Devils (2020) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

1 So, there are these two young fish swimming along.
They meet this older fish coming the other way.
"Morning, boys," the older fish says.
Water's cold today, isn't it? And then he swims off.
The two younger fish watch the older fish swim off and then they turn to each other completely baffled and they go "What the fuck is water?" - (BODY CRASHING) - (CROWD SCREAMING) David Foster Wallace told this story once.
See, our water is called finance.
You can't see it, you can't smell it, and to most people, it's imperceptible.
But we we are the fish in the know.
And that gives us a great advantage.
And a great responsibility.
Yes, it does.
Don't ever forget that.
But if we're the fish in the know, then Massimo, he's the one who swims up behind you, and you don't even see him coming.
He's the shark.
You see, not one of us fish thought to short Greece.
Not one, except Massimo Ruggero.
Keep shorting it.
- 10 million at 1.
- No.
Another 10 at 1.
16! We got 55 by 12.
Not yet, Paul.
We're in for $900 million.
Okay, listen, everyone.
For now, we keep shorting it.
Okay? It's down six points, but it's hitting bottom.
Not yet, it isn't.
- Cover.
- Right, start cover as much an option petition, please.
Hey! Cover! Start covering! Twice.
- (CHEERING) - I don't fucking believe this, a few seconds ago, we were $900 million out.
Now, we're in the fucking clear.
- Now we're in profit.
- Bad-ass.
- Very good, guys.
- Very bad-ass.
At the close, Massimo generated profit for this bank in excess of 250 million dollars.
To Massimo Ruggero! The fastest and deadliest shark in the sea, and thank God he's our shark! (SCREAMING) MASSIMO: They say the devil's greatest trick is making us think he doesn't exist.
But he's real.
As real as the water that fish swim in.
As real as the finance flowing through this bank.
I've drunk his wine.
Laughed at his jokes.
I have looked into his eyes and seen the terrifying blackness of my own soul, reflected in his.
(CLAPPING) DOMINIC: Let's get to work! Let's not lose money! MASSIMO: By September 15, 2008, Lehman Brothers had become a real-estate hedge fund disguised as America's fourth-largest bank.
They held over $600 trillion in assets, and when they filed for bankruptcy, the other banks became insolvent overnight.
They were not allowed to fail, of course.
Instead, business for NYL and the other big banks was soon better than ever.
Ready, Maestro? Oh, you go ahead.
I'll be along in a minute.
You're coming, aren't you? Even sharks gotta kick back once in a while.
I'm coming, guys! I promise, I promise, I promise.
Either, I wanna get a DB9.
Good night.
No, Charlie's coming, because (KNOCKING) How about a drink? John's memorial service is Monday.
- I should get home to Nina.
- Hm.
- Can I have a word? - Yes.
You know how proud I am of you.
How hard you work, how much you sacrifice.
You deserve your success.
No one "deserves" this kind of success.
You really don't care about the money, do you? I think a part of you actually hates it.
If this is about the promotion I'm supporting you.
And I have every expectation you'll get it.
But there's a problem.
Edward Stuart.
Ed doesn't like you.
He says he's not going to report to you if you're Vice CEO.
MASSIMO: Yes, because I didn't grow up drinking tea and playing cricket.
Yeah, he may be somewhat of a racist.
But he's qualified, and he has supporters on the board.
You're asking if I'll report to Ed if he gets Vice CEO instead of me? Other banks would snap you up in a minute.
I don't want to lose you.
I'm loyal, Dominic.
You know that.
But you haven't answered the question.
Massimo? How did you know to short Greece? And don't tell me you read the reports, because everybody else read them, too.
These pictures are live and the tear gas clouds are just coming up to the balcony where we have our position.
- What's your name? - Don't have one.
- Where did Paul go? - He's out there.
Will he ever grow out - of chatting up every pretty thing? - No.
Don't think he will.
- His martini is gonna get warm.
- Then I'll drink it for him.
Oh, Massimo.
So To the best team on this or any other trading floor.
- To you guys.
- Chin-chin.
- Prost.
- Yeah.
