His name? Detective Conan! QUEST FOR LOVE QUEST FOR DREAM QUEST FOR ALL TRUTH!! hitomi ni himeta yume-dake wa The dreams that you keep hidden within your eyes Are all that can never be taken from you dare ni mo ubae wa shinai-kara azayaka ni ima shinjitsu o dakishimete!! So now embrace the whole beauty of the truth!! fureta kata no nukumori nagareta kimi no namida wa The warmth I felt from your shoulder, and the tears that you cried yoake-mae ni umarekawaru tsuyosa ni!! Before the dawn breaks they'll be reborn—as courage!! Even if we ever happen to be apart tatoe hanarete mo futari wa Time will halt when we call for each other toki o tomete yobiaeru yo As there is love between us soko ni ai ga areba QUEST FOR LOVE QUEST FOR DREAM QUEST FOR ALL TRUTH!! The passion within me I cannot suppress osaerarenai jounetsu ga Is leading me to the future I sought mezashita mirai o hikiyoseru Because the answer for me has always led to you!! "kotae" wa itsumo "kimi" dakara!! QUEST FOR LOVE QUEST FOR DREAM QUEST FOR ALL TRUTH!! The dreams that you keep hidden within your eyes hitomi ni himeta yume-dake wa dare ni mo ubae wa shinai-kara Are all that can never be taken from you azayaka ni ima shinjitsu o dakishimete!! So now embrace the whole beauty of the truth!! (Part 1) The Last Movie Screening Murder Case The Last Movie Screening Murder Case (Part 1) The Last Movie Screening Murder Case (Part 1) (Part 1) The Last Movie Screening Murder Case The Last Movie Screening Murder Case (Part 1) (Part 1) The Last Movie Screening Murder Case The Last Movie Screening Murder Case (Part 1) The Last Movie Screening Murder Case (Part 1) Free movie passes? Doc gave them to Haibara-san so we could all go together.
And we can see whatever movie we want Isn't that great? Let's all go! Alright! This Wednesday, the anniversary of the school's opening, will be the Detective Boys' movie watching meet! You should call it a film appreciation club.
You'll come too, won't you, Conan-kun? Er, nah, I'm What's up with you, Conan?! Ain't you planning to come? After Haibara-san got these tickets just for us? I just won them in a drawing.
I see Anyway, to strengthen the Detective Boys' bonds of friendship, we go together! Right, right! To strengthen the bonds of friendship! And how will we strengthen the bonds of friendship? Fine, fine, I'll go! No reason I can't go Guess I'll have to.
The great detective loses face? Leave me alone.
Gomera! Gomera!! Definitely Gomera!!! Hey, I thought we were the Detective Boys! Shouldn't we watch something like "The Onimaru Legend Murder Mystery" at the Kaminari Theatre? But you have to think to watch that stuff! Today's the perfect day for a popcorn movie! What do you want to see, Haibara-san? Let me see How does "Einstein's Days of Glory and Anguish" sound? Einstein? What's that? Is it tasty? Now that sounds like a boring movie.
I got it—let's just split up and watch what we want.
That's simple enough, right? Hey, no way! When Doc gave Haibara-san these tickets, he told us to see a movie together! What are we gonna do, Mitsuhiko? At times like this, there's only one choice No other way, right? Paper, rock, scissors! No! What have I done? I should never have publicized the results of my research! Thanks to my discoveries, millions of innocents will perish! Has humanity no hope left but to rely on a mere legend? The legendary monster Gomera! Whoa!! Go, Gomera!! Don't let the cannibals defeat you! Don't lose, Gomera! Go for the head! That's the weak spot!! Oh, geez.
With three out of five bucking for Gomera, I guess I didn't have a chance.
You know, this flick is pretty well made.
The doom of fools who put their faith in science Exciting, isn't it? Hey, you kids! Quiet down! And don't stand up and wave your arms around.
