Devils (2020) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

1 Argentina! Argentina! Argentina! Argentina! Argentina! Argentina! Argentina! Argentina! No.
I believe we are born innocent.
Trusting that love is stronger than hate.
But sooner or later Ramiro! that innocence is shattered.
We see the cruel defeat the kind.
And we learn that fear can crush hope.
We grieve the loss of innocence.
But more than that we long to defend the weak.
To right the scales of justice.
To defeat the men whose hands drip with blood.
- - How do you know she was murdered? That's what I want you to find out.
You got any whiskey? - Neat? - Yes, please.
Look, Massimo.
I'm happy to take your money, but if Carrie died of an overdose I need to know who brought her back to London.
It can't be a coincidence.
Not after three years.
Coincidences do happen, you know? All right.
I get it.
You're looking for someone to blame.
A mystery man.
But has it occurred to you that maybe you've already found him? Wait here.
Irish bonds.
It's top secret.
Yeah Irish economy was the fastest-growing in Europe.
The market dried up completely.
There is some continuity, obviously, in the fact that the conservatives were elected Mr.
Morgan Hmm! Good morning, Hans.
You remember my associate, Karl Haufman? What seems to be the problem, Hans? Right to the point, aren't you? Is this about our agreement? Rheinthaler needs to suspend it.
At least for now.
Are you asking me or are you telling me? I have no choice, Dominic.
Of course, you have a choice, Hans.
You're the CEO.
Karl? I was called in to see the Finance Minister.
He says it's contrary to the national interest.
The Finance Minister has nothing to do with our agreement.
We still have to answer to a government, Dominic.
What about your bank's interests, Hans? Have you seen the news this morning? Ireland is on its knees.
How many bonds from Irish banks did you gobble up during the boom? They're about to leave a very bad taste in your mouth.
- Are you threatening me? - You're the one suspending our agreement.
I don't like it any more than you do.
Maybe if you talked to the Minister, you could get him to change his mind.
Maybe I could.
And until you do, our exposure on this Irish thing you'll keep it to yourself, won't you? Hmm.
Ireland has been urged to accept a humiliating financial rescue from the European Union as concerns about the sovereign debt reach crisis levels.
How much is Rheinthaler in for? Three, possibly four billion.
That's propriety information.
How did you get Haufman to tell you that? The usual way Sushi at Mabù, rivers of Bavarian beer and the filthiest strip club in the city.
So, Rheinthaler Bank is exposed for £4 billion on Irish housing bonds? There's a Central Bank meeting coming up.
He won't want to offload the bonds just yet.
But he'll have to sooner or later, won't he? And when he does, the Irish banks will blow sky high.
We short now, hush-hush.
It's a hell of a play.
I'm not sure it is.
We used to kill for this kind of information.
All right.
Start shorting.
But only small trades.
- I don't want this traced back to us.
- Okay.
Oliver? Look at the Irish bonds sold over the past three years.
Not only to Rheinthaler Bank, but to the other main banks in Germany, Holland and France.
Detective Bale? I hope I haven't kept you waiting too long.
- I've rather enjoyed the quiet actually.
- Yeah.
Yeah, it's a beautiful spot.
I take my daughters riding here on Sundays.
What a lovely life you must lead.
Yes, well, we bankers are quite fortunate.
I'm afraid my colleagues wouldn't be too pleased if they knew I was bringing you this information.
So, why are you? I believe in the truth.
No one need know you called me.
What do you have, Mr.
Bailey? It's about Ed Stuart's death.
And Massimo Ruggero.
- Hi.
- Late night, hmm? No, I just couldn't sleep.
That's all.
- Should I be worried about you, Sofia? - No.
I need someone I can trust on this.
Guy called Robert McKenna.
Yeah, I recognize the name.
He's a reporter for Central News Agency, right? CNA is a front for an intelligence agency.
He made contact with us last night.
He says he has information he wants to share.
- A trap? - Could be.
Could be a man with a conscience.
I've heard they exist, but you know as well as I do, it's awfully hard to tell one from the other.
I'm trusting you'll be able to.
Thanks for giving me another chance.
This is the last one.
You wanted to see me? Yeah, have a sit Massimo.
Thank you.
Chris and I have had a discussion, and there's going to be a little change in structure.
And we wanted you to be first to know.