Someone's not celebrating.
- Win some, lose some.
- Or in their case lose some, lose some.
Speaking of which, once you're named Vice CEO, Massimo Which one of you becomes Head of Trading? Since Paul's not here at the moment, - I say we take him out of the running.
- Seems fair enough.
I'll let all three of you know when and if I get the job.
Oh, come on, Massimo.
We all know you're gonna get the job.
You've earned it, Massimo.
If you don't, there's no justice in the world.
Or at least at NYL.
Almost forgot.
For you.
- Who gave you this? - It was on the table when we got here.
(LAUGHING) Ooh! Was it Paul? - I don't I don't know.
- Yeah, come on.
See you in a minute.
Massimo Ruggero? Are you Massimo Ruggero? Yeah, yeah.
Do I know you? Sofia Flores.
I'm a reporter.
- I don't recognize the name, sorry.
- I'm a blogger, actually.
- Oh, a blogger.
- Yes.
It's okay.
But one interview with you and I'd finally get published.
Eh, why me? Because you know what it's like to be a foreigner trying to make it in the Anglo-Saxon world.
- Yes.
Yeah, I know.
- I mean - So? - Are you Spanish? Uh, hm-hm, I'm from Argentina.
- I wish you well, Ms.
- No.
Oh, sorry! If New York was killing me ♪ Bunch of doctors coming around ♪ - They don't know that New York can kill me ♪ - (ICE CLINKING) I need to go home and take it slow ♪ Down in Jackson, Tennessee ♪ (DOOR OPENING) Let me tell ya city ain't living all ♪ It's cracked up to be ♪ (ICE CLINKING) Lifting up my game, yeah, you're riding solo ♪ Text me when you're home, but you never gotta ♪ I holler when I need another go-go ♪ And if you're lucky, ♪ You might get the pre-show ♪ Just be ready when it's prime time ♪ Bring a drink, I'll bring a slow one ♪ Best be ready when it's bright time ♪ Bring a drink, I'll bring a slow one ♪ We ain't finished yet ♪ We ain't finished yet ♪ Carrie? No! Wait! Wait! Carrie.
Please! Wait! Carrie.
(DOOR SLAMMING) "What the fuck is water?" I don't get it.
"What the fuck is water", they don't know they're fish.
- They don't even know what water is.
- Paul, we gotta go.
What? Now? I was just about to order another round of drinks.
Carrie was here.
I'm sorry.
All right, I'll be I'll be right back, all right? Come on, guys.
Carrie as a hooker, giving lap dances? - I mean, are you sure? - Yes, I'm sure.
If she really is back, getting you as a client is kind of a coincidence.
It's no coincidence.
Someone went to a lot of trouble to make sure I saw her.
"Bank Exec's Wife's an Escort.
" I'm not sure the board will enjoy reading that headline in the Sunday Times.
Ed Stuart.
If you don't get that job, Ed Stuart does.
It had to be him.
Look through his portfolio.
- What are we looking for? - I don't know.
But be careful.
Good morning.
You may be in line for a pay raise Good morning.
Thank you for joining us.
- Professor Wade? - I thought you'd be up.
Hazard of old age.
Can't sleep more than four or five hours at a time.
Think of all the extra work you'll get done.
I should bloody well retire to an island someplace.
So should you.
Yeah, one day.
- Meantime, I need a favour.
- Oh! I like it when you ask for favours.
Do tell.
Do you have any bright young students eager to impress? I need some forensic work.
Well, you've got a whole forensics department - on the 23rd floor.
- This has to be done off the books.
Well, I think I might find someone.
Massimo? - Is everything all right? - No.
No, it's not.
(BUZZING) - Bloody hell, Massimo.
- Hey.
- What are you doing here? - Looking for my wife.
Come in.
How have you been? Have you seen her? Not for a couple of years.
Last I heard, she was in the States.
- Coffee? - No, thank you.
WOMAN: (GIGGLING) MASSIMO: I remember when she painted this.
It's my favourite.
God, she was talented.
Yeah, but Carrie was always two people, wasn't she? Dark and light.