Toshiyuki Ide University Student Some people are trying to watch the movie! Be considerate of the rest of the audience.
Sorry I'm sorry Who does he think he is? Well, you guys were being rude.
The theatre's almost empty anyway.
Apart from us, there are only four other people.
Well, our school's the only one that has today off.
It's the anniversary of our founding.
And this is a really old movie.
My dad told me not to come to this theatre.
He said there's been a lot of brawls.
Yeah, my mom told me that too! This theatre sure is messy.
I see stepladders lying around and ropes and wires on the floor.
Maybe they're renovating the place? That was fun! It was! Gomera's so cool! But he was so little in this movie, and his face was weird and scary! That was the first movie in the Gomera series.
It was made before we were born! What did you think, Conan-kun? Er, well I saw that movie a million times when I was a kid.
Come on, let's go play soccer or something! What're you talking about, Conan? We've still got two to go! A triple feature? And I've seen them all before! All told, a luxurious six hours.
Heavy You've gotta be kidding.
First, I want some snacks! They've got popcorn at the concession stand! Let's go! Yeah! Good thing we came, huh? Yeah! Haibara-san! Let's go! Sure.
You too, Conan-kun! Yeah Wait up! Two more after this Well, it's not exactly torture.
Sometimes you just need to rest your neurons and take a little vacation.
That's my intention.
Vacation, huh? If you keep using your head all the time, you'll go bald like Doc.
Here we go! Three colas and two iced coffees! And five tubs of popcorn! Um We only ordered three popcorns.
Don't worry about it! I'm throwing them in free.
Yuriko Tomosato (23) Concession Manager I see you kids around all the time.
Anyway, you're our last audience.
Last? That's right.
As of tomorrow, we're shutting down.
After 30 years, Akio Muramatsu (62) Movie Theatre Owner this theatre's closing Oh, so that's why there's rope and stuff scattered around! My apologies.
The workers are already getting ready to dismantle the place.
Those creeps! Couldn't they wait until tomorrow? My, my.
Such harsh words.
I wanted to tear this place down as soon as I could, but I've kindly given you this extra day.
After all, your owner here begged me to wait until the anniversary of the opening.
H-Haruta-san I stopped by to witness the final hurrah for your little movie shack.
Seiji Haruta (42) Real Estate Agent But there's not much of a turnout, is there? If only Gomera could stomp on this place.
It'd save me a lot of work.
Hey, you! No smoking in the theatre! Minoru Furuhashi (39) Projectionist How many times do I have to tell you that? Ah, sorry.
Starting tomorrow, I'll be more careful.
Oh, that's right, this place won't be here starting tomorrow! For crying out loud.
Hey, mister.
You said "How many times"—does that mean that guy comes here often? Oh, yeah.
Lately, it's every day.
And whenever he's here, a couple of thugs always start a fight in the middle of a movie.
I'll be he hired those thugs! He made them cause trouble to drive the theatre out of business! Oh, come now.
How can you be so sure? But Manager! It's the guy from before! Oh, it's Ide-kun.
Is he here again today? Yup.
He wanted to take a few photos on the last day.
It's okay, right? Yes, of course That kid's a big fan of monster movies.
He's been coming here since he was a little boy.
He's almost like a son to me.
Well, time for lunch Oops! I forgot to pick up lunch for the staff! Then I'll go get the lunches.
No! We agreed you'd stay here and enjoy the monster movies! Then, Yuri-chan.
Go buy them while I start the next movie.
Not much chance of a sellout crowd And if anybody comes in, the lady at the ticket counter will take care of it! I guess I could Oops! Almost time to start the first reel! Oh, and we're out of tea leaves! Can you pick some up? Sure, but we'll never use up a whole box now! Oh well, I guess So they're closing this place down.
And they ran so many great movies here, too What a shame So now that thing's going to lay eggs inside Gomera Oh, how scary! W-Who are you? Me? I'm Gomera! I bet that rumor about the hired thugs is true.