I didn't realize Chris was dictating policy now.
Was there a memo? Due to the adverse LIA publicity, we need to keep our nose clean.
You want to fill him in? I wouldn't presume to tell Massimo a thing about how to do his job.
If you have any questions, you know where to find me.
He's not a bad guy, you know.
Nor is he good at anything, as far as I can see.
Except taking credit for other people's work.
Political skills are valuable.
And he's well-liked by the board.
Just like Ed was.
That didn't work out too well, did it? The Vice CEO chair remains empty for now.
But Chris will take a new role in Risk Management.
He's going to keep an eye on the VaR for me.
Chris is in charge of the VaR? See for yourself.
He's lowered it by two points.
Looking for a leash by that guy.
Son of a bitch.
Ah, sorry, but maybe I don't quite get what the VaR is.
The VaR is a little fucking number decided by the risk office that basically the lower the VaR, the less we can risk, and the less we risk - The less money we can make.
- In theory.
In practice, there are ways to dodge the VaR, - if need be.
- Need be right now.
Not this time.
We're going to behave ourselves.
If we honour Chris' VaR, you can forget about shorting the Irish bonds.
You can forget about making money altogether.
Then we'll forget about it.
We follow the rules to the letter.
Got it? And Massimo, with Paul gone, our unit's down this quarter.
Didn't you hear what I just said? - I heard you.
- Good.
You look wonderful, Margaret.
You're a shameless liar.
I'm just off the red-eye from DC.
You thrive on adversity.
I only have an hour before my flight to Hong Kong.
What can I help you with? I understand Hans Becker came to see you this morning.
You're well informed.
What did he want? Seems he needs to suspend our agreement.
- Pressure from the Finance Minister.
- Hmm.
You weren't persuasive enough.
It's not a question of being persuasive.
It seems to be genuinely out of poor Becker's hands.
You need to find a solution, and it won't be easy to get Washington to apply any political pressure.
You know they're not with us on this.
There is an armistice ceremony this week.
Let me meet with them first.
All right.
And your mole? Have you found him yet? It seems he's hiding in plain sight.
Kate? I've got Detective Bale on the line, Massimo.
Calling to make more threats, Detective? I don't recall making any threats, Mr.
That's not how my colleague, Oliver Harris, tells it.
We're done with Mr.
Harris now.
It's you we're interested in.
- Oh? - Why don't you come down to the station? I'm afraid now is not a good time.
Make it a good time.
Or we'll come to your office with a warrant and a news crew.
Please, mind the gap between the train and the platform.
You sure you weren't followed? No.
Are you? So, what do you have? A story about Gaddafi and the LIA.
What about it? There was something off there all right, but, you went after the wrong target.
NYL is working for the Americans.
You mean the government? More powerful than the government.
But the graves? - Those weren't graves.
- I saw them.
We all saw them.
The video's a fake.
Staged by somebody who wanted to cause military intervention, so that Gaddafi ends up like Saddam.
You're lying.
I wish I was.
10,000 dead, 55,000 wounded and it never happened.
The videos, the photos, they were taken years ago.
What you saw was a cemetery.
Here's the proof.
If you have the proof, why don't you just run it? Because I work for those bastards, remember?! My conscience brings me to you.
But that does not outweigh my desire to watch my kids grow up.
Your boss says I can trust you.
You can.
Ireland is being urged to accept the humiliating financial rescue What news? Irish housing shares are starting to fall again.
The VaR is costing us millions every minute we do nothing.
I'll be back within the hour.
- Fuck it, this is going to the trading desk.
- No! You can't send this to Jason, Kalim.
You can't short this.
But you know what we look like out there.
Do you know what we look like out there? Acheng, Davenport, Libya.
People are saying that Massimo lost his touch.
- That we're finished.
- Massimo said no.
Are they really saying that? We need to help him out together, as a team.
Like not miss out on the sale of the century.
Maybe he knows more than we do.
Also, the VaR is networked in.
As soon as someone breaks the rules, it's out there.
What if we changed the rules? We'd need a tech expert.
What? Mr.
Ruggero? This way, please.
How can I help you? Interview started 12:20, Detective Inspector Bale and DS Winks present.
New evidence has come to light about your friend, Edward Stuart.
- He wasn't my friend.