CARRIE: Hello.
From now on, I will take care of you.
(CHUCKLING) We had some good times together.
We certainly did.
- I saw her in London last night.
- Yeah? Working as a call girl.
Things gotten that bad? I've got to find her.
She's in more trouble than she knows.
Whatever Carrie has gotten into, it's not your job to look after her any more.
Someone's trying to destroy me.
And they mean to use her to do it.
Will you help? I'll phone around her old friends and see what I can find out.
- - (CLOCK TICKING) - There's still an hour to go.
- I don't need it.
All done.
Then I advise you to take the free time - to look through your answers.
- Eh, no.
They're right.
You finished awfully fast.
Yeah, if you don't first it, you get your money back.
Now, pay up.
Is that the going rate for sitting another student's exam? Sir I needed the money.
And when you get thrown out of university, you'll still need the money.
Only you'll not have any prospect of earning any.
Am I being thrown out? You're already on thin ice after you hacked the LSE database, - released thousands of research papers.
- Students shouldn't have to pay - for their own educational - The point being this is not your first offence, Mr.
Perhaps you should have been expelled.
You're smart, Oliver.
You're one of the brightest I've taught.
And I have taught a few.
Don't give some privileged rich kid the satisfaction of getting a first on the back of your hard work.
Do you have any classes this afternoon? - No, nothing I can't miss.
- Good.
I have a job for you.
(PHONE DIALING) (PHONE RINGING) - What have you got? - We may have found a way to strike back against Stuart, but we have to move quickly.
- What is it? - Davenport Biotech wants to move into the Mideast.
Ed's in the midst of a huge refinancing deal.
If the deal goes through, it's worth $50 million in commission.
If it doesn't, the bank will have to make up the shortfall.
$50 million would be a lot of blood on Ed's nose.
MASSIMO: Davenport's balance sheet is rock solid.
Why refinance and dilute that stock? I mean, that we don't know.
Whatever the reason, we're exposed on this thing.
And the Davenport deal closes Tuesday.
It's the same day the new Vice CEO is announced.
Even if Ed wasn't behind it, he's your only competition.
Weaken his hand, strengthen yours.
If Dominic found out, he'd make sure you'd never work in the city again.
You're our boss, not Dominic.
- We've got your back, Max.
- What do you want us to do? Okay, short Davenport.
But with outside brokers.
No one can know this came from us.
And guys Thank you.
21st century human health challenges demands 21st century meta-human solutions.
That's why we at Davenport have developed proprietary, bionic and nanotechnology.
See things as they are.
Davenport Biotech.
Defining the future.
Well I think you can see why we're all so excited about this investment opportunity.
We live in a world where perception is everything.
We at Davenport believe that not only should you have the appearance of being the best, you should be the best.
(CLAPPING) (PHONE DINGING) Is there a problem? You tell me, John.
I thought we were always straight with each other.
Am I meant to guess what the hell you're talking about? Someone started shorting your stock an hour ago.
What? It's when an investor borrows shares and immediately sells them in order to buy them back at a later date at a lower price and pocket the difference.
Yes, I know what stock-shorting is.
What the hell's going on? Well, evidently, they believe your stock price will fall and if it does, they stand to make a lot of money.
Look, you've seen our books.
The company's solid.
All right.
I'll look into it, but there'd better not be any surprises.
We both have a lot riding on this, and the market doesn't like surprises.
The only surprise is that you would dare think that I would deceive my investors.
Now, I have paid your bank a lot of money, and I expect results.
I'm just going to get some coffee.
The lift is going down, Ed.
Are you all right? I'm fine.
You seem a little stressed.
I neither need, nor want your concern.
Am I supposed to know what that means? An Italian judge said it after the Mafia threatened him.
This isn't Italy, Mr.
Ruggero, and banking isn't organized crime.
At least it didn't used to be until people like you showed up.
- People like me - Do you have any idea how many generations my family have been in banking? My great-grandfather was governor of the Bank of England.
For us, this line of work has always been about safeguarding people's savings, not risking them in some sort of gambling hall.
