Devils (2020) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

1 If you talk about 30, 40 years, then Who knows? If you're talking about about ten years, I think that it won't change very much.
- Good morning.
- Mr Strauss-Kahn's speech will confront head-on the problems that have beset the financial industry since the meltdown in 2008.
His speech is not expected to be popular, Jon.
Conservative politicians and many in finance don't want the kind of change that the IMF director is expected to propose.
I rise before the sun and I stare into the darkness.
My body has been sleeping.
But my mind has not.
Although I cannot see the devil's face, I know he can see mine.
I can't hide.
- Let's replay the point.
- What are you talking about? I don't like to win that way.
Have I taught you nothing? Nobody cares how you win.
Besides I'll kick your ass next time.
Your mind wasn't on the game.
Nina's taken Ed's suicide very hard.
You know how close she is to Claire and the kids.
- Claire didn't see this coming? - Did anybody? I guess you never know what demons torture a man.
Maybe it was because of the shame of falsifying those record profits.
What did you say? All this time I thought it was us in trading who made the big money, covering for all the losses in Ed's department.
You know what? I know you're upset.
But keep your suspicions to yourself and keep them private.
It's interesting to watch how the dollar's affecting everything so differently How's Carrie? The doctors induced a coma.
I'm sorry.
I wish you would have told me she was back.
I could have managed the news with the board before they found out.
They don't want me.
The other guy's dead and I still don't get it.
Now, we have been through this.
Tell me you'll stay.
I owe you my career, Dominic.
You know that.
But if I can't be Vice CEO Not now.
That's all.
Not yet.
I have to fly to Washington.
Let's talk about this when I get back.
Black Ship Investments.
- Li Acheng, please.
- Hold one moment.
I'm sorry, Mr Acheng is busy at the moment.
I know he's busy, tell him Massimo Ruggero called.
- Yes, Mr Ruggero.
- Thank you.
You used me.
And one of your colleagues killed himself as a result.
What are you talking about? Edward Stuart jumped to his death the day the Davenport story went viral, - a story you gave us.
- Listen to me! Listen to me! The board still promoted him to Vice CEO, so that story had nothing to do with his death.
So, why did he jump? Ask his shrink.
I barely knew the guy.
Do you know anyone at The Guardian? - I might.
- Good.
Get in touch for me.
- Get in touch for yourself.
- You and your anarchist friends want dirt on the evil bank, don't you? Why would you leak information about your own bank? - Uh? - Let me know.
Do you think they'll want to talk to us about Davenport? Why don't you shout a little louder so everyone can hear? As part of their investigation, the police will want to speak to some of you about the tragic events.
I know it's still raw for everyone, but be nice.
Look at Chris.
He's eyeing up Ed's office already.
Kate? - What did Dominic say? - Not much.
He's stalling.
The longer I stay, the weaker I look.
Well, we wish you could take us with you.
I'm planning on it, Paul.
We can't.
We've got non-compete clauses.
I'll take care of it.
If you're all with me.
Of course, we are.
Thank you.
Let's get back to work.
People are saying Ed killed himself because of Davenport.
Because the shit we did.
I mean, it wasn't exactly above board FCA friendly shit, was it? - Who made him drop 50 million - It's not about that.
OK? The bank's been covering his losses all year and calling them record profits.
Did you read the papers? So what tipped him over the edge? I don't know Kalim, let me quickly go search his office and I'll find out.
- Look, you can't, the police's already in there.
- That was kind of my point.
And if he was hiding something big why would he keep it - on his work computer? - Kalim, stop talking.
Massimo, wouldn't we look kind of guilty if we left right now? Like running from the scene of a crime? All we did was expose a man's illness that would have eventually come out anyway.
This has become an expensive meeting.
Get back to work.
Dominic? Hi.
I landed down in D.
How's Claire? The shock of it all.
She keeps bursting into tears.
You're a good friend.
I'm sure this is hard on you.
I know what it is to grieve, that's all.
This trip is badly timed.
- I need your help.
- I don't see what I can do.
Massimo trusts you.
Encourage him to confide in me.
So, you can manipulate him? So I can keep him from making a mistake.
Sometimes I almost believe you really do care for Massimo.
Of course I do.
You don't really care for anyone, Dominic.
It's beyond your grasp.
Aaron Swartz said that information is power, but - - like all power, there are those who want to keep it to themselves.
Why is it right to encourage the leaking of secret information? You need to ask yourself what sort of information is important in the world today.
And what will cause disruption.