- No, he wasn't, was he? Seems Mr.
Stuart didn't fall to his death, but rather was pushed.
You know that for a fact? Did you know Mr.
Stuart gathered a dossier about you? No.
Who told you that he did? It seems he was gathering information to stop you from getting the Vice CEO job.
Detailing all your questionable trading practices.
- May I see the dossier? - No, you may not.
I don't engage in "questionable trading practices".
In any case, it seems you and Mr.
Stuart had quite the rivalry.
You're not suggesting I'm in the frame for this? A man was murdered in front of friends and colleagues.
A wife and children are grieving.
And you are telling me that "Massimo and Ed didn't like each other" is your working theory? Really? You're what I'd call an underperforming asset.
Can I go? Claire? Claire? Ed was murdered and I knew it.
I knew he wouldn't leave me.
He was what? The police have the incontrovertible evidence that he didn't jump.
Oh, my God Claire, I'm so sorry.
Do they have any idea who, why? They'll find it.
If he was murdered it was over fucking money.
And if it's about money, there has to be evidence of it somewhere in this room.
I'll help you look.
You know what, Nina? I need to be alone.
Of course.
- Yes? - We were right about Libya, just not in the way we thought.
Sofia, this is over.
Don't call me again.
Are you kidding me? I'm telling you I have new information.
- I don't give a shit.
- Wait The images of the graves were faked, without a doubt.
That body count was confirmed by the Libyan delegation to the ICC? It was confirmed by a man named Sayed Al-Shanuka, who's been getting backhanders from the LIA.
But Gaddafi was even less of a threat to the Americans than Saddam.
So, why take him out? Well, that's the right question to which I don't have an answer yet.
- You did good, Sof.
- Thanks.
Send me the files and fix the situation with Massimo.
Will you? Uh, yes, I will.
Just let me get them organized first, okay? How long will that take? Uh, not long.
- I'll send them tomorrow, all right? - All right.
How long's he been here? Since his wife threw him out of the house.
- Yeah? - Detective Inspector Bale and DS Winks.
Yeah, I know who you are.
What do you want? It's about Edward Stuart's death.
I don't have anything to do with that.
We believe Massimo Ruggero does.
What are you doing here? Cheers, mate.
I, uh I told the police what I know about Massimo.
About Carrie showing up to the club that night.
Massimo thinking Ed sent her.
Why would you tell the police that? They think Massimo murdered Ed.
- That's crazy.
- Is it? Well, why would you tell them anything? Max gassed me after ten years in the fucking trenches together.
Ten fucking years, mate.
- He had his reasons.
- Yeah, well, to hell with him.
He's gonna be charged with murder.
Massimo's fucked.
See you around.
You look happy.
Well, why shouldn't I be? My career's on the rise.
Especially now that Ed's gone.
You climbed on the back of just about everyone else in this building to get there.
Right, well, insult me while you can.
I shan't have to put up with it for long.
Why is that? I think you know.
You've been talking to the police.
I hardly need to, do I? Everyone knows about your whore wife.
Get up! Massimo! It's okay.
Have you lost your mind? - Chris could press charges.
- I can't help that.
You assaulted an officer of the bank, in this building! I want an explanation, and you're not leaving here until I get it.
The police think someone killed Ed.
They think it was me.
Why would they think that? Because Chris Bailey has been feeding them a fucking character assassination, for a start! Why would he do that? Because he wants the Vice CEO job, Dominic.
When did you learn this? Yesterday afternoon.
And you didn't think to tell me at once? It seems I wasn't the only one.
No, clearly you weren't.
The idea you'd murder somebody is absurd.
Today's incident notwithstanding.
Okay, I want you to go home, I want you to get some rest, and I'm going to persuade Chris not to press charges, and then I'm going to make this ridiculous investigation go away.
Is there a problem? No problem.
The material is good.
And what's this about? Meeting once was risky enough.
I need some more information about a woman called Carrie Price.
- Who the fuck is that? - That's what I need you to find out.
- That wasn't part of the deal.
- It is now.
You work for the Americans.
They'll give you information if you ask.
They might.
Depends who she is.
It might also be a giant red flag.
I'm taking risks too, McKenna.
Get me what I need, or find someone else to spill your leaks.
Okay? - Mr.
Rigby? - Yes? Would you please come in? Mr.