Banking used to be a noble profession, but unfortunately these days it seems to stoop ever lower.
I was born low.
The only way I could ever go was up.
Unfortunately, in your case, the only way is down.
- Am I being ambushed, Ms.
Flores? - Maybe.
I really need that interview, Mr.
It's Massimo.
And I read your blog.
- You're a good writer.
- Thank you.
But it's still not a good time, sorry.
I thought you of all people would help a poor girl from Argentina.
- Why me? - Because you're a poor boy from a fishing village.
I don't know how you found that out, Ms.
You mean, because you've had your personal history scrubbed from the Internet? - I have my ways.
- I'd like to hear more about them.
How about we talk over dinner? You're nothing if not persistent.
All right.
11 o'clock at my place.
Thank you.
What can I bring? - Just yourself.
- Okay.
- See you then.
- See you.
(ENGINE STARTING) Ah No, don't worry.
It's Oliver.
It's nice to meet you.
- What can I get you? - Espresso, single.
Uh, a cup of tea, yeah.
- Milk and sugar? - Uh, no milk, four sugars.
My girl won't let me have any at home, so Maybe you should listen to her.
Yeah, that's what she says.
(LAUGHING) Uh, so, so, so, you, um, - left your phone at the office? - Yes.
Were you able to get into Davenport's? Uh, yeah.
He and Stuart are meeting a reporter - from the Financial Times.
- Fred Warwick? Yeah, Monday for lunch at a place called the Coq d'Or.
Okay, I need to hear what they are saying.
- Can you do that? - Yeah, I can use his phone as a voice recorder if I'm sitting in Bluetooth range.
Do you mind if I ask why you're spying on one of your own colleagues? I mean, Mr.
Stuart does work for your bank, doesn't he? Thank you.
What about Carrie? Um, yes, she, um, entered the country six weeks ago - on a British passport.
- Did she give an address? Yours.
But she must be living on cash.
Completely off the books.
Her mobile phone a throwaway.
I'm I'm sorry, I've got nothing.
Keep looking.
Um, Mr.
Ruggero, um thank you for this opportunity.
It's Massimo.
- Uh, what about your coffee? - You drink it.
REPORTER: In Athens, a day of strikes and protests across Greece - evolved into deadly riots.
- (DOORBELL RINGING) Tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets.
SOFIA: Hey! Uh, am I too early? It's perfect.
Come in.
Cool, thanks.
- I'll take your coat.
- Oh, please, thanks.
- Oh, this is amazing.
- Thank you.
- Glass of wine? - Oh, I love wine.
- White is okay? - Perfect.
REPORTER: We're live on the ground as the story changes SOFIA: Oh, your ex-wife.
She's beautiful! You seem to know an awful lot about me, Ms.
Mm, whatever you're cooking, it smells delicious.
Oh, well, the secret is the fish.
Oh, thank you.
How fresh it is, where it is caught.
That's what we do in Cetara.
- Cool.
- But then, you already knew that about me.
How? (LAUGHING) Well, once something's exposed on the Internet, - it can never really be covered up.
- Yeah.
But, yes, but not if you know what you're looking for.
(SHOUTING) So, what's this interview about? What's all over the news.
Financial crisis in Greece.
What about it? Well, is Greece the problem or is the problem about to become all of Europe? Good question, Ms.
I told you.
But I just trade in the markets.
I don't predict them.
Some say the best way to predict the markets, is to cause them.
So you think my bank is causing Greece to fail? (EXPLODING) I think maybe someone is.
But I don't know, I'm asking you.
You want an honest answer? I'll have to give it some thought.
Sure, of course.
- Maybe we could have dinner again - I think one interview is enough.
- Glass of wine? - Oh, I love wine.
- White is okay? - Perfect.
Oh, your ex-wife.
She's beautiful! She's beautiful! You said one day we would have a place like this.
And you said it wouldn't make us happy.
Looks like we were both right.
SOFIA: Oh, your ex-wife.
She's beautiful.
MASSIMO: You seem to know an awful lot about me, Miss Flores.
- Kalim? - What's up? I don't want security involved.