If you think about the lengths that people on the inside of certain organizations go to in order to conceal what they're doing, these are the new gods.
Who need not worry themselves with little things, like politics or democracy, because they're up here.
We they're up here.
Yeah, they're making their own rules.
Manipulating the social pyramid and virtually killing the future for the next generation.
These are the new gods.
Killing the future for the next generation.
- Daniel, we've got to go! - Yeah, coming, coming.
You'll have to be quick.
You're moving on? - I came because I wanted to spend - I know, I know, I know.
I'm sorry.
It's just that as soon as that video hits, they'll be all over me.
I'll make it up to you.
What is it? Massimo Ruggero wants me to put him in touch with The Guardian.
- What's he got? - Dirt on NYL.
He didn't say what kind, but he made it sound bad.
He'll have to tell us more than that.
He won't.
This is his game, not ours.
Why do I get the feeling you want to help this guy? Don't be stupid.
- Daniel, we got to go! - Yeah, coming.
I'm coming.
Crazy, isn't it? This city once dominated the world.
Get in touch with Hilary Mason, okay? Dominic said Carrie's in the hospital.
I spent the night at her bedside.
I don't mean to add to your worries, but you have to really watch yourself.
Dominic thinks I'm going to hit back against the bank.
He wants me to persuade you to confide in him.
Of course he does.
You know what they could do to you, Massimo.
Promise me you won't do anything stupid.
Not in the way he thinks.
I need your help with something.
Espresso, please.
Do you want a coffee? Uh, I'm all right.
What happened? You know, when Professor Wade offered me a chance to work with you, I thought this was the opportunity that I'd been waiting for my whole life.
Very good.
And now? I want nothing more to do with you.
I know, cheating on exams was was one thing.
- But making a man kill himself - I didn't make Ed I did not make Ed Stuart kill himself.
OK? I need you to help me prove that I had nothing to do with his death.
No, I'm done.
Don't you want to know why he really died? I need you to go to this address.
- - Yes, Dominic Morgan.
- - Thank you.
I heard about Ed.
I am so sorry.
Yes, thank you very much, Margaret.
So, did you get a hold of his speech? - I just finished reading it.
- And? I think we may have a problem.
Globalization lifted hundreds of millions of people out of poverty but this globalization has a dark-side.
A chasm between rich and poor, - the tendency was to downplay equality - See what I mean? to see it as a necessary evil on the road to riches.
- I didn't realized he was a fucking communist.
- Since the end of World War II, we need a new form of globalization, a fairer form of globalization.
A globalization with a more human face.
The monetary system has rested on the strength of the dollar.
Our idea is to rely on a basket of currencies combining the dollar, the yuan, the yen, and, above all, the euro.
That could guarantee an anchor, both stable and independent free of the oscillations - Look at Becker, he's eating it up.
- of the currencies of our very one nation.
Ask yourselves what kind of world do you want to live in? Surely, one more intelligent.
More just.
More virtuous than the old one.
Thank you very much.
- They'll let anyone into these things.
- Dominic, you know my colleagues from Reinthaler Bank, - Nicklaus Lang and Karl Haufman.
- Good to see you.
- May I steal you? - Yes, of course.
I'm afraid Nina won't be able to join us tomorrow.
- Ah.
- She needs to stay close to Claire right now.
Of course.
We were all shocked by the news, Dominic.
Just shocked.
I noticed you were nodding your approval.
Well, you know, he's he's right.
We've got to clean up the mess we made.
And a substitute currency would be good for all of us.
Well, I don't, doesn't it seem - a bit radical? - Radical? No more radical than Nixon dropping the gold standard in '71.
Don't you think? - I'll see you in Frankfurt.
- Hmm.
You heard Strauss-Kahn's speech.
What's our exposure on the dollar? Around $700 million, boss.
Hedge the dollar, and buy the euro up to 50%.
- Do it carefully over the next 15 days.
- Got it.
What else are you up to, Massimo? I'm taking care of our future.
Get out now! Out! Out! - You have to keep the children out of Ed's study! - Yes, ma'am.
- Uh, Mrs.
Stuart? - Oliver? Wait here.
- You only have a few hours.
- Massimo made that clear.
Did you have any luck finding the password? I guess not.
You'd better take over before I kill us all, Jack.
Never thought I'd see this.
The great Massimo Ruggero.
- In my plane.
- I appreciate the hospitality, Mr.
But it isn't necessary.
Thank you.
I must admit, I was surprised to hear of your interest.
Any bank could fall over themselves to hire you.