Trevor will see you now.
Would you like a tea or coffee? I've already been asked actually, but, no, thanks.
I'm not quite sure why I'm here to be honest.
I've been told that you've been making enquiries into a woman called Carrie Price.
Who told you that? I take it you've found it difficult to learn much of anything.
I can't confirm or deny anything of what you're asking me.
Of course not.
You take client confidentiality very seriously.
I respect that.
You're quite a good investigator, Mr.
But it seems you have your fair share of challenges.
Two ex-wives and a child to support, and you're an alcoholic, isn't that right? - What the hell is this about? - I've no desire to harm you.
I'd like to help you, in fact.
Provided you help me.
That's £50,000.
- For what? - Nothing too difficult.
You've been telling your client you can't find any information on Carrie Price.
You go right on telling him that.
I really I really don't think I should be doing this.
Massimo told us to follow the rules, right? To the letter, and we are, right? This is just - changing the rules.
- Hmm.
FYI if we get caught, we'll get prosecuted for computer fraud.
Look, the VaR is like the skin of your balls.
You can stretch it as much as you like.
Nice, Kalim.
It's set on a case by case basis.
We just need to set it for where we want on each of the trades.
- For the Irish bonds.
- Yes.
If we linked a Raspberry PI to some kind of a minicomputer, positioned on a switch that connects to Risk Management computers to the central network, we can control it remotely, altering the data traffic.
You understood that, right? But even if this works, what's going to happen when we start cashing in? Chris will see we've made millions.
So will Massimo.
You ever heard about the team who got fired for making the bank millions? And so, we gather today to commemorate those who lost their lives, so that freedom might endure for future generations.
I'm sorry Nina couldn't join us.
So is she, but Nina has a lot going on right now.
Did you come here to change my mind? The German Finance Ministry needs my support - just as much as I need yours.
- Really? Some think the dollar's time is up.
The Euro's not as strong as it used to be.
And in any case, Rheinthaler Bank is even weaker.
Whatever the liability, it's ours.
And we'll deal with it.
By letting Rheinthaler declare bankruptcy? You exaggerate.
The Irish government doesn't accept the bailout.
Irish City Bank will go bankrupt.
And if it goes bankrupt, Rheinthaler will, too.
Can you imagine the loss of confidence in your government, if the largest bank in Germany were to collapse? Even if the bailout were approved, it wouldn't help us with our unguaranteed bonds.
No, it wouldn't.
Which is why you need friends like me.
What is it you want, Dominic? I think you know.
A drastic slowdown in the growth of housing stock.
The chronic shortage of new houses Well? Better start trading.
The VaR will automatically adjust to whatever orders you place.
Massimo! You all right? - What's going on over there? - Not much.
It it's quiet.
Did you look into the Irish housing bonds? Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, but I didn't find anything interesting.
What did you find? Oh, exposure, like we thought.
How much? Uh, spread across the top banks in France, Germany and Holland.
Looks like about five percent.
- Five percent.
- Most of it's with Rheinthaler Bank.
Did I miss something? This is what we think of as war.
In 1956, Britain, France and Israel attacked Egypt after Nasser nationalized the Suez Canal.
Some 4,000 people were killed, nearly 5,000 others wounded.
The United States strongly opposed the war, but could hardly take military action against a European ally.
So, what did they do? They attacked the British economy.
President Eisenhower ordered the Central American bank to sell off billions of British pounds.
Within weeks, the currency was so weakened, they had no choice but to withdraw their forces.
The most powerful weapon of our time, is not guns, or tanks, or artillery.
It's finance.
- How's my boy Oliver? - Uh, bright.
He's learning fast.
As I expected.
I see a lot of potential in that one.
What do you know about Irish housing bonds? Ha! Timely question.
- Milk? - No, thank you.
They're imploding as we speak.
The Rheinthaler Bank is holding something like 3 billion euros worth of them.
They were greedy.
Instead of lending money to the Germans who wanted to buy a house or a car, or start a business, they invested in high-risk housing bonds anyone could've seen would implode.
They make five percent of the top European banks' holdings.
So, why wouldn't Dominic want us to short them? The first thing he did was tighten the VaR.
Putting a collar around your neck.
He must have his reasons.
What though? We could make millions shorting the Irish bonds if they're about to go bankrupt.