When you get in, check our system.
We may have been hacked.
John lost his life in a firefight outside Basra nearly three years ago.
No words can describe the grief a parent feels for the loss of a son.
I speak for my wife Nina and myself when I say John's loss leaves a hole in our hearts we can never fill.
But we are left with extreme pride.
Pride that a young man chose sacrifice over self-interest.
A young man born at privilege who would forsake that to serve his country.
I can't bear it anymore.
Can you take me home? If you would indulge me, I would like to share some memories of our remarkable son.
For him to talk about sacrifice.
It was Dominic that John ran away from.
Dominic didn't want John to join the army, Nina.
But he didn't try very bloody hard to stop him.
Did he? He wanted him to come back begging for a job at the bank.
But John would rather die than give him the satisfaction.
And he did.
I was with him when he got the news.
Of course, you were.
You always are.
It destroyed him.
And yet, I've never seen him shed a tear.
Being near Dominic, it costs people.
You should know that better than anyone.
Ready, aim! - Fire! - (RIFLES FIRING) - Aim, fire! - (RIFLES FIRING) - Hey.
- Hey.
Thanks for bringing Nina home.
- Don't worry.
- She relies on you, you know? We both do.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
You've been a great comfort to me.
Which is why this business with Ed Stuart is just so damn upsetting.
- I saw the two of you talking.
- He's paranoid.
He thinks you're somehow plotting against him.
- Yeah, why would I need to? - Which is exactly what I said.
Oh, by the way, have you heard from Carrie lately? No.
- Why do you ask? - Oh, no reason.
It's occasions like this have a way of bringing back ghosts.
I hope you'll forgive me, but I can't stay for lunch.
Of course.
Is that your only suit? Uh, yeah, I had to borrow this one from a friend, so I guess it'll have to do.
So, um, I booked under the name Smith, a table right next to theirs.
Is that is that is that all for lunch? Do you want good press? Take the reporter to an expensive restaurant.
See you later.
Oh, hey, Mr Smith.
Table for one.
Please follow me.
Uh, excuse me.
Excuse me, excuse me I reserved a table back there.
I'm afraid those tables are taken.
This is all we have.
An aperitif? A drink, sir? Uh, yeah, a coke, please.
Your coke, sir.
(PHONE BEEPING) - Well? - Cost 60 quid.
But that was the best hamburger I've had in my entire life.
I meant what they were saying.
Oh no, the bastard sat me by the toilet.
It was too far away to get anything.
- You got nothing? - I didn't say that.
It wasn't obvious, but I saw something about Davenport.
He trembles.
Ever so slightly, like his foot, his hand.
So, I checked his diary.
Three times in the last six months he's been to see a Dr.
Nicholas Meyer on Harley Street.
- A neurologist? - Exactly.
It could be some kind of like motor neuron disease.
Or it could be nothing.
Were you able to access Meyer's medical records? - Uh - No.
No, his his records aren't computerized.
- What's that? - An old friend of my wife's.
Greg Bowman.
I asked for his help to find her.
And has he? I need you to make sure.
- Well? - We've asked around, and there's not even a hint that Davenport's ill.
PAUL: He just re-upped for life insurance two years ago.
He would have had a full medical exam.
ELEANOR: If what your guy's saying is true, there is no way to prove it.
- We could, we could leak the news anyway.
- What if he's not sick? Either way, the news would shatter confidence in his stock.
Unless it gets traced back to the same people running a massive short against him then Davenport is fine and we're fucked.
It's a rumour.
No legitimate newspaper would run it.
So, what do we do? So, Subterranea is not only the other organization out there - alongside Assange fighting for the truth.
- Oh, for sure.
I mean, we've got Crytome, which was founded all the way back in 199 eh - '96, I remember.
- '96, exactly.
Uh, you've got Global Leaks, you've got Open Leaks.
But you know, most of its collaborators actually came out of WikiLeaks, because they were frustrated with Julian's, uh - Assanges - (CHUCKLING) And and one of its key strategies, it's a brilliant programmer called "The Architect".