Black Ship is the second-largest hedge fund in the world.
A hedge fund suits me fine.
I expect you'll make it worth my while.
Men reach a point where they have more money than they can spend.
What they crave then is power.
Who says I'm like other men? Oliver? - What am I looking for? - I don't know.
There must be something on there.
Something Ed was working on.
I gotta go.
Had your husband been under any particular stress lately? Things have been hard since the crash a couple of years ago.
But it was especially bad the past few weeks.
Why especially bad? My husband was up for a promotion.
One he wanted very badly.
Was that because of his rivalry with Head of Trading, Massimo Ruggero? Um, partly, I suppose.
This business.
I watched it eat away at him.
We know this is a difficult time.
What were you doing at the office that day? He called me.
Asked me to come.
I presumed it was to toast his promotion.
I suppose I'll never know.
Did your husband have a personal computer? Other than the one in his office at work? Anything that might help establish his state of mind.
He has a laptop.
I'll go and get it.
We've been unable to reach your husband, Mrs.
Well, Dominic's on his way from Washington to Germany.
He should be back tomorrow night.
Stuart's suicide must have been a great shock to your husband.
Of course.
It was for everyone.
I'm sorry.
It should be here.
Maybe he left it at the office.
Why don't you just sit down and I'll find it.
Can you leave a number so we can contact you? Of course.
Come on.
Come on, come on.
Come on.
Fucking buy, buy! For fuck's sake! Damn it.
- You okay? - Yep, fine, fine You look like you could use a smoke, Paul.
Uh, I'm all right now.
I've got too much work to do.
Just one.
Yep, okay.
Talk to me, Paul.
Well, I don't blame Massimo for anything, but fuck it now man, if he's playing games with our jobs But Massimo has turned us into the most successful unit at this bank.
Do you think we're going be here without this guy? Yeah, I know that.
And I love him, Kalim.
Obviously, I love him, but I can't afford to be on the fucking scrap.
I've got a wife, I've got two kids to put through private school.
And plus some bad habits to support.
But Massimo has never let us down.
Do you think he's gonna start now? - No.
- Exactly.
Let's just keep doing our jobs.
That's all we can do.
Come on, man.
Look at you.
Fuck off.
I'll follow you up.
Pull! Good! Let's say it's the best of three, shall we? Okay.
Pull! I'm sorry.
My turn.
You're gonna lose, baby.
Pull! Thank you.
I don't think you're here because a hedge fund suits you.
No? I think you want revenge on Dominic Morgan.
And you intend to use me to get it.
I need to know how.
I'm gonna make Black Ship the biggest hedge fund in the world by bankrupting NYL.
I think Ed Stuart killed himself, because he was falsifying the figures.
If I can prove it, it will wipe out NYL's stock.
You're paid in stock.
You'd be wiping yourself out, too.
Not if my new partner knows when the news is coming, and shorts NYL's stock the night before.
- People go to jail for that kind of things.
- Well, if they get caught, yes.
But you could make $100 million, perhaps $200 million overnight.
All I have to do is commit criminal conspiracy.
And hire you.
And my team, yes.
Dominic Morgan was like a father to you.
You're betraying him.
Why? You're right, Massimo.
You're not like other men.
I won't hire your team.
They'd make you a thousand times what they earn in the first year.
One day, you may turn on me, like you're turning on Dominic.
If you do, I don't want your team there to help put the knives in my back.
Come alone, or not at all.
Deal? - Don't spill it.
- Don't worry.
I've fucking steady hands.
Pull here, babe.
Tell me how much money you made today.
You talk too much.
Alex! Now, what are we having? - We should talk.
- Sure.
- Yeah.
- Don't see you down here that much.
What's this? Early bonus? The girl in the photograph she's 16, Paul.
Sixteen? The reputational damage alone warrants instant dismissal.
What? No Come on, man, you know this is nothing.
But the good news is that there's still a chance that you can keep the job.
Sorry, you've been following me? All you have to do is keep me abreast of developments.
No, no, I'm not spying on Massimo.
I know how loyal you are to Massimo, but I've got to ask.
How loyal is he to you? Let me know how it goes your divorce, when I show your wife those photographs.
that many do consider their currency as a weapon Good morning, you may be in line for a pay-raise in spite of a tough job market and all the uncertainties about the economy Always running.
- Good morning, Mr.
- Good morning.
Thank you.
- Dominic! You're early.
- Ah, Hans! I can't tell you how much your being here means to Kristina.
I'm afraid I can't stay.
But I want to give you this first.
It's for you.