That poor old man Oh, well.
I haven't seen the Gomera movies in years.
Might as well enjoy 'em.
Don't tell me you're scared, Mitsuhiko! Of course not! Don't you think the air's cranked up a little high? It's been that way for a while.
I guess not even monster movies can keep a little kid awake forever.
Hey, Haibara.
Ayumi's fallen asleep.
Can you change seats with me so I can go to the bath— Oh, geez.
Don't tell me I'm stuck here until the movie's over And the bathroom Gomera Gomera, please Please calm down Emera the fairy is so cute! Yeah Gomera! Furuhashi-san! I've made you a cup of tea! Ah, thanks.
I've left it right there for you! What is that? What's the matter? There's a shadow on the screen! Something's hanging in front of the projector! Yuri-chan! Go downstairs and take a look! Got it! W-What's going on? Hey! What's the problem? T-That's Looks like you never get a chance to rest.
Detective Conan Episode 138 Originally aired March 8, 1999 Based on manga volume 23 files 1-2 A Baaro Fansub Translation: Miyaki, Licca OP translation: bluesun ED translation: Licca, Puto Timing, typesetting, editing, encoding: Licca The deceased is Seiji Haruta-san, age 43.
He owns a real estate company nearby.
He recently bought this theatre, which was going to close tomorrow.
Did Haruta-san come here often? Yes.
Almost every day.
But not for the movies—just to see how the demolition was coming along.
He's nothing but a thug! I don't know what his problem was, but he was always ticked off! Yeah, he was obstructing our business! He smoked in the theatre, no matter how many times we told him not to, he heckled the audience, and to top it off, he always sat in the very back row, right in front of the projector! The smoke from his cigarettes blocked the film.
He was a huge pain! He must've been smoking again today.
I noticed some shadows on the screen every now and then.
But is it true? Did he hang himself? I'm sure of it! And right in front of the projector, too casting his shadow right onto the screen! Do you remember when it happened? Well, let's see It was when Emera was on screen! The scene where Emera is trying to calm Gomera down! We saw a huge swaying shadow appear while Emera's face was on the screen! Oh geez, you again.
That scene is a little before the midpoint of the movie, so it must have been around If the movie started on schedule, it would've been at that time.
How can you be so sure? Ide-kun is a huge fan of monster movies.
Inspector Megure! Oh, Chiba-kun.
Did you find anything out? According to the ticket lady, there were only those four in the theatre other than the children.
Is she sure? Yes! After the movie started, she was chatting with a friend from the neighborhood.
I see.
So only you four of you could have killed him! Hold on, Inspector! It was a suicide, right? Anyway, how could an old man, a teenage girl or a little weedy guy hang a big thug like that? I guess I could've done it, but I was in the projection room.
Right, Yuri-chan? Yup.
The shadow appeared just as I was giving Furuhashi-san his lunch and a cup of tea.
I'm sure of it.
And where were you two at the time? In the theatre, watching the movie.
Then you could've done it together.
You know each other pretty well, right? What?! I'm afraid you're way off base.
As you can see, I have an alibi.
A digital camera, huh? I-Is this A photograph of the death?! It was sheer luck.
I wanted to get a shot of the theatre with one of my favorite scenes on the screen.
But you could have taken this photo after you hanged him.
Check the rest of the photos! I took lots of pictures during the movie.
I think it's obvious I was in my seat the whole time.
This is a digital camera! The photos could have been taken in advance and altered on a computer! I don't think so.
Let me borrow that.
Er Ah, here it is.
You can see Mitsuhiko and the owner! Hey, this is when Mitsuhiko came back from the bathroom! And look at the picture with the shadow in it, five shots later.
I'm right there in the seats! See, he couldn't have created these photos in advance! He didn't know we'd be here! Er Right Mr.
Muramatsu, why did you leave your seat in the middle of the movie? It didn't look like you were headed for the lavatory.