I just want to point out that if he's listening in on this now, I would love to meet.
(PHONE BEEPING) - Hello? - It's Massimo.
- SOFIA: Hi! - MASSIMO: I need to see you.
- What, now? - Yes, now.
Where? - At my place.
- I can be there in 20 minutes.
REPORTER: Anger and violence erupting on the streets of Athens, and protests over Greece's measures - that are aimed at battling - Is something wrong? You're not a blogger.
You're working for an anarchist group calling itself "Subterranea".
- How do you know that? - Like you said, when something's on the Internet, it can never really be hidden.
Lying is not a crime.
Or you and your friends would have been in prison a long time ago.
A lie might not be a crime, but planting one of these is.
The cops would release me in five minutes.
- Would they? - Yes.
(SHOUTING) Your group is on a list at Interpol.
Well, I'm not.
REPORTER: After they set fire to a bank in the centre of Athens, three people burned to death.
Where are you going? What is it you want, Massimo? Subterranea trades in information.
I want you to make sure some information goes viral.
What kind of information? About a client.
John Davenport.
- Good morning, Mr.
- Good morning.
How are you? Did you see the piece? What do you mean, pull your investment? No, no, no, no, no! You came to me begging me for as much stock as you could get.
That's bullshit, Mark! If Davenport were ill, I'd know about it! Is Ed looking this way? PAUL: Sure is.
Davenport's hitting rock bottom.
- Poor bastard.
- Don't dance on his grave just yet.
Davenport's called a news conference for one o'clock.
- KALIM: What's he going to say? - I don't know.
(PHONE BUZZING) - Yes? - I'm texting you an address.
- You'd better get over here now.
- What is it? It's your wife.
I found her.
How long have you known she's hiding here, Greg? - You're having me followed, is that it? - Why didn't you tell me? Because she didn't want to see you.
- She still doesn't.
- Fuck you! Leave her alone! Carrie! Carrie, it's me! She wasn't like this a couple of minutes ago.
- DOCTOR: What's she taken? - I found her like this.
- Is she on any medication? - I don't know what she's on now.
She used to take lithium and Clozaril.
Wait here, Mr.
We'll do all we can.
Um, well, first of all, thank you very much for coming.
I shall, I'll be making a short statement.
And there have been reports in the press recently, um, concerning my health, and I'm sorry to say that they are true.
I was diagnosed with Huntington's disease six months ago.
I saw my illness as a personal issue.
And I only regret that my family had to find out about my diagnosis this way.
Goodbye, John Davenport.
And Ed Stuart.
He just cost the bank £50 million.
- Good job, Max.
- But I would ask you to please respect the privacy of my family.
Massimo? Mr.
Morgan would like to see you.
DAVENPORT: Yes, but I'm not going to get in any details now.
There'll be an official update, uh, at least by the company.
I trust you saw the news on Davenport.
- I did.
- It's an embarrassment to us.
And costly.
Ed should have done his homework.
Clearly, somebody did.
Hm? You should have told me.
About Carrie.
How do you expect me to protect you if you don't tell me the truth? The board's not going to make you Vice CEO.
Because of Carrie? Because of a bipolar drug addict, who last I heard, - is still legally your wife.
- This is bullshit! Jesus, Massimo, do you have any idea what it takes to be able to sit in this chair? What few mistakes you can make? Did you honestly imagine you could make a mistake like her? This was a set-up! - Someone brought Carrie back to London! - You're being paranoid! No, I'm not paranoid! Who told you about Carrie? - You said you were loyal! - Was it Ed? - Are you loyal!? Dammit, are you loyal? - Is he getting the job?! Donna? Where is he? I'm so sorry, Mr.
I really don't know.
Good afternoon, Donna.
Do you know where I might find my husband? (BANGING) - (CRASHING) - (SCREAMING) (SCREAMING) (AMBULANCE SIRENING) MASSIMO: I hear the devil speaking to me.
Whispering in my ear.
He strokes my ego.
The devil's greatest trick isn't making us think he doesn't exist.
It's flattering us, so we don't see the devil is us.

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