- No, please, open it.
- Oh.
Well, thank you but, uh, what does it mean? You see this? "E Pluribus Unum".
"From many, one".
It's my country's motto.
We're stronger together.
United under a single currency.
Dominic, you haven't come here to discuss currency I don't need you to talk.
Just listen.
We have a pact, you and me.
And you're going to honour it.
- Our pact is a separate matter.
- No.
It isn't.
You threaten me, - on the day of my daughter's wedding? - Relax.
I don't know what you think I can do.
I have total faith that you'll work it out.
If you have difficulties, turn to the dollar for inspiration.
- Papa! - Oh, look who's here! How are you? Please, give my best to your mother.
Auf Wiedersehen.
Don't waste time for us ♪ - Enjoy the night.
- Don't waste time ♪ Don't waste time for us ♪ For us ♪ For us ♪ For us ♪ Don't waste time for us ♪ Don't waste time for us ♪ Don't waste time for us ♪ Don't waste time for us ♪ For us ♪ Lira for your thoughts.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Are you some kind of artist? Yeah, some kind.
- What about you? - A student.
- Yeah - What? - What are you studying? - Economics.
Oh, I've got a lecture, actually, so, Always running.
I guess you get good marks.
Top of your class? - Possibly.
- Definitely.
Where are you running to? Come back to bed.
- I really should get going.
- No.
No, it's all right.
Come back to bed.
You don't have to keep running.
From now on, I will take care of you.
I'm going to stop now.
My turn to take care of you.
Whoa! You've gotta be shitting me.
Stay here.
Come to the club ♪ Come to the club ♪ Hey! Did you get into the computer? Look, one condition.
Please, uh, don't turn up here in this thing again.
I don't need the trouble.
I couldn't find much, but it's all in there.
Taking my brother for a ride? Hey, Tyrone, what did I say? You know what? Get in.
- Let me come? - Literally zero chance.
Get inside! Got me thinking you might be pampered ♪ By the babes, ladies could be phased ♪ Slurring speech, eyes blurry with the glaze ♪ It's a maze to find ways through the clubs ♪ - Whoa! - Come to the club, we're living it up ♪ Mr.
Ruggero? - Damn.
Let me be you.
- Wait over there.
I expected to have the story by now.
Did you get the reporter lined up? Hilary Mason.
Meet me at 7:30.
Okay? Okay, great.
Hey! - Where? - I'll text you.
Massimo met Li Acheng yesterday.
A job interview, apparently.
Where are we at with Paul? He's under no illusions.
Good morning.
I need a guest pass for Oliver Harris.
For you.
Where are we? Trichet's leaving his meeting with the ECB.
We're down $50 million.
We're too long on German bonds.
We should get out.
Come on.
I don't understand.
If the President of the European Central Bank says he's raising interest rates, we recover our loss and make profits for five years.
- And if he lowers them? - We're out $50 million.
Massimo, hold? Ask him.
- You're kidding, right? - What do you say? Will he raise interest rates or lower them? - Massimo, let's get out now.
- What do you say, Oliver? He's raising them.
- He's going to raise the rates.
- He's guessing! - Come on, Massimo, for real.
- You do what Oliver says.
We hold.
Thank you, everybody.
And I am pleased to say we will raise interest rates by 0.
Never a dull moment, eh Massimo? What made you say he was going to raise them? Just the way he walked.
Like he had something to say that no one was expecting.
You read him.
Just like you read Davenport at the restaurant.
I think you might have a talent for this kind of work.
Good job.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Any, uh, news? I was thinking about Ed Stuart.
What is it? The contents of Ed's laptop.
So, um, what's happening? What's the big plan? I'm meeting a reporter from The Guardian.
I'm going to tell her whatever I find.
But Massimo if that shows Ed falsifying financial records, NYL stock will plummet.
- So will our shares.
- We'll still make money.
How? I just got off the phone with Li Acheng from Black Ship.
He's shorting NYL as we speak.
You're playing an awfully dangerous game.
Go home, guys.
- Get some sleep.
- See ya.
I think he's a little bit late, I'm sorry.
Oliver, tell me about the laptop.
- There is nothing.
- So, the only thing I could find is that file with your name.
Yeah, but the file is empty.
Yeah, it's been erased.
Can you tell who erased it? Maybe.
With a bit of time.
- You need to get it back.
- Actually - I still have it.
- Good.
Yeah, it's Paul.
Hey! Ed's computer.
There is something else.
Shall I get Paul back? No, it's okay.
Someone logged into Ed's laptop two hours after he died.