I went to check the cooling system.
The cooling system? I thought it was set a little too high.
Yeah, I thought it was too cold in there too.
That was why I got up and went to the bathroom! Where are the controls for the cooling system? Over here! Through the door to the right of the screen There, at the end of the corridor! It's my job to set the thermostat on the cooling system, but for some reason it was set a lot higher today.
The cooling system's not important, is it? The important thing is whether this is a murder or suicide.
Then would you mind showing me the projection room? Sure.
These are the stairs that lead in.
There's no customers allowed past this point.
Where's the projector? This is the waiting room.
The projectors are over here! Two of them? Yeah.
I use one to project the movie and the other to rewind the previous reel.
You can't do it with just one? It takes a long time to rewind a reel, and we wouldn't be able to start the next showing on time.
This is the observation window, where I check to make sure the film is projected properly, and this is the window through which the film is projected.
This is the window the guy hanged himself in front of! This window doesn't open, does it? No, it's sealed shut.
When the shadow appeared, I was right here.
Yuri-chan was in the room next door, making me some tea.
Airtight alibi, huh? Then it was just a suicide I've just come up with a neat idea! Neat idea? Yeah! You could split the reel into two halves at Emera's scene, and use that projector to play the first half, then switch to this projector to play the second half! I see! Then the body wouldn't interfere with the first half of the movie, and would cast a shadow on the screen the moment it changed to the second half! So the body could have been hung there beforehand! Makes you think, huh? That's a smart idea, kid! And some movie theatres really do that.
But if you cut a reel, it leaves an obvious mark when you reconnect the films.
Inspector, feel free to check the reel! I promise you'll find nothing like that around that scene! Anyway, I got a glimpse of this room when I brought lunch, and the only moving projector was the one by the door.
Oh, is that so? When did you come back with the lunches? About five minutes before that shadow appeared and everybody freaked out.
I think it was around 12:40 or so.
I thought we could all eat together at the next intermission, so I went to a convenience store.
When I got back, I asked the ticket lady for the time.
You can ask her yourself, if you want to confirm.
And after that, you were in this room until you heard the commotion? I asked you to make me some tea, so you were boiling water, right? Is that true? Right.
The stove's over there.
This room's so messy They should at least get a new mirror! No kidding.
It's dusty and the ash tray is filled with cigarette butts.
Don't you clean the place? Lay off! Tomorrow they're going to tear everything down anyway! At any rate, we'll need to borrow that reel, okay? Yeah, do what you like.
What's wrong, Mitsuhiko? I saw it What did you see, Mitsuhiko? That That lady was in the girls' room, looking in the mirror and rubbing her eyes! nanika ga okorisou na yo wa Something's going to happen tonight inori o sasagete me o tojina yo So make a prayer, but don't close your eyes kon'na tsuki no tokeru yo ni Mom said that in these nights aisare umarete-kita no to mama wa itta When the moon melts, love is being born And now everything's spinning in place soshite subete wa karamawari mirai ga chigireru no o mita Because I'm seeing my future being torn apart So kick the earth barefooted saa hadashi ni natte daichi kette niji o koete sora o tsukande Cross the rainbow, and grasp the sky! In the morning, I wish on the cross in my chest I wish, mune no juujika o nigiri asa wa In the evening, hope rains down on you kibou ga anata ni furisosogi yoru wa yawaraka na hikari ga anata o tsutsumikomi A gentle light is wrapping around you Forever still for you, still for your love NEXT EPISODE You strive to hunt for the truth, but you're forced to deceive.
Not even the perfect reflection of this mirror shows our true selves.
Thanks, Haibara! That's it! That's it! That's what happened! That's why that scene Next Conan: The Last Movie Screening Murder Case (Part 2) Next Conan's Hint: Mirror Look forward to the next episode! Speaking of movies, it's The Last Wizard of the Century! Advance tickets with Clear File, now on sale!