They aren't about to go bankrupt.
Someone's guaranteeing those bonds.
I couldn't possibly say.
Although, the European Central Bank is meeting this evening in Dublin.
They wouldn't force the Irish government to save their bank in order to save the Germans.
They couldn't.
How are we coming along? Yeah, the Raspberry's ticking along.
So, it's 260 million so far.
Come on, let's go.
Let's go.
We thought you'd gone home for the day.
Get everyone on the floor to go long on Irish housing bonds.
But Massimo, those bonds are about to turn to shit.
No, they're not.
The Irish government's going to guarantee them.
They couldn't possibly.
Why would the Irish government incur a deficit to short a private bank? They don't care about saving housing bonds.
They don't, but the Germans do.
As do the French and the Dutch.
Oh shit.
They'll use the European Central Bank where they're in charge.
The Irish banks will be saved cause the ECB will force the Irish government to do it.
They'd save the banks at the expense of their own people, who'd pay with their pensions, their wages, their health care.
ECB will opt for the cheapest solution for the economy.
So, it's far less expensive to save the Irish bondholders than a chunk of the European banking system.
Turning private debt into public debt.
That's armed robbery.
Get to work.
I have a confession to make.
We've been shorting the bonds all afternoon.
But I expressly told you not to do that.
All of you? I I put a Raspberry PI in the Risk Management service.
- You did what? - I'm sorry.
You knew about this too? Don't take it out on Oliver.
- We made him do it.
- In violation of Chris' VaR? How much have you shorted? 260 million.
You've not exactly been honest with us either.
When were you planning to tell us the police think you killed Ed? Where did you hear that? But this is ridiculous.
Right? It was Paul.
Erase the short and go long.
Now! Senior bankers, regulators, and the government hammered out final details of a deal after hours of feverish negotiations.
In the previous 24 hours, the bank had suffered an enormous fall in share prices.
As a result, many international investors became very worried about the stability of the Irish financial system.
Let's now go live to the final announcement from an ECB official.
In the name of financial stability, the Irish government has made the most responsible choice.
To save the Irish Trader Bank and the other banks at risk of bankruptcy through nationalization.
Come on, guys! Get back to work! Max, I don't know what to say.
I'm sorry.
I brought you something you need to see.
Your wife was arrested in Virginia last summer for prostitution.
I had someone looking, but he said all Carrie's files had been erased.
That's because a lawyer called William Trevor had them sealed.
You work for his biggest client Dominic Morgan.
She never called you? No.
My brother raised me after my parents died.
When I was a kid, he shot himself.
So, I know how it feels to live with regret.
Why are you giving me this? Because you said you wanted to know why Ed Stuart died.
So, do I.
Interview started at 7:36 pm.
Detective Inspector Bale and D.
Winks present.
Is that the dossier? Mrs.
Stuart found something else.
Something her husband had gone to a lot of trouble to hide.
Ed Stuart's handwriting? Let me see and I'll tell you.
Looks like tranches of bonds.
Massimo Ruggero.
Massimo Ruggero.
Massimo Ruggero.
This is going to send you to prison.
I just know it.
Sir, a phone call for you.
It's the crown prosecutor.
Interview suspended, 7:38.
You're free to go.
The case has been transferred to special crimes.
What does that mean? It means you've got friends in high places.
I know you think I did this.
But at some point, you're going to realize you're wrong.
And if those are linked to Ed's death, I can decode them.
I need to see those papers.
Fuck you! Fuck you! It's very good.
I'm, I'm impressed by by the depth of the discussion in Ireland and the understanding of complex economic financial sector issues.
Did your taxi driver, uh, tell you how the Irish people are bewildered that we are required to pay unguaranteed bondholders billions of euros for debts that the Irish people have no relation to or no bearing with Primarily to bail out or to ensure the solvency of European banks? Well, well, can we take the couple together? I ask you then to pass the mic and we'll come back to you for the second question.
Now, why are the Irish people required under threat from the ECB Why are the Irish people required to pay billions to unguaranteed bondholders under threat to the ECB? You didn't answer the question the last time, so maybe you'd answer it this time.
Well, I think, I think he doesn't have anything to add to what is already said Just a minute.
This isn't good, this isn't good enough.
This isn't good enough.

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