And they deleted a single file.
There was my name on it.
It was called "Massimo Ruggero".
Why would Ed have a file under your name? Mr Vance is here.
Excuse me.
I'll be a minute.
Yeah? Hilary Mason - Yeah - from The Guardian.
I've tracked her phone to a pub in Marylebone.
Massimo must have retrieved something from Edward's laptop.
If this report sees the light of day, this bank, everything.
You know what I'm saying? Hello, Black Ship Investments? - Li Acheng, please.
- Who's calling, please? Dominic Morgan.
One moment, Mr.
- Dominic! - Li! I understand you've been talking to Massimo Ruggero.
What are you doing here? I came to offer my condolences.
Flowers would have been fine.
I need to talk to you.
Just five minutes.
- I'm so sorry about your husband.
- You already said that! - I mean - So, you've come to absolve your guilty conscience? How noble.
Ed and me we had our differences.
But we both wanted that promotion, - and I - Ed didn't give a toss about your precious bloody promotion.
What? I couldn't tell the police.
I'd have lost my stock options, millions worth.
Couldn't tell the police what? Ed turned down the job, because he had resigned from NYL.
He was quitting the business.
He wanted his life back.
You don't have children, do you, Mr.
Ruggero? - No.
- Don't.
This business destroys families.
Takes your soul, then it takes your life.
What am I supposed to say to the children? How am I supposed to explain to them their daddy is dead because of a fucking bank? So, I'm sorry, I will not accept your apology.
You retaliated against my husband for nothing and now he's dead.
Your five minutes is up.
I'd say he's officially late now.
- Wouldn't you? - Just give me a minute.
Okay? Just a minute.
Good morning, another historic morning.
This morning some big story is breaking this morning in the city.
Let's start with The Guardian Several of the papers are running with the lead Uh, what's happening in the United States is very uncertain.
Any good news? I hear you had a look at Ed's computer.
Just wanted to find what really drove him to suicide.
And did you put your mind at ease? All I found was that someone got to the computer before me.
You didn't tell me Ed Stuart resigned.
I was protecting you.
Like always.
I understand.
You didn't get the job and you're looking for answers.
You wiped data off Ed's laptop.
Hours after he died.
What would it look like if the police had found those falsified documents in Ed's computer? When the board discovered the fraud, he was fired on the spot.
We allowed him to claim resignation to protect his good name.
Obviously, he chose a much more permanent way out.
Now, I get it.
You were protecting him too.
Claire and the kids, they suffered enough.
They don't need his name dragged through the mud.
So, that's it? No one's to blame for Ed's death but himself.
I want you to take some time off.
Go spend it with Carrie.
This time, I'm not gonna let her go.
What's up? You called Alex Vance last night.
Moments after we spoke.
How do you know that? Look, they had photos, Massimo.
They were gonna show Emma.
I had no choice.
Coming to me was a choice.
What, whilst you were off negotiating your contract and leaving us behind? That's your choice? No.
We were a team, Paul.
That was never gonna happen.
Well, no harm done.
- Right, you're staying, I've learned my lesson - I'm sorry.
- Massimo, please.
- Go home, Paul.
And don't come back.
You're finished.
- Max - Go.
The hell was that? Are we going to Black Ship? No.
- Were we? - Maybe.
Why aren't we going? Because I don't think Ed Stuart killed himself.
He didn't want the job.
And Carrie, it wasn't him.
Wait Are we saying Ed was murdered? - Yes? - Is that Mr.
Rogarrow? Ruggero, yes.
This is Nurse Selden from the Royal Free.
I'm heading there now.
How's my wife? They couldn't bring her out of the coma.
I'm so sorry.
But she passed away 20 minutes ago.
You don't have to keep running.
From now on, I will take care of you.
The International Monetary Fund Managing Director, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, has resigned whilst in custody in New York over allegations of sexual assault, which he strongly denies.
But before his resignation, crowds gathered in Washington D.
- to join the global cause - God can't beat the devil.
He has always existed and he always will.
I know, because I've breathed the devil's fire into my lungs.
His attorney and wife vigorously defend Dominique Strauss-Kahn.
I've burned his dark soul into my own.
God can't beat the devil.
But no matter what it takes I will.
Why is it right to encourage the leaking of secret information? You need to ask yourself what sort of information is important in the world today.
What will cause disruption? If you think about the length that people on the inside of certain organizations will go to in order to conceal what they're doing, you know These are the new gods.
These are the new gods.
These are the new gods.
the new gods.

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